1 Document 2 Rule them All 3:
Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019

Version: Alpha 0.366

1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: was started from the idea that I only wanted to maintain 1 Document, and have one CSS Document to set the Rules for All 3: ePub, Mobi, PDF and a Web Page, and wanted it to work for everything I need it to do, which was to make a Web Page, so I could publish my Document to the Internet, then I needed it to do PDF, because some people prefer them, then I wanted to sell it on Kindle, and that opened up other doors for publishing my Document. If you have a Document, and want this flexibility, then this is the Book for you, I will try to teach you how to use the Blank Template to Convert any Document into HTML, I assume you know nothing about HTML, CSS or JavaScript, and will only teach you what you need to know to use this Template, and how to Publish it as a Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page.

This Document has no License type, I do not believe in the Law, but I do have Rights to want I wrote, just cite me and do not ask for Permission to do so, its free to use to Teach others in a Class room or any other setting, limits are only on Selling this Document for Profit, all I ask is a fair Share of the Profit, that said, its Free of all License and Free to Use for any Purpose, if you use the Blank Template for your Project, you do not have to cite who wrote it or owe any type of royalties, this Template is Free of all such License, also note that I use the CSS Framework Blitz, and it has its own License and Rights.

Table of Contents



In my Lifetime I have written many Documents, recently I wanted to Publish some of them on Kindle, so I wrote them using Word and Open Office Writer, only to find out that although they work, they do not work for everything, I could not post them to my Website as a Web Page, because both of these Programs make Bloated HTML pages, even if saving as filtered HTML, and cleaning them up is more work then starting over, so I needed a Document Format that would Rule them All, by Rule I mean CSS Rule, since its the only common denominator, since I can only use limited JavaScript in eBooks if any depending on the version, and in Printed form a Hyperlink does not exist, so it has to Print well, so this Template was designed to do just that. I first did a lot of research and asked questions at Forums, which all said and done, was a waist of time, then I found a CSS Framework called Blitz, it can be found here:, Jiminy Panoz was the Author of it, and what he said summed up the problems with a 1 Document 2 Rule them All 3, you have to take HTML, CSS and JavaScript into mind and how they look on all Readers, because there are a lot of different Readers on the Market, a Web Browser is just a type of eBook Reader, most people think of PDF when they think of eBook, but Mobi and ePub is just one aspect of it, and times are always changing, and as older technology is replaced by newer, you have to make a choice what your Standards you will start with, so this Book will go through all the phases of that.

I have spent most of my life since being Medically Retired from the Military, working on Web Pages, and the biggest problem is that they keep breaking with every new Browser out there, and this will never change, you always have to fix problems in one browser or the other, and its a full time job, and ePub, Mobi, and other formats that Publishers use, did not help matters much, so this Template has not claims at being the Best, it was not written with that Goal in mind, it was written so that others would help make it the best, all I did was write it, you want to use it, report all problems and it will get better.

This Note is here to inform you that this Template has not been published at Amazon Kindle, so its untested at this point, and it is only here so people that like to Alpha Test code can do so, and once published, this note will be removed from the Online version of this Document.
This book will take me a long time to finish, so be patent and if you are interested: check back to see the Status of this Document.


I would like to thank Jiminy Panoz for his CSS Framework Blitz.

Chapter 1: Introduction

I have been creating computer documents since at least 1976, and they have not change all that much since then, a bunch of Words that people can read, how we read them has changed, a print out or Book is no longer the most popular format, Web Pages, PDF, and eBooks are now the most popular format, so I will only deal with those. It is a given that Print Books will not have Hyperlinks, and eBooks and PDF do not support a lot of interactive controls that work for Web Pages, so every format has its own limitations, yet we need one Source file (it may span across multiple files), that Rules all these other files, and by Rules, I mean CSS Rules, so using CSS Rules, we will make sure we deal with all the Limitations of that format. This HTML Template is what I used to write this Document, I used a text editor called Pluma, it has no WYSIWYG, its just plane text editor, so what you use is up to you, but do not use an HTML editor, it will change the HTML structure and it will not work as good, and will become bloated with unnecessary HTML tags and CSS, and in short, become a mess. I use Linux, and it really does not matter what OS you use, as long as you use a Plane Text Editor, Notepad, Atom, and others work fine as long as its just text mode.

Most people like to use WYSIWYG because they do not want to learn HTML, and I understand that, and at the same time I am going to teach you how to use HTML and CSS, in a Plane Text Editor, now just so we do not get confused with what editor we will be using, you can write your document in any program you want, it does not matter, we will be copying and pasting into the HTML Template Document as plane text, so it will lose all its formatting, all we paste in is Text, so all that hard work you spent making every letter look just the way you wanted it, is gone, all we have left is pure letters and numbers, and all special characters must be encoded as an Entity Character, more on that later.

Why use HTML and not MS Word, Open Office Writer or other Word-Processors? People that tell you they work fine for a 1 Document 2 Rule them All 3 has no idea what they are talking about, these are fine tools for Writing and bad tools for Publishing for many reasons, one is that they are not designed for it, they might work for some things but not others, and the truth is that this Template can be imported into them, but not exported from them, so never try to do this, you edit this template by hand, and after you are done, you will know why this way is the only way.

Now to introduce myself, my name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I am a Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant as the title page said, put I will not go into my Life Story, this book is about documenting my experience in publishing my first eBook on Kindle, as well as how to use the Template to write an eBook: that will look just as good in a PDF, with a working Table of Content, and back-links to references, plus the Template of KF8, which is the Kindle version available at the time I wrote this eBook, and this HTML Template works as a standalone Static HTML Web Page, the goal is that 1 Document will apply CSS Rules, 2 Rule All 3 formats: eBook, PDF and Web Page. I will document my whole experience in trying to publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle, this includes all my failures as well as all my success, but be warned, my style of writing and talking to people is not Normal, because I am not Normal, and if you read this book you may wonder why I write like this, but I have Autism, in the High Functioning Spectrum known as Aspies, I also have PTSD, and Autistic Meltdowns, but for the most part, for 39 years of my Life, no one knew I had it, not even me, and now that I know, I have not dealt with that very well, it explains a lot, but the way people treat you is unreal, a lot of people want nothing to do with people who are Autistic, its bad enough they hate me because I am an Ashkenazi Jew, but I am a nonpracticing Jew, and not Religious at all, I proved that God exist as Energy known as Light without Darkness, so my beliefs are the same as Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, and Sir Isaac Newton, I believe that God is All Light without Darkness, that is what got me into writing books, I wanted to write about the Real Science of Isaac Newton, and just like the people I just mentioned, they are all Aspies, so if you do not like Aspies, you do not like these People also, so if you use Newtons Math, you must acknowledge who he is, which is Autistic, so if that is going to turn you off reading something one of those people wrote, then so be it, its discrimination, and just as ugly as Racism, I call it Neuro-Discrimination, and I know I am one of them, I never liked very many normal people growing up, but I never met anyone like myself, I read somewhere that only one of us are alive on the Planet at one time, making me very Rare, I also have two Spleenes, but so do 10% of the Population of the Planet, but telling this to Normal People makes them think I have a huge Ego and I am Arrogant, when all I did was state Facts, its all I know how to do, and they argue that Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein where alive at the Same time, but I proved that Tesla was Right and Einstein was Stupid for writing General Relativity, but it is true that Galileo Galilei died the Year Sir Isaac Newton was born. so if you can not Guess... I did not have too many friends growing up for this reason, I am very hard to get along with, if you say something stupid I will tell you just how Stupid you are, I once told my Commanding Officer they were Stupid, I paused and he said what did you just call me, and I said Stupid,,,Sir,,, then we both laughed, he knew what my IQ was, and I did not need to know what his was, because he knew I was right once I told him how I would do it, but I learned that I have to have a Protocol for talking to people, but calling People Stupid or Sheeple is my Trademark, I go off the deep end if anyone questions my resolve, I go into a Fight mode and I am ready Fight to the Death, which is one of the reasons I was Medically Retired, PTSD and Meltdowns do not go over good at work, so after more then a few visits to Mental Health, I decided its best for me to just stay away from People, so I end up alienating my Friends and Family, but I do have old friends, I still talk to a few of them nowadays, but I have not been out of the house much in 10 years, because of this. I tell you this so you do not question my resolve, and besides, its entertaining, I tell you how Intelligent IAM so I can tell you how Stupid yew are, and that is funny, and I do it just for Fun, and because this book is about a Journey to make a Template, and not just any Template, but one that can be used to fill all your needs, and that is a tall order, I am not after the Best, just the easiest to maintain, and for most Normal People, that means Word, then save it as Filtered HTML, then spend a few weeks trying to get it to load fast, because its so bloated it kills your editor just loading it, been there and done that, its no fun.

