Trinary Sanctuary in 2060

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019

A Short Story about Trinary Sanctuary

This Document is Free to use without permission, if any Money is made from this work a fair share of it should be Donated to the Trinary Universe Project.

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It is easy to point out the things wrong in this World today: Humans are at the top of that list because of: Greed, Selfishness, Lust, Envy, Love & Hate and other Emotions, this leads to: Over Population, Pollution, Crime, Unending Religious Wars, and the list goes on, but you get the point: its become Normal...
Everyone wants to complain and no one wants to Change the World for the better, because its Normal to try to Make Money so you can Pay your Taxes, so its normal for people to kill others for their Money, and that Blood never washes off the Blood Money, and in order for you to work to make Money, you must Pollute, and its Normal for People to feel like they can not make a difference, because they only Care about themselves, so they have no ambition to help others Change the World we live in today, unless they can make Money doing so...
Reality sets in as you look for the Root cause of all these Problems and its Money, the Root of All this Evil, where did I hear that before, oh yea Jesus...
Wise words: because the Banks cannot afford the Governments Welfare Programs any longer, and the world is full of people that do not want to work, so they demanded their Right to Consume, and the World cannot afford Consumers, so World War III is about to take place as the Markets get ready to Crash, because People think they can not live without Money, so they would Rather Die in a Bloody Civil War, proving how Evil Money is: but all is not Lost...
I want to change the World and I know just what to do, and that means I can not leave it up to you, because most of you have no interest in anything other than yourself, so I came up with a simple plan that empowers individuals, and family units to live in Freedom, without Money, Laws, Religion and other Controls, so there are no limitations set on the Members that want to Join Trinary Sanctuary. Most people have a short Attention span, so I will try to keep this Story Short: so the bottom line is we the People of the World that want to live in Freedom, should be given the chance to do so, in return we will build 42 Pyramids around the World: each will provide Power, Water, Food, and other excess Supplies to the World as payment to the Banks that Own us: as payment for the National Debt. The concept is to eliminate the need to use Oil for Energy, and Poison to grow Food, and to create supply lines, so we can deliver the Resources directly to those that need it, witch means everyone. Trinary Sanctuary will work directly with Governments: not with its Citizens or Corporations. The Governments will monitor all activity, and deal with all: Money, Taxation, Patents, Copyrights, Legal Problems, Resources and other Requirements. There is not enough Money in the World to build Trinary Sanctuary, so this is the only way it will get built.
This Short Story will try to explain why anyone would want to know about this Project.



Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that he stood on the Shoulder of Giants so he could see further, to his best friend Edmond Halley, so we Stood on the Shoulders of Tycho Brahe who believed God made the Planets move, Johannes Kepler who believed in the Harmony of the Worlds, Galileo Galilei who helped us see the Heavens more clearly, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci who saw the World of Imagery, Nikola Tesla who said we are Light Beings, Isaac Asimov who wrote Science Fiction based on Albert Einstein who proved the Universe can not exist without God unless it has Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin for fighting for Freedom and Abraham Lincoln for taking it away without anyone missing it, Mark Twain for learning how to write in a way others could relate, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Richard Strauss for helping the World to Listen. I also must Acknowledge that all of these Men had Autism and like myself, it is in the Autistic Spectrum called High Functioning, also known as Aspies to acknowledge Doctor Hans Asperger who also had it and for which Asperger's Syndrome was named after, I was born with it, I inherited it from my Family line which can be traced back Hundreds of years to my 5th Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher, and he was also an Ashkenazi who are known to be the most Intelligent race on the Planet. Autism allows the Brain to work in a very Different way then those called Neurotypicals, those like myself who have been tested with High IQ's, might think in terms of Images instead of Words, so its hard for some of us to convert Images into Words, and I know that I write run on sentences, it is because I can not think any other way, so I cannot write any other way and be able to understand it, one thought leads to another, seemingly unrelated thoughts become mixed together, so you must Acknowledge that before grading me on English or Concepts, because words are Spells, sometimes I use the wrong word by mistake, others on purpose, but so did all these men, and where would the World be without them today is something everyone must Acknowledge. The Bible said God is all Light and Aspies have a Tendency to take things literally, so the word God and Light mean the same thing to me, in fact that is what I set out to prove, but without Religion, only Science, because none of these men believed in a Deity, these were all men of Science, and they all wanted to Live in Freedom, and that means no Money, and would have wanted an Advanced Society that did not need Controls like: Money, Religion, and Laws, to Keep People inline with their way of Thinking and Doing things, Control is not Freedom: its Insanity, so I must Acknowledge that its up to each individual to be in control of only themselves and not others.


