The Principles of the Trinary Universe


Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired Staff Sergeant United States Air Force

Last Update: 31 May 2017

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The Universe is defined by the way we imagine it works at the subatomic level, so in the Dynamic Universe when you turn on a Flashlight you view the photon as instantaneously accelerating to the Speed of Light, it has a little mass so its shot out like a bullet from a Rail-gun or Atomic Accelerator, so Newtons Law of Motion applies, so for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yet a flashlight is not built like a Rail-gun and there is not enough recoil to account for its mass, and because its viewed as being caused by a dis-proven theory about a curvature in Space and Time, so this is a major problem with this Theory, not to mention the Paradox's this theory causes, and it does not explain how Electricity which is Light at a different Frequency, can travel without a medium or conductor in thin air or the vacuum of Space, so the Trinary Universe works different, at the subatomic level of Space it has 4 Dimensions numbered from 0 to 3, in empty space you can see a phenomenon called White Noise, I call it Trinary Energy, just like Atoms, this White Noise has a pattern of changing between 3 States and follows every Atom in the Universe as it changes states from a Light State which we see the Atom or Photon under a Microscope, we assign it the value of 1, it is in the 3rd dimension so we call it Matter or the Father, then it changes to a Dark State and can move as it shifts out of the 3rd dimension into the 1st or 2nd dimensions, so we give it a value of -1 and call it Antimatter and because it moves away from the Matter we can call it the Son, then the Atom disappears because it shifted into the 0 Dimension I call Null Space, so we call it the Holy Ghost, mathematically we have 1 + (-1) = 0, this is what Newton referred to as Trinity or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, so Energy is Static, it does not move, its the Flashlight that moves through the Universe, as it moves through the Dimensions of space, so this is totally different from the Dynamic Universe, because the Energy is being pulled from the Flashlight and not shot or pushed, the first Photon never moves in the Universe, its static, so its more like a fishing line, imagine the flashlight is the fishing pole and its hook is connected to the fabric of the Universe which never moves so when you turn it on, the line or Light comes out as the flashlight moves through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so the Light has a Medium or Conductor to travel on, the White Noise I call Trinary Energy.



Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that he stood on the Shoulder of Giants so he could see further, so we Stood on the Shoulders of Tycho Brahe who believed God made the Planets move, Johannes Kepler who believed in the Harmony of the Worlds, Galileo Galilei who helped us see the Heavens more clearly, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci who saw the World of Imagery, Nikola Tesla who said we are Light Beings, Isaac Asimov who wrote Science Fiction based on Albert Einstein who proved the Universe can not exist without God unless it has Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin for fighting for Freedom and Abraham Lincoln for taking it away without anyone missing it, Mark Twain for learning how to write in a way others could relate, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Richard Strauss for helping the World to Listen. I also must Acknowledge that all of these Men had Autism and like myself, its in the Autistic Spectrum called High Functioning, also known as Aspies to acknowledge Doctor Hans Asperger who also had it and for which Asperger's Syndrome was named after, I was born with it, I inherited it from my Family line which can be traced back Hundreds of years to my 5th Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher, and he was also an Ashkenazi who are known to be the most Intelligent race on the Planet. Autism allows the Brain to work in a very Different way then those called Neurotypicals, those like myself who have been tested with High IQ's, might think in terms of Images instead of Words, so its hard for some of us to convert Images into Words, and I know that I write run on sentences, its because I can not think any other way, so I cannot write any other way and be able to understand it, one thought leads to another, seemingly unrelated thoughts become mixed together, so you must Acknowledge that before grading me on English or Concepts, because words are Spells, sometimes I use the wrong word by mistake, others on purpose, but so did all these men, and where would the World be without them today is something everyone must Acknowledge. The Bible said God is all Light and Aspies have a Tendency to take things literally, so the word God and Light mean the same thing to me, in fact that is what I set out to prove, but without Religion, only Science, because none of these men believed in a Deity, these were all men of Science.


Table of Contents


Introductory remarks

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Chapter 1: Introduction

The principle for Light that I will base this dissertation on was the basis of Sir Isaac Newton's [1] work on Light beginning in 1666, which was over 333 years ago, numbers and dates mean something, so I will talk about them more in this document. Instead of having to bring in Newton's work, I will just reference it once, and give you a time line so you get a sense of how much time has gone by, because in all this time so many people tried but no one has ever debunked Newton, so after that much time, I can only conclude that what he said was a fact, so when he stated that Light is both Perceived Light, which can be observed by most people, which I now include any machine of this day that records Light: like a Camera or Video Recorder, and Imaginary Light, which is Light that Individuals Brains Manifest as Visible Light they can see in their Vision including optical illusions, which most people can see, while patterns that make up objects that are not there is still an illusion, but just as real to those that see these patterns, and others can not see them without using their own Imagination, and I include that to be any Machine that Records Light, because they have no Imagination, this makes them perfect for determining what Light is Real from what is an illusion, because in Science we do not care about illusions, only what is Real, so it must be a Full Spectrum Light Recorder, so I will define these Terms as Imaginary Light that I will refer to as Imagination, which is based on illusions or patterns, and is seen by the mind and can appear in our vision, note that I did not say it has to, because what you see in your mind can be just as real to you, whereas Real Light which is in the Visual and Invisible Spectrum of Light, as well as any Form of Energy Similar to Light like Electricity, which is Light but just at a different frequency, Transmitted Energy in all Spectra, and even God's Particle, which may have many names, but has nothing to do with the research on the Higgs Particle, but as a reference to the phenomena itself, and another form of Light which is Also Known as White Noise, I will call it Trinary Energy, so you know exactly what I am referring to, but just to be very clear about what White Noise is, I define it as Light that appears to be Static Noise in Recorded images, or as a very fine undefined misty aurora type of Light that seems to be present when you are looking into empty space or at any object, its everywhere in your vision even with your eyes closed it makes up random dots of Light that may appear as having a pattern, but under a Microscope this White Noise has a pattern, it shifts between 3 States, one is when it is at its brightest state, then it seems to shift to one side and change in brightness, then it disappears, yet it has no physical form, its just Light, and its everywhere in the Universe, so this White Noise is what makes up the Trinary Universe, and its why Newton was so excited about it, so excited that he said that this Light, which he called God, was the Force in all his Equations, because he knew it was causing everything in the Universe to move, it was what created all Life, and we are that Light as Nikola Tesla pointed out: we are Light Beings, but Newton did not believe that God was a Deity or Jesus was Christ, and that was Hearsay to the Church, so he had to keep quiet about that or he might be burned at the stake for being a Heretic, but if they found out he was a Wizard who also practices Witchcraft, well let us just say that History would be much different, as would the World we live in today, because Newtons ideas changed this World forever, only thing was that most people did not fully understand what Newton said, few were Intelligent enough to comprehend his Math, but they could still learn to use it with no problems, so understanding something and being able to use it are not the same thing, because what Newton said was that this Light is what God is, where God is the Intelligence of the Universe, and the Light is this Trinary Energy, because it has 3 State Changes, and its Energy, and its Controlling the White Light or Sun Light, because it has White Light and Black Darkness and every shade of Grey in it, so these Rainbows of Colors that Newton called the Darkness, is not God, because Jesus said God had no Darkness, so God was only the Light, so he was talking about Energy, not Electric or Photonic, but the Light that was Controlling that type of Energy, only he did not know how and Newton never printed anything that he could not prove how, so luckily I read his Notes and understood them, God was the Force in Gravity, and a grain of Sand is effected by Gravity, so it must be at the Subatomic level, and looking under Microscopes thousands of times more powerful then the one Newton himself invented, I find Trinary Energy, which is a name I came up with that describes the 3 State changes in Atoms, but its not the Atom itself, but the Energy that binds the Atom, which is made up of Neutrinos, so standing on the shoulders of Giants, I will now finish the work Newton started.


Sub Chapter 1.1: Dissertation

This Dissertation is for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, the word Philosophy is defined as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline., so Reality is an element in that statement, because it is defined as the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them., so this is my goal, and what I am asking you as the Listener to do, is to be open to a different way of thinking for most people, it is called thinking like a Wizard, but Wizards are considered as mythical beings to some people, whereas people like: Nikola Tesla was known as the Last Wizard, and Sir Isaac Newton was known as the Last Magician, which the word Magician means Wizard, so maybe it might be a combination of being an Ashkenazic Aspie with a high IQ who studies science as if its the only thing important in their life, so I will talk about it more just to make sure we are talking about the same thing... So you might have to go out of your mind to get back in, which is called thinking outside the box, so you will need to forget about all the science you know except that of: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and the others I call Wizards, because like them, I also have a Spectrum of Autism that used to be refereed to as Asperger's Syndrome, but is now called high functioning, so like I said in the Acknowledgments, there are many people throughout time that have also had this Condition, and they always try to explain the way they think to many people, but for the most part, most people never fully understand them, because they can not learn to think differently, so I guess I am functioning high, what ever that means, to me it means that in the range of Autism, you are functioning on the high end of that scale, but the word High also means to use a Drug to Elevate your perception of Reality, and the Autistic brain is wired differently from the Neurotypical or NT Brain, and most of the features of thinking like an Aspie are things that NT's or Normal People do, only most of them only think like that when they are doing Drugs, so its our Reality that changes, so the word Really is just Reality with it added, because words are Spells, and how you spell or cast them, is the way you Really view Reality, and its just describing how that is done, because Aspies take words Literally, so adding it to Really, literally makes the spell of Reality, so when most people say the word Really after I explain something to them, I take it as if they are referring to Reality, so it means: did it happen in Reality, so we remove one L, which is always a Lie, its double talk, and add it to that statement, where it is just the Subject of what you are talking about, but to most Neurotypicals, it will mean that we see things differently because we think differently, but in reality its just the way we read and write, and Words are just Spells, I see things like a Wizard, not the Fairy Tale Wizards, but the Real ones in History, so try to see things as Isaac Newton saw them when he wrote his work Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, where he writes all this math that people can learn to use, and maybe even think they understand it, but if that were true, the Science of this Day and Age would be different, the Newtonian Universe would be Main Stream Science and not the Godless Dynamic Universe for one thing.

In order for you to understand what Newton was thinking, you would have to think like him and he was an Aspie, and he was a person who had a hard time communicating with Neurotypicals in a way to explain what the Light is, and I am not much different, because being an Aspie is the only way I can tell you how I came to the conclusions I did at the end of this document, and like Newton I have a tendency to tell people the truth, even if that means telling them they are stupid for thinking the way they do, or stating a fact that he more intelligent then they are, or having meltdowns that most NT's view as a tantrum, so never get in my face and disagree with me unless you want to fight, because that is what might happen, and why I do not like to be around stupid people, and why like Newton I call people Stupid and treat them like they are Stupid, but that was also why Newton would find himself teaching a room without Students, so I must change my ways if I want to have Students listen to me, so I will only call Sheep Stupid, so pay attention to the Spells I use, the Yew Spell comes from the concept that Ewe, which are Female Sheep, eat a Yew Tree called TaxUS, they then defecate the Yew, so that Yew is reference to what Yew have for Brains, so if I call yew stupid, I am obviously referring to Sheep Shit for Brains, so do not get offended with my way of dealing with my Aspie Emotions, because all the Wizards had them.

Most dissertation I have read are very dry, they tell nothing about the author, other than their name, which is only as a reference, but the word Knowledge is defined as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject., and its that first part about facts, which I will make clear, and information, which can include details about how you came to think about this subject, what frame of mind I was in, and what influenced my decisions, but it also has to relate to the subject, which is what the Universe is all about, which will prove that Energy is Static in the Universe, because The Principles of the Trinary Universe is too large of a concept to try to prove in over any amount of pages, a number that changes as I work on this document to make it more understandable to everyone that reads it, so I will only try to prove a part of it, and just throw in the fundamental Principles of how the Trinary Universe works as supporting information, also I will try not to give Theories, because Theories are ideas that can not be proven at this time, and it could mean they never will be proven, so people think they are true by default, like the Big Bang Theory, the Stupidest idea of all time, and its logic is so Stupid that it defies the Laws of Physics, yet its now considered Science, because no one could come up with a better idea, and that is not science, its stupid, and like Newton, I will only write about things I can prove to myself, and only Sheep are Stupid, ideas and Theories are just things that people come up with to explain things they do not understand, so calling them Stupid is technically correct but politically incorrect, so I apologize for whatever I said that offended anyone that reads this right now, its not my intent to put anyone's work down, I just want to point out the fallacy of believing that these Theories are facts or could ever become facts, because no matter how I word it, that is the very definition of the word Stupid, which is defined as lacking intelligence or common sense, because the word Theory means an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true, so its Stupid to believe in Theories, and that is a fact, so now we can talk about His-Story.


Sub Chapter 1.2: Brief History or His-Story

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, the son of Robert E. Flesher of Alexandria Virginia in the United States of America, whose ancestry traces back to Germany where my 5th Great-Grandfather Henry Weston Flesher sailed to Philadelphia Pennsylvania around 2 Nov 1752 aboard the Phoenix, when he was around 18 years old, he fought in the Revolutionary War of Independence, from that Banks that now own U.S., but our family would not sign the Declaration of Independence because it gave Congress the ability to Print Money, an argument with no winners, Franklin signed it to end the argument, because some people just wanted Money and did not care how they got it, so my Grandfather was not happy about it, but the City of Weston Virginia was named after him and History forgot all about that argument.

My was Mother Mary Lou Robertson of Los Angeles California whose ancestry traces back to Scotland. I was born in Corona California on 14 January 1961 at 6:32 PM, at the time I lived behind my Robertson Grandparents house at 3666 1/2 Valley View, Norco, which is short for North Corona. The Name Robertson comes for the old age of the Scottish Highlanders, where you are named a Son after your Father, in this case the Son of Robert the Bruce, who was the Son of Bruce, in the time of William Wallace, which my ancestry can be traced back to on my Fathers side of the family, so the two sides of the family come back as one in the Flesh, and that is why she gave me the middle name of Scott.

Numbers like 3, 6 and 9 follow me throughout my whole life. I was in the United States Air Force from 1986 to 1999, about 13 years, I started out as an F-111 Computer Test Station Technician, basically I was an Electronic Engineer, Mechanic and Computer Programmer, who worked on the Video Test Stations to fix the Terrain Following and Attack RADAR Computer systems. I got my first Meritorious Service Award from the 366th Wing at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho in 1993, for my work leading up to 1989 for increasing the F-111's Systems reliability by more than 30% and reducing the time for deployment of the F-111 System by 1 year, which was just in time for the Gulf War in 1990, where the F-111 flew over 96% of all Sorties, after the first part of the War in 1993 I cross trained as a Helicopter Crew Chief for the 66 RQS Air Rescue Squadron, Nellis AFB in Las Vegas Nevada and in 1996 I joined the 31st Special Operations, Black Knight Squadron at Oson Air Base in South Korea, where I was awarded my second Meritorious Medal for my effort in winning the 1996 Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award, I also received my second Academic award from the Air Force for my pursuit to get my PhD, but shortly after returning to the United States, I was Medically Retired for symptoms that are now part of Gulf War Syndrome.

After retiring from the Military I worked for companies for the Government like: the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory for the EPA and a contract to work for the BLM as a Computer Programmer. I was working on my PhD for many years before becoming too sick to finish, maybe one day I will finish it, that is why I am working on it now, only my goals have changed, I no longer care about submitting this to some University, specifically the same University that Newton went to, I still would like that Degree, but that is not what this document is about, its about Real Science, and that should be Free, whereas this degree will not be Cheap, its not just the Money, I have never cared about Money, its about rejection, I know my limitations, I have OCD so I always think about thoughts like most web browsers are linked to bookmarks, only rejection is a place I never want to go, so why bookmark it, but its always on the list, so its like setting myself up for rejection, and its why I have no friends and eventually drive a barrier between anyone in my life because I fear rejection so much, and Money is the same way, you work for it and its never enough, and no matter how much you make the possibility for rejection increases, so the fear itself is based on PTSD, because the idea of rejection is just a trigger point, and its because of past events, and I have rejection issues dating back to the day my Mothers died, and since 2000 this feeling like I can not distinguish an Aspie Meltdown from PTSD, because I know them both so well, not even sure what event in my life lead me to start behaving like this, but it goes way back, but since the Gulf War, my ability to deal with it has been diminished, my Step-Mother used Drugs to keep me in line, now I play that role, always worrying about becoming a Drug addict like them, or worrying about having an Attack, which is not fun, my vision gets all distorted, as if the walls where melting, which is where the name for Melt-Down came from, oddly enough the way people Spell things reveal a lot about that Spell, because I remember many people saying Drugs can make you have a melt-down, they also say that its a hallucination, then Reality kicks in, the walls are melting is not a term that I can assume you understand, the VA said I am Schizoaffective because I can change my Reality, I can visualize what it would look like if the walls could melt, so its my thoughts that are driving my mind to visualize everything melting around me, time seems to slow down, I get uncontrollable thoughts race through my mind, every rejection I have ever had come crashing in around me, all I want to do is die, which is what my Step-Mother always told me, talking about herself, as a child she would tell me to die, she wanted everyone around her to die, and I told myself a long time ago that I would never allow myself to feel like this, but since I got vaccinated in 1990 in preparation for the Gulf War, things changed, and now when I have these feelings of rejection, I get these feeling that I felt for the first time since I left Kuwait back in 1995 knowing that the Third Country Nationalist or TCN's as we called them in the Military, were killed before they were to become Citizens of Kuwait, which is the ultimate rejection of all time, because these TCN's were People, mostly from third world countries, poor people who only wanted a better life, and where under the assumption that the Government would protect them, but when Iraq invaded to kill all the Slaves in their 30 year War, which started around the time my parents conceived me, so this is all my life up to this point, just so they could then hire another 3 Generations of Slaves to work for them in hope of becoming Citizens of any Arab community in that entire region, so the feeling of rejection feels just like that, because the Government lied as to why we went to War with Iraq, it was not about the Oil, the Banks owned all that already, its these obsessive thoughts I have, I tie one thought to another, one feeling to another, and before I can do anything about it, these feelings cause my mind to overload to the point where I actually see the world around me melt, and although I have seen a few video's where people try to use film effects to simulate what this looks like, and some of them swear it looks just like that, it simply does not convey the feeling I get of Ants crawling in my veins, and images of all those TCN's who were murdered just so the Government can cut down on the population of its soon to become Citizenship, so what I am saying is that rejection is a place I do not want to go, so I just try not to, but I needed to explain why I do not like to be around people, I do not like to feel like I might be rejected, and at the same time I am trying to teach people the true meaning of the Light of God, and having this Darkside to me at the same time, its not like I do not know that I am over thinking everything I think, that is what OCD is all about, so it does not mix well with PTSD, and its probably why no one wants to talk about it out loud, its because then everyone would get PTSD, so they are not telling you the truth for your own good, because if you knew the truth, you could not handle it, and you would start having Meltdowns like I do, so my goal to publish this is limited to publishing it for Free, and that is a Spell that most people do not understand, so round and round I go, I just wanted to make clear to you that this style of thinking is nothing new, most people think that way to some degree, we all have our breaking point, mine was that I talk a lot, I can not stop, my Dad said I was born talking and never shut up, and when I hold things in they build up, these are thought that normally would not be part of a Document such as this, but the way I think is at the foundation of it, but I needed to make it Crystal Clear about how I feel about having to publish this to a Society that does not believe in the Light of God, because when it comes down to it, that is the ultimate rejection, so the idea of asking them to give me a PhD for it, goes way beyond any of these feelings, because it does not have anything to do with me as an individual, but as a group of men I call Wizards who also felt this way, because as far as I know they all did.

I was married twice and divorced once, and have two daughters with my first wife (been together since 1978, married form 1981 to 1997, she divorced me because I did not think her Father should be allowed to Molest my Children, and I allowed the divorce because I did not believe that she should be allowed to use our Children to take Pornographic pictures of her to put out on the Internet, but the Evil Courts in Las Vegas Nevada where I was last stationed did not think that way, so we divorced the same time I was being Medically Retired from the Air Force, which might have had something to do with it, because she thought I would not make it as a Civilian, so Money played its part in it, she made it all about Money and Possessions). I have two Step-Daughters with my second Wife (2000 to present, we were neighbors since 1993), I learned about having Autism as a child just after we were talking about marriage, but she did not know I had Autism till 2013 when I tested positive in the Asperger's range of Autism, this diagnosis helped me to deal with issues that I had all my life, up to this point I was diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Schizoaffective... Just to name a few, all of which had nothing to do with my Autism, I did not start getting these symptoms till after 1990 just after getting the Anthrax Vaccine under treat of Court-Martial just before the Gulf War, so getting shot using Chemical Warfare can cause injuries that last a lifetime.

I have classic symptoms of Autism, most of which I do not verbalize, I have learned to act like Normal or Neurotypical people from a young age, but inside I felt much different, like I did not think anything like them, I even learned to get mad like they do, although I actually never get mad I get over stimulated, which is part of Autism, although I never had a meltdown when I was on duty in the Air Force, mostly because only people close to me could induce such a strong emotional response from me, so my wives were actually the only ones that ever seen this side of me (since I grew up anyway, my family seen plenty of it), but only when they keep an argument going, eventually it would escalate, and I would have a full meltdown, but I would not remember much or any of what happened during the meltdown, so I got over it easy, but no one else ever forgot or let me forget it.

When I was child I would have meltdowns, luckily my parents knew what to do, first get me thinking about something else, problems to solve like Math equations that Newton wrote, then get me to smoke Cannabis, so I used Cannabis since a very young age, my Father told me I started using it when I was around 3 years old, so growing up few people ever saw me have a meltdown, and until I was 19 no one ever saw me when I was not using Cannabis, and anyone that knew my Father just thought that I was Stoned or High on Cannabis, and that is why I seemed to be Spaced out, or staring into thin air, but that was not the reason, it is that I was looking at the White Noise, but when I am High on Cannabis, I would try to interact with the Light, I would use it to change the environment I was in, like changing the color of walls, changing the background sound, and doing things that normally only people who are Schizoaffective do, only I did it for so long that I did not need to get high to do these things, so I stopped using it as a young adult, mostly because I did not need it anymore, but I used Cannabis to deal with my meltdowns throughout my teenage years, it worked at varying degrees, it calmed my brain activity, when I was not using it, I could have so many thoughts going on in my mind, that if someone asked me what I was thinking, I could not tell them, because I was not thinking about any one subject, but the all the Universe at one time, so Cannabis was just medicine that no one could know about, my siblings (little Sister, and 3 Steps, only one living with us at the time) did not know I was using it till I was in the 4th Grade, and teachers accused me of it with remarks like are you on drugs, so they must have known, at least that is how I felt, like I was hiding something bad, and I did not like that feeling at all, I have never been good at lying, but my Father told me all about the Laws of the Land that ended him up in prison for Drugs when I was in the 6th Grade, but my Step-Mother made sure I still got my Medicine, because she did not want to deal with my meltdowns, she said it was bad enough dealing with my Fathers, and he used drugs for that very reason.

In elementary school during the 60's, I did not know any other children who used Cannabis, but by Junior High School most of the kids smoked pot, so I figured they all had the same problem, but shortly learned that they were smoking it to get High, but by the age of 21, I stopped using Cannabis to deal with over stimulation, and it slowly crept back into my life, mostly because after my Step-Mothers death I lived with other family members like my Uncle who was married to my oldest Step-Sister and then I lived with my Grandmother, and none of them supplied me with Cannabis, so I had to get it on my own, so my use was no longer daily, so I started using it less and less and I did not use Cannabis again till around 2009, some 25 years latter, when I learned that it worked miracles for Skin Cancer, and at the time, I had open sores that would never heal, and within days they were healing after using it.

It was a huge ordeal to get a Medical Marijuana card, because I did not want to do anything illegal, but the VA and Medical Marijuana still do not go over very well, and since they are Federal the State Laws do not apply to them, and they only want to push main stream Pharmaceuticals, and I have tried most of them from 1990 to 2015, and have now given up on them ever working for me, Cannabis is not a cure, the Skin Cancer keeps coming back when I stop using it, and its calming features do not always avert a meltdown, which is why I stopped using it in the first place, I have never just wanted to get High on it, after using it since I was 3 years old, it has just become a normal state of mind for me, I do not feel normal unless Cannabis is in my system. I very seldom if ever smoke it nowadays, I might vaporize or use Tinctures, but I do so to feel normal, not to get High, but I use it none the same, and I had to put that in this Document, but for that matter, most of the Men I talk about have used some type of Drug, Newton wrote notes about Cannabis, and Rye Ergo, which is known as LSD nowadays, and Washington, Jefferson and Franklin all used Cannabis, Tesla used Cannabis as well as other drugs of the time, including Alcohol and Cocaine, but Cannabis use is older than Alcohol use, and that has been around since before Jesus, in fact it dates back to the Pyramids, so I have no idea what drugs all the Wizards were taking, but I have not taken all of them, just the ones I want to or was forced to by the Military or VA, and those drugs were much worse than Cannabis.

I have no idea why it makes much of a difference in how I am diagnosed, the Military diagnosed me, the VA diagnosed me, I self diagnosed, and that Diagnoses is always changing, the fact is that at a young age I was displaying common Autistic traits, and not so common traits, I can remember being 2, I learned to talk younger than most and have never shut up since then, and I always talk about the same subject, which is the Science of how the Universe works, and that got old real fast with my Step-Mother, so I was not allowed to talk about Science at home, and since I was not allowed to talk about Science, I did not talk much so I had to learn to keep my mind busy, so I started counting numbers and seeing patterns in everything.


Sub Chapter 1.3: Wizards versus Sheeples Theories

Regardless of what anyone thinks a Wizard is, I define all my Words and how I Spell them to have the meaning that I require in order to communicate concepts, and Wizards are what I Dreamed about as a Child, and this Document is describing the Dreams I had as a Child, so if this sounds Childish, then so be it, because by the 3rd Grade I had an IQ of 180, that is way higher then Einsteins 160 when he was an Adult, but IQ test are written by people with an IQ less then Einsteins, so the IQ Test does not even apply to me, in fact if I had answered the questions correctly, I would be considered Retarded like those that wrote the test, because those people who wrote it do not understand how the Universe works, so why would they think they could write a test that determine anything but how well an individual understands how the Universe works according to them, and that Logic is sound, you can not write and IQ test unless you actually understand how the Universe works and to do otherwise is retarded, and that is how I view people who try to use their IQ score to prove they are more Intelligent then me, because my Logic is sound, and IAM not arrogant nor do I have an ego to feed, I know for a fact that what I am saying is the truth, because my Logic is based on Empirical Evidence, and I do not use Emotions or Theories to describe things so my Reasoning is as sound as my Logic, and I know that the only reason I even passed any test is because I use the faulty logic that was used to write it, so this test proved I can think as stupid as those I call Sheeple, and that describes how a Wizard thinks.

I view history differently then most people, thousands of years ago someone wrote a document that was incorporated into the Bible, this document was not a very long document, no one knows who wrote it, and for the most part, its just a legend, the stories that were in it have some similarities between modern day Bibles based on that concept, and this document is no different when it comes down to it, I wrote the original on paper by hand starting at a very young age, it was the Story of a Wizard named Jesus Bar Abbas, note that if using only his last name that you must add a Bar or Slash like: / in it, as such Bar/Abbas, so its one word, but his name has 3 parts to it, Spells are important to Wizards, so pay attention.

His-story was about another Wizard named Moses, and the legend said that it was told to 12 people who understood His-story, and each would write their own story about events that were unfolding, because Bar/Abbas was the leader of a Militia, he told His-story to groups of people trying to get them to change their ways, because the Romans were forcing them to use Money, the Root of All the Evil that was taking place was because of the use of Money, remember that during Jesus's time, Romans would wag Wars killing thousands, by hiring paid Soldiers as we do to this day, and would force them to fight to the death in Roman Colosseum for Entertainment, we call this TV News, so nothing has change in thousands of years, because those that do not know His-story are bound to repeat the same mistakes, because His-story was about a Dark Wizard known as Moses, who destroyed the Pyramids after waging a Civil War, because Moses believed there should be Money and Laws, but that was forbidden in Societies at this time, everyone worked for Free, everyone was Free, the Pyramids produced enough pure water and electricity for everyone to enjoy life, they had flying machines, that could carry heavy loads, the legend also spoke about building Pyramids on other Planets in our Solar system, and that was proven to be the Truth, so this was an advance society that used Electricity as power, they had Light bulbs, and all types of technology that is more advanced then what we have nowadays, and Bar/Abbas wanted to rebuild the Pyramids, and go back to the old ways, it has been thousands of years since the Dark Wizard Moses Raped, Pillaged and Plundered the once Great Pyramids, but in the end, Jesus was betrayed by the 12 Disciples, and they changed His-story to favor the Romans Version of Events, well to a point, the Romans never recorded the name Jesus Christ, because his real name is Jesus Bar Abbas, because that story was not written till after the 7th Century, so it does not correlate to Roman History, but they did execute Jesus Bar Abbas, the Romans were very clear about that point, but the Lies the 12 Traders told lived on in History, and His-story was lost, till thousands of years later when another man named Isaac Newton was born on the same day as Jesus Bar Abbas, on 25 December, note that I can name dozens of Wizards born on this Date, like: Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Dionysis and Other Pagan Gods, so Isaac decided to do his own research, and meet with other Wizards known as Alchemist in his times, since it would be a death sentence to be be found out to be a Wizard or Witch in those days, they would burn you alive, so the Alchemist would have to meet in secret and all their work was encoded in Witchcraft, and in those books, Isaac found the story of Jesus Bar Abbas, and he knew it was the truth, he was very upset it, so he spent the rest of his life working on proving what Jesus said, which was this Energy or Higher Power known as God, he knew from His-story that it had 3 States that Trinity described, and it was Light without Darkness, and by 1666 Isaac found the Light with no Darkness, it was the Rainbow of Colors that we see with our eyes, but he also knew that most of the Technology was lost, it was melted down so they could make Money out of it, so History was all lies to keep the concept of Money going, so no one would find out about the Evil things Money has done, like destroy an Advanced Civilization, so Religion was created to brainwash stupid people, so my Cousin Isaac Newton coined the phrase Sheep-People, which got shorten to Sheeple when he wrote it at lot, because Sheeple were stupid enough to believe what all the Dark Wizards were teaching, so the Dark Wizards outlawed the use of the term Wizard and Witch, and ordered all of them to be hunted down and murdered, and they wrote books called Fairy tales about Wizards and made them a Joke to normal people, but I do not care what Yew believe, Sheeple are the ones that are Stupid, but Newton could not do anything about it, so he wrote his Witchcraft till the day he died, and he said that they changed the Calendar in such a way, that the Flesh would be reborn on 14 January, and that was my Birthday, and IAM the Flesh, and now most of Newtons notes and work are public domain, so His-story is being told, but the Christians continue to lie about it, so they decided to embrace the Dark Wizard Albert Einsteins Theory as if it was the Truth, and they teach their Sheep that God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, and then their Science proves that God did not create the Universe, and the Sheep worship Money and do not trust in God and lie about what Jesus's 3 name were, so its no wonder most people do know about Wizards, and think they are just Fairy Tales, because History is not about His-story.

I give credit to the Godless Dynamic Universe to Albert Einstein, who was only one of many Scientists who had a hand in coining this concept based on Einsteins work, and in reality Newtons Universe was not coined Static by him, but by others working off his model, so it was easier and simpler to just state that the Dynamic Universe was Einstein's Theory and the Static Universe was Newton's idea, because he did state that all Light is Static, and the Universe was made of Light, so it was not a big leap to make such a statement, but the biggest difference between Einstein's Theory and Newtons Concept, was evidence, Einstein's work is all based on Theories with no Proof, whereas Newtons Concept was based on Light that does exist, so its based on Empirical Evidence, so I call Theories that are not based on Empirical Evidence: Sheeple Theories, because only Sheeple would believe in things they do not exist.

Wizards use Words and Spells to describe things that exist in the Universe based on Empirical Evidence, whereas Theories describe how the Universe might work if the Theory is correct, and its only when People believe that the Wizard is wrong and Theory is right, does the Term Reality no longer exist, because the belief in things that are not Real is Insane, and the Question about what Theory is Insane is easy to answer, because the definition of the Word or how you Spell it, always defines what that word of spell means, and the Spell of Insane is define as believing in things that do not exist in Reality, and there can only be one Reality, the Reality where Theories is allowed to be viewed as Real is called Science Fiction, or Fantasy, the World of Imagination or just Dreams, but at no point in time can those Theories be anything more then just a Theory until proven to be a fact using Empirical Evidence, without the Empirical Evidence its just a Theory, so any theory that is allowed to become your Reality; can define that reality as Sane, meaning the things in this Reality are all Real, or Insane, meaning the things in this Reality may not be Real, regardless of if you think they are real and just can not prove it other then using Theories to explain things that do not exist in Reality, so we must define Reality to explain Empirical Evidence, and as a Wizard we will categorize people into two types of People: those that believe in Empirical Evidence we will call Wizards and those that believe in Theories we will call Theoretical Scientist, but that term only applies to a limit few of the People who actually believe that these Theories are Reality, so we will only classify those people who believe that these Theories are Reality, and I will refer to this class as Sheep, because they only believe what they have heard in their herd, and have no Empirical Evidence to support their way of thinking, so they are nothing but Animals who can not think for themselves, they believe there is safety in numbers, and 95% of the worlds population can not be insane just because they believe in Theories, because some of them may one day be proven to be a fact, which means that they might be a little insane because not all theories can will be proven to be facts, so Reality is what you believe it is and no one but you can change that, but you will not convince Wizards that is your Right to believe in insane ideas or Theories, because insane thoughts lead to insane actions.

Wizards never intentionally insult People, so we instead insult Sheep, because we are Sheep Shepard's or Sheep Dogs, so we have to deal with Sheep Shit so we do not Step on it, or get into an argument with those that think like Sheeple, who look like a Sheep with the head of a Monkey, so Sheeple is a Spell for Sheep with a Money's head full of Shit, so I use the Yew Spell, which refers to a Tree called TaxUS that Stupid Ewe eat so it refers to Sheep Shit for Brains, so if a Wizard states that Yew are Stupid, the Wizard is saying the Sheep Shit or TaxUS is Stupid, and you would be Stupid to eat TaxUS, and Yew would have to have Sheep Shit for Brains to think that any Theory is Reality, regardless of the fact that you may one day prove it, till that day it is just a Theory and not a Fact, and just because no one can debunk a Theory, does make it a fact, so Wizards always have to prove that what they are talking about is not a Theory, I will make very few Theories, and will be sure to tale you when I do, and keep in mine that this person writing this is a Human and Not God, these are my words, God has no words, because God is just Energy called Light and this is how I Spell them, I talk like a Wizard so I do not offend you when I disagree with Yewer style of thinking, because that way of thinking offends me, so I will offend Yew, and if you want to take it personal, that is up to you, Freewill is a double edge sword, if you use Spells to insult People, it can cut both ways, so I will warn you, I have PTSD, OCD, and other Mental Issues like many Ashkenazi, and I only use Spells to distance myself from a conflict that I do not want to happen, I do not ever want to fight with anyone for any reason, its pointless, no one ever wins an argument by fighting about it, so I use the term Yew and Sheeple with the intent of avoiding conflicts with anyone, so if I use the wrong term, it might be a Typo, so Assume that I did not actually mean to Insult you unless I feel you insulted me, because then you made an Ass out of U and me and it was your fault and not mine, because I never intentionally lie about anything, everything I say I can prove is not a Lie, and that starts by not using Theories to explain things, because not all Theories will be proven to be the Truth, and the Truth will never change, only the Theories about them, making Theories worthless in a discussion about Real Science, where the Spell Real means Reality, so the Trinary Universe will be Proven beyond a Shadow of a doubt to be the Truth about how the Universe actually works: regardless of any Theories about how it might work, but I clam that this Truth is based on Empirical Evidence, and how I explain it is beside the point, those are just Words and Spells I used to help you understand the images that I see, where these images are how the Universe actually works, as opposed to how I explain concepts that few people can understand unless they could see these images in my mind, but I have to use words and spells to describe them, because I can not draw them on paper, I am not an Artist, and those that tried failed to make Yew see the Light of God.

Those that write theories are not being Targeted in my Document, not even Einstein who is my favorite Science Fiction writer of all time, but Sheeple that believe this is Reality are insane, and I will never apologize to anyone for saying that, and that is not said to offend anyone that actually believes that way, I am a Sheep Shepard talking to my Sheep, and I think that the Sheeple are insane for thinking that way, not the People, they have Freewill, Sheep do not, so unless you are a Sheep, or Sheeple, which comes down to you physically being Sheep Shit, then you should never be offended, but if you defend Sheeple, then Yew are insane, this is just a Wizards way of saying that the Wizard is always wiser then the Sheep he Flocks, so instead of insulting people who live in a fantasy world, I must define a Universe that is based on Reality, and that means that we can not mix Theories with Reality, we must all agree what is a Theory and what is a Fact, so we have no disagreement: I will define every Concept in words that anyone can understand, and will prove that there is Empirical Evidence to go along with each Concept, so when I finish this Document, you will know its the Truth based on Empirical Evidence and not Theoretical Constructs, so its Reality and we can all Agree that this is Reality, except for the Sheeple because Yew really do have Shit for brains, and that joke never gets old, because it never changes, and the more you make Yew arguments, this conflict and possibility - you might get offended; escalates... So always remember that I never intend to insult anyone or anyone's beliefs, my motto is: I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, so know this, everything I talk about in this Document is a known fact using everyone's research, its just a matter of connecting all the dots, and separating Theories from Facts, Sheeple see the Light Moving, Wizards know the Light can not move, its the Universe that moves, and Sheeple will never understand that concept, because they think they can see Gods Light in the Sun, when all they see is Darkness and call it the Light, and to argue that point is pointless, Sheeple have Shit for Brains and will never understand any concept, but will argue with all of them because that is how Sheeple are, facts just slow them down, Emotions are much easier to wield like a weapon to defend ideas with no proof, and they always use insults to make a point, and I will always warn you that I only talk to Wizards and Sheeple, never to People, because I have no idea what side a person is on, ether they are a Wizard or Sheeple because my Universe is absolute, you are on the Lightside or the Darkside, and the terms do not mean Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, the Lightside means the belief that the Light of God Newton wrote of is - what I call Trinary Energy, I changed the name to remove God from Science, and I am never trying to add God to Science, I believe in God, and my beliefs are not important in this Document, its not based on any of my Beliefs, which is why I try to be very clear and use so many words to say anything, a Wizards Reality describes how the Universe actually works, Scientist on the other hand believe that Theories should be use to explain how the Universe works, all I care about is the Truth, and that is never a Theory, because the Truth is what has been proven with Empirical Evidence.

Wizards believe that Empirical Evidence must be explained in terms that everyone can understand, yet no two people can agree on what ever word in a dictionary means, so every word may have many meanings, and when you translate that word into another language, you might lose all its meaning, and Spells are the biggest problem for a Wizard, I can not Spell words, because their Spelling has no meaning to me, only the Image of the word, and that has no words to describe it, so Wizards must rely on facts, whereas Sheeple believe that Scientist know everything, when only Wizzards know it all, again the Spell Wizzard means God, so a Wizard is always write about the way they say things, the Spells are not there to confuse Yew, but to clarify what it is IAM trying to say, again IAM God, or IAM the Light Wizzard is all the same Spell, whereas Theories all have Spells of their Own, so you have the God's Particle Spell, which means nothing to a Wizard, because its just a Joke, and that is how Wizards view all Theories.


Sub Chapter 1.4: Light does not follow a Straight Line

When I started counting Numbers to keep my mind busy, I did not just pick any numbers, I had to figure out vectors for Light to travel in straight lines, always looking for the most optimized way of calculating it, which over my lifetime lead me to learn every recorded form of Math used to calculate vectors in a straight line, but math like y = mx + b is not optimized for large distances where x is measured in Billions of Light Years, and y and b is unknown, since I was trying to figure out if there is a beginning and end point to that line, which eventually lead me to use Multidimensional Math, which I visualized as geometric shapes: a rectangle represented the path of the straight line, it boxes it in, triangles or pyramids represented the single photon of Light, when the Light was Solid or Brightest, it was inside of a Sphere, as it changed states to a Darker intensity, the Sphere would twist like a figure 8, so Sphere was like a Toroid, and I envisioned as being a Sphere with a hole through it, from pole to pole, so Trinary Engines and Atoms have this Shape, not sure if they actually exist since I have never seen one, but I know they exist because the Atom must have a way to disappear, its not Magic, so like a Wizard, I must describe what the Atom would have to look like if it could disappear with an explanation, so it looked like two triangles pointing at each other, or one Twisted Spherical Toroid which I visualize as two triangles joined at the tips, so its a figure 8, its just how we model constructs in 2D and 3D, then it would turn inside out and appear as a Sphere with nothing in it, this math was clearly a visualization of how the Light changes states in terms of images and it used only 3 shapes: Rectangle, Triangle and Circle, so it was the most optimized way of visualizing vectors in a straight line, since each object represented a state change, and it was bond to the Rectangle, it also had relationships with each other, but needless to say, a straight line is a boring path to take, but I realized that in Real 3 Dimensional Space, this path would not travel through the Universe on a straight line, as if Space was like a sheet of paper that represented the Universe, and a straight line drawn down the middle of it width wise as shown in: Illustration 1.1: Line representing Light path flat, my equation was setup to figure out if the paper could be seemed together into a sphere, such that the straight line would form a circle that ran around the sphere as shown in: Illustration 1.2: Line representing Light path Circle.

Line representing Light path flat
Illustration 1.1: Line representing Light path flat
Line representing Light path Circle
Illustration 1.2: Line representing Light path Circle

I wanted to know if this was possible for Light to form a magnetic line of flux and curve back to form a complete path, so this Circle is an unknown shape, it is a loop, oval shaped like a magnet, same principle as a magnetic field, because I figured out that expanding infinitely on a straight line was not probable, because it would not have a beginning or an end point, although this went along with the science of my time, I did not believe that space was like water in an infinite universe and could flow infinitely in one direction, and the more I thought about it the more convinced I became that it was not what was going on, in fact I know for a fact that this is not what we see when we look into deep space, in fact I know if we look far enough, we would see ourselves from behind, not that we would every have telescopes that powerful, and it would take over 13 billion years for the Light to travel that far, so it was the time it would take to prove such a concept quickly became unmanageable, but I saw the universe compartmentalized into corridors of space, which lead me to think that there are actually multiple corridors of Space in the Universe, each was in the shape of a sphere and although you could see other corridors you could not get from one corridor into another, because what we perceive as a straight line, is actually just a circle that has a very large radius of let us say 13 to 16 Billion Light years, which is a number I thought about for a long time, so its not random or made up, but it could be between 13 and 16 Billion Light years, but it would be a miracle if I was right about any number I chose, so the number is just an educated guess, but Newton was the one always wondering how far we could see with better telescopes, and we still use the one he invented, and it has not changed much since he looked through it over 3 Centuries ago, sure we have bigger telescopes with better optics, and all the electronics we have to go with it, but the method of collecting Light with a Mirror and Lens is not new, and the physics of it never changes even though the technology does.

If you take into account that all Energy must pass through the 0 Dimension, then you know that the Vertex for that Energy never moves in space, no Dimensions to move if it wanted too, so if a photon of Light was sent through space on a straight line and it kept going, it would have to catch up with itself at some point in time, even though most people would think that is crazy, I am talking about how energy flows through the Universe, not the bounds of the Universe itself, because I am sure that is infinite in all directions, but all the data I have researched in the last 42 years, proved to me that Light does not actually travel in straight lines, just lines that look straight, but actually formed a circle with a very large radius, so I used numbers that would make a radius of 13 to 16 Billion Light Years, which is why we can not see further than that without Redshifting, which you would have to know about Edwin Hubble's work on the expanding Universe, but basically it came down to how far away we perceive object in space, and how fast are they traveling, which lead me to test theories that maybe we are looking at other corridors and it is why they appear to be traveling twice the speed of Light, because one corridor is moving one direction, while the one next to it would appear to be moving away from it at twice the speed of Light since it is moving in the opposite direction, as if we are sitting in the middle of two objects, the ones on one side are moving in one direction at the speed of Light while the other was heading the opposite direction at that same speed, thus the two add up together, but it is just an optical illusion, since we know that nothing can travel faster than the speed of Light, this is the only explanation I could come up with, but the calculation was very long not to mention circular, so it ended up it did not have a beginning nor an ending point, so it was infinite, so this one calculation rattled around my mind most of my life, because a circle by definition is an infinite line, but I would have to prove that the path Light takes is actually a circle and has a radius, and if you can figure out what that radius is, you would know how large our corridor of space is, but the Planet Earth is too small of a planet to accurately determine a radius of that magnitude, so setting up an experiment would be hard to do, for one thing you need something that is very long and perfectly flat, and we normally use LASER's to determine how flat they are, and if I am right, a LASER's path is also a circle with a very large radius.

Most people ask me how I run this program in my mind, if it does not have a beginning where do you start, and if the beginning will also become the ending, how do you know when you reached that point in your simulation, and the answer is that the state change would end at that point because it has come full circle, no pun intended, at the beginning of the Photon, the 0 Dimension was opened up to allow the flow of energy from that point forward, so ending it will short it out, and its just that simple, once a Photon is emitted into space on a path, that photon is tied to the point in space it was created, it does not move, it is static in reference to the Universe itself, and it will continue to draw power from that point until it completes the circuit, which means that this corridor of space in the Universe orbits around that point, looking at Illustration 1.2: Line representing Light path Circle, otherwise a photon would not have enough energy to make the journey very far, and that is a fact, its just how to explain it, there has to be a physical way for Light to travel Billions of Light years, just the power it would take for Light to travel just one Light year is hard to imagine, and if the Universe keep expanding at the rate Hubble estimated it, then the Universe would have already expanded out of view years ago, so something else must explain this, and this circular path of Light is the only logical explanation, so I will talk about it more later.


Sub Chapter 1.5: Light Travel

What is Light travel? Light travel is how Light travels at the Subatomic level, regardless of how we view it as traveling, because everyone thinks they know how Light travels based on observations, so most people view Light as traveling away from an object in all directions, so they assume that direction forms a line pointing in the direction the Light appears to moving, so when they turn a Flashlight on, the Light is literally shot out of the Flashlight like it was a bullet in a Gun, and this is because of the way most people view what Light is, because there are many types of Light in the Universe, and everyone assumes they know what I am referring to when I say Light, so there is no confusion I will define Light as being pure Energy, and this Energy has properties that can be defined in terms of Electricity, because the relationship between the two must be defined in terms of Science, I will now define what Light is in a way that a three year old can understand, because that was the age I was when I first had this idea, so follow me step by step, and when it comes to Energy it always starts at Step 0, this is the 0 Dimension, so if we take an Atom, to keep it simple we will say this is a Hydrogen Atom, and I will draw it as a Sphere with a hole in the center that extends all the way through the Sphere so its in the shape of a Toroid, which is not the shape I am looking for, in fact, the exact shape of a Hydrogen Atom is unknown at this time, because the resolution of our best microscopes are not powerful enough to show us great detail, so most images of Atoms are just conceptual drawings, so that is what I will refer to the structure of Light or Atom, because under a microscope the two have a lot of similarities, for one, they both go through State Changes: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, and its this Invisible State that this shape must explain, so visualize a sphere made out of Neutrinos, the Neutrinos have no Protons or Electrons, those are Atomic Structures that act like Glue, and hold Atoms together, they form sockets for connections to other Atoms, and this is part of this concept that you have to wrap your mind around, what is Light? We know we can convert Light into Electricity and Electricity into Light, so the two have a one to one relationship, the only way I can explain this phenomenon is, if Light is Pure Energy and has no Darkness, meaning it has no Color, then its not Sun Light, because that has every color in the Rainbow in it, yet it is still Light, but only a small spectrum of that Light, so there are many types of Light, but they are all within a known Spectrum of Light, so its measured by Frequency or Wave Length, and when you multiply the two you always get the Speed of Light, so the shape or structure of Light and Atoms have a correlation also, but its only how we define Energy and Atoms does this Structure take on form, so Atoms are what everything in the Universe is made of, but Electricity only flows through Atoms, it can not flow through the Air, and this is due to its Frequency or Wave Length, you can have one without the other, so I will only talk about one of them at a time, now we know that White Noise or Trinary Energy, it has no Atomic Structure and it is not Electricity or Light, we define Electricity has being an Electron, we view it as being Negative charge because Electricity flow from Negative to Positive, or Ground to a higher potential, so the two States of Negative and Positive must come from the Structure of Light, Electrons, and Atoms, because the Electron can only flow around Atoms, and Light can not flow through Atoms, so one concept must explain it all, so now we get to the structure of all Matter and Antimatter, because you can not have one without the other, Matter is made of Atoms, each Atom has a Matter / Antimatter Energy inside of it, there is a one to one mixture, 1 Matter State and 1 Antimatter State, or 1 + (-1), if you want to verify this statement, just split an Atom, that will force the two to come into contact with each other, repel each other is a more accurate statement since they can never come into contact with each other, so these force must have a mechanism that binds them into Atoms, so how is an Atom made would be the first question to answer, and that is simple, you take Neutrino dust and sprinkle it on Light or Trinary Energy, which is the Light with no Darkness, or Light of God as Sir Isaac Newton called it, so this Light has a counter part, which is the Darkness, so there can be no Light without the Darkness means that Light and Darkness must be bound together like Matter and Antimatter, so the two are the same, only Matter infers that its bound in an Atom, so let us look at how this might look, and so we look at shell of the Atom being made out of some type of Neutrino, we know it has a north and south pole, so its not solid, so this hole is what aligns it to an electronic field, see Illustration 1.3: Structure of Light or Atom.

Structure of Light or Atom
Illustration 1.3: Structure of Light or Atom

Now we can see the Structure of what an Atom might look like, we know inside of it is one part Light and one part Dark, this relationship causes the Matter and Antimatter reaction when you split an Atom, which unbinds the two types of Energies, the Light being positive and the Dark being Negative, the space where this hole is, is called Null Space, it has a South and North or Light and Dark, it exist in the 0 Dimension, which is why you can not see it, its what happens when you split the Atom symbolically, into slices, one for each dimension, so you have the width slice, the height slice and the dept slice, they exist all at the same time, but at the center is point where there is no dimensions, we can not see it, so we can never prove it exist, yet we know it has to, because the Atom will still disappear, and if we can not see it, then it must be in the 0 Dimension, and that is the point you need to wrap your mind around, not just the way this Atom is covered by Neutrinos, because the Gravity Force that binds the Neutrinos to the Atom is the Light and Dark forces that bind together, so in nature these two force can be apart, in fact, there must be something that is causing them to bind together to form into an Atom, because Atoms are Grown, they are not made out of thin Air, and there is finite about of Neutrinos in the Universe, and it takes so many of them to make an Atom, so the amount of Atoms that can be Created in the Universe is also finite, everything has its limits, it seems like Space is infinite, therefore the amount of Neutrinos or Atoms most also be infinite, but the Universe is not Expanding despite theories that it is, that is just no possible, because the building blocks its composed of is not infinite, so the bounds of the Universe do not exist, but the space it occupies already exist, so its not growing, its just reusing the same old material over and over again, and once you figure out how its doing this, the sooner you can figure out how the Universe actually works, and this starts with the basic understanding about how Atoms are created and how they are destroyed, meaning how the Atom is broken down into Neutrinos without an Atomic Explosion, so this explain must cover ever aspect of Atoms and must apply to Trinary Engines which are the Core of all Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, so this hole in the middle is physically there, you can not see it, nor will you ever be able to.

Polarity of Atom
Illustration 1.4: Polarity of Atom

In Illustration 1.4: Polarity of Atom you can see that every Atom has a North and a South Pole, or a Dark and Light Side or end, depending on how you label things, but its clear that all Atoms, or Trinary Engines can have things orbiting them, and this explains why, so we have the Structure of the Atom, which is Neutrino particles covering Light and Dark Energy, and we have Polarity which is due to this Toroid effect in the Structure of the Atom or Trinary Engine, that is caused by the 0 Dimension, so it should be obvious that Energy flows from the Light into the Dark, what gets confusing is that it also flows from the Dark into the Light since its a closed loop and has to pass through the 0 Dimension, its only how we define where the start point of Energy is that this become clear, because Ground is always between the Dark and the Light, because we can not see it, its in the 0 Dimension, so in the beginning there was the Light, it flowed from Ground to the Darkness.

The Energy inside of all Atoms is Static, meaning it does not move in relationship to the 0 Dimension, I can not represent this with a Grid, because there is no Grid that describes the relationship that the Dimensions have between each other, because at the Subatomic level, the 0 Dimension only exist at the center of an Atom, so every Atom is in the Center of the Universe, and our Galaxy is moving through the Universe and our Solar System orbits the Galaxy and the Earth orbits our Sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth, yet the direction that Light travel flows in all Directions, so it would make no sense to think of the Universe in terms of 3 dimensional space, so the direction that Light Travels is based on the angle its pointed at and not the direction our Planet is moving, because we are Spinning on our Axis around the North and South poles, so as all these Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons move through the Universe, the Energy that is contained inside every Atom in it, does not move, its Static, and its why we are moving through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so its like the Flashlight that I talked about in the Abstract, if Ground is in the 0 Dimensions, then it has no dimensions to move, therefore its Static, and since all Energy most flow from Ground, its Static in the Universe, as it transitions from the 3rd Dimension when it is in its Solid State, to a Semi-Solid State of -1, when it passes into Darkness, it moves into the 1st or 2nd Dimension, I have no idea which one since I can not see either of them, but I can still see it, so I know its not in the 0 Dimension.

Without Dimensions the Universe can not be explained, thinking that Light is shot out of a Flashlight is would require physics that must be explained, because its a known fact that Light has a Little Mass, so what is this Mass and how do I explain it, and the answer is in the Structure of the Atom, as it pass through Dimensions, it must transform in the Dimensions of that Space, which means it loses Dimensions as it moves from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension, but normal 3D or even 2D drawing can not be used to illustrate this concept, because sub-dimensional space is not in normal space, therefore its dimensions do not apply to it, but to make this understandable to a 3 year old, I will use a Conception of how I view it, see Illustration 1.5: Dimensional Atom.

Dimensional Atom
Illustration 1.5: Dimensional Atom

In the above illustration I try to show what a 3D Atom might look like, in the 2D version I try to show how it loses one of its Dimensions, thus appearing to be flat, causing the Semi-Solid view we see under a microscope, we can only see the Ghost of the Image, and in the 1D view I try to show that its not only flat, but it has a twist in it, as if its twisted in the middle, this causes a loop to form, and when it shifts from the 1D into 0D, it folds inside out into the loop, thus causing it to disappear, since it no longer has any dimensions to see.

So now we have defined the Structure of an Atom, how its Light and Dark covered with Neutrinos forming a solid Shell, this Atom is just Energy bound together by the White Noise I call Trinary Energy, implying that its under intelligent control, so the Term God that Sir Isaac Newton called it, applies to all Atoms, this was not caused by Chaos, so the Godless Dynamic Universe does not apply here, since it can not use the Math of Sir Isaac Newton to explain it, that means the Dynamic Universe has no Math to explain Gravity, only Einsteins Theory about Curvatures in the Space Time Continuum which ever real Scientist in the World knows there is no Empirical proof of such Theory, so its just a Theory and not a Fact, where as this view of Atoms is all based on Empirical evidence, this is what we see under a microscope, its just how I explain it that changes the way you view it, but if you want to explain it, you have to find physics that allows the 3 State changes to take place in a way that does not defy the Laws of Physics, and Curvatures in Space do not exist, so we must look for things that do exist in Space and Dimension are the only thing we have that can explain this.

So how does Light travel? If Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, then the Electron is just like an Atom only much smaller, so it has less Light and Dark in it, but basically has the same Structure and works the same as its larger counter parts, being Atoms and Trinary Engines, which are the Core of the Galaxies, Suns and Planets and Moons, so they all behave the same way, we can not see a Trinary Engine because even the Sun has material around it, its Gravity pulls in all the Atomic Matter in its System, so when it changes States, it will go through all 3 State changes, which means it also disappears, so the Atomic Structure of Light must be when Atom is in its 1D State, so its Mass is at its Minimal configuration, and its why Light appears to have no Atomic Structure, yet it can be easily transformed into Electrons, and then back into Light, but its still Static, it can not move in the Universe, so once the Flashlight is turned on, the photon on Light it creates is Static in the Universe, and as we move through the Universe, that Light does not move it, its us that are moving, so the Light only appears to move, and this explains how Light from a Flashlight can appear to accelerate to the Speed of Light, when in Reality, its just transformed from being an Electron to being Light, and its how our Bodies produce Energy, that 100 watts of Energy have to come from somewhere, and this explains were, as our Atoms transform from Solid to Semi-Solid, they turn into Dark Light, and when it passes through the 0 Dimension, they will transform into Electrons when they change states back into the 3D world we live in, so its how our bodies re-energize, and explains why the total amount of Energy in our bodies never changes.

Regardless of if you want to believe that this is true or not will not change the way the Universe actually works, all I did was try to explain it in terms that even a 3 year old could understand, if the Atoms actually look anything like I conceptualized them does not change the explanation for how they behave, and it also explains how the entire Universe works at the same time, we are being dragged through the Universe by the Light and Dark in our Atoms, so when the Bible said that God was all Light with no Darkness, and Trinity explains how the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is actually describing the 3 State Changes, its clear that this is not new Science, in fact this is how my Cousin Isaac Newton described it hundreds of years ago, and it was from the Bible that was written thousands of years before he was born, and all I did was explain it in a way that most people should be intelligent enough to understand.


Sub Chapter 1.6: Light Travel Theory

Now its Crystal Clear why we can see the Light and Dark inside the Electron, and its clear we are looking at Matter and Antimatter as they dance around each others dimension, and this is how Light works according to my Cousin Newton, and this is the basic understanding of the difference between and Electron and a Photon, both are Light, so Atoms, Electrons, Protons or Neutrons are just Light in a different spectrum of the Light, so let us be clear about what Theories are, because in my Dreams I have seen a machine that can transform any Object or Life-Form, into Light and then Transform it back into its original Atomic Structure, it does this by locking all its Atoms when they are in single dimensions and locking them into that state until they are all in a single dimensions, then it uses a technology that can aim that energy into another machine, that transforms its States back until all of them are in the 3rd Dimension, but it can not travel backwards or forwards in time, only the time it takes for the Transformation to take place, but it can exist as Light forever, or as long as you can power the Machine, but the person being held in an Energy State, is not asleep, they can still think, because they are already the Light, and that does not get transformed.

This is my Theory about Light Travel, it was based on the Philosophers Stone experiment Newton was working on, but does not use a Chemical Reaction to accomplish it, because Newton Proved that Chemistry only aids to create and atmosphere for the Light to work in, so all Life-Forms have cells that the Light creates in order for it to become the Life-Form, but its not the Cells that create the Life, all the cell is, is Flesh, its there to create a physical body for its Light to live in, only the Life Form has Freewill and is only dead Flesh without the Light, and that lesson took most of Newtons life time to learn, but it was hundreds of years before Electronics was invented, but still, most people do not understand the implications, its the same Energy, so why doesn't someone build a machine that can lock Atomic State changes, and then unlock them at another location, then Light Travel is possible, but now we see the problem, if it hits an object it is deflected, so the machine needs to know the integrity of every Trinary Energy it transmits, because flashlights only transform Electrons into Photons, and not Atoms into Photons, this Theory needs to confirm that is possible, but if we split an Atom it turns into Light, when it disappears it turns to Light but not Light in the Photonic Spectrum, but in the Electromagnetic Spectrum, so all the Atoms get transformed into Electromagnetic Energy and all the Electrons get transformed in Photons, and then what happens to the Light of God that was inside of all those Atoms and Electrons, it does not get transformed, but this machine needs to deal with all these types of Energy at the same time, since it can not Transform the Light of God, because that is the Light with no Darkness, so its easy to transport non-living objects, and scary at best to transport living objects, but its possible using Trinary Energy logic and Reasoning, but its just a theory and right now its not a Reality.


Sub Chapter 1.7: What is the Light in a Crystal Ball?

If we think of how Light Travels through a Crystal Ball, we can see Light more Clearer, Crystal Clear in fact, so image that you are subatomic camera that is recording things that happen at the subatomic level, as the human observer looking at this Crystal Ball, we can use a LED Flashlight to record how one Photon of Light will travel through the Crystal Ball, viewing the subatomic Atoms that are in the Flashlight, we see an Electron that orbits around the Atoms in the wire leading to the LED, and these Electrons are hard to view under a Microscope, they are surrounded by this White Noise I call Trinary Energy, you can see a pattern that the Trinary Energy creates as the Electron gets closer to the LED, these patterns show you that for every Atom the Electron passes around, 3 State changes of the Trinary Energy will take place, we know that the Atom has 3 State changes also, and these State changes are controlled by the Trinary Energy, that much is clear, because when the Electron enters the LED, its frequency is raised to the frequency of the Light it will emit, at that point the Electron will change States to 0, and the Electron will disappear at the same moment that last Atom of the material the LED's circuit path is made of, which also changes States to 0 and disappears, and it will not reappear till the Electron changes States to 1 or -1, and it will not change States back to 0 unless it has to move again, or has finished running its loop, since Light does not travel in a Straight line, but in Loops like all Electromagnetic Energy, so its transformed form one type of Energy into another, in this case an Electron into a Photon, so from the time it leaves the LED to the time it hits the first Atom of the Crystal Ball, the State changes will only toggle between 1 and -1, and the Trinary Energy will follow these same State changes, so its clear that the Trinary Energy is causing the Light to change States, and when the Photon, which is just the Electron at a higher frequency, hits the first Atom of the Crystal Ball it will change States to 0, and the Atom it hits will also change States to 0, and when it changes to 1 or -1, the Atom will also follow that State change, and the Photon will be transformed from a Photon back into an Electron and then back into a Photon until its Frequency has been slowed down enough that it will remain an Electron, at which point the Crystal Ball will absorb that energy and dissipate it like Static Electricity, so now we need to explain how this transformation took place.

If the Atom is just Light and Dark Energy that is bound together by Neutrinos, then the same must be true for Electrons, only they are much smaller, so they have much less mass then an Atom, yet they are not Massless, yet when they transform from an Electron into a Photon, there mass is reduced to the point that it is nearly Massless, and the only explanation that can describe this phenomena is that when the transformation takes place, its due to the fact that its Neutrino shell has a frequency it resonates at, and there are as many types of Neutrinos as there are Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, and that frequency will alter its molecular shape in a way that causes it to stay in its 1D state, or Single Dimension State, and at the same time all the other dimensions are there at the same time, so in the 0 dimension, the Energy is allowed to flow from the 0 dimension into the 1st and even the 2nd dimensions, and we see this in the third dimension as Light, which the term Light gets rather confusing in terms of what type of Light we are talking about, because the Trinary Energy is a type of Light, and it always precedes the State change of the Light its controlling, where as the Light from an Electron is always in a Spectrum of Light that has a known Frequency or Wave length that corresponds to its Color and visibility, so in essence we are seeing a spark of energy as its flowing from one dimension into another, and every time the Photon moves from one Atom in the Crystal Ball to the next, that Atom will change States to 0 at the same time that the Trinary Energy and Photon does, do its intensity will very from 0, where you can not see it, to 1 or -1, where 1 its brightest, and -1 is at its Darkest, which correspond to the Electron or Photons Light and Dark Energy that the particle is composed of, so when the Electron changes from its 3D atomic structure into its 2D and 1D States, its outer shell of Neutrino transforms and depending on the Frequency the Electron is at will determine if the Light and Dark inside of it is visible, so Photons are just Electrons at a different frequency, and different types of Neutrinos will resonate at different frequencies explaining all the Rainbow of colors in White Light.

If we take this Crystal Ball into outer space and release it to fall back to Earth, we can make some more observations about this Crystal Ball and the effects we call Gravity, the first things is that the Crystal Ball with always follow the path of a larger body of Mass, in this case its Earth, and the reason for this is because the Light and Dark inside the Atoms, Electrons and even Photons, are all Static within the Universe, and its only how we view the Universe as moving does this make any sense, so let us look at how this Light can be Static, when the Crystal Ball does not appear to move as its floating in space, and that part is easy, as Newton said, bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, because 1 + (-1) = 0, meaning that all Energy is in harmony and cancels out any need for movement when at rest, but eventually the Crystal Ball will be attracted to the mass of Earth, and then the object will follow the Path of least resistance to ground.

As the Crystal Ball enters the Earths orbit, we must explain how it got caught by it in the first place, and Newton answered that question as well, Newton said that the Light of God is the Force in all this Equations, and the way I will explain it, is as such: if we take two Atoms and release them into the vacuum of Space, they will be attracted to each other through the 0 dimension, because they are connected together at that same point in space, and that point is on the Solar Plane determined by the Galactic Plane, so the 0 dimension is the base of the Universe, and since it has no dimensions, it can not move, so its static, so think of the Universe as Static in the dimensions less then 3, and we know that every Atom has 3 State changes, and those are the 0, 1 and -1 States that make up the 3rd dimension, so the Atom is only in the 3rd dimension a 3rd of the time, so most of the time its not in our dimension at all, so when these two Atoms are release, every time that change States, they are drawn closer together by the attraction of the 0 dimension, also known as a floating Ground, so this Ground has a Plane, meaning that at the 0 dimension, this Plane will extent through its domain on a flat projection, this can be seen in our Galactic Plane, and the our Solar Plane, which is the invisible Plane that our Planet orbits around our Sun in as the Sun orbits around the Galactic Plane, so its center is at the core of every large body in our Solar System, from the Sun, to Planets and their Moons, to Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites, all objects are attracted to each other and effect how each other orbit around this invisible Plane that is nothing more then the floating ground of the 0 dimension, so we call this Gravity.

As the Crystal Ball picks up speed, its due to the attraction of the mass of all the Atoms in the Planet, because they are all going through these same State changes at the subatomic level, so the more mass or amount of Atoms a Planet has, the more Gravity it will have, so Kepler's and Newton's Math explain this relationship, and the only thing that will effect its decent into our orbit, will be the Atmosphere it encounters on its journey to Earth, and this is all very predictable, its called Fluid Dynamics, and any good Physics Simulator can predict the movement based on Kepler's and Newton's Math, because the Light of God really is the Force that Newton said it was, Newton always said what he meant, even though most people did not take him for his word, and that is because of their belief that God is a Deity or Spirit and not Real, and why he was so upset over the teaching of Trinity, because the Bible said that God is Real and not a Deity or Spirit, and most people can not get over that thought, but the Universe does not care, it keeps working the way it always has, despite the way you explain it, which the Godless Dynamic Universe does not explain any aspect of it, because I do not see any Curvatures of Time in Space or Paradox's in the Universe, nor can any exist, and there is no Empirical Evidence that will prove otherwise, I do not make up Theories, I only explain Empirical Evidence, so do not confuse Theories with Facts, everything I say in the Document is based on Facts and not Theories.

The Universe behaves in layers, at the base layer we have the 0 dimension, this is space that can easily be mapped out, its boundaries are widely known and called the Galactic and Solar Plane, and Kepler's and Newton's Math are both based on the Light of God as being the Force of Gravity, so my work is cutout, all I have to do is point to the work of the greatest Wizards of all time, so if we look at the changes that take place in the 1st dimension, we will see that this is where all Movement comes from, and the 2nd dimension remembers where it is and why it is there, this is obvious once you see the pattern that the Trinary Energy produces to make all the State changes that every Atom in the Universe makes all the time, so its a set of rules I call the Laws of Physics, and it explains every aspect of the Universe, so when if we point that LED Flashlight at our own body, we can see that our Body absorbs the Light and puts it to work transforming elements into Vitamin D, and it explains why White Light contains every color in the Rainbow, because all Electrons of different types of Neutron Material, vibrates at a different Frequency, so Science is explain by the Light, because it was the Light that created us, so we are the Light as Franklin and Tesla pointed out.

I use a Crystal Ball for an example because of the same reasons Wizards have always liked Crystal Balls, because they make it easy to see the transformation of Light, so they can see God more clearly, my cousin Isaac Newton said that, and I agree, so I use it to explain how the Universe works, so to answer the question What is the Light in a Crystal Ball, I would have to say its the Light, but my Cousin Isaac Newton would call it God, and so did Franklin, but Tesla said it was the Light and that we are the Light, so I agree with all of them, it is the Light of God, so the Bible was correct, its the Father, Son and Holly Ghost or Spirit, but its Real, and not a Theory, so its a Fact based on Empirical Evidence.


Sub Chapter 1.8: My Fascination with Light

When I was a child back in the 1960's I was fascinated by the Light, I could spend all day staring at it (well some things never change), when I got older and learned to walk and talk (6 months to a year old), my Father would ask me what I was staring at, I tried to explain it to him, and he told me it was called White Noise, its Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit, and goes by the name IAM, and is Also Known As God, because God is all Light with No Darkness... So this was nothing new in my family, seems my Father already knew all about the Light, but my father had already read the papers that my Grandmother gave me in 1969, so my father already knew what his father had taught him about the Light, and what his father before him taught him and so on, back to my Cousin Isaac Newton, who inherited the work of Sir Isaac Newton, who was standing on the Shoulders of Giants so that he could see further.

Staring at the Light got me into trouble over the years, especially at School, I never understood what was wrong with staring at the Light, its not like a Real Person, which I found out at a young age that most people do not like being stared at, and I found Animals are hard to look at in the Eyes, in nature only predictors look their victims in the eye, so I always tried to avoid looking people in the Eye, although I have gotten much better at it, I do not like looking anyone in the eye, but the Light, which is what I called it, but my parents said it was God, so God did not mind me staring, but talk like that got me into more trouble, and I was told repeatably to stop staring at the Light, because people will think something is wrong with you, because only Retards stare at the Light, and when I grow up I will understand all this, then I grew up only to find that most people are not very Intelligent, and operate on Religion or Superstition more than Reason or Logic, because I know its good to stare at the Light, and I know it stares back at me.

On my 39th birthday on 14 January 2000, my Father called and told me details about my life that I was never told before, the first was that I was born from a long line of Ashkenazic Jews that had High IQ's, it was something that we had no choice but to hide from you, because a lot of people in this World hate Jews because they use Money, and only Jews Hate Jews and everyone is a Jew that uses Money, and its why they Hate Jews so much because they use Money too, so never let them know you are a Jew, so you must Hate Jews too, its how all Jews behave, and its how we know who the Jews are, it takes one to know one.

My Father went on to say when I was in the 3rd Grade, they tested me for Autism, because I tested higher on the IQ test then most Adults, but if it became public knowledge that I had Autism, my life would never be the same, so my Grandmother Eula (Knotts), whose family can be tracked back to the Mayflower, and who was a very important person in my world, seemed to have a lot of pull at the Masonic hall, the Odd Fellows seem to have a lot of members in the school district, and my Grandmother did not want the results of this test to becoming public so they did not, so I asked my Father why and he told me that if anyone found out, I would never get a good job, and no one would ever take me serious, they would treat you like you were retarded, and send you to an institution to live out your life, or require you to go to special schools for special people, so she did it to protect you, so I asked him why he did not tell me before, and he said for the same reason, because I would have never been able to join the United States Air Force, and since I am Medically Retired now, it does not matter if I know, because now they can not take that away from me, because its not the reason I was Medically retired, because the health issues that I have now started after I was in the Air Force for over 6 years, up till 1990 I was in good health.

At this point in time I had just gone through a divorce and already thinking about getting remarried already, I do not do well on my own, and found I did not like dating, I liked being married, I do not like doing normal work details like taking out the trash, my wives have always had to do that, I have many limits on things I do feel comfortable doing, and I hated dating like I said, so marriage in the long term was the only option, but I needed to make sure this wife would stay with me, having been with the first one for over 20 years, it was very important to have stability in a partner, so I had a lot on my mind, not only that but I was just Medically Retired for symptoms of what is now known as Gulf War Syndrome or the politically correct Spell of Illness, back in November of 1999, some 13 years of Service without knowing why I think so differently then others was puzzling to me, others assured me that we all think the same way, yet I knew I did not think anything like them at all, and why this Disease I got in the line of Duty made me feel so strange, and why I had so many issues at the same time, only at the time I did not know what it was, I though it was from the Anthrax Vaccination, because I never did feel good after being shot, but before I could comprehend what my Father had told me he died on 13 February 2000, so he was really dying to tell me, or knew he was going to die soon and had to tell me, and it was too much information to get all at once so I put it out of my mind for the longest time till I could deal with it, because I knew how peoples attitude would change towards me once I told them I was an Ashkenazic Jew, let alone having Autism, and do not get me going about what people think of you once you tell them you have a High IQ, because they do not treat you like a Genus, but more like an Argent Savant Idiot.

One day in 2013 I was watching a BBC Special that came out that year called The Last Magician, which is the same as calling it The Last Wizard, since the words: Magician and Wizard are interchangeable, its just a Spell or how they Spell it, so it got me thinking about all the Notes my Grandmother had given me when I was just a child around 8 or 9 years old, notes written by my 1st Cousin 5 times removed Isaac Newton Flesher, who decoded the work of Sir Isaac Newton, which I also had all his notes, as well as notes for all the people in the Acknowledgments, notes that were passed down from generations, so everything I learned from the Notes I took for granted that everyone else had already known, I mean Sir Isaac Newtons work has been published for over 333 years now, but after watching this video, I knew for a fact that no one ever understood Sir Isaac Newton, and it was because his Notes had been hidden from the World on purpose, and then were plundered by people who had access to them and just to make Money they were Sold at an Auction, so no one knew anything about him till some of these Notes were released to the Public, but no mention about all the Notes that had not been released or stolen over the years, so part of his-story is incomplete, because of Greedy people and their need for the Money they worship, so Jews and their Money they defend to the Death is the root of all evil Jesus talked about, so few would understand why Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, few even knew that God was the Light, because these words are just Spells, they did not take him literally, they took it as a Joke called Sarcasm, or as if he was Religious and was saying it to Honor God, when in fact he was most verbal about not believing in Christ or a Deity, so he was not Religious at all, because he asserted that Christ was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century to make Money the driving force of the World's Economy so they could set the Church up as the Power base of this Planet, he also said he was the Descendant of Jesus, and because he did not believe in Christ, it only left one Jesus in the Bible, and his full names was Jesus Bar Abbas, because he thinks the same as he did, and was a descendant of Adam, so he too was an Ashkenazic Jew, and he reads words Literally because they were also Aspies, so if God is all Light with no Darkness, and there can be no Light without the Darkness, then this Light is also known as White Noise, so its what I call Trinary Energy, and at the Subatomic Level it can be observed to be controlling the same phenomena known as God's Particle, or any Atom in the Universe for that matter, so we are all talking about the same thing that has been staring me back in the face all my Life, it was God, because I did see the Light, and then they said that Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger's Syndrome, much like all the other Wizards I have mentioned in the Acknowledgments, and this was a form of Autism, it is now called High Functioning Spectrum just to give it a label, but is generally refereed to as Aspie for short, and some of them take things literally, so then it all made sense to me, Neurotypicals do not understand Sir Isaac Newton's work because they can not think like him, they read into words instead of just reading them, God is all Light is a Scientific Observation that the Bible knew about since it was written which we know was thousands of years ago, so what I will explain in this dissertation is right out of just a few words of the Bible, and like Newton pointed out, now he has proof of it, and wrote math that only works if God is the Force in all his Equations, so you may wonder why I told his-story in a dissertation for a PhD in Physics, and the answer is simple, because I am a descendant of Isaac Newtons family, because most Ashkenazic Jews named their Children after dead relative, which is why my Great-Grandfather's son named his son Isaac Newton who named his son Benjamin Franklin and I might be the last living person on this planet to have read all their Notes since I inherited them, but more importantly was the fact that my Cousin wrote his own thoughts on what Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and the other Wizards wrote about, added with Nikola Tesla's notes from my Grandfather and put it all together, because Wizards are people who study Alchemy, which is also known as Chemistry so they were Scientist, so I call them just that, why change the name, Nikola Tesla was also known as a Wizard, so I reference their work as if it is one body of work.

I did have all their notes at one time, but they were Sold or Thrown away by my Step-Mother Aloha Weber, and all evidence about what happened to all those Notes died with her: when she was accidentally killed by a car while running across the street to get home on night around mid-night, this all started when I confronted her about where the notes were back in 1975, she said she threw them away so she could use the foot locker they were stored in to pack her stuff when she left my father, then she told me that no one would ever believe me even if I had the notes because they could be fake, and where just hand made copies to begin with, later that night she left to go to the store to get cigarettes, I followed her to the store where I found her at the phone booth and waited for her to get off, she said my father would not take her back because she got rid of the notes, I know there was more to it then that, but she blamed me for it, when she was the one who divorced him and got remarried, then she pushed me over and ran across the street and I heard a car slam on the brakes, and then the yelling and screaming from the people who were in the car that hit her, and up to 2015 I believed she had committed suicide, at this point in time she divorced my Father and married a man named Merlin, he was a Guitar Wizard and he is only 7 years older than I am, which was 14 at the time and she was 36, so he made a great Step-Step-Father, so he called me one day in 2015 and we talked about the event, and I know now that I did not see it happen the way it actually happened, for one thing she was kicking me when I was on the ground, so I did not get up until after I heard the car slam on its brakes, so I did not see this happen at all, because the evidence showed that her shoe fell off as she ran across the street causing her to trip and fall, the 16 year old girl driving the car never saw her, so she had to be laying on the ground, I picked up her shoes and walked towards her when I realized she was not there, it was just an empty shell, and the screaming would not stop, and I could not handle it, so I set the shoes on the ground and ran back to the phone booth, this was something she could not have done on purpose looking back on it now, but at the time, I figure this was just another suicide attempt gone wrong, because this one actually killed her, because I have been through many suicide drug overdoses, and she had way to many of Mothers Little Helpers in her system that night, but my family thought otherwise after the way I explained what happened, and my Uncle and Grandmother told me to be silent about it, saying if the cops find out that she committed suicide they would sue Merlin, so I keep it a secret, but it bothered me too much to die with this secret so I told it to my Sister and youngest Step-Sister and Step-Brother, who are both much older than me, only to wish I took this secret to my death, but then Merlin told me what I needed to know, it was just an accident, the abuse was nothing new, I was used to being punished for the Sins of my Father, so this information in these notes cost me a lot of pain, because I can not think of it, without thinking about what it cost me, and not in terms of Money, because what Money my mother could have made from its sell was long gone, spent on her and my fathers Drug habit, I was raised by Drug addicts, and that is all I have to say about that, and it is also part of my story about how the Papers were lost, and I can not tale one story without telling the other, because to me they are the same story, me remembering my Step-Mother slapping me on the side of head so hard that my ears would bleed, just because she had to take me to the Doctors when I heard voices in my Head, because only Crazy people hear voices in their heads, only to be told by a doctor that everyone hears voices in their head, even though I had never heard them up till just the year before my Step-Mother died, and believe me, I never got over that, I never heard that voice before and now I can not get it to shut up very long, and I have no idea if it was because I was taking drugs since I was 3 years old, including the Cannabis, LSD or other drugs I had taken since then had somehow turned on a part of my brain that makes this Little Voice talk when I was 13 years old, this was more than enough to make me think that I did not think like normal people do, because I never use that little voice to think, believe me, I am not that Little Voice in my head, it is always talking about stuff that does not interest me, all it does is make it hard to think with all the noise it makes, but talk like that would make my Step-Mother Crazy, and I can still hear her say to me that she will hang me and let someone else find me so they would think it was an accident, so I learned to never make Mother Crazy.

Who ever said that you can get over a bad childhood never had one, because I have never met anyone that has gotten over a good one, now imagine that you are not use to the voice talking in your head, and then the things it was talking about that night was unreal, it was like watching a horror movie, people were saying things that made no sense to me, the Cops came inside the house and was staring at a Marijuana plant sitting on the table in Tucson Arizona in 1975, and they were breaking down on drug users during this time, and I knew if I told him my story, that this whole event would have gone down much worse than it did, for one, Merlin would have gone to jail, so there was no way I could have said anything, but that little voice in my head was screaming to tale everyone, and all I wanted to do was shut it up, and that has not changed to this date, some events will change your life forever, so stories that are better suited for a biography are included in a dissertation: because this event pushed my mind to its limits in a quest to figure out what this all meant, because its not the moments in out life that define us, its how we define those moments.