My Journey began with me trying to write a book on Science called:
The Principles of the Trinary Universe
,, its what this Template was written for, the URL is in the References at the end of this eBook and in the link above, so if you want to take a look at how I formatted it, its free, and soon you might be able to purchase it on Kindle, this is not a Plug, its just that you can look at how it turned out, what it looks in as a eBook, and how it works on all the devices you can test it on, but I am not doing it for the Money, but for something to do, sometime during the Gulf War I got sick, and now I can not stand to be around normal people, I tend to get into arguments with them and I never understand why, all I do is state the Facts, and some Normal people say that is being Argent, not sure what that even means, its like Ego, no real reason to have either, I do not view my Reality that way, I got degrees in Electronics, Computer Science and a PhD in Physics, not because I was Egotistical or Argent, but because I thought that was what people were suppose to do, which was to be the best they could and prove it, so I did, and now Normal People through this into my Face, and start making fun of me for things I have no control over, I can not change being Ashkenazi, Autistic, or having a High IQ, these things actually go together, you can not have one without the other, and normal people start a fight over who is smarter, what a joke, prove it, that ends the Rational conversation for most Normal People, then they start foaming at the mouth for a come back line, as if I started a Fight, when all I did was state a fact, so its no wonder I have been a lock in for over a decade now, and having to move to be closer to the Grandchildren, and then almost dying on New Years in 2017, I am still recovering from the Operation, and 2 out of 3 doctors believe that it will turn to cancer, so they want to do another operation, but I do not want to do it, the thought of what my life would be like after that, its too much for me to handle, so I am living on borrowed time, the 1 doctor who believes I will survive this without cancer, for a least a few more years, said that is time well worth the pain I am going through, but once I die, my Wife gets nothing, my Military Retirement dies with me, as it does all Veteran's, then the Bank takes everything you owned, and I got sick fighting a War for them, and they refused to Operate on me since 1999, when they said I needed this Operation to live a normal life, but the VA will not pay for it, but if you get taken into a Hospital dying, they will do an Emergency Operation and the VA did pay, no problems, so this is my life, these are the types of people I cannot deal with, its why I am a lockup and do not want anything to do with Society, because its all based on a Different Reality, some think books are just to make Money and that is all they care about, and those living in the U.S.A. are all guilty of Treason for allowing the Constitution to be Abolished, so the Banks could Print the Money instead of Congress, just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are printed on the Money, the Reality I live in Lincoln was Executed for Treason, he cut a deal with the same bank that We the People fought against back in 1776, I know because my family fought in that War, and every War since, and this is what I get from the General Public, spit on like trash, treated like a Disease, because that is what Normal People think Autism is, tell that to Isaac Newton, the Last Wizard was Nikola Tesla, they treated him like a crazy old Wizard, and people still use Newton's Math, and Tesla's Electricity, yet the public treated them both with disrespect, they turned their backs on them as they do all Autistic People, and they treat them like they have a Disease, when its the way Normal People communicate with us, if you can all it that, maybe its normal for people to act this way, thinking they have the Right to say what ever they want without any fear of Legal Recourse, because that is all Bullies understand is the Law, and I wanted to sell all my books before I die, so my Wife will have an income after I am gone, so I wrote this book to help me test my Template out with the General Public, and to get the Word out about Trinary Science.

If you want to know about may Failures, my first was asking a question on the KDP Forum, see Appendix B: B for Bad, that is the end of my Rant, I am done talking about stuff not related to this Book, I just had to let you know what that forum can get like, so you do not make the same mistake I did and ask a Question there, email Amazon, and if they tell you to go to the Forum, remind them about this thread, so enough said, all I learned is that people want you to thank them for giving them bad advice, and only want you to do things there way, because they assume you are too stupid to do anything, if you have to be stupid enough to ask questions at a forum, and they are right, I was stupid for thinking anyone would give me the right answer, so lesson learned, so lets get back to work.

This book is about taking an old Document or Writing a new one, its not about how to write a book to make a million dollars, I am not doing this for money for me, I will be dead soon enough, this book is for my Wife to survive, and she was in the Air Force also, but got out to make Babies, now we have Grandchildren, and there are many people out there that would like to have peace of mind, that they will have some kind of income after we die, and no mater what your reason for wanting to learn how to do this the right way, not that there is any one right way, all Documents come down to how good the HTML and CSS output is, how it renders in a eBook, PDF or Web Page is very important, some of us do not like to write using an Editor, not a problem, cut and paste, that is what I did, and that is what I will teach you, so you do not need to know any HTML, CSS or JavaScript, and what I will teach you is how to use them, and converting it to HTML with as little Pain as Possible, its how to make this easy, not complicated, so I will use a lot of Code Snippets so you can just cut and paste it into your Document, then fill them out using a Wizard, which will be included in this book, but it uses JavaScript for somethings, and fall back mode for PDF, eBook, and Printed books, because you can use this to submit this to Create Space, and I will also do that, and show you how I did it, this template will also work on Lulu or other Publishers, its not all that specific to Kindle, my first template was for Lulu, and it grew into having to work on Kindle as well, but I did not think putting Lulu in the Title would help book sells.

The first thing we need to talk about is HTML Tags, <p> tags are for Paragraphs, and all of your Content will be pasted in between the opening (<p>), and the closing </p> tag. You will need to know the basic concept of how content is formatted, so when you paste it into the document, it is fully HTML Entity encoded, and we will talk about that in the next Chapter on HTML, this is just an Introduction to where I am going with this template, basically it has a Table of Content (TOC), Table of Illustrations and Tables, References, Glossary of Terms and Abbreviation, and other things you may or may not want to use, like an Abstract, you do not need it, just search for its anchor tag href source and delete the code in between the Begin and End Comments, and then delete them Menu item in the TOC, this is a template, its written in Code and not Stone.

All you really need to know is where to paste in your Content, and how to make the Chapter Names show up with the titles you want, which is just a matter of renaming the X with what you want it to say, its that easy, at the top of the Blank Template, you will find all the Tags that you need to replace to take ownership of the Template, for example: see Table 1.5: Wizard Sample: Find and Replace all.

        Find and Replace all:
        My_Title            : Title of Book
        My_Author           : Full Name of Author
        My_Authors_Title    : If not used replace with empty string
        My_Website_com      : Correct URL to Website
        My_Book             : 1 word with underscores only, used for Reference and Zip file name
        My_Path_Book        : Combines My_Website_com/My_Path_Book/ [pdf, html]
        My_Next_Book        : File Name of Next Book to Read (do not add .extension, its default is .html)
        My_Next_Book_Title  : Next Book to Read Title
Table 1.5: Wizard Sample: Find and Replace all

At to top of the Blank Template you will find this HTML Comment, it looks like this, it has an open tag: <!-- this is the comment, and a ending tag --> now just use what ever editor you are using: Find and Replace Function, its Control-H in gedit, pluma and Control-R in kate in Linux, every program can be different, after you replace all My_Title, everywhere in the Template that Title was required is now filled in, you can do a find and look at where all the titles will go, its best to make sure you pick exact match, since you have My_Author and My_Authors_Title, do not use a wild card search and replace. After that is done, the template is ready for you to copy your content into it.

Chapter 1.1: HTML

HTML is a standard that has been around for a long time and there are many books written about it, so I will not go into a lot of detail about HTML, but by the time you finish reading this, you will know enough to use the template. Just because you know HTML, does not mean you can skip this Chapter, its about how to use the HTML Template, not so much about how HTML works.

I am going cutting edge with HTML5, because Kindle KF8 supports some of it, so I will only use what they Support, for a list of HTML tags supported, find it at Kindle:, this link may break some day, that is the nature of links, so if its broken, search for Amazon Kindle List of supported HTML tags and CSS elements. People will say stupid stuff like ePub 1 does not support HTML5, so what, Kindle Gen does, and what it does not cover, I will write a program to fix, even if I have to replace all the HTML5 with HTML x.x elements, but as far as I can tell they are working backwards compatible as a div element, so do not worry about what version supports what, all we need to do is support what Kindle does, and that is HTML5 and CSS3, but only a limited amount of those tags, and not all of them, so instead of worrying about what supports what, this Template should take care of all that, so all you have to worry about is using it correctly.

If you look at the list, there are a lot of tags, a tag is anything that is inside of angle brackets < tag >, as such, when writing a Document, we do not want to use those angle brackets, we want to encode them using HTML Character Entities, so for our first real look at how to use this Template, we will write a Table with a few HTML Character Entities in it, a Character Entity is a code for a symbol that the reading device must know how to draws it, for example: I can use Unicode characters in some documents such as Word or Writer, but they are encoded by Kindle Gen when it does its Magic with converting the file into Formats it needs, these character encoding has many standards, and I will give you detailed Tables in Appendix A, we will use a code snippet found in this Chapter, so our first Snippet is a Table Snippet, it is used to document all your tables, and there are many types of Tables. I call a Table anything that list words, like an Ordered or Unordered List, and real HTML Table, and other such content that you want to list in the Table of Tables. I will try to teach things in an order that works best, we can not start to convert a document until we understand HTML Entities, and I can not talk about them without making a Table, and so I must teach you how to add a Table at some point, so that is where we start.
This link Table 1.1: Table Snippet [1] is the top anchor in the Table Snippet, the one below it goes in the Table of Tables, and the one below that is a bookmark or Anchor and goes above the table, and below the link above, although it can be anywhere in the text, its preferred to be below it, and close to it so it does not require a back link. You will see an X in the Snippet, table_X_X, you can number them any way you want, I use the method of table_001_01, for Chapter 001, and 01 or first Table for that Chapter, and Table X.X: X becomes Table 1.1: This Table, I copy and paste it where it needs to go. Fill-out the Table you want and delete the others. Note that I use a Javascript to Copy the Text, this may not work in PDF or in eBooks, I assume it will not and make another version of this same textarea for those devices, I do that by putting it in a class called "show_if_js_only_no_show_pdf_book", this class is hidden by JavaScript, and I use 3 other classes: js_only, no_show_book and no_show_pdf, js_only will be visible for any device that supports JavaScript, no_show_book and no_show_pdf, can be used together, no_show_book would give you styles that print well, and you can not depend on JavaScript when dealing with ePub prior to 3, or Mobi, and other older file formats, and to be backward compatible, it will take a lot of work, and testing, to ensure it looks the same on all devices, but at the same time, I want it to be as robust as possible for the Internet as a Web Page, this book has a Code Snippet widget that you click on the button and it copies it to your clipboard, all it saves you from doing is highlighting the code and copying it, but its a nice touch, but I have no idea what the Render Engine planes on using this code for, so I turn it off for Books, PDF since they do not do HTML form Controls very well, and eBooks, since I have no idea what versions I would need to support, which is why I want an Internet version, if you do not want to give it away for free, then make the page password protected, or use a CMS that allows you to sell subscriptions to the book, but that is this book, yours may not need this type of controls in it, so what you do not need, do not use, but you need to learn to use tools to help you work with this template, and the Code Snippets work, just copy them and fill them out according to the Wizards help, which is what explains step by step how to use it, so you can reuse it for every book you write.