Chapter 1: Know it or No it Not

When I was a child I noticed that I was not like other Children: I learned to talk by 6 Months old, and have not stopped since then. I learned how to read by memorizing words: as if they were just patterns in an Equation, instead of Spells that made up Words, and by Kindergarten I had read all the books we had at home, or at the Neighbors houses, I would just open a book and look at all the pages for just a second, then I could read them later that night, which most of these books were mostly: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Technical Books, and other books people would read, some of witch I wish I had not looked at, but you can not unlook at a book, so school was a good source for books that I could not unlook at, and I could do without the stupid teachers also, I would explain to them how the Universe worked and all they would say is No it is not, so one day I came up with the saying:
I do not care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not
The conception is that I is the Light of God Isaac Newton wrote of, as in IAM God: witch the Bible defined God as All Light without Darkness, so God is Light: witch means its Electricity, since you can make Light with Electricity, you can do things that only God can do, and since God is just Light that is inside every Atom, God is showing you the Light, but it is not the Light Newton was talking about, because it was the Darkness in the White Light of the Sun, that makes up the Rainbow of Colors in the Light, and God was only the Light without Darkness, so God is not what we see with our Eyes, but what we Think with our Mind, and Yew is a type of Tree called Taxus, and only Stupid Sheep would eat it, or worship Money and pay Taxes to Money that is made from a Tree, and not any Tree but Hemp, witch is in the Cannabis Family of Trees, and its what We the People of the United States Wrote their Constitution on, stating that Only Congress can Print Money, and no Wars can be fought off its Contiguous States that are United under 13 Stars, so Sheep eat Taxus and Cannabis, because Sheep just want to Party all the time, and Stupid Sheep do not understand Words or how to Spell them, so those that believe that the U.S. Constitution was Amended and Ratified, have no clue what either word actually means, since Amend means Minor Change, and Only means more than Major, it means abandon, as in Abolished, so I have a name for Sheep that are too Stupid to understand Spells: Sheeple: who else would eat or pay Taxus and think it is Legal just because the Banks own everything, including all that work for Money, so the Banks own those that work for the Courts that the Banks own, and by the Way, the Police and Military have always worked for the Banks. But most normal people do not understand Witchcraft, witch I just loved to read about Wizards and Witches as a child. My favorite Wizards are: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla: so I spent most of my childhood reading about them, so its no wonder they are always in my Dreams, but as I grew older: what I learned about them was not being taught in school, which is why I did not do good in school, nothing interested me, and I did not believe anything they taught me and argued about everything, till I learned its best to just keep my mouth shut, act stupid and get through school: thinking that when I grew up people would understand the Science of the Newtonian Universe, but after I grew up I realized that People are Normally Stupid, meaning its normal to have a Low IQ, and even though I was tested for an IQ of over 180 in the 3rd grade: which is very rare; but after they discovered I was Autistic, they lost interest in who I was, because as it turns out: it is common for them to have high IQ's, especially the Race of Ashkenazi, so as it turns out, I was not like Normal Children, so this will not be a Normal Story, so Know it, or No it Not.

This book is short, only about 6 of the 42 pages are actually chapter 1, which is the only chapter in this book, but it has a lot of Reference material in it.