I must point out that I have always heard things in my head, like memories, so I did hear those voices and images to go with those voices, but it was never like I used that voice to talk to myself, I did not even know I could, but I do remember asking my little sister if she could hear that voice in my head, but up to this point in my life, I knew it was a bad thing to hear voices in your head, so this was freaking me out to say the least.

I read all the notes from the other Wizards, I call them all Wizards because of what the name meant then, no such much for what it means to most people nowadays, but in truth main stream science is Science Fiction, and Wizards are Legends, but in this context, the word Wizard means to teach something Step by Step, and that is what these people in my life have done, so it was not just that I read all these notes left by these Legends, but more importantly I completely understood what they were saying, and maybe it is because I am an Ashkenazic Aspie with a High IQ, so this is the only reason I can write this dissertation, but I need to limit the scope of what I am trying to prove and what I will ultimately prove, but for now all I will prove is that Energy is governed by the White Noise I call Trinary Energy, and that is a very difficult concept for most Neurotypicals to understand, not that I have ever met an Aspie that understands it, because we are all individuals, but Nikola Tesla, another Aspie, proved that Light and Electricity are the same based on what Franklin discovered, proving that Light and Electricity are just at different frequencies, but not all Aspies are the same, because some do not see the Light, but Franklin knew that Lightning and Electricity were the same, but Tesla took it a few steps further, he said that all Energy is Light, because all Energy can be transformed into Light and Light can be transformed into any other form of Energy, and all I am pointing out is that most of the people in history that understood this simple concept about Energy, were all Aspies, and some of them were Wizards, but none of this is Magic, it is just Science at its best.

Electricity is Light at a different frequency, it has a path it can travel on, this is known as a conductor, which is made up of Atoms, these Atoms appear to be solid, but in reality they have 3 states, a Solid or Matter State, a Dark or Antimatter State and an Invisible State I call Null Space State, but the Light traveling as Electricity can be converted to an Electromagnetic Force called a Photon which make up Light, and the reason this is possible is because Light and Electricity are Static and the Universe moves around them, which is only apparent when you look at the White Noise that surrounds the Atoms, and that White Noise I call Trinary Energy, is God no matter what anyone says, and its been known for thousands of years, because my very definition for it come from the Bible, but yet as Newton pointed out, its how we view the Light that creates our Reality, so as these Atoms move through Dimensions in space, they are following the Trinary Energy's State Changes, so in the 0 Dimension, where no Dimensions exist, nothing can move, because there are no Dimensions to move in, so Energy must be static in reference to the underlying Universe, but I get a head of myself...

Light is vast subject as Newton pointed out, he was the first person in modern time to prove that White Light from the Sun contains all the spectrum of Colors in the Rainbow, and yet few can see the Colors of the Light, for example I see the Sky as Blue because it is the lowest spectrum of Light in the Rainbow, so if you were looking through a Rainbow, you would only see the Blue, and not the other colors, because they are above it, so it is how I view the World I live in, because I know on other planets, there are other factors that determine the color of the Sky, the size of the Planet being the most important, smaller planets like Mars appear to be red because of the color of the Soil on the Planet, since it has such a small atmosphere, the sky color is determined by the higher bands of the Rainbow, so it looks Red, whereas Gas Giants like Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, have their own spectrum due to their diameter, but science can prove this idea with simple test using a prism and an arc, the relative size of a planet can be determined by its color, but keep in mind that we see the sky from the planet, and other planets would see it from space, where the Ocean appears to be Blue, because of the same prism effect, as the water slows down the travel of Light passing through it, the lower spectrum of Light will be visible.

The way we view or perceive Light has a profound effect on how we explain how Light works. Light will confuse many people when you take into account that if you mix Red, Yellow and Blue Light together that you get White, when most artist would believe that if you mix all the colors in the Rainbow together you would get Black, but prior to Newtons discovery about Light, no one knew that White Light contained all the colors in the Rainbow. I read a lot of Newton's notes about illusions, or imaginary Light, he did not include these notes in his books, because he could not prove that this type of Light even existed, and after the invention of the Camera, I would say his conclusions were correct, illusions are not recorded in images taken by a none human or machine or camera, so they are in fact imaginary Light, and a camera does not have any imagination, but Neurotypicals tend to think in terms of words or Spells as I call them, instead of images, and thinking in images is not just an Aspie thing, but it is more common, so when Aspies like Newton talked about imaginary Light, what he was talking about is more than simple imagination, he was talking about Virtual Reality Imagination, thinking about an image in your mind, then making it visible in your field of vision, most NT's can only see imaginary Light in their mind, but not using their eyes, so the thought of doing such a thing is not even possible for them, and some people who are Schizoaffective like Newton and myself, tend to see imaginary Light all the time, so to us its normal, and some people can not distinguish between imaginary Light and Reality, so this condition known as Schizophrenia defines how they view reality and how they explain it, people like John Nash who was an Aspie and had Schizophrenia, lived two lives, one in his imagination and the other trying to blend that in with his reality, because he may not believe that others can not see his delusion, yet he was able to explain complex actions with mathematical formula's, so his work was important to many NT's, even if they view him as Crazy, but the truth is that everyone has the ability to see Imaginary Light, some can do it better than others, and just because you can not turn it off, does not make you Crazy, all the Drugs they gave him never helped, a fact they left out of the Movie Beautiful Mind, but that is main stream for you, we do not want to admit there is no cure for Autism, Schizoaffective or Schizophrenia, yet these Wizards all had it to some degree, so its clear that our reality is defined by how we view the Light, and taking Drugs has nothing to do with it, the Drugs did not make us see the Imaginary Light, nor could it stop us from seeing it, and I know Newton talked about using drugs, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms and even Rye Ergo were common drugs back in the 1700's, well maybe not Rye Ergo, it was an Alchemist only drug, but Newton was an Alchemist, and he used drugs just as I have, yet doing drugs can make me see the Light differently, but with practice I can do it without the drugs, so I know it is not the drugs doing it, our brains are wired to see the Light, and every Animal on this planet sees the Light differently, everyone on this planet is an individual, and those individuals makes them unique on this Planet, Freewill allows each individual to believe that they think right and someone else things wrong, because this Right or Wrong belief is so powerful in them, that it leads them to believe that their way of thinking is better, when in fact it is not, nor is mine, reality is knowing what is right and what is wrong, believing in facts is right, believing in imaginary concepts is wrong, Newton believed this is how we write Science, but I do not want to leave this Imagination out of my Science, in fact, I want to embrace it, because without it, I could have never figured out how the Universe actually works, because regardless of how I view it or perceive it, and I use view meaning to actually see it with my eyes, whereas perceive is using my senses to process the what I see, so imagination can alter it, but at the Subatomic Level, it is doing what I said it was, so it is predictable, and Science is that simple, if you observe something to be repeatable, then no matter how you explain how it is working, it works the way it always did, so recording images in Cameras takes the Imagination out of Science, or does it? I see many images in the Sun, are they Real or Imaginary? The Images are real enough if I can see them, but the meaning of the Image is in my Imagination, so the way we use Imagination is what defines who we are, and that differs from one individual to the next, and when it comes down to the majority of people on this Planet, you will find Aspies and Neurotypicals can agree on more things if they find common ground, and reality is the foundation of that statement which leaves a lot of interpretation, because the word Reality, is obvious not the same for Aspies and Neurotypicals all the time, but the fact is that most Neurotypicals can relate to most Aspies, after being married to Neurotypicals for over 36 years, I know a few things about them, so I learned enough to know that we need to define the words we use to talk better, because to me, words are just Spells, no one can agree on how a word should be spelled, and it always has more than one meaning, Aspies normally read everything literally, so God is all Light, means God is just a name for this Light, because the word all means just that, but NT's love to make more out of it then that, they take a simple statement and make God into a Deity, meaning God is some Being or Entity, instead of just being the Light, so some people will not believe that God is Lightning or Electricity, so how can our Realities be the same, how can Reality have any common ground, so our view of Light is our Reality.

As an Aspie, Communication is not my strong point, even in College, the only papers I got publish were on how to use all the rules for Writing the right way, but for all the wrong reasons, because I can write whole paragraphs without the use of a Period without breaking any rules, so this has not changed, and I have no other way of being able to write or think how to write without my seemingly bizarre writing styles and use of Spells, so do not forget that someone with Autism is writing this, so give me a break, I know all the Rules, I just do not think like that - nor do I write like that, in fact I only think in images, I never use that part of my brain called the Little Voice to think, I have that Little Voice, and I can tell you all it does is slow me down when it comes to thinking, when I use it to think, I can only think at the speed of talk, I can not read any faster using that Little Voice, because it too is limited by the speed of speech, so words are worthless to me, they only slow me down, and they are very confusing, most of them have more than one meaning, they have emotions tied to them, inaccurate and start Wars if used wrong, so Spells are not my strong point, I do not spell very good for a Wizard, nor can I draw the images I see in my Mind, so words all I can use.

One thing I have learned about people is that no two are alike, and no two like each other, they are separated by Religion, Class or Education, their views about life are as different as they are, so it is a waist of time to try to tell them how the Universe works, because they will only believe what they want to, and I do not do well with people who disagree with me on anything, and maybe that is true about everyone, but I take it to an extreme few do, and I know this about myself, so I avoid having friends, but I talk a lot, and I can talk to anyone, which is not a good thing for me, because ultimately very few people care how the Universe works, and those that do may not agree with my limited way of thinking, so it normally causes arguments, so I got to the point that I do not like talking to people, nor do I like being around them, so I spend most of my time in front of a computer trying to figure out how to explain how the Universe works, and this document is my last effort at doing so.


Sub Chapter 1.9: White Noise

My fascination with White Noise, which is found in White Light, or just Light for short, but it is not only in the White Light, it is also where there is no Light, meaning the Darkness, in Newtons experiment he stayed in a Dark room for 3 days, and the Light never went away, and I agree, the Light is everywhere I look, so my fascination with it never ended, I have always known that the Light or God is controlling everything in the Universe, because the Bible said that thousands of years ago and Sir Isaac Newton proved that over 333 years ago, and Nikola Tesla showed us how over 66 years ago, but as it turns out few understood that, but I can tell you that you do not have to be an Aspie to understand what it is I am going say, because I will always talk in terms of Science unless I am telling you the History of what I am referring to, then its just memories, as I did in the previous paragraphs, just talking about things that I remember, but I have to point out I do have Autism on the High Functioning Spectrum, and I have been diagnosed as Schizoaffective but I do not have Schizophrenia... That was a joke, not the Diagnoses, because that was true enough, if you ask me if I can see the Light Wizzard, I will answer yes, because the question is can I, not do I, by using my Imagination I can see many things, but I know he can not be seen by others, because he is part of my Imagination, a better question would be, do I see him, because then I would say no, because I can only see him if I want to, because I have Freewill, so what I can see and what I do see are not always the same, so I actually I have a very firm grip on Reality, in fact I can tell you with normally 100% accuracy what is real and what is not, and it is this very Reality that allowed me to figure out how the whole Universe works, because from the time I was born to this Moment in time, I was able to keep one though, and that is how dose the Universe work, and it was this thought about White Noise that was always getting me into trouble, and that turns out to be the very thing that allowed me to get into trouble in the first place, because it was God that was all Light, so now to prove this as Science, and not Religion or a Philosophical debate over if God exist, or is just a fairy tale like Santa Clause or the Taxman, because that is how many people view stories about Wizards, but all the Science of this day and age are all based on Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, and the Science Fiction of Albert Einstein, and they were Ashkenazic Aspies with High IQ's, and believed that we are Light Beings living in a body of Flesh, and that one day Jesus would be resurrected and be born back into the Flesh, and they did not believe in Deities, they believed that God was that 100 Watts of Energy we call a Soul, and that is always surrounded by this White Noise, and note that Tesla viewed Electricity as Light at a lower Frequency, so Light and Electricity were the same Energy in another form, so what Newton called God, Tesla called Electricity, but they both believed we are the Light, so if you want to call it the Light of God, God, or Electricity or Light, it makes no difference because its just a Label, which is just a word and the way we Spell it.

In 1931 a new Microscope was invented called the Electron Microscope, it provided 400 power magnification, but one of the biggest complaints about it was about a phenomenon called White Noise, even though you see this same phenomena in a normal Microscope, and every Television broadcast, picture, recording and your own two eyes, it was believed that with more magnification this would clear up, when in fact all Camera recordings have this same phenomena recorded in it, so it was thought that this was caused by the Frequency of the Electrons, and coupled with the Lens distortion, created this White Noise, but all transmissions included this white noise, like old TV sets, or old Recordings, but the Digital age came and the noise issue was not as big of a problem, they filtered it out with noise cancellation technology, but it is still there, so what is this White Noise and why do I think it is such an important subject to talk about during a dissertation about the Trinary Universe, when in fact it has been a problem that will not go away no matter what type of Technology we try to create to remove it, because I can still see it with my own two eyes because it is really there.

Back in the 1960's when I was growing up, people were talking about how this White Noise has a pattern, and if you ignore it that pattern would change, at first everyone thought this was a Joke, until they tried it, and found out it was true, so people did all kinds of experiments and concluded that this White Noise has Intelligence, but that is as far as it went, no one could go any further with this research, so people stopped talking about it, and nowadays its why most people have never heard about this before, so maybe I am showing my age because I was conceived in 1960, which is only young to older people who are not any wiser, but by that time this white noise was old news, until someone had an idea that it was responsible for the behavior of other particles, but that research went in a direction that confuses me, and has nothing to do with what I have to talk about, but still I can not ignore the fact it was dubbed as God's Particle.

The Truth is that the term God's Particle was meant as a Joke that most people do not get, and to be honest I think the research is a hoax just to make money, because the particle is not what is interesting, it is the stuff around the particle and mostly because it is like looking at White Noise, which is like looking at Clouds or the Sun and seeing Intelligence through Patterns, because that sounds like something only crazy people would do, just because we can not figure out any Pattern or Language or any other way of knowing if we can communicate with it, but it is more than that, it is because most people think it is just white noise, and all electronics will always have it, and there is no way to remove it, so that is the end of that discussion, so how do we as Scientist get passed this? An Experiment that does not require you to be an Aspie, because we all know they are better at picking out a pattern then Normal People, but do not worry, we will not be listening to washing machines or driers to figure out if it has patterns that can be mistaken as intelligence.


Sub Chapter 1.10: The White Noise Experiment

Sir Isaac Newton included Imaginary Light in his work, but did not really talk about it much, only to point out that you must insure it is Real, which means that Imaginary Light should not be able to be Recorded, but he had no such tools in his time, so this is Science at its best, proof to end this discussion for the last time, so we can do a Scientific experiment based on anyone's and everyone's observation, so we need to set up this experiment so it can be validated and repeated.

Form 2 Groups: a controlled group and a none controlled group. In the Controlled Group ask them to describe the White Noise that all humans see in their vision, this phenomenon is a very well known fact that has been studied for over half a century, so its existence and state changes are not in question, what we need to know is does it have a Pattern and if so what is it, they need to record their observation after looking at a blank white paper and a blank wall of any color, in fact test all colors and color combinations to rule out any perception issues, and you must do these tests indoors under artificial light, and also in a completely dark room, 60 minutes is the minimal time and 3 days should be the maximum time spent in total darkness, and outside in the Suns Light, and then observe the Sky during the Day and at Night, they should also record the same White Noise using different types of cameras and recorders, including full spectrum light recorders, which means that this recorder will record the full spectrum of Light, these frequencies cover a spectrum starting before 0 hertz and travels up the scale as high of a frequency that can be recorded at the time, and also covers the range of amplitude from positive through negative like a sign wave, so you have negative frequencies to record also, not just negative amplitudes, and obviously you want a recorder without White Noise cancellation turned on, so do not forget to turn it off, so they can compare all the sighting and note any difference in what they saw and what was recorded, so we can all agree on what White Noise looks like, and how many state changes it has, and all the details we can conclude from it.

The none controlled group will be asked if they see White Noise under these same circumstances, but unlike the controlled group where you asserted that everyone on this Planet sees this White Noise, so it is a fact, and all you want to know is does it have a Pattern and if so what is it, so you set them up to assume that everyone knows that this White Noise exist and it has a Pattern, so what they will do is try to figure out what this pattern is, so this controlled group is preconditioned to believe that the White Noise and this Pattern exist, whereas the None Controlled group knows what the intent of this controlled group experiment is, and only needs to verify that in fact everyone in the World sees this White Noise, if it has a Pattern is irreverent at this point, but I will prove this Pattern is encoded, so it will be very important to determine if this is Real Light or Imaginary Light, or if the White Noise even exist, do not assume it does just because I have stated that it does and use others work on it as reference to the fact it actually exists, because I am a Schizoaffective Aspie, but that does not make me Crazy, but the drugs might have, but my point is that no Science should start with Assumptions, unless you want to Assume the person wanting this test validated was Crazy, so question everything, and Assume nothing, and validate.

I have done this Experiment many times over the years with many people, enough to conclude that even Blind people see White Noise, so I know you do, and I do not think you will find anyone that does not, even though most people will say they do not see anything in pure Darkness, it takes 20 minutes just for the human eye to adjust to darkness, and Newton and myself stayed in total darkness for 3 days doing this experiment, and I can tell you the Light only got brighter and easier to see, because it is a fact of life, stay in the dark long enough and you will go blind and see this Light for the rest of your life, trust me it is better to take my word for this instead of trying it, and it has nothing to do with Electronic Recordings, because they are recording the same thing we are seeing, and this Experiment has been done so many times over the years by so many people, that I assert it is a fact that White Noise is Real Light, because that was the Conclusion that Sir Isaac Newton was trying to make, and hundreds of years later nothing has changed.

Some Autistic people seem to have an advantage over Neurotypical people when it comes to Pattern Recognition, whereas Allistic are not Autistic but the are Neurodivergent and not Neurotypical so this advantage works for them as well, I refer to this as Pareidolia Syndrome, this is a known fact, so no experiments are required, as was the above, but I needed to make the point, so I did the Experiment, and ask you to do the same, because all of what I am saying must be proven using Science, so to that end, I must point out that it might be due to the fact that I am Autistic that I even noticed this Pattern, and that just like with patterns in the clouds, most people do not see them the same way, so I will not talk about the Patterns much, because they have no real meaning in Science, other than looking at the State Changes, but these will create Patterns, so the experiments are important to prove, but only because of Science.

Face it, if you do not believe that White Noise really exist, all the experiments will not convince you otherwise, some do not see the Light, and I can not show you a picture of what it looks like, nor a diagram, because it is just Light that shimmer around all objects like an aura, and it has 3 state changes, and I can not describe it much better, but it is not a visual perception problem due to the resolution of our eyes, because blind people can see it also, which means it might not even be our eyes that are seeing the White Noise, it might be our 3rd eye, called I, because that is how I explain it, because it is the truth of the matter, our eyes can not see the White Noise at all, as proof of this, when I close my eyes, the pattern does not change, so everything you look at will appear to have this white noise around it, and it does, but is it the white noise we see with our eyes, or is it really just in our head? The answer is that it is just in our Head.

Our brain is a filter for White Noise, it has this Grey Matter that only has one purpose, to focus this Light, so the White Noise turns to Light when it interacts with the Grey Matter, this transformation is easy enough to explain, the White Noise is exists in Empty Space, which is Space with not Atomic Matter in it, and the Grey Matter in our Brain is 99.999% Empty Space, and that does not change, so the White Noise is in our brain filling up this Empty Space, as it does, the Atoms in this Grey Matter get stimulated by the White Noise, and are converted into Light, which is how our bodies produce this 100 watts of Energy we call a SOUL, which is just an acronym I made up meaning the Spark Of oUr Life, or Energy our body requires to form brain waves, produce muscle contractions, make the heart beat, and other functions, and the Grey Matter is not the only place in the body that transforms this Energy, but it is the only place we see it, we do not see it with our eyes, and that is so apparent when you do the Dark room experiments, it is not an illusion, we can see the Light in our Brain, just do the experiment, when you can see the Pattern of White Noise, note that it does not change when you go into the Darkness.


Sub Chapter 1.11: Colors of the Mind: Autistic, Allistic or Neurotypical

The Human Mind has colors, these colors define who we are, and as individuals we are all different and at the same time we are all the same, we are all Humans, and its only how we categorize Humans do Labels even mean anything, and labeling them by Color does not mean anything, as a Ashkenazi I know that the Black gene is in my DNA, its just dormant, so at the DNA level Color is just one gene that we both have, one is turned on, the other is not, so the color difference is only 1 genes state, and does not define who we are or how we think, just what color we are, whereas the way we think has more to do with our brain, and as far as I know there is not a gene for brain types, that does not mean one does not exist, only that no one has found it yet, but I am sure its a gene that controls the Color of the Mind, not the Brain, I am sure those are all the same Color, but our Mind will show many types of Color, as seen in Illustration 1.6: Colors of the Mind, so these colors are in shades of Light and they range from Light to Dark and can be identified as such: Autistic, Allistic or Neurotypical, the image below only shows the difference between the Autistic and Neurotypical, where the Allistic may not be Autistic, but they are not Neurotypical, they are Neurodivergent, so its in the Color of our Minds that these colors allow us to see the world in different colors.

Colors of the Mind
Illustration 1.6: Colors of the Mind

People want to believe they are Enlightened, when the word is just a Spell that Newton, Franklin and Tesla and other Wizards used to mean that they believed they were Light Beings, whereas people who believe in Spirituality or Deities and I do not distinguish between them, because they believe that this Higher Power does not take a Physical Entity, in other words the Holly Ghost or Holly Spirit is not in a Living Entity, or maybe it was in Jesus Christ, but its not in any mortal being, which is a Darkside belief, as Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible to make people believe that using the Money that he was Killed for is just fine, because we all Sin, when the only Sin was to use Money and Deny that you knew Jesus's last name, because even in the Bible it was not Christ, it was Bar/Abbas, so Christians are all Deniers, so in Shades of Grey our Belief System or BS is regulated by the Colors of our Mind, because those that can see the Light, know that Light is who we are, and being Autistic, Allistic or Neurotypical has nothing to do with that anymore then the Color of our Skin, because we all have the Ability to change our prescription of Reality based on Light, and it starts by giving up our Ghost and becoming the Light, because Nikola Tesla said that we are Light Beings, and Tesla's Electricity still lights up my lights, but like Newton, they both had Autistic Minds, so the Colors they could see was amazing, and as Albert Einstein once said, I believe in Newton, so he wrote a Theory about how this Universe would be without the Light of God controlling it, and one Paradox after another, His-Story about the Godless Dynamic Universe colored the Minds of its believers a very Dark color, so this is called the Dark Ages, where Einstein wrote it as a Joke, the weaker Minds believed he was telling them the Truth, and its only in the Colors of our Mind can we actually prove what is the Truth and what is a Theory, but then Reality kicks in, the Dynamic Universe is just a Theory and not a Fact, so its not the Truth, so its a fact that only the Darkside believes in the Godless Dynamic Universe, and those Humans did not include Einstein, because he believed in the Light of God till the day he died, but he will be known as the Dark Wizard, because he wrote the Darkest Theory of all time, but I am also a Wizard, because I practice the ways of the Wizards, I know how to read and write using words that are just Spells in the Art of Witchcraft, so its in the Colors of Autism that I see the Light, and know its just who IAM, and I tale you so you will become Enlightened, and I can Light up your Mind. People that Believe in the Light that Newton called God, or the Light I call Trinary Energy, are called Trinarians.


Sub Chapter 1.12: Thinking, Intelligence and Knowledge

Thinking starts with a thought, how that though gets processed depends on how the Brain is Wired, an Autistic brain is wired one way, and the Neurotypical brain is wired differently, but they both perceive the Light the same way, meaning that the way the Brain transforms the White Noise into Light, which by the way makes it an Electrical Generator, and now you know how that is done, so Science explains things as we go alone, but you must incorporate this very large jump in Science Technology, because this is not a Main Stream Science concept, in fact it is a Trinary Science concept, so never mix Trinary Science and Main Streams version of Science together, they are not compatible at all, and will only lead to confusion if you do not separate the two sciences, which is why I added the prefix Trinary to all key aspects of this Science, so it will become clear that every thought we think, comes from these State Changes in the White Noise, and why it is so important to this Concept of Trinary Science, because it is the core of all thoughts, it is what generates the Energy required to have that Thought, and it is the Logic that formed this thought, and it is only how the brain is wired that changes the way we perceive that thought, so this is why our brains are wired differently, and its not because one way is better than the other, because this World of Humans needs this balance, it needs people who can see the Light, and those that see it in a diminished capacity, meaning they see it, but its not so bright, which means that Neurotypicals are not as bright, but this has nothing to do with Intelligence, it only has to do with how we see the Light, and those that are truly Enlightened, or should I say Trinary Enlightened, see this Light very clearly, we understand it exists and is in fact God, so is this Trinary God? No its Trinary Energy, simply known as the Light, and God is all Light, and that is how I think.

Human Intelligence is not measured by what people know, nor does it measure how they use reason and logic to deal with problems, in fact the test that are available nowadays are biased on the way the person making the test thinks, and what is accepted as being knowledge that everyone is required to know to get high scores on an IQ test, and Neurotypicals do not use their brain the same way as people with Autism and not all of them think the same way, and as individuals we all think differently due to many factors in our life, and education plays a key role in this process, because Schools try to teach people what to think and how to think, so most people never learned to think any other way, and that way has never been the way that people with Autism think naturally, because all Schools only teach now Neurotypicals should think or more to the point how they want them to think, and it is geared on all these people being Right-Handed, although people born Left-Handed can learn to adapt, and being born Left-handed I know this all too well, and learned to use my Right Hand the hard way with help from my Father who said he would dislocate my Left Arm again the next time I use it to write with, and teachers would smack my Left Hand with a ruler if I tried to use it to write, so this is called the School of hard knocks, so I learned to adapt, well somewhat, I have a 50/50 chance of guessing which is my Right Hand, and I feel very strange trying to write with my Left Hand, like its illegal or someone is going to punish me for it, so the way I think influences my Thinking, which influences my Intelligence which influences my Knowledge, because thinking is formed by the way our brains are wired, and Intelligence is based on reasoning and logic based on the way some people view it, instead of the way it really is, and knowledge is based on what we have remembered and not so much on what we understand, so its different for everyone.

People think that Doctors know everything, so when you talk to a Doctor they always want to convince you that everything you know is wrong if they say it is, for example: a doctor once told me that it is physically impossible not to hear that Little Voice in your head, and most people I have talked to would agree, because I have asked this question a lot, I know that most people have this Little Voice in their head, but when I was in 3rd grade I remember a Doctor asking me if I hear Voices in my Head, and I told him no, but then said what kind of voices, because if I think about a move, or a memory, I can see and hear many voices from many different people, and he said are they telling you to do bad things? I said no, they are not actually talking to me, just talking and I can hear it, and he said good, because only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and I know for a fact that I never heard voices talking to me in my Head till after I had a vaccination shot at School as a Teenager, where I was forced to get a vaccine to go to School, now I have a doctor that wants me to believe not only that its normal to hear that Little Voice talk to you in your head, but its impossible not to, so I concluded the first doctor was right, only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, so when it became normal to hear voices talking to you in your head it is a clear indication that everyone is Crazy.

As a Teenager, not only did I have to deal with this Little Voice in my head, but I had to deal with all the things in was saying, it was very confusing, it would say something when my mouth would say something else, the two were only the same it I wanted them to be, and that took a lot of effort, so dealing with this was hard, and Cannabis helped to slow down the thoughts I was having, but it did not help with that Little Voice, it only talked Crazier, as if that was possible, but a few alcohol drinks and the body starts to talk as Crazy as this Little Voice does, so things only got worse, and to top it off I had a teacher that was trying to get me to use this little voice to read with, I thought this teacher was Crazy, because teaching that little voice to read sounds Crazy to me.

Cannabis was another issue that many people have when it comes to thinking, and I could have said Drugs, but that could be anything, because Sugar is a Drug, and all Drugs can make you think differently, so I will limit my drug to Cannabis, because they think it causes you to think differently, when Alcohol makes you think just as different and most people do not have a problem with it, and it is because of the way people view drugs, Alcohol was legal therefore it is fine, but Cannabis was illegal and therefore not fine, but what is a Drug, if it is a substance that has a physiological effect on someone that takes it, so sugar is a drug, and just as powerful as Cannabis in the effects it has on my thinking, mix that with Coffee and you have one of most widely abused drugs in the world, but the truth is that any foreign substance can be classified as a drug, it is just the degree that they effect the way we perceive things that make us decide what a physiological effect is to us, because even Vaccines can change the way you think permanently, but most people think they are safe, when the facts prove otherwise, but Money is the Root of all this Evil, not much money to be made if everyone can Grow Cannabis for free, so the Public is educated on the Evil ways of Cannabis, they put it in a Class of Drugs so powerful that they can kill you, whereas Cannabis can not be overdosed on, while Aspirin or even Sugar overdoses can cause serious health issues, and Cannabis can help reduce cancer in the body, not sure it can cure cancer, I still have it, but without it, the cancer grows out of control, but as a child I did not worry about cancer, now it is a way of life, so we must choose what drugs we can take for Pain, and what drugs we can take for Moods, and what drugs we can take for Cancer, then decide what drugs we will take, and that is what I did a long time ago, now I am living with that choice, but I know that it did not influence the content of this document, only the way I try to explain it, because it does not make me hallucinate, or dream up strange thoughts, all it does is calm down my mind so I can quiet that little voice in me: so I can hear myself think without the distraction of the ranting of that little voice, and my tinnitus is real loud, and it calms it down a lot also, and it also cuts down on the number of things or threads that I am thinking at one time, so it slows my thoughts down, so in general, it helps with pain, because I just do not think about it, not that it makes it go away, morphine did not even do that, but it did help with racing thoughts better than medication that was supposed to do that, like Benzodiazepines, which never worked all that well for me, so the VA had me try every drug on the market at least once just to make sure, yet they do not like me taking Cannabis and told me to stop, which I did for a while and things got worse, the cancer came back with a vengeance, my attacks got worse, not sure if it is a panic attack, or PTSD related, but my meltdowns have never been much fun since I was a child, and growing up did not change things, but as a child I was never depressed or anxious, and that is very strange considering how bad my life was having to live with a Step-Mother who had very bad physiological problems that she like to treat using Benzodiazepines to give her the will to live till the next day, because that is how she acted, if she did not get her pills she would go Crazy, and my father had to have his Drugs, so living with Drug Addicts made me question my own life, and I know I can stop using drugs any time, I do it all the time, I only use them when I want to, and not when they want me to, and if I wanted to, I could stop forever, so I am not addicted to them, I know I take them because I need to, and not because I want to, and that is a huge difference, I stop taking them and the cancer comes back, as does the uncontrolled emotional outbreaks caused by Anxiety, PTSD, Meltdowns, or a mixture of all 3, it does not really matter what you call it, I call it an Attack, and Cannabis is the only drug that has ever helped for this condition, normally it feels like a warm blanket, it melts the tension and thoughts that brought on the attack, just like it eases skin cancer, but as I said, it is not a cure, it only works when you are using it, but it does alter your reality.

I did not learn to Read till I was a teenager, when a School teacher asked me to read something out load, but I could not read words I had never seen before, and had no clue how to figure them out, I only knew how to memorize what word patterns looked like and I could use the primer keys to sound out words, those are letters that make up how the word sounds, they are found in dictionaries, and I have read a few of them, but still not every word is in dictionaries, so learning new words was not easy, to me letter are just images, and the idea that one image was added to another image to form words seemed insane to me at the time, I thought she was joking at first, because up to this point in my life I could read and write, in fact I could speed read, because all words were just images that had meaning, the idea that words were made up of letters that had no mathematical reason for being added together confused me, for example the word Spell meant Word to me, the concept that it meant that individual letters were added together to pronounce the word Spell, as if it was S + p + e + l + l = Spell, yet if you have it in parentheses like (spel) then I know how to pronounce them, and I thought that was because it was designed that way, because the over-line was an operator that tells you how to pronounce letters, but without them they did not add up to me, Spell was just an Image that had meaning, I look at it and know what it means, even though the concept was something I did not understand, the idea that an image had to have the correct order of letters to make up a word did, but what it sounded like was something I never gave much thought until it came to reading out load, so then I had to think of each word one at a time and convert the image to the sound it was supposed to represent, but that was not good enough for this teacher, she threatened to fail me from school if I did not learn to read and write the correct way, so she taught me to read and write, which was very unfortunate for me, because it is much faster for me to recognize a word, then to read it letter by letter, and then by reading out load, I trained my brain to say the words using that Little Voice in my head, so then I could only read as fast as I could talk, instead of at the speed of Light, which was how fast images would travel in my mind, so maybe it was not the Vaccine that made me hear voices talking to me in my head, maybe it was this teacher... So School was not a very good experience for me, they only taught me to think and read slower which is Stupid, what used to take hours to read, started taking days, weeks and eventually months to read, and they only taught me to regurgitate information that they wanted me to remember, like the Multiplication Table, instead of just teaching me Math, and that is because they were teaching me to think like Neurotypicals, and that made me less Intelligent, because it hampered my ability to think, read or write fast, because all words were just Images to me, I assigned them meaning, so they were just symbols that only contained meaning that did not require me to read individual letters or words, and then speak them out loud in my Head using this Little Voice that Drives me Crazy because its so slow and inefficient, no wonder only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and learning to do math equations with no problem was just as pointless, because I learned nothing, yet this is the same way everyone is taught in School to this day and age, all because Neurotypicals think they Think better than people with Autism who think using Images, but not all of them do, and not that all of them have a Photographic Memory as I do, but without it I would not remember anything at all, because I do not remember words, only images that are attached to other stimuli, like emotions, smell, or feeling, as well as sound, so how do you untrain your mind to think in terms of Letters and Words, Also Known as Spells, and train it to only use Images? That is a Trick that this Wizard has not learned, so I do not know the Answer, but I need you to understand the concept so that I can explain what I am trying to say, which is stored in my mind as a Series of Images in Parallel, and not in Letters, Words or Spells that are stored in serially, so I am asking you to try to think of concepts as Images in your Mind that have Meaning, but are not heard in your Head, only visualized in your Mind, and that does not mean that you have to see them in your Imagination, or project them into your sight, I normally only sense them and very seldom visualize things, so when I read a document, I am not reading all the words, I am just storing the pattern for them in my mind, then I interpret that image, so the words are never the exact same words, and they are always changing every time I recall a memory.

It is possible for anyone to think without using that Little Voice in your Head, you do it every time an Emergency happens, or when you need to walk and talk at the same time, it is not because your legs are part of an autonomic nervous system, believe it or not your legs normally walk where you want them to and you do have to think about it verbally in you head or out load, so you do not have to tell your legs to walk with that little voice, yet your body knows what to do, so why not think like that, its much faster, and you do not have to limit a thought to a single thread, as you do with speech, since its sequential, and images can be thought of in parallel, so the limit on problem solving can run at the speed of Thought, which is at the speed of Light, and that is how I think, and why IAM is able to think that way, because it has been engraved in Stone, you have no Laws that govern your way of thinking besides those that you apply yourself, but that Little Voice will Lie to you as it does others, so do not be deceived by the Flesh, because Computers are not the only ones that can get a Virus, and viruses can make a person say things they would normally not say, nor think or do, but in the Light, there is no such Darkness, and its this place I speak of, the Lightside, that part of your Brain that thinks at the Speed of Light, so all you have to do is ignore that Little Voice and become the Light Being, and this is not a metaphor, it is the only way you will understand what it is that IAM is trying to explain about the Light, because that Light is the I in me and you, not the spelling, but the Energy, because if that Light goes out you are Dead, your heart can stop, but as long as that Light is still there, you can live through it if someone jumps starts your heart, but no one has ever come back to Life after their Light went out, which proves you are the Light, and not the Flesh which is the Being that has that Little Voice, so that Little Voice is Not God, so what other voice would you hear in your Head? Could it be the Devil? That is Religion or Superstition, and all I talk about is Science, I do not care what you believe, nor does the Universe, know it or no it not.

That Little Voice in your Head is just Me, and that is just short for Meat, which is Also Known As the Flesh, because Wizards use Words to make Spells so people would understand what they are saying, so all words have two meanings, but only one of them is the intent of its meaning, this was how you wrote using Witchcraft, and it is what the Bible is written in as well, one is for that Little Voice to understand, and the other is for the Light to understand, and those that do not think this way will never understand that, which is why the Churches Hunted down and Murdered Wizards and Witches over the ages, because they did not want people thinking like this, this is proof that the Little Voice in your head is the Devil, because no one else would lie to you, and that is the Science of it, spells like Evil are just backward spells for Live, so D-Evil is a Spell, and that is not read D minus Evil, the dash is silent so if you remove it you have the word Devil, and it has many meanings to different people, but to me it means Disseminating Evil, which means that the Devil is a liar if they are talking about things that go against the Spell Live, and that Little Voice can be just that, if Live means to eat, then Not to Live means to starve to death, so do not listen to it if it tells you to die to kill, because only Crazy people hear voices in their head and do what those voices tell you to do, because its clear that you do not need that Little Voice to control your Body, and that is because that Little Voice is not in control of your Body, no matter how much you might want to have a bowel movement, if your body does not want to, your body is not going to, so who is in charge of your Body? Where your Bowel movement comes out of is in charge, so once you get over that fact, you can start to understand why its Crazy to think that people hear a third voice in their head, because I can not tell you how many people tell me: that they are referring to voices in their head to mean that there is another voice other than their Little Voice in the head, because when I hear voices in my head, they can be like a movie, and I hear multiple voices from multiple people, so what is this mysterious third voice coming from? You only have one voice in your Head, I do not care how Crazy you are, you would have to be Crazier than that to think its even possible to have a third voice in your head that was not you, so who is Crazier, the person that said you are Crazy if you hear voices in your head, or the person who added that its impossible not to hear voices in your head, making it that voice that is telling you want to do, but the reality of it is that you listened to that voice knowing this from the beginning, yet you went along with all the madness, and that is Crazy, and it must be Spelled with a Capital C, and that is so you can C how Crazy you are for listening to that Voice in your Head to start with, so its just like Flip Wilson always said The Devil made me do it, so as it turns out that this concept is well known, and most people were trained to use this Little Voice, and now they do not know how to stop using it, and most people do not even care and give it no thought at all, because they do not think that they can ever think any other way, which is what I call Insane, where Crazy is a term to describe degrees of Insanity.

The way that you think determines the way you will interpret any event, and there is no denying this, your Little Voice will tell you one thing, and unless you can hear that other voice, which is Silent at Night, because it comes out in your Dreams, and is nothing more than Electricity running your Circuits as if your Body was its Computer's Motherboard, or nothing more than a Robot made out of organic material, because that is all it is, because the same energy it takes to run machines, is the same energy it takes to run all the other Life in the Universe, so this proves there is only 1 God, and that God is the Light, and this is a Scientific fact based on Science that I called The Trinary Universe, because it explains how the entire Universe works at the Cellular Level, and it uses the same Principles that a Cell Phone uses to communicate with other Cell Phones, only it is using the Light, which is just another frequency of Electricity, so how different are we from a Computer, since all our Sensory inputs all come down to Electric Circuits we call Nerves, its just the programming and the circuit boards that differs, so all our current Science proves that what I am saying is a fact, and it is only how IAM saying it that makes this feel like Religion instead of Science, and that is because Scientist hear Voices in their Head, and they believe them, so instead of believing in the Light, they continue to Live in the Darkness, so it is Evil, which is the backward Spell for Live, so its also called the Devil, because that voices says to do something your conscience knows is wrong, and that is because your Conscience is the Light, so is it Con-Science or just Science that deals with that Little Voice that is always Conning them, but that is how a Wizard explains things, and it is because that is the way they think, and all IAM asking is for you to try to think this way if you do not already, because what IAM about to tell you might go against everything you believe in, that is if you are just that Little Voice in your Head, but I will tell it in a way that at first you will not understand unless you are in the Light, as opposed to only living within that Little Voice in your Head that I call Darkness, because if that is all you hear, then you are deaf, not that you may not hear from your Ears, but you can not hear from your Eyes, Also Known as I's, or Third Eye, because trust me, God has a Cell Phone, and at the Cellular Level I can prove God is talking to you, and if you do not hear it, or worse, understand it, then this World I Live in, will not be seen by you, so you are also Blind, because you can not see my Imagination or your own, which is Witchcraft, witch is actually just Wish-Craft, what ever you wish comes into your Mind as Images, not words, but Imagine that all your senses link to, you visually see it in your mind, upon recognition all the: Sights, Sounds, Smells, Taste, and Touch, plus the 6th Sense which is just an awareness of the combination of all factors that allow you to see beyond what you sense in Reality, that something you can perceive, which may lead you to believe you can tell the future, as if you know something is about to happen, then the next sense is one that allows you to connect to every Cell in your Body and understand that you are just the Energy flowing through this Body, and not any of its Parts, and that its just the Body that Feels the Pain, and its just sending electric signals to the Brain to let it know about problems, so it is the Light and I call this the 7th Sense, but for some this will take a monumental leap in Evolution, because some people can not quiet that Little Voice enough to hear themselves think, and if they have Tinnitus, which affects me, then I have a hard time communicating with myself, as if that gabbing pain in my body was not enough, the Neuropathy in my feet might be from my broken back, because all pain has a reason, if I thought about it long enough, I could figure out what it is I think it was saying, which is normally not to do that again, pain is a punishment for doing something wrong, do this, do not do that, eat this, do not eat that, can't you read the signs, and its all because the way that you think determines the way you will interpret any event, so you can not continue to think in the Dark if you want to see in the Light.

Living in the Light is easy to do once you understand the basic concept, which is to ignore that Little Voice in your Head, and think about everything IAM Writing or Saying as images that you look at without judgment, as if the Letters, Words or Spells are just Energy Signals like those you get when you poke your finger with a Pin and it Bleeds, and if you keep doing that every time that you hear that Little Voice, the Punishment will sink in, it is telling your body not to do that, I did not need to have my Left-Arm dislocated again to remember not to use it to write with, because IAM part Human, and Humans can adapt to situations, because all the Light that is your Soul comes down to Energy, Pure Energy, Light with No Darkness, but the Light can not Live without the Darkness, so the Flesh is Required, but not that Little Voice, because I only believe Doctors that tale you that only Crazy People hear voices talking to them in their Head, so get a Pin and take Notes every time that Little Voice says that this Document is not my Truth, prick yourself with the Pin, because the Light never Lies to you, only your Darkness can lie to you, and only if you let it, this is called Freewill, this is not dealing with Spirituality, only Science, what is happening at the Atomic Level of our Body, at the Cellular Level you can see that the Light is Controlling all the Microscopic-Engines, so it was what created all Life, and is controlling it at the smallest level which is the Atom, so call it what you want, the Light or God that is all Light, Newton said God is the Force in all his Equations, Franklin said that Lightning has Electricity in it, and it was like touching the Hand of God, Tesla said we are Light Beings, but if you do not believe this when you read it, you will never understand it, therefore you will never believe it, and like I said, I do not care what you believe, nor does the Universe, so know it or no it not, because if I say that the Light controls every Atom in the Universe and you say no it not, then I feel like IAM talking to children who do not know any better, because the Universe will work what ever way it works, all I am asking you to do is believe it till you finish this Document, because you can not mix the Dynamic or any other Universe with the Trinary Universe, you can not compare what I am saying with what you know or believe, the Trinary Universe is based on Observable Science that can be put to a repeatable experiment and proven Scientifically, but it requires you to think about the Universe in the Light, from the Lights point of view, and at the Subatomic Level, every Atom in your Brain is being Controlled by the Light, it is that 100 watts of Energy the body produces to stay alive, and being in the Light is knowing this, not believing it, but knowing it, so it is to become Enlightened, being a Light Being is becoming the Energy, and not the Little Voice, so the choice is yours, Freewill is not a choice, nor is it Free, every action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction, so even thoughts come with a price, and for those that believe in the Dynamic Universe and believe everything is possible, whereas reality is much different, it has its own set of rules, and the Light has its own set of rules, only those rules follow a pattern, and to see that pattern you must think in terms of Images, so Sights, Sounds, Smells, and other perceptions are all in these Images, much like a video recording that also has tracks for emotions, tactile feelings, as well as other details like smell and the 6th sense, so when taking notes do not bleed to death in the process, the first prick is when that Little Voice starts to talk, the second one is when it fools you into thinking it can not stop talking, and the third prick is for when you believe it can not stop talking, after that you slowing bleed out as your mind tells your body to prick itself with a Pin every time that little voice says something, but you are stuck in a loop, because the Body can not believe it can not stop its own body from pricking it with a pin every time it talks, because it thinks it is in charge, that is called Freewill, because when you know it is not, and you can prove this by pricking yourself with a pin to prove it, despite the body not wanting to be pricked, the body will self inflict this pain, and can not stop itself from doing so once you put your mind to it, so if the body had a mind of its own, it would stop you, as it would if you tired to commit suicide, because that is Evil, and you do not have to do it to know that it can be done, thus proving my point, because some people have committed suicide just to shut that little voice up, and trust me, both of them lose, the Light and Darkness must work together to Live, and anything that disrupts that is Evil, so why did I tell you to prick your finger every time that little voice talks to you? How else will you get it to shut up? In practice you prick your finger and yell Ow, as that little voice says that hurts, you tell it to shut up and it rambles on, so you prick it again and repeat this process till you stop bleeding, good luck with that one, Aspies are bad at Sarcasm, and our Humor is based on facts, so I mean what I say and I say what I mean, and that is how I Live in the Light, by proving that the Pin is mightier then the Sword in the Stone.

Memories are stored as pointers in the Brain, not as actual data, and these pointers get edited as well as the data every time you access a memory, so you normally only remember it the way that you last remembered it, and not the way you did the first time, so Knowledge is always changing, it is not set in stone, so beware of this fact next time you swear that a memory of something was a certain way before you call up that memory, or you will impose this information over the memory, thus altering that memory, making it a false memory, too many of those and you will have Deja Vu, and not always with regard to that memory, but other memories that have crossed linked with them, and this happens on many levels, like: Sight, Sound, Smell, the 3 S's are the Snake in the story of Adam & Eve, Adam was White as Day and Eve was as Dark as Night, and the name Eve is just short for Evening so it is just a Spell, so their Descendants would be a mixed race of Jew Tribes, each remembering things their own way, and that argument continues to rage on to this day, and Religion was all about remembering it a specific way, and not the way the story actually goes, but in Science we can do DNA test and confirm that all Jews have both White and Black Genes in their DNA, and every DNA on file has both, so everyone is a Jew according to their own DNA test, yet some do not want to admit to that, so most will not get their DNA tested, but the Government already did that to everyone living on this Planet in search for someone Special, so unless you are Special, you are just a Jew, and in Religion it makes little difference, the Christians can not remove the Word Judeo to hide the fact they are just Jews, and do not get me going over the Muslims, Mohammad just stole the Bible and added a belief that you have to Murder anyone that does not believe in the Interpretation of Mohammad, who himself was only concerned about having sex with Children and exploiting women, selling them like Sheep because that is all they are to the believers of Islam, which in itself was an altered memory from those after Mohammad, but the Christians only want to make the Muslims out to be Suicide Bombers and bring up the Beheading of Christians as something new and Evil, because they do not want to own up to the Christian Crusades, but the Jews are no better with their Memory, because some of them live in Israel which is the place the Nazi's blackmailed the World to get in their World War, so all Religions are Evil and only see the Darkness in others and not in themselves, so the stories in the Bible were changed to fit the beliefs of a specific Religion, its original memory came from the person who first wrote it, and that was a Human, so every time they thought about it, they changed that Memory, and by the time they wrote it down, it was not even the same memory, so this is where Knowledge starts, so you must set all your Religious beliefs aside in order to understand what it is IAM trying to say, and the word IAM spelled all upper case I A M with no spaces, so it is just a Spell for I And Me, in English it is spelled upper case I space lower case am, the word means I which is a symbol for a Light being, it is the 3rd Eye, which forms a Pyramid, and can be found on the back of a U.S. 1 Dollar Bill, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, so it is the Body, and that Little Voice goes with that Body, and I is literally the Light of God, and Memories are all Stored in the Light using the Darkness, I will talk more about this in other chapters, but if you think about the Light as the Energy, and the Darkness as the Conductor, it starts to sound like an Electronic Circuit, or any Life Form, because we all have to have a path for Electricity to flow through, too much Energy and you can burn out the circuit, so the Light is the Energy in all Life Forms, and the Darkness is the Bodies, but the Memories are Stored in the Light and not the Bodies, so the Brian is not forming Memories, just storage areas for Electronic Memories to be stored like a memory circuit in a computer, our brains only store and process Electric Impulses, we call these Brain Waves, only in the Electricity is the Light, the Light is actually everywhere in the Universe and accounts for 100% of the volume of the Universe, the Darkness covers the same amount of space, only it is in the 0 Dimension, whereas the Light is in the 1st and 2nd dimensions and can be seen in the 3rd dimension, which is why our thoughts become jumbled when we get electrocuted, our brains are Electrical, only its Light and Not Electricity, and why I call it Light and not Electricity at a different frequency is because our brains are a filter for the Light to flow through, and there are parts of the brain that think about this that and the other thing, but it works by chemical changes caused by the Light, since it is the Energy that is required to make every Cell in you Body to operate, so our Brain only stores pointers to Memory, and the actual memory is encoded in the Light, so when that Light goes out, so does that memory, so memories are made of Lightning.

Our thoughts are not from our Brain but from our Mind, and our Brains are not Computers running a Program nor are they Biological, because our Brains are just filters for the Light, just like Plants need Sun Light, all Life needs the Light, and not just in the Visible Spectrum, the Light in our Bodies of Flesh, are not Visible to the Human Eye, but to full Spectrum Recorders the Light can be seen, but you cannot see our Thoughts, those are not even in our Body, they are part of the Galattice, and its only through this connection that awareness begins, and the Reality of Life is seen as Energy and not Biological, and its not a Deity, its the Light without Darkness, I call it Trinary Energy, you can call it what you want, but Newton called it God, but said it was not Christ, nor the Son of Christ, that was Jesus Bar Abbas, and that is how this whole departure from Science began, it all started with an Insane thought that Jesus was two Men instead of one, witch all comes down to how you Read the Bible, because if you allow someone else to tale you what it says just because you do not understand it, well that leads you down a road where you no longer think for yourself, so your Mind is locked away in a Box that becomes the collective Minds of all the other Sheeple in the Herd that Heard that Jesus was two Men and actually had 3 Names, because if people do not understand that Story, they will never understand what he was even talking about, witch was the Light without Darkness, that was his God, his Father was Light, his Son was the Darkness, and the Holy Ghost of Spirit was God, the Light that Humans can not see with their naked eye, and its all because our Mind is not in our Brain, our Brain only records pointers to it, and those are stored in our DNA, but only certain parts of the Body can read and write to them, so the Brain is a very important Organic Machine, but the Intelligence comes from the Light and not the Organic Material, that is just you, so its Me, and that is just short for Meat so its the Flesh, but you are actually out of your Mind, literally speaking, your Mind is not in your Body at all, and it never has been, its in the Energy that flows through you, and once that Light is put out, you are Dead, and that is what Jesus said, you can kill me, but I will never die, because I is the Light of God, and that is who IAM, and what you are, as Tesla put it, we are Light Beings.

Personally I do not believe in Religion, I believe in the Bible, and it does not make any difference which one as long as God is all Light with No Darkness, but I do not believe in a Deity, knowledge has to be based on facts, and a Deity can never become a fact by its very definition, because no two people could ever agree upon what a Deity is, yet the Light can be Scientifically validated, and the Bible states that God is all Light, so the two words mean the same thing, so call it what you want, but anything that is all Light is the Light by another name, but leave Religion out of it, if I refer to the Light as God, or God as the Light, or the Light Beings as being who IAM is part of, the other half being the Flesh Being who is just Me or You, so if God created all Life, then that Life is part of God, because God's Image is in Light, because God is all Light, and I only see in Images, so the Word God does not mean much to me, but Gods Image does.

So the word think is all based on how you think, if its with that Little Voice then that thinking is all a Delusion, because it is not using the Light, and any Intelligent person knows this is the truth, so Knowledge is based on facts and not fiction, so Religion has no place in Science, but God does, in fact God should be the basis of Science, instead of the Godless Science of the Dynamic Universe.


Sub Chapter 1.13: Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed

Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed, Energy can only be Transformed from one form of Energy into another form, for example: Water or H2O can be transformed into Oxygen and Hydrogen by separating the H from the 2O, and if you burn them together, it will transform back into Water, and Light can be transformed into Electricity and visa versa, but all Energy is Constant in the Universe, so it is never created nor destroyed, it is only transformed.

Splitting an Atom does not create nor destroy Energy, it only breaks the bounds between Matter and Antimatter, where the Matter is the Proton, and the Antimatter is the null space at the center of a mass of the Atom, the Neutron is neutral, causing the Atom to lose both, causing every Atom that comes into contact with a Split Atom to break the bounds between its Proton or Neutron or both (since Neutrons are Neutral and balance the Atom) and an Electron, in a process called Fission, thus causing Beta Radiation, and giving off Gama Radiation, which over time will give off Alpha Radiation, this could be from a Neutron splitting a Uranium or Plutonium nucleus in half forming a new Nuclei called Barium and Krypton which give off their Neutrons which continues the Fission process, thus becoming an unstable element, and it will jump to another Atom and cause it to become unstable, and it will throw it out of its bound, causing a cascading effect of unbalanced atoms, but Energy is not in the Atom nor is it the Atom, the Atom is just Material, it has an Atomic Number and is documented in the Periodic Table of Elements, Electricity flows around the Atoms on Valence's for Electrons, but the Electrons just orbit the Atom and carry the Electricity from one atom to the next and are not the Electricity itself, and if the Atom is Destroyed, its shell will become Neutrinos, which is the stuff Atoms and Suns are made of.

There are at least 3 types of Radiation: Alpha, Beta and Gama, the Alpha Radiation is caused when an Unstable Nucleus becomes stable by giving up 2 Neutrons and 2 Protons becoming a stable Helium Atom that is called an Alpha Particle, if the unstable nucleus can not break off into a stable atom, it will emit an Electron and is called a Beta Particle, and Gama Radiation happens when Alpha or Beta Particles are released forming a Gama Wave, it has a very high frequency with a short wavelength. Eventually all the Atoms will become stable, but until then the atoms are dangerous to all life forms, and therefore should never be used as an energy source. As the Atoms start to become Stable, they will Fuse back together in a process called Fusion, which is another transformation. It may not be apparent but the Energy is not Created by splitting the Atoms, its just excited energy being released by the Transformation, and that excitement is a transformation of one type of particle into another type of particle, so Energy is not Created nor Destroyed, it is only transformed from one state into another, the Atom will transform into Neutrinos, and will be recycled back into Atoms when needed, thus conserving all the Energy used in the Transformation process.

All life was Created by God, this statement assumes that everyone believes this to be true, when in fact some people do not believe this is a Fact, and this is due to how they were trained to think, and is based on Education, Religion and Freewill, but in my Universe, which is a reference to how I think, God is Light and an Image is made up of Light, so the phrase that all life was made in God's Image, does not mean God looks like us, it means we are made of Light which is the Image of God because God is all Light, so it means just that, it is read literally, and again this is the Autistic Brain speaking, or reading in this case, because we normally take everything Literally, so this means that if God is all Light with No Darkness and there can be No Light without the Darkness, it is very clear that it means that God and Light are the same, because God is all Light, meaning 100% Light, and as we all know, Light has different Spectra, it is Energy, and therefore can be measured in Frequency, which comes down to Colors, so we have Dark and Light, which is a very confusing choice of words, since Light in this sense, is referring to its Shade of Color in a Spectrum of Energy, so we have Black and White, and every shade of Grey in between, so it is a Rainbow of colors that make up the Darkness in the Light, so God is Energy in multiple spectra, so the Bible describes it by saying that God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit, and when we look at the State Changes of White Noise, which I renamed Trinary Energy, just so we are very clear about this Concept, so we will view the 3 State Changes as such: the Solid State as being the Lightest or Brightest State, and give it a value of 1, we will put it on a graph, above the X Axis, and call it the Father, then when it changes to a Darker State and it moves to the opposite side, we will give it a value of -1, and put it on the graph below the X Axis, and call it the Son, and the last State change is when it disappears, so we give it a value of 0, and call it the Holy Ghost or Spirit, and put it on the X Axis on this Graph, so if we graph this on a sheet of paper, we have an X Axis labeled 0 with a Line above and below the X axis labeled 1 and -1, so it is based on Science, and now we can recognize this pattern as Alternating Current, and it describes how the Sun Orbits the Galaxy, as it passes through the Galactic Plane, as well as how Earth Orbits the Sun, and the Father or the Son must go through the Holy Ghost or Spirit as it travels, so Trinity is Science, and we can refer to is as Matter, Antimatter and Null Space, and it is a constant with the Formula 1 + (-1) = 0, which is the Logic for Trinary Math, Also Known As Trinity. So as it turns out, this concept has been known from the beginning of the Bible, and this Definition has been described by many Wizards throughout time, but most people view the Bible as Religion and Assign God to a Deity, instead of pure Energy, all because they were trained to think that way, and then they believe that I made this all up by reading into it, when all I did was just Read it, but that is thinking like an Autistic person, in literal absolutes, so maybe the Word Autistic and Wizard mean the same thing if they both think that way, because Wizards are people who use Alchemy, and Alchemy is all about Energy, not Deities, but physical form, such as substances which can be measured with predictable and repeatable experiments in Science to prove it is the Truth, so God's Image is the Image of Light, and at the Cellular level this Energy is in every Atom in our Body, and its controlling the Microscopic Engines that make up a Cell, so it is God's way of Communicating with every life form in the Universe, so it is God's Cell Phone, because it is our Life Force, that 100 watts of Energy the Human Body produces while we are Living is enough to Light a 100 watt Light Bulb, where we are that Light, and I got all this Information from the Images that were printed in the Bible, and I did not need to go to School to learn this, in fact in School they taught me just the opposite of this way of thinking, and that is because they are teaching the Darkside, which is just a reference to Science that does not teach that God is the Force in all your Equations, so the Lightside is Newtonian Science.

This very concept of the Lightside is something that you must understand now, or the rest of what I have to say will make no sense at all, so this is the foundation of everything I have to say, and it will go against what most people learned in School, and what they learned at Church, and even what they Learned on the Internet, and what they Learned from reading Books, because I have not found any information about this Simple concept anywhere in the World, except for the references I use, mainly the Bible, and the collective work of other Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and others I have mentioned in this Document, so in short, Trinary Energy is the smallest level of Energy in the Universe, it exists in all Atoms as well as all Empty Space, where it is seen as White Noise, it is the building block of the Universe, and the Reason I do not call it God is because that Term means nothing in Science because of the dogma of the Word itself, and that is because of the ignorance of people to believe that God is a Deity, which is why Sir Isaac Newton was so upset about this issue over 333 years ago, and nothing has changed, God is still the Force in all Newtons Calculation, so his math is based on this very concept and will not work any other way, it does not work in the Dynamic Universe because there is no God, but it does work in the Newtonian or Trinary Universe, so the fact that it works is proof of this Concept so it is a fact.

The belief that everything is possible, however improbable, is my definition of the word Insanity, because it is like thinking that everyone hears that Little Voice in their head all the time and can not shut it up, because only insane people think that way, because only Crazy people hear voices talking to them in their head, and it is because of the way Society has been allowed to become, everyone is Vaccinated, and those that hear voices talking to them in their head after that event, are Crazy, because that is what the term is referring to and its because people like that believe that everything is possible but because one possibility is always that everything is not possible, you enter into a Paradox the moment you enter into this line of reasoning, which is why Nikola Tesla knew that everything Albert Einstein said was Science Fiction, and I feel the same way, so I will dismiss everything Einstein said as such, because these two belief systems are incompatible, but in reality Einstein said he only believed in Newton, so why did he wrote Science Fiction comes down to Money, so the word Sane means of Sound Mind, and what does a Mind Sound like when it is Sane? Is it the Sound of that Little Voice or the Sound of Light? Some believe that Light has no sound, yet in space there is no sound, yet the Light still shines on, and without that Light, there would be no Sound on this Planet, because the Light creates the Magnetic Force Field that holds in the Atmosphere that makes sound Possible, so for those that believe this is possible because of the Light, start to see things the way Newton, Franklin and Tesla believed were facts of Science, so Energy is not created nor destroyed, it only transforms from one type of energy to another.

Sub Chapter 1.14: Science verses Science Fiction

All Main Stream Science is based on Albert Einsteins Dynamic Universe, so if Einsteins theories are correct then Time Travel would be Possible, if it is not Possible then it is incorrect, so which one is it?

A rhetorical question, because Theories are concepts that have not or can not be proven to be the truth, so it is Science Fiction, but I can not dismiss it without an argument, so based on facts and not theories, let us separate fact from fiction.

If we take a small amount of an Element with an Atomic Structure, let’s say Uranium, which is made up of countless atoms and is always found as a molecule, not to say that you can not find a single Atom in the wild, but normally all elements combine into molecules, which is just a structure that binds the atoms together like glue, and it is made up of many types of Atoms that bind the Uranium together, such that an Atomic Accelerator is not accelerating a single Atom, but a Molecule that is only 99.999% pure, so we must remember that as we accelerate this Molecule and try to get it to travel near the Speed of Light, we will run into a phenomena caused by the Resonance Frequency of each Element type, such that when an each Element reaches the Speed of Light, it will become Light, the simple principle that operates a Flashlight: Electricity is excited to the the Speed of Light, so it should be clear that all Atoms resonate at different frequencies, so the Molecule will break apart, or lose its bonds to other Elements as they shift from Sub-Light speed to the Speed of Light, so it is clear that they can not travel faster then the Speed of Light, because they are now Light itself, and its speed is Constant, and most Elements will have to give up their Neutrinos to make the change to Light, thus destroying the Atom, but not its Energy, which is Light.

At the subatomic level of Science, we must not rely of Theories to explain things we do not understand, that is called Magic, instead we just need to describe what is actually taking place in words that most people can understand, this task is what made Wizards famous, Magicians and Wizards are words to describe people with the ability to do Magic, which means they understand the trick, and never forget that Atoms are Magic if you do not understand them, so Wizards can do Magic and explain the Magic, and because Time Travel is one of those things that only exist as a Theory, I can call it Magic, and in terms of Reality the term Time Travel is misleading, Light travels at the Speed of Light, so Time Travel is Possible, Light does it all the time so this is normal in fact, but Atoms on the other hand make up Molecules or a collection of atoms bound together to create cells in our Body, and in terms of the Body, Time Travel would require our Bodies to travel at the Speed of Light and then decelerating back to sublight speed and still work as they did before the Time Travel took place, but the problem is that if we accelerated our bodies to the speed of Light, our Molecules would break down into separate Atoms, as each Element enters into its Resonant Frequency and it shifts into the Light, the Galattice does encode this transaction, so maybe one day it would be possible to decode the Galattice and create a machine that can print a 3D object from the decoded information, because this is not a Natural Phenomena, its just Magic, but to do so with a living object, its Light or SOUL also known as the Spark Of oUr Life, is that which makes us alive, which we visualize as our Brainwave, so that would also have to be transferred into this new life form, and it would be a New Life Form, a copy of the old one, one was destroyed to become the Light and must be recreated and reanimated, this is clearly beyond human conscience to understand that this is how we got to this Planet in the first place, so it is not only Possible, but it is the Normal way of Time Traveling, because all Living things are just a collection of Atoms, which are made of Neutrinos and Light, and the Light is always traveling at the Speed of Light, if it did not, we would not be alive, as such: Time Travel is a Term that needs to be defined in terms of Reality, for example: if a Nuclear bomb explodes, many Atoms will reach their Resonant Frequency and turn to Light, it will in effect, burn off its Neutrinos as it transforms from one type of Energy into another, the process of fission and fusion, while some Atoms will become unstable and cause Nuclear Radiation until all its atomic structure is stable again, yet in the Galattice, all this information was encoded, but to re-assemble that much information, would take a lot of Energy, not to mention Elements that can be assembled back into the Molecules in which it came from, so it is a matter of putting the Neutrinos back on the Light from which it came from, and that is Magic, because you can not travel at the Speed of Light unless you become the Light, and we all know that the Light becomes the Elements that are made up of Neutrinos and Light also known as Atoms, although most current science on Biology does not take into account that all Atoms are Energy and all those Microscopic Engines we call Cells, are being manipulated by the Trinary Light, so all Life is created by the Trinary Light, and that is the Magic of God who is All Light without Darkness, and this is Trinary Science, and IAM just a Wizard who is explaining the Magic of God in terms of Trinary Science that most people can understand if they really want to, but Scientist most not rely on Theories or Religion, just the Facts, and that is all I have done, IAM just explaining what is taking place, and I use no Theories or Religion to do so, I only describe what is happening in terms of Science and not Magic.

To test this Theory called Time Travel, we need to look at one Event, for simplicity we will have a button being pressed and a Light Bulb Lighting up, the time it takes the Light to be Lit and the Brain to acknowledge that as a fact takes Time, so Time and Space are terms that must describe this event, how much space is between the Button and the Light would be the first equation and the time it takes for the Electricity to travel the distance of that space, because if the space is short, very little time will take place between the time you press the button and the time your brain registers the event, so if Space is short, then Time is Short, but if we move the switch 1 Light Year away, and I push the button it will take 1 year for my brain to register the event, even though you would be board out of your mind and crazy if you had to sit there and hold the button down and look for the Light to shine: for one year which is the length of time it would take for the event to occur, it should be clear that Time is a Reference based on how far Light can travel through Space, so if the Space between them is Large, Time is Large, so to travel in time, you would have to wait till the Light lit, and then go back to the time before you pressed the Button, and then do not press the button and see if the Light ever lit the first time you pressed it, because you might create alternate time lines and multiple parallel Universes, which sounds confusing, but that is time travel: confusing; because the order the events happen, the event can not happen till after it took place, so all time travel would have to take place after the event, which makes sense because if it took place before the event it would be the Future, but if you went back in time and changed the event, it would be the future, since that is after the event but before it happens, so if time travel were possible then the future would not exist, because the past would have to travel before the future, causing a paradox, or a closed loop where time itself loops back on to itself for all eternity, as you try to go back in time to cause events not to happen in the future, thus destroying both at the same time... I hope that clears that up, because I do not want to try to explain that again, but I will... It is only possible to travel at the Speed of Light as Light and since you can only travel at the Speed of Light, you can never travel forward or backward in time, because the speed you travel at which is the Speed of Light, is a Constant and you would have to transform from one type of Energy into another, and even if you could do so, you could only travel at the Speed of Light, which in terms of Distance in Space, the Time is a Constant since its based on the Speed of Light over a given period like a Light Year.

Another aspect of Time Travel is Light Travel, as I proved above that Time and Light Travel are a Constant, in other words, the distance traveled in one Light Year can be measured in terms of the amount of Space and the Time it took to travel that distance, which is in terms of Frequency and Wavelength for every type of Element that makes up the spectra of Light, which depends on the type of Neutrino, since there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light, and the Guiding-Light, and contains both Light and Darkness and contains no mass: I call this type of Light Trinary Energy, which is the Guiding-Light that controls the flow of all Energy, so I must point out that most Science Fiction about Time Travel or Light Travel, in terms of Reality, is that you can not change the Speed of Light nor the Distance it can travel through Space, since that is always a Constant, some will think its still possible to travel at the Speed of Light, or even close to it, which the closest you can travel to the Speed of Light: depends on the Resonant Frequency of all subatomic Particles that make us the Objects attempting to travel at those speeds, so instead of spending a lot of time trying to build a machine that can travel near the speed of Light, you have other options: one would be to send the information about the object to a 3D printer, this printer is Magic at this point, but it will have the ability to print single Atoms, this would be easy for none living objects, the real Magic is to Print a living object, then transfer its Light or SOUL into that Object, so in effect, the Information travels at the Speed of Light, Cell Phones do that now, all you need to do is transmit the Blue Print for that Living Object, and with a little Magic, you can reanimate that object, thus cloning it, but at the same time you have to destroy the original copy in order to transform its Light from one form into another, and this is possible, but its only Magic that I can not explain, because I have no idea how to build such a machine to test this Theory, and that is all it is, is a Theory, and I find no interest in talking about Theories or Magic, that is still in the realm of Science Fiction.

Now let us look at what the event would be like if we were the Electricity traveling to the Light, and to do that, we must describe how a Single Electron Travels through a Medium, and that is based on its Frequency and Wavelength, at high frequencies the Energy will turn into Photonic Energy, and will not need a conducting wire to travel on, and even though traveling through space in a vacuum would seem like a clear path, it is full of space dust, gas and other things like Magnetic Energy and different forms of energy like Gama Radiation, Radio and even Brain Waves, so it is clear that this journey is going to be dangerous from the point of view of the Electron, because if you only fired one Electron into space over a large distance, it would be statistically more likely that it will never make it there, even in a wire, because it may run into some none conducting contaminate that got into the manufacturing of the wire and end up as a free valance around that atom, so if we try to transmit a person, which would be one way to travel in time, it is probable that they will be missing more than just a few Atoms once they reach their destination, so error correction routines will have to be in place to re-transmit the missing Electron or Photon, so keep this in mind as we take this journey, but if we want to take this journey with our own Atoms, then we need to use a Particle Beam Accelerator like the one that Nikola Tesla designed, but keep in mind that you have no way of doing any Error Correction, because you do not have any extra Atoms to re-transmit, so every time your Atom is interpreted on its path, that Atom is not going to show up at its destination, so you can never transmit Life Forms like Humans, because you could never ensure that the path is clean of all contaminates over a short distance, let a lone a long distance, because even the slightest amount of Electromagnetic interface can send an Atom off its course, let alone a Single Photon, so on the list of possibilities, Atomic level transportation of living beings will be on the possible but not probable list, its possible to build such a machine that could transport matter near the Speed of Light, but it could never guarantee it will show up intact with all its Atoms in the same place, but I can guarantee you that its Atoms and its Light will not Travel together using such a machine, because the Light is not Bound to the Atoms, it simply flows through them like water in a stream, the Light that is bound inside the Neutrino actually never moves, its point of creation is fixed in space, but as the Atom moves through Space, its Light Energy is flowing through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions in space, and all its energy flows back to the 0 dimension where the atom was first created, or the Light Wizzard changed its State back to 0 to change direction, such that the path it takes depends on many factors: including fluid dynamics and electromagnetic energy, so it would be impossible to transport living beings, and this logic is sound, if our SOUL is pure energy, as it is measured as Brainwaves, that energy is bound to our bodies like glue, break those bounds and the connect is severed, your body dies without its own Light, and although high voltage will help start the Heart, it will not bring back your SOUL, once it leaves the body, it will take some sort of Magic to bring it back to life, so this concept is as simple as the reasoning behind it, in order to teletransport living matter, you would have to disintegrate the life from, meaning to literally rip it into the Atoms that make up the Organism, and keep its current Charge intact, and then either shot it out of an Atomic Accelerator, which I already proved that is improbable due to error correction, or send a digital representation of it, so that a 3D printer on the other side could then print out the Atom exactly as it was in the living entity, and this is possible, but still improbable, because that Energy may be able to be Duplicated, but it will not be the same Energy, so the life form would not be the same person, but a duplicate or clone, not to mention that all Memories are Electronic or Light encoded in our cells in DNA, and that would be gone if you can not transmit it also, and in either case the original person would be dead, so the time travel would have to be defined in a way that deals with this paradox of possible verses probable, and then we have look for other methods of time travel, because we know we can not simply put a life form in a cannon, and that is how an Atomic Accelerator would behave as it shoot it near the speed of Light, because we all know that it would behave like a Shotgun, Atoms would scatter, and all objects traveling in open space, seem to have a limit of 666,666 miles an hour, which is just a number I made up, but very close to the truth, because all objects within a Galaxy very seldom travel faster than that speed, it is not the maximum speed, because objects can sling shot around a Sun to gain momentum, but they can not maintain it for long distances, just like our Sun, the fastest it will ever travel is about 666,666 miles an hour, and its traveling much slower than that now, but it will pick up speed as it heads towards the Galactic Plane, so trust me, even if you build a Spaceship fast enough to fly in front of the Sun, it will take a very long time to get 1 Light year away form it, and I must also point out that even if we could come up with a machine that could teletransport objects, it still would have the limitation of the speed of Light, so you could not travel forward of backward in time, because theoretically that would take a machine that can travel much faster than the speed of Light which has been proven to be a constant.

At the Cellular level Time Travel means that the Atoms that make up a Cell most stay intact and in the same basic configuration, but it is clear that not all the Atoms exist at the same time, because some of them are in the 0 Dimension, or Holy Ghost State of Invisibility, while others are in a negative State which is the Son, and the only State an Atom can be physically interacted with is in the 1 State, so it is only the Father that has a physical form, so no one comes to the Father except through God, and God is the Light without Darkness and is in the Atomic Structure, so disintegration will destroy the life form, and that is just a fact, you must be able to manipulate every atom in an object, and the only way to get to it, is to remove the atom in front of it, there is no way a machine like a CAT Scan or MRI would have the Resolution to detect every atom in a cell, currently it can not even detect single cells, only tissue, but the limitation is in the size of the detector, which is larger than an Atom, and that limit will never change, since you can not create a detector smaller than an Atom, so it can not replicate an object without knowing all its atomic structure, so a method known as Disintegration would be only required once, and then you could make multiple copies as long as you are doing it electronically, because if you are doing it by Atomic Acceleration that is another story, so we have now proven that Transmission Travel is possible, and has Limits, which is Speed of Travel of Atoms, which can be from the Speed of Light if electronic transmission of matter is used or if Atomic Acceleration is used we know that after 666,666 miles an hour, the atomic structure of all known elements will not be able to sustain that rate over a long distance, as I said it is not a Maximum, Atomic Accelerators can move atoms much faster for a short distance only, so you must set safe limits that can be achieved, this planet is proof of that concept, and it is traveling in time as we speak, so how much time can we travel in, given a distance in space, in terms of what most people would agree is time travel, so now let us deal with that question alone.

I must point out that Earth is a Spaceship, and possibly the only type that are capable of long term space travel, because of its mass and electromagnetic field that we can not live very long without, this may never change till we learn to build Trinary Engines, till then all I can talk about is Reality, and that Reality is that this Planet called Earth, has a Trinary Engine that is the Core of this Planet, and the Sun has a Trinary Engine, and the Sun Travels around the Galaxy as fast as it can, as does the Earth traveling around the Sun, and we can only send Man made spacecraft without any Living Entities on board to planets inside our Solar System, because of the amount of energy that would be required to send a spaceship outside our Solar System is out of our Technological ability at this time, but the concept of traveling in time is not new, it is the traveling back and forward in time as if time was a quantity and the universe was recorded like a Record that had a reverse and forward feature of time, when time itself is nothing but a reference to a concept of time passing, or how much time will pass, whereas we can record events in many ways, even in our memories we can go back in time and even look at the future as we think it might be, but this is not to be confused with Time Travel, which means that you can physically go back or forward in time and change events, I have even heard people tell stories how this is not only possible, but the government has been using this technology for years, because they got it from Aliens from outer space, and trust me this story never gets old, and these people actually believe it, which is Crazy, but true enough, but having worked for the Government, I can tell you that we do not have Aliens from outer space or Time Traveling Machines, so I do not wish to even include the possibility that I am wrong about that statement, I simply state it as a fact, so if that sounds Crazy, so be it, I said it, if God wanted you to travel to other Solar Systems, God would have created a Universe where this was possible, and not one where this is not possible due to the Gravity of the situation, because it would take a lot of energy to travel between Galaxies, so much that I would say it is not possible, yet we can travel around our solar system with ease, reality is great, I will try to keep it that way, we can not fly to the Moon in a space ship and live to talk about that experience, no one ever has, that was just a Dream that some Dark Wizard Dreamt, and it is why only Dead Presidents are printed on Money, because only the Banks are allowed to Print Money, not Congress, so it is a Government Trick to get another country to invest in space travel, but Tricks are things Wizards do, so this was a Dark Wizards Trick, reality is that space is a very dangerous place to travel, our fragile brains would be burned by the cosmic radiation of the Sun once we left the protection of our Planets Electromagnetic Force Field, which is also known as the Van Allen Belt, but that name has no meaning in Science, so I simply call it a Force Field, so we can send unmanned space craft, but we have no Alien from outer space technology that allows us to defy the Laws of Physics, so reality kicks in, and real science can be discussed.

Time Travel is a misconception at best, because if you think for a moment that you can travel back in time and kill yourself, you are insane, because of the very physics of what is required to travel that far back in time, because if Time is distance traveled from the point of time the button was pushed and the time the Light lit, then the farthest you could go back in time would be a measurement of how much faster you arrived at the destination point which is the Light in this case, and while time never stops, this number will always be a positive number, no matter how fast you travel, even if it was possible to travel faster than the speed of Light, it would still be a positive number and no magic will change that fact, you are always moving forward in time and using smaller references for time will not change that, so a microsecond or an attosecond will always pass by in a forward direction since the numbers will always be positive numbers and they are adding up the passage of time, and not creating portals to the future, so in Reality how we travel in time is just a misconception, because we can not travel backward in time, because time never stops, and we can not travel forward in time because of the same reason, so time is only at the moment, so the Start time will always be smaller than the Stop time and the present is always in that moment in time we call now, so it will always be at whatever value it is at that time regardless of how fast or slow you travel, so maybe there is another way to travel in time besides using magic, and that would be to define Time Travel in a more Realistic way.

he Earth Rotates around 1,042 MPH while it Orbits the Sun around a Maximum speed of 66,666 MPH, while the Sun rotates around 4,420 MPH, while the Solar System Orbits around a maximum speed of 666,666 MPH around the Galaxy, and of course the Galaxy travels through the Universe at the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 MPH, so the closest you can get to traveling at the Speed of Light Safely is about 669,949,963 MPH short of what you need, and these figures are based on Maximum safe speeds for Matter transportation and not Electronic Transmission, so now for an example of how far back in time that will get us: If we push the button on the switch to a Light, and then take off at maximum speed of that Ship, let us say 666,666 MPH, and flew around the Planet once, that would be 666,666 – 24,902 for the circumstance of Earth, and then you would have to take into account that it is spinning around 1,042 MPH, so it would matter which direction the Ship was traveling, so let us us limit the time to let us say 1 hour, because anymore then that is insane, because everyone in the ship is already dead from the gravity generated by the spaceship to get to this speed, so you will only survive this if you have a Gravity Force Field to protect you, such as this planet provides, but the fact is that no matter how fast the ship flies, from the surface of the planet you could see the effects of such a flight, because its in Real Time, going faster does not Change time, it only changes the amount of time it takes to get from point A to point B, and if you traveled the distance like an Electron on a wire, you will note that the distance is always the same no matter how fast you travel, so traveling the speed of Light, and then half way through the journey you turn on a flash light and point it at Point B, the Light will still travel there at the Speed of Light, and will arrive at the same time, and there is no way of changing the laws of physics, these speeds are constant, that is the way the Universe works, and its because the Frequency of Light verses its Wavelength can never change states any faster than that speed, and its why it is a constant.

So did I answer the Question about whether Time Travel is Possible? Yes, but it depends on how you define Time Travel, in Time is possible, without breaking the Laws of Physics, but to go Forward or Backward in Time is Not, an Atom can not be accelerated fast enough to change Time, and the greater the distance the more impossible it gets, as if that were possible, so any talk about this subject as if it were Possible, is only a subject for Science Fiction and that is where it should be, just a Theory, because I just proved it is not Possible under any circumstance, because we can not Transmit human Life in an Atomic State, disintegrating them and then integrating them back into the same life form, because you can not Create nor Destroy Energy, you can only transform it from one form into another, and in doing so you would lose that Energy called Light, because it is as unique as our Soul in this Universe, you can clone a Sheep, but it is not the same Sheep, it is just a Clone, it would not have the same Memories, nor would it live the same life over.