There are issues with older formats not allowing multiple classes to be used in the class element, for example, class="no_show_book no_show_pdf" is the normal way to add multiple class, but those older standards will not see it because of the space, so you must nest elements and only use single class in them, the way around this is to just make a new Class and add all of them into it, for example: we have a groove class and an align-center class, I combined them to be groove_center to avoid having to nest tags.
Everything in the class show_if_js_only_no_show_pdf_book is Entity Encoded.
See the source code for this file to see how its used, and I included a Encoder Wizard that you can use to automate Entity Encoding, but this only works in the Web Page Version, but this book has a Free Version as well, so not sure how Amazon deals with Free versions like this, but I will find out and update this post.

Below it the Code Snippet for a Table of Tables, its a reference where all the links to tables can be found, if you are using a web browser you can click on the Copy to Clipboard button, if in PDF or eBook, you will have to copy the text manually, and if this is a printed book, you will have to type it in, but if you have internet access, just copy and paste it, make it easy.

I found the only way to get Web Only Content to work is to put it in a Separate file, then do not add it the PDF, eBook, ePub, Mobi or any format that does not fully support HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
Also note that if you use more then one link to a reference, you must have multiple return bookmarks, I will talk more about this when I deal with links, but if you see more then one return, it will have a number in sub script instead of a supper script [x], where x is the number in the link you came from and the one you need to use to get back here, a supper script may show up as a foot note on some devices, but it should force the device to open the link in a Web Browser, so click on this link:
Web Only Content [1].
Also note that I print out all links since this will also become a Book and someone will have to read its address, and manually type it into an address bar of a Browser to pull up the link, books, remember those days?
This Template is written for Books also, and I will publish it using Creative Space next.

<a class="a_link" href="#table_X_X">Table X.X: X</a>
<li class="toc_level_1"><a class="a_link" href="#table_X_X">Table X.X: X</a></li>

<!-- <figure id="table_X_X"> -->
<div id="table_X_X">
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>

        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>

    <table class="groove_center">
                <th class="grove-align-center"> X </th>
                <td class="groove_center"> X </td>

    <p class="a_caption"> Table X.X: X </p>
    <!--<figcaption class="a_caption"> Table X.X: X </figcaption> -->
<!-- </figure> -->
Table 1.1: Table Snippet

Hopefully the PDF and eBook look similar, so you can look at the PDF, and hope the eBook looks close, if not better, but its a good idea to make a Table of Tables, or you can call it a Glossary of Tables, or what every you want, but make use of this feature as much as required. The concept is that you want to put interactive controls in Web Pages, that may or may not work in PDF or eBooks, and you need a way to do this that does not required JavaScript, since the JavaScript only hides or hides content that requires it, it will be disabled by default, and requires JavaScript to enable it.

Below are a samples of CSS styles for Tables, this CSS does not have every style in it, only samples, because the file would get huge if I added a lot of them. Note that Black does not look good at all with some classes like: groove, ridge, inset, and outset, only colors work due to the shadows required to make it look good, so change the Color to whatever you like if you use those classes, if you want to use black, you will need to see what they will look like, its easy to modify, just find the class and change the color, I will talk about this more later. You can also modify all the CSS, and change the looks of these tables, you can change all the parameters and colors.

Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
groove_black: Note how it looks bad, looks like Solid.
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
(as if this is Normal)

Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Table with no Class

So now we pick a Table class, I will go with grover-center-round.
This is a short list of some common Entities, see: Table 1.2: Common HTML Entity Characters.

Description Entity (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Non-breaking space   &nbsp; &#160;
Less than < &lt; &#60;
Greater than > &gt; &#62;
Ampersand & &amp; &#38;
Quotation mark use <q> " &quot; &#34;
Apostrophe ' &apos; &#39;
Copyright © &copy; &#169;
Trademark ® &reg; &#174;
Currency ¤ &curren; &#164;
Cent ¢ &cent; &#162;
Pound £ &pound; &#163;
Yen ¥ &yen; &#165;
Euro &euro; &#8364;
Left Double Quote &ldquo; &#8220;
Right Double Quote &rdquo; &#8221;
Left Single Quote &lsquo; &#8216;
Right Single Quote &rsquo; &#8217;
Dagger &dagger; &#8224;
Bullet &bull; &#8226;
Prime &prime; &#8242;
Double Prime &Prime; &#8243;
French Left Single Quote &lsaquo; &#8249;
French Right Single Quote &rsaquo; &#8250;
French Left Double Quote « &laquo; &#171;
French Right Double Quote » &raquo; &#187;
Horizontal Ellipsis &hellip; &#8230;
Trade Mark Sign &trade; &#8482;
Left Arrow &larr; &#8592;
Right Arrow &rarr; &#8594;
Up Arrow &uarr; &#8593;
Down Arrow &darr; &#8595;
Left and Right Arrow &harr; &#8596;
Left Double Arrow &lArr; &#8656;
Right Double Arrow &rArr; &#8658;
Up Double Arrow &uArr; &#8657;
Down Double Arrow &dArr; &#8659;
Left and Right Double Arrow &hArr; &#8660;
Carriage Return &crarr; &#8629;
EN Dash &ndash; &#8211;
EM Dash &mdash; &#8212;
Empty Set &empty; &#8709;
Square Root &radic; &#8730;
Infinity &infin; &#8734;
Integral &int; &#8747;
Therefore &there4; &#8756;
Approximately Equal &cong; &#8773;
Almost Equal &asymp; &#8776;
Not Equal &ne; &#8800;
Equivalent &equiv; &#8801;
Less than or Equal &le; &#8804;
Greater than or Equal &ge; &#8805;
Circle Plus &oplus; &#8853;
Circle Times &otimes; &#8855;
Lozenge &loz; &#9674;
Spades &spades; &#9824;
Clubs &clubs; &#9827;
Hearts &hearts; &#9829;
Diamonds &diams; &#9830;
Degree ° &deg; &#176;
Micro µ &micro; &#181;
Paragraph &para; &#182;
1/4 ¼ &frac14; &#188;
1/2 ½ &frac12; &#189;
3/4 ¾ &frac34; &#190;
Table 1.2: Common HTML Entity Characters
For a complete list of HTML Entities see Appendix A: HTML Entity Codes. HTML Encoding is required for some devices to render it correctly, there are many types of Encoding, but we will only deal with two: New and Old, New is what most modern browsers support, and old is for older browsers. below is an HTML Encoder you can use to encode all your pages.
Note that you only want to Encode Content and not HTML tags. see Table 1.3: HTML Entity Encoder.

If you paste in a paragraph from a Document, it might be a very long line with no carriage return or linefeed, depending on your OS, the Linefeed characters for Windows are different, but if you post this file to the internet, linefeed do make matter, so do not worry about that, if your editor prefers the Windows way of marking an end of line you can use it, so after you encode your content, you can press the long line button to make the line break at commas and periods, which is easier to look at then panning to see what the text said, also so editors can not handle long lines.

The next subject is Illustrations, these are normally Images, but can be anything that illustrates your point.
You use Tables and Illustrations for different reason, if I want to show an image, I would say, here is a Picture of me when I was in the Air Force, see Illustration 1.1: Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF

Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF
Illustration 1.1: Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF Full Size

Here is a Snippet for an Illustration, see Table 1.4: Illustration Snippet

Web Only Content [1].

<a class="a_link" href="#table_X_X">Table X.X: X</a>

<li id="toc_X_X"><a class="a_link" href="#table_X_X">Table X.X: X</a></li>

<div class="margin-left-s" id="table_X_X">
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>

        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>
        <li> X </li>

    <table class="groove_center">
                <th class="grove-align-center"> X </th>
                <td class="groove_center"> X </td>
    <span class="a_caption"> Table X.X: X </span>
Table 1.4: Illustration Snippet