Why you would want to read this short story and take it serious is because after you do, your Life will never be the same, because once you know the truth, that Truth will set you free, so what Truth have I told you that you do not believe so far? Most Americans believe the Constitution was Legally Amended and Ratified because they are Sheeple, sad fact of life that no one will ever admit to, and that is because they are insane, and insane people are always the last to find out about how crazy it is to believe in things that are not the truth, because when you start changing the meaning of Words and how you Spell them, that is Witchcraft, and its how the Legal System works, it is using Witchcraft, that some call Legal-ease, but it is using Words that are redefined to mean something else: for example: the Word Only is redefined to mean Control, because that is what that word gives Congress, just ask John F. Kennedy what happens to Presidents that have Congress Print Money instead of the Banks, I was only 6 Days old when Kennedy took Office, but I still remember when he died, some images a child sees on TV can not be unseen...
I make the claim that reading this short story will not waste your time: not that I can give you that time back, because this is not the Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, this is the Trinary Universe: witch is based on the Newtonian Universe of Sir Isaac Newton, which Einstein stated for the record, he only believed his Universe, and only wrote the Theory to prove that a Dynamic Universe would always have a Paradox, that can not exist in Reality. But only you can decide what to do with your time, and your Reality, but the Reality of Science is that Einstein did not say much about the Earth Pole Reversals, because the Theory views Gravity as Centrifugal Force, which common sense would explain why that would throw everything off the Planet, and does also means that Kepler's and Newton's Math will not work in this Theory, as Einstein himself stated: Newton's Equations are based on God: which is All Light without Darkness: as the Force of Gravity in all their Equations... I will prove to you that there is a way to survive a Pole Reversal: that most if not all Scientists of this day know will happen sooner than later, and the Ice Caps Melting is a Sign of a an Ice Age and Scientist know this also, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton Calculated would happen in the year 2060, the Bible called it the End of Civilization as we know it, because of the impending Ice Age that always follows: another fun fact that all Scientist will agree: there is no way current Cities can Survive this Event: and 2060 is when it will be starting or finishing, no one knows, so we do not have much time to build Cities that can survive and Ice Age... This Information is to help bring everyone together to work on one Project that will Save the World, or at least some of Civilization.

As if you could believe that statement: Save the World or Save Civilization: by my word alone, because first you would have to know who I am: witch my name is: Jeffrey Scott Flesher. My Family came from Germany to North America on a Ship called the Phoenix in 1752, making us Native Americans, not that we got along with the Native Indiana's any better than the Militia or Military at that time. My Family lived in Flesherville, they named it a City after my 5th Great Grandfather Weston: in what is now Weston West Virginia, so my Family has some history in the United States of America, since like the Indians that lived here before we moved in: we have lived here before the United States was a Country, and Fought in that War to make sure it was, but my Family would not Sign the Constitution because of one Line: Only Congress can Print Money, because that allowed the Lawyers to redefine who can Print Money, when it would have been best to State that No One Can Print Money, because that we can defend, but once the Banks start Printing it, Freedom is Over, and that happened a Century before I was born. I was born in Corona California in 1961, at the time my Family lived in Norco at 3666 Valley View, I mention this only because of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 that will keep showing up in my Lifetime, and I understand they are Masonic Numbers, and my Family has been Masons from the beginning, and I also know its part of my: Autism, high IQ, OCD, or other reason I have to always be relating things to Numbers and Patterns. Like most Men in my Family: I was in the Militia, and when I got old enough: the Military, I am a Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, my Job descriptions included: Computer Programmer, Electronic Engineer and Honor Guard, for the 366th Maintenance Squadron for the (E)F-111, which fly over 96% of all Sorties during the Gulf War, mainly because I did my Job, and I got my first Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service for improving the (E)F-111 System Reliability by 30%, thus bring the Aircraft fully operational in time for the Gulf War. After the Gulf War they cut back on the (E)F-111 Program, so I cross trained as a Helicopter Chew Chief for the 66th Air Rescue Squadron, and 31st Special Operations - Black Knights Squadron, where I got my First Oat Leaf Cluster Achievement Medal for another Meritorious Service Medal, so I must have done my job above average, since few Military members get a Meritorious Service Medals, and I got two within a decade of service, it was clear that I excelled in the Military, and was awarded one of the Rarest Medals in the Military, and is the only Medal Authorized by Congress to ware on all Uniforms, the Excellence in Competition Medal, which less than 0.1% of all Military members in all Branches of the Military receive: making it Bragging Rights for only the Men with the Right Stuff, so as a Wizard I must point this out, that is Normal Wizard behaviour to state Facts with Evidence, if I did not do this: I would not be a Wizard.