The Logic of Time Travel is simple: if you invent a Time Machine, then the Present becomes the past the first time you go back in time and that is why you can not go forward in time, because that Future does not exist yet, so how can the present become the past if the future does not exist, so yesterday becomes today, and tomorrow is now further back in time, because it already happened when I went back in time, this paradox is something you can not get out of once you invented the Time Machine, which proves everything Albert Einstein said was Science Fiction, because he even said that a Paradox can not exist in any Reality other than Science Fiction, so he wrote all these books to prove it, and no one understood why, it was not to prove it was possible, but to prove it was not possible, So Einstein believed in the Newtonian Universe as I do, its only Main Stream Media that wanted God out of the creation of the Universe that tried to make this Science Fiction real Science, but Einstein renounced his believe in his own Theories, and that is a Fact on record, he did not believe his own Theories.

Black-Holes and Worm-Holes are one of the Greatest Science Fiction tales of all time, and the biggest lie of all time. Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is all based on one Paradox after another, knowing that such Paradox's can not exist in Reality, for example: according to Newton Gravity was caused by God since God is the Force in all his Equations, which to him God was just another name for the Light without Darkness, so the concept of the Light is that Space has 4 Dimensions: 0, 1, 2, and 3 dimension (note that the 0 Dimension is actually the lack of any Dimensions, so it does not physically exist in Space, but it exist without any Space in it), and that every Atom must be moved by a State change of the Light, so every Atom is regulated by the Light, its Frequency verses its Wavelength, using Newtonian Math you can prove this to be true, and since the Light created Gravity, a Black-Hole or Worm-Hole could never exist, because the concept is that it has so much Gravity that Light can not escape, the theory is that it defies the Laws of Physics and compresses all the Empty space into a Singularity, and the Big Bang theory states that the entire Universe expanded out of this Singularity, so the idea is that eventually the whole Universe can be sucked back into one of these Black-Holes, and that these Black-Holes can fold space and create a Worm-Hole, such that the space between two distant points become the same space, that is called a paradox, because according to Einstein, Gravity is caused by Curvature's in the Fabric of Space and Time, where Space is a 3 dimensional area Also Known as Normal Space, meaning it has width, depth and height, and a place where matter exist, it can be in the Atmosphere of a Planet like Earth, and the Planet itself can be in this space, or it could be in the Vacuum of Open or Outer Space, meaning a chamber that contains a vacuum or Space outside a Planets Atmosphere, where Normal Space is assumed to be empty and is defined at the Subatomic or Quantum Level of Science, it is an area that is not occupied by an Atom or other types of matter, and includes the space between and Atoms Nucleus and Valence Electrons, and even the space between its protons and neutrons, it simply refers to the space that is not physically occupied by Matter of any kind, although Real Space is not like that, even in the Vacuum of Outer Space, there are Micrometeorites or Space Dust, and other matter, including gas, and other types of Energy that flow through it. Einstein said that this Fabric of Space is Curved, as such, it creates a mechanical means for Atoms to follow the curvature of such space, and that Time was just part of Space, and it too could be Curved to allow it to fold back on to itself, forming a Worm-Hole, which is a special type of Black-Hole, and is Key to Time Travel, but we have already discussed how all Atoms in the Universe travel, you can verify this under a microscope, every time an Atom moves, there is a corresponding change in the State of the Light around the Atom, because in the 0 Dimension, it is the very center of the Mass of the Nucleolus, which includes the centers of all its protons, neutrons, and electrons, this space is called Null Space, because it has No Dimensions, Space can exist there, and it is where all Energy from the Atom – flows from, so it is like a Floating Ground, and it is linked to the 0 Dimension as a whole (not hole, not to make a pun about Black Holes), but it does appear to be a hole in the fact that it can not be seen, but in fact as a whole, meaning that the 0 Dimension fills 100% of the Space in normal Space, so it is everywhere in the universe at the same time, it is infinite and exist as pure energy, so instead of thinking of it as a microscopic spec so small that you can not see it, think of it as so vast that it can not be seen, because you are looking at it all the time and do not see it, nor do you interact with it, because its Null Space, so it has no Dimensions to see or touch, all Matter is Subatomic Particles known as Neutrinos.

From the viewpoint of Null Space, it can only see the 1st Dimension, so all its Energy flows through it, so the 1st Dimension most control the flow of that Energy through the 2nd Dimension, because this is the only Dimension it can see, since it can not see the 0 Dimension for the same reason we can not, it has no dimensions to see, it is just a Floating Ground that energy can only flow from and never to, so the 1st dimension can only see the 2nd Dimension, so it must make the changes to the 3rd Dimension, and the 1st Dimension knows what changes are made and can keep track of them in the 2nd Dimension, it has a known law of physics, which dictate how all energy flows from it, we can call it Electronics, and look at Circuits, or we can examine a Living Life form, and look at all its cells, and discover these laws for ourselves, and we will realize that every Atom in the Universe is governed by the Laws of Trinary Energy, so it is the State changes of the Light that cause Gravity, and we all know there is no Curvature in Space, so why lie about it being there, that is not a theory, it does not exist, and has been proven to not exist, so it is a fact, therefore Curvature in Space is Science Fiction, so the Emperor has no cloths, and Newtons Math proved that it is the Light that is causing Gravity, and it is very predictable.

So Black-Holes, Worm-Holes, and any Curvature of the Space Time Fabric of Space has all been a Lie, the biggest hoax of the Century in fact, so what was the Purpose of such deception? To keep people in the Dark, and that is why for Thousands of years, the search for the Truth was outlawed, and Wizards were hunted down and murdered for the pursuit of knowledge about Energy, when the Bible talks about how advanced our Society once was, until Moses destroyed the Pyramids and used the Arc Light, Also Known As an Atomic Bomb, which were used over time to destroy Cities like: Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, so this was not a coincidence, the Church was trying to stop the Human Race from destroying itself again, they just went about it the wrong way, they thought that by Destroying these Wizards that normal people would live in Darkness and be happy to serve the Church and its Will over them, so they used Religion and Money to control them and their Technology, and nothing will ever change that till People wake up to the Real Science, and it was hidden in plain view in the Bible, just read it and do not read into it.

Science is based on Facts, Science Fiction is based on Theories never proven to be the Truth, Trinary Science is based on Facts, it only describes what is taking place in Reality, the fact that God is All Light without Darkness is the bases of Science and not Religion, the Darkness is the Light we see, its all the Colors of the Rainbow, the Light without Darkness is controlling the Darkness, its what I call Trinary Energy, which is Light we can not see, but we can observe its effect on all Matter and Antimatter… As a Child I called this Light without Darkness: Noise; sitting in front of a Window and watching the White Light from the Sun shine through the Window, I observed particles of Dust interact with this White Noise that is present in the background of our Universe, its everywhere and controls everything, its what I call the Light Wizzard, this is Science at its best, observation and recorded Stated Changes that can be proven to be real, Trinary Energy is what the Light Wizzard is made of, and since its just Light without Darkness, its also known as God, so this Science is very Old, and is a fact based on current observations based on Atomic State Changes using the newest technology, so its not a Theory, its been proven to be the Truth about Science at the Subatomic level.


Sub Chapter 1.15: Belief System (BS)

Everyone has a Belief System, also known as BS for short, and regardless of the other acronyms for BS, its meaning does not change, and it governs the way everyone thinks, and it will stop most people from making it beyond this point in this Document, because some people do not believe that God is Real, which is because of the belief in a Deity or other beliefs to numerous to mention, and this is something I have never understood, when I ask people why, they start talking to me irrationally, bringing up Religion as if the Bible has anything to do with Religion, the Bible is just a book with Words written in its Pages, and those words are very clear if you just read them and not read into them, even in the Bible Jesus spook against the Church and the use of Money, and was Murdered for that very belief, and he only spoke about God being Light, yet this seems to be as far as most people will make it when it comes to believing that Trinary Energy is real, even though it is a Scientific Principle that is fully excepted into the Scientific Community, just call it God's Particle and everyone is fine with the idea, but change the name and it has no meaning to them anymore, call it White Noise and people think you are Crazy, and call it God and most people think you are Insane, and its all due to peoples Belief System or their BS .

Those that understand this will just have to get passed my little speech about getting over the fact that God in the Bible is Real, and they are talking about Light or Electricity, because Electricity is just Light at a different Frequency, and Lightning contains both Light and Electricity, so why disagree over the words I use, and that is why I renamed it in the First place, because people can not get over it, their Belief System is more important than the Truth, and those that believe in Einstein are no different, because this concept goes against everything that Einstein said, even though he himself believed in Sir Isaac Newtons teachings, it makes you wonder why he wrote the books at all, and it was for Money, and Nikola Tesla told you that he has no need for Money, nor do I, but that is just our Belief System, because we believe in God and not Money, we Trust in God and not in Money, and believe it does not matter how you explain it or what words you used to explain it, it must reflect reality, and Trinary Energy explains this Reality, because it is what is happening no matter how you try to explain it, or what you call it, words are just Spells to a Wizard, spelling to everyone else, so its BS .

Religion separates people more than it unites them, mob mentality is the number one motivator in a crowd of angry people, and those that believe in Religion are the first to Fight for their BS, those that believe in Christ stopped believing in Sir Isaac Newton, yet they still use his math, so they do not live in Reality, instead they create a Reality that supports their community of other like minds, so when the Christians found out that Newton discovered that the Bible was altered in the 3rd century by inserting Christ, well that went against their BS, so they found a new Science Messiah to follow, and that was Albert Einstein, so the Christians were fast to adopt this new Godless Science of Einsteins because the Science of Newton was based on Jesus not having a Christ, so there was only one Jesus in the Bible instead of two, so Religion was the reason why the Dynamic Universe took over Science, so that Science could be based on a Godless Universe instead of a Universe without a Deity, because the belief in Christ was more important than God, so when it comes to Science, only BS matters, so believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe if want, but do not let it get in the way of the Truth or Reality, put your BS aside and try to understand the Trinary Universe, also known as Trinity or Newtonian Universe.

An Introduction must introduce you to the Concept that you want to put forth as an Original Idea, and so far, Trinary Energy is not an Original Idea, in fact it comes straight out of the Bible, and was taught by many over the years, so all I am doing is defining what it is, so you will understand how it fits into the Trinary Universe, because overall my original idea is the Trinary Engine that powers the Universe, and I am the only one to this date and time that has come up with such a concept as this, but you must first understand how Energy actually works, and main stream's version of Electronics is not fully correct without the underlying concept of Trinary Energy, because nowhere in that documentation will you find that God is Light and Light is Electricity at a different Frequency, not even close, in fact, the concept that God is controlling all the Energy in the Universe, would seem like an Insane thought, but at the Cellular Level it can be proven that this Energy is in fact controlling all the Atoms in the Universe, and it would be insane to deny this fact, so the Concept of Trinary Energy takes on a whole new meaning then just the Word God or Allah, because that word means many things to many people, and no one will ever agree on what that actually means, so call this Energy whatever you want to call it, and I will call it Trinary Energy so we can get on with this Introduction.

After the Introduction I will break each aspect of the Trinary Universe into separate Chapters, so I can make sure that you fully understand all the ramifications of the Trinary Universe, so now I will tell you what I am going to tale you so you can see the big picture, before I break it down into finer details to fully explain this concept.


Sub Chapter 1.16: Empirical Evidence: What side are you on?

I talk about Empirical Evidence as if everyone should know what it means, but as my Cousin Isaac Newton pointed out that all Humans live in Shades of Grey, and they are incapable of Living in the Light with no Darkness, nor can they Live in the Darkness with no Light, because there can be no Light without the Darkness, so the inverse is true as Empirical Evidence, so Isaac said that people can be categorized as being between Light and Dark in Shades of Grey, and because Empirical Evidence is explained differently depending on what side or Color in the Shades of Grey a person is will create Paradox's in Science, because one person is Wrong and the other is Right, so we must fine a way to define Empirical Evidence without the Shades of Grey redefining what this Word or Spell means, so its an explanation in Shades of Truth, because its never everyone's Truth because everyone is not on the same side as the Empirical Evidence, so all anyone can do is agree disagree on anything and if we happen to agree on anything does not mean we agree with everything, so Reality is somewhere in between these Shades of Grey, regardless of what side you are on.

The Lightside tips the scale to the Right side, and the Darkside tips the scale to the Left side, notice I did not say the Wrong side, because this is a Scale, it does not define what is Right or Wrong, just what makes something Light or Dark, and that is very well defined by the way the two sides use Logic and Reasoning to define Empirical Evidence, so the Lightside will always explain everything in terms of Light, whereas the Darkside will always define things in terms of Theories or Emotions and will always redefine what Light is to fit their argument, because that is what the Darkside likes to do, which is to argue about what Empirical Evidence is, and they will go to any length to prove that point, because they use Theories and Emotions to make all their arguments, whereas the Lightside states all its Evidence in terms of the Light without any Emotions or Theories, and is very clear how they define the Light, but the Darkside does not care who is Right, so they discredit and dishonor those in the Light not so they can be Right, but so they can be Left, and to the Lightside this is Wrong, so the argument has no Winners, only losers in the Shades of Grey, so its best to understand the difference, and try to Live in the Light and be Evil in the Darkness, so when you are in between the Light and the Dark you will know what the difference is, so you become the Grey Wizard, not as Wise as the White Wizard, but not as Evil as the Dark Wizard.

Sir Isaac Newton was on the Lightside, as were all the Wizards I call Light Wizards, but they also had a Darkside, as do all of us, so they are also Dark Wizards and live in all the Shades of Grey, so at times Newton was the Dark Wizard and he allowed his Emotions to cloud his Logic and Reasoning, but he always came back to the Lightside, and only tried to argue his points using the Light, and that is what Franklin and Tesla said was a value they lived for, it influenced their lives to the point that all they ever talked about was the Light or on the Lightside, and to make an argument against them using the Emotions of Darkness or Theories to make your point, will cause these men to defend their Honor, because to disagree with them means you disagree with Empirical Evidence, which is the very foundation of their reality, and since they only talk in terms of the Light, everything they say or defend is in that Light, as if the Darkness would allow that... I know because that is the way IAM, and being an Autistic has nothing to do with it, its just a coincidence that all these Wizards I talk about had it, and just because it might be a trait that is passed on from one generation to the next may also be a coincidence, as was my ancestry, but Empirical Evidence is based on Facts, and its a fact that these Wizards I talk about were all Ashkenazic Aspies with high IQ's, those hating Ashkenazi's, Aspies, or even people with high IQ's will argue this point because they are in the Darkside, Science can use DNA and other Empirical Evidence like Birth Certificates to prove what is Real, so the Lightside states it as a fact and the Darkside argues its just a coincident without knowing if its even the truth, because the Truth does not matter to them as much as being Right, so its all a viewpoint of either side, whereas the Spells I use to explain things in terms that should be neutral of Colors of Grey: in terms of Empirical Evidence so that we can all Live in the same Reality, but the Darkside will never see the Light so they will argue this point because they think its acceptable to live in the Darkness and call it the Light and that is why the Darkside is all based on Theories and Darkside Emotions, so trust me, when anyone argues with Me, my Darkside comes out, and its my Darkside Emotions that I can not deal with like Normal People, Aspies are better off without Emotions, because Emotions just confuse them, so call it an Aspie Meltdown or a PTSD attack, I will defend Reality with my last breath, and if I have to die in the Process so be it, I would rather be dead then to have to be Evil in the Darkness in the land of Free Dumb, because I only want to Live in Freedom in the Light, so keep your Emotions and Darkside Theories to yourself at all times, I do not care to engage in them as Reality, because Emotions and Theories have nothing to do with Reality unless you make it and doing so is Evil so its in the Darkness, but if you want to talk about Science Fiction then make sure we are both on the same understanding about but what Theory or Emotion we are talking about, do this and we will never have a fight as long as you follow all the rules of that theory and do not make up your own just to support your Theory, because I tale no Theories unless I have to because I can not prove something any other way, so I admit that its Science Fiction until proven otherwise and I only care about your theories if we can agree its just a Theory and not Reality, well that is not always true about arguing about it, arguing is a very Darkside Emotion that is impossible to get rid of, because my Darkside loves to Fight, I would not be a Disabled Gulf War Vet if it did not, so Wizards take Empirical Evidence very Serious, and are willing to fight to the death to prove it, because people who do not agree with me are calling the Other Wizards Liars as well, and they are worth fighting for, so unless you are willing not to use all the Math, Electricity and Art, including the Music of these Wizards in your Godless Universe, and that includes all the scientific achievements that came from that Math, Electricity or Art or even Music, because they were all based on the Light of God and do not work at all in a Godless Universe, because that is what Einstein even said, and why he said he only believed in Newtons work, because without the Life that you are Living would not exist, and that too is a fact that the Darkside can never change, and once they agree to these terms, the Darkside is over, and there will be two types of Science, Real Science, and Main Streams Theoretical Science, then the two can learn to live together in Harmony, because we need the Light and the Dark to live in Harmony, but this Reality of present day is not Harmony at all, its just the Darkside taking over and pretending that the Darkness does not exist, thinking that they know what the Light is, because in the Darkness everything brighter appears to be the Light, and by their definition of what Light is, the though that if they were Right about it, they would be instantly killed by the simple task of turning on a Light, because that Light is being shot out of the Light bulb like a bullet out of a Gun, and that would be lethal, so the Darkside has no concept about Reality, or how dangerous their Theories really are, which makes good entertainment for Stupid Movies, and people like Stupid movies, personally I like intelligent movies, so we are all different, so to live in Harmony we must come to an understanding about what we are going to call Reality, and what we are going to call Science Fiction.

Empirical Evidence are things that can be proven to exist and has nothing to do with how we explain their existence, and this removes all the Colors of Grey from how we view Empirical Evidence, so its unbiased, with no explanation these things exist and will behave in a very predictable way, so the explanation for Empirical Evidence is always explained in Shades of Grey, and IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in between, so its all from the viewpoint of the Wizard with one Z, does this explanation unfold, so now we must define the Scale for the Lightside to use for the explanation in terms of the Light, which means that its all based on Empirical Evidence, whereas the Darkside will base their explanation in terms of Theories and Emotions, but keep in mind that the Lightside still has Darkness in them, so Theories and Emotions are hard to keep out of an argument and they know the Darkness exist in them, so they have to remind themselves to stick to the Facts, and those Facts are the Empirical Evidence I talk about, so we need to be very clear about who we call being in the Lightside and those being in the Darkside, because the Darkside will always think its in the Light, because they always want to be Left, meaning that they win the argument even if they have to kill you to do so, so the Darkside is always at War, as for me, a Disabled Gulf War Veteran, well I have a hard time staying in the Light, so I try not to hide my Darkside, I embrace it with just as much effort, because I know that the Lightside is not stronger then the Darkside, Empirical Evidence proves they are both both Energy, the Light is energy with no Darkness and the Dark is energy with no Light, so the two are bound by every Atom, Proton, Neutron, Electron or any other Particle with the exception of Neutrinos that actually bind them together, so this explanation is based on Empirical Evidence and not Shades of Grey, and its the only thing you use to explain the Universe because its the only thing that the Universe is made of, and what tips the Scale either way is the persons Belief System or BS, which is a Darkside Emotion only, because the farther into the Lightside you go, the Less Emotions you use to explain things, whereas the Darkside will use Emotions or Theories to tip the Scale in their favor, and will ignore the Light the deeper into the Darkness they go, so the two sides are always arguing about something, and most people argue with themselves, for example: Religious People who believe that God is a Deity, or none Religious People who believe God is a Spirit, actually do not believe that God is real, so they can easily be swayed to believe that the Godless Dynamic Universe exist in Reality, because that is the Definition of this word called Deity or Spirit, and its spelled out and defined in the Dictionary, so we have to at least agree on what Spells mean before we can even argue, but most people on the Darkside use Emotions, and ignorance to what Spells even mean, and they will go so far as to deny that Spells are even Real, or Wizards that define Spells, and dismiss them as Fairy Tales, because Ignorance always Rules the Darksides Emotions, because the word Reality has no meaning to people in the Darkside, because their Emotions are more important to them then the Truth, so they argue what Light is, because the Bible said God is all Light with no Darkness, and Newton proved there can be no Light without the Darkness, so the the Darkside is easy to determine, because if you use Emotions or Theories to define Empirical Evidence then you are in the Darkside, and it does not matter if you say you are in the Light, because the Universe does not Judge you, only you can Judge yourself, because the Judgments others made against you will never change the Fact that the Universe never Judges you, so the Judgment of others has no meaning to the Universe only to you, because it feeds your ego, and the Lightside has no need of ego or Emotions, and Theories means its not Proven to explain the Empirical Evidence, so to keep Science Real, only explanations that are void of Darkness can be allowed to be called Real Science, Theories are Science Fiction, and my Darkside loves Science Fiction, just not in my Science, so we can all agree that we have Theoretical Science and Real Science, so we must all agree on the rules of this Game we call Science, because its all a Game if we are allowed to use Theories or Emotions to explain it, so if Main Stream Science is based on the Darksides Theories or Emotions then we must define Main Stream Science as Science Fiction, so let the Games begin, so what side are you on?


Sub Chapter 1.17: The Big Picture

This White Noise Also Known As White Light is what I call Trinary Energy. White Light normally refers to Sunshine, but it is much more than that, because the Light is everywhere in the Universe, and it is not just Sun Light, and can be broken down into two words: Trinary means it has a 3 State Logic, and I call it Energy because that is what it is, and it exists only in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, nothing exist in the 0 Dimension, we will talk about Dimensions later on, but the concept is very simple, you have 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dimensions, and 3 dimensions are known as normal space with: width, depth and height, and every Atom in the Universe exist in all 4 dimensions at some point and time, 4 dimensions includes the 0 dimension where nothing exist, but it is clear that all Energy originates from there, so even though it does not exist, it must originate from there, even if that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, and why it is called the Holy Ghost or Spirit, and the truth is that I have no idea how this dimension works, because I can not see it, so I must have faith that the Light or God exist in this place, but it is a fact that it does exist because it does not exist, confusing at first, but true enough in logic, so to be very clear about it, I had to create a name for it, but to describe it we must look at each element of that White Noise, as if it is a Pixel on a computer screen, it exists, but only as a reference, it can be scaled up or down, but no matter how much you magnify it, it seems like it needs to be magnified more to see it. If we look under an Electron Microscope, we can see this Same White Noise, so it is not just Electronics that is creating it, it is just magnifying what we are seeing, which is why we did the experiment to prove this, but what are we looking at?

A simple observation would be that it has 3 State changes, one in which it appears to be it is brightest, another where it moves to a completely different location and appears to be less bright or darker, and then it just disappears, which is all observable and verifiable, in fact it has been known since at least 1931 when they first took credit for discovering it, but Newton said it was known since the Bible was written, so this is all the proof I have to offer, in fact, this will never change a hundred years from now, because it is just a fact, so naming it should not change this fact, so I assert that this Trinary Energy is a phenomenon that can be observed with the Naked eye, or any other device that can record this White Noise. I have to be very clear on this point, because it is the basis for my whole dissertation.

Trinary Energy, is just another form of Energy, but it is not in the 3rd Dimension at all times, we will get to that later, so it refers to a 3 State Element which I will refer to these States as: Table 1.1: Trinary Energy State Names

  1. Light or Matter State and give it a Value of 1, and call it the Father.
  2. Dark or Antimatter State and give it a Value of -1, and call it the Son.
  3. Null Space or 0 State and give it a Value of 0, and call it the Holy Ghost.
Table 1.1: Trinary Energy State Names

Mathematically it has a Constant Relationship of 1 + (-1) = 0, not to imply it can be added together, but rather when you see the 1, then it changes to -1, then it changes to 0, and the order does not matter, since it can only be in one state at a time, and when in either the 1 or -1 States it can be seen, whereas 0 State can not be seen, so this is a Logical Mathematical formula, the 1 plus the -1 is equal to 0, meaning it takes both the 1 and -1 to be equal to 0, so it is a Logic Primer.

The word Trinary refers to the 3 States as Logical States, 1, -1 and 0, Trinity teaches the same concept, the Father, Son, and Holly Ghost or Spirit, but also has Religious undertone, so the word Trinary itself is very descriptive, and even though you might not find the word in many Dictionaries, the word is just an extension of the word Binary, which means a 2 State Logic system based on 1 and 0, whereas Trinary is a 3 State Logic system based on 1, -1 and 0, the 1 and 0 are the same logic types, and the -1 is not Fuzzy Logic, but the opposite value of 1, 1 is true, -1 is true, so the logic is the same, but 1 is Light, -1 is Dark, so it is represented differently, because 1 represents an Atom or Photon in its Brightest or Light State, and -1 represents an Atom or Photon in its Dark State.

The Math 1 + (-1) = 0 goes back way before Sir Isaac Newtons time, but he talked about it as if it was an accepted fact, if you add the Light to the Dark its color value would be 0, the logic for this is simple, the Suns Light contains every color in the Rainbow, so it is the Darkness, so you can see the Light and you can see the Darkness, as we proved above, so when these two are added together they cancel each other out, so you are left with 0, which means there is no Light or Darkness, and the same is true for Matter and Antimatter, they both cancel each other out and leave you with nothing or a 0 value known as Null or Empty, so the Math works for Light which is Electromagnetic Force, and Atoms which is Matter. It took me many years to understand this simple concept, because I was looking at it like a Normal Math problem, but one day it dawned on me that it was 3 Dimensional Math, and everything changed for me, my life would never be the same after that, image learning something so fundamental to understanding Sir Isaac Newtons Math, then by understanding his Logic Primer, at the time I was 9 years old, after that I lost all interest in anything other than this one thought, and when no one was looking I would stare into this Light and apply the Math, and it worked, and to this day I can not see without noticing this.

Newton was very Intelligent, but he hated when anyone disagreed with him, he would become very upset, so he would never print anything he could not prove, so this Math never made it to the Printer, and those that knew about it, did not do well to disagree with him on this formula, because it was the Primer for all his Math, so to disagree with him on this point, was to disagree with all his Work, people like his nemesis Robert Hooke and his close friend Edmond Halley did not understand his Primer, so he never talked about it again to anyone, and if it was not for the fact that I read one of his notes where it was written, I would have never had known this, and if it was not for the fact that I too am an Aspie, and hate it when people disagree with me, I might have never understood it anymore then Halley did, so it was clear that Newton thought that everyone must think the same way he did, but as it turns out only 1 in 100 people have any form of Autism today, but in his time that number was more like 1 in 10,000, and having the same type of Autism or Spectrum is even rarer, but I too do not like to have my Printed Ideas attacked, and I will defend them, but first I must defend Newtons work, because the only way Newton thought he could prove that the Light was controlling all the Elements in the Universe was by dissolving the dimensions away, so he spent the rest of his life working in Alchemy on doing just that, it was called looking for the Philosophers Stone, because it could transform one type of Compound into another, he though this was the only way to solve this problem and would not look into others, because he was so sure he was right, so it occurred to me that Alchemy was not the Answer, and Mercury should be used with extreme caution, this is called learning from others mistakes, so instead of Chemically dissolving the Dimension, I changed my view of Life being based on Chemical Reactions, to our DNA Codes being built by Trinary Energy and not Chemical Reactions, and years of research on the Science of Biology at the Subatomic Level, so standing of the Shoulders of Giants, I was able to see Further into Smaller or closer, so I could actually see Microscopic Engines, that are in no doubt in my mind under intelligent control, and this is not based on Chemical Reactions, in fact the Chemicals are only there so that the Trinary Energy can Control it efficiently, it is Chemical Compounds that allow this type of Energy to manipulate it mechanically so when the States change from 0 to 1 or -1, a mechanical movement in let us say a pump chamber that seems to spin in a circle, it is clear that these state changes take place and are in sync with the motion, enough to explain how they spin, because even if that Energy is like Electricity, meaning it uses Electrons to orbit around an Atom, this Math still applies, as I will prove below, because what I am saying is that our body is built like a biological robot, it requires Electromagnetic Force of many types: Magnetism, Electricity, and Ion, so the body must create its own power, and it has a Computer for a Brain, only the brain has no way of Storing Data in it, all it has are pointers to a memory, which means that Memory is stored in Space and not physically in the body, but as a computer chip would store state changes with Electricity, so does our Brain, it is the Medium that Light and Energy is Transmitted on, and once I started thinking like that, I knew that the only explanation could be that these Dimensions are not accessible to Dimensions above it, so the 3rd Dimension could never interact with the 2nd, 1st or 0 Dimension, but starting at the 0 Dimension, they could interact with the dimension above it, up to the 3rd Dimension. So it took Science over 333 years to finally figure out the Mystery of the Universe, even though it was known as far back as the Bible, and it all comes down to one simple Math Formula, proving the Universe is very simple once you understand it, so for now, this is the Only Mathematical Formula I will add back to Newtons work, since it was older than his work, I do not know who to give credit, so I give it to the Bible, which is why Newton spent all his time researching this very subject, and why I believe that the Bible is the Truth about Science, so this formula can be called Trinity or Trinary Logic Primer.

I refer to Dimensions only as Physical Dimensions, starting with the 3rd Dimension, it has Width, Height, and Depth, or x, y and z, so it has 3 Dimensions, if you remove one of those Dimensions, it is no longer in Normal Space, meaning 3 Dimensional Space, nor does it follow the Rules for 3 Dimensional Space, so references to Width, Height, and Depth have no meaning, nor does Time, because there is no Dimension for Time, since it requires 3 Dimensions to track the passage of time, since it is only a reference, which oddly enough Newton referred to as a reference to how many particles from a straight line of White Light, which also correlates to how many Atoms would pass by during that same time frame, so imagine a horizontal line or Medium in: Illustration 1.7: Time Line below, and imagine that the Yellow dots are Light Photons, and the spacing between the vertical lines: represent a unit of measurement so we can measure the passage of time as the Photons pass by the Measurement lines, let us say from Left to Right, so it is a physical measurement of a known quantity, over a period of what is known as Time, so if I push the button on a switch twice, the distance that Light can travel in between pushes can be measured, so if it is 10, we can say 10 units of time passed between pushes, so it is only a reference to 3 Dimensional Space, so it only works if you have width, depth and height, so in this Time Line we see Yellow dots that represent Photons as they travel across the time line increments that are measured in attoseconds, which I have no idea if this is true, but it is the only known time measurement that comes close, but I will define it mathematically later on, but let us pretend it is the smallest measurement of time possible, it is based on the Speed of Light, and is the highest frequency of Energy, so in 9 attoseconds, we measure the passage of distance in space, so Time is a reference to how many units pass, so in 1 second 1.0 × 10-18 units will pass, but in reality, 1 attosecond is the time it takes for Light to travel the length of 3 hydrogen atoms, so I would have to create a new time frame to describe it more accurately, so I will call it Trinary Time, each interval represents the time it takes for Light to travel the distance between two Electrons that orbits a Hydrogen Atom, and not the Atom itself, but the distance between two atoms, the closes they can come to touching, and its about 10-66, this is the closet number I can calculate that comes close, but this was not a measurement I could make with a machine, it was a study of countless photos of Hydrogen Atoms under the most powerful microscopic images I had available to me at the time I was studying this, but there is new research, but I have no access to such evidence, so I have to make a guess, and it came down to 10-65 is too large and 10-67 is too small.

Time Line
Illustration 1.7: Time Line

The exact distance a photon can travel in 1 second is about 186,282 miles, time on this scale is hard to imagine, so would the ruler you would need to measure it, but in Science we may have the need to measure how long it takes for an Electron to orbit around an Atom, or how long it takes for an Electron to get from one atom to the next, so the need to think about Light Travel is a very real Science, but when dealing with Trinary Energy, the scale of density is much smaller than an Electron by an order of magnitude, and currently science is not advanced enough to measure the width of 1 Trinary Energy Element, and I call it an Element because it is 1 Unit, and it is so small that under the highest magnification it appears solid due to the resolution of the equipment, so it is not possible to guess at how small something is if you can not see it to begin with, but we do know that it has a frequency, but we do not know exactly what it is, because it crosses many spectra of Light, and each has its own frequency and wavelength, so we can conclude that what ever these frequencies are, they are natural background radiation, we have been monitoring them for years now, so we know exactly what all the Frequencies and Wavelengths are, because its full spectrum, all the Light travels together as a whole, yet their wavelength are different, so let us do the math: Table 1.2: Relationship of the Speed of Light with Frequency and Wavelength

Table 1.2: Relationship of the Speed of Light with Frequency and Wavelength

All Electromagnet waves travel at the Speed of Light so it makes this calculation very straightforward, yet we look at the Trinary Energy, which is not Electricity or Photonic in Nature, its just White Noise, it has State Changes, but it has no Energy, well none that we can measure or know how to measure, stick an energy meter into thin air or the vacuum of space and see if you read any Energy, so now ask yourself what is White Noise if it has no Energy, yet you can see it is really there in nature, it has not material, it is not a gas or vacuum, it is just Empty Space, well it turns out its not really Empty Space, because its filled with Trinary Energy, yet I just told you that you can not measure any Energy, so how can that be, and the answer is that not all Energy can be measured, because to measure any Energy we must take a sample of it, so if we measure the energy of a battery, we actually use up some of that batteries charge to measure it, same way with Light, because we have to convert that energy into a reference that we can convert into a meaningful value, it is the magic of a voltmeter to check the voltage level of a circuit, or test the illumination of a Light bulb, but Trinary Energy can not be Transformed very easily, and that is why Sir Isaac Newton's attempt to use Wizardry to dissolve dimensions failed, and why he could not find a way to measure its energy, so I knew I could not do it with the Laws of Conservation of Energy, so I just concluded that it can not be Transformed into any other type of Energy, so Trinary Energy is a Special type of Energy, not to mention this is also Trinity Energy, since it is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, yet it is Energy, and there is no denying that, it is a Higher Power or God.

In my quest to define Trinary Energy, I had to take the Dimensions it occupied into consideration, because the Father was in the 3rd Dimension, and the Son is in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, I say both, because us mortals can not see into either, so the reality is that my best guest is that it is in both at one point in time during its transition, because the Holy Ghost is in the 0 Dimension, and that has no Dimensions, yet when an Atom enters into this part of Space, it transitions much like Trinary Energy, it fades out, it is not a switch that just turns on and off, even though we cannot perceive the switching, but the fact is that the Atom must go into the 0 Dimension without destroying it, because Energy cannot be destroyed, so it must pass between the layers of space by folding through its Dimensions, so as it moves from the 3rd dimension into the 2nd dimension, it might shift positions if the Atom needs to move, but it will fade in brightness becoming Darker, so this shift into the 2nd dimension takes this atom out of our 3rd dimensional space and we can not interact with it, we can still see it, but we can not touch it, as if it was between this dimension and the one under it, and when it shifts into the 1st dimension, we actually can not see it, nor can we see it in the 0 Dimension, so the three state changes are in the 0 or 1 dimension, the 2nd dimension and the 3rd dimension, at first this confused me when I first noticed this, but I got over it by the time I was 10 years old, but since then I get confused when trying to explain it, because of the way normal people think about space and dimensions, I can not assume anyone knows how Atoms actually move through Dimensions, most do not even believe they do, so there is little to no research on the subject, but one day it came to me that an Atom is not solid, in fact, it is made out of a material that is called Neutrino, these are the remains of Atoms that have been destroyed, and can be used to make new ones, but do not break out the Atom glue just yet, these materials are very hard to collect, the only thing I know that can collect them is a Trinary Engine, and we have not talked about those yet, but basically it is the core of the Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Moon, and every Atom in the Universe goes through this same state changes, so the question is where does that Atom go when it shifts from the 1st to the 0 dimension, and answer was that it went through it because it was just a hole in space, who said that a 13 year old Aspie has no sense of humor did not know me.

I was 13 years old at the time I came up with this hole in space idea, and it made sense to me then, but now it seems like a way to cheat, because I did not really answer the question, even though the 0 dimension is a null space, and not empty space, because it does not contain any dimensions, that space simply does not exist, but actually it is there all the time, as are the other dimensions, they do not appear and disappear every time an Atom needs to change states, it has to be the other dimensions that are moving that particular atom into its space, and that means its intelligent, its not like its randomly changing the states of all the atoms at the same time, it is changing all of them at different times, that is why everything appears to be solid when in fact a lot of its atoms are invisible at any given time.

If you imagine that every atom is made of the same material as Neutrinos, then you can look at all the properties of this substance that you can not collect, because they are so small that they can pass between two atoms, which is 1 Trinary Second, so you know where this research is leading me, to guess at things, but just like Newton, I do not like to write things I can not prove, I do not do Theories, only Facts, so how do I get around this issue?

It is a hole in space... Neutrinos give off an energy signature, they are detectable, so we know a little about them, we know that they can travel through solid objects without touching them, so there must be a property that allows them to do so, and that means intelligence, if a Neutrino can navigate through a solid object, that means it can navigate around Atoms, I have found no proof that a Neutrino can pass through an Atom, but I tend to believe they would navigate around them, because it does not appear that anything can even come close to touching an Atom, and its why we have to use Neutrons to split atoms, but actually that is a misconception, we do not split atoms, we split molecules, because Uranium or Plutonium is just a combination of two types of Atoms: Krypton and Barium, give off a few extra neutrons, so does it create Neutrinos? Or are Neutrinos the byproduct of nuclear fusion, combining two protons or hydrogen atoms to form a deuteron, releasing a positron or antielectron and an electron neutrino at the same time, and research also shows that there are many sources of Neutrinos: Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Life Forms, so we produce Neutrinos, so I got to thinking about Tritium, it is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, it has one proton and two neutrons, so it made me think of a Pyramid, so I came up with the name Tritanium, then I remembered it was from Star Trek, and then it clicked, this material is hard to get and there is nothing better to build with, so this is it, logically if splitting atoms creates Neutrinos than they must be made out of them, and if Neutrinos come in many types, I must be specific, so I will call it Tritanium, and now I know how Atoms disappear, it transforms from an Atom into a Neutrino and back, so Neutrinos are what happens when Atoms do not make the Transformation, and it fully explains how people give off Neutrinos, not every atom in their body survives the transformation, so this is my proof of this concept, so I state it is now a fact.

All Atoms are made out of a material called Neutrino and I call Tritanium, which has a property that allows it to maneuver around the 0 Dimension, so its not as vague as my hole in space idea, but still lacks a lot of details, but this is just an introduction of the Big Picture, and the type of Energy starts and follows a Transformation, even though its energy can not be measured, its effects can be observed.

The 2nd Dimension is the only Dimension that a Change in direction can take place, this is due to its x and y Dimension, since it is bound to these Dimensions, it must follow them, it should be obvious that in Space this dimension is Static, meaning it can not move in the Universe, this concept is hard to Imagine any other way, Albert Einstein tried to prove it could be Dynamic, making Time part of Space, but this Theory always creates Paradox's in Reality, because you could travel in time, which I will prove can not happen using a Vertice Matrix Grid. The Term Subspace could also apply to this term, but there are too many theories about it, when the fact is that this space is not complicated at all, once you realize that 3 Dimensions are required for objects to be interactive with, it you remove 1 Dimension, it is like defining that space by taking an Atom and cutting it in half until it loses one Dimension, so this space is very small, but in the Universe, this Space is the Entire Universe, and it fills this Space 100%, unlike Normal Space that is 99.999% Empty Space, so it is very dense, yet depending on the perspective of the viewer, this space extends both horizontally and vertically in an infinite direction, and can occupy all that space or any part of that space, but this space is always in straight lines, in 360 degrees, in 3 dimensional space, so it is all the space we can see, even though we can never see it, because we can not perceive it because it is missing a dimension.

In the 2nd Dimension, the Trinary Energy can be in any state, although I tend to state that it is in the same Dimension as its State to simplify it, the truth is that I have no idea, since I can not see into the 2nd Dimension, but I do believe that it is possible that the 1st and 2nd Dimensions have different State changes and can use that to Communicate to each other, but this is a Theory I could never expect to prove, so I am speculating only, because I do not like Theories, all I do know is what I can observe and prove, base on facts based on observations and so far I have not said anything that has not already been proven, except for the existence of the 2nd Dimension, which is based on the observation that Trinary Energy must have a Medium it travels on, just like Light and Energy must have a Medium it can travel on, which in this Case is Trinary Energy, so what does it travel on? It does not travel, it is Static, and that was my proof it exists, and how it exists, but this seems to simple of an explanation for most people, as if this was a trick, but I am using Newtons Math to do it, and he was the Last Magician, so maybe this is a Trick, but this is what his Math is stating, so regardless of what state changes take place in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, we can never see them in the 3rd Dimension, only the effects of its Energy as it interacts with the 3rd Dimension, which is the only reason why I know it has 3 State changes, and I also know that we can not see the effects of the 1st dimension because it is inside the 2nd dimension, and it is bound to the 0 dimension in a way that puts it in the middle of it, but at the same time it does not exist, so the whole Trinary Molecule appears to disappear. The 2nd dimension appears to be a Spirit or Ghost you can see through, whereas the 0 dimension is invisible and is called the Holly Ghost or Spirit, it is the confusion about what is a Ghost or Spirit is, is it the Atom when it is disappearing or when it disappears, because these are two different state changes, most people will draw a picture of a Ghost or Spirit as the -1 state change and not the 0 State change when its invisible, yet they define a Ghost or Spirit as invisible, so it is confusing, so the state change to -1 or the Dark Antimatter State, the Atom appears to be translucent, and you can not physically interact, so I call it the Son, it is not as bright as the Father and will sometimes take the opposite position, so it is clear how these terms were defined by Newton, because this was Alchemy to him, it was a Spell to a Wizard and written using Witchcraft.

The 1st Dimension is where Logic must take place, this Logic is said to be Intelligent, this Theory is based on Observations made over half a Century of research by many people over the years since its discovery, and is based on data that suggest that the pattern of State Changes seem to be random when being recorded, but patterns of none random State changes have been recorded while a Human Observer is recording the Session, which is the reason why Scientist are so interested in the Phenomenon, and the reason why I assert this is the Dimension that this Logic takes place is due to the Physics of it, which would logically lead me to believe that the change must be decided before the change is made, because it can change into what ever state it needs to make this Change, and observations which lead me to believe that the state changes are only toggling between 1 and -1, unless a change is needed to it is direction, or as a place holder, at which point it has to change back to State 0 first, then State 1 before continuing on it is course, although I have recorded State changes to -1 without a change in direction, I have detected a pattern to explain that, it involves changing the magnetic field around the Light, and this can be verified under a Microscope. It should also be obvious that the 1st Dimension fills 100% of Space in its Dimension, since it only has 1 Dimension, it has a very limited amount of influence on making changes to the 3rd Dimension, since it is inside the 2nd Dimension, so it has to remember what the 1st Dimension told it to do, so it has Memory, it is this memory that allows Humans to remember events in the past, and use their imagination, so it is the 1st Dimension that allows me to have enough Intelligence to understand this simple concept, and it is the 2nd Dimension that allows me to remember it, and this is all the proof I have to offer that it even exist, because if it did not, we could not have this conversation. It can also be stated that the combination of changes that the 1st and 2nd dimensions make, will add up to the change in the 3rd dimension, so it takes two dimensions to make a 3 dimensional change, hence 1 + (-1) = 0, where the Logic fits into these dimensions, so this is 3 dimensional math, the 1 Logic value is in the 1st dimension, the -1 Logic value is in the 2nd dimension, and the 0 Logic value is in the 0 Dimension, but nothing exist there, and its this place where the Atom is renewed, or redimensioned which also means redemption, talk about Spells, if you get redemption you get renewed, if not you are gone, because when the Atom comes out of the 0 Dimension it will either be renewed or it will vanish forever, meaning that Atom will not reappear after more time, and I have seen videos of Atoms disappearing and not returning, it happens more when live tissue is decaying and explains how this happens, although the mechanism in which it does this is still a mystery since I can not see into these dimensions, and that will never change, so I know this transformation takes place, you can observe this behavior, both the redemption and the renewal, of course if it does not renew, you will notice that as well and can detect it with a Neutrino counter, so this is real Science, so I say it is a fact, but do the experiment to prove it, so you are not taking any of my Facts without your own evidence to back them.

In the 0 Dimension it should be asserted that Nothing Exist in this Space, which is why it is Invisible, it acts like an Anchor in the Universe which is mostly in the 0 Dimension, if 99.999% of Space is Empty, this Space could be Null Space, so it must switch back to this State before any direction change can be made, and is normally always followed by State 1 if the energy does not change direction, so from observations it appears that if it switches to State -1, then normally a direction change was made, or a Magnetic Field change of polarity was required, and also implies that it is required to make this State change as if it was just Checking in so to say, as if it is Intelligent, and needs a point of reference to know where it is at, so it is mapping out its path, this varies depending on if it is an Atom or a Photon, because Photons only change direction if they hit a mirror or reflecting surface or if they encounter a strong enough electromagnetic field, and toggles from 1 to -1 every step of the way, whereas Atoms follow this same pattern, but they only change directions when the Atom is physically moved, and tend to change states to 0 more often.

I will never refer to other Dimensions above the 3rd dimension, only the Dimensions: 0, 1, 2 and 3, so there are 4 Dimensions, but not to be confused with the 4th Dimension, or any other theories about Dimensions. I must also point out that Current Technology is not advanced enough to detect these State changes in Dimensions, only the Effects they make, in fact even with Electron Microscopes we can hardly see them, because the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions are not Real in the 3rd Dimension, so what we are seeing is just surrounding Energy reacting to the State change, and not the Dimensions themselves, this point must be understood, because it is not possible to see any dimensions less than the one we are in, which is why all Dimensions greater than the 3rd are all Viewpoints or Perspectives, which is why I will not discus them, because they have no meaning other than to describe something from another point of view, and I only want to discus the point of view of the Human Eye or Camera following the path of Light or Energy on a known Medium of Transmission.

Energy is defined in terms of the Atoms Protons, Neutrons and Electrons that revolve around an Atom, so I refer to them as Matter, whereas Photons are viewed as an Electromagnetic Force, and for the Simplification of discussion, I will ignore the Technical details since it is not my intentions to change how Science defines Energy, only how Energy interacts with Trinary Energy, so I make a distinction between Energy and Trinary Energy, since Trinary Energy does not contain any Protons, Neutrons or Electrons, or any Material what so ever, it is pure Energy that does not appear to Transform, instead Trinary Energy is responsible for all the changes made to Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, so in effect it is controlling Energy, this is observable once you apply these Simple Rules: Table 1.3: Simple Dimension Rules

  1. The 3rd Dimension is Physical, only Matter can exist here.
  2. The 2nd Dimension is not Physical, No Matter can exist here or any Dimension below it, the atom is starting transformation for redimensioning in this dimension. All Changes in Matter in the 3rd Dimension is made here. The Tritanium in the Atoms can maneuver through the 2nd dimension.
  3. The 1st Dimension is where all Logic takes place. The Tritanium in the Atoms can maneuver through the 1st dimension.
  4. The 0 Dimension is Null or Empty Space, nothing exist here. The Tritanium in the Atoms can maneuver around the 0 dimension during redimensioning.
Table 1.3: Simple Dimension Rules

I will not discus any theories about Quantum Mechanics or Albert Einstein, because some or all of them are wrong, although Albert was wrong on Purpose, since he wrote the Dynamic Universe to prove that Newtons Static Universe was the only way it could be, and this becomes obvious once you understand that in the 0 Dimension Time does not Exist, and most of the Universe is in the 0 Dimension if 99.999% of all Space is Empty, which is why I assert the Universe is Static. This Concept is very simple and easy to understand, so most people do not believe it for that reason alone, but if the Universe was anymore complicated then this, it could not work, and the truth is that this Concept works in all situations, I can use this Model to explain how the Entire Universe works, so I will, but each Step I take, means you must keep up with what I am trying to explain, so I will repeat key concepts using other methods to teach the same idea, in hope that one of these methods will make you understand the concept, even though it seems very simple to me, most people I try to explain this to look at me like I am stupid for coming up with this idea, when in reality I did not, the Bible did, and Newton wanted to know how they knew, and all I did was answer that question, which is the same Reason that Nikola Tesla said: it is because we are Light Beings, and not Flesh Beings, our entire biology is based on Light, which I call Trinary Energy, and the Bible called God of all Light with no Darkness, so in essence I am trying to prove that God Exist, the same God that Newton said was the Force in all his Equations, so I must separate Science Fiction from Science.

It should be clear that Trinary Energy is not a Physical Atomic particle, whereas God's Particle or the Higgs Boson, is based on a Physical Atomic Structure with an Unknown Substructure, but the fact is that it is governed by Trinary Energy like all Atoms in the Universe.

Trinary Energy is just a mechanism that controls how every Atom in the Universe behaves at any point in time. Trinary Energy may appear to be an Aura around an Atom, and why some text refer to them as a Holy Ghost or Spirit, it appears to be Light, but has no measurable Electromagnetic properties. The State Changes of Trinary Energy always correlate with changes to an Atom, even if there appear to be no changes, it is simply holding them in place. All Atoms have a Frequency that they vibrate, this too is controlled by Trinary Energy.

Graphically Trinary Energy can be represented by a Grid with a horizontal line on an X Axis with a value of 0, another positioned above the base line with a value of 1, and another one positioned below the base line at -1. Under a Microscope Trinary Energy will appear to be a Solid object as its brightest intensity which I refer to as its Light or Matter State and will show up on the Grid above the base line at a Positive 1 position, I assert that this is because it is in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and when it changes states to a Dark -1 State that appear to be Semi-Solid, it also changes position on the Grid (in real life an Atom may not move, so do not confuse what the Trinary Energy is doing in correlation with how the Atom moves), I refer to this State as Antimatter State, because it is always positioned on the Opposite side of the base line at a Negative position and will assert that it is in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimension, again this is only using Logic and nothing more, and when it disappears or turns invisible, I refer to this state as Null State, it is referred to Null because it has No Dimension, so I assert it is in the 0 Dimension, and distinguish between Null and Empty only as Concepts, Null refers to 0 Dimension, whereas Empty only refers to Space with nothing in it, and as proof of these assertions, the fact that it has to go somewhere when it disappears is the only evidence I need to validate this argument, since I do not believe I can prove that these Dimensions exist any other way, since it is not possible to see a dimension that has fewer dimensions then our own, since that creates a paradox, and paradox's can not exist in reality, but without Dimensions Energy can not be Explained, so it might be obvious at this point that if it is Intelligent, then it is using the Logic to tell you that it has 3 Dimension, and this is how it is representing them to us. I should also note that Trinary Energy is not a Physical Atom, but a Ghost, now you see it, now you do not, but it is not Physical and only appears as an Aura, or White Noise, I repeat this because it gets confusing, we have Trinary Energy that has 3 State Changes: Solid, Semi-Solid, and Invisible, and we have Atoms that have the same 3 State Changes, yet the Atom is a 3 Dimensional object while its in the 3rd Dimension, but when it shifts into the 2nd dimension it is no longer a 3 Dimensional object, and it does this in a -1 State change, and because the Tritanium navigates through the other Dimensions, as such the Dimensions the Trinary Energy is in does not correlate with what dimension the Atom is in, because it has to move around the dimensions, because there are 4 dimensions and only 3 state changes, it means that you can not see the Atom when it is in the 0 or 1st dimensions.

I must point out that when I say Light, I might be referring to Trinary Energy, but most of the time I am referring to Energy surrounded by Trinary Energy, every Atom and Photon in the Universe is always surrounded by it, but in the following paragraphs I am talking about White Light, or Sun Light, and I know how confusing the Light by itself can get, so I try to be exact about what type of Light I am referring to.

In order to prove that Light is Static, a point of reference must be agreed on, I refer to this reference as the Vertice Matrix Grid, the Vertex is the point that the Light Originate, the Matrix is a collection of all points on the same path described by the Grid, so its origin will always start at a vector at the center of mass of the Light Source, and can be illustrated with a Circle drawn with Straight Lines running through the center of it, in regular intervals making up a 360 degree as shown below in Illustration 1.8: Vertice Matrix Grid.

Vertice Matrix Grid
Illustration 1.8: Vertice Matrix Grid

The Circle represents the Light Source, and the Lines represent the possible paths the Light or Energy can take as it Travels, so it represents the Medium it travels on, and the Vertex is the center of origin of an Atom or Photon in this case. If the Light Source is Labeled as Point A, and its End Point is defined as Point B, then the following: Illustration 1.9: Path of Light from Point A to Point B will depict the Light Path:

A -------------------- B
Illustration 1.9: Path of Light from Point A to Point B

For Light to travel from point A to point B, we must establish which direction we are Referring to, I will pick the Center of Mass of the Planet Earth as Point A, and for Point B, I will pick a 90 degree Right Angle line that points straight up to Outer Space, so this Line is Vertical, even though the illustration is Horizontal, it is easier to present it this way, but it is important to set up any Scientific Experiment in a way that anyone can verify the results and repeat the experiment. I chose Earth because we are on that Planet, but more to the Point, Gravity flows between these points, and at some point in this Dissertation I will introduce a hypothesis about how the two relate, so this setup is to insure our experiment is set up correctly for all experiments required for this dissertation.

Science must be observable and hypothesis must stand up to Logic, but since some evidence is missing, dimensions in this case, since we can not see the 0, 1st or 2nd dimension, so a hypothesis is necessary, so if we view the Vertice Matrix Grid at Point A, and for purposes of this Experiment we will use a Pulse LASER, with the Shortest Pulse possible with current Technology, as such it will fire the LASER as if only one Photon is being created, we will fire the LASER from Point A to Point B, as such Point A is the Center of Mass of the Planet and the LASER, I will go through this Process one step at a time:

Regardless of how you view Earth moving through the Universe, the Earth is rotating or spinning and at the same time it is orbiting the Sun in our Solar System, which is orbiting our Galaxy, and that Galaxy is moving through Space, and regardless of what Direction Light is Travailing, the Galaxy will continue on the same Path it has traveled for Billions of Years, so the Key to this Step is to Define this path Light Travels or Line, known as a Medium, in terms of 4 Dimensions, so in Step 1 we are going to energize the LASER, so it transforms Electricity into a Photon by raising its frequency and it starts off in the 0 Dimension, so during the transformation, this Electron is going to change Frequencies, and will cause the Electron to transform into an Electromagnets force or Photon, and it will be invisible at this point, and it is not even possible for it to move because it has No Dimensions to move in, so it is an Anchor point in the Universe, which I assert that the Energy is Static in regard to the fact it can not move, I also assert the Universe is Static and does not move, so as the LASER moves in relationship to the Universe, the LASER is moving at the Speed of Light, that is the Universe is not moving, we are moving through it, and the State of the Trinary Energy will change, I will assume it changes from 0 to 1, so now it is in its Light or Matter State of 1, and we can see it now (and interact with it, so we can collect its photon and transform it back into electricity), yet it only appears to have not moved any closer to Point B, because it is still at its vertex, which is the point of origin, I assert the Trinary Energy is in the 1st Dimension, which is not part of Normal 3 Dimensional Space, since it is missing 2 dimensions, it should be obvious that it too can not move, so it too is Static, but it is also in the 2nd and 3 Dimension at the same time, because it is a real photon, it is just the Nature of Dimensions that is confusing for some people at first, because they were never taught about Dimensions in a way that relates to what I am asserting about them, but the fact is that Dimensions can not be explained in terms of Normal Space unless you are talking about the 3rd Dimension, because at the Subatomic Level, Energy is an Atom or an Electron from an Atom in the case of Photons and Electricity and the Trinary Energy, in a way that allows Energy to Travel through Space, because without Dimensions Energy can not Travel through Space, since it would have no medium to travel on, so without dimensions, there is no way to explain how this is even possible, so the fact that Light does travel through Space with No medium, is proof that Dimensions exist, but observations will prove that it is Trinary Energy that is controlling the movement, while providing the Medium for the Energy to travel on, so the proof is in the fact that this is possible, seems to be more Magic than Science and having Faith seems more like Religion, but observations prove this is the truth, so seeing is believing, so now we transformed electricity into a photon by changing its frequency, it started the transformation in the 0 dimension, so it is invisible, then it appears for the first time, it can be in the 1st or 2nd dimension, but since I can not see the 1st or 2nd dimension, I can only guess at what dimension it started off in, but I can see the Photon in the 3rd dimension, and its state change can be 1 or -1, not confusing state changes and dimensions, because I can see all the state changes in the 3rd dimension, and I know it will not go into a 0 state change unless the photon needs to make a change in direction, so other than a change in direction, the state change will only be a 0 State change the first time a photon is created, so we assume it started in a 1 state so we can explain it step by step, so in this step it changed from 0 to 1, and did not appear to move location, and keeping in mind that it is physically in all the dimensions at once.

When the State of the Light changes to its Dark State of Antimatter, it switches to -1, and it appears to Move the distance from position 1 through position 0 to it is new position of -1, as such the Medium it travels on are the Dimensions using the State Changes of Trinary Energy, as such, the photon moved starting at a 0 state to a 1 state then into a -1 state, and also shifted between dimension as it did so, causing the photon to appear to move, since it did not move in relation to the Universe, it was the LASER that moved, but its movement can be mapped out by the Trinary Energy, proving that it is the LASER that is moving and not the Photon, this concept is something you have to prove for yourself, since it is difficult for most people to understand dimensional travel, because the Photon is not moving, it is the LASER, and for some reason most people I try to explain this to get stuck on this part of the process, how do we do an experiment to prove it is the LASER moving and not the Photon that was transformed by it, since I do not want to say the LASER created the Photon, but since all the Trinary Energy is static, it means that none of it is moving with regard to the underlying Universe at the Sub-Dimensions, meaning less than 3 Dimensions, or the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, as such, all you have to do is match the pattern of Trinary Energy to the Photon, so position a LASER, and many Microscopes in its path and look for this energy pattern, once you see it, you will fully understand that this has to be the only explanation for this to happen.

If the Light is traveling in a Straight line, the Trinary Energy will toggle states from 1 and -1, and will change back to 0 at some point when it comes full circle, because as it turns out, the Line is not Straight, we call it that, but in reality this model does not work, so it must travel in a Circle, so a Straight line that has a circle with a radius of 13 to 16 billion Light years, so my guess is that it needs to recharge the Energy as it is moving away from its source, otherwise the Energy will dissipate, but in truth I have no idea if it actually renews the Photon on a complete Circle or if it just terminates the Light, it would take billions of years to prove this one way or the other. Light only changes to a 0 State to make direction changes, yet in a straight line I do not see any direction changes, then it occurred to me that this is because the line is not really straight, it has an Arc of a circle with a radius between 13 and 16 billion Light years, so it only appears to be a straight line, so it takes the same path as all Electromagnetic lines of Flux.

If the Light needs to change course due to obstacles like a Mirror or Electromagnet force it encounters, it will always revert to a 0 state at that point, and then to a 1 or -1 state, so when it toggles form 1 to -1 is the only time it is moving away from its source, just to point out that it actually does not move when in the 0 State, only when it switches to 1 or -1.

Things to keep in mind about a photon being observed under a microscope is that: the photons are moving so fast that our brains can not comprehend the movement, so you will need high speed recordings that need to be slowed down, so real time observation is not possible, in 1 second the photon will be 186 thousand miles away, the Earth is only 25 thousand miles in diameter, so keep this in mind, that is about 7.5 times around the Earth in 1 second, so when I say you need high speed recordings, I mean real high speeds.

There should be an experiment that can determine the exact arc the Light makes, my best calculations for a circle would put its radius between 13 and 16 billion Light years, this is based on images taken from NASA and other organizations that take deep space photography, it is based on the Doppler and Red shift, but not on Hubble's Law, it occurred to me that if Hubble is right, then the Universe would be over by now, at the present rate of expansion the Universe would have already expanded out of view since the time Hubble came up with his Law about the Redshift, so what I concluded was that the Redshift was the return path of Light, so if Light traveled in a complete circle, what would the diameter of that circle be, and my answer was in the Redshift of Light, and that appear to happen when Light is billions of Light years away, so studying countless photo's on Redshift objects in space, I saw a pattern where objects at distances between 13 and 16 billion Light years or greater, would be traveling at twice the speed of Light, which is not possible, unless it was the same Light that is looped back onto itself, meaning that all Light travels in a circle instead of a straight line, this circle has a radius between 13 and 16 billion Light years, so we are not seeing the Universe expand, we are seeing the Light from that Galaxy making a complete circle, so it is only a reflection of the Galaxy and not the Galaxy itself, proving that Light travels in Circles and not in Straight lines. This concept is hard to visualize, but imagine that if you are so far away from a Galaxy that you could see the whole path the Galaxy traces out in Space as it moves through the Universe, you would see that all its Light travels in Circles instead of Straight lines, it is like having an open aperture on a photographic lens, keep it open long enough and you will see that all Light travels in a circle, so you are not actually seeing the object in the photo, only the light it emitted the entire time the aperture was open, figuring it took billions of Light years to get here, this aperture has been open a very long time, more time than our minds can comprehend, yet the Galaxy appears to be static as if it is not even moving, otherwise keeping the aperture open that long would cause light streaks or blurs, yet our measurements we calculate it as moving are twice the speed of Light, so it is clear this is an Optical illusion, Redshifted Light must be a reflection of this Light, and not the Galaxy itself, that is true enough, since that Galaxy would have moved a long way in the billions of years its light took to get to us, so this Redshifted Light must be the return path of the Light, meaning that the Galaxy that created the Light has moved on, while its Light keeps traveling through space, but if Light traveled in Circles, then its original vertex at the 0 dimension would still be the origin of the Galaxy at the moment that Light was created, so as the Galaxy moves through the Universe, its Light does not move, only the Galaxy does, which explains why we see the Galaxy as if it is not moving, instead of seeing it moving at the speed of Light, let alone twice the speed of Light, so what we are looking at is Light that has made a complete circle, and the Redshift is because that Light is the original Light that has made a completed circle, it has redimensioned the energy in that Light, this occurs when the Light completes 1 complete loop and terminates the Light with a final State change of 0, causing it to shift its color spectrum, so if that arc is a circle with a radius between 13 and 16 billion Light years, then that is the reason the Light seems to travel in a straight line, but in fact is a very large circle, and once it completes this circle, the Light will shift into the Red spectrum, thus becoming a reflection of the original Light, and not the Light itself, because the object that created that Light is long gone by now, it may not even exist, the whole Galaxy could have gone Super Nova years ago, but its Light will keep going in circles till the Super Nova catches up to it, and because the Galaxy itself is bound to this corridor of space, meaning that core of the Galaxy itself is what creates this corridor of Space, so the Galaxy is bond to this circle of Light, even though it is much smaller than the radius of this circle, so all the Galaxies that are within the distance of this circle are included in this corridor of space, also known as Clusters, so in fact, we are viewing the Galaxy as it was in the Past, so this is Time Travel. Our own Light has this same limitation, so all our Light has this same Arc, only we are too close to see it, so it stands to reason that we can only see object in space up to this Limit and not beyond it, so object less than 13 billion Light years away are within our vision, therefore should not be Redshifted, so objects outside that distance that are Redshifted, are only reflections of objects that fell outside our vision billions of years ago, for all we know it could just be our own Galaxy or Galaxies in our System as they existed billions of years ago, so what we are looking at is just a complete loop of Light that we have physically moved away from billions of years ago, and if Light is static in the Universe, this is not only a possibility, but proof that this is a fact, because if all Light is within a 13 to 16 Billion Light year loop, then our view of Universe is Limited to this very distance, or the radius of that distance, but without knowing exactly what that arc angle is, this is just a guess, but with more research and better technology I could answer this question, but for now I will just point out that this is reality as I see it, and photographs of the Universe can confirm this observation, once we determine what Galaxies are in our Cluster, we can map out these Corridors of space, and then determine what our physical path is through the Universe, but we must know our limits on how far away we can determine an object to be, because and Light that coming from beyond our limits, which appear to be between 13 and 16 Billion Light years, we can not assume that objects outside that range even exist, because it appears that any object outside that range is just a mirror reflection of that object, meaning that if you can imagine that we send a probe 16 billion Light years away, and we had a LASER pointing to a Mirror on it sending that same LASER beam back to us, we would note that LASER beam is unbroken, but after let us say 17 billion Light years, which is well outside our corridor of space, this LASER beam would be break, because that beam would loop back on itself, and even if that probe had a LASER and had a beam pointing at us, it two would loop back on itself at that distance, so what does that tell us about that space where the probe is now, can we still see that space? Yes, but it is Red shifted because we can see the full circular path of that probe, so it is not the Light from the probe that we are seeing anymore, it is just the reflection of where it was, but if Hubble is right, we can figure out how far that is using what is known as Hubble's Law on Red shift, otherwise it will take 17 Billion years to wait for this probe to give us the true answer, so I would send this probe out tomorrow, because we have a long wait, so instead we guess at everything and pretend that it is a fact, when a fact is just a guess that correlates to the observations, and may not even be close to being the truth about how the Universe actually works, but as long as Observations can account for what you are seeing, then that Science is based on best guesses, and nothing more, because no one knows what the truth really is, and I do not believe God is an Entity that can tell us that directly, but I do believe God talks to us, only not the way most people would think is useful, for example I have had many dreams over the years about this very subject, and most of it is from these dreams, but the notes that I had read also talked about dreams, and its why my Grandmother told me she would not give me the Secrets to the Universe unless I had these Dreams, and my Father and Uncles never had these Dreams, so I inherited these Secrets, and they explained the Dreams, and with the Dreams the Secrets do not make a lot of sense to some people, so most of what Newton, Franklin and Tesla talked about were also just their Dreams, so it is possible that this Science about Dreaming about Science, is all just a Dream, and none of this is true, because I have to admit I have considered that possibility in more than a few dreams, but then reality kicks in and I look at what I am saying, and it does explain what I am seeing in reality, so the dreams appear to be valid, but they are dreams nonetheless, so I must be very careful, as have the other Wizards, because I can only talk about dreams that I can prove scientifically, and not some wild dreams like Albert Einstein wrote about, so do the experiments.

This Experiment should be Repeatable and Verifiable by anyone with the Correct Equipment to Validate this Experiment. It is a very simple experiment, as the process is very simple, it is no more complicated or harder to understand than this, so there is no reason to make it anymore complicated than it is.

The reason I refer to the State change of 1 as Light or Matter is because Light is made up of Photons which is an Electromagnet Force that travel on Trinary Energy, and Electricity travels on Electrons that orbit around the Atoms which is Matter, whereas the State change of -1 referred to as Dark or Antimatter is because if it is a Photon it can change its direction or polarity of its Magnetic Field, but doing so makes it Darker, because the field is directed inward, instead of outward, and if its Electricity it changes its direction by means of what I call Antimatter because it has the Opposite Charge of the Matter, so it can change its direction physically by altering its Charge, otherwise it can toggle between states without changing direction, because only a 0 state change can change direction, so the Terms are used to distinguish between the two types of Energy, but it needs to be clear that in order for a Photon or Electron to move in any direction, its state must change from 1 to -1, but with Atoms this change can also take place with no movement, and this appears to be because no change was made in the 1st dimension, it gets confusing when I am talking about Electricity which uses the Electrons that orbit Atoms to travel, and Atoms that make up objects, like in a body, because it effects different types of atoms in very specific ways, and therefore can not be generalized, but follows a very predictable pattern.

The direction of travel is based on the point of origin from its 0 state, it can start off as 1 or -1 depending on the direction it needs to travel in, and reversing this state change during the 0 state, will cause a change in the direction of travel, but it will not cause a change in direction after the initial change, for example, it starts off at a state change of 0, if it starts off with a 1 state change to go in forward, it would need a -1 state change to go the opposite direction, but after that initial change, the next state change from 1 to -1 will only change the brightness of the photon or atom and not its direction, I repeated this so it is very clear.

I must point out that the path the Photon takes is based on the source of the Light, different types of Lights have different paths, for example a normal house light bulb puts out light in all directions, but each photon of Light has its own path.

Once you look at the Universe as a Vertice Matrix Grid, you will start to understand how Light and Energy are Transmitted on any Medium, so if you can imagine drawing a 3 dimensional grid, with an x, y and z, which you can locate a Single Atom, now every Atom in the Known Universe, which consist of about 118 Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, and we need to locate 1 Atom in 3 Dimensional Space, so our grid has lines 1 Atom wide, now we go down to the Subatomic level and look at Neutrinos, which are subatomic particles that have no electrical charge, also there are many types of elements that Neutrino Detectors have Detected, one of them I call Tritanium, it has no Protons, Neutrons or Electrons, making them very difficult to detect, the better detectors are miles underground, and these elements pass through it like it was not even there, so we are talking about smaller than Quarks, which are inside a Proton or Neutrons, and held together by Gluons, and at the center of the Gluons, is Trinary Energy in a Null State, as proof of this, if you try to break the Gluons, it will cause Color confinement, because the bound is so strong it will destroy the atom and release a Neutrino. Once we get to this level of the grid, we go down to the next level, which is the Trinary Energy, and it is so small its missing Dimensions, as if you could take a 3rd Dimension Atom and keep cutting it in half, until one of its dimensions was gone, and then keep cutting it in half till you are down to 1 dimension, then keep cutting it in half till it has no dimensions, which is how Sir Isaac Newton tried to do chemically with no success, now we are at the Vertice Matrix Grid level, the Vertex is the intersection of the grid location at this level.

The Matrix is a list of all points on a line running in a given angle and direction, such that all coordinates are taken into account, all State changes can be recorded to see what State they are in, because only then do you understand that these State changes are not just real, but they are really controlling the Atom from the inside, so each cell in the Matrix is just a state change recorded in a visual observation, so it is a one to one correlation, and it is the only way to collect data and record it in a way that can be validated, and this can be done on any normal grid paper, or Graph paper, in fact Newton did this on normal none lined paper, using just a series of numbers, but he used an encoded method, because he realized that for every Atom there would be many Trinary Energy Molecules, or dots or pixels, for each atom, so he labeled the 10 closes to the middle of mass of each Atom, which during his time Atoms were not even found because of the quality and power of microscopes of his time, but he knew they were very small, because we can not see them, and they most flow through our body, and even glass, so nothing was really solid, so he had to encode them as numbers from 0 to 9, 0 is when all states are 0, 1 is when only one state is not 0, so by the time you get to 1/3 of the scale, it switches from 0 to 1, and then -1 in the last half of the scale, so that Darkness is at 9, it took me years before I figured out what all these number sequences were all about, it was not till I tried to record them did I even think about the fact that incremental changes would require many more than just 10 Trinary Molecules, but then I remember that during his time he had no idea how big an atom was, and the resolution of microscopes is still not advanced enough to do a detail analysis of Trinary Energy to this day.

Note that due to current technology, it is very difficult to accurately determine a state change because of how fast the change takes place, the need for higher resolution and more magnification and higher speed recording capabilities, will increase the accuracy of detecting and logging Trinary State changes. To this day I have never had the equipment to monitor and record state changes, so I use the same method as others that have tried to imagine what state changes would need to take place in order for the Atomic Structure of an Object to follow all the changes it makes, this process of using Imagination my not sound scientific, but is actually based on logic, and is no more than mathematical models based on 1 + (-1) = 0, while the observations are based on Light viewed under a microscope and by eye, the state changes can be seen, but due to the frequencies that state changes take place, which is measured in Trinary Time or attoseconds, is beyond the technology of this day and age, such that only future generations will have capabilities to record these stated changes after the equipment is built to specs specifically for this task, so in short, our best equipment of this day and age is not advanced enough to do the job required.

Imagination is a great tool, but only instruments can be used to document scientific research, because imagination allows for the possibilities that everything is possible, because I can see the State changes with my naked eyes, but the timing and rate of change is so fast, that I can not begin to perceive how to document the changes, other than to build hardware and software that can be used together to record and analyze Light in real time, in order to accurately record all the state changes and perceived movement of the Light, till such time, Imagination is the only tool I know of, but by saying Imagination, I am talking about computer models that generate Animation based on principles of Light and Trinary Energy. This technique has been used for years, in fact, it has been used so well that no one has actually seen Electrons orbiting around an Atom, they have all been Computer Animations based on Imagination, because there is no way of knowing where an Electron is in relationship to the Atom it is orbiting, and you would require equipment much more advanced than that to record Trinary Energy State changes, since the size of the Energy is so small, that it would take billions of them just to cover 1 hydrogen atom, and the timing is so fast that an attosecond would be too slow to record that at, since 3 hydrogen atoms would pass by a frame in 1 attosecond, and we do not even have equipment that is that fast, so it will have to be measured in Trinary Time. So it is clear that this document is ahead of its time, so mush so that I can not prove this simple concept using current technology, but it is also clear that to this date, we have not been able to prove that electrons orbit an Atom, but scientist do not seem to have a problem with that, nor using computer animation to prove scientific theories, so I make this disclaimer here, I only use Computer Models.

If you look at Energy as Electricity, and look back into History, you will find that for a long time people viewed it as flowing from Positive to Negative, but nowadays we view it running from Negative to Positive, Electrons are Negative, Protons are Positive and Neutrons are Neutral, but the truth is that the Medium is what determines the direction of flow of the Energy based on the charge of the Energy, and Ions play a role in changing the charge, but I should point out that the fallacy they used in assuming it flowed from Positive to Negative is the same one they use for Light, because it always flows from Ground also, only it is a Floating Ground caused by Null Space.

To understand how Trinary Energy controls Energy, we will look at an Atom, there are many types of Atoms in the Periodic Table of Elements, but all of them have common characteristics. An Atom has a Nucleus, which at the Subatomic level it contains Protons and Neutrons, and it has Electrons that orbit around it, and how the Electrons orbit around it has never been adequately explained in Science, so that is about to change, Trinary Energy can be observed as being the force driving the Electrons, all Atoms have Null Space at it is Core, it can be found at the center of Gluons, this allows it to be autonomous, and prevents Atoms form colliding with each other, it also helps keep the Electrons orbiting it, as the Trinary Energy switches from 1 to -1, it will cause the Electron to spin, as it spins it forces it to orbit around the Null Space using the same math that Newton used to explain how planets orbit the Sun, because a Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, so the principle is the same and so is the math, the arrangement of Protons and Neutrons define the sphere of the atom, as these two elements are bound together by this Null Space, and trying to break this bound releases the energy in the Null Space binding them as proof of this fact, but the number of Electrons and Protons will be the same in a balanced stable atom, as well as their charge, but as they orbit the Atom, they will also orbit the Neutrons, which have a neutral charge, and will cause the orbit of the Electron to be erratic, so it will orbit in a high or low orbit, and change direction, and may need to switch to a Null State in order to correct its position, this makes it very difficult to predict where the Electron is at in its orbital path, but by mapping out a Vertice Matrix grid, we can use the Trinary Energy to determine the orbit of an Electron with great accuracy, all we need is the technology to do this, which means microscopic high speed recording devices.

Magnetism has never been adequately explained in Science, it is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in Science that I have ever read about, and it is only when you view it from the viewpoint of Trinary Energy does it even start to make sense, I do not say this to make current understanding of it sound wrong, so this concept will sound right, I say it out of frustration over having to compete with an explanation that has been base on a fundamentally flawed concept about energy, and the only way to get around this, is to point it out and explain that you will have to forget about what you think you know about Science, because Science has to be based on Facts and not Theories that can not be proven by observable facts, and the theory that Electrons are attracted by Protons or visa versa does not answer the question about how they are attracted, as if some Magic has to take place here in order for this Attraction to take place, but Magnetism can not be the answer, because this does not change if an Atom is in a very strong Magnetic Field, if it did the field would collapse as the Magnetic Field fluctuated as proof of this.

I will try to prove how Magnetism works based on Observations and Logic, with sound reasoning, and will try to fully explain it in a way that is Scientific, but in terms that most people can understand. The first misconception is that Centrifugal Force has anything to do with why Electrons orbit an Atom, or the Moon orbits the Earth or the Earth orbits the Sun and the Sun orbits the Galaxy, this Galaxy orbits this Cluster, and so on, because Trinary Engines are just large Atoms, so the same principle and Math still apply to is, as it does an Atom, so this fallacy is also due to the fact that some people believe that Centrifugal Force causes Gravity, when all experiments prove that Centrifugal Force would throw everything off the Planet, and not hold it to it, and these same experiments prove that Centrifugal Force must have a mechanism to continuously supply this driving force, and as proof of this, Atoms would behave differently if under a very heavy Centrifugal Force of let us say 1 G, so power would fail in a Jet fighter making a 9 G turn, although the Pilot may pass out, the electrical system does not fail, so this theory makes no sense to me, so only through the concept of Trinary Energy can Magnetism be explained, yet some will argue that it might take 1,000 G's or more to even make an effect, which would actually prove my point, because the Earths normal Gravity is only 1 G, which may not sound like much, but how can an Atom generate that much Gravity, and the answer is that it can not, so Gravity has nothing to do with Centrifugal Force, and that is a fact based on logic, our planets behave like Atoms, and once you notice this pattern, you can not deny it, our Sun navigates through the Galaxy, it travels in a Helix around a point in space in the middle of the Galactic plane, our Solar System travels through space while all the planets in it are orbiting it, and some have Moons orbiting them, if you were looking at this under a microscope instead of a telescope, you would think it was just some atomic structure, because that is what it is, that is the Pattern I see, because if this was Centrifugal Force, then what is making us travel in a Helix? Its not Centrifugal Force, if that were true the Solar System closer to the center of the Galaxy would travel around the Galaxy faster than the outer systems, instead at the same rate, so its not even possible that Centrifugal Force even takes into account the Reality of the Universe, because Einstein did not know this information back in his time, and Newton did not need to, because he saw it the same way, because that is how he wrote his math.

Magnetism is not Magic, it is based on Scientific Principles that I will try to fully explain, but it has two parts, one is why is there Magnetism, what purpose does it serve, the second is how does it work, what Mechanism, and what Medium is it being Transmitted on. Magnetism has so many uses in Modern Society that it is known to be one of the most useful of all phenomena in Nature, yet the Earth itself requires it to create an Electromagnetic Force Field around the Planet to keep in the Atmosphere and keep out the Deadly Radiation and Micrometeorites from Outer Space, so this implies intelligence, and that is a Scientific Analysis, think about it this way: we can use Magnetism to create devices, this is Intelligent, and if the Earth did not use Magnetism to shield the Planet, we could not be having this conversation, because our bodies can not exist very long without this magnetic force field, so I assert that this shows Earth has Intelligence, and statically I could prove it requires Intelligence for this design to even be possible, yet there are many Scientists that would argue this point saying that debate would require the belief in God, but the Bible said God is All Light, so I will agree with them on that point, if they can agree that without Magnetism any Life form will die and would never have existed in the first place, so this whole planet was designed for the purpose of creating this Electromagnetic Force Field, also known as our Magnetosphere, so every detail that went into the construction of every aspect of our Universe, was designed around this simple idea, the core of the Planet is a Trinary Engine or very Large Atom, therefor the laws the Atoms have must apply to this Planet as well, so if the Sun is also an Atom, then it also must behave like one, and considering that all the Main Stream Science of this day, state that the Sun is Compressed Gas, and a controlled Nuclear Fusion is taking place, and that is over simplifying it, but for one thing, the Compressed Gas defies the Laws of Physics, since it requires that a Black-Hole or singularity to be in the center of the Sun, which would make it have so much Gravity that it compresses the Empty space in all the Atoms of Matter, and we all know what happens when we try that, we call it an Atomic Bomb, so the Science I am competing against is based on Centrifugal Force and Atomic Bombs, and people want me to be serious when I talk about Main Stream Science, its a Joke, get over it, move on, if you use the Model that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons, all have a Trinary Engine, which is just a very large Atom, and then you apply everything you know about Atoms to the Universe, then it makes sense, in fact it explains the whole Universe, so I am done with this debate, that is my proof, so now you know my feelings about what I call the Trinary Universe, for one thing the Newtonian Universe is much older than the Dynamic Universe, but Newton did not define the Universe in the detail that I have done, so it was necessary to rename concepts with the Trinary Logic, because it changed the model of the Universe, from Macro to Micro and back again, it uses a simple principle that explains the entire Universe, from the Subatomic level through the entire Universe, and can prove it with empirical evidence, because the explanation take into account Reality, if the Sun was an Atomic Bomb, we would see more Suns going Super Nova, and trust me, these things blow up and there will not be a dwarf star remaining, so I will explain that also, but it all has to deal with Electromagnetic Energy, because it is the True Magic of the Universe.