Chapter 1.2: CSS

CSS Width Class

CSS Classes for Width

Chapter 1.3: JavaScript

Chapter 2: What not to do

Chapter 2.1: HTML

Chapter 2.2: CSS

Chapter 2.3: JavaScript

Chapter 3: Command Line Work

Chapter 3.1: Update Document

Chapter 3.2: Kindle

Chapter 3.3: Other

Chapter 4: Publishing

Chapter 4.1: Internet

Chapter 4.2: Kindle

  1. application/javascript
  2. application/json
  3. application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  4. application/xml
  5. application/xhtml+xml
  6. application/zip
  7. application/pdf
  8. audio/mpeg
  9. audio/vorbis
  10. multipart/form-data
  11. text/css
  12. text/html
  13. text/plain
  14. image/png
  15. image/jpeg
  16. image/gif
Suffixes applicable Media type and subtype(s)
.3dm x-world/x-3dmf
.3dmf x-world/x-3dmf
.a application/octet-stream
.aab application/x-authorware-bin
.aam application/x-authorware-map
.aas application/x-authorware-seg
.abc text/
.acgi text/html
.afl video/animaflex
.ai application/postscript
.aif audio/aiff
.aif audio/x-aiff
.aifc audio/aiff
.aifc audio/x-aiff
.aiff audio/aiff
.aiff audio/x-aiff
.aim application/x-aim
.aip text/x-audiosoft-intra
.ani application/x-navi-animation
.aos application/x-nokia-9000-communicator-add-on-software
.aps application/mime
.arc application/octet-stream
.arj application/arj
.arj application/octet-stream
.art image/x-jg
.asf video/x-ms-asf
.asm text/x-asm
.asp text/asp
.asx application/x-mplayer2
.asx video/x-ms-asf
.asx video/x-ms-asf-plugin
.au audio/basic
.au audio/x-au
.avi application/x-troff-msvideo
.avi video/avi
.avi video/msvideo
.avi video/x-msvideo
.avs video/avs-video
.bcpio application/x-bcpio
.bin application/mac-binary
.bin application/macbinary
.bin application/octet-stream
.bin application/x-binary
.bin application/x-macbinary
.bm image/bmp
.bmp image/bmp
.bmp image/x-windows-bmp
.boo application/book
.book application/book
.boz application/x-bzip2
.bsh application/x-bsh
.bz application/x-bzip
.bz2 application/x-bzip2
.c text/plain
.c text/x-c
.c++ text/plain
.cat application/
.cc text/plain
.cc text/x-c
.ccad application/clariscad
.cco application/x-cocoa
.cdf application/cdf
.cdf application/x-cdf
.cdf application/x-netcdf
.cer application/pkix-cert
.cer application/x-x509-ca-cert
.cha application/x-chat
.chat application/x-chat
.class application/java
.class application/java-byte-code
.class application/x-java-class
.com application/octet-stream
.com text/plain
.conf text/plain
.cpio application/x-cpio
.cpp text/x-c
.cpt application/mac-compactpro
.cpt application/x-compactpro
.cpt application/x-cpt
.crl application/pkcs-crl
.crl application/pkix-crl
.crt application/pkix-cert
.crt application/x-x509-ca-cert
.crt application/x-x509-user-cert
.csh application/x-csh
.csh text/x-script.csh
.css application/x-pointplus
.css text/css
.cxx text/plain
.dcr application/x-director
.deepv application/x-deepv
.def text/plain
.der application/x-x509-ca-cert
.dif video/x-dv
.dir application/x-director
.dl video/dl
.dl video/x-dl
.doc application/msword
.dot application/msword
.dp application/commonground
.drw application/drafting
.dump application/octet-stream
.dv video/x-dv
.dvi application/x-dvi
.dwf drawing/x-dwf (old)
.dwf model/vnd.dwf
.dwg application/acad
.dwg image/vnd.dwg
.dwg image/x-dwg
.dxf application/dxf
.dxf image/vnd.dwg
.dxf image/x-dwg
.dxr application/x-director
.el text/x-script.elisp
.elc application/x-bytecode.elisp (compiled elisp)
.elc application/x-elc
.env application/x-envoy
.eps application/postscript
.es application/x-esrehber
.etx text/x-setext
.evy application/envoy
.evy application/x-envoy
.exe application/octet-stream
.f text/plain
.f text/x-fortran
.f77 text/x-fortran
.f90 text/plain
.f90 text/x-fortran
.fdf application/vnd.fdf
.fif application/fractals
.fif image/fif
.fli video/fli
.fli video/x-fli
.flo image/florian
.flx text/vnd.fmi.flexstor
.fmf video/x-atomic3d-feature
.for text/plain
.for text/x-fortran
.fpx image/vnd.fpx
.fpx image/
.frl application/freeloader
.funk audio/make
.g text/plain
.g3 image/g3fax
.gif image/gif
.gl video/gl
.gl video/x-gl
.gsd audio/x-gsm
.gsm audio/x-gsm
.gsp application/x-gsp
.gss application/x-gss
.gtar application/x-gtar
.gz application/x-compressed
.gz application/x-gzip
.gzip application/x-gzip
.gzip multipart/x-gzip
.h text/plain
.h text/x-h
.hdf application/x-hdf
.help application/x-helpfile
.hgl application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hh text/plain
.hh text/x-h
.hlb text/x-script
.hlp application/hlp
.hlp application/x-helpfile
.hlp application/x-winhelp
.hpg application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hpgl application/vnd.hp-hpgl
.hqx application/binhex
.hqx application/binhex4
.hqx application/mac-binhex
.hqx application/mac-binhex40
.hqx application/x-binhex40
.hqx application/x-mac-binhex40
.hta application/hta
.htc text/x-component
.htm text/html
.html text/html
.htmls text/html
.htt text/webviewhtml
.htx text/html
.ice x-conference/x-cooltalk
.ico image/x-icon
.idc text/plain
.ief image/ief
.iefs image/ief
.iges application/iges
.iges model/iges
.igs application/iges
.igs model/iges
.ima application/x-ima
.imap application/x-httpd-imap
.inf application/inf
.ins application/x-internett-signup
.ip application/x-ip2
.isu video/x-isvideo
.it audio/it
.iv application/x-inventor
.ivr i-world/i-vrml
.ivy application/x-livescreen
.jam audio/x-jam
.jav text/plain
.jav text/x-java-source
.java text/plain
.java text/x-java-source
.jcm application/x-java-commerce
.jfif image/jpeg
.jfif image/pjpeg
.jfif-tbnl image/jpeg
.jpe image/jpeg
.jpe image/pjpeg
.jpeg image/jpeg
.jpeg image/pjpeg
.jpg image/jpeg
.jpg image/pjpeg
.jps image/x-jps
.js application/x-javascript
.js application/javascript
.js application/ecmascript
.js text/javascript
.js text/ecmascript
.jut image/jutvision
.kar audio/midi
.kar music/x-karaoke
.ksh application/x-ksh
.ksh text/x-script.ksh
.la audio/nspaudio
.la audio/x-nspaudio
.lam audio/x-liveaudio
.latex application/x-latex
.lha application/lha
.lha application/octet-stream
.lha application/x-lha
.lhx application/octet-stream
.list text/plain
.lma audio/nspaudio
.lma audio/x-nspaudio
.log text/plain
.lsp application/x-lisp
.lsp text/x-script.lisp
.lst text/plain
.lsx text/x-la-asf
.ltx application/x-latex
.lzh application/octet-stream
.lzh application/x-lzh
.lzx application/lzx
.lzx application/octet-stream
.lzx application/x-lzx
.m text/plain
.m text/x-m
.m1v video/mpeg
.m2a audio/mpeg
.m2v video/mpeg
.m3u audio/x-mpequrl
.man application/x-troff-man
.map application/x-navimap
.mar text/plain
.mbd application/mbedlet
.mc$ application/x-magic-cap-package-1.0
.mcd application/mcad
.mcd application/x-mathcad
.mcf image/vasa
.mcf text/mcf
.mcp application/netmc
.me application/x-troff-me
.mht message/rfc822
.mhtml message/rfc822
.mid application/x-midi
.mid audio/midi
.mid audio/x-mid
.mid audio/x-midi
.mid music/crescendo
.mid x-music/x-midi
.midi application/x-midi
.midi audio/midi
.midi audio/x-mid
.midi audio/x-midi
.midi music/crescendo
.midi x-music/x-midi
.mif application/x-frame
.mif application/x-mif
.mime message/rfc822
.mime www/mime
.mjf audio/x-vnd.audioexplosion.mjuicemediafile
.mjpg video/x-motion-jpeg
.mm application/base64
.mm application/x-meme
.mme application/base64
.mod audio/mod
.mod audio/x-mod
.moov video/quicktime
.mov video/quicktime
.movie video/x-sgi-movie
.mp2 audio/mpeg
.mp2 audio/x-mpeg
.mp2 video/mpeg
.mp2 video/x-mpeg
.mp2 video/x-mpeq2a
.mp3 audio/mpeg3
.mp3 audio/x-mpeg-3
.mp3 video/mpeg
.mp3 video/x-mpeg
.mpa audio/mpeg
.mpa video/mpeg
.mpc application/x-project
.mpe video/mpeg
.mpeg video/mpeg
.mpg audio/mpeg
.mpg video/mpeg
.mpga audio/mpeg
.mpp application/
.mpt application/x-project
.mpv application/x-project
.mpx application/x-project
.mrc application/marc
.ms application/x-troff-ms
.mv video/x-sgi-movie
.my audio/make
.mzz application/x-vnd.audioexplosion.mzz
.nap image/naplps
.naplps image/naplps
.nc application/x-netcdf
.ncm application/
.nif image/x-niff
.niff image/x-niff
.nix application/x-mix-transfer
.nsc application/x-conference
.nvd application/x-navidoc
.o application/octet-stream
.oda application/oda
.omc application/x-omc
.omcd application/x-omcdatamaker
.omcr application/x-omcregerator
.p text/x-pascal
.p10 application/pkcs10
.p10 application/x-pkcs10
.p12 application/pkcs-12
.p12 application/x-pkcs12
.p7a application/x-pkcs7-signature
.p7c application/pkcs7-mime
.p7c application/x-pkcs7-mime
.p7m application/pkcs7-mime
.p7m application/x-pkcs7-mime
.p7r application/x-pkcs7-certreqresp
.p7s application/pkcs7-signature
.part application/pro_eng
.pas text/pascal
.pbm image/x-portable-bitmap
.pcl application/vnd.hp-pcl
.pcl application/x-pcl
.pct image/x-pict
.pcx image/x-pcx
.pdb chemical/x-pdb
.pdf application/pdf
.pfunk audio/make
.pfunk audio/
.pgm image/x-portable-graymap
.pgm image/x-portable-greymap
.pic image/pict
.pict image/pict
.pkg application/x-newton-compatible-pkg
.pko application/
.pl text/plain
.pl text/x-script.perl
.plx application/x-pixclscript
.pm image/x-xpixmap
.pm text/x-script.perl-module
.pm4 application/x-pagemaker
.pm5 application/x-pagemaker
.png image/png
.pnm application/x-portable-anymap
.pnm image/x-portable-anymap
.pot application/mspowerpoint
.pot application/
.pov model/x-pov
.ppa application/
.ppm image/x-portable-pixmap
.pps application/mspowerpoint
.pps application/
.ppt application/mspowerpoint
.ppt application/powerpoint
.ppt application/
.ppt application/x-mspowerpoint
.ppz application/mspowerpoint
.pre application/x-freelance
.prt application/pro_eng
.ps application/postscript
.psd application/octet-stream
.pvu paleovu/x-pv
.pwz application/
.py text/x-script.phyton
.pyc application/x-bytecode.python
.qcp audio/vnd.qcelp
.qd3 x-world/x-3dmf
.qd3d x-world/x-3dmf
.qif image/x-quicktime
.qt video/quicktime
.qtc video/x-qtc
.qti image/x-quicktime
.qtif image/x-quicktime
.ra audio/x-pn-realaudio
.ra audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.ra audio/x-realaudio
.ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
.ras application/x-cmu-raster
.ras image/cmu-raster
.ras image/x-cmu-raster
.rast image/cmu-raster
.rexx text/x-script.rexx
.rf image/vnd.rn-realflash
.rgb image/x-rgb
.rm application/vnd.rn-realmedia
.rm audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmi audio/mid
.rmm audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmp audio/x-pn-realaudio
.rmp audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.rng application/ringing-tones
.rng application/
.rnx application/vnd.rn-realplayer
.roff application/x-troff
.rp image/vnd.rn-realpix
.rpm audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
.rt text/richtext
.rt text/vnd.rn-realtext
.rtf application/rtf
.rtf application/x-rtf
.rtf text/richtext
.rtx application/rtf
.rtx text/richtext
.rv video/vnd.rn-realvideo
.s text/x-asm
.s3m audio/s3m
.saveme application/octet-stream
.sbk application/x-tbook
.scm application/x-lotusscreencam
.scm text/x-script.guile
.scm text/x-script.scheme
.scm video/x-scm
.sdml text/plain
.sdp application/sdp
.sdp application/x-sdp
.sdr application/sounder
.sea application/sea
.sea application/x-sea
.set application/set
.sgm text/sgml
.sgm text/x-sgml
.sgml text/sgml
.sgml text/x-sgml
.sh application/x-bsh
.sh application/x-sh
.sh application/x-shar
.sh text/
.shar application/x-bsh
.shar application/x-shar
.shtml text/html
.shtml text/x-server-parsed-html
.sid audio/x-psid
.sit application/x-sit
.sit application/x-stuffit
.skd application/x-koan
.skm application/x-koan
.skp application/x-koan
.skt application/x-koan
.sl application/x-seelogo
.smi application/smil
.smil application/smil
.snd audio/basic
.snd audio/x-adpcm
.sol application/solids
.spc application/x-pkcs7-certificates
.spc text/x-speech
.spl application/futuresplash
.spr application/x-sprite
.sprite application/x-sprite
.src application/x-wais-source
.ssi text/x-server-parsed-html
.ssm application/streamingmedia
.sst application/
.step application/step
.stl application/sla
.stl application/
.stl application/x-navistyle
.stp application/step
.sv4cpio application/x-sv4cpio
.sv4crc application/x-sv4crc
.svf image/vnd.dwg
.svf image/x-dwg
.svr application/x-world
.svr x-world/x-svr
.swf application/x-shockwave-flash
.t application/x-troff
.talk text/x-speech
.tar application/x-tar
.tbk application/toolbook
.tbk application/x-tbook
.tcl application/x-tcl
.tcl text/x-script.tcl
.tcsh text/x-script.tcsh
.tex application/x-tex
.texi application/x-texinfo
.texinfo application/x-texinfo
.text application/plain
.text text/plain
.tgz application/gnutar
.tgz application/x-compressed
.tif image/tiff
.tif image/x-tiff
.tiff image/tiff
.tiff image/x-tiff
.tr application/x-troff
.tsi audio/tsp-audio
.tsp application/dsptype
.tsp audio/tsplayer
.tsv text/tab-separated-values
.turbot image/florian
.txt text/plain
.uil text/x-uil
.uni text/uri-list
.unis text/uri-list
.unv application/i-deas
.uri text/uri-list
.uris text/uri-list
.ustar application/x-ustar
.ustar multipart/x-ustar
.uu application/octet-stream
.uu text/x-uuencode
.uue text/x-uuencode
.vcd application/x-cdlink
.vcs text/x-vcalendar
.vda application/vda
.vdo video/vdo
.vew application/groupwise
.viv video/vivo
.viv video/
.vivo video/vivo
.vivo video/
.vmd application/vocaltec-media-desc
.vmf application/vocaltec-media-file
.voc audio/voc
.voc audio/x-voc
.vos video/vosaic
.vox audio/voxware
.vqe audio/x-twinvq-plugin
.vqf audio/x-twinvq
.vql audio/x-twinvq-plugin
.vrml application/x-vrml
.vrml model/vrml
.vrml x-world/x-vrml
.vrt x-world/x-vrt
.vsd application/x-visio
.vst application/x-visio
.vsw application/x-visio
.w60 application/wordperfect6.0
.w61 application/wordperfect6.1
.w6w application/msword
.wav audio/wav
.wav audio/x-wav
.wb1 application/x-qpro
.wbmp image/vnd.wap.wbmp
.web application/vnd.xara
.wiz application/msword
.wk1 application/x-123
.wmf windows/metafile
.wml text/vnd.wap.wml
.wmlc application/vnd.wap.wmlc
.wmls text/vnd.wap.wmlscript
.wmlsc application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc
.word application/msword
.wp application/wordperfect
.wp5 application/wordperfect
.wp5 application/wordperfect6.0
.wp6 application/wordperfect
.wpd application/wordperfect
.wpd application/x-wpwin
.wq1 application/x-lotus
.wri application/mswrite
.wri application/x-wri
.wrl application/x-world
.wrl model/vrml
.wrl x-world/x-vrml
.wrz model/vrml
.wrz x-world/x-vrml
.wsc text/scriplet
.wsrc application/x-wais-source
.wtk application/x-wintalk
.xbm image/x-xbitmap
.xbm image/x-xbm
.xbm image/xbm
.xdr video/x-amt-demorun
.xgz xgl/drawing
.xif image/vnd.xiff
.xl application/excel
.xla application/excel
.xla application/x-excel
.xla application/x-msexcel
.xlb application/excel
.xlb application/
.xlb application/x-excel
.xlc application/excel
.xlc application/
.xlc application/x-excel
.xld application/excel
.xld application/x-excel
.xlk application/excel
.xlk application/x-excel
.xll application/excel
.xll application/
.xll application/x-excel
.xlm application/excel
.xlm application/
.xlm application/x-excel
.xls application/excel
.xls application/
.xls application/x-excel
.xls application/x-msexcel
.xlt application/excel
.xlt application/x-excel
.xlv application/excel
.xlv application/x-excel
.xlw application/excel
.xlw application/
.xlw application/x-excel
.xlw application/x-msexcel
.xm audio/xm
.xml application/xml
.xml text/xml
.xmz xgl/movie
.xpix application/
.xpm image/x-xpixmap
.xpm image/xpm
.x-png image/png
.xsr video/x-amt-showrun
.xwd image/x-xwd
.xwd image/x-xwindowdump
.xyz chemical/x-pdb
.z application/x-compress
.z application/x-compressed
.zip application/x-compressed
.zip application/x-zip-compressed
.zip application/zip
.zip multipart/x-zip
.zoo application/octet-stream
.zsh text/x-script.zsh