After being Medically retired for symptoms that are now proven to be Gulf War Syndrome: mostly for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS, which lead to Depression and Anxiety, as well as PTSD, and for a while I was able to work in a limited capacity: as a Computer Programmer for the Government: EPA and BLM, after that I was Permanently Retired around 2003, after an incident at the BLM during 911, where I logged into data dumps of images from Security Cameras using my own user name, and password to gain access to this data, not like I needed to hack in, but I was clearly not authorized to use data for personal use, even though at one time it was my job to write software for this data, so I crossed the line, but just got my hands slapped because everyone knows its just me, and its easy to say sorry afterwards, and saves time to ask, but what I saw was the World Trade Center blowing up from a Bomb Explosion that had Thermite in it, no Aircraft in site, but the access was quickly denied, and the BLM forced me to leave the building, stating they had a Bomb Threat, and by the time I got home that access was gone and so was my proof, so I just gave up on that argument that people want to say I was seeing things, because without proof why even talk about it, the Story of my Life: this is some kind of a Conspiracy, or I was looking at it from the other side of the building, and could not see the 767 Aircraft hit the building from the other side: that is a Theory I can not deny might be true, it was a 50/50 chance... I had to call my wife to picked me up from work that day, because she needed the car that day, and the day was just getting started, so luckily she had a Cell Phone, so we stopped somewhere to do the things she needed to do, and I saw Airplanes hit the buildings on TV, then watched Build number 9 just Fall down from Fear of being Hit by another Aircraft, if you listen real hard you can hear the building whisper Thermite, actually it was screaming it, but that would be to dramatic, but those Aircraft did not exit out the other side, and that is what I saw: the explosion coming out the other sides, and not the Plane, so I started to think it was just me, and maybe I did only see that side of the Building like someone at the BLM tired to explain to me, but I watched those videos over and over to try to figure out the Physics, but the Truth is much Stranger: people believe what they see in the videos, so their Minds make up the Physics for you, or you get some Magazine that makes the Magic Believable, like Jet Fuel weakened Beams that were designed just in case the building did catch fire, which by the way would cause it to buckle, and not to free fall, but when I first saw the videos of the buildings blowing up, I did not see the Aircraft, so my mind made up a completely different type of Physics, and that Model works, so follow my Insanity for a moment...

Sir Isaac Newton said that for every Act there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, and this means one thing: there is only one way to bring a building down, and that is by cutting all its support beams at the same time, that would require a lot of Thermite, and it would burn for days, weeks and months after, and since that is what happened, its proof that is what did in fact happen, you can find Thermite signatures in all the Photos, and by the Way, Millions of them, but only 4 cameras shot the Aircraft hitting the building, think about that fact for a moment and let it sink in, its easy to fake 4 cameras, so adding them after the fact was confusing my brain, you remove them and it works much better, then the Physics works, adding them means it all falls apart, and you have to conclude that all the Columns were wrapped with Thermite and a remote detonator, and the fact they did not allow Salvage by anyone other than the company that cleaned up their mess, at Oklahoma City, I would say that something is hidden in plain sight, and even if I was only looking at it from the sides that were being blown out, from an Aircraft from the other side of the Building, most of that Aircraft would still make it all the way through the building, this is not a Theory, it is a Fact that can be Proven, build a test set or simulation, oh you know that was done and this is a fact, so why do we pretend this is not a fact, and the Aircraft did not hit the buildings, it was Mass Insanity, the News shows Aircraft hitting the building while at the same time, people are reporting talking to people on the Aircraft as it is about to hit the Building, some even had an open line after the accident, and could hear the people screaming from the floors above and below them, some found the ID's of the people who Fly the Aircraft into the Building, others claim to have seen people that look identical to those that died on those Aircraft, but they still see Elvis, so Mass Insanity is Crazy, people will Kill you if you do not Believe them, so I ask them why only 4 people decided to film it, then why those same people do not really exist, because in my Schizoaffective Mind, these People do not exist, because this Video is Fake, as I mentioned in a video I made, the Video from Battery Park could not have been shot there, because of where the person would have to be to get that perspective, which is at altitude without Flying, they set the Camera height wrong when they rendered the fake scene, which also explains why the Cloud and Smoke patterns are different, and this has all been proven by many sources, so once you set things into Motion, they tent to stay in Motion until another force acts in the Opposite Direction, and that is what my Schizoaffective Mind proved to me: if you can not Prove that the Aircraft hit the Building, it did not, but that would mean that everyone that said they saw the Aircraft are Schizophrenic, or they made that memory up in their mind, and that is by far a better explanation then only 4 people decided this was interesting enough to film, that is lame, and you would have to be Lame to go along with it, I saw the Videos and Photos, and they look fake, the Light, the Clouds, the Smoke, the Physics, none of it adds up to the truth, so why Hide it by not allowing the Public to investigate it, instead of hiring a Cover up team to explain how insane you are for allowing this to go on record, instead of calling it fake when they first aired it?