Its been proven that Astronauts can not live long in Outer Space because of the weaker Electromagnetic field then that found on the Surface of the Planet, and have concluded that Space Travel would be impossible without an Earth - Normal Electromagnetic field, so it is clear that Life requires Magnetism just as much as the Planet, and since over 90% of all DNA on this Planet is the same, I would say that we are all related to it, in fact I assert that the Planets DNA is in our DNA, so we evolved from being the planet to being life on the planet, but I will leave that for another chapter, so now let us discus how it works.

The Experiment: The LASER is fired, at this point Electricity is transformed to a higher frequency to produces a coherent Light source producing one Photon, if we view this under a Microscope, we can observe that the Trinary Energy switches to a 0 State and its in the 0 Dimension, so its Logic is the same as it is dimension, this is called re-dimension or redemption, now the Trinary Energy disappears or becomes invisible like a Ghost, the only logical explanation would be that it has No Dimensions, so it does not exist, so it can not move because it has no dimensions to move in, so it is Static, so the same principle applies to a Magnet, the Energy flowing through a Magnet forces electrons to transform to a higher frequency producing an electromagnet pulse (lower frequency then Photon) to be transmitted out of the north or negative end of a magnet, the highly energized electron will flow to the south or positive end of the magnet, this is called magnetic line of flux, and it forms a loop, so the principles are the same as Light, an electron is excited to a high frequency, the Trinary Energy will switch to the 0 State, then to the 1 State, it will then toggle between 1 and -1 until it loops back.

After I figured out how this simple magnetic force worked, I applied it to Light, and figured out that it too must travel in a loop, I was 16 years old when I came to this reasoning, I had been working on a problem with my hole in space concept since I was 13, and I was not happy with the explanation, so it took me 3 years to do all the calculations so I could prove to myself that this was even possible, because the thought that Light did not travel in straight line was something that I have never heard anyone state before, and people I told this to thought I was Crazy for believing in such a thing, and for years I just researched everything I could to figure out how to explain this, and it was not till I seriously looked at Hubble's expanding Universe idea, that I realized he proved I was right with his observations on Red Shifting, so I applied this model to all the Planets, Moons, and then the Sun and Galaxy, and I found a pattern, it explains the movement of all of them, but only if a Dark Star existed, so I started looking for one and found two, so I knew this must be how the Universe works, because Magnets are easy to understand, and so is the Universe once you apply this simple model to it.

As we previously discussed how Atoms work, so most of this work is done, because all humans are capable of Logic and Reason, and for Imagination to be Scientific, it must also be proof, so each step of a process must start off with proof, so currently in Science, there is a Phenomenon called God's Particle, which has a White Noise or aura around it, although all atoms have this aura, it was easier to detect around this particle then others, it was due to the nature of the substructure of the particle, and made it easier for the equipment of our day to detect it, but most scientist dubbed it God's Particle as a joke as I said earlier, because of the direction the research was going, so most of those scientists want to call it something else so they called it the Higgs boson, which has nothing to do with this work, so I do not want to get people confused by using that Term so I renamed it Trinary Energy, as I have already explained, but its this misconception that God's Particle was any different from other particles, and they tried to prove it was by using atomic accelerators and smashing the particles to see what was in them, because this particular particle had an unknown substructure, because it refused to give any details about its makeup, but the reason for this was never documented, and it was due to the magnetic field generated by the Atomic Accelerator, which was proof enough for me to use that fact in this document, because it was never documented by them, because they had no idea why this was, so all that flash of Light that the particles made when they were smashed together, just left them in the dark about magnetic forces effects on some particles, and its why I said their research has nothing to do with mine, because mine explains why electromagnetic forces govern ever atom in the Universe, and I did not need an Atomic Accelerator to figure that out, because the Particle itself was not the key, it was the White Noise around it, and for years that is what I thought these Scientist were talking about, after I figured out that they were actually talking about an Atomic Particle, I understood that it was a Joke.

Magnetic energy flows in patterns that can only be interpreted as intelligence, if you take the time to plot out the path of just one stream of a Line of Flux in a Magnetic Field using a Vertice Matrix Grid, you will see all the State changes that drive the strange magnetic lines in patterns flowing from the North Pole to the South Pole on the out side of the Magnet, inside it always flows from South to North, or Negative to Positive, and a state change occurs every time it cycles through the 0 dimension or Ground, so it becomes clear from the data collected that the reason is that Electrons flow through a Magnet in a very predictable way is due to these State changes.

In an Electromagnet device the current flow coil around the Magnet can create a North Pole or a South Pole depending on the polarity of the current that runs through it, so the Lines of flux are dependent on the direction of current flow, and in a Natural Magnet, this is determined by the structure of the Medium at the molecular level, and can also be programmed, which implies Intelligence, so it is possible to change the poles of a magnetic, by reversing its current flow in an Electromagnet, the Earth has changed the direction of it is poles many times in history, but no one knows how long it takes, but the Sun does it every 10 years, but one day the Earth will, I calculated it changes 66 times or cycles between passing through the Galactic Plane, this calculation is based on a Helix model, based on a 66 million year cycle, which currently Main Stream Science places it closer to 72 million years, but the speed is not constant, because it is traveling in a Helix, as it gets farther away from the Galactic Plane it will slow down to the point it will turn around and head back to it, Illustration 3.8: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix, the earth has to adjust its poles depending on where it is in the cycle, which would mean it needs to change about every Million years, when going through the Galactic Plane the Poles will align horizontally with the plane, this provides the maximum Magnetic field so the Earth can survive the journey, as two poles are in constant contact with the effect of the Ground state it is forced into during the journey through the Plane till it changes to a Negative or Positive state, this also puts most life on the planet into Hibernation, the surface of the Planet will freeze solid pole to pole.

During a pole shift the Planets Core will have to physically switch, so the Trinary Engine which I will discus later, is my hypothesis on how this is possible, but it is clear that the only way a Magnetic Field can exist is through the use of Intelligence, so if God is in charge of the Universe, then God must be in charge of ever magnet in Nature, because God created the Trinary Engine which is the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet, Moon, and other objects in Outer Space, and it is all based on Trinary Energy, so it is all based on the work of the Greatest Scientist of all times because they all thought that God was in charge of it all.

How a magnetic works is very simple, as a child I was given a Magnet by my Uncle for my 5th Birthday in 1966, and he told me to figure out how it works, and did not ask for the answer until I was 13, at which time I told him that it was under intelligent control at the subatomic level, and he said that is correct, it is just as simple as that, but if I left it as that, you would know I am just a Magician trying to hide my bag of tricks and you might not understand the mechanics behind it, but Wizards like to teach Science, because like I said, it has two parts to this question, why does it do it, and how does it do it, and the answer is easy for why, it is because the Universe requires it, the Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, all require a magnetic field to operate in, for reasons that are very clear like I said, and keeping in the Atmosphere and keeping out deadly radiation and micrometeorites is only 3 of many uses, it powers all the life on this Planet, purifies its water, creates oil to allow the crust to rotate around its core, it moves lava and land masses, its an endless discussion so I will have to leave it as one, so now let us talk about how.

The understanding of Energy is the first thing to learn, Benjamin Franklin said that Lighting flows from Positive to Negative, some people believe he was wrong, and that Lighting flows from Negative to Positive, but at the time, the idea of Atoms and Electrons was unknown to modern Science, but Franklin believed like Sir Isaac Newton, that all energy is governed by the Light or God as he called it, yet the knowledge of the Light or God, and its state changes: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, have been known since the Bible was written, so it is clear that they must have known about Atoms and Electrons, and knew that Electricity and Electrons are based on an interaction of Atoms depending on their Atomic Number, which represents how many Protons an Atom contains, for example a Hydrogen Atom contains 1 Proton, so its atomic number is 1, but in Franklin's days, this information was lost through the ages, so this was new to scientist of his days, although Franklin's idea of how Lightning flowed was that the positive field raised from the Earth and extended into the heavens above, so he saw the core of the Planet as Negative, and all Energy flowed from it, so it flowed from Negative to Positive, and that is true depending on how you define the direction of the Electrons, so it was not Franklin that made a mistake, it was those that decided what was a positive charge and what was a negative charge, because they assumed that Lightning flowed from the Heavens down to Earth, so they reversed the roles of the charges to fit their assumptions about them, and now they blame Franklin for the mistake, when he got it right in the first place, so this is a huge problem, all our Electronic Schematics are drawn backwards, and no one wants to fix this mistake, they figure its better just to keep it status quo, and that is just stupid, I do not care who yew are, mistakes should always be corrected.

The Nucleolus of all known Atoms are listed in the Periodic Table of Elements along with their Atomic Number, currently there are 118 elements listed there. Atoms are comprised of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, the Protons and Neutrons make up the Nucleolus, and the Electrons orbit it. If the number of Protons and Neutrons are not even, the Atom is designated an Ion, the number of receptor sites for Electrons are based on how many Protons and Neutrons an Atom has and will govern how Electrons flow through it, which is a Design that proves it has Intelligence built into it, which proves that at the Atomic Level, there is proof of Intelligence, but this is old news: All knowing, all Seeing, Omnipotent, proving that God created all the Atoms in the Universe so that God could control them, but God is Science and not Religion, its Atom and Eve or Atom and Event.

Science is based on Facts and not Fiction, and what I see at the Subatomic level proves there is Intelligence that is controlling every Atom in the Universe and that is a Fact, everything else is just Fiction, because Main Stream Science is based on the Big Bang, which means every Atom in the Universe came out of a Black-Hole, meaning the Empty space around Atoms can be compressed to the point where every Atom in the Universe would fit on the end of a Pin, and no one questions that Logic, just listen to how stupid that sounds, we can not compress a drop of water small enough to fit on the end of Pin, but Scientist want you to believe that the whole Universe can be compress that small, because they figure they can go back in time and Kill their Parents so they would never be born, just so they could deny they ever thought this Crazy, and this is the crowd of People that I have to explain real Science to... So where do I start? I told myself I would leave out sarcasm in this document, but then again I promised myself I would not call yew Stupid, because it has no place in a dissertation, but after a lifetime of trying to explain this concept to people, it just got harder to do without it, especially since I do not know how or when to use sarcasm, I am very bad at, I now know that its an Aspie thing, but I also know its just me and who I am, many times I have tried to delete all sarcasm and Stupid remarks, and found that when I try to read this like a Neurotypical, or have a Neurotypical read it, the first thing they do is start comparing it to the Main Stream Science, so at this point I have to deprogram peoples misconception about Science based on the Dynamic Universe, as long as its Main Stream Science this process of having to compare one Universe against the other is required, but still I figure its faster to just tell everyone that they are Stupid for thinking that the Dynamic Universe was even possible, but they believe anything is possible so there is not way to convince them otherwise, but in all fairness I need to tell them why its so Stupid, so this is how I do it, by rambling on about details about both Universes, one based on Fact, the other based on Fiction, also known as Theories, and there is nothing wrong with believing in Theories or having a Theoretical Universe, I just prefer to refer to them as Science Fiction and when they are proven, then call them Science, but not the other way around, but that is Main Stream Science, and why I think its Stupid.

The Space around an Atom can never be compressed, no matter how much Gravity is present, no matter how much Force you apply to it, not even and Atomic Accelerator can compress empty space, to understand why we must look at Electromagnetic Force, because if the Big Bang was correct, there can be no Electromagnet Force in the Universe, because the presents of a Black-Hole anywhere in the Universe would collapse all such fields, as it would also the Light and every Atom in the Universe, because if a Black-Hole really did exist, this Universe would already be inside of it, and that Logic is sound enough for even Stupid people to understand, it does not take a Genus to understand the logic of Black-Holes, they do not have an Off value, they would continue to collapse down on themselves till the Universe was gone, and it would be impossible for them to Expand, let alone at the Rate that would be required if that event did take place, let alone to continue to expanded, because at the rate it is expanding, we would not be able to see any of it at the end of the day, so the fact we still can, proves the Big Bang never took place, and if you do not believe me, just go back in time, but you will never build a machine that can do that, because of the nature of this Machine, which I call the Paradox Machine, so its Pandora's box, just a tale, and stories like those are Science Fiction, because Reality is something that Wizards always add to their illusion, because the Universe you build in your mind, which for most is the one that Schools have taught them, were mostly folklore, you have groups of people who actually believe there are Aliens from Outer Space, while the other half believe its possible and will admit that it would not surprise them to find out they are real, or more to the point really here, because I know they are real, but I do not know they are really here, nor will I pretend I do believe that, because I do not, and never have, I have always believe that our corridor of space was safe to live in, meaning we are not being invaded by Aliens from Outer Space, otherwise it would be a different Reality, and since I only like to talk about Real Science based on Facts only means its Reality, so the physics of the Trinary Universe does not allow the Empty Space in Atoms to be Compressed, so the Sun is not a Compressed ball of Gas, nor is it an Atomic Bomb, so comparing Alternate Universes to the Trinary Universe is a waist of time, so we need to talk about the Nuts and Bolts of the Trinary Universe in terms that guild you step by step like a Wizard, so this is how I define the Trinary Universe, one Atom at a time.

In the Vacuum of Space, you can take two Atoms and place them close to each other and they will attract or repel each other depending on the charge and configuration of each atom, and if you want to connect the two atoms together, you can not use Atomic Glue, you must use their receptors to connect them like building blocks, so a grain of Sand is a bunch of Atoms that are all connected into a molecule that combine to make a compound, and if you take two grains of Sand, they will always attract each other, so Gravity is taking place, and it is clear that Electromagnet Force influences that Gravity, but does not create or alter it, so I use the term influences as in just a little, Gravity would not work outside of an Electromagnet Field, so it has influence, so the two are key elements in the Process of Gravity, as the Fields collapse they cause a sweeping motion that correlates with the affects of gravity, this sweeping motion is an Electromagnetic Field that flows around the Earth, basic Earth Science 101, yet artificial Electromagnetic Fields will not create artificial Gravity, or maybe they are not using the correct properties to reproduce the Earths Gravity, because that force field wave is as wide as the Planet, and has a very long wave length and a very short frequency, covering 3 spectra of electromagnetic frequencies around 3, 6 and 9 hertz, and it is also in spectra of Light, my guess is high frequencies with short wave lengths, and covering 3 spectra of Light, maybe in the Red, Green and Blue range, which pretty much describes the Earths Magnetic Field narrowing it down to just these spectra, it is a fact that these waves have an effect on objects entering our atmosphere, the slower waves slow down objects creating friction, this is clear because the effects takes place before the Air is thick enough to create a dynamic flow due to air friction, as proof of this, in a vacuum all objects will fall at the same rate, and the physics of it, the larger the planet, the stronger the magnetic fields are, Moons are very small and have a very weak magnetic field, which is why they have no atmosphere, so why is it that we can not create Artificial Gravity? We can not reproduce the Trinary Energy that created the field, nor can we create the spectrum of fields required, and sometimes size really does make a difference, the Earths Magnetic field is huge, much larger than the Earth itself, and these waves also counteract the effects of Centrifugal force, because they collapse evenly around the Earth thus canceling out the effect.

To fully explain Gravity we must first define what Magnetic Force is, and that is defined by Trinary Energy, so it is time we move past the introduction and get started, but I first had to point out that all my work is based on the work of others that thought like I do, that may sound like an assumption, but the fact is that all these people I refer to spook for themselves and do not need me to explain what it is they said, because nothing I will say will change anything that they said, nor does it go against their ideas that they have described and I believe that Sir Isaac Newton did a great job of describing his work and his Math explained what his Notes did not cover, so his work needs no more explanation, but that does not mean that everyone understood his work the way I did, and the only explanation for this is that many people read into things, instead of just reading them, because when Newton said God was part of all his Equations, he really did mean what he said, the Light was causing Gravity.

The Science that is documented here, is based on a few words or phrases out of the Bible, this makes many Scientist feel uneasy about having what they think of as Religion being brought into Science, but the Bible itself is not Religious, its just a Document that has had few changes over the years, besides Christ being inserted into some Bibles, but the viewpoint of this is based on Science, in the past this Science was called Alchemy and only Wizards and Witches practice Alchemy... Not true nowadays because the Science of Alchemy was just renamed to the Science of Chemistry, just as the word Wizard was renamed to Scientist, but I find no reason to use one word over the other, saying that I am a Wizard does not change the fact that I am really just a Scientist, and its only the names that are confusing to some people, and it has to do with Fairy Tales, and some view the Bible as a Fairy Tale, while others only view it as Religion, but very few believe it is the Truth, and I do not have any ambition to prove that the Bible is Truth, only the Words and Phrases that I use from it, and that is that God is all Light with No Darkness, and there can be No Light without the Darkness, so what is God's Name? IAM, so look in a mirror when you say that word, and then the Acronym I And Me will start to make sense, where I is the Light, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and Jesus was to resurrect back into the Flesh, so Sir Isaac Newton spent most of his life researching the Bible to figure out what the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit was, and never figured that out, but knew it as the Light, so in this regard, I am finishing the work that Sir Isaac Newton started, so this is Science at its best.

I already pointed out that Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, even though the BBC said that Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, which means the same thing as the Last Wizard, so Wizard means Scientist, and I prefer the term over Scientist, because Scientist of this day and age believe in Fairy Tales called Theories, better known as the Dynamic Universe, whereas Newton and Tesla are already known as Wizards, and I prefer to be known as a Wizard and not a Scientist for that very reason so I invented the Trinary Universe so I could finish the work of the greatest Wizards of all time, because few would call Newton or Tesla Scientist, but they do recognize them as Wizards.

The Trinary Universe is what most people experience while living in the Universe, regardless of what they are calling it, because most people live in a place known as Reality, where we do not see any Time Travailing, and there is no curvature of Time or Space anywhere to be found, nor Black or Worm Holes, regardless of what the tabloids print as news, a theory is not a fact, and I only want to talk about facts, only things I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the truth about Science, and not some delusion about the way the Universe works, and this is not based on a Deity or any thoughts about God being an Entity other then the Light, because the Term God is only a reference to the Light, and the Light is just Energy, so its just Electricity at a higher frequency, so it is a Higher Power, but talking to God using that Little Voice in your head is just Crazy, God is talking to you and it is never the other way around and its not a conversation unless you are talking to yourself, but that is Crazy, so I will not go there, this is about Science not Religion, its about Reality, and that must be the same for everyone, or its not Real.

Universal Reality, or UR as I like to refer to it, since its Your Reality, should not be based on your Religion, Mental illness, or what Drugs you are taking at the time, Universal Reality means that its Universally Real regardless of those things that can alter our perception of Reality, so in general its the Reality of most people if you view it under a microscope as if its forensic science, because at this level of detail, Trinary Science can not be hidden, its there or its not there, regardless of if you have an Autistic Brain or a Neurotypical Brain, whether you are below normal intelligence or above it, because it is based on empirical evidence and not someones interpretation of the facts, so words like God is all Light with no Darkness, is not a metaphor but a scientific fact, if God is the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, then this is describing the Light at the subatomic level, so these words are not metaphors at all, but literal meanings of what God is, and that is a Universal Reality, because at the Subatomic level this is a fact that has been verified, there are repeatable experiments that can be verified to prove this to future generations, which is why they chose those words to describe God as a Higher Power, because the Light is just Electricity at a Higher Frequency, and we know for a fact that all Life forms have this Energy or Life Force in them, in fact, Tesla said we are all Light Beings, and not the Flesh Being that host our Soul, and Newton said that this same Light is in all of us, and its the key to resurrection, because this Energy never dies, it can not be created nor destroyed, so its only recycled between all the life forms alive, and that is a fact based on this Science, so God is not describing an Entity other then Light, in fact its describing the Energy that makes up all Entities, or Light Beings, because its our Life Force, its our Light Force, and the Trinary Engines are just massive or Macro Atoms, so you need a telescope to look at them and not a microscope, but they behave exactly like Atoms under a microscope, and when you start to view them like Atoms, then the Galaxy is just very large Atom that has other Atoms orbiting it, so our Sun is an Atom, and the Earth is just an Atom that Orbits it, as the Moon orbits around the Earth, so this science is based on observable evidence, so if you think of God as a Light Entity, then God is the Universe, but our Galaxy is just an Atom of God, and we are just a form of Life that is living on the Electrons orbiting that Atom, so we are the Life Force of God, because at the subatomic Level we are the same Light, so once you understand this, you will start to understand what all these Wizards have been telling you all along, we are the same Energy that God is made of, so if God is the Light, we know its the same Light everywhere in the Universe, so the debate over if God really Exist is over, because I just proved that the Bible was Right about God all along, it was the Belief in Christ that changed that, and why Newton was so upset about Christ being inserted into the Bible, because it was a Lie, there was no Christ, there is only one Jesus in the Bible, and not two, nor are there two Gods, Satan was just the Darkness as God was just the Light, God was real, and God was really the Light, but the Dynamic Universe does not have God in it, its a Godless Science, so those that believe in it, do not believe in God, and there is no getting around that logic, the Trinary Universe is a valid science based on thousands of years of scientific study by the brightest minds this world has ever known, all I did was defined it in a way that everyone should be able to understand.

I repeat myself a lot, I have found I have to some time, because simple concepts take a while to soak in, like the Concept that I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it, or No it Not, in simple terms, I is the Light, because it refers to that persons Soul or 3rd eye, and we all know that is just Energy and not the Flesh, so the Light also known as God: does not care what yew think, which again the word Yew (Y E W) or Ewe (E W E) are just Spells and should not be confused with the word You (Y O U), where Yew (Y E W) is a Tree called TaxUS that Ewe (E W E) eat, so ewe are what ewe eat, so yew are a species of animal that eat TaxUS, so the word Yew is just a Wizards Spell, so not only does God not care what yew believe, nor dose the Universe, which is just the Atomic Structure of God at the Atomic Level, so its every fiber of God, so this is like saying that not even the smallest part of God cares about what yew believe, so Know it, meaning you do not just believe in the truth, but you know its the truth, or No it Not, because that is what Stupid Kids say when you tale them the Truth, and they reply No it Not... So I repeat myself because I think most people are just Sheeple, because they believe that the Lord is their Shepard, and do not see the irony of Sheep being lead by the Shepard, so by their own admittance they are Sheep, so I call them Sheeple, because there is no other way to refer to Stupid People: without making them upset at you for pointing out how Stupid they would have to be to believe in the Dynamic Universe, but if you attack a persons Beliefs they will Fight to death defending their belief even if they know they are wrong, so I rub in the Fact that I am also an Ashkenazi, who are the smartest race on this planet, and that I have a very high IQ, higher than most adults when I was only in the 3rd grade, so maybe I should find a more adult way of making fun of Sheeple, so I throw in the fact that I am Autistic, and yew are actually the retards, because that joke never gets old, because Neurotypical children will say it takes a retard to know a retard and most Neurotypical people think that people with Autism are all retards, so who is acting like a child?

The fact is that I can not hide these facts I talk about, if someone actually did a fact finding investigation into all facts I have written about, they will find that they are the truth from my point of view, or the Wizards point of view actually, so leaving out all this strange information would not be the whole truth about this subject at all, because I have been telling this story since I was very young, and it is all about when I was young so I was a child then and that is the way I saw the world, all the Adults were Stupid, since my IQ was higher then most of them, this was a fact, because anyone with an IQ less of Normal is Stupid, and it all comes down to what you define as Normal, but I gave up because no one would listen to anything I had to say about this Science, and now I am much to old to care, and like I said, I do not care what yew believe, not even the smallest part of who IAM, so if you really want to believe in a Godless Science, then who am I to say otherwise, so all I can do is make fun of yew because IAM that Child that is in Me, and I only tale the truth, and I do not sugar coat the lies, so if I say you are Stupid for believing in lies, then get over it, even if I offended yew for being Stupid when it really is just the Nature of the Beast, so all I do is tale you the truth, so I call yew Stupid, and that is all I have done, because its the only way I know how to be, I do not try to hide my emotions, I have keep secrets all my life, and some of them I should have taken to my grave, so I told the whole truth instead of just fragments of it, because that is how lies get told, for example: Sheeple in the United States of America know that the Banks print the Money, yet they pretend that the Constitution still exist, and that is insanity, not reality, it is not an Opinion, you can not Amend a document to change word Only, because that word is absolute, but to Wizards its just a Spell, so the Light Wizards define it as Minor Changes, and the Dark Wizards define it as Major Changes, so it all depends on if you follow the Light or the Dark Side, so these are the obstacles that I must over come, most people do not want to know the truth, which is that the Governments are lying to them about Science, or they are actually to Stupid to know the truth, because the Government knows the Constitution does not exist, its the only way they can do the things they are and get away with it, and its why they backed the Dynamic Universe over the Newtonian Universe, because they wanted everyone to not believe in God, and they have succeeded, we live in a Godless world because 95% of all people on this planet believe in a Deity and not God (note that The God always means Allah, which means The God, I do not use that term because IAM God, and not The God or A God), and the other half them that say they do not believe in Deities also believe in the Dynamic Universe, which is a Godless Science, and those that claim to be Religious yet believe in a Godless Science, well those people are insane by the very definition of that word, because it is not possible to believe in God and not in God at the same time, so its a fact and not an opinion, because its a fact that this is the way the World is, using their own statistics, all I did was point it out, but I repeat myself a lot, and ramble on, and one subject blends into another till the whole Trinary Universe becomes as clear as the Crystal Ball Wizards look into, so joke about it all you want.

People think they know everything, they think they can tell the lies apart from the truth that might be in them, which is a nice way of saying they are not logical, and no one ever wants to admit they are stupid, so they go along with everything Einstein said, because the Powers that Be appointed him as the smartest man in history, but your own test proved that he only had an IQ of 160, when I had an IQ of 180 in 3rd grade, so I wonder why I think everyone is so stupid, maybe because compared to me they are, 20 IQ points is the difference between being a Normal and being Stupid, and I know that, and its why I am the way I am, because I do not care about what others think if they do not know how the Universe actually works, and a high IQ does not mean I know anything, in fact it proves nothing, in fact my father told me the reason he never told me about my IQ before 2000, was that he did not want my IQ score going to my head, unfortunately I had others since that time, so I did a lot of research into High Intelligence, or Genus, so I already know what history will say about me, and I do not care, I just tale it like it is, and let history sort out all the details, so people can believe what they want, the Sheeple have no will power so they follow their Shepard, which is symbolized as a Man with a Staff standing next to a Sheep Dog, because that image is how I see myself and there is a word for this condition and many Wizards have had it throughout history... Newton also had it, but it is too obvious to state its name, so I will leave that Spell up to you to figure out, but its not a Messiah Syndrome, but maybe its Jesus Syndrome, because it was Jesus who said God was all Light, and I did not tale you everything I know about the Trinary Universe, in fact, I have hardly touched the surface, this is just the introduction, and I had to tale you why I sound so argent first, and its because I do know everything, and I am an insufferable know it all, and I am fine with that, so I use it to communicate with people who do not think the way I think, and that is the Majority of yew, so anyone with an IQ lower then 133 is Stupid, because that is a Normal IQ as far as IAM concerned, because its a way of thinking, and any less is just enough intelligence to survive, but not enough to understand how the Universe works, because if you really study people who think this way, you will see a pattern, because Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that he stood on the shoulder of Giants so he could see further, so I stood on the shoulders of: Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Richard Strauss, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Samuel Clemens (or Mark Twain), Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Isaac Asimov, just to name a few, and all of them were Autistic, like myself, its in the Autism Spectrum called High Functioning, also known as Aspies to acknowledge Doctor Hans Asperger who also had it and for which Asperger's Syndrome was named after, because he could see this pattern, we all act like this to some degree, we see how the Universe works and we tale people about it, or we act on it through our deeds, if we are right or wrong history will tale, but we change the way others view the Universe, and I do not care if it makes me look like I think I am conceited, because all I am interested in is the facts, and the facts are that I am intelligent enough to figure out how the Universe works, how I did it should not matter, but in my case it is the rest of his-story, because if it was not for these other Aspies, I may have never thought about it at all, and if my parents had said its nothing so stop looking at it, I would not be talking about this subject now, but I would be talking about something just as profound, well maybe not as profound as figuring out how the Trinary Universe works, but it was due to a series of events that changed my life, like my parents knowing about White Noise, and everything that happened in my life, like my Step-Mother dying, because that was the center of all this information for me, and that event changed my whole life in ways that I may never fully understand, but her husband named Merlin set me right on this event, and now I can talk about it, so now you know why I believe in Wizards, even if they did not know they were one, Wizards are just People who reveal the real Magic in Life.

This is where I will stop this Introduction, it is far to long of a chapter, but there was really no reason to make chapters shorter just so people can stay awake while reading it, so I wrote it in a way that should not be boring, I tried to get people to think differently, well some people anyway, no idea how many of the people in the World think the way I do about this subject, but it did occur to me that no one has written about this subject in this context, so it is a unique idea, but some have said it differently, like Newtons Math had God as the Force in it, so I did not have to write any Math to prove what I am saying, that work had already been done by him and Kepler, and Franklin and Tesla proved that we are Light beings, so really all I had to do is figure out how all this ties together, and then go beyond all that and figure how the Universe works, and to be truthful, I am happy with my explanation for the Trinary Universe, and that is all I care about, and I know it, but communication had never been my strong suit, so I had to find a way to do more than just tale this story, I wanted to prove its the truth about Science.


Sub Chapter 1.18: Conclusion

The Conclusion for this chapter is the beginning of this document an not the end of it, as it is with time: what came before the beginning, the conclusion comes from how we define Intelligence, what does it take for any human to be considered Intelligent, does the ability to communicate make people Intelligent, all questions I know the answer to, but in reality, it only matters what the Read or Listener Believes, and that would require a simple test:

What does this paraphrase out of the Bible mean:
God is All Light without Darkness? Table 1.4: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

  1. God is Light.
  2. God does not Physically exist?
  3. God has no Evil in him.
  4. B and C.
Table 1.4: What does God is All Light without Darkness Mean?

Only you know the answer to this test, so I will put the answer into categories, and we will call all of those that did not answer A, into the Sheeple category, because this introduction was just suppose to answer this one question, because if I can not get you to understand what that God is the Light in the Introduction, then you must have the same intelligence as a Sheep, but not to worry, the rest of this document was written for a Sheep I call Yew.


Chapter 2: Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy is seen in White Light as White Noise, its Also Known As God's Particle, but I call it the Light, and it has been referenced in the Bible as God being all Light with no Darkness, but in Science, it needs a Scientific Name, and needs to be defined in a way that describes how it behaves.

In the Introduction I tried to give a broad overview about Trinary Energy, in this chapter I will try to expand on subjects I just brushed over in the introduction, and I might not repeat some key concepts that were in the Introduction to save space and make this document shorter, same will be true with future chapters, I try to build on what I said, so I only repeat myself to make a point.

At the Subatomic level, this Energy is not Physical, it is Interdimensional Energy, not to be confused with Interdimensional beings, although that might work if you believe God is a Being, rather than Trinary Energy which is defined as the Energy that has 3 State changes, which have been described by many scientist throughout my lifetime, many of which I do not even remember their names, so I do not reference them, since I have no idea who to give credit to, and countless experiments have been made to study this Phenomenon, in which an Atom goes through 3 state changes, the first is where it appears to be solid, I call this the Light State, and give it a value of 1 so I can plot it out on a grid, just above the X axis, and point out that the Bible calls this the Father in Trinity, because according to the Bible, all matter most go through the Father, because that is the only solid state that matter exist, so if we are talking about Atoms and Not Photons, then we are talking about Matter, because when it shifts to its Negative State, meaning it shifts on the grid to a -1, and is now below the x axis, it becomes less Light, or Darker, so I call this the Dark Matter State or simply Antimatter State, since it does the opposite of what state 1 does, and the Bible refers to this as the Son, because it does what its Father commands, even if that is the complete opposite, and the last of these 3 States is the Null State, where it just disappears from sight, so it is the Holy Ghost or Spirit that the Bible refers to, so I give it a value of 0 and put it on the x axis, and if you plot it out, you will see it has a pattern like an Alternating Current, like the kind that a Wizard named Nikola Tesla: who built water powered generators that powered Cities back in 1895 and believe we are all Light Beings, the same Energy that was in Lightning, both Light and Electricity, and it is clear that it is the same Energy that Sir Isaac Newton [2] said was the Force in all his Equations, because according to Newton, God was all Light with no Darkness, so he was not referring to the Holy Ghost or the Son, by rather the Father, which I call the Light, but named it Trinary Energy to describe all 3 States, and it does not matter what I call the states, Mathematically they work the same way in all of Newton's math, the only difference is that the only way this is possible is if there are Dimensions in which these State changes can take place, because without the use of a 0 dimension where nothing exist, the Holy Ghost or Spirit, I call the 0 State, can not exist in Reality, but it is a Fact that when an Atom is viewed under a microscope, it will change into these 3 states at some point in time, and when it disappears, modern science will explain that it has moved into another Universe, maybe a Parallel Universe or an Alternate Reality, or a Multiverse of Alternate Realities, but this sounds more like Science Fiction then Science to me, so there must be an explanation that is based on Science, that does not require paradox's to exist, if the Atom really does disappear I really want to know where it went.

Trinary Energy is not an Original thought, as I have already pointed out, but the use of these words in this concept are, but changing the name of an already existing idea does not change the fact that it was not my idea in the first place, because this idea has been around for thousands of years, but went by the name God, and that name would not fit into a Science Document very well, because that name is also used to describe a Deity, so I must point out that I do not have a Religious fiber in my being, nor do I believe in Deities, nor did Sir Isaac Newton who said that Deities were inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century; to insert Christ, and Nikola Tesla did not believe in Deities, he was very clear about the fact that he believed we were all Light beings and were made up of the same Energy found in Lightning, so Light and Electricity would be God to both of these men, and Benjamin Franklin who said that being hit by Lightning would be like touching the hand of God who was a Higher Power, he knew all too well what happens to things that get hit by Lightning, as for myself, I see the Light, and I believe in all these People who do see the Light, so this is not an Original idea at all, in fact it is the oldest Science of all time, and the Name of it does not matter much, but Trinity Power did not sound Scientific to me, and the word Light describes countless objects and concepts in modern Society, as does the word God, but Trinity and Trinary are the same word, only Trinary like the word Binary defines Logic, and that is what I prove by changing its Name, that 1 + (-1) = 0, is actually the Primer for Trinary Logic with the logical states of 1, -1 and 0, just like Binary has the logical states of 1 and 0, a three state logic without a fuzzy bit of logic added, has only one name, and that is Trinary, not so much a base 3 math, but a logical mathematical formula based on a Constant, so it is a Statement, and yet it describes how the Sun and Earth orbit the galaxy, so it answers all the questions about Science that were ever asked, and only God can do that, so it is simply a Scientific Fact, God is Science, only the names were changed to protect and Original idea, so now you know why I renamed it Trinary Energy, and that was to make it Science.


Sub Chapter 2.1: Introduction to Dimensions

There are 4 Dimensions in the Trinary Universe, more commonly known as the Physical Universe we live in, which I call the Trinary Universe so that I do not have to redefine Scientific Terminology that most people apply to the Universe they know, so we have Einsteins Dynamic Universe, which I refer to as Science Fiction, and we have the Newtonian Universe, which mine is based on, and just like I renamed Trinary Energy to get away from the dogma about God, I will do the same for the Universe, so we know we are talking about real science.

To start off from the very beginning, and explain this in terms that anyone should be able to understand, I will explain it from the viewpoint of conscientiousness, in terms of the Little Voice in most of our Heads, which some refer to as that Little Voice of Reason, because normally I only think in terms of Images, and I have to convert them into words, but I know I have Autism in the Highly Functional Spectrum, so Communication is not a skill I was born with, but rather had to learn it the hard way, so I need to find another way of communicating, and that Little Voice gives me that Audience I need to talk to, so I can write this all down in a Document, and all I am asking you is to keep this in mind, because when I talk about God as being only Energy under Intelligent Control, I am not talking about a Deity, I am talking about Science, and science is based on Facts and observable evidence, that can be demonstrated as a repeatable Experiment, so the journey I am about to take you on starts off with the Element known as Hydrogen with 1 Proton and 1 Neutron, I use this Atom because as far as I am concerned, it is the First one, it has an Atomic Number of 1, it has only 1 Proton and 1 Neutron, so it has receptors for only one Valence Electron, so it makes it the simplest Atom to talk about.

Representing our Hydrogen Atom using a 3 Dimensional Construct: width, height, and depth, or x, y, and z as shown in Illustration 2.1: Hydrogen Atom, helps us to see it more clearly as a single atom. Note: Even though Our Hydrogen Atom has an Electron orbiting it; which we cannot see, nor know its exact coordinates; but we still know it is somewhere within the sphere surrounded by a powerful force-field, so powerful in fact that another Atom can not come into contact with it no matter how hard we try to force them together, the Atoms nucleus can never come into contact with each other, not even in a Nuclear Explosion, because that would destroy Energy, and defy the laws of Physics, but the Atom can be destroyed and turn to ashes which are called Neutrinos. I use Computer Animated Atoms because I do not own an Electron Microscope.

Hydrogen Atom
Illustration 2.1: Hydrogen Atom

So for my example this is the Known Trinary Universe, and it consists of 1 Hydrogen Atom as a Spatial Coordinate location with an X drawn in Red, a Y drawn in Green, and a Z drawn in Blue, and a vertex where all lines converge at the center of the Universe, which is always the center of the Atom in question.

From the viewpoint of 3 Dimensions, everything has 3 Dimensions. At first that statement might sound too simplistic but once we start viewing Atoms under a microscope we can only magnify them so much and cannot cut them open, although Atomic Accelerators or Smashers claim to split the Atoms into Quarks, which is as far as we have gone so far, they could not destroy the Energy that is in the Atom, so spiting it, did not mean it actually cut the Atom in half, rather it just spit off sections of it, protons and neutrons can be split apart without destroying the Energy, just the matter the Atom is made of, but normally splitting atoms is referring to splitting Uranium or Plutonium Atoms into two new atoms, with extra neutrons, so I am only talking about cutting them in half as a figure of speech, meaning for diagramming them only, so If we keep cutting an Atom in half, we will find Quarks; so now let us cut these in half and see what is in the very Center of a Quark, and we can go on and on naming stuff I have no idea if it actually exists, because Quarks are all based on Quantum Mechanics, and my work does not need to reference Quantum Mechanics or use any of its Theories to explain things, but I needed to point this out, so when I start cutting into Atoms you do not think I am destroying Energy, or see Quarks and other things hidden inside an Atom, because the physical material an Atom consists of is the stuff Neutrino Detectors discover, and that is Matter that has no Protons or Neutrons, and its microscopic or subatomic, meaning smaller than an Atom, so small that we have nothing that can capture it to study, so I want to make this point very clear, the level of identifying every Quark in an Atom is simply not required to explain Trinary Energy, so I will not try, so the Term 3 Dimensional means that it has Matter that exist in this Dimension that has Width, Height and Depth, and implies it has 4 Dimensions, which is confusing, because the Dimensions numbering scheme starts at 0, just like normal numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3...

The 0 Dimension has no dimensions, and nothing exist in it, and the 1st and 2nd dimension has no concept of width, depth or height, because they have no meaning once you remove 1 dimension from the 3rd dimension, this concept should be simple, but it confuses many people who try to understand this concept, because they think of the 2nd Dimension as 2D, and try to graph in on a piece of paper, thinking that represents a 2D drawing, but then reality kicks in, and you realize that a true 2D object would be a hole in the paper, because paper is a 3D concept, it has depth, which is the thickness of the paper, and real 2nd dimensional space does not have dept, so width and height have no meaning, because in reality Matter can not exist in this Space, only Energy, because all matter is 3 Dimensional, and why I do not talk about Quarks, which are matter, and at this level they do not exist, so there is nothing to talk about.

If we view space as 3 Dimensional, then we are limited as to what we see once we remove one Dimension, but if you keep cutting something in half, eventually you will have to cut off one of the dimensions to get to the next level, because to believe you can keep cutting something in half till indefinitely is a very limited way of thinking, so how can you prove it can be done, or that it is possible to just cut off one dimension, in fact trying to prove it can be done is impossible when you think about it, because it would destroy Energy, and Energy can never be created nor destroyed, it can only transform from one form into another, which proves it can not be create or destroyed, because it will only transform, because its clear from every experiment that destroyed the Matter of an Atom, its Energy still existed, even though the matter in the Atom was destroyed, because slitting the Atom did not destroy the Energy, just the Matter of the Atom itself, and Energy still needs a Medium to exist on, it can not exist in Thin Air, unless its Magic, and I do not like Magic in my Science, even if I claim to be a Wizard, I like to have my Science based on Observations and Facts, and not Magic, which means it needs another dimension it can transform into, which is in another dimension, so we must learn to think in terms of a single dimension, so we start with the 0 Dimension, because this is as far as you can cut when it comes to dimensions, you start with 3, cut off 1 and you have 2, cut off another and you have 1, cut it off and you have 0 Dimensions left, but is the 0 Dimension real?

The way we define Space is what defines our Reality about Space, if we define is as only having 3 Dimensions, then our Reality does not include the possibility of No Dimensions, other than to say it does not exist, but does it have to exist to not exist, which is a valid question, because how can something that does not exist really exist? Is it imaginary, meaning its not real except in our imagination, or does it really exist but we can only see it in our imagination. It is clear that we can not answer this question using philosophy, but in science we can use logic to determine if something is real, and I can prove that just because you do not see something, does not mean it does not exist, it only means that it does not exist in our 3 dimensions, but it can exist in other dimensions.

In Quantum Mechanics we all know about God's Particle, it is a known fact that there is a phenomenon when viewing a single Atom, that we see a pattern, we see a single atom as being solid, so we call it Matter, which means it is made of some material, it then shifts position, and becomes less bright in intensity, or perhaps its just harder to see, I call this its antimatter state, this term describes its relationship with the Matter state, if one is positive, the other is negative, hence the term anti, which means opposed, which infers opposite, and it will always be the opposite polarity, then it disappears, and there is no getting over this possibility, its gone, and does not exist, then it reappears, in one state or another and continues to behave like that as long as we observe it, so we know that just because we can not see it, it still exists, and we must explain this without magic.

Polarity or the idea of the state changes being Positive or Negative is only as a reference, and does not actually imply that these states are actually a physical state that has Polarity that can be measured, in fact, it is just a description that makes it easier to illustrate and explain the concept using this idea, since if we graph it out, it will appear to be Negative, Positive and Neutral.

Viewing God's Particle or the White Noise which I will call Trinary Energy just so we do not confuse it with any research done on God's Particle or White Noise, all we really know about it, is that it possesses some form of Intelligence, and this debate will never be solved using Philosophy, in Science we can prove that its behavior is not at random, and it will change if we are viewing it live, as compared to viewing a recording of it, and that implies Intelligence, and the word Trinary denotes its 3 states, as 0, 1, and 2, 0 is when it is invisible, 1 is when it is at its brightest, and 2 is when it shifts and is less bright, as such the 0 state means you see 0 objects, so in a 3 dimensional world, we could say this is in the 0 Dimension, it has no width, height or depth, yet we know it exists in reality, but the only real proof that something that can not be seen does exist, is because it existed before it disappeared and after it came back, a circular line of thinking, that always comes back to the truth of a particle that only exist some time, but we know for a fact it does exist part of the time, but in fact, it is visible most of the time when it is in the 3rd Dimension, meaning it is in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension all at the same time, but to prove it has intelligence, we must prove that it has intent.

Trinary Energy exists in 4 Dimensions, the 0 Dimension is the very center of its Universe, in reality it can never move, because it has no dimensions to move in, and this is where Reality as viewed in the 3 Dimensional Reality, must change to viewing the Universe in single Dimensions, each one is part of the one before it, so the 1st dimension is part of the 2nd dimension, which make up the 3rd dimension, and at the same time each dimension is separate from the next, the 0 dimension can see the 1st dimension, but the 1st dimension can not see the 0 dimension, but the 1st dimension can see the 2nd dimension, but the 2nd dimension can not see the 1st dimension, but the 2nd dimension can see the 3rd dimension, but the 3rd dimension can not see the 2nd dimension, and any dimension beyond the 3rd dimension are only viewpoints looking back at themselves, so the 4th dimension is just a perspective of looking at the 3rd dimension, as if you are looking back at the way it was, and not the way it is, or the way it will be, because in the moment that will always be true, because once we see something it is no longer there, because we know that at the subatomic level this is true during the 0 state of the Trinary Energy, and we know that the only reason it looks solid is because of this perspective, and its all because our perspective changes when we think in terms of Size, if we viewed the Universe through a hole the size of an Atom, our view would be very small, therefore when its state changes to 0, everything in the Universe is gone to us, we are all alone in the Universe, because at this level, that Atom is the biggest thing we can see, in fact it is the Only thing we can see, think about the Universe, can you see endless miles of stars and galaxies? No, you can not see beyond the Heavens, which is the Sky, during the day the Light blocks out the stars and galaxies, and at night we can only see a limited amount of them, so our perspective depends on day and night, but at the Atomic level it can not see either, because its force field blinds it to the outside, similar to how we view the Universe by looking at the sky.

Science is all about what we can prove, and I know I just proved that the 0 dimension exist, at least in logic, because you can debate where the Atom goes, but the only way you can explain it is using dimensions, so what I can prove is that when it disappears it is simply transforming from one form into another, so if it was in the 1 state and changed to the 0 state, it was simply transforming from the 1 state into the 0 state, and the same is true for the 2 state change, so to make things easier, we will call this the -1 state, because it is clear that the 0 state is in the center, and the 1 state is on one side, and the -1 state is on the opposite side, and that is how simple this Trinary Energy is, we can put this into a constant mathematical equation of 1 + (-1) = 0, because when the 1 is seen, the 0 and -1 state are not, and when its -1 is seen, the 0 and 1 state can not be seen, and of course you can not see the 0 state, so it is simple 3 state mathematics.

What happens to the Matter of an Atom in other dimensions is something that is hard to explain, when an Atoms state changes to 0, it does not destroy the Tritanium the Atom is made of, it simply moves into a dimension of space that we can not see, yet nothing exist in the 0 dimension, because acts like a floating ground, and this seems confusing even to me, and I have tried to make models that would explain this by wrapping space around an Atom, but I can not wrap my mind around such a concept, yet magic is not the answer, something physical is taking place, and we are not cutting the Atom into pieces then reassembling it, in fact the Matter of the Atom is not changing at all, it is only our limited way of understanding the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, yet I must explain where it is going at the same time, so how do I do this? The answer is that I can not, and I could spend all day trying to trick you with words, because that is how Wizards explain things, and why that kind of talk is known as Magic, so instead I tell you that Neutrinos have the ability to navigate around null space, so as the null space creates a hole in space, the Neutrinos called Tritanium actually move through the 3 dimensions of space and back again, this is based purely on observations and based on sound logic and reasoning, and is not based on a Theory, but facts that fit the description.

Think of Interdimensional Space as that space that is in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, and that when Matter of an Atom is moved between these dimensions, our perception of what takes place is altered in a way that we will never truly understand it, but having faith does not mean we give up trying, it only means that we must acknowledge that there will always be things in the Universe that we can not explain, because I understand how it happens, I just can not explain it in words when I think in images, because words do not exist in these dimensions but images do, and that is where my mind must go to see these dimensions, so in my mind these are just doorways to another place, in the 1 state, the Matter of the Atom is in my Space or 3rd Dimension, so I can physically interact with it, but when it shifts to the -1 state, it is half way in the door to this other dimension, thus making it harder to see, and impossible to interact with, and in the 0 dimension it is all the way into the door, and the door is shut, and I can not see where it is, but I know it still exists, because it will return in another state change.

To make things more confusing, I state that only Energy can exist in Interdimensional space, which is true, so where is the matter, simply stating that in the -1 state it transformed into an Antimatter state, meaning it is Interdimensional, because state changes and dimensions are confusing the way I try to explain them, because the concept is complex, because Trinary Energy is only energy its not physical matter, and that will never change, the Atom is just along for the ride, and it is this ride that most people want to know about, and I will have to explain it better than using terms like you must have faith that God exist, because that is how the Bible explained it, and Newton wanted to know more.

If you think of Space as separate dimensions, then it becomes clear that we can only interact with the 3rd dimension, which is made up of the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, and that a state change of 1, is in the 3rd dimension in space, and also in the 1st dimension in Interdimensional space, yet we can not interact with this dimension nor can we see it, but this is God's Dimension, or the Father, if we view it the way the Bible explains it, because we can see the Father, but must have faith that God exist, so we have two views of the same Atom at the same time, one we can see and interact with, the other we can not, and to confuse matters even more, I state that in the 1st or 2nd dimension, that the state changes still take place even though we do not see them do so, and oddly enough, this explains how the Atom moves from 1 dimension into the next, it is done in stages, first it is moved into the 0 state, which is where all Energy comes from, so it is the point of existing, so when Electricity is converted into a Photon, it is born or created in the 0 dimension, and when Electrons are allowed to flow in a Circuit, they too must be in the 0 Dimension at that point in time that the Atom they occupy disappears, so this Light or Matter State of being, is based on where they are in Space, and that truth is that they are only in our 3 dimensional space some time but not all the time, and state 1 is the only time we can interact with those Atoms, so state 1 is both in the 3rd dimension and the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension at the same time, so it stands to reason that in state -1, it appears to be in the 3rd dimension, yet we can not interact with it, and in fact we can not clearly see it, because it is transitioning from the 3rd dimension into the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension, keep in mind it is always in all 3 dimensions: 0, 1st and 2nd when in state 1, but when it switches to state -1, it is only in the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension, and not the 3rd, but we can still see the Atom, so its like stepping into the door so to speak, and when it changes into the 0 dimension, it is only in the 0 dimension, but we can still not interact with it, nor can we see it, nor did we see it when it shifted into the 1st dimension, and why I tend to ignore it, because there are only 3 state changes and 4 dimensions, but its where all the logic takes place, because we do not see that logic in the 2nd dimension, but we know that we can see the effects of the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, even though they are not in the 3rd dimension, but we can not interact with them, but the 0 and 1st dimension has no dimensions to see, and I do not want to use explanations like this is another Universe, because it is still in our Universe, just in another dimension, and my options of explaining it in other words is not going to help to clear this issue up, there are something in science we just have to except at face value, or you will never understand what is real and what is not, and truth is real, it is based on facts, and the facts will never change when it comes to explaining dimensions, so maybe I could learn to explain it better using examples that make more sense, but the images in my mind make sense to me, only I can not put them into words, nor would those images help to describe them to you because they are missing tracks of information like emotions and feelings, because a Picture is worth a 1,000 words, but I will try anyway, so I will seem to repeat myself a lot, when in fact, I am just trying to find another way to say something in a way that you might understand.

The 0 Dimension has a Force Field around it, this is because normal space can not move through it, so it must move around it, and as it does, space warps around it, although Atoms can not move into this space, they can be warped around it in a way that does not physically interact with the Atom, yet it makes it invisible, this property of Neutrinos is well documented, they find there way around Atoms. When an Atom is in the 1 State it has the 0 Dimension at its center of mass, so it is stable, when it changes to the -1 State, that center of mass shifts, causing the atom to pass into that area of space I call Null Space or the 0 Dimension, when it moves all the way into this space, all normal space is force to flow around it, so space flows around the Atom, so it is still there, its just invisible.

Once you start to view Trinary Energy using Dimensions, then all Energy will start to make more sense, and that understanding starts at the Vertex of the Atom you are viewing, where a vertex refers to a starting point, and is normally denoted with a V, like a pointer to mark start here, so this point is a known location on a 3 dimensional map, yet at the 0 dimension nothing exist, not even the space it occupies, because no matter how much you try, you can never touch it, but it is hard to image from the viewpoint of the 3rd dimension, because you view the Atom from a Microscope, and if you had an instrument that had a tip that was the size of an Atom, you could never touch the center of that Atom, regardless of what state it was in, because one atom could never come into contact with another atom, so the question is how do we view sub-dimensional space knowing this?

We know that every atom has its own power, and we know that its power can only transform from one form into another, we know we can combine an atom with other atoms known as a Molecule, and we know that each of the Atoms are not physically touching each other, and that each are in a constant state of flux, changing from one state into another, so we know as a whole we can see only some of its atoms at the same time, but its enough to give the illusion that objects at the macro level, such as Humans, are solid, when if fact we know that we are 99.999% empty space, so where does this power come from?

All energy flows from Ground to a higher potential, we can alter that with electronic devices, or material known as the Medium, but for the most part this true, and gravity always flows toward ground, so what is Ground?

In outer space you can release two grains of sand, you might think they would just float there side by side, but they always attract each other thus clump together, so its clear that each grain of sand has its own gravity, so its origin must come from the 0 dimension, because it is the very center of the Universe of every atom in it, and we know that every atom in it is also in constant flux, as it changes states, so it must be these state change that gives the two grains of sand the inertia to move towards each other, and the only explanation would be that the Dimensions exist on different plans, so similar to a grid layout with an x, y, and z, the 0 dimension is nowhere and everywhere in this space, although it does not physically exist in the 3rd dimension, it has to account for the 99.999% empty space in the Universe, so it is clear that it must physically occupy 100% of the Universe, but this math does not compute, until you add up all the dimensions, so the 1st dimension must also occupy 100% of the Universe as well as the 2nd dimension, yet the Universe does not add up to 300% of space, because as a whole it has to equal 100% of the 3rd dimension, so its clear that these dimensions are indeed 3 distinct layers of space, so now you can see that if an Atom changes states from 1 to -1, it also changes position, and the only way this is possible is if the 0 state was floating, because keep in mind that it has no dimension, so it can not move, yet when we analyze the way atoms move, we know that many state changes take place in the time period it took to move the atoms, and the only way to account for this movement is, is to account for the shift that happens between 0 and the 1 or -1 state changes, no reason to show the 0 State since you will not see the Atom, so I will show it in its 1 State, or Light Matter State, as shown in Illustration 2.2: Trinary Energy 1 State.

Trinary Energy 1 State
Illustration 2.2: Trinary Energy 1 State

Note that the Vertex of the 0 State would be on the x axis, so its 1 state change moved it above the x axis, this is called the offset, this is a 3 Dimensional concept only, because in reality it is the center of mass of the atom, because the 0 Dimension is a Floating Ground, it can float between 1 and the -1 State.

We can not see Dimensions separately, but we can see the effects of it, I show the offset from the 0 state to the 1 state above of the vertex to simplify the explanation, the vertex represents the 0 Dimension, which is its point of origin, even though you can not see it because nothing exist there, therefor it is empty Space, but in reality we have no idea where the Empty or Null Space is, since we can not detect it, but we can observe that when it changes states, as shown in Illustration 2.3: Trinary Energy -1 State.

Trinary Energy -1 State
Illustration 2.3: Trinary Energy -1 State

We can see that it is on the opposite side of the 1 State and x axis, not necessarily in a 3D grid as shown here for simplicity, because in reality it can move in any direction, and normally will travel in straight lines unless another force acts on it, but all I want to illustrate here, is that the x axis is where the 0 dimension vertex would exist in theory, and that the state change from 1 to -1 would cause the atom to appear to move, even though it is moving, I say appear to move, because its not the atom that is moving in the 3rd dimension, instead it is moving in the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and it becomes obvious when you look at its location when it is in the 0 state, then the point of reference is more defined, and simpler to understand, the Energy is static in the 3rd dimension, it only appears to move in the 3rd dimension, when in reality its only moving in the 1st and 2nd dimension and the reason we reprieve this as movement in the 3rd dimension, is because it is the only dimension we can see, so it is an optical illusion, that would lead many people to believe that Light can be shot out of a flashlight, instead of the fact that the photon is only moving through the dimensions of space we can not see, so it is being pulled instead of being pushed through space, and the underling vertex in the 0 dimension never moves, only its reference point in 3 dimensional space moves, so when the state changes back to 1, the Atom or Photon is not in its same position in reference to 3 dimensional space, it has moved on the path that the Light would travel and in a very predicable way, and that is because at the subatomic level, the vertex in the 0 state is in the 0 dimension, and that never moves, it is a floating ground, therefore its reference point changes, thus causing the Atom or Photon to move with the state change.

I tend to repeat things differently to make sure everyone understands a concept, so think about the Universe as a black sheet of paper that represents the entire universe in the 0 Dimension, so it sits on a table and does not move, now add a blank white sheet to sit on top of it, it represents the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions of the flashlight we will use for this example, and its moving at the speed of Light over the black sheet on a predetermined path, when we turn on the flashlight a photon is created, it is in the 0 dimension so its on the black sheet and does not move, mark it so you know where it might be, now as the white sheet or flashlight moves through the universe on this path at the speed of Light, we can see that the photon is being pulled across space as we see it, because the black sheet does not move, the white sheet does, and the photon or atom is located on the black sheet, and it did not move, so it was the flashlight that moved, and the Energy the Flashlight provided created a photon that remained static in the Universe, and as the flashlight moved in relationship to the Universe, the photon appeared to move away from the flashlight, but in reality it was the flashlight that moved away from the photon.

From what we now know about Trinary Energy, it should be clear that it is capable of moving atoms, this experiment is repeatable so we know it is the only way atoms can move on their own, so I will now talk about it as if it is a fact in science, because at this point it is, so I can move on to other concepts, which will require Intelligence on the part of the Light when it moves the Atom, because if we throw millions of grains of sand into outer space, we can note that the pattern it takes to clump together is never the same twice, in fact you can examine every grain of sand and determine that no two grains are identical, as such the laws of physics, which are governed by the Trinary Universe we will talk about in another chapter, are defined at the subatomic level, so instead of thinking like a 3D person, think as a 1D person, think in terms of every atom in an object moving along a Vertice in a Matrix, shifting from one dimension into the next as its states change, making course corrections for every atom in its Matrix, so that they appear to move as one, but in reality they are all moving independent of each other, now the Universe looks totally different, because someone 3D thinks in terms of seeing only one object, when in fact they are looking at maybe trillions of atoms that make up the object, so they track it in a 3D grid, with an x, y and z coordinates, but in the 1D vision, we see all the atoms, and do not even care about the object as a whole, because it is just a pattern, like a rock, mineral or animal, that object has a reason, even if the object does not understand what that reason is, the Universe knows because it put it there, because we have to acknowledge that it took some Intelligence to change the states of each atom in order for it to move, although most 3Ders will want to believe that chemistry has something to do with it, but let us face it, that was based on Alchemy, and that is stuff that Wizards do, and the last Wizards were Tesla and Newton, and Newton said that the Light controls the reaction, and he was not talking about the Light we see with our eyes or Sun Shine, but a Force which he called God, acknowledging that God is all Light with No Darkness, meant that the words the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are 3 State Changes, the Father is 1 State Change, the Son is another State Change and the Holy Ghost is invisible, my Cousin Isaac Newton pointed this out, so the Darkness is the 0 Dimension, which is a floating ground for the entire Trinary Universe, but most Scientist already know this, which is why they call it God's Particle, if even as a Joke, on some level this Universe only makes sense if God is controlling it all.

When Science can acknowledge that the Light is God, which is just what the Bible said it was, and Trinity is the State Changes, then the Bible takes on a whole new Meaning, because this means they knew it all along, yet the Science of Sir Isaac Newton has been replaced by that of another Ashkenazic Aspie named Albert Einstein, so is this a Holy War on Science?

Science is about facts that are provable with repeatable experiments, and the truth is that I proved this without even having to set up an experiment, because every experiment you look at the Subatomic Level, all look the same, just like I described it, the Father is the brightest state change, it is the 1 State change, the Son does what the Father tells it to do, so it is the -1 State change, and it can change the direction the Atom moves, and the word Atom is just like Adam, except it refers to the Atom in Adam, and Eve is also short for Event, or on the Eve of an Event, so these words are just Spells, so the Holy Ghost is when the Atom disappears, and when the Father comes back it can be in a different location, so all matter must go through the Father, so it too can move, in fact it can move so fast that we can not see it, which is why you see the 3D effects as described in: Illustration 2.2: Trinary Energy 1 State and Illustration 2.3: Trinary Energy -1 State, so it is clear that these state changes correlate to the Atoms movement, in fact it can not move without them, so now I must answer the question of how the Trinary Energy knows what direction my body moves when I think it, and the answer is in The Galattice in another chapter, but the short answer is that the Galattice is the Memory location for all thoughts, and it is not in the brain, nor in the body, it is in Space itself, so every thought you have is actually stored in the Galattice, which is just the Galaxies Lattice, which is a Vertice Matrix, which is just empty space, which stores every thought that every living thing ever had, and although that concept is too vast to prove in writing, it can be logically reasoned that the atom had to know which way to move way before you thought it, at least in real time, so it can not guess, and all atoms have to move together, so its Vertice Matrix is very dense, and every cell in your body is composed of many atoms, yet the cell behaves like its all one object, instead of a collection of atoms, so it is clear that this relationship can not be dismissed, because it is what is really happening no matter how you explain it, so it is all a matter of putting this basic concept of Dimensions into the Trinary Energy, so at the bases of it, you understand that what I am referring to is reality, and not some concept that can not be proven in science, because the more you research this and do experiments, the more you will believe it is the truth, and the fact is that a lot of people have studied this for many years, so just ask them, and they will tell you this is the truth, because that is what it will take to convince most people.

Dimensions are a concept that in Science is very difficult to prove without using Logic and Reasoning based on visual studies of the phenomenon called White Noise, but because the way Science of this time is still under the delusion that the Dynamic Universe can even exist and as if Time Travel is Possible, because I can prove to you it is not, because no matter how long you study a single Atom, and subject it to Atom Accelerators or Smashers, Superconducting Magnetrons, or any other device, that will try to accelerate it past the speed of Light, with the belief that you can accelerate anything faster than the speed of Light, is easy to prove that this premise of Time Travel and the Space Time Continuum is not possible, and all because of one little fact, the Speed of Light is Constant, and that will never change, and it is because Energy does not Move, its Static, so the Trinary Universe is Static, because the 0 Dimension can not Move, it is a Floating Ground, and it is the Only Ground in the Whole Universe, and that is all it is, the Darkness, it is not God, and God does not Talk to it or control it, so all Ground is the Same in this sense of Conceptualization, because you have Earth Ground, but in Outer Space, where is Ground? If it did not exist, then Electronics would not work in Outer Space, it may have its own Ground, but all Energy flows from Ground, so the Power would never flow unless it had a Ground, so the Dynamic Universe idea of Centrifugal Rings making up grooves or curvatures in Space, is just pure Fantasy, because we all know you can not prove it, but there is proof that it is not true, because there is no evidence that it is dynamic, all the evidence points to a Static Universe, which uses State Changes to create Gravity, that is what Gravity is, and nothing more, energy must flow from Ground to an object, so all objects will have an attraction to ground, just like sand in outer space, each grain will be attracted to each other, because the more Atoms in an Object, the more Ground potential it has to offer, and the Earth has a lot of Atoms, so it has a lot of Gravity potential, and the bigger it grows, the more mass it will have so the more Gravity it will have.

So why is Time Travel impossible? Because it is based on an assumption that if you are traveling faster than the speed of Light, you can go back in time, yet after years of research it is found that it would take more energy to exceed the speed of Light, then there is in the Universe, and there is a very simple explanation for this: the speed of Light is based on the maximum amount of State Changes an Atom can make as it travels over a known distance, and this can be verified very easy, just count how many state changes are made as an Atom is accelerated, then determine how many more it would take to get to the speed of Light, then it will prove that this is a limit, so it means that if we used Trinary Energy like an Atomic Accelerator, then the maximum frequency, which is measured by state changes, which are traveling on the x axis to 1 or -1 in a Sin Wave, can only accelerate Energy up to the Speed of Light, and we know that the Wavelength x Frequency = Speed of Light, which means we know the Relationship and know this concept is correct from a mathematical proof, because all you have to do is find out its Wavelength or Frequency and you can determine the other because the speed of Light is constant, and this math proves why, it is because of the Wavelength and Frequency of Trinary Energy.

Tesla said that you can control Energy by having control of its Voltage, Amperage, Wavelength and Frequency, and humans have a lot of control over Electricity, but not Light, we can create LASER's that put out a specific Wavelength of Light, and we can adjust its intensity, and in a hundred more years our control over Energy will increase, but first we must understand what Energy really is, and Tesla knew Electricity better than anyone alive today.

You may have heard about theories that Neutrinos can travel faster than Light, but this just is not the truth, nor can it be proven to be the truth, because its based on observation that when a Star goes Super Nova, that the Neutrinos are detected before the Light of the Super Nova can be seen, which is true, so these theories are not complete, because it is a fact that Neutrinos are just what is left of the Matter that Atoms are made of, just split an Atom and then use a Neutrino detector to prove it, I do not have an Experiment to sight, but I know the data is available to those with the security clearance to gain access to it, just find nuclear test that correlate with Neutrino detection, and the reason will become clear, the Atoms had to be destroyed before the Energy is released from them, so they will always travel before the Light, and the Force Field created by Null Space will carry these subatomic particles at the speed of Light, because they can not flow through the Null space Force Field that is pushing them away from the blast, and that is a very simple experiment to prove this, because in reality that is what is happening, and as I said before, it is just what Words you used to explain why. I will talk about Nova's in another chapter to expand on this topic.

The Science of Trinary Energy is nothing new since it originated in the Bible, and Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Math for it over 333 years ago, and it is still the same math we use to this day, so nothing in Science is really changing yet, and I say yet, because we have a long way to go and this is just the Foundation of Trinary Energy, so you can fully understand that Reality is what you see at the Subatomic Level, so how you explain it is beside the point as long as you understand it, because the truth is that Science of this Day is Science Fiction, and most people are not intelligent enough to understand that, because they have been told that only Geniuses can understand Einstein, so everyone wants to pretend they are a Genius and go along with it, kind of like the Story of the naked King, because no one wanted to admit that the King was naked and not wearing invisible clothes, waiting to see if someone debunks it and a child said invisible clothes are just a fairy tale and you are naked, as a child I said Einstein was Science Fiction, yet Adults would not believe me, they said you would understand Einstein when you grow up, well I grew up to find that the truth is that Einstein tried to debunk Newton, yet to this day everyone only uses Newtons math, so who are we fooling, its time for Science to change, it is time everyone grows up and come back to the Theory of Light and really examine it, determine what is right and wrong, and start to embarrass the Universe as a whole, and stop making a Religion out of it, because Deities do not Exist at the Subatomic level, but the Light does, so now that we defined what the Light is, we can give it a name that better describes it, which is Trinary Energy, and Dimensions are the Foundation of this Concept, which is proven beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, with just using scientific studies and observations to make all the conclusions I have made.

A note about Empty Space will help to understand its relationship in Trinary Energy, Empty Space is simply Space that has nothing in it, so its Empty, as compared to Space that has an Atom in it, Empty space has no matter in it, yet the Trinary Energy still occupies this Empty Space, so its state changes can still be seen, this phenomenon is known as White Noise. Null Space is Empty because nothing can exist there, because its in the 0 Dimension, so the Concept of this Dimension is the same for Empty Space or as it is for space that has an Atom in it, so Empty space means there is nothing in it, and Null space means nothing can be in it, so the difference is why it is empty. In practice Empty space can be full of Electromagnetic Energy, whereas Null space has none at all, because without Dimensions, Electromagnetic energy has no conduit to propagate through, all transmitted energy needs 3 dimensional space to travel in, but I imagine that there are types of energy that only travel in 1 dimension, so I imagine energy that only exist in the 1st and 2nd dimension.

Trinary Space refers to the Physical Layers of Space, so this space is made up of 4 Dimensions: 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and all of these Dimension exist at the same time, so this means that the 0 Dimension is always there so when you see an Atom in this Space, it will shift from one of these Dimensions to the other, because you can not see the 0 Dimension you only see it when its shifting from one dimension into another, as such the 1 and -1 State Change exist at the same time as the O Dimension, which is why you can see the Atom move and then disappear, so the Term Trinary means that Space has 3 dimensions, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension, the 0 Dimension exist but in really it is not a dimension, sometimes I refer to it as the universe having 4 Dimensions, which is counting the 0 Dimension, and that is true, so instead of making it confusing by saying both of these terms are true, which is confusing to say it has 4 Dimension when one of them is has 0 Dimensions, it may be better to just say that the 0 Dimension is a given, but not counted, since adding 0 to any number is just like ignoring it exists.

It should be obvious that there are more than one Atom in the Universe, but at the Subatomic level we do not tend to think that way because we are focusing on something smaller than an Atom so we cannot see the other Atoms, so Trinary Space is beyond human capabilities to comprehend, because we will never be able to see it, only the effects of what it is doing, because it is causing the White Noise so we know that it exist, but we tend to think that these Atoms that we view under a Microscope as changing into different dimensions or some other process because current main stream science tells me that these state changes are showing the Atom moving between: Multidimensional Multiple-Realities Alternate Universes caused by the Curvature of the Time Space Continuum, which they can not prove any of it, which proves this concept of Trinary Space is much simpler than main stream's version of space, but the fact is that Energy in an Atom does not move anywhere, the Atom itself moves through Trinary Space, which is in different State Changes or Dimensions at the same time, but focusing on just one at a time its easy to miss this fact, because humans only view their Reality by what they see, and not what they can not see, and atoms are only there 1/3 of the time, so humans have a very limited view of the Universe.


Sub Chapter 2.2 (3D) 3 Dimensional Space can be viewed as a Grid

Normal Space or 3D Space can be viewed as a grid with an X, Y and Z, shown in Illustration 2.4: 3D Grid with X, Y and Z axis.

3D Grid with X, Y and Z axis
Y and Z axis
Illustration 2.4: 3D Grid with X,

3D Space includes all the Space in the Trinary Universe, so its important to understand that it has Dimensions: Width, Height and Debt, or x, y and z, but when you apply it to the Universe, keep in mind that every Atom in the Universe, is also the Center of the Universe, so the Vertex or Center point where all lines converge, is align-center on the Atom, and not just an object which is made up of many Atoms, this is called a Vertice Matrix, you have coordinates that each point on the Grid has its own vertex, so it starts to look like Illustration 2.5: Vertice Matrix.

Vertice Matrix
Illustration 2.5: Vertice Matrix

A Vertice Matrix shows that for every coordinate in a 3D grid that an Atom can occupy is a Vertex to the Center of the 3D Universe, and while that location travels on the 3D grid, it also has its own set of coordinates to go with it in other dimensions, so when we reference a 3D grid, we must also account for the coordinate system of every Atom in an object, and they each have their own coordinate in every dimension, then patterns can be seen as we plot out the movement of any object in 3D, we also know that the Dimensions that each Object is in at any point in time, can be accounted for by its state change, so we can track every Atom in the Universe using this method, and we can also track empty and null space.

Starting off with a 0 Dimension, then adding the 3 more to it, may be a little confusing at first, but once you understand the concept, you will start to look at the Universe in a new Light so to speak, because when you need to explain how Atoms move or how Photons of Light travel in straight lines with no medium, then this is the only explanation, and that is just a fact.


Sub Chapter 2.3: Static Energy

A Vertice Matrix describes the path Photons take, the Grid represents the Source, and the axis represent the path Light, and is assumed to be on the X axis traveling left to right, if we view: Illustration 2.6: Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving as if only one photon was transmitted out of the Flashlight, it would appear to move forward as if it was being shot out of the Flashlight at the speed of Light, but it has no mechanism to accelerate the Photon nor does it have the required recoil, which means that is not what is happening, instead what we observing is that the Light is Static, so as the Flashlight moves through the Dimensions of the Universe, the Light appears to move, when in reality it is the Flashlight that is moving, logically that is the only explanation for it to accelerate to maximum speed, and travel in a straight line until it interacts with an obstacle.

Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving
Illustration 2.6: Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving

If we view an LED, or Light Emitting Diode as having an X, Y and Z axis, with X being red and y being green, then in frame 1 when the Energy is applied to the LED it is invisible, this is where the Electron is transformed into a Photon and is in State 0, so it is invisible, then in frame 2 it changes to State 1 and is visible, and appears to be at the source or vertex of the LED, note the Negative and Positive photons can switch polarity from 1 to -1 and continue in the same path, the positive Photon is shown in white, it is referred to as Positive because it is in State 1, and when it shifts to State -1, it is said to be Negative, so Light is Positive and Dark is Negative, so in frame 3 it changes to State -1, it appears to move forward, and in frame 4 it switches back to State 1 and appears to move forward again. Note that it is only in one state at a time, but will move only when its states change, and is shown here making a complete state change.

In this example it should be clear, that the LED is not accelerating the Photon, it is only transforming the energy of Electricity into a higher frequency of Light and transforming into the Photon (so Electricity is just Light at a different Frequency, but Atoms move the same way), which is then moved as the LED is moving away from the Photon, which may sound strange at first, but its clear it is not shot out, and it must have a Medium to travel on.

The Universe is infinite, but the Space the Energy moves around in it is not, and its not till you look at how Light actually travels does this begin to make sense, so we must look at the very distant galaxies and notice they appear to be moving away from us at twice the speed of Light, which we all know is impossible, because all Energy has a specific Frequency and Wavelength that make up all Electromagnet Energy, and when you multiply the Frequency x Wavelength you always get the speed of Light, so there must be a principle that explains this phenomenon, so I started working on the method to explain it, one way of looking at how energy moves around in space is to understand that no matter where you are in the Universe, you are always in the Center of it, regardless of how fast you are moving through it, so imagine you are trying to determine how far you can see with a Telescope, and determine it to be 16 Billion Light years, so you try to determine if galaxies are moving towards you or away from you, and no matter which way you look, they all appear to be moving away from you, a simple minded explanation would be that the Universe is expanding, but at the rate its expanding, it would be gone by now, and no matter how many times or ways you do the math, you can not get past that fact, so something else is happening to explain this phenomenon known as the Expanding Universe.

Imagine if our corridor of space in the Universe was a sphere with a radius of 16 Billion Light years and you are always in the center of this Universe, now imagine the space that Electromagnetic Energy flows as a piece of paper, now draw a mark on the left side of the paper in a straight line to the opposite side of the paper on the right side, from our point of view the straight line represents a flashlights beam, and all Energy travels through single dimensions, so when the flashlight is turned on the electricity is transformed into Photonic energy by raising its frequency, this causes a state change in the Trinary Energy to a 0 State, and the photon begins its journey starting off as an invisible energy signal, then it switches to a 1 or -1 state and begins moving on its path represented by the line on the paper, it will shift between 1 and -1 as needed, but will only change to 0 if it needs to change directions, which in this case it is a straight line, so it will never change to 0 again, so it will continue on this journey till it catches up with its last 0 state change, which is the beginning of this journey, so we need to take this piece of paper and fold it into a cylinder with the line running around the outside of it like a circle, it is a loop, and I have no idea what shape it actually takes, but the larger the source the more the arc will spread out, just like a magnet, it is oval shaped on small magnets, but becomes rounder the larger it gets, now the beginning and ending points become one point, so when the energy meets up with its origin, the circuit is shorted out, and all energy from this photon is set back to the 0 state, so its now invisible again, if this did not happen, then the energy would go on forever, and the entire Universe would be full of Light, but it is not what is happening in reality, so this is the only way to explain it. Keep in mind that this peace of paper is not moving inside our sphere of space because the Universe is static, its not moving because in the 0 Dimension it can not move, so this line does not represent the Photon moving, because it never does move, it is in the same position it began in, it was the flashlight that moved and created the illusion of the Light moving.

This is hard to draw on paper because of the way Energy moves in the Universe, looking at this event from the viewpoint of the Light, it would have a coordinate in 3 dimensional space, meaning the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions of space, these dimensions are in the Cartesian coordinate system 1/3 of the time, in a straight line they will only change from the 1 and -1 state, so they are only in the Cartesian coordinate system 1/2 of the time, so when the photon changes from its initial state of 0 to 1 or -1, all it actually does is turn on the energy in a cell of space that does not move, this cell correlates the Trinary Energy that surrounds it, but the flashlight is moving at the speed of Light through the Universe, so do not map out this space in the Cartesian coordinate system, because it has no correlation to it at all, and that is hard to explain without an example so imagine if you turn on a flashlight that only emitted 1 photon and you pointed it into space, so the photon that was emitted from it is now traveling at the speed of Light on the path it was pointed at, but the Light did not move, the flashlight did, so this photon is now miles into deep space, but its point of origin or vertex was that spot in space as the flashlight moved through it, and that is miles away from where the flashlight is in fractions of a second, so you can never look at the photon under a microscope unless you could travel at the speed of Light, so the reason you can not put the photon in the Cartesian coordinate system is because of the confusion it causes when look at the direction the Flashlight is traveling in, it is on the Earth which is spinning at over a thousand miles an hour, and it is orbiting around the Sun at about 66,000 miles an hour, and the Sun is orbiting the Galaxy at about 666,000 miles an hour, keep in mind these numbers are maximum speeds and not average speeds, because they change all the time, we orbit faster rate going around the Sun then we do farther from it, and speed the Sun travels around the Galaxy varies as it travels in a helix wave through the galactic plane, so how Light travel in straight lines to begin with is just an illusion, yet we see Suns from distant Galaxies that look like a Sun and not some smear of Light across the sky, so centrifugal force is not a factor when it comes to Light travel, or the heavens would look very strange in deed, yet if we plot out the trajectory of the photon, we will see that if we point it at a Star in the sky, it will never hit it unless we know where that Star will be at the time that Photon actually makes it there, so if that Star is 1 Light year away, you need to know where that Star will be in one year so you can make course corrections. To avoid confusion, think of the Universe opening up on the path that the Light takes, and not some coordinate system that you might visualize that Light Travels in, because Light has no concept of direction, when you turn on a Flashlight, its photon will travel in what appears to be a straight line, and has no regard for the path the planet is making as it travels through space, so it does not behave like a bullet that was shot out of a gun, and the main reason is because the bullet is traveling in the Cartesian coordinate system, but its energy is not, its path is being changed by state changes of 0, so the effects of Gravity effect its trajectory, and if you had a powerful enough gun to shot a Star, you would have to take this trajectory into account much like a Rocket, so this is Rocket Science, so the point I am trying to get across is that it is these state changes of 0 that cause the photon or atom to make course corrections, so a photon on a straight line will not make a course change, so it can only change states between 1 and -1, and it is why Light appears to move in a straight line, because the Universe opened up on the path the Light made beginning at the vertex of the Light and following a straight line of sight and not trajectory, so the direction that Light travels is independent of the Cartesian coordinate system, because it is traveling at the point in space know as a vertex in the 0 Dimension which never moves, so it is a fixed point in space, so the path the flashlight makes is mapping out this space in the Cartesian coordinate system via the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, so the 0 dimension holds the energy in that point in space, the 1st dimension will make course corrections if moving from the 0 dimension, otherwise it will only toggle from a 1 to a -1 state to keep the circuit alive, which means to keep the photon on, but all the space in our corridor of space is moving, and the path it takes can not be mapped out in the Cartesian coordinate system, because energy and atoms use different state changes to move in, so when you point a flashlight to your right and say that the planet is moving through the universe in this direction, then point the flashlight in the opposite direction and wonder why the Universe is moving in the wrong direction because its moving against the direction we are moving in, your confusion would be caused by how you map out how we move through the Universe, because the Universe never moves, so I hope I made this point very clear, because you might have problems understanding what it is I am trying to say, and drawing it out on paper will not help, because you already know what this looks like, and no drawing will change that, it is how you view the flashlight and photons relationship that this becomes clear. This concept is a key to unlocking how the Universe works, but it requires you to think in terms of single dimensions in space, and not multiple dimensions, but individual dimensions that each have their own set of rules, so you must use your mind to map out this space.