Chapter 4.3: Other

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting

Chapter 5.1: HTML

Chapter 5.2: CSS

Chapter 5.3: JavaScript

Chapter 5.4: Command Line Scripts

Chapter 5.5: Internet

Chapter 5.6: Kindle

Chapter 5.7: Other

Chapter 6: What is Next

Chapter 6.1: HTML

Chapter 6.2: CSS

Chapter 6.3: JavaScript

List of Illustrations

  1. 1.1: Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF

List of Tables

  1. Table 1.1: Table Snippet
  2. Table 1.2: Common HTML Entity Characters
  3. Table 1.3: HTML Entity Encoder
  4. Table 1.4: Illustration Snippet
  5. Table 1.5: Wizard Sample: Find and Replace all
  6. Table A.1: ASCII Characters Entities
  7. Table A.2: ISO-8859-1 Entity Characters
  8. Table A.3: ISO-8859-1 Entity Symbols
  9. Table A.4: Math Entity Symbols
  10. Table A.5: Greek Entity Letters
  11. Table A.6: Miscellaneous HTML Entities

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

  1. Term

Table of Contents


A Term is a Word and How it is Spelled and Defines what it Means.

Table of Appendixes

  1. Appendix A: HTML Entity Codes
  2. Appendix B: B for Bad - My Failures

Appendix A: HTML Entity Codes

ASCII Characters (Printable)
Only printable characters are displayed as control characters (0-31) should not be present in HTML pages since they have no visual representations.
See Table A.1: ASCII Characters Entities.

