Trinary University is a Free Unaccredited University, which allows people to apply for a Degree in Physics based on Trinary Science.

To apply for a degree all you have to do is go to the Forum and add a Topic like: Degree PhD: Trinary Atom Neutrino Detector, and then post your Dissertation there, this post will be evaluated by other members and can be voted on, and users can point out mistakes or misconceptions so the Author can fix them, once the paper is accepted, it will be posted to our Degree Page, and will be official.

Trinary Science is not Main Stream Science that is currently being taught in Universities around the World, but it can be, and we will have a section that will make all the Material required to teach course available to the General Public, any institution that wishes to teach courses are Free to use all our Material Free and without need for any permission from us, we make every effort to make this as easy and Free to use as possible.