People have no integrity, they are Liars, and they will try to use Emotions to justify it, and not Physics: Jet Fuel does not burn as hot as Thermite, so who do you think they are fooling: there were people standing above and below where the bomb exploded, so the Jet Fuel is not Hot enough to burn through medal, but Thermite is, so Physics wins, and it did not come from the Aircraft, it might have been made out of some of the Materials required, but there is no proof that any Aircraft parts were in that building, since none were every found, not even one Atom, and that is impossible Physics. I have actually seen videos and photographs of Military Aircraft hitting buildings, and I simulations of a Boeing 767 hitting the World Trade Center, but you will not find simulations that explains how these two buildings eat Aircraft with no trace, so logic tells me that if you have no Evidence, it did not happen that way. I do not argue it did not happen and people did not get killed, luckily most of the Jews did not come to work that day, because it seems that was not a good day to die, but a better day to take a sick day, so very few showed up for work that day. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, so I had to look at all the photos, and found no Aircraft parts, nor did anyone else, and there were very few videos or photographs of the Aircraft hitting the buildings, which is almost impossible in itself, considering how millions of people in New York carry Cameras, and they started taking those pictures after the first one hit the building, so logically there should be Millions of Video of the Second Aircraft hitting the building, but Neurotypicals hate it when Autistic people give them too much Information that makes scene, but they have no idea how they did this Magic Trick, in fact the odds of that happening are so low I would say its scientifically impossible, then the few Photographs and Videos that came out looked fake for too many reasons: I was watching physically impossible things happen, and my brain said this is not possible, an Aircraft the size of a Boeing 767 traveling at speeds over 600 Miles an Hour hitting the building sideways, and not head on, it went in one side nearer to the corner then the center, and did not come out the other side just feet away, and looking at the building schematics, there was only support column on the outside and inside, and glass and office furniture in that floor space, and nothing that could Eat this Aircraft whole without spiting it out, or that could stop a Boeing 767 flying at over 600 miles per hour, and trust me on the Physics, I have a PhD in Physics, I know you would have to be out of your mind, and should be declared legally insane if you believe those Physics, because they defy the Laws of Physics, so I do not want to debate weather or not the Photos or videos were faked, the fact that they did not take down the building is a fact, it was taken down like Building Number 9, with Thermite. I will just state that Science can prove that the Physics are impossible with Mainstreams version of Evidence, which would not hold up in court, since they did not have any eye witlessness, I mean witnesses, that would testify that they film is not fake, and they did in fact see the Aircraft hit the building, at which point, with no evidence, these people should be sent to prison for Life, and would have if they existed, but the General Public never demanded Proof that the Videos or Photos of the Aircraft hitting the building were even real, so Reality is what you Pay for, and that is with Money and why it is the Root of All this Evil.

So I started to really stress out after 911, people thought I was crazy for Believing that these videos were Faked, even though it is not possible for anyone other than these 4 cameras that have never been authenticated as evidence, since you would now know who the Criminals were, so good thing this was all Fake or someone would be in trouble for not proving this happened, when the all the Evidence proved it did not; so I went home to see my Grandmother and Sister, and my Grandmother goes off on how my Grandfather, who was in the Navy and worked at the Pentagon before 1948, said he left there because the Powers that Be wanted to start the next World War by blowing up a building in New York, and bombing the Pentagon, his words exactly! And that is exactly what they did and my Grandmother knew it, and she was very upset about it, and started talking about what happened at Pearl Harbor... My Grandmother Eula also worked at the Pentagon at that time, and was also an Engineer like my Grandfather: so he move to Norco California to teach Navel Submarine Warfare, and died at 63 years old in 1964 of Radiation Poisoning, 6 days and a year after my Mother Mary died, and my Father remarried Aloha, and my Nightmares were only just beginning.