Description Character (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Space &nbsp; &#32;
Exclamation mark ! ! &excl; &#33;
Quotation mark " " &quot; &#34;
Number sign # # &num; &#35;
Dollar sign $ $ &dollar; &#36;
Percent sign % % &percnt; &#37;
Ampersand & &amp; &#38;
Apostrophe ' ' &apos; &#39;
Opening/Left Parenthesis ( ( &lpar; &#40;
Closing/Right Parenthesis ) ) &rpar; &#41;
Asterisk * * &ast; &#42;
Plus sign + + &plus; &#43;
Comma , , &comma; &#44;
Hyphen - - &minus; &#45;
Period . . &period; &#46;
Slash / &sol; &#47;
Digit 0 0 &#48;
Digit 1 1 &#49;
Digit 2 2 &#50;
Digit 3 3 &#51;
Digit 4 4 &#52;
Digit 5 5 &#53;
Digit 6 6 &#54;
Digit 7 7 &#55;
Digit 8 8 &#56;
Digit 9 9 &#57;
Colon : &#58;
Semicolon ; &#59;
Less-than < &lt; &#60;
Equals sign = &#61;
Greater than > &gt; &#62;
Question mark ? &#63;
At sign @ &#64;
Uppercase A A &#65;
Uppercase B B &#66;
Uppercase C C &#67;
Uppercase D D &#68;
Uppercase E E &#69;
Uppercase F F &#70;
Uppercase G G &#71;
Uppercase H H &#72;
Uppercase I I &#73;
Uppercase J J &#74;
Uppercase K K &#75;
Uppercase L L &#76;
Uppercase M M &#77;
Uppercase N N &#78;
Uppercase O O &#79;
Uppercase P P &#80;
Uppercase Q Q &#81;
Uppercase R R &#82;
Uppercase S S &#83;
Uppercase T T &#84;
Uppercase U U &#85;
Uppercase V V &#86;
Uppercase W W &#87;
Uppercase X X &#88;
Uppercase Y Y &#89;
Uppercase Z Z &#90;
Opening/Left square bracket [ &#91;
Backslash \ &#92;
Closing/Right square bracket ] &#93;
Caret ^ &#94;
Underscore _ &#95;
Grave accent ` &#96;
Lowercase a a &#97;
Lowercase b b &#98;
Lowercase c c &#99;
Lowercase d d &#100;
Lowercase e e &#101;
Lowercase f f &#102;
Lowercase g g &#103;
Lowercase h h &#104;
Lowercase i i &#105;
Lowercase j j &#106;
Lowercase k k &#107;
Lowercase l l &#108;
Lowercase m m &#109;
Lowercase n n &#110;
Lowercase o o &#111;
Lowercase p p &#112;
Lowercase q q &#113;
Lowercase r r &#114;
Lowercase s s &#115;
Lowercase t t &#116;
Lowercase u u &#117;
Lowercase v v &#118;
Lowercase w w &#119;
Lowercase x x &#120;
Lowercase y y &#121;
Lowercase z z &#122;
Opening/Left curly brace { &#123;
Vertical bar | &#124;
Closing/Right curly brace } &#125;
Tilde ~ &#126;
Table A.1: ASCII Characters Entities

ISO-8859-1 Entity Characters,
Full list of supported ISO-8859-1 characters. Notice that the names are case sensitive, hence if you want an uppercase letter, the name should also start with an uppercase letter.
See Table A.2: ISO-8859-1 Entity Characters.

Description Character (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Capital a with grave accent À &Agrave; &#192;
Capital a with acute accent Á &Aacute; &#193;
Capital a with circumflex accent  &Acirc; &#194;
Capital a with tilde à &Atilde; &#195;
Capital a with umlaut Ä &Auml; &#196;
Capital a with ring Å &Aring; &#197;
Capital ae Æ &AElig; &#198;
Capital c with cedilla Ç &Ccedil; &#199;
Capital e with grave accent È &Egrave; &#200;
Capital e with acute accent É &Eacute; &#201;
Capital e with circumflex accent Ê &Ecirc; &#202;
Capital e with umlaut Ë &Euml; &#203;
Capital i with grave accent Ì &Igrave; &#204;
Capital i with acute accent Í &Iacute; &#205;
Capital i with circumflex accent Î &Icirc; &#206;
Capital i with umlaut Ï &Iuml; &#207;
Capital eth (Icelandic) Ð &ETH; &#208;
Capital n with tilde Ñ &Ntilde; &#209;
Capital o with grave accent Ò &Ograve; &#210;
Capital o with accute accent Ó &Oacute; &#211;
Capital o with circumflex accent Ô &Ocirc; &#212;
Capital o with tilde Õ &Otilde; &#213;
Capital o with umlaut Ö &Ouml; &#214;
Capital o with slash Ø &Oslash; &#216;
Capital u with grave accent Ù &Ugrave; &#217;
Capital u with acute accent Ú &Uacute; &#218;
Capital u with circumflex accent Û &Ucirc; &#219;
Capital u with umlaut Ü &Uuml; &#220;
Capital y with acute accent Ý &Yacute; &#221;
Capital thorn (Icelandic) Þ &THORN; &#222;
Lowercase sharp s (German) ß &szlig; &#223;
Lowercase a with grave accent à &agrave; &#224;
Lowercase a with acute accent á &aacute; &#225;
Lowercase a with circumflex accent â &acirc; &#226;
Lowercase a with tilde ã &atilde; &#227;
Lowercase a with umlaut ä &auml; &#228;
Lowercase a with ring å &aring; &#229;
Lowercase ae æ &aelig; &#230;
Lowercase c with cedilla ç &ccedil; &#231;
Lowercase e with grave accent è &egrave; &#232;
Lowercase e with acute accent é &eacute; &#233;
Lowercase e with circumflex accent ê &ecirc; &#234;
Lowercase e with umlaut ë &euml; &#235;
Lowercase i with grave accent ì &igrave; &#236;
Lowercase i with acute accent í &iacute; &#237;
Lowercase i with circumflex accent î &icirc; &#238;
Lowercase i with umlaut ï &iuml; &#239;
Lowercase eth (Icelandic) ð &eth; &#240;
Lowercase n with tilde ñ &ntilde; &#241;
Lowercase o with grave accent ò &ograve; &#242;
Lowercase o with acute accent ó &oacute; &#243;
Lowercase o with circumflex accent ô &ocirc; &#244;
Lowercase o with tilde õ &otilde; &#245;
Lowercase o with umlaut ö &ouml; &#246;
Lowercase o with slash ø &oslash; &#248;
Lowercase u with grave accent ù &ugrave; &#249;
Lowercase u with acute accent ú &uacute; &#250;
Lowercase u with circumflex accent û &ucirc; &#251;
Lowercase u with umlaut ü &uuml; &#252;
Lowercase y with acute accent ý &yacute; &#253;
Lowercase thorn (Icelandic) þ &thorn; &#254;
Lowercase y with umlaut ÿ &yuml; &#255;
Table A.2: ISO-8859-1 Entity Characters

ISO-8859-1 Entity Symbols
Full list of supported ISO-8859-1 symbols in HTML,
see Table A.3: ISO-8859-1 Entity Symbols.

Description Symbol (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Non-breaking space   &nbsp; &#160;
Inverted exclamation mark ¡ &iexcl; &#161;
Cent ¢ &cent; &#162;
Pound £ &pound; &#163;
Currency ¤ &curren; &#164;
Yen ¥ &yen; &#165;
Broken vertical bar ¦ &brvbar; &#166;
Section § &sect; &#167;
Spacing diaeresis ¨ &uml; &#168;
Copyright © &copy; &#169;
Feminine ordinal indicator ª &ordf; &#170;
Opening/Left angle quotation mark « &laquo; &#171;
Negation ¬ &not; &#172;
Soft Hyphen &shy; &#173;
Registered Trademark ® &reg; &#174;
Spacing macron ¯ &macr; &#175;
Degree ° &deg; &#176;
Plus or minus ± &plusmn; &#177;
Superscript 2 ² &sup2; &#178;
Superscript 3 ³ &sup3; &#179;
Spacing acute ´ &acute; &#180;
Micro µ &micro; &#181;
Paragraph &para; &#182;
Spacing Cedilla ¸ &cedil; &#184;
Superscript 1 ¹ &sup1; &#185;
Masculine ordinal indicator º &ordm; &#186;
Closing/Right angle quotation mark » &raquo; &#187;
Fraction 1/4 ¼ &frac14; &#188;
Fraction 1/2 ½ &frac12; &#189;
Fraction 3/4 ¾ &frac34; &#190;
Inverted question mark ¿ &iquest; &#191;
Multiplication x x &times; &#215;
Divide / ÷ &divide; &#247;
Table A.3: SO-8859-1 Entity Symbols

Math Entity Symbols
Full list of all supported math symbols in HTML,
see Table A.4: Math Entity Symbols.

Description Symbol (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
For all &forall; &#8704;
Part &part; &#8706;
Exist &exist; &#8707;
Empty &empty; &#8709;
Nabla &nabla; &#8711;
Is in &isin; &#8712;
Not in &notin; &#8713;
Ni &ni; &#8715;
Product &prod; &#8719;
Sum &sum; &#8721;
Minus &minus; &#8722;
Asterisk * &lowast; &#8727;
Square root &radic; &#8730;
Proportional to &prop; &#8733;
Infinity &infin; &#8734;
Angle &ang; &#8736;
And &and; &#8743;
Or &or; &#8744;
Cap &cap; &#8745;
Cup &cup; &#8746;
Integral &int; &#8747;
Therefore &there4; &#8756;
Similar to &sim; &#8764;
Congruent to &cong; &#8773;
Almost Equal &asymp; &#8776;
Not Equal &ne; &#8800;
Equivalent &equiv; &#8801;
Less or Equal &le; &#8804;
Greater or Equal &ge; &#8805;
Subset of &sub; &#8834;
Superset of &sup; &#8835;
Not subset of &nsub; &#8836;
Subset or equal &sube; &#8838;
Superset or equal &supe; &#8839;
Circled plus &oplus; &#8853;
Circled times &otimes; &#8855;
Perpendicular &perp; &#8869;
Dot operator &sdot; &#8901;
Table A.4: Math Entity Symbols

Greek Letters
Full list of all supported Greek letters in HTML,
see Table A.5: Greek Entity Letters.