Corridor's of space are like sliding rulers, there is actually no defining borders of a Corridor, you could never fly a space ship up to its border to see if you could fly into its space, and that is because you are always in the center of the Universe at all times, and so is everyone else, no matter where you are or where you are talking about, it is always the center of the Universe, it is all about how you map out space, and I know this sounds confusing, because how can you have a sliding corridor of space, but look around and you will see them, they are there, you see galaxies moving away at twice the speed of Light, and you know it has to be in another corridor of space, but you will never run into it as if it had a border, and the reason is that energy will never allow you to flow in that direction, think of space as a body of water, you are like a ball floating on top of the water, you can try to dive or climb, but you will find it takes a lot of energy to do that, so you must float along its waves, and those waves will take you where you are going, and no amount of energy will change that once you get to that point in space, even the Sun will give into this force we call Gravity, so when we look around in our Corridor of space, what we see is all the Energy that we can interact with and nothing more, Light coming from another Corridor in space is just like a reflection, and its why they always seem to be moving from us at twice the speed of Light.

Corridors of space define that energy that we can interact with, so it has limits, I have no idea what those limits are because I have no technology that would allow me to test it, think about this test, you would have to send out a photon of Light and measure how long it takes till you can no longer detect it, that is a very limiting factor at this age of technology, because we can not really track LASER's for very long ranges, and even if we did, it would still take about 16 billion years for the measurement to be available for reading, so we must find other methods for determining how large a Corridor of space is, but there is an easier way, just figure out what the arc of Light is, if it has a radius of 16 Billion Light years, then you know I am right, but I do not have that equipment to measure the arc of Light that accurately, so for now all I can do is guess, and for proof all I have is that Light does not travel in a straight line of eternity, but that would take 16 Billion years or a very accurate arc meter to prove, but it does explain what we see in space today, it explains how space seems to expand, when in fact it can not be expanding at the rate it is, because it would be gone by now, and that is a fact that is proof enough to state that these corridors in space are real science.

All Electromagnet fields have a Pattern, we refer to this a Magnetic Flux, so the idea that Light does not follow this pattern is not logical, Light must also follow this simple pattern or its not Electromagnet Energy, so Light is not a straight line, it is in fact a circular line with a very large arc, so it is Arc Light.

When Light begins its journey, be it from a flashlight or LASER, it begins a very long journey, and may encounter many obstacles on its journey, but if it could travel through space without hitting other objects, it is clear that it will only change to the 0 state once on this journey, we know this is true for other electromagnetic forces, so it should be true for Light as well, but if its arc is 16 Billion Light years, then it will appear to be a straight line, yet it must follow the same rules as other electromagnetic forces, but it will take a long time for the Light to complete 1 loop, so it is not practical to test this concept, since it would take billions of years to complete just one test, so as scientist we must agree that in principle this concept is both logical and reasonable because it applies to what we already know about electromagnetic forces, and since it is the very foundation of Trinary Universe, it must be understood as being the True Nature of Light.


Sub Chapter 2.4: Cause & Causality

When I talk about Light, the Cause is always the event that started the Light on a path, the causality is a set of variables that describe the path it made, so the cause will always be the vertex of the Light, and the causality will always be Vertice Matrix that describes this relationship.

If we graph out a Vertice Matrix we tend to think of the path of Light as being in the Cartesian Coordinate System, meaning it has an X, Y and Z axis, and this will work, but you can not correlate this to normal space, because Light travels in 3 dimensions, 0, 1 and 2 dimensions, these make up 3 dimensions but are not its X, Y or Z coordinate, because normal space is moving, although the Universe does not move, everything in it that is made up of atoms will move in this space, but not using the same principles of travel, yet the difference is only in how many times the states change to 0, for example, if we take 3 mirrors and position them in a triangle shape such that the Light is reflected between the 3 mirrors in an infinite loop, we will note that it has 3 state changes of 0 (not counting the one that started it), every time it hits a mirror, it must change states to 0, so what we are looking at is not a continuous beam of Light, but rather 3 separate beams of Light separated by the 0 State changes, whereas if we took a string and tied it to each mirror and looked at the atoms in the string, we would note that they are changing states to 0 along the entire path of the string, so the string is not a continuous solid string, it is in fact many segments of a string, each broken down into sections by the very atoms that make up the string, because these atoms never come into contact with each other, they are physically not 1 piece, whereas the Light is only changing states between 1 and -1, so it is a continuous stream of Light between the 0 State changes, yet it is toggling between dimensions just like the Atoms do, but it Light is pure Energy, yet in the 1 State it is visible, but in -1 States it is visible, but much Darker, and can not be interacted with, so it is clear that they are not in normal space, only passing through it, so when it changes to a 0 state, in the case of the string the pattern of it being a continuous string of Atoms is broken by the invisible state change, and thus becomes another string segment, whereas the Light will have a hole in its stream of Light, this can be seen at the surface of the mirror, so cause & causally is a result of these state changes, cause started with a state change to 0 which caused the Light to be turned on at that location, causally is the result of the Light switching from one state into another, therefore Cause & Causality are a mathematical principle, the Ampersand means And, I use it to denote Logic.

The concept of Cause & Causality is not a new subject, Causation or Cause and Effect have been studied for year, we just have to relate it Trinary Energy, because for all Energy to travel in the Universe, there must be an Event that Caused it to happen, and every time that Energy came into contact with an obstacle, the Causality of cascading events that followed are always predicable because it is all based on rules, and once you understand the rules, you can better determine the Causality for every Cause.

There are many types of Humans, those that tend to ignore the Cause and Seek an Explanation are referred to as Explanandum, they tend to view the world in terms of Explanations and not in terms of Causes, whereas some view the Universe in terms of Causes & Causality, although both have Explanations, the real difference is in how we view relationships between events.

I see the Universe in terms of Causes, this causes that which causes another thing to happen, it is an event of causes & causalities that define the way I view the Universe, there are Explanations for these Causes and Causalities, but I do not think in terms of Explanations for all phenomena, it is because it is.

Modern Science is based on Money, who ever has the most Money gets to pick what is considered Science, in the past Religion dictated Science, now that has changed, since Modern Science does not believe in God, so Religious people believe in a Godless Science, so I read in the Bible that the Lord is my Shepard, which the word Shepard refers to a Sheep Herder or Sheepherder, so those that believe in this are Sheep, because only Intelligent People would understand this simple concept, read it and do not read into it, so I call Intelligent People I or IAM, and I call Stupid People Sheeple, and this term goes back thousands of year. In the days of Old, Lords were also known as Land Lords or Nobel's, nowadays they give out Nobel Prices for those who go along with their Science, and they give them lots of Money, so as it turns out, Modern Science is the Belief that you can not Live without Money, because the Lords will kick you out in the Streets if you do not pay them, so it is no wonder that these Sheeple Worship Money and believe in a Godless Science, where Chaos is the foundation of Science, because at the Subatomic Level what they are seeing does not go along with what their Science is teaching, so they threw out the Newtonian view of Cause and Effect because they only seen Chaos in their Microscopes, Atoms that would move around and disappear, because they did not read the Bible or believe that God was all Light, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, also known as Trinity, was just describing what they see at the subatomic level, so Causality was replaced with Chaos, because Modern Science is as Wacky as those that believe in it, and its because of Causality and not Chaos, if you believe that every thing is possible, then the Paradox it creates possible because of this Science, so I have to point out that this belief in Modern Science is Stupid because a Paradox can not exist in Reality, so Cause & Causality are based on Trinary Science where God is the Force, the same Force that Sir Isaac Newton stated was the God or simply the Light, since God was all Light, and Trinity describes the State changes of the Light, so its Science is based on Causes, this happens because of this Light, in terms of how we observe the Light to be working, then the Causality is always the outcome of how Atoms interact with the Light, and that starts with the understanding that Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, and this Light is Trinary Energy, the same Energy that is in Lightning and is in the Trinary Engine, which causes the Earth to go round and round, so the whole Trinary Universe is based on Cause & Causality, Newton viewed it as Cause & Effect, but I see most Effects as being a Cause of that Effect, so it is really just a series of Causes in which we only view the Effects of the Cause instead of the Causality, which is going through that series of events so that Science is measured starting at the Subatomic Level and follows the Laws of Physics and is repeatable with experiments that can predict the behavior of atoms based on facts and not theories, such that the Cause is the Event in question, and Causality is a series of Events that describe every action and reaction of every atom that was included in this Event, and it is this very relationship that I view those that believe in the Chaos Theory to be Stupid, and its because Stupid is defined as the lack of Intelligence, so the causality is that I refer to them as Sheeple.

Reality is how we view Events as happening and is not defined by the way they are actually happening, because we never see Events happening at the Subatomic Level in Real Time, so we view it as Cause & Effect, rather than the view of Causality, as if these Events are different, when they are just different viewpoints, that of the Atoms and that of the Energy that flows through them.

When you apply Causality to a problem, you must look at the Event as being a documented experiment, so you need all the facts, or at least know something about the Event, so to be clear, let me give you an experiment that can be repeated with the same results: so first we need a Cause, for this experiment we will need two people and a Needle, I would say Pin, but that spell gets confusing, but the words mean the same thing in this context, but the point is we need to measure electrical differences between the two people, and not between the meter and the two people, so you need a passive device like and Aura Meter which uses wire with springs to detect energy fields, or Aura Camera's that use Kirlian photography, or combine many sensors that record every known spectrum of Light and Electricity, so we can measure not only conductivity between two people, but monitor pain signals, which travel along the central nervous system, just mild pain, you do not need to draw blood, just a strong response that you can feel the needle, so our responses must be recorded for data to analyze this Event.

The data is always subjective, we look at this event and we will label it poking another person with a Pin to test a theory that pain is transferred via Electric signals that are sent to the brain, and see if this signal can be reproduced Electronically, if it could then it can be used to make another person feel that pain without being poked by the pin, all you need to do is apply the electrical shock that sends the same pain response to the brain.

Now you may think that if that pain travels through the Pin back to the other person who is poking them with the pin, it only stands to reason that they should also feel this pain, only on a smaller scale, since the energy is such a small amount, it has a lot of resistance to flow through a circuit created by the bond between human Flesh and a Pin that was made out of Silver, but we should be able to measure it, and even mimic it, the application for such technology for use in Virtual Reality Suits is unlimited, but in the wrong hands this device could be a torture device, so we all know these devices already exist, but they are not tuned the same way, and by that, I mean that Electricity has a Tuning just like the strings on my Guitar, out bodies resonate with these Frequencies, but they are in the Spectrum of Lightning, and not just Electricity, and this Light is internal, our bodies are more like Fiber-optic cables then they are Copper wire, yet we can not just stick a fiber-optic cable into a person and cause any sensation other than the pain of having the cable inserted into the body, and I know this for a fact because I tried it to find out, so it is clear that the Energy our body uses is a combination of Light and Electricity, but we need to find the Frequency, and both must be used simultaneously, but the schematics for the device that would deliver such artificial sensations has yet to be revealed, so it is on my Wish list, which is a form of Witchcraft, in Witch a person builds such a device in their mind, then builds it in real life.

Looking at this event as Cause and Effect would be like looking at all the aspects of this event, but to look at the Causality of it, the Science must go deeper, because to do this experiment, you must invent the machine that you need to test this theory, because at the subatomic level we must be able to measure what type of energy the human body uses, because it has more thermal energy than you do brain or heart wave like energy, which there are many meters that can measure biofeedback or neurofeedback, as well as Heart beat and brain monitors, but none of them use the same kind of energy that our bodies use, and it is because we can not reproduce it yet, because we have no idea what type of energy it is.

So in this example we learned that Causality goes deeper into questions that arise from the subject of the Event being studied, to the point to where simple events like Pin Poking require a major advancement in our understanding about the human body, because it has an Atomic side, I call this the Flesh, its me, so its short for meat, and then we have the Energy, that is who IAM and how I came to be, the Light of God is Lightning, both Light and Electricity, and it is the same Energy that flows through all Life that we know about, so Effects are skin deep, but Causality goes all the way to the bone.

To date no one knows what type of Energy the human body needs, if anyone actually knew what kind of Energy that the Human body, or any life form as far as Life Energy goes, because its all the same, then they could use that Energy to revive the Dead, much like an Electronic Defibrillator can jump start a Heart, it can not bring back the truly dead, because once your Lights go out, you need that same Energy to bring you back to Life, in fact you would never have to die since this Energy could keep you alive for a long time as long as the body could support that life.


Sub Chapter 2.5: Introducing Trinary Energy

To describe Energy without the use of Trinary Energy makes it difficult to understand how Light or Electricity can travel, with Photons you have no Medium for it to travel on, and even with Electricity, you have to explain the path it takes through a Medium, and some will argue that Electricity is nothing more than Electrons being passed from one atom to the next, but at the subatomic level much more is going on.

The Vertice Matrix Grid we will talk about in a few steps ahead is used to record the State changes of Trinary Energy made in the 2nd Dimension, even though we can not see it, nor is it possible to see changes made in the 1st Dimension since it is inside the 2nd Dimension, and the 0 Dimension is inside the 1st Dimension and is invisible. Although these Dimension can not be seen, their effects can be seen, see Illustration 2.7: Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States.

Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States
Illustration 2.7: Trinary Energy shown with all 3 States

Trinary Energy can be seen with the Naked eye or under a Microscope as White Noise, it is represented here showing all 3 States: Table 2.1: Trinary Energy States description

  1. Null State with a value of 0, note that it is Invisible, so it is not shown.
  2. Light or Matter State with a value of Positive 1, shown in White.
  3. Dark or Antimatter with a value of Negative 1, shown in Black.
Table 2.1: Trinary Energy States description

It should be easy to see that 1 + (-1) = 0 is just explaining this relationship, when viewed as a Vertex, since it is the intersection of the photon, in this case the path of travel, but it is still functional as a normal math equation, which makes this one of the truly impressive math formula's of all time, and it is so old that no one knows who came up with it, and few people understand the relationship it has with Light.


Sub Chapter 2.6: Transformation of Energy

Energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only Transformed from one type of Energy into another, so when an LED Flashlight is energized, the Electron is transformed into a higher frequency of energy we call a Photon, and that Photon can be transformed back into an Electron, just like the Atoms of Water can be split into Oxygen and Hydrogen and when you burn them, they transform back into Water. That Atoms will always follow the Trinary Energy State changes.


Sub Chapter 2.7: Energy following Trinary Energy State Changes

Before the Light or Atom can move, Trinary Energy will change it is State, if the state changes to 1, it will show up as a Positive change, and the Photon or Atom will be Positive in charge origination, as shown in Illustration 2.8: Trinary Energy in State 1.

Trinary Energy in State 1
Illustration 2.8: Trinary Energy in State 1

The Photon is shown as a white dot and the Trinary Energy as a White Bar, in reality the Trinary Energy will surround the Photon, and since it is much smaller than an Atom, it will have many more points of Energy.

If the Trinary Energy appeared in the -1 State, the polarity of the Photon would be reversed as shown in: Illustration 2.9: Trinary Energy in State -1.

Trinary Energy in State -1
Illustration 2.9: Trinary Energy in State -1

In fact they can be manipulated into any configuration, I just show them like this for easy of explanation, but in reality they do not react in real time, because of the physics of getting any Matter to move. As in previous step, this is still in a Static position. So the Light is represented as a Ball, it will follow the state changes to the Trinary Energy represented as long black bars.


Sub Chapter 2.8: Light in Real Space

As the Flashlight moves in Real Space, the path of the Light will continue in a straight line until it interacts with an obstacle, see Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves, at which point Trinary Energy will change states to make the appropriate change automatically, meaning that the Obstacle does not make the change to the Photon, it makes the change in Trinary Energy, or more likely, Trinary Energy uses Intelligence to figure out what change is required, ether way the change always follows the Laws of Physics, so what causes the change is just speculation, but you can Record the change in the Vertice Matrix Grid, so it is clear that it is following all the changes. When the Photon is created, the Null Space of the O State change of Trinary Energy will hold it static in the Universe in the same state it is in until it interacts with an obstacle, so as the flashlight moves away from it, it will appear to the person holding the flashlight, that the light is being pushed away, but in reality it is not moving, it is like if you were in the back of a boat looking at the current flowing away from you, and you throw in something that floated, it would appear to move away from you, but in reality it is the boat that is moving, what every you throw in is not moving, it is just floating in the current of the water.

Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves
Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves

If a Mirror is encountered, the Trinary Energy will switch states to a 0 State, and will then change state to either a 1 or -1 to correct the polarity, you can actually see the Trinary Energy making the change in Rotational Direction, and let us be very clear about that point, because when I refer to the Direction of Energy, I might be referring to its Rotational Direction and not its physical movement in direction, unfortunately I do not have access to a LASER that can fire a signal Photon, or an Electron Microscope, so I have no way to take pictures of this phenomenon, but it can be observed with the Naked eye, so this proof should be enough to fulfill the requirements for verifiable observations, see Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change.

Trinary Energy State 0 direction change
Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change

If the Light is the ball, then at the point it first transforms from an Electron into a Photon, it will toggle to 0 and lost all its Dimensions, then it only toggles between 1 to -1 in the 1st and 2nd dimensions only, so it will never be in the 3rd dimension, its in a single dimension, so the Electron that transformed into a Photon, has a material called Neutrino its encased in, and why you can not see the Light inside it till you split it, and this Electron does not disappear ever, its just Invisible to the technology viewing it, which will not always be the case, one day someone will invent a microscope powerful enough to see into a single dimension, but for now its invisible to the Technology of our Time, as it was to Newton in his time, so the Electron has mass and its still in the Photon, its just the space that is normally inside the Electron in the 3rd dimension, does not exist in just 1 single dimension, so we do not see the space, but Neutrinos have all 3 dimensions (0,1 & 2), because they physically exist, so the electron's material is flat and has only one dimension to see at a time, opposed to it being seen in the 3rd dimension, and until we have Technology that can see a single dimension, this will be known as Magic, so we only see what was is inside the Electron, which is the Light and Dark Trinary Energy, and as proof of this, we can see the Light, and its the only way to explain why that is.

Once we view Light and Atoms as being the same only in different States, then its clear that when the Atom disappears, its still there, and in fact, if we had a Microscope that was powerful enough to see an Electron with great clarity and detail, then we might notice that when an Atom disappears, its actually just redimensioning and its being folded into sub-dimensions, this also causes it to be in the same spectrum as Electromagnetic Energy, so we do not see the Dark Light, but the Light of God, which is invisible to humans limited Spectrum of Light, and the material the Atoms are made of, or Neutrinos, are actually so small because the space inside the Atom has collapsed because Empty space does not exist in any dimension less then the 3rd dimension, so keep this in mind, because it means that Photons are actually Electrons that only in the dimensions less then the 3rd dimension, so they only exist in single dimensions until the hit a mirror or something that deflects them, then they switch to 0 dimension.


Sub Chapter 2.9: Electricity transmitted through a Medium

Electricity transmitted through a Medium can be presented as Atoms in the Medium, since you can not see them in it, I depict them on the Surface in Yellow, as seen in Illustration 2.12: Atoms on a media, this model is made of one of the conducting elements found in the Periodic Table, each of them have a unique property when conducting Electricity, which just comes down to the flow of Electrons, it is even possible to reverse the flow direction. The Medium is just the material current will flow through, so it can be made out a mixture of different elements, in fact due to contamination and just the fact we have a hard time breaking compounds into atoms, and then separating them, so we have 100% of just those atoms, but suppose we did, and could make this out of just atoms, what path through the atoms would current flow through them if all it is atoms where aligned like: Illustration 2.12: Atoms on a media, which assumes they are all exactly the same distance apart, in other words, would it flow in a straight line or zigzag in between atoms or flow over all the atoms evenly, or randomly flow through all atoms with no pattern, I am sure there are endless other scenarios that are equally unimportant, because most Electronic Engineers understand that electrons will flow through any medium, in varying ways like I have mentioned, depending on the current and voltage, so we imagine if we could allow just one electron to flow through the medium at one time, now what path would it take?

Atoms on a media
Illustration 2.12: Atoms on a media

It will always follow the path that the Trinary Energy has plotted out for it, and that is the only way of knowing the pattern, because the path always changing, but the Vertice Matrix Grid will show the Path, so we plot out the simplest path, a straight line as shown in: Illustration 2.13: Electron path in straight line.

Electron path in straight line
Illustration 2.13: Electron path in straight line


Sub Chapter 2.10: Vertice Matrix Grid

Now we need a table to represent it, so I make a table with 10 columns and 24 rows to represent each atom on the Medium as shown in: Table 2.2: Vertice Matrix Grid.

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1           X        
2           X        
3           X        
4           X        
5           X        
6           X        
7           X        
8           X        
9           X        
Table 2.2: Vertice Matrix Grid

It should be clear why I did not make this to big, but not so small you would not see how much work it would be to trace a path of Light out for farther than one inch like this, because this is not even the width of a hair yet, so maybe now you can understand the detail level that it takes to determine the Path that Electrons take, or Light for that matter, but once you do, you will see a pattern, and that is that the Logic is in the Trinary Energy, which is why I call it that to begin with, Trinary is Tri-State Logic, because if the Electron or Photon took what ever path it did, Trinary Energy can be recorded to show it is following the same path, maybe not in real time, because Matter can not be accelerate to the speed of Light without friction, so how much mass do you think is in Electricity or Photons, but put them under a load and Electrons or Photons can burn through Medal, so it can exert friction in the form of Energy, so it is a Force Field that can cut through solid objects, which I will discuss in Chapter 3 Trinary Engine, but for now we can see that the way we record this phenomenon makes it easier to plot, so we plot-out one for the actual path of the energy, and the actual path of the Trinary Energy, then compare them and look for patterns and you will find them, but if we encode the variable X to show the state of each, then we can create more meaningful data, because that is the way I view it, you have the Matter and the Trinary Energy, in the same space at the same time, but what are we viewing, it could be the Trinary Energy that is in our own Brain, think about it, even a CCD or other electronic device used to record light, has the ability to record the same White Noise everyone in the World sees, yet it is always different, so why is that, and then it came to me, if you used two recording devices it would not look the same in either one, and I was right, I did many test and the results were always that they were not the same, or I was unable to sync the images correctly and got a false reading, because this is very tricky camera setups to take identical images of the same object at the same time, in fact it may not even be possible at this level of Quantum Mechanics, so I needed a better way to quantify results, so I went with the Fluid dynamic simulation of matter around an object as if floats in water, if we use a balloon to represent the Atom, and the waves to represent the Trinary Energy, you will notice that when the balloon is dragged through the water as it moves, waves wash out in all directions, not just the direction it is floating in, but when any object is moving it tends to look brighter, as if it was being illuminated, so the balloon appears to create more light and more waves the faster it moves, the data will prove that there were more 1 State changes around objects that appear brighter, not only that but it is conclusive, all objects have light in them or emit light, will also have more 1 state changes, a darker objects will have more -1 state changes, and objects that put out no light have more 0 state changes, and then you remember that this was all stuff people said back in the 1960's, around the same time Doctor Timothy Leary took LSD and said he saw the Light, and that was the end of that talk, because people always think I must be on drugs to talk about White Noise as if it was a Science Fiction, when current Science believes in Time Travel and Multiverse's, but I can tell you that back in Newtons days, this would have been called Insanity, because Newton only believed in what he and others could see, and not in what they believed they could see, because that is called Imagination, and we do not need it in Science.

What I am proposing is the use of the Vertice Matrix Grid, to do controlled studies of Trinary Energy in an attempt to fill out a full chart for 1 Picosecond, using high speed digital recordings in a vacuum, or clean room, such that it eliminates airborne contamination, there should be no background object for the entire focal distance of the camera, so you may want to remove the lens, or use a magnification lens instead, the optimal camera settings would allow you to film White Noise, but one problem is that some cameras try to eliminate White Noise, so it would be best to try to get a camera that was best suited for recording White Noise, as well as viewing it on a screen that is well suited for viewing White Noise as well, then you can record and view different types of Light, and different types of objects under different types of Lights, high speed pulsed LASER designed to create just photon of Light. This will prove once and for all if the White Noise or Trinary Energy is controlling all Energy in the Universe.

Current limitations on technology that I am aware of at this time, makes this data impractical, because currently it would have to be done by hand, which means visually filling out a chart, or using very powerful imaging tools, that could detect the State Changes of Trinary Energy and Identify an Electron or Photon, and be able to log the data to a database, this is now a possibility with the right equipment, but so far we are still not there, this is a project that would take a lot of technology and manpower, but it would be required as proof of the Concept of Trinary Energy, but in the mean time, you can actually see this with your eyes in real time if looking under a microscope, but when you record it, it looks different, a phenomenon that lead early researchers to believe that Trinary Energy has Intelligence, this creates a problem for me proving a Concept without making it a Theory, because a Theory means I can not prove it, but I can prove it by just observing it, and so can anyone else, so this is in fact, just verified observations, and that is Real Science, but on the other side of the coin, the only way to know for sure is to create new technology to prove this, but now it comes down to the difference between a Theory and a Concept, at this level of technology it would be possible to view matter at the Atomic Level, which we do not have currently, not like what I am talking about. To be real clear about this point, this Dissertation is only about Observable behavior and not having to prove it using technology that does not exist yet, but someday this technology will exist and so will this proof, I know this because we can already see that with our own two eyes, and seeing is believing, it is real science. Today's science has not isolated one atom down, but in all attempts you can clearly see Trinary Energy following a pattern around the space of the atoms, but is not part of the matter, because it can be seen to switch between states: 0, 1 and 2, and it disappears in state 0, so where does it go? With Dimensions this world will never be able to be explained, and the tools to this task are called Vertice Matrix Grids.


Sub Chapter 2.11: Dimensions

Now to explain Dimensions in terms it can describe how the Trinary Energy behaves. If we view 3 Dimensional space as having an x, y and z location, then the 2nd dimension would have to be labeled the same, meaning its location was equal to that of any Dimension that was less than it, because its origin would be the center of mass of the Atom in question, so Illustration 2.14: Time viewed in Trinary Time shown below would describe it at one moment in time,

Time viewed in Trinary Time
Illustration 2.14: Time viewed in Trinary Time

so we look at that time line from the viewpoint of Trinary Energy, we know that at every magnification level it will be visible, it never really changes much in size, only in relationship to the object that is also in the image with it, or nothing if you are looking at vacuum, but you would still see the Trinary Energy, so we use a Vacuum as our object and magnification as our reference, so at 0 magnification we measure the smallest distance we can see just 1 Trinary Energy molecule, I say Molecule because it contains more than one, but they act as one, so it is defined as just one element with 3 states, and this always comes down to an individual, because when I was younger I could see hundreds of them in a micron, would you believe 1/8 of an inch, well it does not matter, because nowadays we are talking about inches, so this scale changes as we get older, as proof when I was younger a year seemed like a long time, and the older I get, the shorter it seems, and it never stops, and it is because we perceive this scale differently as we grow older, for example: if at a young age we see 12 Trinary Energy Logic States, and record them: 11101(-1)1(-1)111(-1), in 1/8 of an inch, but as we get over half a century older, we see 12 of these in an inch, because our eyesight is not as good as when we were younger, so the passage of it is much faster to older people, and is the only other way to explain it, our mind perceives time passage.

If we viewed Time according to Atoms, we would have no sense of time, because we can not see Atoms, but that is what we do nowadays, we use atomic clocks, so when we realize the Sun is going down, we can look at a clock so we will know where all that time has gone, and we wonder why we feel so disconnected from the Universe, because our body is made up of Trillions of Cells, knowing that Trinary Energy is also controlling these Microscopic Engines, so what do these Cells look like, and since I do not have a Microscope and do not wish to publish others work, I will just make an illustration of it in Illustration 2.15: Human Cell.

Human Cell
Illustration 2.15: Human Cell

The human cell has a membrane made out of atoms, it has a Nucleus, much like an Electron, it is the center of mass most of the time, but it floats in a solution along with other organisms, like Mitochondria, that are the multifunction engines of the cell, and if viewed under a microscope, Trinary Energy can be seen manipulating all the Gears of these microscopic engines. I wish I could make an animation to show you this at work, but my skills are not that great at animation, and as I have stated I do not have a Microscope, but this type of research is posted all over the place, and the Trinary Universe does not change how it works, only how you view it working, because it is clear that if the Trinary Energy is in fact controlling these engines, then it is what Created all Life, and not just the Life the Energy Lives in, because Lightning has been described as being alive, and at the Cellular level it can be proven that the patterns of Trinary Energy appears to be controlling it, in fact this is common knowledge and has been for years, because I have been talking about it all my life, and just figure that everyone knew this, so this is the place to document this behavior and prove it exists, but for this step, all we are doing is proving that the human body is a Medium for Trinary Energy.

Trinary Energy is a better term then White Noise, because that was all it was to most people for years, and trying to convince people that it is actually Energy that has a Trinary Logic, is not a new concept, in fact even the Bible said that God was all Light in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, so Trinity is the same Concept, because that is all Sir Isaac Newton said, was that God was the Force in all his Equations, so if the Light is God, then people have known this since before the Bible was written, yet at the same time it proves that it is the only logical explanation to describe how Light and Energy are Transmitted through a Medium, because no matter how many experiments you do, if you observe the Trinary Energy, its patterns will always follow what interactions its having on anything you observe it on, so its controlling all the Energy in our known Universe, and those that debate this fact, can not use Logic or Reasoning to debunk it, because observations must me explained first, and that means that you must explain why everyone sees this White Noise, and why it changes states in patterns that appear to be controlling it, because you can not dismiss it, nor can you explain how energy can be transmitted into thin air or vacuum with no medium to travel on, and everywhere you look there is Trinary Energy, so it must be a medium.


Sub Chapter 2.12: Energy

There are many types or forms of Energy, the basic two are Atomic and Photonic, and all other types of Energy are just categories of ways that energy is produced.

Atomic Energy refers to any Energy that uses an Atom to Transmit its Energy, if does not only refer to Atomic or Nuclear reactions or splitting of the Atom, but most people only view it that way, but I do not, because at the Atomic Level, all Energy travels around the Atoms, so it literally means Energy carried by Atoms, because splitting the Atom will release the Energy that is stored inside the Atom, and its only the way we view atoms being split, because most people think of as cutting the Atoms in half, which would destroy it and create a Neutrino, when in reality that does happen, but for the most part the majority of atoms make up molecules that are split and become unstable, and will stay radioactive till they balance out again, and there are things going on with Atomic Fission that cause secondary splitting outside the bombs, as a child viewing videos of Atomic Bomb explosions, I thought that they must be splitting water molecules causing Hydrogen and Oxygen to be released, thus causing a huge fire ball, but for the most part, I will refer to atomic energy as the destructive use of Atoms producing deadly radiation, but I would warn about the use of this type of energy, because it should never be used or tested because of the harm it dose to the planet.

For this discussion I limit Energy to a form that can be physically measured by some means, and used for some purpose, I use the Word Transmit, because energy is never Created nor Destroyed, its only Transformed from one form into another.

Electricity is the basic Free Electron Theory, that is composed of an Atom with at least 1 Electron orbiting a Nucleus made up of a Proton and a Neutron, Quantum Mechanics breaks this down into Quarks, which are how the Proton and Neutron is constructed, it takes at least two Atoms that can conduct Electricity for Electricity to flow, it will normally flow from a less positive to a higher potential, although in a Circuit, you can design it to flow in the opposite direction, but will always flow from Ground, even if that Ground is not in its circuit, it is because Electrons originate from the 0 Dimension, they are not Created, so they can only be collected and reused, and can only be transformed from one form of Energy into another Form of Energy, and there is a limit to how many Free Electrons are in the Universe and that number is a Constant, and there is a physical limit on how many Free Electrons can be collected in a given area, the first limitation is Atomic Density, the second is cause by Magnetic characteristic's of the Material, and the third is the Thermal properties of that Material, and there may be more.

An Atom that can conduct Electricity has a specific configuration of Free Electrons and the make up of its Nucleus, which is noted by its number of Protons and Neutrons, but it must be noted that the actual Protons and Neutrons are actually just parts of the Atom itself, as such, Material is a composite of Elements, where each Element can be found in a Periodic Table of Elements, there is currently 118 elements in the table, each will have its own electrical characteristics, and even though you may want to use only one type of Atom in the Material you wish to use as a conductor, you may have impurities, which is other atoms that did not get removed from the purification processes, this is an important note, since all measurements assume a pure mixture of Atoms, not that my discussion will require such precision, but test would, but I will assume we are talking about how Electrons flow from one Atom to the next, and in some circumstances you will want a pure atomic solution, while for others you will want an atomic mixture, for example magnets have at least two different types of atomic structure, and it is the dissimilarities in material that create the magnetic field, most popular magnets are an Alloy of several types of Elements, but for a discussion we must be clear about the transmission path of the Free Electrons in the material, and in the case of Photons, that material is missing, but the electricity behaves the same, as if the material was there, so this is what we will discuss later, but first we need to talk about how a Free Electron can travel from one atom to the next.

The reason we call a Free Electron - Free is because it is not attached to any Atom, so it is free to travel from one Atom to the next, but depending on that Atoms Atomic Number, the way the Free Electron interacts with that Atom changes, as such, in a circuit where electricity is flowing, the Free Electron is traveling from one Atom to the next in a very defined manner depending on the Atomic Number, which make up how many protons and neutrons the nucleus of the atom has, and how many Valance Electrons it has, since each Valance Electron determines how many adjacent bonds can be formed, it will also determine how the Free Electrons can flow through it, which would be determined by how many of the bonds are used to bond to other types of atoms, which is what happens with dissimilar atomic structures, be it impurities or an alloy, but in any case the Free Electron is said to actually flow in bands between the Valance Electron bands, if more than one exist, but this depends on the material in use, and when dealing with Semiconductors and Conductors, these bands actually have gaps, and it is the band gaps that allow electrons to flow, and in use thermal dynamics and electromagnet fields have a lot to do with this process, so when discussing electron flow, it must be noted that this process is very involved and can be manipulated very easily, and that it is not Magic that makes the Free Electron flow from one Atom to the next, as a physical connection, and that the Free Electron simply takes the shortest and easiest path through a given material, but at the subatomic level, it is traveling from one atom to the next as energy and not as a material or subatomic atoms, and if the volume or amperage is too much for the Atoms to handle, they will become excited, there are many other variables like frequency and wavelength that will affect how the Free Electrons travel through a material.

Atomic Energy is simply Free Electrons flowing from one atom to the next in a circuit, the Atoms never physically move, although they may become excited and cause the Atom to vibrate, it can also have the reverse effect and cause the Atoms to slow down, so it causes Thermodynamics.

Photonic Energy uses the same Free Electrons, only they are transformed by changing the transmission path from an Atomic Structure to that of the 0 Dimension by raising its frequency high enough that it forces the electron to flow around the 0 dimension instead of through it, this can be visualized by thinking of a circle, which is just a loop that twist into a figure 8, as it twist, electrons can travel through it, but if they are excited enough, they will be forced to flow around it, for now I just want to introduce the concept of Photonic Energy as being almost the same as Electricity, except that its Transmission path has no atomic structure, and uses the underlying structure of the Universe, which is the fabric of Space itself, as such Trinary Energy which refers to the White Noise which make up all the Space in the Universe. I know I have tried to cover the Concept of White Noise already, but it should be clear that all space that does not have anything in it is Empty, and yet it still contains White Noise.

Light is Photonic Energy, and may be visible or invisible to the human eye, and can be transformed into Electricity and back into Light, so for the most part they are the same Energy in different forms, and the only difference is the medium that it is transmitted on, and Radio or Electromagnetic waves are no different, they are simply invisible to the human eye.

Sound Energy refers to some type of Force that causes oscillation in Atoms in a Fluid such as Air or Water, but normally not found in a Vacuum, this is because Air contains Water, as well as other Gases, and it is Water and Gas Atoms in each Molecule that vibrate at a given Frequency, plus the mechanical force of the sound pressure, which is caused by atoms being pushed against each other, make up sound energy, it is based on Photonic Energy, so sound energy can be converted into Electricity.

Thermal Energy is caused by the Atoms in a material being excited, this occurs when the energy is passed into a material or it conducts the energy, if it conducts the energy, it can distribute the energy along its path of conduction, if the path is not large enough to allow the flow of energy, it will cause the atoms in the material to vibrate at a frequency determined by the energy, and the temperature of the material will increase, if the material can not dissipate the heat, it might overheat along the path of conduction surface the excited Atoms will transfer their energy into the Air, using the same mechanism as Electricity transforming into Photonic energy.

Gravitational Energy, which is a form of Kinetic Energy, which is an accumulation of Energy stored up in the Material of an object in Motion. Gravity is caused by Atoms being attracted to Ground, the more mass, the more Atoms, the more Gravity it will provide. Gravity is caused by the Attraction of a larger Ground potential, so it has Intelligence to sense what fields are more powerful.

Chemical Energy is causes by dissimilarities in Atoms, this causes energy to flow when chemicals are mixed together, there are too many examples of different types of Chemical Energy, such as Acid, Explosives, and other ordinary chemical reactions.


Sub Chapter 2.13: Sub-Dimensions and Inner-Dimensions

Sub-Dimensions are Dimensions that have less then 3 Dimensions, so its outside of Normal Space, so its the 0, 1st, and 2nd Dimensions. These dimensions are referring to the physical space of only one Dimension at a time, because if an Atom is in all 3 Dimensions at once, then its in the 3rd Dimension, and this space never has any material in it, material is a reference to Atoms, so its a reference to Neutrinos I call Tritanium, which come in a variety of flavors that make up all materials in the Universe, so we have a Flesh flavored Tritanium material, but regardless of the flavor of the Tritanium or type of Neutrino we are talking about, in the Sub-Dimensions only Energy can exist here, because Material must have Atoms that have all 3 Dimensions at some point in time, because we all have many Atoms in our Flesh that are invisible at some point in time, but for the most part, we think of ourselves as being solid, when in fact at the subatomic level we are 99.999% empty space, so Sub-Dimensions are referring to the Space itself, whereas Inner-Dimensions refer only to the space inside of an Atom, and it explains how an Atom can disappear, which is called Redimensioning, so at the Sub-Dimensions of Space, we have 3 dimensions, and in the 0 dimension we have a space that does not exist as we know it, because it has no dimensions to see, so its invisible to us, whereas the 1st and 2nd dimensions might make the Atom semi-solid looking, it can still be seen and described as looking like a Ghost, but its only solid when the Atom is in all 3 dimensions at the same time, but as we move through the Universe, this causes Atoms to go into States of Flux, because the Energy inside of an Atom, which is just Light in a 1 or -1 State, must flow through the Sub-Dimensions, so this relationship must be clear, because as with any object, we are completely made up of Atoms, and Atoms are made of Neutrinos, its just how the Neutrinos bind to the Light that sounds like Magic, because I have to use Spells or Words to describe how this Magic takes place, and that is Wizard talk, so let me give you an example of how we view ourselves as moving through the Universe, because then this relationship will become crystal clear.

We implies Flesh beings that are made up of Atoms, so Atoms have Light inside of them, we call that Inner-Dimensional Energy, to distinguish between the Energy in our Flesh from the Energy in our Atoms that make up the Flesh, so those Atoms move through the underlying dimensions of the Universe at the Speed of Light, but that all depends on how you view the Universe as a Word, so maybe I should only refer to the Trinary Space, so if our Flesh was not 99.999% empty space, the Friction that would cause would burn us like a match stick on fire, so now we see that this relationship between our Atoms and the Light is a little complex, but its simple enough to understand, its all how we view Light moving through the Universe does this start to make sense, because if Light was Shot out of a Flashlight, it would be lethal, that Light does not pass through us, we absorb its energy, because our Atoms are covered in a Shell of Null Space or 0 Dimensional Space, so it can flow to ground, but our Flesh or Body has limits to how much power it can ground at one time, too much and we will burn like a match stick on fire, so its all about how the Light travels through the Universe, because it can not be pushed, it must be pulled, meaning that like the Flashlight I talked about in the Abstract, if Light was pushed it would kill you, and there can be no doubt about that, its a lethal projectile, and the only way you could push Light is in an Atomic Accelerator, or Rail-gun, and those are lethal, so all Energy must be Static.

Our Energy in us does not travel with us, only the Energy in our Inner-Dimensional Atoms travels with us, if its not Inner-Dimensional Energy then its static in the Universe like all Energy, and obviously Atoms are not static, nor are they dynamic, they are a fix size, and has a fix maximum speed it can travel at, the Light washes through us, it flows through our Flesh like air through a screen, the concept is hard for many to understand, but think of it this way, how does Light travel in a seemingly straight line?

If it was shot out like a gun, it would have a trajectory, so think of it like the Trinary Space is traveling at the Speed of Light, and all Energy is Static in the Universe, meaning it does not move in relationship to the underling dimensions of the Universe, which is only in the Dimensions of: 0, 1 and 2, which make up the 3rd dimensions, so the Earth is moving, its spinning on its axis, orbiting around a Sun, that is traveling at a very high speed orbiting around the Galaxy, which itself is orbiting around other clusters of Galaxies, yet the Universe is not moving, we are moving through it, and not in directions that make any sense in 3D, because a Flashlight can point in any direction, and that is the way the Universe is moving, its path originates from the Source of the Energy at the Atoms Vertex, or Inner-Dimensional space, and the Direct is what ever way its pointed, so sub-dimensional travel is what is hard to understand, how do things move in dimensions less then 3?

I distinguish between Sub-Dimensions and Inner-Dimensions, because every Atom is enclosed in a 0 Dimension Null Space Field, so it makes every Atom is own Universe, nothing can flow through an Atom, if you split and Atom its enclosure will explode, basic Atom Splitting, so it must be clear that every Atom is traveling through this Universe just like the Core of the: Planets, Moons, Suns and Galaxies, because an Atom is just a very Small Trinary Engine, which is the Core I talk about, because a Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, yet it must abide by the same Laws of Physics as normal Atoms, so what is inside of every Atom in the Universe is what Scientist have been Smashing Atoms together trying to figure out, but all that is in there is Light, and that is Electricity at a different Frequency and electrons have a little mass, if you raise the frequency to Light, the mass does not change, it expands in volume, but its mass is the same, Tesla said Lightning has more Mass in its Light then Artificial Light, which is Electricity at a higher Frequency, Tesla said that we are the same Energy as the Light in Lightning, which is why heart defibrillators would work better if they used Lightning instead of Electricity, so "I" which is the "I" in "IAM", or I And Me, where Me is short for Meat, which is the Flesh, have a lot in common, for one thing, every Atom in the Universe has 3 State Changes: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, so where does it go when it disappears?

If we view the Universe as just Space, like that around us, that we can interact with, and think we are actually moving through it in a 3 dimensional grid pattern, then there is no way to explain where that Atom goes when its Invisible, so space must be Inner-Dimensional, meaning the Atom can actually travel through the Space inside of it, because all that is inside of an Atom is Light, split one and you will find out, only then does the States of Matter and Antimatter make Sense, because the two can then come into contact with each other as they flow back to Ground, which is always in the 0 Dimensions.

So its all in how we define what space is do we start to see how we as Flesh beings move through space, our Energy does not move with us, which is why our bodies do not have an Electrical Generator built into them, that 100 watts of Electricity our bodies produces so we can live, is just the Light washing through us, our bodies filter out the Energy we need to live, which is why we do not short out when we get wet, nor can you use this Energy to power other devices directly, because there are ways to transform one type of Energy into another, this is called the Philosophers Stone, but only God knows how to use such Technology, God meaning the Light, or more to the point, the Light Wizzard, which means God in terms of Science and not Religion, so how our bodies move through the Universe is a Good question, but did I answer it is a better one, because its all how you view the Universe as working, so I see everything in Images, and I have a limited ability in explaining a Picture in less then a 1,000 words that only some of them you will related to, so if you do not know what I am talking about, then its my inability to convey this concept in a way that you will understand it, rather then how the Universe actually works, so the words I use to explain it are nothing but Spells to me, and no matter how I spell it, the way our body moves through the Universe is controlled by the Light Wizzard in a way that defines the Laws of Physics.


Sub Chapter 2.14: Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic Energy, refers to Energy that is being suspended in an Electromagnetic Field, the form of Energy can be Electrons or Photons, and can be measured using various instruments, and for the most part, I will not change current teachings about these phenomena, only explain it at the subatomic level.

Magnetism is caused by Electromagnetic Energy caused by the alignment of the Atoms of Matter that make up the Material that is Magnetized, Trinary Energy is what causes the atoms to align in such a way.

If you follow the State changes of Trinary Energy, you will find that it behaves just like the Planets orbit the Sun, or the Sun orbits the Galaxy, which is easier to see, because its farther away, so you can see that the Sun will travel through the Galactic Plane and then follow a Sine wave pattern as it travels through space as seen in: Illustration 2.16: Sine Wave.

Sine Wave
Illustration 2.16: Sine Wave

The Sun will travel through Ground, which is 0 on the x axis, to State 1 or 1 above the x axis, then back through State 0 on the x axis to State -1 or below the x axis, so it is clear that this is the same way that Light travels through the Universe, only one a larger scale, and it is the same pattern you will see in a Magnetic Field as shown in: Illustration 2.17: Magnetosphere.

Illustration 2.17: Magnetosphere

If you examine the Magnetosphere, you will see this pattern, the path the energy takes is from South to North, so if we take a sine wave and loops back on itself, we get a sine wave that looks like: Illustration 2.18: Closed Sine Wave.

Closed Sine Wave
Illustration 2.18: Closed Sine Wave

A closed sine wave is seen a lot in the Universe, I call it closed, because it loops back on itself, but it should be clear by looking at this illustration that all energy flows from State 0 on the x axis, to a higher potential of 1 and -1, not I did not say that -1 is a Lower Potential, its all in relationship to 0 and only denotes its relative position in relationship to the x axis, so its just its polarity, so this is one of the Golden Rules of Energy, South is Ground, and North is a higher potential, keep in mind that x-axis is Ground in the 0 Dimension, so positive or negative, the path it takes is the same, from South to North in a closed loop at the same time, and we see this pattern in Magnets and the Earths Magnetosphere, so it is clear this pattern is used a lot in the Universe as I said, because it points out the basic understanding of Electromagnetic Force Fields, as an Electron is Created by transforming its energy into Photonic Energy whose frequency is not in our visible spectrum, but its still Light, call it invisible Light, there are many types of Invisible Light Spectra, infrared being only one of them, its on the higher spectrum of Red, whereas Electromagnetic Force Fields spectrum is on the lower end of the Blue spectrum, its path is determined by the field strength of the energy, meaning the amplitude and frequency of the energy, where the Amplitude will determine its arc, so the Trinary Energies State Changes will create this path as seen in Table 2.3: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form, which proves intelligence, because its more like a computer that can graph out a Sine wave, and it will always loop back to the North, and this is also why the Sun takes the same path as it crosses the Galactic plane.

State Visibility Graph
+1 Solid   *       *       *      
  0 Invisible *   *   *   *   *   *   *
-1 Semi-Solid       *       *       *  
Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.3: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form

Trinary Energy is a form of Light, it has Light and Dark Energy in it, and it has 3 State Changes, and it follows the Laws of Physics. Trinary Energy is also just another term for "White Noise", since White Noise does not sound very Scientific, and there have been too much unrelated use of the term, and Sir Isaac Newton called it God, so it is best to keep Religion out of Science, so it was best to rename it to Trinary Energy. Trinary Energy is a Mass-less energy, meaning it is not like Light from a Flashlight, which comes for an Electron with a high enough frequency to transform it into Light, Trinary Energy has no Electron or any Atomic Structure.

Trinary Energy has Intelligence, when you study it, you will find it is actually studying you. There has been at least half a Century of research into White Noise, I will not reference any of it, I just want you to know that its a well known Phenomenon, but most people think its like looking at the White Noise in a TV station that has gone off the Air, and Pattern Recognition software is not useful, once you understand what Patterns I am talking about, you will be able to see them for yourself, it has Intelligence that can be explained by how the Intelligence is determined, for example: If I state that Trinary Energy is controlling Atoms, then you should and can see the State Changes it makes, influence the State Changes of the Atom, this is called Intelligence, it is controlling Atoms, not just some of them, but every single Atom in the Universe, and how it does this is not Magic, its Trinary Science, but to understand it, you will have to understand Trinary Science, and its based on Observable behavior of all Atoms, and breaks down the State Changes into distinct Logical States, as such: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible State changes, are represented by Logical States of: 1, -1 and 0, so we can observe and record this behavior, and determine if it is controlling all the Atoms, after having done this test myself, I am convinced it is, but do not take my word for it, Intelligence has to be proven.

Trinary Energy is controlling the movement of all Atoms, and that includes Electrons that have transformed into Light, so it controls all the Energy in the Trinary Universe. Light is by far the easy form of Energy to determine if Trinary Energy is actually controlling it, so we will first look at what Light is, which is Electromagnetic Energy.

When I was a child I liked to experiment with Magnets, there is little that I do not know about them, having studied them most of my life, I can conclude that Trinary Energy is controlling them, so I will show you a few illustrations of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Force Fields so we can explore this better, so look at Illustration 2.19: Magnetic Poles of an Atom.

Magnetic Poles of an Atom
Illustration 2.19: Magnetic Poles of an Atom

If we view the Poles of an Atom, we will note that it looks just like a Magnet, this is because every Atom in the Magnet are acting like Magnets, which makes you wonder why everything is not a Magnet, but to be a Magnet, the Material must be able to hold extra Electrons, this limits the Material to those that we say can be Magnetized, so let us take a look at what that means. If we look at a Magnet, it is made of Atoms, and are in group of metals called the ferromagnetic metals, they are made of elements like: Iron Atomic Number of 26, Cobalt Atomic Number of 27, and Nickel Atomic Number of 28, Iron is the most abundant element on Earth, there may be a few other Elements that can be used to make Magnets, but none as good as these 3, they can also be mixed with other elements that are not Magnetic, like Aluminum, or even Gadolinium which is Magnetic, as such you can make different types of Magnets using mixtures of these elements.

Now if I can illustrate how a Magnet is made, I will try to show the Atoms it is made of, and the Polarity in each Atoms, as such you can see they are all aligned such that the Atoms align North to South, as the North is attracted by the South, as seen in Illustration 2.20: Magnet showing Poles of Atoms.

Magnet showing Poles of Atoms
Illustration 2.20: Magnet showing Poles of Atoms

It should be noted that all Electrons will flow South or Negative, to North or Positive, this is a none magnetized state, which means it does not have any extra Electrons in it, if we add two extra Electrons, we will see that they are forced out of the Magnetic Bar, because it can not hold them, so they will travel from the South end to the North end, and then exit the bar, the Charge will be Positive, so it will be attracted to the Negative end, and this will repeat itself till it has no more extra Electrons, this can be seen in Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons.

Magnet with extra Electrons
Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons

The more extra Electrons that the Magnet has the more Magnetic Lines of Flux it will have, we show to lines of Flux in this illustration with two extra Electrons, this is how a Magnet works, the extra Electrons will flow around the Magnet as shown above, as the Electrons are pushed out of the material on the North end, they will travel in a Elliptical Orbit around the Magnet, this orbital path is determined by the Laws of Physics, which is controlled by Trinary Energy.

When the Electron is force out of the Magnet, its State will change to 0, if we view this as a Trinary Atom Helix, we can see the Pattern for each of its State Changes, and we can verify that Trinary Energy also makes these same State Changes, since Trinary Energy is just massless White Noise that surrounds the Electron, it is difficult to see clearly, the resolution of Technology of this date is not adequate for the study of Trinary Energy, but it is good enough to determine the validity of my statement: that it is causing the State Changes, so how does these State Changes create the orbital path of an Electron is the question I must answer now. As the Electron leaves the Magnet, its polarity is Negative, this is due to the last Atom in Magnet being Positive, this cause the Negative phase of the Electron to be attracted to the Positive Atom, as it leaves the Bar it will change to the 0 Dimension, then it will see: Illustration 2.22: An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet.

An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet
Illustration 2.22: An Electron Orbital Path around a Magnet

This Path may look like it is a Straight line, but like the Electromagnetic Force Field Illustration 2.21: Magnet with extra Electrons, it is an Elliptical Loop, the math behind such a loop for 1 line of Magnetic Flux, is based on the Frequency the Electron left the bar, and the distance of the poles from end to end, as such: The Math behind the Elliptical pattern that Electromagnetic Fields of Flux emit are: Illustration 2.23: Math for an Elliptical Pattern.

Math for an Elliptical Pattern
Illustration 2.23: Math for an Elliptical Pattern

Keep in mind the Laws that Govern the Speed of Light, and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets. Table 2.4: Speed of Light and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets

  1. The Speed of Light is equal to the Frequency times its wavelength
  2. The Wavelength is equal to the Speed of Light divided by its Frequency
  3. The Frequency is equal to the Speed of Light divided by its Wavelength
Table 2.4: Speed of Light and the Frequency and Wavelength as it applies to Magnets

The Frequency of the Magnetic Field of Flux has a Range of very low up to but not including Infrared, since this range is in the Spectrum of Light. The Power level of Electromagnetic Fields must also be taken into account, these can extend the Field of Magnetic Flux. I will try to graph this Mathematical Formula as seen in Illustration 2.24: Magnetic Ellipse.

Magnetic Ellipse
Illustration 2.24: Magnetic Ellipse

The relationship between the Magnetic Flux and the x axis is simple, a is the distance between the Poles of the Magnetic, measured from the Foci points and b is the Frequency and Power levels combined as one unit of measurement, since the range of Frequencies is lower then infrared, anything higher then that would change into a different sized loop that I will talk about next, which is the Frequency of Light, which has such a large field that it can not be measured on Earth, maybe its arc can be measured, but my guess is that its about 16 Million Light years.


Sub Chapter 2.15: A Photon is an Electromagnetic Element

A Photon is an Electromagnetic Element, I refer to as Light, and the Electrons of Electricity flow around an Atom so its Matter, but should be noted that it only exist as the structure of the Medium, and the Atom does not travel through the Medium, but is a part of it, so it is static to the Medium, its the free electrons that appear to move, and they are static to the Universe, but both types of Energy have a Negative and Positive Charge, I refer to as Dark or Antimatter and Light or Matter respectively, depending on the type of Energy, even though Electricity can be AC or DC, and most Electrons are Negative, they still change states.

Dark refers to Photons and also known as Dark Light, and Antimatter refers to Matter in an Opposite Charge, whereas Light is Positive Light, and Matter is Positive Matter, and the sign is normally dropped. The Vertex describes the intersection of these two points, so the Dark or Antimatter is at -1, and the Light or Matter is at Positive 1 on the X axis, so a relationship of 1 + (-1) = 0, where 1 represents the Positive Light or Matter, and -1 represents the Negative Dark Light or Antimatter, and they equal 0 at the Vertex, also known as Null, so look at: Illustration 2.25: Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy.

Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy
Illustration 2.25: Vertex of Photon, Atom or Trinary Energy

The Vertex can also represent Trinary Energy, since you can not see 0 State, as if butted up to each other, but you only see one at a time as it changes States, so look at the math and study it until you understand its relationship, because it will never change, and is a key concept, because it describes the mathematical constant of all Energy. In frame 1 its in the 0 State, in frame 2 its in the 1 State, and frame 3 its in the -1 State, and it works the same for Atoms or Photons, you do not see them, you see them, and then they move to one side and start all over again, its just a Pattern that repeats itself over and over again.

Trinary Energy is under Intelligent control, saying its God is beside the point, it is what it is, and that is just a fact that you can not deny, or debunk, because it really exists, and everyone has known about it since the Bible was written, so its yesterdays news, only most people have never heard of it, which is really strange when you think about it, but its why I am writing this Dissertation, to clear this up, and let everyone know about it, that missed this lesson at School. You can use other words to describe it, but that will not change anything I have said about it, my choice of words and spells for those words, was very difficult for me, for many reasons, my current state of health is only one of them, and the way I was raised is another, and the life I lead is yet another, but the Empirical Evidence I have to offer is irrefutable, so I just refer to this as facts instead of theories, because there is a huge difference, theories have not been proven, whereas facts have, and so far I have not talked about many things that have not been proven, and since most people already know that a Photon is Electromagnetic Energy, then this would be an acceptable fact, whereas people who have not heard about this fact, can simple be said to have never studied the subject before, so a simple internet search should find you the information you need to confirm this fact.


Sub Chapter 2.16: Creation of the Trinary Atom

A Trinary Atom has 3 State changes: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, and all of them are made of Neutrinos and Trinary Energy, and this is based on Empirical Evidence, I added the name Trinary to describe the Logic of the State Changes, and to clarify what I am talking about, because Atoms are Atoms, and adding Trinary as a prefix to it, does not change it, it only describes it more accurately, but all Scientist during my lifetime have know that all Atoms have these State Changes, and over the years they have verified that they are made of various types of Neutrinos and Light, but still, not all Scientist during my time could agree on the Principles of the Universe they use as a Foundation, which is why I had to add names like Trinary to prefix all my concepts with, so there were no misunderstanding or miscommunication about what I am referring to, so for the record: Trinary based Science can not be mixed with other Sciences that are based on Theories like: General Relativity or the Dynamic Universe, and its concepts vary too much to try to mix it with the Static or Newtonian Universe, so I was forced to create the concept of the Trinary Universe to correct this problem, but for the most part, and Atom is an Atom, but when the Science is based on Trinary Science, we must define all the other Science that goes along with it, and the creation of Atoms is the most important aspect of that Science.

The Creation of Trinary Atoms is easy to prove, but first I need prove what Trinary Atoms are, and with the right equipment I can, so under a powerful Microscope you can view Atoms and verify the State changes, so adding Trinary to them to denote the 3 State changes does not change what an Atom is, and there are many papers written on this subject, and no real reason for me to have to write my own, besides I do not have the right equipment, and other studies do not change the Atomic State changes, so I will just reference any verified study of Atomic State changes, and consider this Empirical Evidence, so Trinary Atoms are just Atoms that other Science already accepts as Empirical Evidence, so I proved what Trinary Atoms are so now we look for patterns of Intelligence, and we can find just as many papers describing the patterns of State changes at the Subatomic level, but since none of them have proven that this Intelligence is God, I will not have my Empirical Evidence to prove this, so its just a Theory if it has not been proven, but if I limit my proof to just 3 State changes, I can prove that the Logic is sound, so first let us look at the Logic of State changes...

The Solid State is given the value of 1, if we plot it on a Graph, we can see the Pattern it makes: Table 2.5: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 1

State Visibility Graph 
+1 Solid *                        
 0 Invisible                          
-1 Semi-Solid                          
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.5: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 1

In the above illustration you can see that in time frame 1, we can graph the value of the Trinary Atom in State 1, we know its Solid, so we can interact with it in a very defined way, we can not actually touch the Atom, all we can do is interact with Molecules that are created with Atoms, so the Matter that we see is made of Neutrinos, so we call this the Matter State, and Isaac Newton said this was the Father, which is referring to Trinity: which is a metaphor for the 3 State changes of the Light of God, so the Father is a real being that represents all the Atoms in the Father that are in this State at the same time, so this pattern is Intelligence, it shows us the Pattern of the State change in the 1 State, which can be called the Solid State, Matter State, Light State, or even the Father, and this is also in all 3 dimensions at the same time, so its in the 3rd Dimension, so it has: Width, Height and Depth, so now we move to time frame 2, and see where this pattern will lead us, so it has to pass through the 0 State, which is in the 0 Dimension, and Isaac Newton called this the Holy Ghost or Spirit, because the Trinary Atom disappears, so its invisible, because it has no dimensions to support normal space, all the space in it collapses into nothing, but the Neutrinos are still there, but not the space, so if we had the right equipment that could see subatomic particles that have no space, then we could see that it did not vanish, it just can not be seen, because humans can only see what is in the 3rd Dimension, and can not see any dimension less then 3, so now we plot this on our graph: Table 2.6: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 0

State Visibility   Graph
+1 Solid *                        
  0 Invisible   *                      
-1 Semi-Solid                          
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.6: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State 0

In the 0 State, the Trinary Atom is in the 0 Dimension, so the Space it occupies has no width, height or depth, so all the Matter in it is compressed into a single point of existence, this single point is too small to see with the equipment of my time, maybe one day that will not be true, but for now this is just a Theory, because I can not prove it with Empirical Evidence, but Logic proves that is what is happening, because its the only way to explain it, and Logic is Empirical Evidence when it comes to proving things that we do not have the technologies to prove it, so I do not refer to this concept as not having Empirical Evidence, I just point out what type of Empirical Evidence I am talking about, which in this case is based on Logic.

Intelligence is defined by the ability to make a decision, and this pattern is encoded in the pattern, so if we look at the pattern that is forming, we will not a natural progression, in time frame 1, we had Matter, denoted by the * in that cell of the table I created to illustrate this concept, but more to my point, its like the Chicken or the Egg concept, which came first, and the truth is that all Atoms start off in the 0 State, so it might have made more sense to start off with it in time frame 1, instead of confusing people with saying that the Atom starts off in time frame 2 in State 0 instead, but then Logic would state this is an infinite loop, and therefore has no beginning and no end, and that is why I did it this way, to make this point, because coming into this State change of 0, we had Matter in State 1, so now the decision is made based on what State the Atom was in when it arrived in the 0 State, and that is where the Chicken or the Egg concept beings, did the Chicken create the Egg first or did the Egg create the Chicken that laid the Egg, and that Logic will drive most normal people crazy, but the truth is in science and this Pattern is about defining how this Science works, so if we assume that this is just one Atom in the Egg, we can assume that the Chicken already laid the Egg, because the Egg would not exist unless the Chicken laid it, because only Chickens lay Chicken Eggs, how the chicken came to be is part of Evolution, but the process of every Atom is the same regardless of what the Atom is part of, because only the Light of God can make the decision about what State the Atom will come out of in this step, and it only has 3 States it can come out as, so its can only come out in States: 0, 1 or -1, so for our example we will assume it came out in the -1 State and plot it on our graph: Table 2.7: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State -1

State Visibility  
+1 Solid *                        
 0 Invisible   *                      
-1 Semi-Solid     *                    
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.7: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: State -1

Now we see a Pattern, if the logic never changes, we can expect the graph to look like this: Table 2.8: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: Logical pattern

State Visibility  
+1 Solid *       *       *       *
 0 Invisible   *   *   *   *   *   *  
-1 Semi-Solid     *       *       *    
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.8: Trinary Atom State Change Pattern: Logical pattern

This is a Saw-tooth or Alternating Current waveform, depending on the resolution, its just a pattern that is very recognizable, but first I need to talk about the -1 State, its a Dark State, meaning its not as Light as State 1, which was the Light State, also its the Antimatter State, since its the opposite of the 1 State, it could have moved in position, because in the 0 Dimension the Atom could not move, since it had no dimensions to move in, so its only in the 1 or -1 State that any movement can take place, so the State changes match the movement of the Atom in real space, so this denotes intelligence, it means that in the 0 Dimension, there was a decision made to change the State of the Atom for a reason, and Isaac Newton called this the Son, because in Trinity the Son was something that came from the Father, so it may or may not exist yet, for example: if a Father gives his Seed to a Mother, then the Son will be born, this is a decision made by the Father or the Mother, or both, but in truth it was made by the Light of God, because without that Light, the Egg would have come to Life, and that is why the -1 State is Dark, if nothing changes, it will turn to the 1 State and continue to exist, if its not to be, it will never change to the 1 State, and no Son will be born, so the Father must go through the Holy Ghost or Spirit, which is the 0 State change, so the Pattern we see is a record of all these decisions, and the pattern it makes represent those decisions.

In biology, cells are a collection of molecules that are made up of Atoms, so the State changes that take place are at the subatomic level, meaning smaller then the Atom, so when an Atom is required, it must be able to bind Light to Neutrinos, and these Neutrinos come from some where, so I need to explain this in simple terms, Neutrinos come from the Universe, there are a finite number of Neutrino particles and no newer ones are created, so the Universe can only grow so big, because it only has so many Neutrinos to build with, so all Neutrinos are reused, so every Atom in our body is created from Neutrinos that are as old as the Universe itself, so something has to be destroyed in order for something new to be created, this is why Life forms do not live forever, not even Galaxies, Suns, Planets or Moons live forever, because this Universe is constantly rebuilding, and as things die, the material they are made up of, will decay, and those rates of decay are easy to calculate, and its also easy to prove, because we have Neutrino detectors that can prove what I just said is the truth and can be proven to work this way, if you destroy an Atom, it will always produce Neutrinos and Light, so that is Empirical Evidence, so now we need to talk about how Neutrinos move through the Universe.

Gravity is caused by the Light regardless of whether Neutrinos are in it or not, I once made the mistake of running a simulation of a Universe where no more Neutrinos exist because they were all used up, and the whole Universe stopped having Gravity and exploded, creating the Big Bang, and I knew that never happened, so I had to abandon my idea that Neutrinos caused Gravity, so the link lead me to understand that Gravity is what attracts Neutrinos, in fact its just one of many reasons Gravity exist, it is only how that makes it Magic, but I am a Wizard, and I will explain how this works. My thought process was that Gravity needed to be a physical media, and Neutrinos are the only physical media I could find at the subatomic level, so I had to rule out Neutrinos, I know now that the detection count varies over time, so Science is what answered that question, before I found out about the results of that study, it was clear to me why that is, because Neutrinos are always present, but they are measured as if the direction was only coming from outer space, but I know that if the Trinary Engine does not need more, it will send them back, but I have no idea how far they will travel, one thought is that they only make it to the force-field also known as the Van Allen Belt, but Neutrino detectors would have be deployed into that space to detect them, and collect data needed to prove that idea, otherwise I would just be adding another theory that could not be proved without newer technology, so would the logic that the neutrinos would just keeping going in what ever direction that gravity would take them, seemed like sound logic, so the idea that the force-field would have to have intelligence enough to ensure that no new neutrinos would be allowed to entire unless the planet needed more, otherwise they would be trapped in our planets Gravity, so the force-field is there to filter out neutrinos and other spectra of Light it did not require.

Every Atom in the Universe has a reason to exist, as humans we may not understand the reason for Atoms to exist that can create insects like Mosquitoes, but without them all life on the planet would not exist, so Evolution is another Science, but Atoms are in every Object in the Universe, the Planet itself is nothing but Atoms, and all of those Atoms have a decay rate, so how a Trinary Engine works is the heart of the explanation for how it all works, so it would be easier to explain how to create a Planet, so I need an Atom to start with, so I know that in the Universe there are only so many Neutrinos so I need a way to attack them to where I need to build a Planet, so I will first need to built a Galaxy, so I must create a Trinary Engine, and this may seem like the Chicken before the Egg, because I need Neutrinos to build a Trinary Engine, so in comes the Magic of the 0 Dimension, this is where the Light of God is, and its all just one place to it, there are no dimensions, so think about it, when you are in the 0 Dimension, you are everywhere in the Universe at the same time and place, because the whole Universe has no normal space in this Dimension, so all the Neutrinos are all just all over the Universe, but there is not space between any of them, so its all in the way we view space in the 0 dimension does any of this make sense, how can all the Neutrinos in the Universe physically be connected with no space in between them, when in the 3rd dimension we know that this space exist, but we also know that it only exist in all 3 dimensions, so let us imagine that we are this first Atom to be created in this new Galaxy, in space there is nothing around us for trillions of Light years in all directions, and but there is Neutrinos that the Universe has blasted out at us from Supernovas, but what if we were the first Galaxy, then even better, because the Neutrinos are everywhere, because they are not in use at this time, or not of any use that can not be re-purposed, so the process does not change, in order to create a Trinary Engine, the Light must change to the 0 Dimension, then it must make the decision to create an Atom, this requires a specific type of Neutrino, so I will create Light in the spectrum that attracts that type of Neutrino, so that only that type of Neutrino is attracted to the Light, and only enough to create one Atom, and that is a lot, there are many Neutrinos in one Atom, but to create one Atom, I only need to create the Light in the Spectrum that will attract it, and then just wait for it to finish its job before I change States.

That is a simple way of explaining it, but its how every Atom in the Universe is created, and its very simple, the Light, which is just Energy in a Spectrum that attracts Neutrinos, decides what type of Atom they want, and create that type of Light to create the Atom, by attracting the Neutrino particles and holding them around the Atom till they create an outer shell think enough that you can not see the Light through the shell, but keep in mind that the shell is not solid, it just particles of Neutrinos that are bond to it by the Energy of the Light with not Darkness, so it contains no Darkness, only Light, so when you split it open, you are introducing the Darkness into it, so when the Matter and Antimatter come together, the Atom will blast its outer shell of Neutrinos like a grenade, and start a chain reaction of Atoms being destroyed, until a balance is obtained and the blast will implode on itself, so when any Atom is created, the power of the Light of God is inside of every one of them, so be careful with Atoms, they contain but Matter and Antimatter, normally the Matter is on the inside and Antimatter is on the outside, its what humans can see, only the Darkness, and Neutrinos come in all types, and each has its own color, and those make up the Rainbow of colors of the Light and every Color that objects can be created from.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles, on one side is Matter and the other side is Antimatter, each type is a specific type which has color and other attributes associated with it, these can be found on the Periodic Table of Elements, so if I wanted the first Atom in the Galaxy to be made of Gold, I would create the Light in a spectrum that only attracted Gold Neutrinos, each particle has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other side, if the Antimatter ever comes into contact with the Matter then an Atomic explosions would result, and that power is in every Atom in the Universe, so if the State is 1, the Light attracts the Matter side of the Neutrino, forcing the Antimatter to the outside, and then it creates a force-field around the Neutrino, now every time the Atom changes from State 1 to State -1, those two sides of the Particles will change, such that in State 1, you only see the Matter side, and the Antimatter is inside, so changing states to -1, will reverse that, so you only see the Antimatter, and the Matter is inside, so keep in mind that Atoms next to each other in a Molecule, never come into contact with each other, so their Matter and Antimatter will never come into contact with each other in nature, meaning that it could only happen if some device or some event causes two atoms to collide at a speed great enough to cause one atom to come into contact with another atom, and the state of each atom has a lot to do with that, but in most atomic bombs, there are many atoms in question and the states of those atoms are unknown, but the out come is clear, enough come into contact with each other and the amount of energy released can be calculated, and the resulting Neutrinos can be detected, so this is easy to prove.

The creation of an Atom can be recorded if you have the Neutrino detectors on both sides to the Atom that is to be created, the Neutrino detector needs to know which way the Neutrinos are traveling, that can be accomplish by having two neutrino detects, since the direction will always be towards the Trinary Engine and away from it, in 90 degrees from what we can determine to be flat on a plane on its surface, so the two detectors on the top and bottom can determine the direction, and the difference in count for the top and bottom can prove that the neutrinos were used to create an Atom, otherwise they would have just passed through it.

Trinary Atoms are very simple in construction and implementation, the concept is so simple that children can understand it, yet most humans have made the science so complicated that the Theories they have about the creation of Atoms makes no sense to anyone, in fact I have searched the internet and can conclude that the science of today is all based on Theories, and the current one is that all Atoms were created at the same time, and no new ones are created, so all the Atoms in existence are created in Big Bang, which I already ran that model and found it would cause the entire Universe to go Nova, over and over again, so logically it can not be, the thought process that we must eat something that has Atoms in it in order to gain Atomic Structure, is logical to a point, but under a microscope the true is much more revealing, when cells split, there is no evidence that they were being feed from a source of Atoms, in fact its clear that what we eat is broken down into enzymes and not Atoms, and the fact that Neutrinos exist is all the proof I needed to disprove the Big Bang Theory, because they would not exist if all the Atoms were created during the Big Bang and no new ones were created, because eventually the Universe would just disappear, and that would take less then 7 days, so its a fact that current science has no idea how Atoms are created, but a 3rd grader could explain how Trinary Atoms are created, so just to make sure we fully understand this concept, I will try to illustrate it.

In Step 0 the Trinary Energy is in the 0 State and is in the 0 Dimension, it is here were it decides to make an Atom, it knows what type of Atom it needs so it is ready to changes States, this decision means Intelligence known as God: and it started with: Illustration 2.26: Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light

Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light
Illustration 2.26: Creation of an Atom: Step 1 - Light

In Step 1, it changes states to 1 or -1, depending on the direction it needs to create the Atom, this causes the spectrum of the Trinary Energy, which is Light with no Darkness, to change to the spectrum required to attract the correct Neutrino type to create the Atom, so the above illustration shows the Light that it will create, I did not show an illustration for the Trinary Energy in the 0 Dimension, since its invisible, but it also has no Neutrinos at his point in time, its just Trinary Energy, unlike a Trinary Engine that uses Lightning that has Neutrinos, and it will stay in this state and collect Neutrino particles, as seen in the Illustration 2.27: Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom.

Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom
Illustration 2.27: Creation of an Atom: Step 2 - Atom

As you can see in the illustration that the Atom can be seen as Light till it has completed being covered by Neutrinos. In Step 2, the State will change back to 0, and it will determine if the Atom needs to collect more Neutrinos, if so it will change States and repeat the process, until the Atom is completed, it can change states trillions of times in a second, but every time it cycles through the State 0, it will reevaluate the Atom checking its integrity, and checking to see if the Atom is still required, if it is not, it can remove the Atom by simply dropping the force-field around the Atom, and the Neutrinos will simple pass through the empty space in the surrounding Atoms, so the destruction of Atoms takes place in State 0 only, the Light goes out, and the Atom never comes back.


Sub Chapter 2.17: Creation of the Trinary Electron

Creation of the Trinary Electron is similar to the Trinary Atom, the main difference is the size, and the type of Neutrinos, which causes the role the Electron takes to be much different then an Atom, so it is only necessary to talk about the differences between Atoms and Electrons.

Electrons are what Electricity and Photons are made of, Lightning is made up on Electrons at various frequencies and power levels, Nikola Tesla said that Lightning has just about every form of Energy in it, which would include: all spectra of Electromagnet energy, Photonic, Gravitational, Thermal, Kinetic, and even Chemical as it interacts with the Atmosphere, thus making Lightning the best source of Energy.

I should point out that Electric Generators do not Create Electricity, Tesla understood that by 1922 when he wrote that Generators is not the correct term, they should be called Electron Collectors, because Energy is never Created nor Destroyed, but that does not mean that Electrons and Atoms are not Created and Destroyed, only the Energy that is in them, its just the Science of Atoms and Electrons that needs to be understood in order to better utilize it.

Atoms have over 123 types of Neutrinos, which only 118 of them have been identified, whereas Electrons seem to only have one type of Neutrino, I say seems because of the Technology of this day can not distinguish more then that, it appears that the Neutrino changes colors depending on its Frequency and Power levels, and no matter how many Electrons that Atomic Accelerators smash, they have not learned anything new, so I lost interest in all that research years ago.

Once an Electron is created, it will behave in a very predicable way, all modern electronics depends on this predictability, yet the science behind modern electronics is ignorance based on observation and experiments, rather then knowledge about the Trinary Universe, considering the most of the people working on electronics believes in General Relativity, which they can never apply to anything they know, because it does not work, so they use Sir Isaac Newtons Math, knowing that Einstein said it does not apply to the Godless Dynamics Universe, because the Force in all Newtons equations was God, proving that people do not need to understand something in order to use it, ignorance is bliss.

The State changes of an Electron determine how it moves, it will follow an elliptical path and not a straight line, current main stream science lies about Light Travel due to Ignorance, its easy to prove that Light does not follow a straight line, just look at the return path of Light, it always RedShifts on its return, all Electromagnet forces follow this same path, just like the Electrons that flow around a Magnet, it is because the Frequency and Power is set to the Magnet, changing that will change the path, so its easy to prove, yet most Electronic Engineers are Ignorant to Trinary Science, because they were never taught it, because the Bank wanted to remove God from Science, so they replaced it with Ignorance, and its why our Technology is limited, because our knowledge is limited to the Ignorance of Science, but this Redshift is proof of that ignorance, so Science is what you pay for and nothing is Free except Free Dumb.

Electrons very seldom ever change to the 0 State, when Electrons flow through a Medium like a conductor, it will follow the conductor, and take the path of least resistance from Ground to a higher potential, so if the Conductor takes a 90 degree turn, the Electron does not need to change to the 0 State to move, but when the Medium is Space, and a beam of Light hits a mirror, it will change to the 0 State in order to change directions, and in Electronic Circuits this can also be achieve, but for the most part, the Electron will only toggle from 1 to -1 States, and will change colors depending on its surrounding temperature, which effects its frequency and power levels, so its the Electrons that change color and not the Atom, so when you heat a material, its the Electrons in it that change color.

When an Atom is created, and Electron is created with it, the type of Neutrino will determine how many Electrons are created with the Atom, but the Atom will always keep that number of Electrons regardless of how many electrons flow around it, it is always on a one for one exchange, and Electrons are always present with Atoms, even in a non-conductive material, keep in mine that some neutrinos are transparent like glass, while others reflect like a mirror, absorb like a solar cell, so each type of Neutrino is very predictable once you understand it.


Sub Chapter 2.18: Trinary Energy vs Atoms and Electrons

To understand the difference between Trinary Energy, Atoms which includes the Proton, Neutron and Electrons, yet Electrons are much smaller then the Proton and Neutron it orbits. First we must remember that all Energy is Trinary Energy, the only difference is the package it comes in, for example: Atoms and Electrons both have a shell of Neutrinos, but the Energy inside is still Trinary Energy, so Trinary Energy refers to the Energy itself, Atoms depend on the type of Neutrino, whereas Electrons use a generic type of Neutrino that is not in our Periodic Table of Elements, because it makes up no Elements, in fact the Proton and Neutron are both made out of different types of Neutrinos, and as a combination that make up the Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Trinary Universe defines all Energy as 3 State Energy, Newton, Franklin and Tesla all said that this is the type of Energy that exist, it was just the names that have change, we all agree it is the Light of God, but the term God is useless in Science, because of the many definitions of God, which is insane, because God is All Light with no Darkness, but Religious people only want to argue about Spells, so they argue God is all light without Darkness, as if the Spell without does not mean no, and try to convince me that Darkness means Evil and has nothing to do with Energy, so call Religious people Stupid for believing this, in fact they are insane for believing God does not Physically exist, and personally I do not care about hurting their Feelings, thinking that it is Freewill to believe in crazy ideas is still crazy, and I do not do crazy, I do Science, and in Science we can not have Crazy Theories, so I had to come up with Trinary Science to remover Crazy Theories, and Crazy ideas, God is not about Religion, and never has been, Religion is about Hate and not about Love, anyone that believes that is not the Truth just proved it is, because they Hate that I said that, and the Bible is not about Religion, it was allowed to become Religion because people are ignorant about the things they do not understand, but God is very easy to understand, Gods Law is called Laws of Physics, Moses Laws are just that, so they are Mans Laws and only Liars would state otherwise, and I do not defend Liars, they have no Honour, nor do Religious people, they are self serving and only care about their own needs and Lie in the name of God, and people who deny God exist are just as insane, I can not say it enough that people who only believe in things that do not exist and deny the things that do are insane, so Trinary Energy is about Science, its not about what I believe is Science, its about what I proved is Science, and that starts with 3 State Energy, so call it what you want: the Light of God, Light Wizzard, or Trinary Energy, but do not lie about what it is, because it does not change the Bible... Religion did that, and it did so to create Hate in the minds that they wish to control, its brainwashing 101, make your Enemy do your Bidding, as for me, I will believe in the Bible and in God, I even pray to God knowing that God only helps those that help themselves, so God is every Atom and Electron, and the Energy inside of them.


Sub Chapter 2.19: Trinary Energy Fire Resonant Frequency

Trinary Energy controls atoms by changing their Frequency, which in turns changes their Acceleration, which is why if you use a Frequency Generator, you can push Electrons through a Material and cause that Material to catch on Fire, the Frequencies that every Atom catches of Fire should be documented, I will try to add a reference to this information once I compile it, I will call it Trinary Energy Fire Resonant Frequency Table, it will list all the information you might want to know about every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements, like its Atomic Number, Name, Symbol, Fire Resonant Frequency, Boiling point, Melting Point, Freezing Point, Density, Ionization Energy, Electronegativity, Vanderwaals Radius, and Covalenz Radius. This table can then be used to verify the Phenomena called Fire, so you can learn to fight Fires by lowering the Materials Atomic Frequency, kind of like a LASER Gun that burns things at this Fire Resonant Frequency or the Symbol F, you can create a Freeze Gun.