All this was stressing me out to the point that I wanted to die, something that only people that have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS can fully understand... I do not have the energy to do the things I needed to, so Suicide became a Hobby that I could talk about all day long but never go through with it, knowing what it could do to others, after having been there when my Step Mother Aloha: committed Suicide when I was 14 years old in 1975 in Tuscon Arizona. The event is blurry in my mind after going over it most of my life in Flashbacks; it had something to do with her trying to justify throwing all my stuff, which included all my books and notes I inherited from my Cousin Isaac Newton into the trash, just so she could pack her stuff in the box it was in, then blamed me for my Father not wanting to take her back because of it, she said he thinks she sold it for Money, but she said she needed the box, after admitting that she knew how valuable it was, so when that argument failed, she stepped on my toes, and she pushed me as hard as she could in the face, and I feel and hit my head on the ground next to a Pirates Ship in the middle of the Desert, at almost Midnight, so when I tell people this Story they think it is a lie or that I am crazy, the truth with me is stranger then fiction to start with, but she kicked me in the gut so hard that that pain never went away, not even after they operated and cut half of my colon out 42 years later, another Masonic Number I did not make up just to make this Story interesting. She said to me that all the Evidence in the World would never convince anyone of the truth, and to this day I know that is the truth, and it cost me her Life to figure that out... I can remember getting up and running into the street to find her shoes, picking them up to take to here when she was no where in sight, and not wanting to know why the street is wet under the car where it pulled off the road, and seeing someone pulled over down the street: then the Screaming and Yelling... It did not take my mind long to figure out that her Light was gone, and there was no one in that Body that I could not unsee... I dropped the shoes and ran to a phone booth, my Grandmother and Uncle both told me to go home and forget it happened, if I told anyone there would just be bad feelings, and they were right, but I could not go my whole life not telling anyone, and I could not explain what happened to all my Evidence: without telling them this story, so that has been my life's story since then, trying to prove something without all the Notes I had, but in reality, all people needed was a Fake Video and Photos of an Aircraft hitting a Building, and some of them believed it, so my Step Mother taught me that all the Evidence in the World does not matter, because its Normal for People to be Stupid, and Stupid People do not care about Evidence, if they did they would not be celebrating 911 every year, its like the Farce of Jew Lie, there is no Constitution to celebrate, but it does prove that once things are Set in Motion, Stupidity will follow that Path Right into the Hell it created, you are your own worse Enemy for believing in things you can not Prove, and all I proved was that Aloha meant Hello and Goodbye.

Now for the personal information about me: I am on my second Marriage, I got divorced at the same time I was being Retired, because my x-wife loved her Pedophile that her Mother Married, more than her Husband that was being medically retired for Depression and Anxiety caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which she said was a made up disease, because I am a Hypochondriac, so the Courts decided that its fine if my Wife allows this Pedophile to do as he pleases because he lives out of State, and that State has no problem with it because he is a Freemason and pays his Taxes, so his Brother Freemasons protected him, and I remarried before I was Permanently retired, and that part of my Family hated me like I was a Disease for trying to defend my Daughter who was taking about Suicide, so she sides with the Abusers, and does not see that as a problem to make me out to be the bad man, so they Banished me for Life, for a Credit card that will one day run dry.

I have been married in total for about 36 years now, and I have two children and my wife has two children. We are both Air Force Veterans, and come from Broken Marriages that were wrecked by Pornography, and that is not always a Man things, in my case it was my X-Wife that was into Pornography, and was always trying to get me into it, but I had to draw the line somewhere, and that when she used our Daughters to take pictures she sends to people on AOHELL, so Porn is Porn, its Evil, and we are both better off with it out of our Lives. So what else do you need to know about me: I am on the High Functioning Spectrum of Autism, also known as an Aspie, short for Asperger's Syndrome. I am Ashkenazi, but not Religious, I only believe in the Bible, and not Religion or Deities or Spirits, God is All Light without Darkness, so God is Energy to me, the same Energy that IAM made of in fact, because God is Light, and Atoms are made with Light inside of them, so IAM made of Light, and IAM a Light Being, and IAM a Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and I have a high IQ, not much more you need to know: besides the fact I have PTSD, OCD, and oh yea: IAM Schizoaffective, but IAM not Schizophrenic... That is a Schizo Joke that only I get, that is not Crazy, just Depressed and Anxious, and I have no idea why: I had 5 doctors in the last year tell me that I have Colon Cancer to look forward to, even after they removed half my Colon, so my life span is somewhat Limited in time, so if you are going to read what I have to say, please do so why I am still alive, that is if you have any questions, if not, it does not matter if I die, so unless you know how to build Pyramids, I would ask questions: or this might be a Waist of Time because for a Wizard my Spells and Grammar is not the best, and I am Autistic with a High IQ, so keep that in mind when you read this...