Description Symbol (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Alpha Α &Alpha; &#913;
Beta Β &Beta; &#914;
Gamma Γ &Gamma; &#915;
Delta Δ &Delta; &#916;
Epsilon Ε &Epsilon; &#917;
Zeta Ζ &Zeta; &#918;
Eta Η &Eta; &#919;
Theta Θ &Theta; &#920;
Iota Ι &Iota; &#921;
Kappa Κ &Kappa; &#922;
Lambda Λ &Lambda; &#923;
Mu Μ &Mu; &#924;
Nu Ν &Nu; &#925;
Xi Ξ &Xi; &#926;
Omicron Ο &Omicron; &#927;
Pi Π &Pi; &#928;
Rho Ρ &Rho; &#929;
Sigma Σ &Sigma; &#931;
Tau Τ &Tau; &#932;
Upsilon Υ &Upsilon; &#933;
Phi Φ &Phi; &#934;
Chi Χ &Chi; &#935;
Psi Ψ &Psi; &#936;
Omega Ω &Omega; &#937;
alpha α &alpha; &#945;
beta β &beta; &#946;
gamma γ &gamma; &#947;
delta δ &delta; &#948;
epsilon ε &epsilon; &#949;
zeta ζ &zeta; &#950;
eta η &eta; &#951;
theta θ &theta; &#952;
iota ι &iota; &#953;
kappa κ &kappa; &#954;
lambda λ &lambda; &#955;
mu μ &mu; &#956;
nu ν &nu; &#957;
xi ξ &xi; &#958;
omicron ο &omicron; &#959;
pi π &pi; &#960;
rho ρ &rho; &#961;
sigmaf ς &sigmaf; &#962;
sigma σ &sigma; &#963;
tau τ &tau; &#964;
upsilon υ &upsilon; &#965;
phi φ &phi; &#966;
chi χ &chi; &#967;
psi ψ &psi; &#968;
omega ω &omega; &#969;
Theta Symbol ϑ &thetasym; &#977;
Upsilon symbol ϒ &upsih; &#978;
Pi Symbol ϖ &piv; &#982;
Table A.5: Greek Entity Letters

Miscellaneous HTML entities
List of miscellaneous HTML entities,
see Table A.6: Miscellaneous HTML Entities.

Description Symbol (ePub) Entity Name (Internet) Entity Number (ePub)
Uppercase ligature OE Π&OElig; &#338;
Lowercase ligature OE œ &oelig; &#339;
Uppercase S with caron Š &Scaron; &#352;
Lowercase S with caron š &scaron; &#353;
Capital Y with diaeres Ÿ &Yuml; &#376;
Lowercase with hook ƒ &fnof; &#402;
Circumflex accent ˆ &circ; &#710;
Tilde ˜ &tilde; &#732;
En space &ensp; &#8194;
Em space &emsp; &#8195;
Thin space &thinsp; &#8201;
Zero width non-joiner ‌‌ &zwnj; &#8204;
Zero width joiner ‍‍ &zwj; &#8205;
Left-to-right mark ‎‎ &lrm; &#8206;
Right-to-left mark ‏‏ &rlm; &#8207;
En dash &ndash; &#8211;
Em dash &mdash; &#8212;
Left single quotation mark &lsquo; &#8216;
Right single quotation mark &rsquo; &#8217;
Single low-9 quotation mark &sbquo; &#8218;
Left double quotation mark &ldquo; &#8220;
Right double quotation mark &rdquo; &#8221;
Double low-9 quotation mark &bdquo; &#8222;
Dagger &dagger; &#8224;
Double dagger &Dagger; &#8225;
Bullet &bull; &#8226;
Horizontal Ellipsis &hellip; &#8230;
Per mille &permil; &#8240;
Minutes (Degrees) &prime; &#8242;
Seconds (Degrees) &Prime; &#8243;
Single left angle quotation &lsaquo; &#8249;
Single right angle quotation &rsaquo; &#8250;
Overline &oline; &#8254;
Euro &euro; &#8364;
Trademark &trade; &#8482;
Left arrow &larr; &#8592;
Up arrow &uarr; &#8593;
Right arrow &rarr; &#8594;
Down arrow &darr; &#8595;
Left right arrow &harr; &#8596;
Carriage return arrow &crarr; &#8629;
Left ceiling &lceil; &#8968;
Right ceiling &rceil; &#8969;
Left floor &lfloor; &#8970;
Right floor &rfloor; &#8971;
Lozenge &loz; &#9674;
Spade &spades; &#9824;
Club &clubs; &#9827;
Heart &hearts; &#9829;
Diamond &diams; &#9830;
Table A.6: Miscellaneous HTML Entities

Appendix B: B for Bad - My Failures

This is where I will document my Failures while making this Template.