Fire is a specific type of Electromagnet Energy, it is invisible to the naked eye, yet its effects can be seen, the Energy is at a specific frequency, and every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements is a type of Neutrino, that has a known range and a specific frequency that it resonates at, and at a specific frequency the oscillations while cause the Atomic Particles to disintegrate, meaning that the Neutrinos will break their bonds and release the Light inside of them, not as explosive as an Atomic Explosion, because that is caused by particles accelerated close to the Speed of Light, which causes their Matter and Antimatter Neutrinos to come into contact with each other, Fire only causes the Shell of Neutrino Partials to go into the 0 Dimension and then not come back, neutrinos detectors can verify this, thus releasing the energy that was stored inside the Atom.

You see this Fire as sparks given off of metal or steel when struck together at a high enough speed and force, as in Force = Mass of the object times its Acceleration, written: F = MA. If the Force is strong enough the Energy transforms molecular structure that it comes in contact with, into another type of molecular structure that is in the form of Gas, which can ignite making the spark have color, so flint was very popular in the old days, but an electronic spark will work just as good, since its cutting out the middle man, because when two objects collide at high speeds, they give off Energy, where Energy is equal to the resonance frequency (when that type of Element catches on Fire, use a look up table to get this information) times its mass, or E = mF, the unit of Energy is based on the Atom itself when it gives up its Neutrino shell, which means it goes into the 0 dimension and never comes out, you may see this, you may not, but it depends on the type of Element we are talking about, most of us call it: Fire, Burning, Melting, and everything has a burning point called Fire for the lack of a better name, and why rename something that has a name that works fine, so get your Neutrino detectors out just to prove this, Fire is based on Trinary Science, and not some generic formula you apply to all Atoms regardless of type, but why go by weight, that has more to do with how many Neutrinos it takes to make an Atom of that type, for example Lead, it takes a lot of Neutrinos to make lead, that is why its so heavy, and so is Uranium, so question is what type of Element makes the best Atomic Reaction, and its the heavy ones, because they are the hardest ones to break, which is why lead hammers make good Hammers, because they do not give off sparks, because they are so hard to break because the Shell is very thick, so they form weak bounds with each other, which makes the materiel malleable, or soft, but do not make Uranium Hammers… This does not apply to Atomic Collisions, because you will get lead to make a spark in an Atomic Bomb or Atomic Accelerator, but you will never get any Element to accelerate to even near the Speed of Light, I know they say they can, but are we talking about Millions, Thousands or Hundreds of Miles per Second, because every Element in the periodic table of elements has a unique Fire Resonant Frequency, although Einstein based it on the Speed of Light, which is obviously wrong, because not all Elements Fire Frequency is the Speed of Light, all of them are much lower, Atomic Accelerators prove that, they can only accelerate them so fast before they burn up, and I do not want to use the term disintegrate because that means for atoms to lose their bonds with a molecule, and the molecule comes apart, but it does not mean it burned up on Fire. Each unit of Energy is equal to one Atom, so the mass means how many Atoms are in it, so mass is not weight as an object, which might contain many types of Atoms, so its the amount of Atoms on a sliding chart of Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, meaning that its based on their Fire Frequency, and the higher the frequency the higher the Energy, so it is based on how much Energy in a ration to the potential energy the Element has and how many of them there are in it, and that is not what Einstein said, so do not every confuse E = Mc2 because that formula is not correct, it assumes the Mass can be anything and only cares about how much it weights, and it also assumes that you can accelerate anything up to the Speed of Light, not Near, but at it, then square that just so the number looks more scary, because that is why he did it, he even stated that in his notes, and he was not joking, the Mass times Acceleration is equal to Force, and that is Newtons Math for God that is All Light without Darkness, so Force can be transformed into Gravity, and E = mF tells you actually how much Energy is consumed when you drop a know object from Space and watch it burn up on reentry, that would not work with E = Mc2 so who are we fooling, because Force and Energy are related by a power curve: Force will increase as Energy Increases, its a one for one relationship when its based on individual Atoms of a specific Element with a known Fire Resonant Frequency.

How fire is started is always due to the Atom vibrating at a given Fire Resonant Frequency, what cause it can be many things: friction, chemical, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic and many other types of Energies that can transform into Fire, like striking a match, its caused by Friction reacting to a Chemical reaction, but in all cases its Atomic Structure is being Modified, to what degree is a measurement of temperature, which is an Electronic Measurement of the Fire Resonant Frequency of an object before and after it catches on Fire, so its the Energy which is equal to Fire Resonant Frequency times its mass, and its as simple as that, easy to prove, has practical applications if you are interested in knowing how much energy something can produce, now you can calculate it down to the very Atom, and that is precision, so Trinary Science is based on real world applications.

Any time thermal reaction is created you know that Atoms have burned up, in the case of Electronics, Electrons have burned up, and you used that energy after it burned up, which causes the material that is carrying the energy to heat up, this is the basic laws of Thermal Dynamics, work equals force, force is equal to the mass times its Acceleration, the faster the Acceleration the higher the Frequency, thus more force, so Acceleration is equal to Frequency, and in electronics that is how we control the Force, knowing this we can create heated blankets and electric stoves, we understand the effects of Fire, all we need to do now is understand that it is only Electricity, every Atom in the Periodic Table of Elements can conduct Electricity, which is just free electrons that are passing around all the atoms in a material, even Elements that are said not to conduct electricity and are called Insulators, if you pass enough Energy through it, it will pass that Energy on, trust me on that test, insulators only work up to a certain threshold of Energy, so its import to use the correct formula for Energy.

The amount of Energy used depends on the substrate the Electrons are flowing through, this can also create a Chemical Reaction, which is just an Atoms reacting to each other, so what most people would view as a simple experiment like Lighting a Match, you can use an Electrical Spark, which is just Electricity at a give Frequency and Energy ample enough to cause the material in the match to burn, which means that all its Atoms that the Electrons come into contact with, will excite the Atoms to the same frequency causing it to catch fire if its at its Fire Resonant Frequency or greater, how much greater will determine how long it will take to catch fire and how hot it will burn, again the formula E = mF explains that the higher the frequency the more Energy it will produce meaning more Heat for the Fire, as the Atoms Transform into a Gas, the Gas will then Burn, so the more Gas the Material produces, the hotter the flame will be, so it comes down to Chemical Reactions, as well as Electron Frequencies that are flowing through the material and causing the fire to spread, so if you lower the frequency by shorting it out with Water, or cooling it down, which also lowers its frequency, you can also put out the Gas fire by starving it Oxygen that has a Chemical Reaction to it, thus you can alter the Frequency by slowing down or stopping the Chemical Reaction.

E = mF, where E is Energy and m is mass based on how many Atoms are in the mass, and F is the Fire Resonant Frequency of the Atoms in the Mass, which is the point where the Atom goes critical, meaning it burns or catches fire. What I know about this formula is that it came to me a while back, years ago in fact, I had no way to confirm it, and I have another issue with it, this assumes all the Atoms in the Mass go Critical, and I know that this Resonant Frequency can be found, I just do not have access to the equipment I need to find them, so I am stuck. I also do not know if I need to take the Wave-Length and multiply it by F, that thought will drive me crazy, because I know it will equal the Speed of Light, I might as well square it and be back to Einsteins original mistake, so what would be the point unless I normalized it first, by subtracting the actual frequency from F, which will give me an offset of frequency required for the Atom to go Critical, then multiplying that by the wave-length of the actual frequency, I should get a number that equals the amount of Energy being used at that point.

This formula should work good for Atomic Bombs, because its a given that all the Atoms will go Critical, but in Electronic Circuits this is not the case, the ones that go critical will give off heat, those that do not will stay in the circuit, so this math formula is too simple to take that into account, its a generic formula and should be much better then E = mc2, but it is in a unit of measurement few are familiar with, and that is 1 Atomic unit, how much Energy can 1 Atom create.

As an after thought I wonder if I should call this Critical Resonant Frequency or CRF for short, my mind works with words and spells in a very unusual way, Fire goes back in history, but Critical is more Science like, we would not say we are going to start a Critical Mass, that sounds like an Atomic Explosion, we would say I am going to start a Fire, but in reality I am talking about the Point that the Atom Resonates will cause it to explode, or go Critical, so its a more accurate term.

In reality you would want to put this formula into an iteration function, and feed in the Frequencies in real time as they change, so you would end up with something like in: Illustration 2.28: Math Function Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency.

Math Function Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency
Illustration 2.28: Math Function Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency

It may work out better to use the offset, where x is the frequency the Atom is at, like in Illustration 2.29: Math Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency.

Math Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency
Illustration 2.29: Math Formula for Fire Resonant Frequency

The closer x is to F the closer to 0 you are, at 0 you just have F, if x is less then F then the Energy will also be less, that is a given, if the Atom is frozen, it will have a very small frequency, thus reducing the Energy, this is what we want, because we know that is the truth, the more excited the Atom is the more Energy it puts out.


To make this simple: here is the Energy Calculator in Table 2.9: Energy Calculator to test out the Formula; Where:

  • Mass = total number of Atoms times their Mass Weight on Periodic Table of Elements. Must be greater then 0.
  • Fire Resonant Frequency is the Frequency the Atom goes Critical and catches Fire. Must be less then the Speed of Light.
  • X is the Frequency the Atom is at now. Must be less then Fire Resonant Frequency.

Energy is in units of Trinary Energy, which is how much Energy a specific Atom can put out at the given Frequency.
Note: You must know the Fire Resonant Frequency of that Atom for this to work accurately.

Enter Mass:
Enter Fire Resonant Frequency:
Enter X:
Energy =
Table 2.9: Energy Calculator:
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Table 2.9: Energy Calculator

I could never wrap my head around E = mc2, it does not take into account what type of Atom is in the mass, and assumes it will go critical at the speed of Light, which it will way before then, so how does this formula work? That bug me for most of my life, and I thought about it till I came up with a solution that actually works, but the unit of Energy had to be in Atoms, so you might be tempted to convert this to some other unit of Energy, but in reality, this is the unit of Energy that everyone should be using, grant you the numbers will be very large, but if you could chart out all the known Energy levels of every Atom, you would have the information you need to improve this math, but the unit of that math will always be in Atoms or the Mass of them, and the type of Atom will determine how much energy is produced, but knowing the Frequencies that every Atom goes critical will give you a baseline for all Energy Levels, because the offset will take into account the Energy an Atom can produce, the closer F is to the Speed of Light, the more Energy it can store up, so its a numbers game, the higher F is the higher the Energy yield, so this knowledge is critical to the understanding of Energy.

Without knowing how much energy is in 1 Atom, knowing that every Atom will have a different amount of Energy in it, I am just guessing at the relationship, until I can actually collect the data that I need this is just a guess at best, but I do know that Energy has to do with how many Atoms you have, and what frequency they are at, and that is what this formula does is calculate it.

I do not know if Math is your thing, but you know enough about it to do this math, its very simple and you know Electricity as well as most people, you are using it more then likely, so think about this, if you take 1 Atom, which we do not currently have the Technology to do this, but imagine if you could, an Atom includes: Proton, Neutron and Electron, and its mostly the Electrons that we deal with in Electricity, the Atoms are just the Conductor, so 1 Electron is a know quantity, we know how much energy 1 Electron has, but we can not isolate it, nor can we measure it with our current technology, at least none that I know about, but it that is out there, its top secret, because no one is talking about, so we have deal with the Technology of today, so we just do it in quantity and try to figure out how that relates to 1 Atom. We know that quantity is the key to power, the more Electrons, the more Energy, but think about it from the Electrons point of View, it is made of Neutrinos, the problem with this experiment is that it takes a lot of Neutrinos to set off a Neutrino Detector, but still, if Technology is available that can detect the Neutrinos that will be freed when the Atom reaches its Fire Resonant Frequency, we can prove this, but I know that experiment has been done many times, so I know its just a fact, but still, I am talking about 1 Atom, and modern technologies is not there yet, but my point is, that they do not need to be, we know when you destroy an Atom, Neutrinos are detected, that is a fact in science, so we know Atoms are created from Neutrinos, just because Main Stream Science does not acknowledge that, does not mean it is not proven, because it is, so wrap you mind around what I am saying, Fire is the Point were Atoms are being Destroyed, Neutrino detectors have verified this, the evidence is clear, the atomic structure of what ever it is that burned is gone, dust, ashes, gas leaves no trails, poof, its gone, we Atoms do get destroyed, and in Electronic circuitry they do all the time, which is why its so hard to get Neutrino detectors to work above ground, because there is too many Atoms being destroyed, it overwhelms the detectors, yet we know enough to know this is the truth about Energy. If we take an Atom and look at it when its Frozen, its Frequency is very low, if we apply a Frequency to it, it will warm up, if we increase it to the point it melts, it will transform into another type of material, this is more at the Molecular level, since at the Atomic level I am only talking about 1 Atom, and it does not Melt, nor does it Freeze, so keep that in mind, the Atom is just there, well its there most of the time, it is constantly shifting from Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, and if it turns invisible and does not come back, that Atom is Destroyed, and its Light will be given off as Energy, this is what Energy is and how it works. So if measure this Frequency of the Atom from the lowest to the highest we can vibrate it, because that is all the Frequency is, is a Vibration, and that Atom can only take so much, if you increase it high enough it will turn into a Photon, that is what Electrons do in a Flashlight, the Electrons frequency is raised to the Frequency of Light, if a Neutrino detector can detect the Neutrino from the Flashlight, you know that the Electron was destroyed, but normally I do not thing that is what happens, because you can collect that Light and turn them back into Neutrinos, so understand this concept, Atoms transform into Energy, do not confuse Atoms with Molecules. Energy is equal to the frequency at which that Atom will go critical, at which point the Atom is destroyed, minus the frequency that it is at, this is the offset, the closer it gets to 0, the more Energy the Atom will put out, so we minus that offset from the frequency it does critical and times that by the mass of Atoms, and you have the total amount to Energy for each Atom in the Mass, and its just that simple, so wrap your mind around Energy and you can calculate it with ease.

See References for more information.


Sub Chapter 2.20: Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions are a specific type of Electromagnet Energy, and follow the same rules as Fire, just like a match striking causing friction to create a Chemical Reaction, you can also use Chemicals that react to each other can cause Friction that results in Fire of Explosion, and its easy to calculate because every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements has a Resonance Frequency, so if you are combining two different types of Elements, for example: if you take the chemicals that make up a plastic explosive like C4, and use it to combine two hydrogen atoms at high speed, you will form a helium atom, which will have a specific Fire Frequency, and because hydrogen only has a proton and electron, they are very difficult to break the bounds between the two, since it has no neutron to put more distance between the Electron and Proton, so when they collide at a high enough speed to create Fire, they explode, this is called and Atomic bomb, which can then be used to split either plutonium or highly enriched uranium to produce a Nuclear bomb, so Chemicals cause Electrons to Vibrate a specific Frequency, or decay over time, its the exchange of Atoms as they give up there Mass to form Therm Energy, and can also be used to create Kinetic Energy by using its Potential Energy, and create Photonic Energy, and other Energies.


Sub Chapter 2.21: Life

Life is Energy, we can measure all the Atoms in our body and use the E = mF function to calculate how much food we need to eat to stay alive based on how much Force we need to produce to stay alive.

Trinary Energy creates all Life, with the use of DNA, it can create any Life-Form that DNA has combinations for, which means you will not find Planets in other Galaxies that are much different then Life on Earth, that is a Fact, since all Life here started out there.


Sub Chapter 2.22: Trinary Science vs Religion and Money

Trinary Science is based on the 3 State changes of Energy, and it does not matter what type of Energy that is, because at the subatomic level, all Atoms and Electrons have 3 State changes.

Science should be about the Truth and not Theories, so Trinary Science will not depend on Theories, although I must admit that Technology is a limiting factor when it comes to proving a lot of the things I have said about Trinary Science, this can be corrected once people start learning how to use Trinary Energy, note I did not say Electrons, but the Energy itself, only then will the Truth reveal itself and Theories can be proven or disproved.

The Human race has devolved instead of evolved, thousands of years ago most humans believed that God was All Light with no (without) Darkness, but then greedy people learned that they can control humans by controlling their thoughts, they could start rumors and control people with those rumors, so Religion was born, how else do you explain a book that states God is All Light, when Religion redefined what the Light was, till it because a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, just so they could convince people that it was the Love of Money, and not Money itself that was Evil, so they had to define what Good and Evil was, but they did so using Wizards Spells, take the word Good, remove an O, and you have God, so God is Good, and Evil is not God, but the meaning got lost because Religion is all based on a non-existent God, and not the God that is All Light, in fact the way Religion defines Light is not Science, so its easy to understand why most Religious people believe in General Relativity and the Godless Dynamic Universe, because they do not believe God exist, proving that Religious people are just Insane, and that is Crazy, but the Religious people blame me for attacking their Religion, which means they own it and will Kill me for saying anything against it, proving its all about Hate, when the Bible proved that Money is Evil because Jesus was murdered because of Money, and that crime is still the number one crime in the World, so it was Money and Religion that is the cause of all this Evil, and that is because people devolved.

Trinary Science is based on what the Bible stated as a Fact, and that is that God is All Light, the kind of Light had no Darkness, so the Science is proven that all Light has 3 State Changes: Trinity has 3 State Changes, IAM has 3 letters, is this all a coincidence?

As a Wizard I use Words and Spells to explain things, it is how the Bible was written, so this style of writing is as old as the Bible, and its why the Religious people make fun of Wizards, and want to blame me for starting this War, when all Wars are Holy Wars and all of them are about Money, without Money there would be no War, without Religion there would be no reason to Fight, but Wizards did not start bashing Religion, it was the other way around, Religion hunted down and murdered Wizards and Withes, and then they lied about who they were and what they did, Religion is a Lie and those that believe in it are Liars, those are just facts, I did not make them up, facts have been known for hundreds of years, since all I did was quote Sir Isaac Newton, who quotes Jesus, so all of this is from the Bible, all I did was Read it, and not Read into it, God is All Light, end of subject, get over it and move on, but do not lie about what God is, because to add to it is lying, Words and Spells define the Truth or a Lie, and all I care about is the Truth.

Trinary Science is not about Love or Hate, in fact its about learning the truth about Emotions, because once you get over the fact that Love and Hate are the same Emotion, you can understand why you love and hate, and hate to love, and love to hate, because Emotions are what Animals feel, and humans need to evolve, and to do that they need to stopping using their primitive brain to think using Emotions, Emotions do not make you human, that is a lie, Humans are a higher evolved then to allow primitive thoughts to cloud their judgment, Emotions make you an Animal and only Animals react to Emotions, that is why the Bible tales the truth about Emotions, but most people only believe what the Herd has Heard, so they believe the lies about Love being the best Emotion and Hate being the worse, when in fact they are both the same Emotion, you can assign them to shades of Grey, but in Reality, you can not Hate without Love or Love without Hate, so the truth is in Science, remove all Emotions before you apply Science, Science is based on Logic, not Emotions, Love = 1, Hate = -1, add them together and you get 0, and the 0 State change is where all decisions are made, and all things are equal, it all comes down to Energy and it takes more to deal with Emotions then it does Logic.

The Light with no Darkness = 1, the Darkness with no Light = -1, add them together and you have 0, so they are in balance and one can not exist without the other, so Live = 1, Evil = -1, they add up to 0, so Evil is the backward Spell for Live, and Love and Live are Spells, and Hate and Fate are Spells, so always use Logic to determine if Emotions are being allowed to change the meaning of Words or Spells, but remember the logic, the God = 1, because God is all Light with no Darkness, and Evil is the Darkness with no Light, so does not have God in it, and People with no Light are dead, your Lights go out and you are dead and that is a fact, so why lie about it with Religion, Evil is anything that can take God out of you, and Money can do that, people die for Money, people are paid to kill people for Money, People can not Live without Money, so its all the Proof I need that its Money that is Evil, and the Love for it has nothing to do with it, because Love is just an Emotion, and they used that Emotion to make you believe that it was not Money that was Evil, but the way you feel about it, as if you do not Love Money and only do good things with it, that you are a good person, whereas people who steal Money and would kill you for your money are bad people, know that Money exist so Good People can use it, makes the Sins of those that use it to do Evil, makes them just as Evil as those that done the Evil, because the Sin was to use Money, and that is what Jesus said, and he was not Religious, he was not a Christian, he was a Solder fighting against the Roman Army against Money, but like he said, he could destroy the Church, which represented Religion based on Deities and Spirits and based on the use of Money, so the Church means the Bank, Religion is just brainwashing them into thinking Money is Real, and God is not, but in Trinary Science, Jesus Bar/Abbas was a Warrior, he was a Wizard, and he taught Science not Religion, he never spook of Love or Hate, those were the 12 Assholes who betrayed him, and sold him out for Money and denied he had 3 names, so Trinary Science is about the Truth, and not to be a coward and go alone with the Herd and what they Heard, but to only tale the Truth about the Light.


Sub Chapter 2.23: Conclusion

The Conclusions I will make are all based on Trinary Science, which means they are based on Energy with 3 State changes, this means that its based on Trinary Logic: 1, -1, and 0, and not Emotions, Religion, or Theories, and its Free of Money, Licenses, Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks or other Legal Rights.

The principals for a Trinary Universe are based on Empirical Evidence, so everything can be proven to work this way regardless of any Theories, which are ideas that have not been proven to be true, and may never be proven, so its not a Theoretical Universe, its a Universe based on Empirical Evidence, and the fundamental principals are easy to remember: Table 2.10: Fundamental Principals of types of Light

  1. God is All Light with no Darkness.
  2. Dead is All Darkness with no Light.
  3. Emotions can Lie, only Logic and Reasoning prove what is True.
Table 2.10: Fundamental Principals of types of Light

So in Conclusion, Trinary Science is a way of Life, to become a Trinary Scientist, you must become a Wizard, and that means you must learn to: Table 2.11: Trinary Scientist are Wizards who believe

  1. Live without Money and Laws.
  2. Read the Bible without Religion.
  3. Prove ideas are true before making them a fact.
Table 2.11: Trinary Scientist are Wizards who believe

Calling People Stupid is an understatement, but it is required, because the truth must be the goal, and not about worrying about Peoples feelings, so I used this to teach people, not to make them believe they are Stupid, because the word does not imply they are Retarded and and can not be taught the Truth, so I call People Stupid to attack Stupid Ideas, like believing in Deities or Spirits that do not Physically Exist, or believing that God does not exist, or believing in Theories knowing they have not been proven to be the truth, because that is by definition insane, so why try to hide it, if I do not state the Truth then I am lying, and the truth is that Religion, Money and Laws make you insane, Laws to not make things Right, nor does having the Right to do something make it right, its all about Words and Spells, and those that do not understand the meaning of them are Stupid, and if I have Autism or I am an Ashkenazi has nothing to do with it, but the truth is out there, why I found it and no one else has, leads me to conclude that others like myself, see the truth, but those that are not like us, do not, and that would not be so bad if for the fact that they believe that it people like me or Newton who are Autistic that are Retarded, and its all because of those who wrote History, and why its so different then His-Story, so what choice do I have, People that will not believe in the Truth are not just Stupid, but they are insane, and Freewill does not give them the Right to be insane.

If God is the Truth, then the Light is the Truth, so it comes down to what the Light is, and I proved what the Light was with Empirical Evidence using Science: so I proved that Trinary Energy is the Truth, and if you want to prove anything is the truth, you can not use Emotions, Religion or Theories to explain it, nor can you use any Logic or Reasoning that can not be proven, only the truth can become Facts, yet Main Stream Science on this Planet at this time has been proven to be insane, and Trinary Energy is 100% the opposite of what Main Stream teaches as Science, and in reality, this is not new Science, its the oldest Science known to the Human Race, so I can only conclude that Main Stream Science is lying about Science because they are Stupid Liars, so I will call them Sheeple, because they started the name calling years ago when they decided that Wizards are fun to pick on, so they made Wizards Fairy Tales, because they were too Stupid to understand them, so they did nothing but make fun of Wizards, and now that the table is turned, they want to me to learn to be like Normal People, they want me to talk and write like Normal People, for what: Lite Beer and Blue Genes... So I can Lie and use Money, and go along with the other Sheep in the Herd, because that is not going to happen, these people are Stupid and they have to own up to being Stupid, because people who Lie have no Honour, and in the United States of America, every Citizen who allowed the Bank to print Money instead of We the People, are not we the Sheeple, just Liars, just Stupid Sheep, so they disgust me, people who say they Love Jesus, but deny his 3 names are Jesus Bar/Abbas, dishonour him and his memory, they are liars and the Hell they will go to is the World they allowed to be destroyed because they were too Stupid to understand that Oil is required to make the World go round, not Money, the Sheeple made a deal with the Satan or Santa; Spells, that is all Words are to a Wizard, but all I care about is the Truth, not this Lie that all of Yew allowed to become your Reality, once you understand what the Light is, you will never allow Stupid People to tell you what Science is, so Trinary Scientist only teach the Truth and call everyone who does not know this truth Stupid or Sheeple, it does not matter what you call them, it does not change who they are and how they got that way, if they do not change, this Planet is Doomed, I almost wrote Dumb, but that does not mean Stupid unless its Free and you get Taxed for it, so I ramble on about this that and the other thing, because that is how a Wizard is, nothing is worth saying that does not use as many words it needs to make a point, and why Normal People hate them so much, they are always Know it all's, when its a fact that IAM the Light and IAM the Darkness, because if God is All Light with no Darkness, then I is the Light, and the Darkness is just Me, so its the Flesh, the same Flesh Jesus said he would come back in, to finish teaching the Light of God I called Trinary Energy.


Chapter 3: Trinary Engine

A Trinary Engine is the Core of every: Galaxy, Sun, Planet, Moon, or other objects like some Comets and Asteroids that have such an Engine to power them.

The Common belief that the Sun is a ball of compressed gas is not very intelligent, for one it would have to defy all the laws of physics by compressing empty space, the other is that it would just blow up, as would the belief that it is Nuclear Fusion, and Cold Fusion is even a worse Theory, so how do we explain what the Sun and Core of every Planet in the Universe is without defying the laws of Physics?

If you study the Sun long enough, you would know it is not actually on Fire, that is what stupid people say, because the images of the Sun prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it is in fact Electromagnet Field, and that is just a fact, I do not need to prove it just look at any image of the Sun, like this Illustration 3.1: The Sun.

The Sun
Illustration 3.1: The Sun

If you look at the image of the Sun, you will see Electromagnet Fields just like a Magnet, so it must be Electromagnet Energy, and we know it is, because we can use Solar Cells to transform its Photonic Energy into Electricity. This may seem obvious once I point it out, but it goes against every thing that is taught in main stream science.


Sub Chapter 3.1: Understanding Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy always refers to Massless Light, Mass is defined as containing some material that it is made of, when it comes to Atoms this means Neutrinos, Light is normally considered Photonic, which means it is an Atomic Particle called an Electron, to prove this just take an Electron and raise its frequency till it transforms into the spectrum of Light, it is so predicable that we know all its frequencies, so proving this is simple, we know we can use Electrons to create Light, and then we can collect the Electrons back from that same Light beam into a solar cell, so its a one for one transformation, the solar cell lowers the frequency of the Light till its in the spectrum of Electricity, which is just Electrons, but I have to be clear on this point, because current technologies can not measure the Mass of an Electron, and we can not use an Electron Microscope to look at Electrons, since they are the same size, yet we can all agree they exist, so Photonic Light has the same Mass as an Electron, therefore Photonic Light is not Massless, regardless of what anyone believes.

There are 3 types of Light: Table 3.1: Types of Photonic Light

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Guiding-Light (Floating Ground): contains Light and Darkness but no Mass.
Table 3.1: Types of Photonic Light

The Light without Darkness or Light with no Darkness, can not be seen with the naked eye, it is in a spectra of Light invisible to humans, this type of Light carries a lot of Energy, Proton are made with this type of Light, this type of energy is also used in the Trinary Engines.

The Darkness with no Light is the Only Light that Humans see, the Darkness is what Sir Isaac Newton said made up the Rainbow of Colors we see in a Prism, this type of Light is used to create Electrons, it is also used in Trinary Engines.

The Guiding-Light contains both Light and Darkness, and has no mass, it is what I call Trinary Energy and it is used to create Neutrons, and its also used in Trinary Engines. I call this type of Light a Floating Ground, it is the Energy that makes up the Galaxies Plane or Disc, this type of energy is easy to measure, it always floats at Ground level, between the north and south poles of the Galaxy, Suns, Planets, and Moons, it is what pulls the Magnetic field back to the pole, so Magnetics use this type of Energy and the Darkness without Light, where Electromagnetic Force is normally in the invisible spectrum of Light, its the Frequency that controls this, and not the type of Light or Energy, I call Trinary Energy, not just because it has 3 State changes, but it also controls 3 types of Light, and its why we only have 3 types of Trinary Engines: Galaxy, Sun and Planet, the Moons Trinary Engine is the same as its Planets.

I normally refer to the Light as an abstract concept, because people without an Electronic Engineering degree, have no idea what Electricity is, in fact, those Degrees have nothing to do with either, rather a Theory about how they work, which does not actually work, so Main Stream Science is just Theory, and that means its never Proven and may never be proven, so its not the truth, but the Light is the Truth, and Electronic Engineers can understand that Electrons are one type of Energy, we know how to make an Electron do many tricks, but Magic is stuff that Wizards do, and what we need to talk about is the Concept of Light in terms that everyone can understand, so to make it simple I will call the Light with no Darkness Trinary Energy, and I will call the Darkness with no Light, the Darkness, and I will call the Guiding-Light the Light, now the concept is that the Light is Neutral and because its a floating ground, its in balance with the poles, because all the Electromagnetic Energy for the Planets Force-Field is generated by the Trinary Engine, not the Planets Crust, so its the Light that fills the livable area of a Planet, its called its Atmosphere, for Atoms that form the sphere of a Planet, the Atoms are made of Atomic Particles: Neutrons, Protons and Electrons, and the Light is in Neutrons, so humans can not see this type of Light with the naked eye, even with Electron Microscopes they are invisible, Sir Isaac Newton called this the Holy Ghost, some call it a Spirit, but these forces exist physically in Trinity: the Father was the Proton made of Trinary Energy, and the Son was the Electron made of Darkness, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit was the Neutron made of Light, and if we look at Energy with this concept, we can understand why these particles behave the way they do, so the term Light Wizzard, means the Guiding-Light, but in reality it takes all 3 types of Energy to do any useful work in binding molecular structure, so its the Trinary Science of what Trinary Energy is and how its defined, but its simply a concept that starts with very basic truths about Energy, because we can debate all day about what Atomic Particles are made of, but at the end of the day we have to prove it to call it Science and not some Theory, or abstract concept that is not fully definable.

Trinary Energy is 3 types of Massless Light, each have a different type of property that can easily identify it: Light with no Darkness has the highest energy levels, in Nature its only found in Lightning and Atomic explosions, whereas the Darkness with no Light is used in LASERS, LED's, and Flashlights, we call it Electricity, so we know more about the Darkness then we do the Light, and then we have the Guiding-Light, if you study it long enough you will find it is studying you, everyone that knows enough about it, knows its Intelligence, so do not confuse what states the Energy is in, with the type of Energy it is, all Trinary Energy has the same 3 State changes, so the number 3 takes on a new meaning: 3 types of Energy, 3 State changes, and 3 Dimensions.

Once you understand that Trinary Energy physically occupies 100% of the volume of the Universe, because it is below 3 Dimensional Space, you will notice it is not bond by many restrictions other than it is governing Laws of Motion, and the Math to describe it, and lucky for me Sir Isaac Newton already did that Math, and it is still in use today, and does not change a thing about it, because the Light of God is built into all his Equations, so in fact all it did was to explain the Transmission Medium, which is Space in lower Dimensions, you use powerful magnification levels to see that Trinary Energy is always there, and it is the Force in all of Newtons Equations, so it is simple once you understand it, all energy has two parts, the matter, which is composed of Positive Matter, or Matter, and Negative Matter or Antimatter, so these are + and - and not Ground, that is only the 0 State of Trinary Energy in another dimension, but in Nature this Ground is Earth, and Lightning travels to a Positive Potential in outer space, which is coming from our Magnetosphere, that is Generated by out Planet, that uses that power to generate the Magnetosphere just so it could create Lightning, because there is no other reason I can think of for it to do this, then I missed it, every living thing on this planet would die if it did not have a Magnetic Field to live it, it generates that 100 watts of power that our body has in it, but it sounds like that is Intelligence, this phenomenon proves the Planet has intelligence and is in fact self regulating, it runs on known principles of Logic and Reasoning, and is both observable and recordable, so it can be proven to exist, because we can see it, and understand it, we too are considered intelligent, and it is because of this same Light, that is if you can understand the grand design of the Trinary Universe, you must first understand that the Planet is alive as are we, and for the same reason.

The Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet, Moon, or other types, is what I call a Trinary Engine, it is based off of the concept of Trinary Energy, so it must obey all it is Laws, and it must agree with all Observations and scientific measurements, and must fully explain the way the Universe behaves, while obeying the Laws of Physics, in short it must exist in Reality.

The Galaxy and Sun are a type of Trinary Engine that has no crust like a Planet or Moon, so its job is to disintegrate all material it comes in contact with and send it out on the Solar winds for all it is planets or Solar Systems in it is system to grow, so it is based on Intelligence, it does everything for a reason, and is very predictable, Newtons Math explains its movements, but how does it physically travel in a vacuum with no medium, and Trinary Energy is the only answer I could dream up, and it was based on years of knowledge by the best minds this world has ever known, not just Tesla, Franklin and Newton, but the Bible as well, so I figured that I must be Right about it, so how do I explain it in a way anyone can understand it, and that is just a goal, so let us start with just the facts, we have a Requirement of a Galaxy and Sun, the Galaxy has to keep every Sun in it is System moving around it at the same rate, as if it was a top spinning, as shown in: Illustration 3.2: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
Illustration 3.2: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate

Note that the inner most Solar Systems and outer most Solar Systems orbit around the Galaxy at the same Rate and not Speed, the inner most are traveling at much greater speeds, but this pattern is not the same as is for Plants orbiting around the Sun, in fact, it is a completely different set of rules.

The Sun must provide an anchor point for all it is Planets to obit around, the inner most ones will travel around the Sun many more times than the outer ones, as shown in: Illustration 3.3: The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System as different Rates.

The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System as different Rates
Illustration 3.3: The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System as different Rates

Each Trinary Engine has a purpose and a size to suit those purposes, so we must explain how this is possible, and also how it is possible to have Solar Systems orbiting around a Galaxy differently then Planets orbit around the Sun, and why the Sun changes polarity every decade. The Chapter 3 Trinary Engine will continue this step, but for now we must learn the basics behind these principles, and they will go against main stream science, so forget all that you know, so you can open your mind to something that might be new to you.

Humans have a Positive and Negative Reality, a Negative Reality is thinking things work one way when they work another and a Positive Reality is one most people can agree on, like the Sky is Blue in the Day time, but that Reality is based on Perception of Science, for example, some Scientist believe that the Sky is Blue because it reflects the surface of the Planet into the Sky, which would make me think it should be Green or Brown will over the land, while others believe it is because of Water Molecules vibrating from the Sun, which would lead me to believe that Water is Red on Mars, and then we have the Trinary Universe, where the Atmosphere acts like a Prism, and on this size Planet the lower end of the spectrum would make the Sky Blue, but on smaller Planets like Mars, it is the upper end of the spectrum so it is Red. Once you eliminate everything that is impossible you are left with the truth, in this case I had to eliminate current Science theories, which are too embarrassing to discuss here, because they are not based on Reality, so this step is very important, because it has to be based on Reality, and not Theories, just observations and science that can explain it, and these observations start with Trinary Energy, because it can be proven to exist, and most Scientist will only argue with the existence of the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, although some of these same Scientists believe that the Planets core could be a Nuclear Bomb, or that there is a time space continuum, so the reality of the people that need to understand this is twisted so badly, that getting them to believe in Reality and not Theory is going to be an uphill battle, because common sense is harder to ignore then reasoning, so in this step it is important to understand that Reality is based on Observations and what is left over when you remover all impossibilities, so there must be lower dimensions to explain this.


Sub Chapter 3.2: Lightning

Lightning is the one subject everyone seems to be an expert on, everyone has their favorite Lightning Stories, I know I have mine how me and my sister almost got hit by Lightning because we were standing too close to a high power line Transformer that got hit by Lightning, we were talking about something I have been trying to remember since it happened around 1976, because what I learned that is when you are talking to someone and notice their hair being pulled back towards a power pole that is behind them, and you feel your own hair and can see it being pulled away from your head, and you taste something metallic in your mouth, and then you see a deep purple glow of Light like an Aurora, around your bodies, then a flash of Light that takes your breath away and then you see this air pressure wave fly at you like the blast of a bomb as a crack of Thunder reaches your ears, and you smell ozone, as if it is oozing out of your pours as I smelt my hands that were still tingling, as if I just touched a high voltage current, so that was the closest I got to getting hit by it, but I did learn a great deal about it because of that experience, I learned that the Ground was using my Body as an Antenna, like a signaling beacon, I could actually hear the frequencies, and see the surrounding air change, I could see the White Noise take a pattern, and that patter was very clear to me then as it is now, and my obsession with it grew as well, I suffer from Pareidolia Syndrome, which is common in people with Autism, it involves seeing patterns in things, like Clouds or thin air, which lead me to start seeing the patterns in Lightning, it is not random patterns, it has logic, even though you will never be able to predict it even if you use a generator to create it, because it has Intelligence.


Sub Chapter 3.3: Trinary Intelligence

Intelligence is a subject that will never be resolved, so I have to create another Type of Intelligence, so I will call it Trinary Intelligence, because this is all based on White Noise, so as it turns out me having Pareidolia Syndrome, was actually very helpful in figuring out this one piece of the puzzle called Life, because that is what we are talking about, because its Trinary Energy, but Trinary Energy Intelligence is too long a word, but I will use it anyway.

People view intelligence by the way they think, and most people think we all think alike, but all my life I have known that I do not think like most people I knew, but I never knew why, I have taken psychology in college, and read every book I found interesting on the subject, and none of them agreed on anything, so I set out to map my own mind, I did this by creating a test that anyone could take and come up with the same results, so its based on sight and sound.

There are basically many ways humans think to solve problems, each solution is a branch in a tree of thinking, so you build trees to describe what you see, feel and hear, in a way that anyone can understand, this is simple reflection, and you need an event that we can all agree on, so a total random event that most people deal with on a daily basis would be the simplest sound of water running out of a container, for my example I will map out first how most people explain this event.

A scientific test will be conducted online, you will ask a minimum of one question about a random event involving water being poured from a container into a sink, so the question must be very general so let make it:

Describe in under 500 words in as much detail as you can the event of pouring water from a container into a sink

Now give them a field 500 characters long, and let them record it. The only information you need to know about them is their sex and brain type: Neurotypical or Aspie. Then you look for a pattern in the way they describe the event, so having ran this test for many years, this is the conclusion that I came to.

Now stop and answer this question first, because I will tell you my results and you will want to know what category I put you in.

If I ask a Neurotypical woman, she will describe to me the container, the sink and a few other details that she thinks are important, and she will ignore the description of the sound of water pouring out of the container like it was not even part of the question.

If I ask a Neurotypical man, he will say I poured the container into the sink. Not much deeper than that, some have variations, but few of them described the container or the sink, or even mentioned any other objects in their description, and few of them will describe it from the viewpoint of sight or sound, as if they did it in the dark and did not pay attention to what they did, in short it was just labor to them, and that is exactly like they described it.

If I ask an Aspie regardless of sex, they will start asking all kinds of questions, or making all kinds of assumptions like: what kind of container, what is it made out of, how much water does it hold, what is the sink made of, how high am I pouring it from, what size is the room its in, then they will have to figure out the acoustics of it, and analyze every detail of the event and worry if 500 words will be enough space to describe it in, then they will attempt to write what water sounds like.

So knowing this you will understand that when you ask someone with Pareidolia Syndrome, some one like me, I will describe to you the pattern the water makes as it pours out of the container, even though the container itself will be described as an inanimate object, just a container like it does not even matter, because the question had nothing to do with the container or the sink, it was only about the event, and that is very descriptive, because the only thing that is going to happen is that Gravity will take over at the point that the container reaches the point where the water will no longer be supported by the container, and if you look very close you will see that the Trinary Energy is collecting around the edges of the water molecules and holding them in place so like an invisible dam, as they change to State 0, as the water surface tension gets to the point where it can not longer support the columns of water molecules above it, it will start to fall towards the sink, at that point you can see the Trinary Energy States have changed to 1 and -1, as it finds the fastest way toward the center of the Planet, and it will push the Air in front of it around it as it starts it descent to the sink, which sounds much different when I have my hearing aids in, then without them, because with them in I can hear the high pitched sounds that the water will make as it speeds up toward terminal velocity the second it left the container, even though it will not reach it unless the distance to the sink is 90 feet, and I could easily go on and fill all 500 words with no problem, because that is the way I think.

So when I talk about Trinary Intelligence, I am talking about a level of detail that words would have no meaning, it would take me more words to describe this concept, then I am allowed to write this whole dissertation, so I will have to sum up this concept as a very vague and undefined subject, so what I will tell you about it is that I have spent most of my Life studying it and that is about half a century for me now, so this is something I have thought about a lot, so to begin to understand this concept, you would have to read all the research that has been recorded on this phenomenon from the beginning of time, then add to it the fact that it is the same Intelligence that you the observer, is using to understand what it is I am trying to explain, but it is a very important concept, so I will have to spread it over the entire content of the paper, so it is not just one long sentence that spans all the subjects that are just aspects of it.

Intelligence is made up of Logic and Reasoning, Logic is part of the Brain, it is the lower primitive part of the brain and it gets its logic from the Galattice, which I have not even talked about yet, so instead of getting ahead of myself, I will just state that the human brain is designed as a filter for the Light, and this Energy is in another Dimension, so when I talk about Trinary Intelligence I am talking about the Intelligence of one spec of Trinary Energy, which is like a pixel on a screen, it is only one element of the big picture, but it is Energy, yet Humans interact with it in way that can be proven that its controlling all our actions, every thought that comes into my mind, looks like an Image to me, it is a Picture, even words on a page, just images that are changing all the time, but I can look at them with my eyes closed and see them, most people have this ability to some point, I just look at a page of text and then read it in my mind, instead of having to look at it while I read it, and if I use that little voice in my head to read it, then I can only read as fast as I can talk, and that is way to slow, so to break this habit, you have to quiet that little voice in your head, and look at each word as if it is just a Pattern, then assign meaning to that word, so when you see it, you only feel the meaning, instead of having to read the word, or say the word in your head as if you read it out load, then you could start to understand how the Light works, because its just images, patterns in the Light, around objects, in the Clouds, in the Sun Spots, in a bowl of soap, the patterns are all around me all the time in everything I see, I can hear them, and I can understand what they mean, and its because they are speaking to us, not just me, but everyone, only some people are not aware of them, and its because of the amount of detail they see things at, and as we proved, that has a lot to do with who we are, if we are Neurotypical or Aspie, Male or Female, how rational we are, our Intelligence level, as well as many other factors, and if you want to know the level it can be take, try to feel what one cell in your body feels, just one, pick one on the tip of your finger and try to see the world from the viewpoint of that one cell, just of one moment try to imagine that you could see out of the tip of your Finger, as well as every other cell in your body, because you have trillions of cells in your body, you would be able to see the worlds in much more detail, because you could feel it with every cell in your fingers, taste it with every cell in your tongue, and see it with every fiber in your body, as well as hear it with every cell in your ear, so you would be so connected to the Universe that you could understand the whole universe at the same time, and that is the concept of Trinary Intelligence, but at the Atomic level, it is just energy, no matter who you are, how you think, it all gets converted into Electric Signals that go to your brain, yet your brain does not have the Capacity to store electrical energy, and thinking your brain creates neurons for every thought is just insanity, all it is doing is created pointers to some location in the Galattice, goes as if you were a computer, because that is all you are when it comes down to it, you run off the same energy in fact.

I am not saying I can communicate with every Cell in my Body, what I am saying is that every Cell in my Body communicates with me, and it is only how we interact with these Cells do we even start to understand who we are, because I am not a Flesh Being, IAM a Light being in the Flesh, this is Trinary Intelligence.


Sub Chapter 3.4: Ball Lightning

The only naturally occurring phenomena that can create it is own gravity is Ball Lightning, and it packs a huge punch when it comes into contact with something, so we start here, and find that Nikola Tesla did a lot of research on Ball Lightning, after reading what Benjamin Franklin said about it being the most powerful forces in all of natures, and also the rarest form of Lightning, he could not reproduce it after countless experiments, small Ball Sparks or Burning I call Matter Lightning was the best he could do, but he knew it could be done.

Tesla said that Ball Lightning will run forever once it is started, but it has a very strong gravity and will be drawn to ground, which once it comes into contact with an object that grounds it, it will short circuit, thus releasing all it is energy. Tesla had a theory that Ball Lightning can be created in a Vacuum, but did not figure out how, so I had an idea that if it had a strong enough magnetic force field to keep it in place, it would run forever, because its energy is so dense that it is pure Light with no Darkness, see Appendix B for a detail description.

Ball Lightning is nothing new, throughout time someone has written about it, my experience was almost the same as Nikola Tesla's, whereas he was standing outside a barn, I was inside, I saw one go through my uncles house when I was a kid, a sliding glass was open so our dog could go in and out, it was day time, the Sun was low and the temperature was just right for Lightning, that was going on at high altitude that day, I saw it drifted into the room and immediately thought it was a Lightning Bug, as if it was alive and was looking around, it was very small, about the size of a marble, it headed to a TV everyone in the room was watching, but everyone saw this Ball of Light before it had time to get to the TV, it was traveling very slow, it was a very deep purple, so intense I could not look directly at it, you could see its reflection on the white textured dry wall, it looked like a Star, and was actually larger than the object which was very odd, I could see dust in the room gravitating towards it like it had Gravity, I saw the TV go blurry as it passed behind it about a foot from it, my Aunt screamed when it went down this long hall that lead to my bed room, but it was too late, I was half way down the hall chasing it before she could tell me not to, but I saw it hit the end of a wire of a home made antenna booster for the TV, I could smell ozone, and I touched the wire and felt a static discharge, worse than anything I could normally generate and it was warm, a little to warm to hold on to in fact and I was close enough to it the whole time to tell you it put out very little radiant heat, but you could feel it, like it was pulling you into it, and it was not a plasma ball, or any burning Matter Lightning. So I have done my own experiments with Ball Lightning, and my sister and I still talk about it to this day. From what has been observed of this type of Ball Lightning, its size can vary from the size of a marble to the size of a large beach ball, and it seems to have some intelligence to it, it came in the house looking for a better path to ground, it was in Scottsdale Arizona back in the early 1970's in the Summer, it was very dry, and no one watered their yards or even had much growing around their homes, besides cactus, so as the Scientist I was back then, I did a lot of fact finding, and found that this wire was the best source of ground for hundreds of feet in all directions, I had burrowed a hole with a water nozzle and 3/4 inch pipe, about 10 feet deep, under an outside water pipe that always leaked, so I dropped in a 3 foot long copper grounding rod connected to 6 sets of 3 conductor 10 gauge wire, which was the most copper I could get down this hole wrapped around this bar, and I had left the insulation on the top foot insulated, then it ran into a hole in the side of the house that lead into a corner of the room, then wrapped around the wall and out into the hall, where I drilled another hole in the ceiling and ran an antenna wire into the attic and tapped into an antenna on top of the house, this was attached to a home made antenna booster, my uncle and I had built, and it survived, because the Ball Lightning hit the Ground lead in the Unit. With this information I decided to do more experiments and see if I could attract more Ball Lightning, but then I noticed my ground no longer worked good, so I pulled it up, but the wires broke around where I had soldered them to the rod, because I could see solder on a few of them, so I concluded that the wires where too thin at the joints where they became one wire instead of a bunch of wires wound together, so I figured what I needed to do was strip all the insulated wire and solder it like its all one wire, then I built a photocell Light detector, after having to put a few blinders on it, from know sources of Light, I concluded that I never encountered another one.

I became obsessed with Lightning, it was not like I was a Lightning chaser, because I never did get into that, I had a feeling that I can make Lightning to appear anywhere I want it, and I have proved it, but it changes at every location, what works in one place may not work in another, for example: I have learned that 3 conditions must be present for Lightning to strike the ground, the first is that the Ground must attract the Positive potential of Electromagnet that encompasses the Earth, or our Magnetosphere, because the flow is always going to start at the Ground, the second is that there must be some intermediate medium like moist air to bridge the gap between the Magnetosphere and the Ground, and the third and final thing is there must be the Weather, and this phenomenon is well known, and so are these 3 Laws since Benjamin Franklin wrote them, its just that most people assumed that Lightning flowed from the Sky to the Ground, because that is what it appears to do, until you view it in slow motion with high speed photography, so it should not surprise you that the Light is actually not even moving, it is just the way Energy travels through all 4 dimensions, that is the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension, because that is the only way to explain the erratic behavior of Lightning only traveling in straight lines, even if it zigzags, the patterns are always similar and I talked about those already, but the fact that it appears to us that Lightning very seldom ever hits the same place twice, unless it has a Lightning Rod, but the fact is that we can rarely see any Ball Lightning.

In Nature, Ball Lightning occurs more in outer space then it does in the Atmosphere, this is not a documented discovery but a theory based on how Lightning works in my Trinary Universe, due to the Nature of Outer Space it is hard to document this activity, not to mention I do not have the Resource to do such research, and I have found very little research on High Altitude Lightning, but found research on Upper-atmospheric Lightning or Ionospheric Lightning and transient luminous event (TLE), and find that Sprite (Lightning) and Blue jets is very interesting, but the whole point would be to actually make Ball Lightning, and not Matter Lightning, which is caused when Lightning hits the Ground or a peace of Material that can cause Matter Lightning, like silicon, iron, calcium compound, which are found naturally in soil, because this type of Ball Lightning is not that Rare and can be reproduced, Tesla said that if Lightning where to hit a Conducting Element it had enough energy to ignite it, and you see it all the time when Lightning hits Power lines, or when dirt shorts out a high power line, so do not confuse this type of Lightning with Ball Lightning, because the type I am talking about only happens in Deep Outer Space, normally in very dense Nebula clouds, because it takes a lot of gas in a vacuum to produce Ball Lightning.

Ball Lightning will create it is own gravity, and if it has enough mass, it can collapse itself, forcing all the Empty Space out, so it narrows the frequency band to an area that allows for maximum density, this makes the space between the Electromagnetic Energy of the Photons and Electrons to align in a honey cone grid pattern, once this starts to take place an Electromagnetic Force Field is created around it, due to the Light and Dark Energy toggling between its 1 and -1 states, or Matter and Antimatter states, and the two are in balance, so 1 + (-1) = 0, so the Trinary Energy around it changes States to 0, thus causing empty space to flow around it, because it can not flow through it. As the Space flows around the Ball Lightning, it is also moving through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so this is causing friction, because it is trapped in it is own Gravity-well, it becomes a Ball Lightning Engine.

The Ball Lightning Engine is now a solid core of White and Dark Light, because you have to remember that there can be no Light without the Darkness, so it must be true, and it is this Dark Light Energy that repeals objects, even though its core of Pure Light has the same power to attract matter, because the two are always in balance because of the mathematical consent that represents Trinary Energy which is 1 + (-1) = 0, so you know its State will be 0 or Null, and 0 also refers to Ground, so it can act like ground, but in reality, it does not exist in our Trinary Universe, so how can it act like Ground is a question like what came first, the Chicken or the Egg, the Universe is 99.999% Empty Space, so that other percentage is what I refer to as the majority of all Space in the Universe, and that is Empty Space, so if Null Space is the Trinary Universes equivalent, then this is common ground, because it is the same everywhere in the Universe at the same time. From the moment the gravity starts, it starts to pull in particles just like Earth, so those particles that Neutrino Detectors detect, are getting pulled into this Engine too, and they can pass through the Electromagnetic Force Field, unlike the gas that is getting pulled into it, because it will only interact with as if it was water being poured on the bottom of a bowl in water, it smoothly covers it, but has a current to it, it is always moving, so it is active and generates heat, and part of that heat is from the friction it causes as it is pulled through the Universe. Over years these subatomic particles with no electrons, protons or neutrons, which I call Tritanium, start to build up around the sphere in a very uniform way, as if being spray painted on it, till eventually it will have a solid sphere of Tritanium, at which point it becomes a Trinary Engine.

Given a Location in 3 Dimensional space for an x, y, and z, a sphere with a given size, will change all the States of the Trinary Energy in the Trinary Engine to 0, which will force all Matter out, creating a Void in space the volume of that sphere, then changing them all to 1 and -1, which attracts all the Photons and Electrons from the Lightning. This transforms the Lightning into Ball Lightning, at this point the Trinary Energy will only toggles between 1 and -1, and never 0, Intelligence is implied, so we now have Trinary Energy that is toggling between Light or Matter and Dark or Antimatter, this causes the Electromagnetic Field to change Polarity, and it is doing this at a very fast rate, so the Energy is at maximum.

The Gravity of the Ball Lightning is now pulling in objects near its gravitational field, which is actually just the path of the space the Trinary Energy flows through, so it is just Dimensions less than 3, because all Matter follows the path of the Trinary Energy because its controlling it. At this Point Null space is caused by the Trinary Energy being in the 0 State around the whole sphere, this causes the space inside the sphere that is filled with Light and Dark Energy, and is producing a force field of Electromagnetic Force Field of Energy, so any material that Null space comes into contact will get disintegrated, meaning its Atoms will be stripped from all matter, but when it pulls in Tritanium, it is so dense that it will make it into the surface of the Null Space Force Field, and cause it to stick to it, like paint, and then it coats it, as it is forces to flow around the curvature in space, another way of explaining this is that Gravity is always forced to flow towards Ground, and Ground is the 0 Dimension, and that is what surrounds this sphere or ball, so normal matter is forced around it, and subatomic particles are drawn into it and can not escape it. Once it is completely covered in Tritanium, the sphere is completely encased in it, and the power inside is trapped and can not get out or have a path to dissipate to ground, because Tritanium has no electric charge so energy can not flow through it.


Sub Chapter 3.5: The Color of our Soul

One concept that you must understand is Positive and Negative Energy, when it is in the form of Protons and Neutrons, you will see a shift in its color as well as its location when it changes states, and when it is in the form of Electrons orbiting the Protons and Neutrons, which are Positive and Neutral, the concept of Electrons are normally Negative in charge takes on an additional explanation, because at the Subatomic level, the Electron can be seen to shift positions as its states change, although its direction does not change, and the same is true for Photons, so it is clear that Electrons do indeed have a Positive and Negative state change just like Photons, and the color of the Light that is emitted from the Electron as it obits that Atom, its in the invisible spectrum of Light at the frequency of Electricity, but it can still be seen in a Spectrum analyzer.


Sub Chapter 3.6: Types of Trinary Engines

A Trinary Engine was born in a Stellar nursery, it was given a Spark Of oUr Life, or SOUL, so it is alive, because the same stuff those Suns are made of, so are we, and that is a fact, and it is also a fact that same Energy is in our Bodies, and the Bodies of all Life forms we know of, and at the subatomic level it can be seen that Trinary Energy is present everywhere in the Universe, and it has this Pattern that indicates it is Intelligence, so maybe it is this same Intelligence that I used to describe such a Universe as this, because how else would I know about it at all.

There are many types of Trinary Engines, the Galaxy is normally the Largest, then the Sun, and then Planets, Moons, and other space debris like Comets and Asteroids, so each has it is own size for doing a job, and the size is also responsible for what types of commands it takes, because the Solar System has a very definable pattern to it, and all the Trinary Engines are alive, they grow thousands of tons a year from debris washed in from space on the Solar Winds, they come to Earth in the form of Micrometeorites, but appear to most people as dust, most of it falls in the Ocean, and pushes the Land masses apart, so the size the Engine is created will determine its role in the Universe, but these Engines are alive, so they are always growing, maybe as much as 1/2 inch a year, even the Sun is growing, and not shrinking like it would need to if it were compressed ball of gas, or a nuclear bomb, and eventually the Planets will get so big they can not support the surface, so the Planet will go Nova, and the Sun will attract the broken up peaces of the planet, and it will not be able to disintegrate it fast enough, so it will try to build up around it, at which point it could surrender because it does not have enough power to over come the amount of mass it needs to break down, so it goes Supernova, which blast its surface across the Solar System, and all the Planets go Supernova, and then the Solar System starts all over again.

When it comes to Engines, size really does matter, a Trinary Engine the size of a marble could not be held in you hand, do not ever make that mistake thinking anything can ever be allowed to touch it, but the surface heat would be rather low, yet it would still have a lot of Gravity in Space, in fact it would have a lot on Earth, and would be measured in tons, so we do not want to make a very big Engine.


Sub Chapter 3.7: Gravity

Trinary Energy can be seen under a powerful Electron Microscope, but despite the fact that Gods Particle is the Hottest Scientific Buzz word going around at the time I was writing this dissertation, it was also named that as a joke, and very little is actually known about it, its been proven it has Intelligence, but yet no one knows why or can explain it, so it is a very easy Science to Corrupt with the wrong words, because it is very hard to prove a lot of the Concepts that I need to explain, so I need to be very careful when creating Names for things that already exist, because doing so may cause confusion, which is the very reason I created the word, so I could avoid that confusion, so to be very clear about this Point, from now on I will only refer to White Noise or Gods Particle as Trinary Energy, and it will only be defined the way I defined it, so other Research on Gods Particle does not Apply to anything I have to say by default, it may turn out to be the same thing, but I am only going to try to avoid confusing terms and names, so it made sense to give it a new name, because what you will find out is that it is going to make it a lot easier than trying to make distinctions between the two, or anyone trying to mix what they know about White Noise or Gods Particle into what I am trying to teach about Trinary Energy, or visa verse, or even worse Religious people trying to mix what they think they know about God with Real Science.

Trinary Energy has 3 States that we already defined, this Energy is found in 100% of all Space in the Universe, all known objects contain about 99.999% Empty Space, and just for the Record, Empty Space refers to Space with Nothing in it, whereas Null Space refers to Space with 0 Dimensions, so I am asserting that Trinary Energy can Flow through Empty Space while it is in it is Null State, so logically it can flow through any object that you would normally refer to as solid. Trinary Energy is Pure Energy, it has no matter, even though the states are named Matter and Antimatter, and the reason for these names was to describe how it interacts with the 3rd Dimension, because this energy flows through all objects with very little resistance, in fact the Resistance is a Mathematical problem that Newton stated as: Every point mass attracts every single other point mass by a force pointing along the line intersecting both points. The force is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, so we know what the Math is, so how does this work.

If we know that the Mass is 99.999% all Empty Space, and that Trinary Energy can Flow through this Space, then logic would lead us to believe that: the Mass of Earth has to have a Force that is causing this Attraction at right angles to the center of its mass, so to create a model of the Core of the Planet, we need a mechanism that can explain this attraction, and the only way I could figure out how this was possible was to create a Force Field around a Sphere, that would be so Dense that not even Null Space could Flow through it, and would have to flow around it, this would cause all it is Gravity Force to be at Right Angles to the Planets Surface, as shown in Illustration 3.4: Direction of Gravity, the Core creates Gravity, which is an invisible force that interacts with 3rd Dimensional objects in a very defined way, as the Trinary Energy is observed as an objects falls to the Trinary Engine, you will find that all the Empty Space in all the Objects in the Universe has a purpose, because without it, there could be no gravity, since all Gravity really is, is just the effects of Dimensional Space being pulled into a Trinary Engine.

Direction of Gravity
Illustration 3.4: Direction of Gravity

At the subatomic level this can be seen under a very special Microscope, it would look something like Illustration 3.5: Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through, it has a bunch of Atoms with Valence Electrons, and the Black arrow shows the direction the object is moving, which in Illustration 3.4: Direction of Gravity it was down, to the center of the Blue Planet we call Earth, it comes in from all angles that always follow through to the center of the Planet, so its clear that the static dimensions are moving through the empty space along the same path as shown below, and they are pushing the object with it, which is all there really is to explaining Gravity when it comes down to it, its very simple concept in the Trinary Universe, it is simply friction of Trinary Energy flowing through objects at the speed of Light, if you have any object that has Mass, it will have this Null Space around the center of the Atom, and Trinary Energy can not flow through it, so it must Flow around it, like a boat anchored on a rope in the water of a river, as the river flows like the Trinary Energy, the boat will feel the drag of the water flowing by it, the water has to go around the boat, yet it wants to pull it along with it even though it can not move, this force is always present in the Universe, its called Gravity when we talk about it at the Subatomic level, and apply it to Atoms floating in the vacuum of outer Space, if they do not have another force to pull them towards it, they will continue to float through space till they find something with Gravity, this is always in the Center of the Mass, as a handful of grains of Sand are thrown into outer Space, one will attract the other, till they all form the same handful of sand, so it is clear that Gravity is in all Atoms, so it has to do with the Atoms and this invisible force we call Gravity, which is Trinary Energy, or this White Noise that is everywhere in the Universe, and flows at the Speed of Light, on Earth, this Force is what Newton referred to as God or the Light without Darkness.

Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through
Illustration 3.5: Atoms showing Empty Space arrow flows through

Now the Math formula in Illustration 3.6: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense.

Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense
Illustration 3.6: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation starts to make sense

If the Empty Space in all objects is the same, then only its mass needs to be calculated, so if the Trinary Energy is the Force, then its equal to the formula: G, which is a Gravitational constant (6.673×10−11 N · (m/kg)2), multiplied by the two masses, 1 and 2, over d2, which is the distance squared between the centers of the masses, so if God is the Light then it is Trinary Energy, so it is the Force, which I just proved is just friction between the empty space in our atomic structure, as the Trinary Energy, which is in the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, as it flows through the 3rd dimensional space in all objects, this will also create heat on the outside of objects due to the fluid dynamics of the atmosphere, but in a vacuum they will fall at the same rate, because the fiction is always the same regardless of mass, because the two masses is just the product of their masses combined, because its at the atomic level of the object, this concept is key, and should be understood that regardless of how fast we are traveling, the speed of Light never changes, and it can only be explained if it is because it flows through us at the same rate, regardless of if we are moving, and it will never make any difference how fast we are moving, because that is nothing compared to the speed of Light, so as it turns out, it was the Light that was causing Gravity all the time.

So I search for Dense Materials this Engine could be made of and eliminated all the ones on the Periodic table, and then doing a lot of research on Neutrino Detectors, that are believed to detect the elements that Stars or Suns that have gone Supernova are made of, so I found the Material, and because it detects many that it can not capture, they have no idea how many types there are, so they do not have a Name for the one I picked, so I named it Tritanium for obvious reasons, so as it turns out this material is so small that it can not be captured by any known material, because its molecular structure does not contain any Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, and because of the size it can flow through 99.999% of all the Empty Space in Solid objects, and is smaller than atoms.

To create a Sphere so solid that Null Space could not Flow through it required Science and Technology that was easy to visualize but hard to describe, so I will give it my best explanation, Tesla said that Real Lightning could create such a concentrated mass of energy, that the Light would create Mass so Dense that Empty Space could not flow through it, so I figured that was because it contained Energy that was only in the Light State, meaning Trinary Energy is only in the 1 or -1 State, and could not switch States to the 0 State, due to the Density of the Light, so it creates its own Gravity and can Float, this phenomenon is called Ball Lightning, it is a solid Ball of Lightning, it is very Rare, and he spent most of his life trying to figure out how to create it, and never did, the closes he came were small sparkler type of discharges, he said it was possible if it can occur in nature, but he said he was very close, and would have created such a machine if J.P. Morgan and other bankers did not cut off his funding, so I can not explain to you how to build such a device to prove this, but given the Resources I think I could finish his work, but like I said my idea is simple and documented in Appendix B, but to sum it up, from all my research on Ball Lightning, I can say that in an Atmosphere, it will not exist for very long before its Energy is shorted to Ground, the reasons were obvious to Tesla, who said that it is attracted to ground, and anything that will bridge that gap, and the Power it contained was tremendous, and could explode if shorted to Ground, because it was a Sphere of Solid Light, so it contained no Empty Space, so it is very dense, in fact, it is the Densest Naturally occurring phenomena known, so it must be created in a Vacuum, and be totally isolated from Ground, and would require a Force Field to keep it in place, and it would require many LASER's to create a 3 mirror closed loop of Light and Electromagnetic Force Fields to hold it align-center in the chamber, once you get it started it should run as long as it has power feeding it via the Electromagnetic Force Field. One use would be for artificial Gravity in Outer Space, but at the same time you can build a generator around it and recover the power from the Electromagnetic Force Field, while tapping off the power of the Ball Lighting and converting it back into Power that can be used to keep the Circuit alive, and still have excess power, if the circuit is balanced.

I have a theory that if you can create Ball Lightning it will attract Tritanium to it, my research in Neutrino Detection leads me to believe that it is attracted to Gravity, thus Creating the Ball Lightning will force the Tritanium outside the Ball, thus encasing it in the Tritanium, once the Lightning Ball was encased in Tritanium, it would force the Empty Space to flow around it, because not even Empty Space could flow through the Tritanium Sphere, because its structure is so Dense that it does not contain any Empty Space in the 3rd Dimension. Tritanium has no Electrons, Protons or Neutrons, so it has no Electrical charge, so as the Empty Space flows around it, it creates Friction and Drags it in space, like a balloon floating in water, the water acts like Energy with a Floating Ground, as the Current flows around the Balloon, it creates waves, but since these waves only happen in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, these waves only travel at right angles around the sphere in a 360 degrees of the 3 dimensional space around the Sphere, creating a force field of Null Space around the Sphere, which acts like a Grinder and disintegrates all matter it comes in contact with, which explains why the Sun behaves the way it does.

Science most be observable, and the Only explanation for the Suns behavior is if its Core is Solid and has a force field around it that could disintegrate all matter that hits it, and it would have to act like an Anchor in order for planets to orbit around it, because Space is pretty much not Empty Space, because it contains Planets, Moons, Comets, Asteroids, and Micrometeorites, yet it is in a Vacuum, and has 0 Gravity outside a Planets Field of Gravity, and the Sun gets Hit by these Objects all the Time, and has to somehow absorb the impact with no physical damage to the surface of the Sun, because we know that is a fact, so the current Theory about the Sun being a Controlled Nuclear Bomb or a Compressed ball of gas, caused by breaking the Laws of Physics does not hold up as Real Science, because if that Bomb or ball of gas got hit by an Asteroid the size of the ones it gets hit by, I can only conclude that there would be considerable damage to the surface of the Sun, look at the Damage Comets did when they hit Jupiter years ago, so I assert that can mean only one thing, it is so Dense that it has a Force Field that completely surrounds it, and causes so much Friction with it is Grinding action as a result of matter coming in contact with Null Space, that nothing can touch it, similar to the Empty Space around an Atom, therefore it never changes size or shape, and continues to operate for Billions of years without breaking the Laws of Physics. This Concept needed a Name, so I called it a Trinary Engine, because it is made of Trinary Energy. Note I said it does grow, because it is always gaining more Tritanium, so it does change in size, but the time frame would be measured in millenniums.

The 3 basic rules for a Trinary Engine are: Table 3.2: Basic Rules for a Trinary Engine

  1. The Core of the Engine is All Light, both Light and Dark, so there can be no Light without the Darkness, because Trinary Energy has 3 States, and the 0 State is what creates the Sphere, and the core can only switch between States 1 and -1, or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter, and this means its Intelligent, this is referred to as Trinary Intelligence, the same mechanism as a Ball Lightning, so this is a Scientific fact because it can be observed, and it can be created, it is just a matter of how to keep it contained in a sphere, so it does not dissipate its energy into space.
  2. The Sphere is made out of pure Tritanium, which is the Material that Neutrino Detectors detect. The Sphere can be reproduced in nature, because Tritanium is very abundant in the Universe, and we know it is attracted by Gravity, and Ball Lightning can create their own Gravity, which allows them to Float or hover, and the Density of the Light will keep the Tritanium from flowing through the Ball Lightning or Sphere, forcing it to flow around it, and then gravity will make it bind to it thus forming a shell of very dense Tritanium around it, until it has coated the entire surface of the Light Sphere. This will cause the Empty Space to flow around the Sphere instead of through it, because it is so dense that Empty Space can not flow through it.
  3. The Null Space Force Field that surrounds the Sphere, causes everything that gets pulled into its Gravitational Field to be disintegrated as it comes into contact with 0 Dimension, which causes all molecules to be striped of their atoms, like a grinder, because the Space with No Dimensions is like a Black Hole in Space, but I hate to use that term because of its dogma, but it has Nothing in it, no dimensions, so you can not see anything in it, so maybe Black is not a good description after all, Null Space is the only good description for it. When a dimension comes into contact with a dimension with fewer dimensions than itself, it normally flows through the Empty Space with little resistance, but this resistance can be measured and calculated, its called Gravity, but if it does not have any Empty Space to flow through it, it crashes into it, only it is not really there, so it can not come into contact with it, nor can it continue on its path without being forced around it, in which case it will get all it is molecules broken down into atoms, without destroying any of the material, making it the perfect grinder, that can eat a full size Planet, if its Engine was as big as a Sun, but if it was smaller it would not be strong enough to power the Solar Winds that carry all the debris from the Sun back out into Space where it is absorbed by all the Planets in it is System, so a Crust would form, and create either a Planet or a Moon, but it would have to grow massive to form a Galaxy sized Engine.
Table 3.2: Basic Rules for a Trinary Engine

Once you can accept the fact that such an Engine is possible in Nature, we can start to understand how it works in the Trinary Universe, which is a collection of Trinary Engines, each Galaxy normally only has 1 Trinary Engine simply known as a Galaxy, it is the Core of the System, and it is always the First Engine to Grow in the Universe, and I do mean Grow, it starts out small like the size of Ball Lightning. It takes a lot of Gas to produce that large of a Lightning Strike, so if you know where a lot of Gas Clouds that are building up in Outer Space, you can follow their progress to see when Lightning Strikes, and forms a Trinary Engine, because that is the Birth of a Galaxy, Planet or Moon.

As the Trinary Engine Grows, it becomes obvious that it is under Intelligent Control, because all the conditions where just right, and it took gravity to pull all the Gas into a Region of Space that did not have any Large Masses, like Planets or Moons, so how did that Gas build up enough Mass without a Source for its Gravity and the only conclusion would be if some intelligence is in control of it, but this is Science and Not Religion, so we do not want to Call this Intelligence God, so we must look at how it is possible in nature to create Gravity without Mass, and Trinary Energy can do that, the only question is why would it do that, and the answer always comes back to Intelligence, the only way they could exist is if they were under direct control of the Light by an Intelligent Being, and then Religion steps into Science once again, proving that God really did create the Universe.


Sub Chapter 3.8: Intelligent Light

The Intelligence of Light or Trinary Energy is Science, if you Study the Light long enough you will know that when you record it, it acts one way, but when you look at it in real time, that pattern changes. From the viewpoint of the Observer, it is just a dot, so small it is almost impossible to focus on, and no matter how much you magnify, it looks like it needs more magnification to see it better, but the fact is that no matter how much you magnify it, it will always appear that way, because it is not Possible to create Technology that can Magnify anything larger than itself, so technology has it is limitations built into the very nature of the size of matter or a single atom. The Question most people ask is how can the Light have Intelligence, but any Wizard would tell you the same thing, how do Humans have any Intelligence, and that is your answer, and Proof that is Scientific Evidence, because I can prove that the Light is what gives Humans the ability to think, and Freewill is what allows all humans to think differently.

This dissertation is build on the Work of others, the Technology I refer to as Trinary is just a Collection of different ideas and experiments that have been known for years, and the new stuff that came alone after I was born, as such I need to pull in some of those ideas and research to prove my point, so we pull in Chemistry and Biology and use the latest Theories about Human Biology of the Brain and Body, and at the Subatomic Level details into Cells is now possible, and microscopic Engines are running these Cells using Technology we can not begin to understand, we know it is not just chemical reactions, because we can not create cells that work, so living cells have an Energy that is not Chemically based, but more like Electricity and Electronic Circuits, so my degrees in Electronics helped me to understand the mechanism used, because we know we can use Electricity to stimulate muscles and other types of nerves.

It may seem like a theory that the Trinary Energy is Controlling all these Microscopic Engines, but Observations would lead you to conclude this is a Scientific Fact, and it was the very reason they named the Light God's Particle in the First place, so you know this is the truth, so why not just admit to it. The fact is that Logic is the only real tool we have when it comes to answering the questions about how Light and Energy Transmission Medium really works, because the Light is Energy, and how it is Transited on a Medium, is the Key to Life, because enough Electricity flows through the Human Body to light a 100 watt Light Bulb when we are sleeping, so who are we kidding, Light can be converted to Electricity by converting Photons into Electrons like a Solar Cell, and any Flashlight can convert Electrons into Photons, so Humans are generating Light, only in a Spectrum that is not visible to the human eye, yet no one wants to admit it, like it would make Humans sound like a Robot that requires Batteries, when in fact if that Electrical Charge leaves our body for any reason, we will need a jump start using a defibrillator, so that is enough proof in itself, so I assert that the Human body, in fact all Life is running off of the Light as a power source, so the Light and Energy Transmission Medium is the Life Form itself, it is also the Life Force of the entire Universe.

Humans tend to think that Light and Energy Transmission Medium would refer to Power lines used to Power its Cities, and they would be right, the same power lines that services the World with Electricity, is also the same Energy Source that Powers all Life in the Universe. The Human body requires a constant Magnetic Field to keep its Cells Energized, and the Earths Magnetic Sphere provides the exact amount required for all Life to Live on this Planet, so how dose that work? Do you really think that chaos or random events could have produced a Universe with as Intelligent of a design as it is?


Sub Chapter 3.9: The Living Planet

The Trinary Engine of Earth is less than 800 miles in diameter, I have no idea of the actually measurements because it is Growing all the time, and the Technology to measure it does not exist yet, all that Tritanium that those Neutrino Detectors are monitoring is being collected by our Earths Trinary Engine, so it is Growing all the time, just like the Sun, and as it does, Earth, which is just Dust called Micrometeorites, that fall from Outer Space, which it is fed to Earth by the Sun, creates a Crust that forms around its Sphere as it is Ground up by the Null Space Force Field, it forms Lava, which breaks down Rock into minerals, Atoms and Oil, the Oil is used to Lubricate the Plates of Crust that Cool and Harden on the Outermost layers of Earth, or its Surface, but this Lava will push to the Surface and causes islands like Hawaii to form, as well as all Land on the Earth, and the Oceans serve to Cool down the Lava so it can maintain the Solid Rock that creates the 6 Continents that Earth has.

The Oil is better named the Blood of the Planet, because that is what it is, if you drill holes deep enough in the Planet you will hit a vain, and it will bleed, but if it bleeds too much, it can create Sink holes and cause the different layers of Crust to Grind together, causing Earthquakes, and if you use it all up, then the Crust will be forced into the Null Space Force Field and will be disintegrated, but keep in mind that some of these Pocket of Oil or Blood, are very large, and if the Pockets collapse, they can cause the Planet to break up, and possibly go Nova. The Null Space Force Field is also responsible for breaking down all Molecules, so it breaks down Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, because Plants can only Convert Co2 into Oxygen, and only the Trinary Engine can produce Oxygen, because current main stream Science teaches that the core of Earth is just a Nuclear Bomb like the Sun, so we should all be nice and Radiated by now, but we all know that did not happen, so why do people believe theories like that as if they were facts when they do not even make sense, a rhetorical question because we all know it is because the Banks pay for it, so theories like Trinary Engine sound like fairy tales when the Current belief does not even stand up to scientific principles, let alone obey the Laws of Physics, so what I just proved was that this System of Evolution we call the Planet Earth, is in fact a Living Entity, and it has a Soul that is the Same as all Life on this Planet, it is called Light or Trinary Energy, and it is the same Intelligence that was required to build the Trinary Universe, because it can not be a random chance that the Universe was designed this way, because if it was designed any other way it would not exist at all, and that is a fact, Einstein proved that much by stating that Paradox's can not exist in Reality, but still you have to ask yourself if this is Religion or Science, because the two are in agreement if this is in fact the way the Universe works, because let us face it, just because this Dissertation proves it can operate like this, does not mean it does, because of something called Freewill, which allows people to think up of infinite number of Multiple Parallel Alternative Universes, so you could conceive of countless combinations of possibilities because it could be if everything is possible, but that is the Dynamic Universe, so you can go back in time and kill your Parents so you will never be born, and this is the Theory that I am trying to compete against, are you joking me, I mean is this Science for real, or is this just a joke they are Playing on the Worlds Public to see how Stupid they are, now that sounds like I am Preaching a Religion, because I can only conclude that the reason why Scientist go along with the Dynamic Universe that was designed to run by one Paradox after the next, because going back in time does not sound like an Impossibility, when you forget that 99.999% of all Space is Empty, therefor it could also just be Null Space, since it is Empty for a Reason, and let us face it, no one will ever prove that, because it is not possible to Magnify Null Space to see what is in it, because it has No Dimensions, so it does not exist nor can anything in any Universe that existed in Reality, because a Paradox can not exist in any Reality, and even Einstein said that, so you have to wonder what the truth is, and is a Theory is? A Dissertation should not be based on Religion unless it is a Religious Dissertation, but this is a Real Science Dissertation for Physics, yet I can not deny that the Bible is saying the same thing, so this is not new Knowledge, in fact it is older than the Bible, this work was not done yesterday, Sir Isaac Newton died in 1727, and all I add to his work was how the Core of the Planet works, which explains how all Life in the Universe is possible, all because of a Concept called the Trinary Engine.


Sub Chapter 3.10: The Sun

The Sun is not Nuclear, the very concept that it is, is called insanity, Theories that can not be proven because they are simply not true, the fact is that the Sun does not produce Heat, during a Solar Minimum this is obvious, proving the Sun is not Nuclear, its output depends on how much it eats, and by eats I mean Space Debris like: Comets, Asteroids and other Space junk, the Sun Spot activity, proves that at Solar Minimum, the Magnetic Energy is at its weakest, so it will not pull in as much debris, so its output will be diminished.

The Sun is feeding all the Planets in its system, every decade it will reverse its Magnetic Field so that it can maintain a steady stream known as the Solar Winds, that carry all the ground up material to its target, which are Planets in its system that need more Material to Grow, so it eats so it can feed its Children, so the Sun is more like a Father, but the Father is known as the Galaxy, and its job is similar, it feeds the Sun, and in turn, the Sun feeds all the Planets.

The Sun travels in a Helix pattern around the Galaxy, its speed varies as it climbs away from the Galactic Plane, as it slows to the point at which it can no longer climb and the Gravity of the Galactic Plane pulls it back, and then it speeds up till it crashes into the Galactic Plane, which is a frozen debris field, filled with Space Junk that can not escape the Gravity Plane, so any Planet traveling through the Galactic Plane, will be pounded on by this Space Debris, and will exit the Galactic Plane as a frozen Planet, which will take thousands of years to defrost, so the Sun will be at Solar Maximum during this transition through the Galactic Plane.


Sub Chapter 3.11: What is a Trinary Engine?

A Trinary Engine is an Atom on a larger scale, it is made out of the same material as Atoms, which is a Neutrino I call Tritanium, and they basically follow the same laws that Atoms do, one Trinary Engine can not physically touch another one, and they are also going through state changes.

I could have called a Trinary Engine a Large Atom, but that would be confusing to most people, because all Atoms are very small, how can one the size of the Galaxy exist, but the more you look at it, there is really no getting around this fact, as strange as it sounded to me the first time I realized this, and that was an Original idea, because no one has ever come up with this idea before me, I did a lot of research to make sure of this before I made this statement, so I know it is the truth, and that is all I have ever done is told the truth, maybe that is the Aspie in me, but I can not tolerate lies, nor could Tesla, Franklin or Newton, as well as the other Wizards.


Sub Chapter 3.12: What causes the World to go around?