The Last time anyone said anything worth listening to was when Sir Isaac Newton wrote a book about Light: but few understood that Science and as a Result: a lot of people switched to the Science of Albert Einstein, who ironically only believed in Newton, and wrote the Theory of General Relativity to prove that Newton's Universe was the only Reality that could exist without a Paradox, but when the Public found out about Newton's Notes about Christ being Inserted into the Bible making Christ a Lie, and Jesus Bar Abbas the only Jesus in the Bible, the tables turned: and Einsteins Theory that Proves Mass Insanity is the Driving Force behind Peoples motives, caused the Newtonian Universe to be replaced in Science by a Theory that was never Proven: so it was like 911, a Video and Photographs with no Evidence, witch proves Mass Insanity, and that is how the Powers that Be Control its Citizens, by Dumbing them down with Vaccines, an fact News Reports that were clearly Staged as Exercises. Einstein felt bad about this, and Tesla was the only one that called him on it, and Einstein respected Tesla and tried to set the record straight for him, but the Mainstream Media just played it off as Einstein found Religion, when Newton was not Religious, in fact he was just as much Against the Church as Jesus Bar Abbas was, and Newton said he was a Descendant of his, as for me, Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher were my First Great Cousins Five times removed, so that makes me related to Jesus Bar Abbas also, but this also made Sir Isaac Newton the Antichrist, because was Against the Teaching of Christ, which is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist in the Universe, and that is why people stopped believing in the Newtonian Universe, but you ask: how will this information Save the World or Civilization?

Sir Isaac Newton wrote more about the Bible then any other subject, and he also taught more empty classrooms then I did, well that is debatable, but some people think the Bible is Religion but it is not, Religion is the belief in a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, and that is not what the Bible is about, it is about God, and states God is All Light without Darkness, and that Physically Exists as Light, and Newton wrote the Bible on Light, and that is God to him, not the Light we see, he proved that was only the Darkness that makes up the Rainbow of Colors in the spectra of Light, those that do not understand that, do not understand Newton or the Bible, but Aspies take the writing of Words Literally, and Newton like myself, was an Aspie, so when Benjamin Franklin, who was also an Aspie, discovered that Lightning was Electricity, this lead yet another Aspie named Nikola Tesla to discover that everything Newton said was the truth, proving that the Bible knew that God was All Light without Darkness. Think about this: if the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother also known as Mother Nature, relates to: Heaven, Earth and Hell: then this describes the values assigned to Electricity: Positive, Negative and Ground. The Father is assigned the value of Positive 1, and this is the Matter, the Son is Negative 1, so this is the Antimatter, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature is 0, and we know Heaven is Positive, and it Matters to us, Earth is Ground so its 0, and Hell is Negative, so it is the Antimatter, but most people believe it is the Antichrist, so this is what Einstein talked about with Tesla in person before his death on 7 January 1943, and they called Nikola Tesla a Crazy Old Wizard in the News Papers of his time, that phrase and story was known to whoever wrote the book Star Wars: since it was written by an Aspie, so if it was George Lucas, it only proves that most of Aspies are not out of the closet yet, and Lucas is the Best at blending in, no one would have pegged him as being an Aspie, maybe Ashkenazi, or maybe just a Jew, do not know, only a DNA test would prove it, but he does have a high IQ, and I respect him, but if a Picture is worth a thousand words, he proved that some people understood that it is the Light that is God, and Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, so God is the Light, so it is the Light Force that is God... So my point is that some people know this information, people have been talking about in Movies and Books for years, and put it out there like its Magic; Je`sus, Je`di, Je`frey: because the word Magician means Wizard, and Wizards always have to find this Connection, because: because no one else will; and I wanted to be as Clear as a Crystal Ball, and in the Bible, Moses and Jesus both carried a Staff of Power, and they were known to be Warriors, so it made them Staff Sergeants: that could do Magic: so they both were Wizards, and Magic is just Technology that you do not understand, or it is a Trick or Illusion... A fact in History no one can Deny: like they did Jesus 3 times, since his name is: Jesus Bar Abbas, it has 3 parts to his name, although some write it Bar/Abbas, the Slash means This and That, This is from the Mother, and That is from the Father: it is a name; whereas Christ is a title for a Deity or Spirit... So it all comes down to Science, and this means that Jesus knew about Electricity, since the Pyramids are Power Plants, and were built to take in Salt Water, and convert it to Oxygen and Hydrogen: when burned turns into Pure Water... It also collected Lightning Strikes, and converted them into Electricity and Light, and the Bible also had another Secret in it that Newton Decoded, it was the End of Civilization, and he calculated that to be in the year 2060, and Newton calculated that over 333 years ago.