I was in the process of writing a book about this template I was working on, I was thinking about the title after this incident at a forum, I described having 1 Document that would use CSS Rules for all 3 formats, eBook, PDF and Web Page, my template work fine as it was, I wrote all the CSS myself, and it was not easy, thinking about all the devices it has to support and what order elements had to come it, so that it was backwards compatible with the first computer ever built, but I proved it could be done, and wanted to know if I could use a more robust CSS Framework, because mine was very bland, no styling other then positioning, and even it was not written in stone, so I decided that if I wrote a book about it, I could push it to its limits, so the book was to help me make the template the best it could be, all it lacked was a good CSS Framework, so I went on my Amazon Kindle account and posted a question on the Forum,, not sure if what is there back then is what was is there now, people edit their post and moderators delete them, but basically it was someone that did not except that I did not care about his advice, I asked a question about HTML CSS Frameworks, not to get a lecture about how this is impossible to do, knowing I already did it, so this did not go over with this person, they wanted to point out that he works for a firm that prints millions of eBooks, so he is an expert and I have to use Word because its the only thing that does work, and that any idea I can come up with will be a waist of time, but mine and his, because he was offended that he took the time to tell me how stupid I am for thinking I can make an eBook with HTML and CSS, so then he goes off the deep end and turns into a troll, at some point I said here you want something to laugh at, and I gave him more ammunition to fire at me, not to smart on my part, I should have told him to get lost like most normal people would, but that is not me, I understand just how Stupid People can get, point was that it did not change my mind about writing the Book, which then someone else that already wrote a book about chimed in, at first I though he was joining in on the fun of making rude remarks about people, but then I realized he was a good guy that wrote a template that I actually tired, it worked fine, but was not what I wanted overall, which was to have it look good as a Web Page, as well as PDF, so eBook had to look just as good, and his, not sure if he was the Author, do not know, I did not run a background check on any of them and will not do so, do not really care about getting even, just want the remarks to stop, but that was not about to happen, it just got worse, and I have PTSD, so I tried to ignore it, and the more I did, the sicker it made me, then they pushed the last button, and I warned them not to do it, I told them what button I will push next time they do it, and they could not wait, push the Test button to see if it works. After reporting this the offenders will be dealt with by Amazon, who got back to me rather fast, so they are not an Issue, they did not seem to be very happy about what was said in this thread at all, so far they have been Great, so if you need help contact them directly. I will make available the thread for those that are interested, since those remarks will be removed from this Dead Thread.
It just made me more determined to prove that this template can work, despite what Ignorant people who do not even understand that Word is covered to HTML, or some other format that pulls content out by attributes embedded in the document, so its not the original Word Document that is being processed, it has to create other files form this input file so it can be converted to an ePub, Mobi or KF8 formats. Wow, these people have no clue what they are talking about, they said its Impossible to do this, when I pointed out that everyone is already doing this, even the Word Crowd who are only smart enough to type but not smart enough to understand HTML, because that is all that Kindle Gen wants to make a book, it only has a few formats they accept and Mobi is being phased out, in fact KFx will use HTML more and more in the future, it supports a lot of HTML tags for HTML5 and CSS3, so why get stuck in a time loop supporting HTML 1.0 when its not required, its because people do not understand it. The thread itself turned into a personal attack on me, people did a little research to find out who I am just so they could attack me online, so they found out I was Autistic and that caused a Feeding Frenzy for Bullies, who come off like know it all's that insist that you have to do it their way and use Word, I am on Linux and do not do Word, but they were more interested in my being an Autistic, then talking about Reality and the Only Question I ask, which was can I use a CSS Framework to publish an eBook, and the answer is not Bootstrap or others that are designed for the Internet, but you can use one that was written for Kindle eBooks, but just because I am an Aspie, apparently some people at the Kindle Forum hate people with Autism, and if you are Military, they do not like you either, they will just tell you that you did not see Real Combat, as if I could have been injured anymore if I did, I was Permanently Medically Retired, all I could do was sit around feeling like I was going to die everyday, you say one bad thing to me and I am ready to Fight, and that what happened here, and how its been since I was retired, my PTSD was unmanageable, and off the charts, and none of their medication was helping so I stopping taking any of it, then after years on being in and out of hospitals for major infections, that went on for over 6 years without it going away and only getting worse, til one day I went into septic shock and my body just shut down, I was in so much pain I could not move, so please explain how Real Combat would have improved that? How mean and insensitive does someone have to be to say the things T.R. said to me? The Word is Sociopath, because what they, there was more then one, so what they said went beyond acceptable way to treat anyone, because if others allow this, they join in then they become part of it, and that is why I will never go to a Forum again, they are all out of their Minds, you want to see Real Combat, I will give you Real Combat: I was a Helicopter Crew Chief in Air Rescue, deployed to Kuwait, then came back to the States to get shipped off to the Black Knights Special Ops Squadron in Korea for a year, so what Real Combat did I miss, I was not in the United States, I was in Countries we are not welcome in, and we are not welcome in either of them, so this is what I want to know, what is Real Combat, Doctors ask me that all the time, I ask what does that mean? Do I have to Kill someone with a Gun or a bomb or an F-111 that I worked on prior to the Gulf War, knowing I got an Award for bring the Program in a year in advance, I feel responsible for all its destruction just the same, share the burden, I had no delusion about what I was doing, I was an Electronic Engineer and Computer Programmer, what Real Combat did we see, just what the video cameras recorded, the Air Force is not just a Job, we all do our job in the Military, we do not talk about Real Combat, we talk about fixing Aircraft, no matter were we are, and when one of our Aircraft makes a Kill, a part of us dies with it, War effects us all, and Real Combat is just a thing only Children who have never seen War would say, Air Rescue means picking up dead people whose bodies are dismembered over several miles, and we have to find all the peaces as fast as we can, so their family will have something to Cremate or Bury, and we go into hot zones to get them, that is why we have two machine guns mounted to each side, and in Special Ops we had the Golly Green Giant with an extra Gun mounted to its tail gate, these Aircraft were built for Real Combat, two different mission, one to save lives the other to save our lives, I have no bad feelings about what I did in the Air Force, I did my Job, got an Honorable Medical Retirement for it, and my hell has only begun. That is what I want this people to explain to me, what is Real Combat to you? I do not want to know, it was a rhetorical question that I actually do not care about, because that was not my Question, and that is all I wanted to talk about. There were a few in this thread that actually did not attack me, it was more then one, and it was a Hate Crime, he Slandered me for one by calling me a Fraud, what does that actually mean? Then he attacked me being Autistic, and then everyone just seemed to go along with it like Sheep in a Herd, only repeating what they Heard in the Herd, they let it happen, and no matter how much I would try to prove it to them, they did not care about the Facts, they just wanted to Attack me in a way that is degrading to any human being, its worse then calling a person names about the Color of their Skin, because that is only Skin Deep, and its just a Gene in all our DNA that turns it on or off, so we are all humans, so its a luck of the draw to be born that way in a Black and White World we live in, its not like they are different Animals, well not me, I am an Ashkenazi, we are a mixed bread of Black and White, looking at me I am as White as a Ghost, but I do not deny the Nazi side of me. These people act like predators, they ganged up on me and tried to put me down any way they could, and discrimination against a person based on Physical Characteristics like Neurochemistry, or Race since I am an a Jew prone to Autism and other Mental Conditions, so make no mistake this is a Hate Crime, what happened here was a Hate Crime, but it does not stop prejudice people from ranting, so they like to Rant about everything and never answer the question of if I could use Bootstrap or any other CSS Framework, and when I mentioned Blitz, they said it breaks in all eBooks and will never work, its Impossible for it to work, which is hard for me to believe, HTML can break it, but not CSS, these people are so Ignorant its funny, at worse it does not render the style, but I am using it and that is not the case, its actually well written and thought out, and tested code on many platforms, this guy who wrote Blitz is a CSS Wizard, so between them putting down everyone's work on CSS Frameworks, I got to thinking that this is not right, but then again Bootstrap uses JavaScript to do a lot of its work, and eBooks may or may not allow JavaScript, so I got to thinking its best to write a template that does not require JavaScript, but people at this forum were not going to answer my question no matter what it was, they were too busy attacking and discriminating against me, all they wanted to do was tell me how they think I should write it, if I was not a Fraud and seen Real Combat and could write, what ever that has to do with a CSS Framework is beyond me, all they wanted was for me to use Word, as if Word is the last Word on making Books, and then I had to listen to how good Word exported Filtered HTML, wow, talk about a waste of time asking questions at Forums, apparently what this forum is there for is so a bunch of like minded Fools can attack people, and try to bully them in doing things their way instead of just answering the question, which made me wonder how old they were, they wrote like children, which then I got it, they were, no Adult would act like a complete idiot that was not intelligent enough to know that CSS really does not break eBooks, it might not make them, but as long as there are no errors in the code, it can not do much but make them look ugly, so they had to be lying about being eBook Publishers, and pretending to be Adults, then they discriminate against me because for having OCD, being Autistic, and being in the Military and not in Real Combat, as if Children know what Real Combat is, so what: he knows some one that seen Real Combat, I never said I did, but I would have to be Blind not to see it, but that was not the Story we were talking about, but they do not want to talk about HTML, CSS or JavaScript, but they will talk about Word, as long as you are not a Jew, not Autistic, do not have OCD or PTSD, and not in the Military unless you got killed in Real Combat, then they just want to Slander you, and make fun of you, so I will never use that Forum again, just wanted to make sure I say that twice so its a Rant, you can not say something once and consider it a Rant, and no one Rants more then me, but the bottom line is: what was said there is Unprofessional, Slander, Discrimination, Hate Crime, and on and on, why Amazon allows this is unclear to me, why others put up with it is also unclear, would you get into a thread like this and give this T.R. more ammunition used in a Hate Crime? So be warned if you use this Forum that you are opening yourself up to personal attacks, and this is true of everyone Forum, not putting down Amazon for what its Customers do, this is not there fault, its the Customers, but there is a line to be Drawn, and putting down the Trinary University when they did not even Read the Book crossed it... They doomed all my Web Sites and all my Books before I even Published them, and they did not even Read them, I am not sure they are Intelligent enough to Read Real Science, but I do not want to be brought down to their level on Name Calling, the Light Wizzard in the Flesh does that all the time, OK, so I did but a Yew joke in there to see if there was any Sheeple, you see I am a Wizard, and Wizards use Witchcraft to write down their Spells like Witches do, and that is the Language Sir Isaac Newton wrote it, because he was into Alchemy, which is called Chemistry nowadays, and my book is all about his Science, so not sure what caused this mentally unstable person to think they have the Right to speak to anyone like this, but they just assumed that the Science, Books and Videos were bad because I am Autistic, that word is called Prejudice and Bigot, but calling someone a Fraud is opened themselves up to legal action for Slander, so they are Stupid... This incident proves its not my Paranoia that People Hate me and my kind, which includes Isaac Newton, he did not get along with Normal People any better then I do, and after they found out he said that Christ was inserted into the Bible, making Jesus Bar Abbas the only Jesus in the Bible, but he was in the Militia and fought the Roman Empire for their use of Money, so its no wonder people denied knowing him or what his Last Name was, why they denied he had 3 names, and denied them 3 times, because Jesus Bar Abbas was an Aspie, he thought just like Sir Isaac Newton die, and he was a Descendant of his, so this information shocked the World into Madness, as they embraced the Theory of Albert Einstein, who said he only believed in Newton, and not his own Theory, which he proved could never happen, since Paradoxes do not happen in Reality, but this is how Aspies think, and not Normal People, they only believe what they Herd in the Heard, but a lot of these Normal People Hate Aspies, its big news when they do something wrong, which luckily is not very often, but most People hate Jews, although it was not in the Conversation, unspoken hostility was brewing in this T.R., I was just waiting for him to call me a Jew, seeing how the Ashkenazi are the most Intelligent Race on this Planet, and the most prone to Autism, so its clear that this was a Racial Attack on Jews like Me, they hate us, they actually do, and I have it documented it in this Thread. So far this is my experience in trying to publish an eBook at Amazon Kindle, so going into this book from the start, there was a lot of bad feelings, but I will document them in this book, so you will know what to expect, and I will try not to Rant about personal issues like this again, for some reason I thought it would be safe to ask a question about using CSS Frameworks, and as I found out, its not safe for people like to go out in public, knowing the way they act toward people like me its not safe to use public forums, I got treated better by the Iraqi Republican Guard, I actually got to meet a few of there, set down and had lunch, it was a a Camel Race, many Kurdish and Bangladesh Army there, we got along great, because I know that I have to respect them if they are to respect me, and if I talked to them as these people did to me in this thread I keep ranting on, well they would have cut my head off, and I would have deserved it.

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Jeffrey Scott Flesher
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Full Size

Born 14 January 1961 (Gregorian Calendar) in Corona California, USA
Education: Trinary University
Status: Medically Retired United States Air Force Disabled Gulf War Veteran

Degrees and Awards

Military Duty

From 85-93 worked as a Electronic Engineer and Computer programmer on the (E)F-111A on the avionics package, including the Attack RADAR system, Terrain Following Computer and HQ4 Radios. A member of the Air Force Honor Guard, CPR instructors instructor, and Self-Aid and Buddy Care Instructor. During the Gulf War the (E) F-111 flew 98% of all sorties flown during the War making it the most important Aircraft. From 93 to 97 served as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the MH-60 in the 66 RQS Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, and in Kuwait during Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Vigilant Warrior, and on the MH-53 in the 31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron: (read Black Ops, Special Knights crosswise, remember that Black Ops does not exist) at Oson Korea (because Special Ops is not allowed in the United States).

31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron
31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron Full Size

Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Principles of the Trinary Universe
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - Mobi

Trinary Science
Trinary Science - HTML
Trinary Science - PDF
Trinary Science - ePub
Trinary Science - Mobi

The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - HTML
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - PDF
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - ePub
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - Mobi

1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - HTML
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - PDF
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - ePub
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - Mobi

1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - Blank Template
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - HTML
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - PDF
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - ePub
1 Document 2 Rule them All 3: Kindle eBook, PDF and Web Page - Mobi

Websites by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Light Wizzard

Mad Dash News Network

Trinary University

Trinary Science

The Dark Wizzard

Grey Wizzard

Vets Help Center

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1 Document to Rule them All 3

1 Document to Rule them All 3
Author: Jeffrey Scott Flesher

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