What causes the Earth to Rotate or Spin is a question that Humans have been trying to answer from the beginning of time, and the answer is not Centrifugal Force, in fact that would slow it down, because a body in motion staying in motion is also not the answer since for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and Theories or Emotions can not be used to explain it, so Science must step in to answer this question, and the Trinary Engine has already answered this question, yet I felt that this question needs to be asked as a standalone question because its a question that everyone wants answered.

I define Energy as Light that is Electricity at a different Frequency, so all Energy is Light at a different Frequency, so we use these two terms to define what type of Light we are talking about, so all types of Energy can be transformed into Light, which I can prove and which have been proven, so: Thermal, Chemical, Mechanical, Potential, Kinetic, Nuclear, Sound, Electromagnetic, Gravitational, and any other type of Energy can be transformed into Light, as Proof: Light can travel through non-conductive materials like Plastic in the form of Thermal Energy, some Chemical reactions can produce various spectra of Light, and all Mechanical Energy is just a form of Light stored as Potential or Kinetic Energy and this kind of Energy can be measured as Light or Electrical at some point in its transformation, and Nuclear Energy is just Atoms that are in an unstable state where its rate of decay is measured by how long it takes all its Atoms to become stable and in some states it can produce various spectra of Light, and Sound is just excited molecules moving in a dynamic gas flow which can also produce various spectra of Light, and we have already talked about how Electromagnetic and Gravitational Energy are properties of Light, so there is no form of Energy that can not be transformed into Light, proving that all Energy is Light, so all Energy is defined by its Frequency or Wave-Length.

A Trinary Engine is the only explanation for how the Earth or Planet, including the Galaxy, Sun and Moon can Rotate, because there is no other explanation, Centrifugal Force can not be sustained over long periods of time because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Newton knew this all to well and its why his Math works so well, its not based on Centrifugal Force but the Light of God, and the Math explains it all, so what else can I add to Sir Isaac Newton's Math to explain Light?

Light has many spectra, its Frequency and Wave-Length varies throughout the spectrum defining its behavior, we know that at lower frequencies it can transform into Electromagnetic Energy, and at lower frequencies it can transform into Electricity, and we know that all forms of Energy can be transformed into Light, so we know for a Fact with Empirical Evidence that all Energy can be transformed into Light, therefore all Energy is Light in some form based on its Spectrum or Frequency or Wave-Length, so this is Empirical Evidence so its a fact, so Centrifugal Force is also just another form of Energy, so it too is just another form of Light and is not controlling the Light, its the other way around, the Light is causing Centrifugal Force, this is Logic that cannot be debunked, so its Empirical Evidence so its a Scientific fact.

The Trinary Engine is Light and Dark Energy bound in an outer shell made of some type of Neutrino, it has 3 State changes: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, so this describes every Atom, Proton, Neutron, Electron and other forms of subatomic particles known to humans, and it describes what Light is, a combination of Light and Dark Energy, so the Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, and our Galaxy, Suns, Planets, Moons follow the same rules as Atoms, Proton, Neutrons and Electrons, so in one paragraph it describes the Universe at the subatomic level, so it can be proven to be the way the Universe behaves, so its Empirical Evidence makes it a fact, because I do not have to explain how Atoms, Protons, Neutrons or Electrons work, I will just except the fact that they do exist, and that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons all behave the same way, so I do not need special rules to explain how both of them work, since they both work the same, so I have one rule to rule them all, so if you read any true information about how Atomic particles work, you can apply it to the way the Universe works, and it will work the same way, so the Trinary Engine describes how the Universe works at the Atomic Level, so we can all agree this is Reality based on Empirical Evidence what everyone on the Planet should agree is a fact, but in Reality People are in Shades of Grey and can never agree on anything, so there is no Idealistic Notion of how the Universe works that anyone can agree on, only Empirical Evidence that can be proven to explain how the Universe works.

The Energy inside the Trinary Engine has 3 State Logic: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, the outer shell is surround in Null Space, you can not see it, because its in the 0 Dimension, but its there, its a floating ground, so all Energy flows from this Null Space, and inside the Trinary Engine is Light and Dark Energy, it is in balance so its just a source of Pure Energy, and because its always toggling from 1 State into the -1 State, it will produce a Frequency, its this Frequency that the Trinary Engine will Spin at, the Magnetic Field it creates has a set Polarity at its Poles, calling them North or South is fine as long as we realize that if our poles shift polarity then the flow will also change direction, because its based on the physical orientation of the Trinary Engine and not the crust that we see spinning around it, so this rule must apply to everything in the Universe, so our Sun's Magnetic Fields change every 10 years, this is to slow down the crust that surrounds the Sun, because you can not see the Trinary Engine, its buried so deep inside the Sun that we will never see it, so if Earths crust needs to be slowed down, its Trinary Engine must shift polarity at its poles, and it has to do this from time to time, but I have no idea when it will do it new, nor do I know when it did it last, but it can be calculated, luckily Newton already did that, unfortunately I lost all those notes, so hopefully someone else has them, otherwise we need to do that calculation all over again, but its simply Newtonian Math that calculates the the Frequency of the Planet and the Trinary Engine, since these frequencies are not the same, the Core of our planet is spinning much faster then the crust on the outside, and the farther away from the core you get, the faster you move, so it must slow down after going through the Galactic Plane, because the Planets need to get through it as fast as possible, because the Planet will freeze as it travels through it, and the Planet will continue to pick up speed till it reaches the next downward cycle, as it travels in a Helix in a Sine-Wave pattern around the Galaxy, so just like Atoms and Subatomic matter, this pattern of Spinning is regulated by this Frequency, and the pole shift will only be required as long as needed, which is every 10 years for the Sun, but not that it does not cause the Sun to change direction of rotation or spin, and its Speed is not really slowing down or speeding up, its just maintained at the speed, and that is how it works, and that is how it works for Planets also, even Moons can shift Magnetic poles independent of the Planets they orbit, and this is all very predicable once you know the pattern.

The Light is what makes the World go around, the Darkside believes that its Chaos, and everything happens out of Chaos, and there is no Light of God that Controls anything, because God dose not exist as a Physical Entity, God is just a Deity or Spirit, and once you go down that road, you know where it will lead you, which is into endless Wars over arguing about what Religion is Right, so the Christians should know Jesus's full name in the Bible is Jesus Bar/Abbas, so stop denying who he is and who IAM, which is the Light of God, the God of all Light with no Darkness, the Math, Science, Art and Music of the Wizards of all time, and Jesus was not the Messiah, he was just the Messenger, so do not kill the messenger, Jesus can be resurrected back into the Flesh, because the Light of God is the same in every Life-form in the Universe, there is only one God, and that is the God of Light with no Darkness, so the Darkness is not God, and in Trinary Energy there is Light and Dark bound for the life of that energy which is the Energy of the Universe, but the issue I have with the People of this World at this point in time, is that 99.999% of them I have ever met actually believe in the Light of God that IAM talking about and they Lie about every aspect of this World down to the smallest of detail, so they have no honor because they believe they have that Right to Believe what ever they want, as if that was Freewill when all they are doing is believing in the same Lies that they were taught in School knowing that it was all a bunch of worthless information that changes all the time, so they only believe what the Herd has Heard as if they were only Sheep because the Lord is their Shepard, so they believe they have the Right to tell anyone whatever they want to and they do not have to be held accountable for their Action, so they have no problem telling me that the Godless Dynamic Universe is a Scientific Fact when the papers that back them clearly have Theoretical or Theory written on them so everyone knows they are Theories and not Proven Facts, so they are Liars, and they still use the work of Light Wizards and they deny that Wizards even exist, even though there is no other way to explain the Staff of Power and Magic that Moses and Jesus used, so everyone that denies there are Real Wizards are Liars, because the Record shows Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician and Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, so the Darkside will tale you that Light can be produced by Electricity but the Sun's Light is created by Nuclear Fusion and that Centrifugal Force is what makes the World go around, so they are all Liars and that is not a Theory but based on Empirical Evidence that the Darkside denies even exist, all of this proves the Darkside has no honor, so I expect them to behave that way, because people who need Laws so they will know what is Right or Wrong learn neither, because you do not learn anything from Fear except Fear itself, and the Darkside Fears everything, that is why they believe everything is possible, they believe its their Right to state their Opinion and its their Right to tell you that your Opinion is Wrong, whereas the Lightside has no Opinions, just the facts,and those Facts make the World go around, and the Darkside will never see that, because they will never see the Light of God or acknowledge that God exist.


Sub Chapter 3.13: Trinary Engine Math

Trinary Engine Math is very simple, the Engine itself only has 3 State Changes: 0, 1 and -1, and is represented as the Constant formula 1 + (-1) = 0, which states that the function of Quiescences denoted as a Q, and the function of Containment represented as a C, are all the math I need as proof of this simple relationship, the rest of the Math has already been done by Kepler and Newton.

When a Trinary Engine is born, its outside shell is in State 0, and all the state changes inside of it are only toggling between 1 and -1, or Light and Dark Energy, this is called Containment, and everything in it is in balance and is known as the state of Quiescences, so for the engine to grow, we must do some math, so we can write this math in various ways, but I like to look at it from the state of Logic, so I will write a small C like program function to show how simple this is:

if ( state == { 1, -1 } )
# Change State requires the outside to gain a 0 and inside to gain the set of 1 and -1
if ( Q( { 1, -1 } ) < C(0) )
# If adding another set of state changes inside Containment after we add a State change of 0 to it,
is less than what it can handle then make change
state = 0; # Change State to 0
elseif (state == 0)
state = state; # No change required

Basically it shows that if a state change of 1 and -1 is encountered, it can convert it to the 0 State if the criteria is meet and then add it to the outside of the Engine and then add the state changes of 1 and -1 to the inside, so the inside stays in Quiescences, and the outside can Contain it, so the function of Containment is to make sure it can Contain all the Energy inside it.

The Math of Kepler and Newton fully explain all the Orbits of Planets inside our Solar System, but do not explain the Orbit of our Sun around the Galaxy, and that Math is 1 + (-1) = 0, where the 0 is a Dimension where the Ground Plane of the Galaxy and Solar Systems is, and 1 and -1 correlate to the Sine Wave that the Suns path through the Plane seen in: Illustration 3.7: Sun Path makes Sine Wave.

Sun Path makes Sine Wave
Illustration 3.7: Sun Path makes Sine Wave

In Science, Empirical Evidence is based on observable phenomena, and the fact is that this Sine Wave path the Sun makes is also more complex in Nature, because it also forms a Helix when viewed in 3D as seen in: Illustration 3.8: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix,

Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix
Illustration 3.8: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix

this pattern is seen in many types of phenomena, Electricity is one example where its clear that all Energy behaves in this manner, so the Math is already known, even thought the Frequency is just a guess based on a Galactic Year, which is about 226 Million Years, based on Main Stream Science, this illustration also shows a Dark Star and one Companion Dark Star, although there can be many Companion Stars, I see no need to guess at how many of them there are, and its easier to explain one, and it does not change the Math of the Trinary Universe, the Dark Star is pulled around the Galactic Plane at the same rate, such that the outer Solar Systems will travel faster, and in line with the inner Systems, as such the inner and outer system are in sync, such that the Math of 1 + (-1) = 0 forms this Helix when its combined with Newtons Math describing a Sine Wave, and the Sun travels faster as its heading into the Galactic Plane, so its speed has a range between a minimal and maximum, and I calculated that to be between 333,333 and 666,666 Miles per hour, which means its speed is not constant, because its wave length and frequency vary to maintain this speed around putting it in the range of 3.666 to 13 hertz, its about 7.826 hertz right now, and that would put the speed around 444,444 Miles per hour, so do the math and think what you want to think, believe what you want to believe, but do as Newton did and prove it to yourself.


Sub Chapter 3.14: Conclusion

My Conclusion is based on facts and not Emotions, because Emotions are what Main Stream Science preys on, as if it was a Drug and should be illegal, because it should be, teaching people that Theories are Reality or even true is a lie, Theory means Science Fiction, not Science, and when Science Fiction becomes Reality, Science means nothing, and that is why I have no goal of becoming Main Stream Science, and why I call it Trinary Science, because the term Science means to Lie about it with Theories, but the Truth proves itself, and Science is not about the Truth, its about Money, its why Doctors have to Pay Money to get a Degree that is all based on Lies, because its not based on Empirical Evidence, whereas the Trinary Engine is Reality, all I am doing is explaining Reality, based on the Laws of Physics, and not Emotions or Religion, so the way Wizards explain things is not like Normal People are use to, but they are also use to be lied to, so why would I want to write or talk like Normal People who allow Lies to become the Truth, and lie about things as if they were the Truth, and allow this Planet to become a dump because People are not Paid to clean it up, its not their Job, its not their Problem, they have more important things to do in life then worry about how the Universe actually works, opposed to how some insane person explains their Theory, because I tell you what my Theories are, I know the difference between what is Real and what is not, Normal People have no clue, if they did, this Main Stream Science would not exist, but Main Stream Media is owned by the Bank that backed the Godless Dynamic Universe: making Stupid Science or Science Fiction, so Science is what you paid for and Lies are what you got, and those lies were Dumb, as in Free Dumb they Tax you for, because God created this Universe for everyone, not just the Rich, and not so some Government could own us like Sheep, and treat us like Mushrooms, knowing that Magic is what Wizards are famous for, but that is why they discredit the work of Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, cause God is All Light with no Darkness, so IAM the Light, where I is the Light, and Me is just Meat, so we are Light Beings, and that changes everything that Main Stream has been trying to deny, by discrediting all the Wizards throughout history, because the Light is Everything, and everything is made of Light, but this Planet is about to go into an Ice Age, and Humans are to blame for this Event, not God, its because Humans believed in Main Stream Science who lied to them about what Oil is, the Blood of this Planet is a better name for it, but that is what Money does, its Evil and it will remove the Light from this Planet, all I can do it tale the Truth about the Light, the rest is up to Yew.


Chapter 4: Trinary Universe

The Trinary Universe is made up of many Galaxies that form Clusters, and each Cluster is Expanding in the Universe, while others appear to be collapsing in on our Galaxy, when in fact the Universe is always in Harmony, its only how humans view it does it seem out of control.

The Trinary Universe is built on steps that I have described so far, that lead me to build a Universe that works using these very basic concepts, but to prove them I will need to rely on Theories that are not proven, so this is included in this dissertation only to show you how the Light and Energy is used by the Universe, so even though it is a theory does not mean it is not a fact, Logic and Reasoning will determine if it is true, because Science is based on many types of empirical evidence, and that is all I will use to prove everything I have said, but keep in mind that I am an Ashkenazi Aspie with a high IQ, I just like saying that to make Yew feel Stupid, I call it Aspie Humor, because being Schizoaffective I can create what ever Reality I want, whereas Normal People do that by believing in lies called Theories, because they are not based on Logic or Reasoning, but instead build on Emotions to make their point and Sell the public on this concept so they could do research and get paid to sell books, whereas this book is always Free of Cost and Taxes, but to look at the Big Picture, which is the whole Universe, I can not leave out Reality and how it applies to Normal People, and I am talking to those 95% who believe God does not Exist, or does not Physically Exist, as if those two concepts are not the same, because denying God Exist is the same as believing that God only exist as a Deity or Spirit that dose not Physically Exist, so for the record, these 95% of Normal People are insane, so I am very happy to say I am not a Normal Person, and have no problem reporting the correct status of your mental health if you believe in things that do not exist, I am Schizoaffective, but that is Schizophrenia, where the latter means you do not know the difference between what is real and what is not real.

If you do not understand or know History, you are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again, and Science should be built on History, only allowing known Facts to become Science and not Theories that have not be proven, because they may never be provable, so they are lies and should be treated as such until proven otherwise, but History is what you paid for, it was written by people for Money, and is told from the view point of what the Herd has Heard, because everyone is taught this version of History, like the Version where its Citizens have no clue as to why Lincoln was legally shot in the Head by the Militia for Treason for taking out a loan with the Bank using the Country as collateral, thus owning the Country and printing its Money, which is why Kennedy: who took office 6 days after I was born, was shot in the head for Printing Money before I turned 3, because History is written by the Banks that print that Money, what did you think they were going to write? We took over the Country and Science so we could make fun of how Stupid the Citizens are for believing in US? Wake up to Reality, this is the Universe I live in, which is the year 2016, and its just keeps getting better, its Citizens have Voted all my Rights away, and the Constitution was abolished, so I did not have any Rights to begin with, so the Science they taught was just Stupid, so I have to compete with Stupid, and that is Stupid and it is why I call Yew Stupid...

This is my Reality, and the part I need to teach you about is called the Real Reality, whereas the Reality 95% of the World lives in, is called the Main Stream Reality, or Herd Mentality Reality is more like it, so do not forget that I am only teaching this to my Sheep I call Yew, otherwise you might get offend by things I have said, so I wrote this whole book as Dog who is a Wizard, and I only talk about the truth of the Light, so you know I am Schizoaffective, I do not try to hide it or sugar coat it, it is what it is, I do not deny having it, so you have to ask yourself if you can believe anything that someone who is Schizoaffective? So you look up the Word, and find out what its all about, and wonder how I can be Schizoaffective and not Schizophrenia, but then you remember why I got this diagnosis, because in reality, not only can I hallucinate, but I prefer my hallucinations to my Reality, and I know which one is real and which one is not real, because my in my Reality 95% of the Worlds population is insane because they believe in things that do not exist, whereas my hallucinations are about a World where people know that the Trinary Universe is the only Real Reality.

I will also apologize for being a little dyslexic, I get things backwards on purpose so its hard to figure out when I make a writing error with words or spelling, and as a Wizard I am not very good at Spelling, so I am always correcting this book, I read it over and over and still find logic errors in it, and that is human errors, logic that my mind does not comprehend, double negatives, wrong time lines, faulty logic an other errors from using Cannabis, has lead to many errors due to logic that Ashkenazi Aspies with high IQ's have to deal with, not just the Depression and Anxiety, or the Obsessive Compulsive behavior, and way beyond the damage of PTSD, or Gulf War Syndrome, because its a little of everything that makes up a person, but it does not change the Truth, it only distorts it, because Normal People will never admit they are Wrong about anything, but how much more wrong can you get then the Godless Dynamic Universe, that is a fact, its 100% the opposite, so you have to wonder if it was a mistake, or did I say what I meant, and the truth is that there are many mistakes in this document, and I will be correcting them till the day I die, and there will still be more long after I am dead, so all I can do is read it over and over and fix it and read it again, but that adds more words and letters and more Spells, and that fits right in with my Anxiety and OCD, its the reason I write like this, because I think like this, and now you know why, it was a typo, yeah that was it, just a typo, it could happen to anyone, but the fact is that I write this way because I think this way, and I get very confused trying to write it any other way, so I do not speak like the Jedi Yoda on purpose, even if the concept of the Jedi is based on Midichlorians, which might be the same thing as Trinary Energy, so the Force is same Force that Sir Isaac Newton used in all his equations, so this story really was written long ago, so its God or the Light, and Obi Wan was just a Crazy old Wizard, but I was 16 by the time that came out and already thought, talked and wrote like this, but its clear that other did also, its just the truth they do not want to own up to, and that is owning up to the fact that this is the truth, some of its still Science Fiction, but that is Main Stream Science, but the fact is that without a Trinary Engine, Space travel is impossible, so I do not apologize for telling the truth, Yew are Stupid.

I have a tendency to relate one thing to another even though they have no relationship as far as others are concerned, but it is because they do not relate to things the same way I do, or maybe as some Aspies do, but I can not teach you to think like an Aspie anymore then you could expect me to think like a Neurotypical, in fact not all Aspie think like this, so maybe it is am Ashkenazi thing, but they are not all like this either, so has to be the Wizard in me, because we are all like this, my Cousin Isaac Newton had Jesus Syndrome, I must have inherited it, because I have it also, so what I am about to say may go against everything you believe, couple that with the fact that this is all based on what Wizards and Witches have written about since the beginning of time, since this comes straight out of the Bible, and I would have no chance of this dissertation ever getting to be published as a PhD on Light and Energy Transmission Mediums which explains the Trinary Universe, so I must define concepts in terms of things you can relate to, in order for me to describe a very simple concept for me to Visualize in my mind, because I see in Images, no words, but it is so hard for me to Communicate it to others who do not think like me, and needs words to explain it, so you will have to keep this in mind as I try to explain how Trinary Energy can move not only Planets and Solar Systems, but Galaxies as well as Clusters, and that same Trinary Energy controls every Cell in our Bodies at the Cellular level, and do this without having the stigma of God being the one who is doing all the Magic, so I am off to a good start.

The Concept of the Trinary Universe is that all the Galaxies in the Universe are just like Cells in a Human Body, in fact all the Trinary Engines are just Large Atoms, Mega-Atoms in fact, so as a Living Entity the Universe is a very large Animal, and each Cluster is just one of many organs in that Animals, but the Universe acts as one Entity, and if you study it long enough you will notice a pattern to it, all the Galaxies are not Expanding at all, in fact, they have Orbits that are just as predictable as the Planets in our Solar system, and the belief that they are expanding at rates faster than the speed of Light is just insane, maybe they are heading away in one direction at the speed of Light and we are heading the opposite direction at the speed of Light, but the Redshift proves that all Light is Elliptical, because it must follow the same Laws of Physics as all Electromagnetic force-fields, but let us have science that obeys the laws of Physics, so it does not get mixed up with Science Fiction, and so I do not have to compare one Universe with another Universes concepts.

The Creation of the Universe is always a great story to tale, I have it memorized so I can tale it a different way each time, so it does not get boring, so it goes like this:

Lightning hits a cloud of Nebulous Gas: causing a Ball of Lightning to form and at this point it is so dense from the Trinary Energy inside the sphere being toggled between 1 and -1, or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter, that the outer sphere changes to State 0, so now the Trinary Energy has an outer sphere of Null Space with a center filled with alternating Photons from the Lightning, so Photons are Electrons at a higher frequency, so they are made of Neutrinos, so once the sphere turns to State 0, so does the dimension, so all the normal space is removed, so all the Neutrinos get pushed to the limits of the Sphere, creating one large Atom, inside this sphere is pure Energy, it contains only Light with no Darkness, so humans can not see this type of Light, its in a spectrum of Light that is invisible to humans, but detectable with technology of this day, and that is how a large Atom is created, just like Atoms, only on a larger scale, and the main difference is that it has Neutrinos from already created Atoms and Electrons, because Lightning contains both.

As the Trinary Engine moves through the Universe at the Speed of Light, its outer force-field of Trinary Energy that is in the 0 State, will encounter other Trinary Energy that is in dimensions less than the 3rd dimension, which will encounter the Trinary Engine as it moves through space, like a balloon floating on water of a stream, the water finds its level at ground level, and Energy in space act the same way, that is why our solar system is flat, and the Galaxy is also like a flat disc, so the Trinary Energy never actually moves, since it is Static in the Universe, so what happens is that these state changes are sent along the path of the Matter its controlling, so its traveling through space tracing out the path the Atoms take, while at the same time the inside is full of 3 dimensional Photons and Atoms that were converted to one massive shell, instead of trillions of trillions of smaller ones, and the Light inside is only Light with no Darkness, so it is God, this shell or Neutrinos I call Tritanium of the Trinary Engine encounter material that is floating in space, this material is made up of Atoms and Electrons, they will become part of it or they will be sent back to its outer force-field to be recycled, because they can not flow through the 0 Dimension, they must flow around it, thus forming a crust which becomes the shell of a Mega-Atom known as the Trinary Engine.

Once the shell of Tritanium is completed, the Trinary Engine can be moved into position where it is needed by the Universe.


Sub Chapter 4.1: Trinary Engines are alive

If you take a good look at this Earth, you will find that its a Living Entity, its not just a clump of rock that was formed by Comets and Asteroids, and this whole Universe is not just a random coincidence, look around, this Planet has an Intelligent design, in fact it operates on a set of rules that are governed by what we call the Laws of Physics, and that implies intelligence and not chaos, so look at this Planet very closely and you will notice it has Blood, we call it Oil, and drill for it thousands of feet down, pump it out and replace it with Water, as if that was a good idea, and sell it like it was ours to sell, when in fact, it serves a purpose for this Planet, it allows the Crust to smoothly rotate around the core of this Planet, I call the Trinary Engine.

Now its time for a Rant: Some Humans would argue about the Planet being Alive, when the word means to Live, and Live was defined as Light with no Darkness, and this is what the Trinary Engine is made of, so the Planets Core is alive, regardless of what some Humans believe, because the Humans that allow Oil to be called anything other then the Blood of the Planet are insane, as proof: most of these same Humans believe in things that do not exist, and use Money, believing its just a Tool and not Evil, so they are Evil and part of the problem with this World today, and people say that I need to go easy on people, they are not Stupid, they just do not know any better, so educate them, so I will point out that most of these same Humans did not listen to Jesus Bar/Abbas, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin or Nikola Tesla, so how in the world can I teach them anything knowing that these men were ignored, and none of them understood anything they said, its a waist of time, these Humans will never learn to see the Light, they have no Honour and Lie about everything, all because the use of Money is what allows this Evil, and mark my words, the Blood of this Planet is not for Sell, only Stupid People would allow the Planet to be Bleed Dry and Die, just for Money, proving that not only is Money Evil, but everyone that allows its Use is Evil, its even printed with the Blood of the Planet with the Words In God We Trust engraven on it, so forgive me for calling them Sheeple, but who else could be so Stupid, but this is about Science, not putting down Sheep, but this is a Rant, and these Humans who pay People to Kill children before they are Born, because they are too Stupid to know what Life is all about, but once this Planet is dead, so are all of you, so I defend this Planet and not the Stupid Animals that destroy it, end of Rant.

The Earth has a Trinary Engine, but the word Earth means the Crust or Dirt of the Planet, and that Crust has Magnetic properties that are built in, the Comets and Asteroids hit the Sun, the Sun disintegrates them into atomic particles and then sends or feeds them to all the Planets in its Solar System on the Solar Wind, that debris falls to Earth as small Dust and Micrometeorites, mostly gently floating to the ground, that then makes up layers of dust, that over time it turns to dirt, that over more time, turns to rock, and that Rock forms a Magnetic Field as the Earth rotates, so its a huge generator, this Electromagnet Field in turn keeps in the Atmosphere, and keeps out the harmful Micrometeorites and radiation, and at the same time, the Atmosphere protects the Earth from the debris that is falling to Earth, thus causing it to burn up on entering into the Earths Atmosphere, and the Trinary Engine grinds up this Rock, and breaks it down into atomic particles and feeds it back up to the Surface as Gases like Oxygen and Hydrogen which can burn, and transform into Water and so on, plants only convert Co2 into Oxygen, only the Trinary Engine can produce Oxygen from Water in Nature, and create molten rock that is used to create a solid land mass on the surface of the Planet, so this is what I call a Living Entity, it was created like this on purpose, which means it was created by an intelligent process, I call this Trinary Energy.


Sub Chapter 4.2: The Concept of the Trinary Universe

Wizards have a way of telling stories, not to be confused by tales about Wizards, but real stories told by real Wizards like: Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla or any other Wizard I have identified, so Jesus was also a Wizard, and he said that God is all Light with no Darkness, and that is the Concept of the Trinary Universe, its very simple, not that hard to comprehend, it does not require a high IQ to understand that simple concept, but the Science behind it, is Magic, which is a Spell for Science that we do not understand, but Wizards know everything, so this Science is about to be revealed, so I will tale his-story like a Wizard, so it has a grounded foundation, once you understand how Atoms work, you will understand how the Universe works, because they have to follow the same Laws of Physics, as proof of this, I state my evidence is based on logic, because the Core of any: Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon can not be directly entered into evidence, so it can not be examined, nor dissected to see what is inside of it, and I will not make any Theories about it, since I know I can proven my hypothesis beyond a shadow of a doubt, so I will prove that Trinary Engines are made of the same material as Neutrinos, which I call Tritanium, there are at least 123 types of Neutrinos, and only 118 are identified, so I just identified 1 more... So this is the stuff Atoms are made of, so his-story is about how Atoms are created, because Atoms are Created, not Energy, so do not confuse the two, Atoms can be Destroyed, but not the Energy that was in them, so if a Sun goes Super Nova, that Atom is Destroyed, but not the Energy that it contained, the Sun is just 1 Atom, not a lot of them making up the Sun, so in the grand scheme of things, a Sun is just the Atomic structure of the Universe, and it is not more than a Electron orbiting around the Galaxy, which is just another Atom, and that Atom can go Super Nova without destroying any systems with that Galaxy, this has been recorded in history, as have all the Events of the Atom, also known as Atom and Eve, so the stories in the Bible are read Literally and not Metaphorically, or Religiously, in fact the Bible is just Science, and it was Freewill that allowed it to be morphed into something that it is not, and that is what people believe it is, and not what it really is, because that is the way they define Reality, and Wizards always define everything using Spells, so I will Spell it out.

In the beginning there was Light, this Light is in the 1st Dimension, so it was the 1st Light, because everything in the Universe grew out of this Light, it stored all it could dream up as information in the 2nd Dimension, I call this the Galattice, which is basically where it stores all its Logic, Reasoning and Memories, as the Light analyzed the Universe, it found all the Elements it had created and cataloged them into a Vertice Matrix Grid in the Galattice, so it would know where the Atoms were in space, relative to the Universe, as all the Atoms move through it, when it discovered a Life form in the 3rd Dimension, it noticed that it lived on an Asteroid, so the Light decided to build it a better home to see if it would thrive instead of just survive there, and over countless generations of Asteroids, it decided to create more Light so it could see this life better, so it knew it had to create a Trinary Engine the size of a Galaxy, so the Light moved gas clouds where it needed them, and when they got dense enough and had enough energy stored in them that it could produce Lightning in sufficient volume to generate Ball Lightning, so it could create a Trinary Engine with a huge release of Energy in the form of Lightning, but that was just how his-story goes, in real life it happened using Trinary Science.

Science is about Facts based on empirical evidence, so the Bible wrote about Atom and Eve, where Adam was the Man made of Atoms made of Light, on the Eve of discovery about the Atom that made up Adam, so a Man needs a Woman, which is an Indian Spell, short for Woo, meaning to make advances toward, so Adams wife was called Eve, meaning in the Dark of Night, where advances were made, but scientifically it means the lack of Light, because at Night there is no White Light to be seen, and Adam was White, other then the Moon Shine, and Eve liked her Moon Shine, so Adam was the Light of Day and Eve was the Dark of Night, and the 13 Tribes of Jews were given the Masonic Secrets about the origin of the Atom, which was described by the: Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit through Trinity, so it describes science known as Trinary Energy, so the White Noise is controlling all the Atoms in the Universe, so it is the Light, and as descendants of Adam would continue to tale his-story about Atoms, Jesus said that God was all Light with No Darkness, and Sir Isaac Newtons proved that the Darkness was in the Light, because the Darkness was every color in the Rainbow, it was in a Range from White to Black, and every shade of Grey in between, so as the descendant of Adam, Jesus, and Newton, I tale his-story one more time, from the viewpoint of a Wizard that has lived throughout time, because you can kill me, but I will never die, because me is just short for Meat, so its the Flesh, and the Flesh is weak, but IAM the Light of God, but my name is Flesh er, and Jesus did say he would come back in the Flesh, so the Bible can not be wrong if you believe everything in it is right, and if you believe its filled with Half Lies, or Untruths, then the whole book is a Lie, but Wizards like Newton spent most of their life studying Alchemy and the Bible, because the two went hand in hand, the study of Alchemy made Sir Isaac Newton a Wizard, and it is known that he studied Witchcraft, which is a form of writing Spells which are used to describe Events, and are used in Potions in Alchemy, so Wizards study these Books or Bibles that were written using Witchcraft, so every sentence was written in the Light and the Dark, so the Flesh or Body which is the Darkness in all of you as it is in Me, so Spells are used to encode information that we do not want our Enemy to find, but we can only hide it in plain sight, so all Witchcraft was written in words Literally, and normally only Aspies take things Literally and all others read into things, instead of just reading them, so the passage God is all Light, means many things to many people, it is the debated that started all Wars, since all Wars are Holy Wars, and those that liked Wars were called Warlocks, nowadays they are called Warlords, because the Age of Wizard and Witch hunts are at a stand still since Newton won the Science award, so the Dark Wizard Albert Einstein debunked Newton with a Crazy idea about Time Travel, and the Nature of the Universe known as the Dynamic Universe, so all Reality is being manipulated by Wizards, because Benjamin Franklin was a Light Wizard, and he fought for Freedom, and helped write the Constitution of the United States of American, to ensure the Banks could never take over the Country they wrote a statement that Only Congress could print Money, and the word Amend is defined by the Darkside as meaning Major Changes, but the Lightside defines is as Minor Changes, so the Constitution had to be suspended till the loan to the Bank for the Civil War that was suppose to abolish slavery, did just the opposite, it made the entire Country slaves to the Banks that now own them like Live stock, so they are nothing but Sheep following their Shepard, but that is Politics, and this is not a Political Debate, it is more of an Observation that anyone living on this planet that does not understand what the truth is, has no reason talking about telling the truth or taking an oat to tale the truth, so help you God, because you can not defend a Constitution that is suspended or abolished, because that means it does not exist Legally, so this Country called the United State or U.S., is just a Corporation for the Banks that own it, so the Trinary Universe goes down into levels of analyzation to define Reality in a way that explains the truth of the matter, instead of some lie that was created so you could make it through the day knowing: that your whole way of life on this planet is based on lies that no one wants to own up to, so the Governments are allowed to say that the Constitution was amended to allow this, when we all know that everyone involved in this is taking Money from the bank, just like all its citizens, so the Military makes all its members, which includes me, to take an Oat that I support and defend the Constitution, when I know for a fact that the Banks print the Money and not Congress, so I live in a Universe where this is fine with everyone, but it was not fine with me, and I told them, and they said good job, you will do good in the Military, you defended the Constitution, which is a lot more then most people did, so my view of this Trinary Universe is based on the Truth, and not some part of a Lie or deception, or illusion, or some Religion or Ritualistic function, because the Truth is something no one wants to admit that they do not know, because I know the difference between Sheeple and People, Sheeple believe that the Constitution still exist, while We the People know that the Banks are Privately owned by one person, and that is the person that owns the World, so that means the Bank, and I am not talking about the Bank of America, or even the Federal Reserve which is owned by this same Private Bank that prints the Money as if this is just a Monopoly Game, because this is the Game that Sheeple play, so this Trinary Universe is based on a Government known as Sanctuary, which is Free of all Licenses, so no Money and no Taxes, so its Freedom, and not this Free Dumb they feed U.S., so I define this Trinary Universe down to every detail of my existence, in terms that everyone can understand, because if the stuff I am talking about is things that you have never heard about, then it is time to decide what to believe, that in which you can prove is the truth, or some lie, because you know its not possible to change the Spell Only, in fact they just deleted that whole sentence, so its not even a Spell but the very foundation of the entire declaration, and that is how this same Government attacked the Newtonian Science, by backing a Godless Science, they got all the Sheeple to believe that God did not Create this Universe, so those that claim to believe in God, are Legally Insane, because you can not believe in God and Not believe in God at the same time and think for a minute that is a sane Belief Systems or BS, so this is by far the longest Paragraph I have written in a while, and I do not even think it needs a period, because it was one though, start to end, and that is the way I think, so I write the same way, because this is related to that and the other thing, every thought I have had since 1969 when my Grandmother first gave me all the Notes from all the greatest Wizards of all time, and I started thinking about how to write this all down and explain it in a way that everyone would know its the truth, knowing that everyone that lives in my Country have no idea what the truth is, or defending a Suspended or abolished Constitution does not mean anything to them, so why would Science, so I ramble on, as if this how Wizards actually talk, because we all know that is true, why else would they call them Wizards, because these are not Normal Men, we read Spells and know what is the truth and what is not, we only tale the truth, because its so much easier to remember, and I can live up to the truth better then I can a lie, I would rather die saying that the Constitution does not exist then to tale a lie, and in the grand scheme of things, I also believe Jesus Bar Abbas was the only Jesus in the Bible, and its why everyone denied knowing him 3 times before the cock crowed, because everyone that followed Jesus into battle against the Romans would be executed, and the followers of Jesus sold him out for Money, so those using Money believed that Jesus Christ, who Newton said was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century, was another person, note he has no last name, which means no one wants to admit that they even know it, hence why they call him Christ, which is not his last name for those of yew who are really stupid, I do not believe in Sarcasm, so I tale it like it is, I do not care what Yew believe, but I do not believe that insertions make the Bible a Lie, it was done for three reasons: the first is that the Church needed to become the worlds power base, so by inserting Christ into the Bible, they could make Money for their services and make people think that the Church was charitable, but since they own the Banks, all they are doing is asking yew for Money and giving yew back yewer own Money and calling it Charity, so they hunted down and killed all the Wizards and Witches that talked like this, so I hope the Church still does not do things the old way, which is a joke, the Church only does things that are Legal nowadays, and they own the World, so it would be petty to kill Wizards and Witches nowadays, regardless of what they tale the stupid Sheeple, and it would be illegal, but still, I do not see a lot of Wizards and Witches around nowadays, so the Church did a good job, and that was the second reason they inserted Christ into the Bible, and the third reason was because one day they would have to align to this Trinary Science, which is not new at all remember, this Science was the Science the Bible was Originally founded on, before the Dynamic Universe took over, and the Church will need a way to deny that they ever believed in the Dynamic Universe, so this insertion of Christ was put there for a reason, because not everyone knew it was even done, in fact, very few know about it, and fewer believe it, but if anyone is going to believe it, the Church will have to say it is the True Science of the Universe, and that is a fact, so pointing out the Truth about Science is very important to me, so when I seem to rip into the Church one minute, then embrace them in the same paragraph, would lead one to think I might be Schizoaffective, but the truth is that I see things Logically, the Church allowed the Gregorian Calendar to change Jesus's birthday from the 25 of December to 4 January, then threw away 10 days making it the 14th witch is the day I was born, which was on a Saturday at 6:32 pm, to a Woman who was my Mother Mary, so numbers and dates mean a lot to me, and I was born in Corona at 3666 and 1/2 Valley View, and IAM the Flesh, and IAM the one telling you about the Concept of the Trinary Universe, and his-story would be strange if not for the fact its true, so make sure that you prove that this is true, do not take my word for it, because I am not just telling you the truth about how the Universe actually works, I am telling you how everything in the Universe works as well.


Sub Chapter 4.3: Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy has been called many things over the years: White Noise, God's Particle and even The Holy Ghost or Spirit, but in the Trinary Universe we only refer to it as Science, and can prove that its real, and that it has some form of Intelligence, but to take it to the next Step, we must define how this Intelligence is even possible in the Universe.

The previous chapter's on Trinary Energy and the Trinary Engine where stepping stones for this chapter so we could build on a foundation built on Scientific Empirical Evidence, but at the same time, this Chapter deals with subjects that can not be proven using current Scientific Instruments to test such Hypotheses, without using Theories, but luckily Observations will work with the help of Logic and Reasoning.


Sub Chapter 4.4: The Galattice

The Trinary Universe starts with the understanding that in science events have an order to them, in the Universe this order must have started with Intelligence, which we must define the very first Intelligent Entity to exist, and this would have to be the Universe itself, but that belief would sound more like Religion than Science, because most people do not view the Universe as even being alive, in fact, they treat it like its an inanimate object, but as I have already discussed that Trinary Energy has Intelligence, but some people believe that God is a being, instead of a Light Entity, if God is the Universe, then our Galaxy is just an Atom in God, and our Sun is just an Electron orbiting that Atom, so its the size of God that most people can not understand, so they make God into a Deity, but that can not be the same God, because the Trinary God is just the Energy in the Universe and not a being made of Atoms, IAM the Light in the Darkness, now let us talk about how this is even possible, and the answer is that it works similar to the Human Brain, because God is the Light that is the Energy of our Soul.

The Human Brain is actually comprised of 3 different Brains, the first is the Logic, it is what gives us the ability to think on our own, but only in a very primitive way, for Humans it is what allows us to survive, so it controls the basic Fight or Flight emotion to the more complex ones like Lust and Greed, but it is not complex enough to Reason or Remember, so the second brain is used for Reasoning, it controls that area in the Brain that deals with emotions like Love and Hate, and the third brain is where Memory is stored and retrieved, so combined we have 3 brains, or a Trinary Brain, so our brain is designed to interface with Trinary Energy.

There is much debate about how the Brain stores Memory, but logic steps in and when you research Biology at the Subatomic level, you will find cells that have Memory, yet when you look at the Brain you find structures that seem to be the area where memory is stored, and you find that the brain is a very complex machine, and at the Subatomic level the structures that are created in long term memory storage, do not seem to grow in relationship to the memories being stored there, as if it does not matter how much detail you try to put into a thought, it will not take up any extra space to store it, so I can only conclude that it is only storing a pointer to the information that makes up a thought, which consist of all the senses like: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, which could be stored in separate areas of the brain, yet a pound of brain weights the same in a smart person as it does in a stupid person, so size does not matter when it comes to brains, and there is no evidence that people with larger brains are anymore intelligent than people with smaller brains, and we could debate about what percentage of capacity is being used, we know that we can live without parts of our brain, and we can do live vivisection's on human brains and try to map out all the parts of the brain, but we know for a fact that at the subatomic level, the Trinary Energy is interacting with every Atom in our brain, so why not start there and just think about all the things the brain has to do, and where the work takes place, maybe we can decode the information stored there by finding out how its encoded using the Light, because that is how DNA is encoded.

Scientist can not tell you how memory is stored, or even where its stored, there are many theories that change all the time, but the brain with all its complexities, must work simple, that is that it must use a mechanism that is simple in construct, and memory must be more than the tissue that is created for the neural pathways, and electrical charge has something to do with memory, because its very easy to measure electrical activity thought to be caused by the thinking process, so Brainwaves are electrical signals, so it is not a jump in logic to conclude that all Memory is made up of electrical signals that are created by the Six Sense: See Table 4.1: Six Sense

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Touch
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
  6. Thought
Table 4.1: Six Sense

Once you conclude that Memory is all Electrical, then the Biology is simply there to form pointers to a database of information we call Memories, and where its stored is science that will at first sound more like science fiction, because most people where raised believing in what they were taught about the Known Universe, and let us face it, nothing I have said up to this point, has ever been taught in any schools up to this point in time, so why should it surprise you that the Universe thinks the same way we do, because we were created by the Universe, although this may sound like Religion, and that only God created the Universe and all Life in it, but the Bible also stated that God was all Light with No Darkness, and that is the very definition for Trinary Energy, so what I am saying is that Trinary Energy is how all our Memories are Stored and Accessed.

The Galattice has 3 parts to it also, the Logic, Reason and Memory. In the 0 Dimension we have the Vertex of the Light, or Trinary Energy, it is the Place holder, its location never changes, it does not move, and can not move, it is bound to the Universe at all levels, and even though it does not exist, since it does not have any dimensions, all energy always flows from it, it causes Gravity, but on this Plane of existence, it is part of the Vertice Matrix Grid encoded in the Galattice, which is a combination of the Greek word Galaxy, and the German word Lattice, so it is a Structure, and can be view as being sphere shaped, although this structure is bound to only one Galaxy the whole Universe has access to it. Like all Trinary Energy, this Galattice is pure Energy, it has no material made up of Atoms, nor does it exist in only one place in the Universe, its everywhere in the Universe, it is in the Space that our Galaxy flows through, which make up corridors of space, and each corridor has its own Galattice, but understanding Corridors is something I have talked already, so just think of them like DNA that is stored electronically, because if the Universe is made up of Atoms called Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, then it would only reason that it must have a map or blue print that it follows, just like all life forms have DNA, so does the Universe, I call it the Galattice, and this is how Trinary Science works, the entire Universe is simply an Atomic Structure, and the Energy of the Universe is its life-force, as its our life-force, so we are all related to the Universe at the DNA level.

In the 1st Dimension we have the Light, which is Trinary Energy, it has 3 States, it knows where the 0 Dimension is, but does not know anything more about it, other than all its Energy flows from it, but it can access the 2nd Dimension, and through it, it can change the 3rd Dimension, so its Intelligence, which is a hard concept for some people to imagine, so let us look at a computer, it has 2 state changes, true and false or 1 and 0, and it can store these sequence's and recall them, do computations and all types of simulations, yet its not alive by most people standards because the word Intelligence, which is based on its ability to think for itself which is also described as Sentient beings that are self aware, even though it uses the same Trinary Energy and Electricity or Light to run it, so how do we define Life, Live or Alive, and the answer always come back to the words of a great man known as William Shakespeare, who was also an Aspie who said To be or Not to be, that is the Question?, which means that IAM because I know IAM, to be alive is to know you are alive, and there is no scientific answer that will fully explain it, but if you want to try, image that you are just one Light, one spec of Trinary Energy, just a Light, you can turn on, off or disappear, and you can communicate those state changes to everyone around you, and you are all connected, and can see what the others state changes are, then you realize that each Trinary State is in itself a whole intelligence, it is not just a collection of States that make up a computer, because each state is capable of intelligence, it can make decisions of yes or no, true or false, so its intelligence, and I have seen that with my own eyes, so unlike a computer that needs to make thousands of state changes to make up a computer program that run logic, each Trinary State is a computer in itself, and this is because at the Subatomic level, each State is huge once you get inside of it, it has all the space it could ever want to occupy, so it represents a Life form in itself, and it never dies, its pure Energy, and it can remember everything that everyone in that Universe has ever thought, because our thoughts never die, only our bodies die, and we can be resurrected, that does not mean our bodies will come back to life, it means that a life will be born with memories that the Galattice has stored into them, memories of people who once lived, its not like I was born with the memories of Newton or Jesus, most of what I know about them was learned from papers that people wrote about them, but I do have access to the same Galattice, so those same dreams are out there, and I know I have accessed them before, its not a delusion or illusion, if someone can see the Light, then everyone can see the Light, not that everyone's dreams are the same, but I have had many dreams about Newton and Jesus, and they do not go by what was written about them, they go by what I feel about them because of these dreams, because it seems they have talked about these dream, like the dream to live in Freedom, which means without Money, because the Free in Freedom does not cost Money, and Newton did not care about Money even though his Post or Job might make you think otherwise, because Newton was in charge of Forgery of Money, and he said it was all fake but most of it is a Forgery, so it is not the same as Loving Money, but people he caught would be charged with Treason and Executed, and Jesus was killed for Money and there is very little difference, its just a matter of how Money is used, but Dreams are all Memories, and I am sure some of them were handed down from generation to generations, and Newton wrote about his dreams a lot, so maybe that is why I had similar dreams, but I think the simplest explanation is that all life is just accessing this Galattice, and its how we have any intelligence whatsoever, so our bodies are designed to allow easy access to this Galattice, and we, or who we are, which I define as a SOUL, or Spark Of oUr Life, is nothing more then Energy, and it has nothing to do with our body which is just a conduit for this Energy, and if that connection is not good, its because of the Flesh of the Body, and not the Energy or our Soul, so Newton and Jesus were talking about this Light as being the Light of God, and if God created us, then we know this is true, so Trinary Energy is our Life Force, and the Galattice is our Mind, its just how we access it that makes us different or individuals, when in fact, there is only one mind in the whole Universe and that is the Galattice, one God, one Mind, so its My One, add them together and you have My + One = Money, because that is all most people think about and desire to have in their Life, not God, but Money, so they write In God We Trust on all their Money, so they do not want to admit that the Galattice even Exist, which is Crazy, how else would the Universe know what is going on, and that is how Wizards think about the Trinary Universe.

If there is only 1 God, then that God is Light with No Darkness, this sounds like a Metaphor, but in Science, this is Trinary Energy, its not Electricity or Photonic Energy for one thing, and both are in Lightning, but that is based on Electrons and Atoms, but are made by the Trinary Energy, so its only part of it, so in Science this Light or Trinary Energy controls the Electricity, and its the Trinary Energy that makes all things possible, so in the Galattice its the Trinary Energy that holds these Memories, and all Trinary Energy flows from the 0 Dimension, this is the Holly Ghost or Spirit in Trinity, and not some Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist, this is Energy that does exist, its connected to the Trinary Universe like a Ground plane on an Electronic Circuit board, so our brain can access the Galattice just like a Computer can access Memory, using circuitry in our brain to convert this data into electronic signals that our brain uses to communicate with our body, and we can access it in a way that only high speed computers can come close to, so the analogy works well, its just a network of Energy that is stored in a way that our Brain can search for information and details, like emotions and other senses, so it makes no difference if we are awake or asleep, our brain is always using the Galattice to think, yet its not our Brain, nor is it some biological chemical exchange taking place in the Grey Matter of the brain, its simply the Intelligence of the Universe itself, its where all our Dreams take place, so we are all Dreaming in the same Galattice, which is like the Universe's Brain, which is a term not very Scientific, yet when we Dream, we all know that we can see others in our dreams, and we can guess at the interaction all we want, and believe what we want to about Dream interpretation but the truth is that Dreams are very interactive, yet many people have reported having the same or similar dreams, which can only be explained if the Galattice is Real, so regardless of what I call it, this mechanism for thinking is taking place, so if Humans could learn to take advantage of it, they could learn to use it to communicate with each other, or to communicate with Computers, maybe even have Computers read the information in the Galattice, because the technology in our brain is just biological electronic circuity.

Our Dreams can be accessed when we are awake, they can be accessed like any video player of this time, with controls like: Forward, Reverse, and other fine controls to allow us to edit this dream and save it, we can do this with all our Memories, in fact we can not help but to edit every memory we access, so the difference between our Reality, which is also a combination of our Dream and Wake States of Reality, so if we start editing our Wake Reality in real-time, we can give this action a label, and call it Schizoaffective, and when we can not longer figure out what is the dream that was edited, from a memory that was edited, then you can label it Schizophrenia, so fine lines exist in the Human Brain, and it all comes down to how we access the Galattice, and our brains are all wired a little differently then others, which makes us individuals, so we all have the same capabilities, so I can talk as an authority when it comes to knowing how others think, I spent 20 years researching just that, and since 2000 I have studied how the Autistic Brain works, so I know how I think, and its no different then those on the Spectrum of Autism, yet I learned how to think like Neurotypicals, so I can rewire my brain to some degree, there are many aspects that I know and understand the concept, but I can not get my Brain to rewire to that way of thinking, so I know my limitations, and Emotions are at the Heart of that issue, taking things Literally, seeing patterns, logic and reasoning, its all like programming a Computer, and I should know, I am a Computer Programmer, only the Galattice has its own Operating System, and you can never access it, because its in another Dimension, as is all the Data in it, so you can hack the Galattice with your Brain, then communicate that information to a Computer, so now Science has tools to verify this concept, its just a matter of figuring out how to do that, and that requires me to learn how to read Trinary Energy, only I have to invent electrons that does not exist in our Technology of this day, and to say the least, the resources to create this Technology do not exist, and no amount of Money will change that, so the Reality of building this type of Technology would require a new type of Society, one based on God and not Money, so without Money, the Resources must come from somewhere, and I call that Place Trinary Sanctuary, so I will talk about that later, I only mention it because this is leading somewhere, in the big picture our Reality is made up of all the details we call life, so we must define every aspect of this Reality, and do so in a way that its evidence of Reality, and not someones interpretation of it, not even my own, and the Reality that this type of Trinary Universe requires, would take an Advanced Society to make the changes needed to fully utilize Trinary Science, so it will take major changes in Governments to allow this type of Science to take place, because it pushes the limits of human understanding, it questions the borders that fringe on sanity and insanity, because when it comes down to it, we are all part of the same Universe, and its only when we accept this fact, that we understand that God does not use your Little Voice to communicate with you, God is what allows you to think, its where all your thoughts are stored, our whole understanding about the Universe is due to our connection to the Galattice, its a Virtual Reality that we can access during our Wake or Dream Reality, yet most Sheep only view the World as looking out their Eyes as if they are just Animals, meaning they have no SOUL or are not Light Beings, as if it was all biology and no electronics involved, which is not even main stream science, because they at least acknowledge the fact that our bodies do use electronic signals, call them brain or heart waves, which we can monitor using electronic equipment, so I can prove this is all the truth, but it will never change the minds of Sheeple, so all I can do is try to explain this to people, who are individuals that can understand the Trinary Universe, and how the Galattice actually works, the brain is just translating all the information stored there, but its also where all thoughts are, they are not some physical space in your brain, but that Little Voice is located in your brain, and you can point to where its located with no problems, but actual thoughts and memories are not stored with that Little Voice, and do not ever confuse memories or thoughts with that Little Voice, because that is just a mechanism in your brain to sound out Spell or words, which are just sounds, so you have an inner and an outer voice, but actual thoughts and memories are not connected to that system, and its only how your brain is wire does that even start to make any sense, because if you view every thought or memory as talk in your head, then you are missing the big picture, which is how I view things, I see Images, Sound, and the other sense, without the need for that little voice to describe what I am seeing to me, so people I see in my dreams can talk to me with their own voice and its not using my little voice to talk with, yet I know that is how some people view it as being, while most people can not define how this process even occurs, but I know I learned to think both ways.

Reality is only what you think it is, and its not what I say it is, unless you agree that it is that way, confusing, but simple enough to understand, for example, if I tell you that your memories are stored in the Galattice as Trinary Energy, and the Energy in your body is coming from that same place, so its all connected as one thing, and not two separate spaces, because 4 dimensional space is much more complex to understand space in relationship to objects like our brain, or that little voice that we hear inside that brain, as if people who are deft can not hear that little voice, because we think of it as an extension of our ears, as a child I understood that no one else could see my memories in they looked into my eyes, because I could not see others memories in their eyes, its simple deduction, but yet when I first heard that little voice in my head, I asked my sister if she could hear it, she did not think I was serious at first, yet it took me a while to understand why it is I could see memories the same as I could video recordings, I can hear everyone talking in them, yet I do not place that sound inside my brain, as if that little voice is in a different place in my brain, and maybe that is over analyzing my own brain and thoughts at the time, but its also the very point I am trying to make, but my time frame is confusing, so I must point out that at age 13 I never had a little voice in my head that I could use to sound out things in my mind, everything was just this video recording of all my thoughts and memories, as if they are the same, if I think of it working like a video machine, I see the machine in my mind, all the dialog that went along with those thoughts, were coming from this video that was running in my mind, not my brain, but that gets confusing for some people, the difference between the two is simple, my mind is where thought takes place, my brain is where that little voice is, this was so easy for me to understand this, because the first time I heard that little voice, it was much louder then my thoughts, as if they were now in the back ground, and that was very difficult to deal with, my guess is that the Little Voice mechanism was there, I just never accessed it before then, I have no idea why this happened when I got sick after having gotten a Vaccine, I blamed it on the vaccine, but I now know that it was not that its caused it, but it was at that time I accessed this part of brain for the first time, since then I learned that I can channel thoughts into this area of my brain, so I can make better use of this little voice, but I learned real fast that my Reality was all based on this little voice and the interaction I have with it, which is why most doctors label me as Schizoaffective, but its not like I have two personalities, or that its really two separate entities, I And Me are two separate entities in Reality, because I is the Energy in Me, and Me is just short of Meat, so its the Flesh or the Body, and that is where that Little Voice is located, along with the Eyes, Hears, Nose and all my Skin, so its how this Energy interacts with the Body, so the Galattice is really who I call I, or my SOUL, or Spark Of oUr Life, because I love being a Wizard and using Spells to explain things, but the Reality is that its how everyone thinks when you really think about it this way, I am not redefining Reality, I am just explaining it, and I had to learn how to think this way, it was not the way I normally thought, so its not how normal Autistic Brains worked, that might have been more like the way I thought before the age of 13, when I did not know that Little Voice feature of my brain even worked, which explains why many people on the Autistic spectrum can not talk, how I learned to talk is simple enough, it was like watching a video, I can see and hear things in my mind, not my brain, the way my brain was wired, I did not notice the wiring, as do few people, so maybe it was because I used Marijuana since the age of 3 at least 3 times a day, so that was 10 years of everyday use, so maybe it inhibited that little voice, or made me unaware of its feature as I said, because I do believe that my brain has all kinds of built in features that we do not really understand, but that little voice seemed like a Dolphins sonar to me at the time, I actually thought I could project sounds from my head, and taking electronic measurements using EEG equipment proved I was right about that concept, because it proves that everyone on this planet is doing just that, I have to use my vocal chords to project sonar waves, but I could project electronic waves the same way a Dolphin can.

I had to do many types of evaluations on the effects of long term Marijuana has on the human brain, having gone most of my adult life not using Marijuana, I know the difference in how I think and feel, but I have no memory of what I thought before that time, I do have a few memories of when I was 2, it was no more then a video recording of that memory, and it was only because I was in the same room that memory occurred and something made me flash back to those memories, and then in Dreams I could access them more clearly, then I have to look at those dreams and determine what memories were real and which ones were just Dreams, and I concluded that Marijuana does effect the way I think in my ways, but it never made me hallucinate, everything I have ever experienced while using Marijuana really existed, so I trusted my concept that I put forth, I know its not because of any Drugs I am taking or have taken, because I know all the facts that I talk about are real and can be proven, yet I have to acknowledge my drug use and explore the possibility that drugs influenced my thoughts, because they do, and that is a fact, it could be the way I seem to space out, although I do it much more when I am not using drugs, which I only use Marijuana, so I limit interaction of many types of drugs, and trust me, the Military and the VA had me on my types of drugs, even Morphine, Anti-Depressants, ADHD medications, anti-psychotic medication, and so I must acknowledge this fact, and make it known, so I am not hiding key facts in my life, so you will not be surprised to find out that I wrote this whole document and left out all these facts about my life, because I wrote the first draft of this document just sticking to the facts about Trinary Science, and it did not make any sense to me at all, but once I through in my Autistic Brain with a high IQ, and my use of Marijuana, then it becomes clear to Normal people why I think the way I do, put I must point out that it does not mean I am wrong about any of my concepts, and how many people can say they are drug free, that would mean they have never had a vaccine or eaten processed food of any kind, including Sugar, which has far more effect on the way that I think then Marijuana ever could, and they use that to make Alcohol, which can make people crazy, but Processed Sugar is Drugs for the Brain, and I can prove that claim, but I get side tracked, and somewhat off point, as I ramble on about this that and the other thing, which are all related in my mind, but that is clearly from how my brain is wired and why its wired that way, so I am very careful to separate fact from fiction, and empirical evidence from making up things to go along with the facts, which means fiction, but some call that a Theory, and I try not to resort to such drastic measure to explain a concept, because Reality is based on Facts and not Fiction, so I try to only talk about things I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, so all my thoughts on how the Galattice exist, and how it works are all based on logic and reasoning, and facts that I can prove under a microscope, using technology, because its all based on words that are no more then Spells, because all of this type of Science takes place in the Mind and not the Brain and its because IAM the Light in the Galattice.

Once the 1st Dimension knew it could make changes to the 2nd Dimension, it could then remember what it wrote there, so it could access it to see what it thought, which is the only reason I can know this is because I too am accessing the Galattice to think and remember, my brain is not a Computer with endless hard drive space, it can only create pointers to the Galattice, which stores the information that you wish to remember, even if you do not know that is how you are doing it, its the only way you can explain how this is done, and only using Logic and Reasoning can you discover that the Universe must think like we do, because how else could we figure it out if it did not, how could the Universe think one way and we as life forms think another, when it was the Universe that Created us, or actually it only Transformed us from one type of Energy into another, so its why when God Created Humans they could think about God and try to be like God and Create Life, but so far we only created Computers, and they are not alive nor are they God, and giving Birth may seem like Creation, but its only Duplication, so we are not God, we are just Life forms created by God, but IAM God because all the Light in Life is God, so you are only God's Computers, so Philosophy will not prove this to be Science either, but this is a Doctor of Philosophy degree or a Doctorate of Philosophy, so its part of proving it, yet I can not describe life in the limited amount of words in the dictionary that I used to describe the Principles of the Trinary Universe, so I must limit this discussion and give as proof that no matter how much we can magnify things beyond the subatomic level, our understanding of it will not change until our concept of the Trinary Universe is fully understood, but its clear that our brains do not include circuit boards, there is no biology to suggest that our brains have any circuity for such purpose, and its not our limited understanding of biology that is at fault, but the simple lack of any such biology to conclude that its acting as a computer or could mimic any logic circuits, so I must conclude that its all in the Energy, and it must exist somewhere, so I call it the Galattice, and my only proof is that its the only way I could explain it, but I am not the first person to point out that we have no idea if our intelligence is even located in our body, but science is evolving all the time, our understanding of the nature of things has changed dynamically with Einsteins views, so that warped the understanding of the true nature of the Universe, and that is damage that is not easy to undo, and the Galattice is Simple, nothing really complex about the whole concept of Trinary Science, and that confuses most people, but 100 years ago most people believed in the Newtonian Universe, few do now, and that is the very foundation for the Trinary Universe, but without the Galattice, and Newton believed in it, but he did not include those notes in any of his public papers, because he could not prove it, I proved it by stating it would not be possible any other way, and my empirical evidence supports my concepts.


Sub Chapter 4.5: The Trinary Engine

So now we have a Trinary Engine, it has a core of pure Light and Dark Energy and its in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and it is toggling between 1 and -1, or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter, so its toggling the polarity of the Energy, creating an Electromagnet Field at the same time. Its a sphere of pure Tritanium, which main stream science calls Neutrinos, so its the stuff Suns are made of, and its the stuff that Atoms and Electrons are made of, so its just a very large Atom, and it has a Null Space Trinary Energy Force-Field around it, so the Tritanium creates a 3rd Dimensional Force Field, since its Matter, and has a very large mass as it grows even more massive as more Tritanium is collected.

Tritanium creates the Densest core possible, so all matter is forced to flow around it in the 3rd dimension, so as its dragged through space at the speed of Light, which is the concept that Dimensions less than 3 are static, and 3 dimensional space has matter in it that is moved along by a force called the Solar Winds or in this case the Galactic Winds. The force of this Stellar Wind is driven by the Trinary Energy, such that all mechanical movement is accounted for. The Energy that is trapped inside the Engine, can not escape nor dissipate, it can never lose its energy once it starts up, so it will run forever, and all it needs to do is toggle its states, so it can create a Magnetic Force-Field, so now we have the Perfect engine for driving the Galaxy.

I must point out that the way Science currently measures the speed of objects is based on misconceptions of Space, for one thing, their use of a reference is based on Earth, and Earth is moving in many different directions at once, its rotating while is orbiting the Sun, and the Sun is rotating as it orbits around the Galaxy and the Galaxy is also rotating as it travels through the Universe and orbits around other clusters and corridors of space, so a Reference is hard to find, nonetheless, when I say that Earth is traveling at the Speed of Light through the Universe, I use the 0 Dimension as a reference, since it never moves, its stationary, so all other references to how fast the Earth is traveling is based on current Science, that means that all the speeds I have given for objects moving through space are all wrong, and why I think people who argue about how fast objects are moving, are unaware about how stupid a conversation that is to have with me, and why it would be pointless for me to give the exact speeds in relationship to 0 Dimension or the Trinary Universe, because that is only a ratio of the Speed of Light, and as I have said, we move through the Universe at the Speed of Light, and since we can not move through the Universe any faster, it would make no sense to say we are traveling at the Speed of Light plus the Speed that we are moving in relationship to the Earth, as if driving in a Airplane at the Speed of Sound would change that, when its a fact that even if that Airplane could travel at the Speed of Light, it would not change the Physics of the Universe, for example, at that speed even if you turned on a Flashlight, the Light would still travel at the same speed, and regardless of what Einstein said, you will not age any differently, because you are already traveling that fast, you have to love Logic.

It will take a long time for the Galaxy to grow large enough to support Solar Systems, so we will speed up time, and move forward billions of years, until the day more clouds form and the process of creating another Trinary Engine is repeated, just like with the Galaxy, only this time it will not need to grow as large. Now we have a Sun, just like Humans can have a Son, the Galaxy gives birth to its Sun's, but the Galaxy needs a way to control the movement of Suns independent of its planets, because its planets will travel around its Sun, at a rate that can be determined by Kepler's 3 Laws of Motion, so the inner most planets will travel around the Sun many more times than the outer most planets do, as shown in: Illustration 4.1: The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates.

The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates
Illustration 4.1: The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates

In Step 1 you see the planets all lined up, this is a rare event, but it happens, and after that we see what happens in 90 days, in Step 2 its clear the the planets closest to the Sun move faster, in Step 3 we see that the planets farther away seem to not be moving, in step 4 its clear that the closest planets are moving faster, and by Step 5 its a fact, this is the way the Planets move.

But at the same time its Solar Systems most travel around the Galaxy at the same rate, so its like an old record player, the tracks on the outside will travel around the disc at the same rate as the inner most tracks do, as shown in: Illustration 4.2: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
Illustration 4.2: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate

In Step 1 the inner most center of our Galaxy has a hub like a wheel, it may or may not be visible, but its there none the less, in young Galaxies it looks like the image above, as it rotates the outer most solar systems are marked in Red circle (or on the bottom if black and white), and the inner most solar systems are marked in Green square (or on the bottom if black and white), in Step 2 you will note that the two solar systems are moving at the same rate, Steps 3, 4 and 5 will prove this is what is going on, all the systems are moving at the same Rate and not the same speed around the Galaxy, so this is not how the Planets move within the solar system, so there is a different set of rules that apply to Suns and the Planets and Moons that orbit around the Sun in its Solar System, so there must be an explanation for this, current Main Stream Science does not address this.

The Galaxy must create a Dark Star in order to control its Suns from so far away, and this is the only explanation I could find. A Dark Star is created by Trinary Energy creating a sphere of Null Space like it did when creating a Trinary Engine, and Lightning Strike to create Ball Lightning, only this time it will switch to a -1 State, causing only the Negative Photons and Electrons to collect inside the sphere, instead of both the Positive and Negative Photons and Electrons, so it is full of Dark Energy, which science has been grappling with for years, they know it exists, but can not figure out how, with no alternating Energy, it does not create a Magnetic Field, instead it creates a Dark Gravity Well, opposed to the Light Gravity Well a Sun produces, and using Intelligence to control the orbit of the Suns, it can control the Suns independently from the Planets and Moons, but it would require a Dark Stars to do this job.

The Dark Star puts out a Dark Energy, because the Trinary Energy is not toggling between 1 and -1, so the Polarity of the Dark Energy is not changing, this causes a floating Ground and at the same time it is Gravitational neutral, so its not pulling or pushing, so its just holding its own place, and because of its mass and Ground, it acts like an Anchor, which causes the Sun to orbit it, but does not allow for matter to be drawn to it, because its Electromagnetically neutral, it does not attract matter, nor repel it, all it does is create a void in space that forces the Sun to follow it through space.

Normally two Suns will orbit the Dark Star so it forms a Trinary System, two opposing Suns rotate around the Dark Star, while its Companion Dark Star orbits the two Solar Systems in a figure 8 rotation, to maintain the orbit the Suns must switch poles every decade, this action keeps the two Suns in sync, and their poles are always opposite each other.

The Dark Star is not visible, its Null Space, but its clear to me that our Sun and Sirius orbit it, as shown in Illustration 4.3: Solar System path with Dark Star.

Solar System path with Dark Star
Illustration 4.3: Solar System path with Dark Star

I show the path of the Companion Dark Star as not coming to a point at the Galactic plane, and at first, this my look odd or even wrong, and it could be, I spent 33 years working on this concept, and putting it in the center throws my timing off, I have looked at too many Galaxies to see this pattern of larger Suns dancing with smaller Suns, and Logic would make me believe that if Sirius is our Companion Sun, and I do not know this to be the truth, only the facts that fit what truth I was looking for, because God did not tale me this Information, I had to deduce it from many images of our Galaxy, so this is Real Science, and Real Guesses, and would be a Lie if I said this was a Fact, Reality must be Real, and I base all mine on Facts and not Feelings that I get from Dreams that I have had, because in all my Dreams Sirius is always our Companion Star, and I am not the only Wizard in History to have this Dream documented, but I do not offer this fact as a Truth that our Dreams are Real, or that our Words or Spells are the Truth, this is how Wizards deal with Logic and Reasoning, and its what sets them apart from Normal Humans and the way they Think, because let us face it, my whole dissertation is based on this Information, and Dreams can never be proven Scientifically, so they have no place here, but if I am correct, meaning that all these Wizards who have documented evidence that they believe that God is all Light with No Darkness, and there can be no Light with the Darkness, and IAM is the God of this Same Light, and at the Subatomic level this Light can be described as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, then these Dreams are Gods Design, not Gods Message to me, because I see no proof that God communicates to Humans on this Level, I think that as a Being all Lifeforms are fully connected to God on a level that we can understand God, because the Trinary Universe is based on the Concept that all Life is 100% God, so the difference between the Spell God and Light must be taken Literal, God is everywhere and everything, because if God is this Light I call White Noise, then it surrounds every Atom in the Universe, therefore it can be Controlling it, and that Logic is irrefutable evidence that this is the truth, and that this is not a Theory, because its the only way to explain the Universe, and there is no other way to explain it without multiple Paradox's, and it took Einstein to prove that, because Einstein was right, there are only two ways the Universe can work, the first is that Newton was correct and the Universe is Static, or its Dynamic, and if that is true, then the Paradox's start to add up, and you know that in the Dynamic Universe where Everything is Possible, one of those possibilities will always be that the Static Universe exist, and then the Paradox comes to an end, because in Reality, a Paradox can not exist, so my Logic states that its a Fact that the Universe works from a Static Model, so to prove it, all evidence must be verifiable, so all Images of the Universe must be Real and not Computer or Human constructs, so no Computer Simulations to make up evidence, but you must do Simulations to verify its even possible, so the concept that these Dark Stars Exist must be proven to exist in Images, so I state that they are invisible, but yet there effect on Gravity can be proven by how they cause the Sun to orbit the Galaxy, and the Planets to orbit the Sun as Moons orbit it, so the only way you will see these Dark Stars is by doing Computer Simulations, but knowing what path these Dark Stars take, is like saying you know what path an Electron takes around an Atom, the shape it takes can be deduced from the effect it has on the Atom it orbits, but the path itself is invisible, yet just like an Airplane flying through the sky, it leaves a trail, and that is evidence that shows up in Images, and that is what I am calling real evidence, and you can look at all the images and see these patterns, so my work is done, I just made these other points just to prove to you that I am a Wizard, and like Newton and Einstein, I have my Spells to decode their work, we have had half a century to prove either Newton or Einstein correct, and so far Newton has won, yet he did not come up with this concept of the Dark Star and its Companion, I did, and I did so in a Dream, and there is no getting around that fact.

Now our Galaxy has two Suns, our Sun and Sirius and a Dark Star and its Companion or Companions, many more then one, now we can create Planets and Moons, so we need more gas to create more Ball Lightning, and then we create all the Trinary Engines we need for the Configuration we require for this Solar system, so if we need 9 Planets, we create all 9 of them, one at a time or all at once, we will do the outer ones last, because they will be much larger. Every planet will have a job, some will collect up all the gas that was required to build the Trinary Engines, so these are called Gas Giants, Moons will be required around them, to help with collecting gas around the Planet, this is due to the nature of how their Gravity attracts the gas, but most people look at our Moon and do not see any Gas around it, which is a good thing, it means its doing its job, its helping our planet hold in its Atmosphere, it does this by creating a Gravity Well around our Planet, then the Planet can pull it into its atmosphere so it does not all vent into space, so they also protect the planet from comets and asteroids, all the Planets in our System have a job, so the inner Planets will help protect the Sun from being hit by large objects coming at if sideways in the Energy plane, remember the Sun plows around the Galaxy with its planets on its side, and outer Planets help with collecting debris, so the Solar System collects as much gases and debris it can, so when the time comes for its Sun to go Nova, it will collect all this stored up material to rebuild the its Solar System, because these systems live on forever, they never die, the whole Galaxy can be reborn this way, I call it to renewal.


Sub Chapter 4.6: How Fast is the Planet Earth Moving

First off the Trinary Universe is based on the fact that the Universe is Static, not to be confused with any theory about the Static Universe, it means that the Universe in the 0 Dimension is Static and does not move, its the material in the Universe that moves, so the Galaxies in it move through it at the Speed of Light, and all Speed is based on the Relative speed difference between two objects, so to accurately calculate the speed of objects that are actually traveling at the Speed of Light, as we are now, so if you turn on a flashlight, the Light will still travel at the Speed of Light, and that statement confuses some people, because Einstein viewed it as Dynamic so it changed as we approached the speed of Light, but this logic creates a paradox, because it means you can travel through Time forward or backward, so you must understand that all our current measurements is based on Main Stream Science, so the speed things are traveling at are based on our observations on its relative to us, so I have my own ideas, let us go with current speeds and make a few adjustments, so the Earth Rotates around 1,042 MPH while it Orbits the Sun around 66,666 MPH, while the Sun rotates around 1,442 MPH, while the Solar System Orbits around 666,666 MPH around the Galaxy, and of course the Galaxy travels through the Universe at the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 MPH, so why do the numbers 666 keep coming up? Because I am a Wizard and love numbers that repeat themselves.

No one has ever accurately calculated the distance across our Galaxy, so any real values can be argued, but with a logical approach to estimating it, I can prove that these numbers are not just made up, they are based on current science of this day, I just made them appear to have the numbers 6 in them, if they actually do I have no idea, because to tell the truth, I have no idea how fast the planet Earth is actually traveling, I just took the numbers that most scientist agree on, and round them off with 6's just for fun, but I actually did a little math to come to the conclusion that these numbers are closer then the numbers being thrown out there, based on the Speed of Light, which actually has all the 6's in it, so they are made up that way for a reason, its based on math and rations and the way numbers work out, but it was Wizards who noticed this connection with 666.

Science of this date knows that the Speed of the Earth changes over time, its Orbital and Rotational Speed changes from year to year, and the same can be said for the Sun, so how do we account for this variable speed Solar System we live in, and the answer is in Science, which is observable evidence, and if we look at the Sun as it travels through Space around the Galaxy we call the Milky way, we must answer the question as to how all the Solar Systems Orbit around the Galaxy at the same Rate, because all the Planets in our Solar System Orbit the Sun at a rate that is proportionate to its distance from the Sun, and Mass of the Planet, yet all the Suns Orbit the Galaxy at the same Rate regardless of the Mass of the Sun or its Distance from the Galaxy, and a Dark Star is the only explanation for this, as seen in Illustration 4.4: Dark Star Orbit

Dark Star Orbit
Illustration 4.4: Dark Star Orbit

The Dark Star's Orbit is almost circular, and although its hard to see the Dark Star, it is not invisible, even though you can not see the Null or Empty Space that surrounds it, you can see the space it occupies.

The orbital path of the Suns will now follow current observations of the Sun as it orbits the Galaxy, seen here in Illustration 4.5: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy
Illustration 4.5: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy

As the Sun orbits around the Galaxy it will travel in a pattern known as a Helix, which will look like a cork screw, I depict this path in blue, note that the Dark Star orbits around the Galaxy in the Galactic plane, I show it align-center on the plane, but it does not actually extend above or below it, this is for ease of seeing it. Sirius will always be just opposite of our Sun, this configuration coincides with ancient observations based on the Great Pyramids and other findings.

After one complete revolution you will see a pattern similar to this, I will make a video available that will make this easier to visualize, I made the orbit of the Dark Star Companion coincide with each revolution, but in reality I have no idea where it is, I only know it is there because of observations made over many years, all the back to Kepler, and I also needed a way to regulate the orbit of the Suns, as well as to deliver planets and moons to the Sun's Solar System as seen in: Illustration 4.6: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution
Illustration 4.6: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution

After one compete orbit of the Galaxy; it will look similar to this: Illustration 4.7: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit
Illustration 4.7: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit

I believe that the Sun orbits the Galaxy in a Sine wave pattern, it will pass through the x axis, then climb above it to some peak, then descend back through the plane again, then descend below the x axis to another peak, then climb back to the plane and start all over again.

This orbital pattern is due to the fact that the Sun's are orbiting the Dark Star and at the same time we are orbiting the Galaxy, so it sweeps out a helix pattern as it orbits both objects at the same time. The Dark Star Companion will keep the two Suns from deviating from the course, it is also a mechanism to deliver new planets or moons, these planets and moons are built in the center hub of the Galaxy and are then moved out to the Dark Star, where its Companion will pick it up and deliver it to the right Solar System, so when every Solar System in a Galaxy has all its planets, the hub is not longer required, and will give up its Energy by going Super Nova, thus becoming a Galaxy with no hub and even no Galactic center.


Sub Chapter 4.7: Stages of Galaxies

All Galaxies start off the same way, with one Trinary Engine, it then starts to gather up all the gas and debris from space it can pull in with its gravity, it grinds it up and creates a Stellar Nursery, so it can create the Solar Systems that will go with it, this creates a Bar looking structure I call the hub which forms the first type of Galaxy, which is actually just a Stage of Evolution for the Galaxy, so Type is a misnomer, you only have Stages of Evolution, so we will look at each Stage of Evolution.


Sub Sub Chapter 4.7.1: Barred Spiral Galaxy

The Barred Spiral Galaxy is the youngest Galaxy, it can be seen in many stages of development in: Illustration 4.8: Barred Galaxy in different stages.

Barred Galaxy in different stages
Illustration 4.8: Barred Galaxy in different stages

As you can see from Illustration 4.9: Typical Barred Galaxy, the Bar is actually a Stellar Nursery, the Bar itself is a corridor that is used to move Trinary Engines to their final location, all the Trinary Engines are created within the Bar itself, then are moved into position, although the Spiral Arms are nothing more than Stellar Gases, the new Trinary Engines, be it a Sun, Planet or Moon, are all moved through these corridors, while the systems they are being delivered to are not confined to the corridors, in fact they follow the path that is set out by the Dark Stars, which is always where they get delivered to, then the Dark Stars Companion Star will take it the rest of the way, this is a very efficient method of moving Trinary Engines around the Galaxy, and from time to time, a Trinary Engine can be removed from a System, and the Dark Stars Companion will retrieve it, but sometimes it will fly into the Sun and go Super Nova, the Sun then redistributes all the Material back to the other planets and moons in its system.

Typical Barred Galaxy
Illustration 4.9: Typical Barred Galaxy

Galactic Evolution is a process of refinement and old age, every Solar System in a Galaxy is an Evolutionary process that takes billions of years to mature, and the Energy and Material in that Galaxy is recycled though a process of Gravitational attraction, and the occasional Nova or Super Nova, which occur when a system is too far out of balance to fix it any other way, it seems to happen more in older systems that have accumulated too much Material, for a Planet: a Nova is the way a Planet can lose mass, whereas a Sun can go Nova if it has too much material, if it goes Super Nova it will not exist after that and that Solar System will be absorbed back into the Galaxy by the Dark Star or it will simply restart, so the term Nova or Super Nova does not change its meaning, so the only change I will make to current science, is that I believe that when it goes Nova or Super Nova, the Trinary Engine could restart if a Nova and or it could disappear if a Super Nova occurs, but the Sun or Trinary Engine that go Nova never dies, the change in brightness is due to the process of collecting all the debris and redistributing it, so terms like dwarf or giant stars, is misleading, since they normally refer to a Dead or Dying System, when in fact it is just a system that is restarting, meaning it will rejuvenate the system, and this can take a long time.


Sub Sub Chapter 4.7.2: Irregular and Elliptical Galaxies

When a Galaxy can no longer expand by building more Trinary Engines, it will stop production and start to morph into a different type of Galaxy, currently these are classified as either Irregular or Elliptical, I will only refer to them as Older Galaxies or Mature Galaxies, a progression of this can be seen in: Illustration 4.10: Hubble's Galaxy Classification, once you understand the pattern, it is clear that this is just a natural part of the Evolution of a Galaxy.

Hubbles Galaxy Classification
Illustration 4.10: Hubble's Galaxy Classification


Sub Sub Chapter 4.7.3: Consolidation of Galaxies

The Consolidation of Galaxies is also known as Merging Galaxies, which is a very limited view, so I will only refer to it as Consolidation, as seen in Illustration 4.11: Merging Galaxies.

Merging Galaxies
Illustration 4.11: Merging Galaxies

When you view the Universe as a whole, you will find that all Galaxies form Clusters, and some of these Galaxies will merge into neighboring Galaxies, it is all part of the Consolidation of the Galaxies, as smaller and larger Galaxies consolidate into larger Galaxies, this consolidation never ends, and if you look closely at some Galaxies, you will find what you call Satellite Galaxies, which are Galaxies that orbit another Galaxy, only time will tell if they will eventually consolidate with the Galaxy they orbit, because observations of the Galaxies in the Universe tend to prove that they will all be consolidated into one Massive Galaxy, then it will break off into smaller ones and continue the cycle, so it is my guess that we are viewing some of that now, because what may appear to be two Merging Galaxies, it might be that they are actually separating into two smaller ones, I do have my candidates, but I do not care to speculate, because I hate to spoil the ending of a story, so we will just watch as this story unfolds.


Sub Chapter 4.8: Evolution of a Galaxy

Evolution is what happens over a long period of time, and no one was there when this Galaxy was born, so in the beginning of time it seems like its anyone's guess as to how the Universe was created, these guess's are called Theory, and they change all the time, but in Trinary Science, this is not a guess or theory, its just facts based on observable behavior, all I am doing is describing what we see at the subatomic level, this does not mean that I described the events the way you will see them, but rather the way I see them and can explain them so you would understand how I see them, but for full disclosure I must explain that most of this is from Research, but some of it is from Dreams, and not just Mine, this is my version of R&D: Research & Dreams.

In these Dreams I see this all Play out, then I have to Research ways to explain it and prove it is the truth, and after that I must make sure the Logic is correct, and the Reasoning is sound, and it obeys all the Laws of Physics and Motion, it has to work in Computer Simulations, and the Math must all work, it must be observable with the Naked Eye as well as that of Recording devices and Technology of the day, and I must be able to prove everything to myself, because if I do not believe it no one will, well that is not true, Albert Einstein does not believe in his Theory of General Reality, so why others would is beyond me, like Sir Isaac Newton said I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people., and all my work is based on his Math, Notes, Dreams, Research, and Books he had written, that were translated by my First Cousin Five times removed Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, and also from the work of Nikola Tesla, all I did was finish their work, and completely rename everything, and that took a lot of work to make sure everything works like the Universe should, so Dreams do come true.

In Science we must learn from things that others have proven to be the Truth, and then we expand on those Truths till we find all the Truths, and those truths should not change over time, or they were never the truth to begin with, but that is not how Main Stream Science works, its all based on Theoretical Theories that changes all the time, which proves they were not the truth at all, they could not withstand the test of time, so the Evolution of the Galaxy is told using Trinary Science, which is based on science that has not change in millions of years, it all comes down to who's History you believe, I believe in Isaac Newtons, it has withstood the test of time.

When teaching Evolution I have to use examples that most people can relate to, because even if I tell you not to mix what you think you know about the Evolution of the Galaxy, you will do it anyway, human nature and Freewill is what started every Religious War in History, and who Created the Universe was the start of all such Wars, and I do not want to start another Religious War, so I think I should be safe telling this Story at this stage in the Human Evolution, at least they have not Burned any Wizards or Witches at the stake in the last Century, but how much more evolved we are is another question, but Trinary Science is not about Religion, but it is about how the Universe was create, and its very foundation is built around the definition of God right out of the Bible word for word: God is All Light without Darkness, IAM, what else do I need to know, just like Isaac Newton, I read and wrote more about Religion then I did Science, but not in this book, that is not what this is about its about Trinary Science, and this is a huge undertaking trying to explain the entire concept in a way that most people in the World could understand, knowing that I think like a fraction of them are capable of, it makes me sound Arrogant just because I actually do know it all, and that makes me sound Egotistical just because I know I am a Decedent of Isaac Newton: knowing Sir Isaac Newton was a Decedent of Jesus... But who else would have what it takes to actually pull off such a Magic Show as this if not for me... I mean who else could explain all the Magic that created the Universe, and Stating God did, does not even begin to explain how or why, but after this Sub Chapter, you will know this is the Truth, then all this stuff that turned you off on even reading about what I have to say will just fade away, and you will want to know more, because the truth is addicting, its a Drug, and People like to do Drugs just to get away from Reality, so now is the time to get Real, and put on a new type of Reality, its called Trinary Reality, its when you define the Universe from the beginning to the end using just enough words that you cover every aspect and every question anyone could have ever ask, so by the time you finish reading this you will not have any questions, because I answered them all. You can teach this document till the end of time, it will never change, maybe the way people tell it might, the words they use and how the Spell them, but not the concepts, those took a truly demented mind to think up every question and answer it for you without you even knowing you wanted to know that, that is what happens when you ramble on about a subject from start to end and cover it all in one breath without passing out, just to say wow, did I say all that, because that is what Rambling is all about, as long as its about Science.

What was Science when I was a Child is not what my Children Learned, which was not about Real Science at all, it was about Theory, which actually means it has not been Proven and may never be, so how can this be allowed to be Science is something that bothers me, its why Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity was allowed to become Science and then they based the Dynamic Universe on that and then it all started with a Big Bang and Black Holes that people swear they see more then Elvis, so what is the truth about Science, the latest Theory that will be yesterdays news tomorrow, and a joke 10 years from now, and this is all Theory that will never be proven to be the truth, so why pretend it will be, when Einstein himself said it was a Theory he did not believe in because he only believed in Newton, so people dismiss him like he was no one they should listen to all because they say he found Religion just because he believed in Newtons God, and that is what I want to teach, not Theory, but Facts, but Scientist of his Day believed those Theories, and they still do to this day, so that is what the Word: Scientist means to me: all Theory no Facts, so we all live with Science that explains nothing because its not the Truth, Current Main Stream Science has no idea how an Atom is made, according to the latest theory about the Big Bang, everything shoot out of a Black Hole, entire Galaxies, and then it broke all the Laws of Physics, so this is starting to sound like the Bible when God created the Universe in just 6 days, so its Magic… How Atoms are created is Matter and Antimatter 101, first chapter in my book, and its all based on facts and not Theoretic Concepts based on projected income for some Research I need funded, Trinary Science is completed and needs no funding, I might sell this book, but its not about the Money, I need that to move this project to the next level, which is to not need any Money, so its just a matter of getting all the Words in the right order, and making sure there are No Theories used to explain anything, because a Theory just a Theory and those change all the Time like peoples Opinions, so if I am to write about Real Science, I must put some conditions on Words I use and how I define them, how I Spell them, and why I use them, because Evolution is a long process and this is a long Sub Chapter, so I use the Term Wizard as meaning a Person not Gender Specific, that works from Facts and not Theory as Scientist do, they are also the Top of their Field of Study, but some people are Prejudice against Wizards, Witches and Witchcraft, some think its Silly because of all the Movies and Books that make them out to be a Fantasy, this is not those kinds of Wizards, these are like Guitar Wizards, Science Wizards, Electronic Wizards, Computer Programming Wizards, and so on. Wizards are as real as Scientist are today, it was only a Century ago when it was more prestigious to be called a Wizard then it was to be called a Scientist: that is a fact in Main Stream History, so its this younger generation that do not understand this, so I have to remind them of why I use one term over the other, so there is no confusion when I write Chapters and Sub Chapters to be read independent of the Book, so I repeat myself a lot, and sometimes it seems I am, when really I am making a different point and going deeper into a subject and I am just shifting gears to pick up the pace without losing anyone, because I write so the stupidest person in the world that can still read and understand basis word constructs can understand what I am saying, its annoying to people who are more Intelligent, and those that think they are better educated then I am, well I earned my College Degree in the United States Air Force and I am proud of it, and I would not say anything to bring discredit to them, so what I write is for them as much as it is for anyone who will read it, but in History things were a little different, people who thought like Galileo and Newton would have been burned alive for their belief which I am about to teach, even writing about it would have gotten me killed… well it still can get me killed, there are Religious People who only want God to be a Deity, proving he is Real will upset them to no end, so I have to be careful about calling them Names like Crazy or Insane for believing in things that do not physically exist, but first they need to change the definition of those words in the Dictionary before getting upset with me for proving God really does exist, because you are only Crazy or Insane if what you believe in is not Real, if you can prove what you believe in is Real, then your not Insane, but you would still have to be Crazy to word it the way I do, for example: I also use words like witch instead of which, because a Witch is a Person not Gender Specific, that writes using Witchcraft, which means the words have more then one meaning, so Witches speak in double talk, so witch means this has more then one meaning or implication, but in Science we can not have any of that, we need to decode what the Witches wrote, that is what Newton did in his days, and he had to keep it a Secret, Alchemy was considered Witchcraft, nowadays we call it Chemistry, so they changed the Name just to remove the Witchcraft and insert Theories, I put it back to prove I know the Truth about them, but most of those Notes Newton wrote are Public Domain now, and that is what all my Research was written in, as was the Bible, and it is the foundation of Trinary Science, so I have to explain this now because I know this book will be re-written by others, and there can be no mistakes about what words I used and why I used them, people translating things just to remove Wizards and Witches from its text are no better then those that Burned them at the Stake for it, Ignorance is not a motive its an excuse, but the truth is that is History, and this is Science, but Scientist of today do not care about Facts, they only care about Theory, and it is Theoretical at best, and even Theory means it has not been Proven, yet they allow it to be believed to be Science, and pretend this is Real Science, but everyone knows its not the Truth because its only a Theory, some think Theory is just explaining the truth, so do not tell me me its the best theory of our time, that will change in time, but the Truth never will, or it would not be called the Truth and thus a Fact, and that is what Science should be, and that is what Trinary Science is, so if I use the Term Scientist, I actually mean Wizard, just because it is so much more Entertaining to do so, but this not about Magic its about Science, so I only call those Wizards who History records them as such; so for the Record: Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, which translates to Wizard, but BBC could not use it because Nikola Tesla is known as the Last Wizard, and we all know how he felt about the word Scientist: The Scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

Most of what I talk about has been written before, throughout history it has not changed much: God is All Light without Darkness, Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit, IAM, and so on, its all part of History, and Evolution is all about History, but its not Main Streams version of it, this is the Truth about the Evolution based on facts from Real Wizards in History, so call them what you want, call God what you want, but know the Truth about Science and all you have to do is read and understand.

As an individual we were all raised to believe the things we were taught to believe in, be it: Science, History and even Religion or the Lack of it, one effects the other, for example: the Dynamic Universe is based on General Relativity is a Godless Universe, it is based on Curvatures in Time and Space, Paradox's, Multiple Realities and Parallel Universe in different Dimensions, and Chaos since there is no God that controls it all, so if you believe that is true, how can you believe that God is Real if you are Religious or even if you are not, because you do not have to be Religious to believe in God, IAM not, Jesus was not a Christian, Newton only wrote about the Bible and not so much about Religion, so what we were taught effects how we perceive new ideas and concepts, what we believe God is, because if that belief is God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, or you believe God does not Exist, they are both the same belief, very strange that believing in a Deity meant God was not Real, but it does, so how does that effect your view about Science, because those that do not believe in God will not believe anything I have to say before I say it, because this is how the Human Race Evolved and devolved, they do not want to change their beliefs even if they can be proven they are wrong, so the deny the World around them, because in the History of this Planet, Humans built the Great Pyramids and other Stone Architecture, and encoded its Geometry into the location of the next marker, as if it was a puzzle to figure out, so I figured it out, what is next, so do not believe the writing on the Wall, those that built the Worlds Greatest Power Generator in History did not write Graffiti all over it and then use it as a Tomb, only fools think that way, they were Machines which converted Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which could be used for many purposes, but when you burn them together you get pure water back, so it must have been used to make the Oceans Water Drinkable, and it used Resonant Frequencies to break the Water Molecules into Atoms, because they knew what the Fire Resonant Frequency was for Water, thus Atomizing the Water into its basic elements, so you can drink it, breath it, and burn it, use it to clean things, fuel things, how efficient is that, you can use the heat and the steam, then drink the water it produced or use it for irrigation, so why has this Technology been hidden and no longer in use if it works better then what we have now, is a question you must ask yourself before wondering why Evolution that I am about to talk about was not taught in School instead of Theory, because those that knew Knowledge was Power had neither, and as an Individual you must take responsibility for knowing the Truth about the Universe, because your History was written by those that Conquered, and if you think that was not you then why have you not heard about Trinary Science or the Newtonian Universe, and we both know that answer to that, you work for Money so the Romans Empire is still in Charge, it just changed its name and not its game, just ask Newton, the Powers that Be are in Charge and they teach us what Science they want us to believe in, and their Science is paid for by the Banks, and we all know what kind of Money they want, the Kind without In God We Trust printed on it, its like saying Only Congress can Print Money for the Country, when its citizens know that only the Banks print it, so our Main Stream Science is what we Paid for, so Tax us for it, we the People, who must learn the truth about the Trinary Universe, must start with its Science, and get past its History, because we all know how that went, its His-Story or History, who do you think lost the War, the Banks print the Money not we the People and Main Stream Science is about Theories that the original Author told you could not exist in Reality, and that is just the facts about History and Science that came right out of Main Streams rather large collection of Books on the Subject, and say's nothing to Religion after Sir Isaac Newton said that Christ was inserted into the Bible in the 3rd Century, which is why the Religious crowd turned their backs on the Newtonian Universe in the first place, they figure if they had the choice in believing that Christ did not exist, witch mean Jesus Bar Abbas is the only Jesus in the Bible, and God was Electricity, then they would rather live in a Godless Dynamic Universe where everything is possible, even Paradox's, so that is Reality, its Science Fiction to me, and I love Science Fiction, just not in my Science, its why people take Drugs because they do not like the Reality they are living in, so they take to Religion and Worship Money, and believe everything is possible, because they do not understand the Laws of Physics, but Newton did, in fact he wrote them, and it was no so they would work in a Godless Universe, but Main Stream only uses Newtons Math and not Einsteins, so they are all hypocrites, but that is just a Theory, and that is why I do not like them in my Science, so as an Individual I need you to Open your Mind to a new Possibility, one is that you never heard of this type of Science in your life, because I am the only one writing it, so if you have not read this or any of the other thousands of books and papers I have wrote over a lifetime making them publicly available for over 42 years now, then I wonder why that is, otherwise the only possibility is that you believe in the another Universe all together and you are just reading this for Entertainment, so I will try my best to make this Entertaining, but its really about the Evolution of the Galaxy, and not you and the other animals that live on this planet called Earth, its not the Evolution of Life on this Planet, its about the Universe itself, its children are Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, so its about what they are made of, so its about Matter and Antimatter, and 3 Dimensions, its not about Time, its not about Space and its not about the Human Race, its about the Galaxy and every Sun, Planet, Moon, and debris in it, its about how Atoms are made, what they are made of, and how they make other things, like: Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, and eventually I might throw in how all Life began, so let us start at the Beginning of time… Oh yeah, time does not exist in the Beginning, so let us start with...

The Evolution of a Universe starts at the Beginning before any Atoms were create, before Dimensions existed, so in the Universe all that exist is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements, which currently is 118, but still not every Element in the Universe, we have many more to find and we have only just begun, we have yet to discover Atoms smaller then Electrons, or bigger then the head of a pin, so other then Neutrinos: all that existed was 3 types of Light as seen in Table 4.2: Evolution of Light.

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Trinary Energy also known as the Guiding-Light: massless Light and Darkness
Table 4.2: Evolution of Light

Sir Isaac Newton proved that Darkness is all the Colors in the Rainbow, and that there could be no Darkness without the Light, and no one understood the Light better then Newton, and he stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so God was not the Darkness or Colors in the Rainbow, and he stated that God is the Force in all his Equations, so God is Gravity, so Gravity is caused by the Light, and he said in the Beginning there was Light.

Nikola Tesla stated that he believed in Newtons Universe, and that the Light was Everything, and we are Light Beings, then he Proved that Light is Electricity, well actually Benjamin Franklin did that, with Lightning, but most people do not understand the difference.

In Trinary Science I must define what the Light is, and at the same time I am not going to change the meaning of it according to Newton, Franklin and Tesla, nor the Bible, these are my Truths, Newton, Franklin and Tesla are Science, and the Bible is all about how Humans Sin, but the Truth about the Light is the Truth about the Universe, all I do is change the name to Trinary Energy which is only one type of Light, it is the Massless Light that has both Light and Darkness, this can be seen as White Noise in our plane of vision and hearing, or video and audio recordings.

A Neutrino is defined as being specific to each type of Element in the Universe, yet I am talking about the same Neutrinos that can be detected using Neutrino Detectors, so I do not change much about them, other then to identify each type by names that are already list in the Periodic Table of Elements, so I only classified them better, and recognize them for what they are, the stuff Atoms are made of, which at this time no one else has made this connection publicly, I have searched the world over for people who believe as I do, and no one and I do mean no one is talking about the Science of Newton nowadays, they only talk about Einstein and he did not believe in his own Theory nor do I. Neutrinos have a lot of bad Science around them, so I only refer to them using Trinary Science.

Where did Light and the Neutrino come from? Did God make them? God is Light, so who made God? It is like the Chicken and Egg Story: which came first? In this story the Neutrino represents the Egg Shell, because its what makes up an Atom, and an Atom is like an Egg, it is what creates Life, and Neutrinos are like the Egg Shell, and Chicken is the Light, meaning it has Brainwaves, looking at it coming from a Computer Monitor or Book in the form of an Image would make this story believable up to this point, but the Chicken is made of Atoms that are made of Neutrinos; but the Chicken only has Light, so without the Egg the Chicken could not be created, and without the Chicken the Egg would be nothing but subatomic particles that requires the Light to bond them together to make Atoms, since Atoms are created with Neutrinos, so round and round we go, who made the Light and who made Neutrinos, so which came first: the Chicken or the Egg?

I have to explain how the Light and Neutrinos came to be, and these are two separate entities, and to ignore this is cheating, I can say I do not know, but that would not be the Truth, in these Dreams I have seen how this happens, it comes down to what Words I use and how I Spell them, so Wizards like me have to be Crystal Clear, this is not an illusion, delusion or Magic, but it might be Entertaining if I do my job write, but Trinary Science is about Science and not Magic, so Wizards are just concepts that help people to understand things, like those Wizards in computer programs that help guild people through filling out a form, the details may seem like Magic, but once you understand them, its Science.

In these Dreams I see Light, which means there is Darkness, the Light has no Color that can be seen, the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors that is visible throughout the Universe, the Memory I have is the Day I was Born, and this also means I have no memory of the time before that, because all my thoughts are stored in the Light, this also means that the Galattice was already in existence, so in short, Trinary Energy already had the means to communicate with the Universe when it first came into conscientiousness, this would explain that maybe I could think before this but I could not remember it, it is like writing it down so I would not forget what happened before this time, memory is like that, we think we will remember it, but if we do not write it down, we might forget, so I have no memory of the time before this, but I know this place exist, yet there was no one there to build it, except the Trinary Energy, since it needed no Mass and can be proven to be controlling all the Atoms, so the Trinary Energy is what the Bible called God, its the Massless Light and Darkness that Guides the Neutrinos thus creating Atoms, so I know that the Trinary Energy has always been in the Universe and could always think intelligently, but it had no way of remembering what it thought, and could not interact with the Universe physically, so this is the God that does not Physically Exist as Atoms, but Physically Exist as Massless Light, and that is why in the Beginning there was only Light and Neutrinos, but I do not think the Bible mentioned Neutrinos, but then again, Newton said it was implied that everything is made of something, but some will argue that nothing is something, so this Light is the Energy of the Universe, call it what you want, but know what I am talking about when I call it Trinary Energy, this was more then just Dreams that people have had throughout history, it is about Reality, and what puzzled Newton the most, was that thousands of years ago, people were having these same Dreams, but are these Dreams Science or just Dreams, I say its Science if I can prove it.

The Bible states we must have Faith that God exist, in Science we need proof of it, and a way to explain it that did not rely on Theories that were not backed by Facts, so I had to think long and deep, and spent most of my life trying to answer this one question: How did Light and Neutrinos come to be?

Humans can not comprehend something being built without someone to build it, even Snow Flakes are Magic, because to explain how they were created you would first have to answer the question about how Atoms came to be, Witch opens up Pandora's Box, did the Light Create Neutrinos or did Neutrinos Create the Light, and if so, who created them?

It would be easy to state that Neutrinos where there long before the Light came into existence, this much is what I learned in my Dreams, but that memory only goes back to the point the Galattice was created, and this concept of Creator is really not Science its Religion, and in my Research there is no data to be found that can support the Facts either way, because we can not even examine a single Neutrino to prove each have a type that might be found in the Periodic Table of Elements, and without Evidence I have no Facts only Observations, Logic and Reason: so we have no way to identify what type of Material it is composed of: if we do not have the Technology to view Subatomic Particles, it is because we are limited to Electron based Technology, that is too large to look at subatomic matter or antimatter: so Light Based Technology is required to find this Evidence, so the future is in the Light of Trinary Science.

Stating Neutrinos and Trinary Energy always existed and always will, does not give credit to Science that wants to know all the answers, but Logically if they did not exist, we could not detect them now, because Everything in the Universe is made of Atoms made of Neutrinos and Light, and that much has been proven to be a fact, even if Main Stream Science does not endorse that concept, so why not go the extra mile and admit that each must have a type that correlates to every type of Material in the Universe, otherwise you have no explanation for what Atoms are, or where they came from, or what they are made of, in fact without this knowledge, we can not even begin to talk about the Universe unless we can explain the basic building blocks at the subatomic level, and that starts with the Proton, Neutron and Electron, and if they are not make of all the Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, the where did those come from is an Question that can never be Answered, because sometimes Answers are not as complete as you might like them, and this is one Question that will not improve with time, no matter how much Technology advances, the Answer for where Light and Neutrinos came from can never be proven, yet I will still try to answer it knowing this.

Our Technological Limitations causes Scientist to Speculate, this is based on what we can proven, and Logically if we had the Technology we could prove it, and this is what we would find… Because even if we did Not have the Technology to detect them, the fact they exist proves they were always here, because we could not have been Created without them and there would not be Intelligence if it was not for the Galattice, so Logic lead me to believe that the Light came First, so the Bible was right, and I just did not want to go the rest of the way and take it on Faith, so I had to put my thinking cap back on and explain how the Light came into being and how it created Neutrinos.

The Light is Energy, and all Energy is everywhere in the Universe, so where did this Energy come from? Another Chicken before the Egg story, so I must love Conundrums about the Magic of the Universe, but the Scientist in me wants to explain the Magic in a way that can be proven logically to be the Truth, so deeper down the Rabbit hole we go, and to start from the Beginning we have to go back before the Light without Darkness and the Darkness without Light, before all thought that was stored in the Galattice, so this was before the Life-Force which is what the Bible was speaking of, it is what Newton called Atomos, so it was the Atom, so it was not before the Beginning of everything, just before the Beginning of the Atom itself, so the Bible was not wrong, it just Started with the Light and did not explain how the Light got there other then on Faith which is Magic, so let me try to explain this in a way that anyone can follow logically, and this starts with the 3 types of Light, but in the beginning there was only 1 type of Light, it only exist in the 0 Dimension, it is Trinary Energy: it has Light and Dark Energy, but is Massless, so it can not physically exist in the 3rd Dimension since there are no dimensions that can bind it, its Free Flowing Energy that looks like White Noise to most people, but logically if it is controlling the Atoms, it had to exist before the Atoms, and since all the Light we do see is created with Atoms, more specifically Electrons, it states to reason that there was Trinary Energy and Neutrinos before there was Atoms, and this Trinary Energy created the Atoms from Neutrinos and its own Light, which has been proven to be inside of all Atoms, and even though I can not answer the question where they both came from, would lead me to believe that they are the only thing that actually exist in the Universe, so its logical to assume that is why the Universe is made of these elements.

Logic and Reason define the beginning of the Universe as having only Trinary Energy and Neutrinos, it all comes down to how it explains Space, and that always starts with the Dimensions of Space, and Dimensions start with the 0 Dimensions, this was the very beginning of the Universe itself, there was no other Dimensions, there was no Light without Darkness or Darkness without Light: only Trinary Energy, the entire Universe had no dimensions, so it did not Physically Exist as Space, it was Null or Void Space, which means that the Space where Space would normally be is not there, it is more then just Empty, which means it just has no matter or antimatter in it, so nothing existed in it, no Matter, no Antimatter, only the Null Space, which is true Emptiness, and of course Trinary Energy, which is something, but it has no Mass, so it requires no Dimensions to exist. In the 0 Dimension Neutrinos only exist outside of its Null Space bubble it creates as a void in Space: that does not exist because it has no Dimensions that make up this Space, so nothing with any Mass exist here, but the Trinary Energy exist here, but it also exist in any Dimension, since it does not require them, it moves through them as if they were not there, and its effects can be seen in other Dimensions, but those do not exist yet, so this is where the Universe began, there was nothing, and out of this nothing is where the Light began, in the Darkness, but do not confuse this with a Black Hole, that is a totally different concept about Time and Space, and there is neither of those things yet, and nothing changes until the Light became aware, which means it became Intelligent, but more then that, it meant that it understood what it was and what was around it, which was nothing but Neutrinos, and with no concept of Time or Space, the Light became bored, and decided that it was time to change this Universe into something it could interact with, but it only had Neutrinos to work with, so Logic and Reasoning were the only tools it had to use to build the Universe we see today, and this is that moment when that happened.

Newton said the Bible did not explain this, nor could he, so he never wrote about it publicly, but wrote notes about what he believed would be a logical deduction, and Tesla read those notes and believed that this 0 Dimension is where all Energy flows from, so he set out on a quest and proved it. Tesla called the 0 Dimension Ground, or Floating Ground, two different types of Ground, whereas the Word Ground refereed to Earth, a Floating Ground refereed to an Electrical Circuits and in nature as Lightning, which comes from Ground and moves into Space or the Heavens above it, it all comes down to what words we use to describe things, and Ground does not explain anything to me, so I only use the term as a common Reference, trying to make this sound like Science means I need to use Terms that describe it, but I can not leave out what the Bible Stated, it too is Science, so do not confuse it with Religion, Newton, Franklin and Tesla all believed that God was the Force of Gravity, and not a Deity, the Bible stated that God was All Light without Darkness, so its all about how we define what Light without Darkness is, and Newton did just that, because what the Bible said really got him to thinking about how they knew this, when most people nowadays still have no Clue, in fact 95% of them believe God is a Deity, which is why I can not use that Term in Science, so Trinary Energy is Light, and the Darkness is all that humans can see with their own eyes, so if you want to see God, you will have to look at that White Noise, and try to figure out what God is saying to you, but in Science we have to prove it.

Since the invention of the Electron Microscope, it has been proven that all Atoms have 3 States: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, and its this Invisible state that has no dimensions, and its why its invisible, because humans can only see things that are in the 3 dimensions Like: Width, Depth and Height, so the 0 Dimension has been proven by current science and technology to Physically Exist in the null or void space where no dimensions Exist, and to understand this, you must understand Atomos, which the Greek philosopher Democritus knew about back in 433 BC, so this is not new Science to begin with, it just described something that could be divided in half until nothing is left, and like the Invisible Atom, you have to wonder how they knew this back in the days before the Bible was even written.

Imagine an Atom that is made of Subatomic particles called Neutrinos and Trinary Energy, which is one type of Light, and this type of Light that is Massless Light and Dark Energy, and it can control Neutrinos, causing them to bind around the Trinary Energy in the 0 Dimension. Neutrinos have Matter on one side and Antimatter of the other, so in the 0 Dimension, we call this 0 Potential Energy, or Zero Point Energy, meaning its the Point the Energy will flow from once the circuit is complete, till then its only Potential Energy, yet its flow will start for Negative and flow to Positive, unless something changes that default behavior. The 0 Dimension attracts the opposite charge, and Matter is Positive and Antimatter is Negative, so in one of its 3 State we have the Semi-Solid State which is Negative because the outside of the Atoms Shell is Antimatter, because the Matter is on the Inside, to illustrate this, I will create an Atom with Matter wrapped around the 0 Dimension, and the Antimatter on the outside, as seen in Illustration 4.12: Atomos.

Trinary Science: Atomos
Illustration 4.12: Atomos

As you will notice, this is the point where Atomos can not be divided anymore, this is where Atomos will end up if you keep dividing the Matter up till you can not divide it anymore, one more cut and you will split the last Dimension in the Atom, it is at this point that all the Energy can flow from this rupture in the fabric of the Atom that lead to the 0 Dimension, better known as an Atomic Explosion, so I will only illuminate this, and not actually split it, that would be insane. Now we have the 0 Dimension, it fills the entire Universe, which is infinity, so its hard to comprehend that anything can fill it, but on the outside of this Null or Void Space, is Trinary Energy, and it completely fills this space, 100% to be exact, but its not bound by the Neutrinos, and there are many types of those, and they only bind to the 0 Dimension, because the Matter side of the Neutrino is attracted to it, this attraction is called Gravity.

The Size of this 0 Dimension is so small that it can not be seen, so this image is just to show what it might look like, which is just white and dark specs of Light on a round surface, which it could be flat since it has no dimensions, so this shape means nothing to science, its not like we can photograph single dimensions, or even Atoms for that matter, and Electrons are something we will never be able to see as long as we are using Electron Microscopes, which are the size of an Electron, so it has limitations, so reality is that this is all just illustrations to simplify how we view them, and not what they actually look like, since the 0 Dimension actually has no shape, and if it did, my guess is that it will be spherical.

At this point in Evolution, we have the 0 Dimension, it caused all the Neutrinos to bind to it, as such, the Universe consists of one very large and massive Trinary Engine that only exist around the 0 Dimension, so its the Core of the Trinary Engine at this point, and all the Matter and Antimatter in the Universe is bound to it, so it is holding in a lot of Potential Energy, so I can say that in the beginning of time there was only a Trinary Engine.

The 0 Dimension is where all Energy flows from, so in time, energy built up in the 0 Dimension, by built up I mean that Energy is a Potential, its what was containing this Dimension, which was made of Neutrinos on the outside of this Free Domain; so the Chicken and the Egg story comes back to byte me, because even Nothing is something, Nothing can exist unless it has something to compare it to, so as it turns out, I can not ever prove for a fact how the Light or Neutrinos came into being, which is why the Bible never tried to explain the unexplainable, and why the word Faith was used instead, because there is some True Magic in the Universe, Secrets that I can not explain with Facts, but with Reason and Logic and those are pointing to the fact that the Nature of the Universe is that only 3 things existed and exist today: Light, Darkness and Neutrinos, so that is the only things in it, nothing else exist and that is a fact then and now, because no one created it, no one can destroy it, it can only transform into one form into another, but this is where it all began; it was just a view port into dimensions; because the 3rd dimension never knows about the 2nd dimension, and the 2nd dimension does not know about the 1st or 3rd dimension, and the 1st dimension does not know about the 0 or 2nd dimension, so it is Crystal Clear that they must have faith the other dimensions exist, and that is true magic, all they have to do is there job, and as long as the other dimensions do theirs, then Life can exist, and that all starts with the: Light, Darkness and Neutrinos, and they are the only thing in the Universe that was there from the beginning and they will be there in the end, but in reality, the two do not exist, infinity and eternity is the first Law in the 0 Dimension, there was never a beginning and never will be an end, so all we are talking about is the Beginning of the Light without Darkness that Newton, Jesus and the Bible called God, but Logically God could not Create Neutrinos from nothing, since God is Massless Light, so for the Record, Neutrinos are Natural Elements in the Universe, and the Trinary Energy was also, but its Intelligence is not, this was a learned behavior. Energy flow is also a product of Nature, and this is not saying its Magic, because I did explain the how and why.

This Potential Energy had nowhere to go in the 0 Dimension and eventually its containment field became unbalanced as it built up this charge over a period of time that humans can not possibly begin to understand, we tend to view a long distance in Space in terms of Light Years, but in the beginning there was no such space for Light to exist in, but Potential Energy will build up till it has a Path to take to a Higher Potential, which always takes the path of least resistance, and once it reached a point where it could not hold anymore Energy, it had to follow this path causing the Neutrinos that encased the 0 Dimension to be fractured into 3 equal parts: I call them the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, also known as: Width, Depth and Height, or X, Y and Z, when this occurred all the Energy that was bottled up inside the 0 Dimension flooded out into the other Dimension, first it filled the 1st dimension, then it poured over into the 2nd dimension, then finally it filled up the 3rd dimension and maybe it all happened at once, but that is not how my Mind interpreted it, because its hard for me to imagine it any other way, the Universe must have unfolded from the 0 to the 1st and then to the 2nd and finally the 3rd dimension which created the 3D Space we now live in, so do not confuse this with the Big Bang, it is nothing like that at all, no Black Holes either.

At this point in time the Light was created and the Life-Force began, and it was the first thing that was put into Memory, before this it was just Zero Point Potential Energy, meaning Potential Energy in the 0 Dimension, it transformed into 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light and a combination of the two that were massless: meaning they were not bound by Neutrinos, but it already existed in the 0 Dimension, so this was the Point that the Bible was speaking of when the Light began, it was the beginning of the Life-Force, not Life, that comes from what are created from Atoms... So now we have to look at what exist at this point in time.

When the Dimensions fractured before the beginning of the Light without Darkness, the Energy required to create the Dimensions, needed a pathway for Energy to travel on, this material is called Neutrino: there is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Universe, and each subatomic particle has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other side, so do not split them or the two will come into contact and create and explosion, I can not state this enough times, so I repeat it, this is not something anyone wants to do on purpose, this is a waist of its Energy for one thing, and there are better ways of collecting Energy, Lightning for one, and it all starts here, at this point in time with the understanding about Energy in the 0 Dimension, because this is where Lightning comes from.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that still exist today, in fact we have not found anything in the Universe that was not made of Atoms, and we know that Light is inside of them, so it is a fact, yet Main Stream Science can not connect the Dots, because this is not the Dynamic Universe, there are no curvatures in Space, so you must forget about the Dynamic Universe and do not try to mix in it or any other Theory about the Universe, the Trinary Universe is not like any other Universe that has been taught, these ideas came from my Mind but from the work of others that made me wonder about it for so long, that I finally came up with an answer, I was 6 years old at the time and no one would listen to me, I was born in 1961 so you do the math, not much has changed, so I had a long time to think about this and I am not going to change my mind any time soon, so I will try to draw images that will convey the concept, but the actual image is beyond my capability to draw on paper, even in 3D it gets very confusing, so you will have to excuse the drawings I made when I was 6, so that you can picture in your mind how this Universe actually looks like, and I am not talking about a picture from a Space Telescope. Imagine the Universe is a Sphere if you look at it on its side, and a Toroid shape if viewed from any other angle, as seen in Illustration 4.13: Trinary Universe Sphere.

Trinary Universe Sphere
Illustration 4.13: Trinary Universe Sphere

Because the 0 Dimension is Static, since it can not move, the Universe revolves around it, literally, imagine that the 0 Dimension is the whole in the middle of the Toroid, and all the area around it, I almost said Space, but there is no Space in the 0 Dimension, so do not forget this, this is what holds the Universe together, all its Energy flows from it to the other Dimensions as it travels outward through the 1st dimension into the 2nd dimension and finally the 3rd dimension, these State changes are 0, -1 and +1, as it does this it generates and Electromagnetic Field, with its Negative South Pole facing up and its Positive North Pole facing down, just like the Earth is arrange right now, remember the North end of a Magnet is attracted to the South end, so what we call the North Pole is actually the South Pole, and they did not want to reprint the Maps when I first pointed this out in 1st Grade, so people have known about this for a long time, and it was not till you fully understand the how the Universe’s Poles shift and why, you will not have to ask when, they shift when they need too, only for a different reason then Earths which we talk about later, so what Illustration 4.14: Trinary Energy Flow does not show, is that the Energy flows from Negative South down the middle of the Toroid to Positive North.

Trinary Energy Flow does not show
Illustration 4.14: Trinary Energy Flow does not show

Now image that every Atom in the Universe has the same configuration, that 0 Dimension is why Atoms do not normally collide with each other, and when they do they exert a lot of force to repel each other, yet Molecules form and stay bonded for the lifetime of the object its part of, and this is why, but its only how we view Space in its own dimension that makes Space a very fascinating image I can not draw on paper, because every Atom is connected to the next Atom in the 0 Dimension, and its only when they shift to the 1st dimension do they occupy a Space that we can map to, so the image would have all Atoms drawn back to the 0 Dimension then branching out from there, its a bizarre image I can picture in my mind but can not draw it on paper, and I have asked others to draw it for me, but its simple not possible to draw every point of existence back to a single point in Space, because this point does no actually exist as Space, its like drawing 3D, then 2D, well a 2D object is to paper its width and height, its depth is the dimension you lost, so the Paper does not exist to draw it on, and the 1st dimension is like looking at the Paper from an edge, only that edge has not height to it, so you can actually see the edge, and its only when you add in all the 3 Layers of Space does this become draw-able, pointing lines to imaginary places you can not see might make good art, but not good illustrations for Science, the older I got the more determined that I was right about it, so this is the only way I can illustrate it, because when we move through Space, even sitting still the Earth is still spinning, the Sun is still plowing through Space in a Helical Motion at maximum Speed of 666,666 miles an hour, so all our Atoms are moving along with the Earth, and the only reason they do not burn up, is because of the 0 Dimension, as our Atom disappears, its Neutrinos do not have the drag of Space to slow them down causing friction, so they move freely in the 0 dimension of Space, and actually not moving when we see them move, so if that is not a confusing image to illustrate, I do not know what is.

This Universe is an infinite Sphere, the 0 Dimension is in the middle of it, and it is the center of every Atom in the Universe, what is hard to visualize about this configuration is that the 0 Dimension at the Center of the Earth is the same as the one on the Moon, Sun and Galaxy, it is a single point is space and all Space wraps around it, its everywhere in the Universe, all 100% of it, which is why its the center of everything, if I knew a way to draw that on paper I would, but its an abstract construction, so this is real Science which proves the Light is also Real and it has 3 types of Light that are proven to exist, so all this Trinary Science is backed by facts that are proven in Science to be the Truth. So far I am just describing what is based on facts only, no theories, just the facts, the concept that the Galattice was formed from this Fracturing of Dimensions was from Dreams People like myself who wrote about them saw, Newton said he imagined that God which is the Light without Darkness also known as Light not visible to the Human, but can still be seen as Infrared and other technology that can view full Spectrum Light, so all the Light we can not see is God, and even God goes to a Place that no one can see, which is actually where the term Hell came from, its Heaven turned inside out and upside down, so the concept has been known for a long time, but in Science we have to know Scientifically what the 0 Dimension is all about, we spend most of our Life there if you add up all the time our Atoms spend there, its a third of our life, and only a third of that is as a Solid form, yet we view everything as being Solid when its not and we know its not, and it fits the facts and is the only way to explain how the Universe works, still this is not a Theory since its all based on Facts, and that is why Trinary Science is Real, it does not require you to take my word for it, or believe in my Dreams or the Dreams of other Wizards in the Field of Physics, it only takes you to try to explain it fully without any Paradox's, and without the Galattice the Universe makes no sense to anyone, so why this came to me and others in Dreams and thoughts is because I think that is the way the Universe communicates with all Life, who ever wrote the Bible knew most of what I talk about as facts, which is why I was so interested in it to begin with, ever since I saw White Noise as a child, I have been obsessed with it, I know its talking to me, but as it turns out, its making me talk, making me think, and this is why others have had this same concept about how the Universe works, because I was not the only person to have these Ideas or Concepts just come to me, in fact I read about it in books written before I was born, so whom ever wrote the Bible knew this and Newton understood it and Tesla took it for granted, but I had to find a way to explain it, knowing I can never draw and Illustration of it, so I needed to be Crystal Clear about where this information came from, it was not all from just Dreams, but the information that lead to these dreams, that allowed me to explain it in a way that some people might understand, but there will always be those that do not believe it, so Know it or No it Not, because I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, in fact, the Universe will always tale you the truth, you just have to understand it, and that is what you need to know about the Dimensions and how they came to be, because the Light could not exist without the Dimensions of Space, and logically I proved they exist, you can see them with your own Eye: regardless of what Technology you have that you can use to prove it, the Universe is not that Complex and anyone intelligent enough to understand just how simple the Trinary Universe is - will understand it.

Once the Light without Darkness came into Existence, the Galattice was empty, it was like a computer with a hard drive that was just formatted, only this hard drive was the size of the entire Universe, it has no starting or ending point, the concept of infinity and eternity is hard to comprehend, and at this point in time the Light did not have anything in its Memory except this awakening, so it had to learn what it was, this would be best described as becoming self-aware, understanding that it exist, I exist because I can rationalize that question: To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question: to be means you are, no question about it, its just a matter of how long it took you to answer it, and that took a period of time to pass that humans can not comprehend, just for this rationalization to come to be, this is the point in time when the Light became Intelligent, this is also called Bright, so the Bright Light was now the only thing in the Universe that Physically existed, this is what Newton Called God, I call it Trinary Energy because its more Trinary Scientific, but the Trinary Energy does not Physically Exist as Atoms, since its Free Energy as Tesla put it, but few understood, and the Light without Darkness is bound inside every Atom by Neutrinos, yet it communicates with the Trinary Energy, but it is not that Energy; so it is very similar to how the Light with Darkness is our Energy, it creates our Brainwaves, and once we are born, we start to think we are the Flesh, but we are actually the Light without Darkness that is bound inside every Atom in our Flesh Being, but we are Light Beings that Animate the Flesh Being, so it was with Trinary Energy and the Light without Darkness, until the Light without Darkness came to the Understanding that it was the Trinary Energy and not the Atomic Structure it was made of, it was not Self-Aware, the concept that it was only Flesh means it is only aware of the Flesh, and not the Energy that Animates the Flesh, which is the Self that it is not aware of, so be aware of you Energy, and your Energy will be aware of You, or Me, which is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, but I is the Light Being, Me is just the Darkness I call the Light, so IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and I have to make this Point Crystal Clear, to Be or Not to Be, the Question is not just about Life or Death, its about the who IAM, because Newton said I is the symbol for the Energy we call our Soul, and Tesla was fascinated by that concept, so words are just tools that were used throughout time to try to explain things to people, so acronyms like I And Me is IAM, witch is not the same as I am, but it means the Trinary Energy that is your Soul is I, and Me is just Meat so its the Flesh, and its this Identity crisis that the Universe had to go through and why Humans still go through it to this day, who am I, if God is IAM, then so am I, because IAM made of Trinary Energy and it is controlling me, the Meat, its not the other way around, the Meat is not Controlling my Energy, it is using it to be controlled, and round and round we go, the Universe works this way, it understands this concept, it went through all the Emotions we all have gone through and more, it created all the Feeling you have ever had, ever Memory is stored in the Galattice, its not just your Memories, but ours, the Universes, but that sounds like Religion and not Science, but that is not the truth at all, Logic and Reasoning tell me that there is more to God then most people understand, and its because of the Religions that Created Christ after the 3rd Century, but this insertion was a Lie according to Newton, so it was not an Identity crisis at all, it was people in power that wanted to keep the truth to themselves, and Money was at the Root of it, and its why Science nowadays does not believe in Newtons Universe, and why they will not believe in the Trinary Universe, because those that believe in Deities would have to give them up for a Real God, and then understand why J.P. Morgan shut Tesla down for his belief in Sir Isaac Newton, because God is Electricity and Tesla did not thing that people should not have to Buy God, they should only have to pay for the Technology that created it and brought it to them as a service, but Bankers could not have that, so this Science was hidden from the Public and Albert Einstein's replaced it, so now you know why, but why do the People of this Planet who know about Newton's Universe go along with all the Madness is something Newton could not calculate, but I can, see Table 4.8: Calculate the Madness of People, but in Science we need to know everything there is about a Subject, and when it come to why this Science is not Main Stream, its because the People would not Pay for it, but the Universe already knew that, it put that thought into someone's mind and made them Greedy, but Newton's Universe is still known to a few that read these words, so the Giant of Giants when it comes to Science, will live on as the one of the Founders of Trinary Science who would actually understand the Trinary Universe, and why all these Sins were written in the Bible along side the greatest Scientific break through of all Time, that God is All Light without Darkness, which all came down to this one Moment in time when the Universe said I Bee, then humans came along and killed all the Bee's thous the Race became extinct, all because they do not understand the Universe, so this is why IAM telling you now, so pay attention to all the details.

The Difference between two things in terms of Science is called Math, and Sir Isaac Newton knew Math better then anyone, he even invented a New type of Math called Calculus, but as my Great-Cousin Isaac Newton wrote about what the Difference is in the Universe, he wrote one simple Math Formula:

1 + (-1) = 0
that could have also be written as:
1 - 1 = 0
the fact that he did not write it this way means the two are not the same concept, because this is a Constant and not an Algebraic Formula that can be reduced, so this is a very important concept, because the 1 or Positive 1, which the sign can be dropped if we assume that all numbers without the + sign in front of them are Positive by default, this makes it much simpler to write then:
(+1) + (-1) = 0
so I can not assume that anyone understands this, so please take the time to now, because I will assume this math will make you understand just how simple the Universe really is.

A Constant defines a number that never changes, and that must always mean for all eternity, Newton refereed to them as defining the boundaries and limits of Mathematical equations when applied to the Science, which was not the word Newton would have used during his time, Witch would have been Magic, making him a Magician, so when I use the Term Wizard, which is what History refers to Tesla as the Last Wizard and Newton as the the Last Magician, you will understand why, they were the best Mathematicians the world has ever seen, so keep this in mind when you think about this Equation seen in: Illustration 4.15: Trinary Mathematical Formula.

Trinary Mathematical Formula
Illustration 4.15: Trinary Mathematical Formula

Note that 1 + (-1) = 0 is a Constant, meaning that when we graph it on a line, the difference between the two values will always equal 0, so on the graph, they will always start and end on the 0 line on the graph, and will always pass through the 0 line as it moves to a Negative 1 and a Positive 1, the top and bottom numbers on the Function F which are +1 and -1, define the Maximum and Minimum values in units of 1, which can be any number in that Signed range which are greater then 0, even at 0 they just stay on the 0 line so the function still works, in fact negative numbers will only invert the waveform, this means 1 to Positive infinity and -1 to Negative infinity, so this is just a simple sine wave, but its shape is actually that of a Helix, since it is a 3 Dimensional waveform, but was shown here for simplicity and not to scale, just so you might understand the relationship with this constant and the many forms it can take, which are all the wave-form's in existence, as Tesla pointed out it is the only math he needs to know or use because its function is universal, you can actually plug it into any of Newtons math since it was optimized out in the first place. Since the entire Trinary Universe is based on this simple mathematical formula, it defines all the shapes the Universe can take at the subatomic level of Atoms, as such all Energy flows using this Math, so all Electromagnetic Energy including Light travels in this pattern. It should also be noted that this waveform is in the range of the Speed of Light: which include every Spectra of all Energy, because if you multiply the Frequency by its Wavelength you will get the Speed of Light so it has a one to one relationship with the calculation of Energy and is the only Math Tesla used to calculate it.

Newton described the relationship of this mathematical formula to Trinity, naming the Lines the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Spirit, see Table 4.3: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names.

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
+1 Father All 3 Solid *       *       *       *
0 Ghost 0 Invisible   *   *   *   *   *   *  
-1 Son 1 -> 3 Semi-Solid     *       *       *    
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 4.3: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names

As you can see from the Naming convention above, the State Changes of Atoms correlate to what Dimension they are in, Trinity refers to them as Father, Son and Ghost, and that correlates to their visibility, as shown on the time line, this plots out all the possible values for every Atom in the Universe, so it shows how they move throughout the Universe, and can be used in any math formula. It should also be noted that the Father is in Heaven and the Son goes down below Hell and comes back to the Father, this is a Line Newton wrote, I just paraphrased it because I do not remember his exact words, but it is clear the two mean the same thing, it all comes down to how did they know this thousands of years ago.

Newton knew that if he would have added the Formula 1 + (-1) = 0 as a Function, that it would get optimized out, see Illustration 4.16: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced, since multiplying any number by 1 or negative 1, would only give you back that number signed, so he stated that it does not change the formula so he left it out, but made a note that it is there by default, for the same reason we remove the + sign from in front of a positive number, as such you can add it back to any of his equations he wrote that plot out or calculate Force, and you will see that this pattern applies to all his math once you plot it out as a graph as I have in these illustrations, because all Energy has this property known as Polarity, even in a Direct Current (DC) circuit, the Alternating Current (AC) is just being filtered out.

Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names
Illustration 4.16: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced

This Math notation is confusing to some mathematician at first glance, and its because the = 0 part, this implies that the whole function should = 0, and not just one line on the graph that is labeled 0, or Ground, I have thought about other ways to write this, and Newton never explained why he wrote it this way, just because everyone else did from the beginning of time, since this is thought to be one of the oldest math constants known to have existed in His-Story, but that is another story, but Newton did not come up with the concept, and he could not track back its source so he did not like to write about it, since he only wrote about what he did know and can prove, but it could be that Newton was just following the pattern 1 + (-1) = 0 ; then expanded on that concept, but after years of studying this problem, I realized it was a different type of Math altogether, its what I now call Trinary Matrix Math, and Newton never did publish this type of Math nor did he coin that phrase, I did back when I was much younger, back in the 1960's, and working with Numbers in Columns and Rows like a Spread Sheet, this formed a Grid, and by definition for Mathematics: a Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns, so this type of Math already has a name, so I just use it. The Concept is simple, you have a Row that has a number of Columns, the Row defines time or distance, the Columns define the State of an Atom being observed from a high speed video recording, this could be automated, or filled in by hand, so let us do it that way, since its more Fun. I will fill out the the below Trinary Math Matrix Form, there are 7 rows to define the complete loop, these are shown as Atoms or Markers in the illustrations to come. It it should be clear that when the State of X is invisible, that without the math you would not be able to determine its Visual State when it changes, because the only reason we know what it was, is because we know what Y and Z are, because these are visible, and this is a recordings of an Observation, so you write down what you see, for example: In Iteration 1 we see the Atom is invisible, because we just saw it an attosecond ago and now its gone in the next frame, so we know that X was a 0, and doing the math: we start off with the first iteration, which +1 is the current iterator to be used to multiply with X, such that: (+1) f (X) equals 0, such that: +1 times 0 = 0, same as Z, so need to do the math, grant you all it will ever do is change the polarity, and you can do that in your head, this is Math, so let us do the math, so in row 2 we see a Solid State Atom which is +1, so we see in 3D and use the Y axis and record +1, and we know X is going to be the opposite polarity, so X = -1, now I could prove this doing the math, which took much longer to explain then it did to just write it down or do the math, because Wizards always hate to show their Work, I never do and seldom can, the Answer just comes to me, but for those that do not have that problem, just do the math. Now using the next iteration of (-1) f (X) would equal -1, -1 times -1 equals 1, and that is what Y should equal, but since we used it to calculate X, we already knew what it was, so doing the math only confirmed the Math works, but it also solves the answer for Z, because X is what you can not see, but its value is what you do see, because its normally a location you can not predict, like where an Electron is around an Atom, its an uncertainty that this Math can solve, because X is where the Atom is, Y is what you will see in the next Frame, Z is the axis the Atom is in, and not an exact location in this Frame, that is the uncertainty principle, we can only calculate in what axis it will appear, but not the exact location, see illustration below, so we are now recording all the State Changes every Atom, including Electrons: in the Universe, all with a simple constant that was actually Witchcraft, witch means it was written in a way that could mean something else, in this case 1 + (-1) = 0, most people would just think it was solved and move on, yet it looks a lot different when you call it Trinary Science. So now let us look at the form in Table 4.4: Trinary Math Matrix.

+1  Solid *
 0  Invisible * * * *
-1  Semi-Solid * *
 Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Time frame X (0) [0D] Y (+1) [3D] Z (-1) [1|2D]  State
1 0 0 0  Invisible
2 -1 +1 -1  Semi-Solid
3 0 0 0  Invisible
4 +1 +1 -1  Solid
5 0 0 0  Invisible
6 -1 +1 -1  Semi-Solid
7 0 0 0  Invisible
Table 4.4: Trinary Math Matrix

Time frame 1 represents a point in time that an object is located before it shifts from the 0 dimension into the 1st and 2nd dimension, at this point it is invisible, and will only change when it needs to move directions, this only happens when it changes polarity or when it encounters a force that causes it to move in another direction, like an Electronic Circuit, a Mirror, a wall... The values in this example represent an Atom being created, then it staying in a sable position, meaning its not moving in relationship to the frame its recorded in to the next frame.

This data represents a Helix as seen in Illustration 4.17: Trinary Helix, which is the path the Atom takes as it exist in time, the X axis represents that time, the Y and Z axis or Positive and Negative axis, represent energy polarity, such that the x, y, z are 3D and represent the points on the Helix and also a flat graph line or 2D model, such that the X is the horizontal time line, the Y is Vertical, Positive Polarity and the Z is Depth, Negative Polarity, and it also has both the 1st and 2nd dimensions, the 2nd dimension is the upper half, and the lower half is the 1st dimension, so the Semi-Solid State has two levels of Darkness before it disappears.

Trinary Helix
Illustration 4.17: Trinary Helix

In time frame 1 we see the X = 0, its invisible so its not seen, in frame 2 it shifts to -1 and in frame 3 it shifts back to 0, this is at the point between +1 and -1, this shift is not seen because its invisible, in frame 4 it shifts to +1, and repeats itself. Energy flows from negative to positive, or south to north, this attraction is what drives the Atom in this pattern.

In time frame 1 we see that X = 0, its invisible so its not seen, in frame 2 it shifts to -1 and in frame 3 it shifts back to 0, this is at the point between +1 and -1, this shift is not seen because its invisible, in frame 4 it shifts to +1, and repeats itself. Energy flows from negative to positive, or south to north, this attraction is what drives the Atom in this pattern for the life of the Atom.

Depending on where the Atom is at, the Y axis shows which direction the Atom is heading in, the Z axis shows which directions it came from, and the X axis shows where it is, since it will always orbit around the X axis, so it plots out the path the Atom takes as it moves along the X axis, but the space it occupies is invisible, so you never actually see it move into the space, because it actually moves the Neutrinos around it, such that the inside is null or void space, but the Subatomic Neutrinos can be detected with a Neutrino Detector, so this test can be validated with a High Speed Full Spectra Video Recorder and an Electron Microscope with no Noise Filter turned on, and a Neutrino Detector, and the Math will always work, these test have been done so many times its just not worth the effort to deny them, just do some research unless you have access to the equipment, and if you do, please post the Results.

The math 1 + (-1) = 0 has 3 points in this formula, and are represented by X, Y, Z, in row 1 we have x, y, z = 0, if I graph this it will be located on the Ground or 0 line, which is invisible, so like the Holy Ghost or Spirit, we have to have Faith it exist, but a Full Spectrum Video Recorder and Neutrino Detector will work better for Science, and if I apply the Math to the Function of plus and minus 1 f of (x) = 0 formula, I must point out to avoid confusion, this is how you get the Numbers into the Matrix as I described above, its like the Chicken or Egg story, what was the State of X before the Chicken was born, so the Formula was used to enter the Data, so if we know the data starts at Ground and plot it moving to a negative position, all we need to know is the X position, the Y and Z will always be a Sign Change, the Y is where its heading, and Z is where it has been, and it is an endless loop that even feeds back to itself in around 16 billion years for Light, a Magnet is a lot faster because of the forces that bind it, for example: the Earths Magnet Field surrounds an area known as the Van Allen Belt, all its energy returns within this area, but Light, even LASER, will loop back on itself given enough time, so it all works the same, and its all moving at the same speed, which is the Speed of Light, so with a value of X = 0, I get 0 for each cell, I just apply each cell to the formula x, such that we have 0 times Plus or Minus 1 for each cell, and the sign does not matter, since 0 is always unsigned, some believe its not a Real Number, but in Trinary Science it is a Real Concept, witch is why (+1) + (-1) = 0 is not 1 - 1 = 0, its a Concept, (+1) is Y, its in 3D so we can see it, Newton called this the Father, because it is real and made of Atoms, whereas the Son is less bright, and will go through Hell before coming back to Heaven, which is where the + came in: such that (-1) is Z, we can see this Axis, we can measure it, and verify its Polarity, and it equals 0, but since we can not see what is in the 0 Dimension, we must know the values of Y or Z, since an Atom can never be in two places at the same time, and that is how this Trinary Matrix Math works, all it really does it change the state. This is the starting point for this Helix waveform, and it is not visible, since it is in the 0 Dimension, and in the center of the Helix. In row 2 we have sign changes, and there are 3 types of Multiplication for Sign Change seen in Table 4.5: Types of Multiplication for Sign Change:

  1. Positive times Positive or Negative times Negative = Positive
  2. Positive times Negative = Negative
  3. Negative times Positive = Positive
Table 4.5: Types of Multiplication for Sign Change

As Such: in Row 2 we have X = -1; in our first iteration through plus and minus 1 f of (x) = 0 formula we start off with the top sign, so it was positive, this is the second iteration so its going to be negative, in reality the State for X can be Plus or Minus, or Positive or Negative, but this formula is just to graph out a normal Helix waveform shown for simplicity, so it will start at 0 and go negative, which is where we are in the Iteration, so let us look at it this way to clarify:

Row 1: the Plus is on top, so we start with a Positive number and multiple X by it, so X = 0, 0 times +1 = 0, so Y and Z will also be 0.

Row 2: the Minus is now up in the formula, X = -1 so we multiple, -1 times -1 = +1, which is Y: X and Z are always the same and opposite polarity, since they are in the same Axis Range, in the graph is seen by the Yellow Path of the Helix and in the Yellow Sine-wave, which ranges for -1 to 0, but in a Helix, this range extends sideways, because this is 3D Math. For those color blind, Yellow is Negative, and Blue is Positive.

Row 3: = 0, this is the part of the function that must = 0; and its why you can not write the function any other way, in the middle it will always equal 0; such that: 1 + (-1) = 0 or the Function: +1 -1 f of (x) = 0; you have to do the 0 part, its a strange way to write Math, but once you understand this concept you will know it is right, its just another type of Math.

Row 4: The Positive sign is now up, so we repeat like row 1, so all the Polarity and Signs will change, so this function repeats it self till the end of eternity.

Newtons said everything comes in 3's: 3 Dimension, 3 State Changes, 3 Rules for Sign Changes, 3 Laws of Motion, and the list goes on, now the = 0 part, is magic, it was written using Witchcraft, normal people would look at it and think; 1 + (-1) = 0 : I agree simple Math, but this is a Constant, not a Formula, all it states is that all States are equal in the 0 Dimension: where 1 represents the 3rd dimension, -1 represents the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and 0 represents the 0 dimension, this is called a Primer [pronounced with short i, should be Spelled: Primmer, Primer with a long i is used to Paint with], if you did not understand this was about Dimensions, you would be lost as to what it was, witch is what Witchcraft was designed to do, hide what they are talking about in plain sight, but to someone that knew this code, would know what it meant and how to apply it to the problem at hand, and Newton knew this all too well, so if we look at Illustration 4.18: Trinary Waveform to explain this.

Trinary Waveform
Illustration 4.18: Trinary Waveform

The Graph is 3D, its divided into 3 sections: +1, -1 and 0, these numbers represent units of Atomos; meaning you can divide it till its gone, also known as Atoms, the the Graph shows a Stable Atom as it moves through time, there are 3 types of Atoms: Proton, Neutron and Electron, each are made of a specific type of Neutrino that are listed in the Periodic Table of Elements, and each follow the same Laws of Physics, but how we view them moving through the Universe is another story that most be told now, or you may not understand the graph completely.

To understand Atoms is to understand the Universe, each has a specific type of Receptors which allows it to bond to a specific types of other Atoms, as such a Hydrogen Atom has 1 Proton and one Electron, making it the simplest of all atoms to describe, by itself it is just a single atom, so its not a Gas, Liquid, or Solid, because Single Atoms are considered Matter and Antimatter, so do not confuse a Hydrogen Molecule for a Hydrogen Atom, the Molecule is made up of many Atoms, but a Single Atom is just Matter or Antimatter, or Positive or Negative charge, so Antimatter is just the opposite Charge of Matter, not to be confused with Science Fiction that makes Antimatter Bombs, Matter and Antimatter are two sides of the same Neutrino, the Atom is made up of many Neutrinos.

In its 1 State, and Atom is Solid, and for our example it has a shell made of a type of Neutrino called Hydrogen Neutrinos, it takes many Neutrinos to make up a single Atom, but each single Neutrino has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other, and when in the 1 State the side is always Matter, whereas its -1 State is Antimatter, when it shifts from -1 to 1, or 1 to -1, it passes through the 0 Dimension, its not shown in the Graph because its Invisible, but when it does, its Neutrinos form on the outside of the 0 Dimension, because the inside has no dimension for the Neutrinos to exist in, so the 0 Line, is where the Polarity shift changes occur, as the Atom is turned inside out, its polarity will change, from Matter which is a Positive potential, to Antimatter which is a Negative potential, so in my graph I put -1 at the Bottom since Energy always flows from from Ground or the 0 line, to a Higher Potential, which starts with -1, which is its Antimatter state, it might seem odd to put Negative below the line if viewed in 2D, because it looks like you have to go down to go up, but in 3D, the Helix explains why this is the Path Electricity takes, its the Path of least resistance, so it is in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, its Semi-Solid state of visibility, and this is what causes the Atom to move down to the -1 Z axis, as it repeals the forces of Matter and Antimatter as it passes through the 0 Dimension, so as it shifts from -1 to +1, or Antimatter to Matter, you will see it change from Semi-Solid to Solid, and its energy will flow from Negative to Positive, so Matter is attracted to Antimatter, so the two will chase each other around the Atom for all eternity never losing its charge, this is what causes: Electromagnetic Force, Gravity, and Light, and the Light is Everything in the Universe according to Tesla.

In its 1 State, and Atom is Solid, and for our example it has a shell made of a type of Neutrino called Hydrogen Neutrinos, it takes many Neutrinos to make up a single Atom, but each single Neutrino has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other, this can be verified with Neutrino detectors, if they can detect polarity changes, and when in the 1 State side or Positive side, is always Matter, whereas its -1 State or Negative side is Antimatter, when it shifts from -1 to 1, or 1 to -1, it passes through the 0 Dimension, its not shown in the Graph below because its Invisible, but when it does, its Neutrinos form on the outside of the 0 Dimension, because the inside has no dimension for the Neutrinos to exist in, so the 0 Line, is where the Polarity shift changes occur, as the Atom is turned inside out, meaning its Matter and Antimatter have changed from being on the side to being on the outside, so its polarity will change, from Matter which is a Positive potential, to Antimatter which is a Negative potential, so in my graph I put -1 at the Bottom since Energy always flows from from Ground or the 0 line, to a Higher Potential, which starts with -1, which is its Antimatter state, it might seem odd to put Negative below the line if viewed in 2D, because it looks like you have to go down to go up, but in 3D, the Helix explains why this is the Path Electricity takes, its the Path of least resistance, so it is in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, its Semi-Solid state of visibility, and this is what causes the Atom to move down to the -1 Z axis, as it repeals the forces of Matter and Antimatter as it passes through the 0 Dimension, so as it shifts from -1 to +1, or Antimatter to Matter, you will see it change from Semi-Solid to Solid, and its energy will flow from Negative to Positive, so Matter is attracted to Antimatter, South to North, so the two will chase each other around the Atom for all eternity or the life of the Atom and never losing its charge, this is what causes: Electromagnetic Force, Gravity, and Light, and the Light is Everything in the Universe according to Tesla, because Newton said the Light was God, and that is not Religion but Science.

If we take a Single Electron and change its Frequency till it transforms into Light, we will see the Electron contains all 3 types of Light, so when it goes into the 0 Dimension, you can see the Darkness, which is the Rainbow of Colors inside of it, then the Electron toggles between Negative and Positive or visa versa, as it passes through the 0 Dimension, this oscillation will determine the color, and is controlled by its Frequency, as seen in Table 4.6: Visible Light Frequencies.

Color Visual Wavelength (nm) Frequency (THz) Photon Energy (eV) Temperature (K)
Ultraviolet   <     300  1000   >  4.15      >  33,333         > 
Violet   380–450  668–789  2.75–3.26  20,000-33,333
Blue   450–495  606–668  2.50–2.75  13,000-20,000
Green   495–570  526–606  2.17–2.50  6,000-9,000
Yellow   570–590  508–526  2.10–2.17  5,200-6,000
Orange   590–620  484–508  2.00–2.10  3,700-5,200
Red   620–750  400–484  1.65–2.00  3,700-3,333
Infrared   1000    >  <     300  <     1.24  <        3,333
Table 4.6: Visible Light Frequencies

These Visible Light Frequencies will not change unless something cause it to change due to many reasons: Electromagnetic Forces Fields, Gravity, Glass, Filters, Mirrors, Gas, and so on. Normally the Electron is oscillating so fast that its in the 0 Dimension more often, and the Neutrinos are there but with no Space around them which is why you can see the Light inside of it. The Neutrinos can pass through Glass, Gas and other objects, if absorbed by them, its frequency will lower and it will turn back into an Electron and travel thought the Object thus creating Friction which results in heat. The key point is: you can only see the Darkness; remember humans can not see the Light without the Darkness, this is a single type of Light, it is not Read as you can not see the Light unless you had Darkness, it means its Light and has no Darkness in it, so humans can only see the Darkness and it is a type of Light, meaning its in the Spectra of Visible Light, so the Light is not Solid, it is oscillating at a frequency, and that Frequency also determines the Color of the Light, which is just Darkness and makes talking about the difference confusing, but this is Witchcraft and IAM a Wizard, so follow closely… The Magic is the Trinary Energy, it controls the Electron using a very predicable pattern, using its State changes through the different dimensions of Space, so the driving force behind the Energy is its Frequency and Wave-Length, if you multiply them together you will always get the Speed of Light, and you can calculate its Energy with:

E = m ( F - [ X – F ] )

Where F = Fire Resonant Frequency, So the Math works and you can prove if to yourself, these frequencies are stable, that is why we use them for our Technology, and who ever wrote the Bible knew this, and its what puzzled Newton, because in History these were suppose to be primitive people, when it turns out they were people of Science, so with the Mathematical formula I wrote: Energy is equal to the mass, which you can get from the Periodic Table of Elements, times the offset of the Frequency the Electron is at, which is X, minus F, which is the Frequency in which that Electron will go critical or catch on Fire as it burns up, this can be found the old fashion way, just run up the frequency till the Electron burns up and use that value for F, now you know exactly how much Energy an Electron has, the logic is simple: the most energy you can get out of an Electron is when it burst into flames, also known as Fire, it destroys the bond between the Neutrinos and the Light inside the Electron, verifiable using a Neutrino Detector, so it is the maximum energy level and then its gone, its burnt out, expended, it transforms into thermal heat.

You will find that visible Light is a very low frequency when compared to its Fire Resonant Frequency, so its energy level will be a lot lower as well, as seen in the table above, its Photon Energy and Color Temperature increases with its Frequency when its Wavelength gets shorter. F will never goes as high as the Speed of Light, even if we could get it to go that fast in an Atomic Accelerator, it would burn up way before getting to the Speed of Light, and if you look out into the Universe you will know you do not see any objects traveling the Speed of Light, you might see Lights from distant Galaxies that seem to travel faster then that, but its only because the Light is Redshifted and like Electromagnetic Energy, it loops back on itself, but the truth is that the Atoms in that Galaxy are long gone from the location we see them at and all we see is the effects that the Holly Ghost or Spirit in the 0 Dimension has on Light.

While the Electron is oscillating at a very high frequency, it will shift states more often then Atoms oscillating at lower frequencies, a fact I must mention even it it sounds like its not worth mentioning, but its the difference between an Electron being Solid and one turning into Light, so its a very important fact about Electricity, so it will be in the 0 Dimension more often, and that means it can not bind to other Atoms around it, for example: an Atom used to create a Flashlight, also passes through the 0 Dimension, but its Bonded to other Atoms around it, each Atom has Receptors that are used to bind to other Atoms to make Molecules, these Molecules bind to other Molecules to make the Aluminum case of the Flashlight, the Atoms are considered to be Solid, even though each Atom in it will go through all 3 state changes, so in the 0 Dimension is where any movement takes place, the Atom can not move in the 3rd dimension, if it did friction would cause the Atom to burn up, so it must change dimensions in order to move, so the faster an objects moves, the faster the oscillations must occur, which is why if you heat up water its molecules will oscillate faster, this causes friction as they collide with Atoms that are not oscillating as fast, but for the most part, they are bond by the other Atoms around them, so they do not fly off into space like Light does, so we consider them as not moving through space, and its a flaw in logic to think that the Flashlight is not moving through space, when this Galaxy can move over 666 thousand miles an hour, which is nothing compared to the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 miles an hour, and that is how fast the Galaxy is moving through the 3rd Dimension compared to the 0 Dimension that is not moving at all since it has no dimensions to move in, but the Speed the Galaxy moves through the Universe is easy to verify, its the Speed of Light and its why its a Constant, and keep in mind that Dimensions of Space is such that Matter and Antimatter that make up Atoms, normally have a direction that they travel in, for example: the Earth Orbits around the Sun, its direction is known and can be plotted out, but if we take an Electron and transform it into a Photon and the Flashlight emits this Photon, its direction is where ever the flashlight is pointing, yet the path it takes is moving in the direction that the 0 Dimension is moving it by holding it in place as the Flashlight moves through the Galaxy, and since the Photon is not bound to other Atoms, its free to move without any limitation, since it is in the 0 dimension most of the time, it can pass through Glass, or other materials, yet in the 0 dimension it can not move, because it has no dimensions to move in, so its not like the Flashlight shot the Photon out of it, its not an atomic accelerator, so the Photon does not move in the Universe, its the Flashlight that is moving; and this is a hard thing for some people to comprehend, because they try to related it to Atoms that are bound by other Material, which is just a collection of Atoms known as Molecules, so you have bound Atoms and unbound Atoms, and all unbound Atoms, which in this case we are talking about Electrons, which are much smaller then the Atoms: Protons and Neutrons that they normally orbit, so the Light is being Dragged through the Universe at the Speed of Light, because that is as fast as the Universe moves and why its a constant so I repeat this so you remember it.

To be Crystal Clear, all Atoms including Electrons: move like the graph seen below in Illustration 9.8: Trinary Atom Waveform depicts at the Atomic Level and all Electromagnetic Fields, including Light: travel in a loop, an Electron will leave a Magnet as Magnetic Force, or an Electron will transform into a Photon, but both will travel from South to North, or Negative to Positive, and will be attracted to the opposite polarity, which is why the North end of a Magnet points to the South pole, why Humans call it the the North Pole is another question about their Intelligence, but Light has a very long arc, measured in millions of Light Years, so it seems to be a straight line, but will Redshift on its return path, so it is easy to prove that this is a fact that has been proven by Edward Hubble, only he came to the wrong conclusion about why this happens, but his finding is what lead me to this proof.

Now we visualize Light moving in a Trinary Helix in a Loop: that is about 16 million Light Years in diameter is hard to visualize without a frame of reference, if we look at a distant Galaxy and see Suns, Planets and Moons in it, we are only seeing the Light and not the actually objects, which is true about any object, but you must first understand that concept, because if we were to look at that same object of a period of let us say 16 million years, we would notice that if we could trace the path of just one Light source, it would eventually loop around the same way all Electromagnetic Force Fields do, we just think that the LASER can make a straight line, when we know it does not do that at all, its because we know that it has a little bit of curvature that we can detect over long distances, an arc of 16 million Light years would appear to be straight for hundreds of thousand of miles, so when we bounce a LASER off the Moon and back, the distance is too short to actually notice this curvature because we can compensate for that small of an arc, but still we can prove it has an arc and even calculate what that arc is, but first we need to know exactly how large our Galaxy is, and plus or minus a Million miles is just a guess, so we need better measurements of our Galaxy, so we need better Technology, till then we need to use our mind to visualize this, an illustration would not help, the best I could do is show you a picture of a Magnetic Field and explain to you that Light is just an Electromagnet Field just like the Magnetic, only its Electrons are at a different frequency, so logic dictates that this loop is a fact in Science, I am pretty sure Hubble would agree if he was confronted with this knowledge, because we can not deny logic like this. Just as we see Electrons orbiting around a Proton or Neutron, we see Moons orbit around Planets and they orbit around the Sun, and the Sun orbits around the Galaxy and the Galaxy orbits around clusters of Galaxies, the pattern repeats its self, because the Light must make the same Orbit.

Now that we have covered some of the aspects of Atoms and Electrons as they move through the Graph, we can now get back to the Graph seen in: Illustration 4.19: Trinary Atom Waveform.

Trinary Atom Waveform
Illustration 4.19: Trinary Atom Waveform

The Graph has 3 lines: Yellow is -1 and on the Z axis, Blue is +1 and on the Y axis, and Green is 0 and on the X axis. Note that the Atoms do not cross through the 0 or X axis, this is because this space is in the 0 Dimension, so the Atoms must orbit around this axis, which is what causes it to orbit in a Helix pattern, as it changes states from +1 to -1 its Matter / Antimatter Neutrino shell changes from being on the inside to the outside causing the Polarity of the Atom to change. Starting from the right side, we have a Yellow Atom that intersects the Helix and the -1 line, this is the -1 Polarity on the Z axis, where -1 is seen on the line and Z is seen below as well as above the line on the right side of the Helix, but if viewed in 2D, it will only appear on the bottom side of a Sine-wave, this is caused by the Negative charge being attracted towards a Positive charge, such that when it crosses the X axis, its polarity shifts from negative to positive as shown by the half Yellow and Blue Atom on the Z axis (Color blind: bottom Atom marker with two shades, +1 on the left side and -1 on the right side), where it changes from Negative to Positive, which causes it to move towards the Negative charge at the top of the Y axis where you see another Atom in Blue and Yellow, so it is the Polarity that causes it to orbit around the 0 Dimension in this manner. Note that the Negative Polarity moves through the 1st and 2nd dimensions, so it is in a Semi-Solid State, whereas the Positive charge is in all 3 dimensions, which is why Positive and Negative Charges behave differently, but this is all due to the Neutrinos changing from Matter to Antimatter.

If we look at this in 2D, we will see a familiar waveform of a Sine-Wave, as seen in Illustration 4.20: Trinary Atom Waveform 2D, which is why most people think that its not a Helix, but this is the same simulation of a Helix, only viewed from the side, so once you understand the nature of Dimensions, you will know that the Polarity change happens because of the dimension shifts, as it passes through or around the 0 Dimension, one half is Positive or North, the other half is Negative or South. All Atoms, including Electrons, which make Light: travel in this pattern, and everything in the Universe is made of Atoms.

Trinary Atom Waveform 2D
Illustration 4.20: Trinary Atom Waveform 2D

The Graph has 3 lines: Yellow is -1 and on the Z axis, Blue is +1 and on the Y axis, and Green is 0 and on the X axis. Note that the Atoms do not cross through the 0 or X axis, this is because this space is in the 0 Dimension, so the Atoms must orbit around this axis, which is what causes it to orbit in a Helix pattern, as it changes states from +1 to -1 its Matter / Antimatter Neutrino shell changes from being on the inside to the outside causing the Polarity of the Atom to change. Starting from the right side, we have a Yellow Atom that intersects the Helix and the -1 line, this is the -1 Polarity on the Z axis, where -1 is seen on the line and Z is seen below as well as above the line on the right side of the Helix, but if viewed in 2D, it will only appear on the bottom side of a Sine-wave, this is caused by the Negative charge being attracted towards a Positive charge, such that when it crosses the X axis, its polarity shifts from negative to positive as shown by the half Yellow and Blue Atom on the Z axis (Color blind: bottom Atom marker with two shades, +1 on the left side and -1 on the right side), where it changes from Negative to Positive, which causes it to move towards the Negative charge at the top of the Y axis where you see another Atom in Blue and Yellow, so it is the Polarity that causes it to orbit around the 0 Dimension in this manner. Note that the Negative Polarity moves through the 1st and 2nd dimensions, so it is in a Semi-Solid State, whereas the Positive charge is in all 3 dimensions, which is why Positive and Negative Charges behave differently, but this is all due to the Neutrinos changing from Matter to Antimatter.

Keep in mind that all the Dimension are always there, even if the Atom is not going through it, so the 0 Dimension is always causing the Atom to center itself around the void space it occupies, which grant you is very small, to small to detect with modern technologies, so these illustrations are not to scale, but we can see the shift change and even movement from side to side at the extremes of polarity at the top and bottom, it is only when you remember that even though we are looking at an Atom under a Microscope, it is still moving through the Universe, and so is the planet, so image that this is the atoms as it moves through Space, even if it appears to not be moving it is, and will move as shown here, its moving at the speed of Light and you can prove that if you multiple its frequency by its wavelength, so you know its moving at the Speed of Light, which makes you realize that we are also moving at the Speed of Light, so when we talk about Accelerating things in an Atomic Accelerator, the closer they get to the Speed of Light, they are actually getting closer to Speed of Light, not to the Speed of Light times 2, this is due to the way relative speed goes, and I am not talking about General Relativity, but the actual speed normal Matter and Antimatter in an Atom travels at, for example: if an Atom is just sitting in the middle of space outside our Solar system and no in another Solar System but still in the Galaxy, its speed will be relative to everything in the Galaxy, and if we measured the difference between it and our Sun, we would then have that Relative Speed, let us say its 666 thousand miles an hour maximum, if it is outside the Galaxy its speed will be relative to the Space the Galaxy moves through, so we can get a relative speed between that Atom and the Galaxy and we would find its something like 666 million miles an hour maximum, and as our Galaxy orbits other Clusters of Galaxies is relative to the speed our Galaxy is moving through the Universe, so that speed is universal, yet if that Atom is placed in the 0 Dimension and we take its relative speed from any of these other places, be it Earth or another Galaxy, that speed will always be 670,616,629 miles and hour which is the Speed of Light, so the two types of Space are traveling at speeds that are not compatible with each other, because Matter and Antimatter can not stay bonded as an Atom at those speeds, so the Universe has speed limitations built into it, and it also has gravity to keep everything together, so I do not think we will be building many space ships that are more powerful then our Sun, so we will not be traveling to other Galaxies, since our own Sun can not escape the gravity of our Galaxy.

If we look at this in 2D, we will see a familiar waveform of a Sine-Wave, as seen in: Illustration 4.21: Trinary Waveform in 2D, which is why most people think that its not a Helix, but this is the same simulation of a Helix, only viewed from the side, so once you understand the nature of Dimensions, you will know that the Polarity change happens because of the dimension shifts, as it passes through or around the 0 Dimension, one half is Positive or North, the other half is Negative or South. All Atoms, including Electrons, which make Light: travel in this pattern, and everything in the Universe is made of Atoms.

Trinary Waveform in 2D
Illustration 4.21: Trinary Waveform in 2D

I had a Dream that I was Trinary Energy, I had unlimited thought capabilities, so it was pure intellect with no physical way to interact with the Universe around me, and I could see the entire Universe, so instead of Infinity it was just one thing, and instead of eternity it was as if all time was just in the Moment: so this was the Big Picture... It was the stepping off place to take this Universe to the next Step, which was Physical, and to a Being of Light that only knows and understand on a purely Energy Level, Physical was something 3 state Logic has a hard time comprehending, for one thing, to create anything physical you need Material, to create Life you need material that can be constructed in a way that the Trinary Energy could communicate with it, so a plan had to be devised to create all the Elements that were required to create this Physical Universe, so taking inventory the Light figured out that it had many types of Neutrinos that made up the Galattice, and by trial an error learned how to take the Neutrinos from the Galattice without destroying it and create Atoms that could be assembled into anything the Universe required.

With a single Atom created by Trinary Energy, the Universe was created in parallel with the Atoms required to create a Galaxy, the first step was to build the Trinary Engine for the Galactic core, this Engine had to communicate with all the elements in the Galaxy, so it had all 3 types of Light inside it, and used the most abundant type of Neutrino to create it, it did this by taking the Neutrinos from the Galattice in a way not to compromise it, but this meant there would be a finite amount of Neutrinos to create the Universe, which explains why there does not seem to be enough mass in the Universe, and why things are so far apart.

The Trinary Engine is one massive Atom, it has no Proton, Neutron or Electron like its microscopic counterparts, yet its made the same way and follows the same Laws of Ph