What the Bible meant by the End of Civilization is direct and to the Point, an End of Civilization Event is about to take place, and somehow that information I just gave you about God being Light starts to come into play. I wrote my PhD in Physics on The Principles of the Trinary Universe: which is actually a book written for Wizards like: Newton, Franklin and Tesla; in a series of books written on the subject of Trinary Science, which proves that the Newtonian Universe was the Real Science, and all other Science is purely Theoretical, and not Real Science, and to prove it, all you have to ask yourself is who's Math are they using, and NASA only uses Newton's, in fact everyone does, so why they lie about Real Science is: is what the book is all about, so I write it using Witchcraft, which means to write something in a way that it has two meanings, and those that have to ask do not know the truth, so there are always two paths this can go by, and that is why its use was outlawed by the Church: even though the Bible was written using Witchcraft, and that is why they hunted and killed Witches and Wizards by burning them at the Stake, and it is because of Prophecy like: The End of Civilization, so Newton had to hide his notes away, but in 1936 they were sold at an auction and most became public domain.

Trinary Science is a term that I coined to explain a phenomenon called: White Noise. Since I was a child I spend hours staring at White Noise, I am not staring into Space, because I knew its staring back at me: its Intelligent... That much is a known fact that few understand: the foundation of Science is what can be seen at the Subatomic level, meaning smaller than an Atom, and the only thing I have found that is smaller than an Atom is Dust Particles called Neutrinos: these are the building blocks of Suns that have gone Nova or Super Nova, so its what Atoms are made of... In fact, there is a type of Neutrino for all the Elements in the Periodic Table. Trinary means 3 State Logic: I define it as +1, -1 and 0; this is called Trinary Math and takes the form of a constant: (+1) + (-1) = 0, and if you graph it out on a Grid: it looks like an Alternating Current Wave Form, because it is the Math behind it. As the waveform goes positive it represents the Father and Heaven, so it is the Matter, so it is a Solid State and has 3 Dimensions: when it crosses the x-axis on the grid, it goes through Ground, or 0 or Neutral Potential, this is in the 0 Dimension, meaning it has no Width, Height, or Depth: so nothing can move, because there are no dimensions to move in, yet in our Reality: it is the only time an Atom does move; in other words: if I could look at the Electron, which is a type of Atom which has 3 types: Proton, Neutron, and Electron, and it does not matter which one we look at, they all have 3 State changes: Positive which is Solid, and Negative which is Semi-Solid, and Ground or 0 which Invisible, that is right, Invisible, as in you can not see them even under an Electron Microscope, because at that point, its just Subatomic Dust Particles called Neutrinos, and they can not be seen without Space to see them in. Every Atom in the Universe goes through these 3 State changes: so as you are Reading this: the Atoms that make up everything you can see in the Universe: have a State where they are invisible: how Cool is that... So think about this: according to Newton, we travel through the Universe at the Speed of Light, and why it is a Constant, so this is how his math works...

The Planet we are on is called Earth, which actually only refers to its Dirt or Soil, is spinning at over a Thousand Miles an Hour, as it orbits around the Sun at 66,666 Miles an Hour, I did not make that Number up:
Do the Math yourself...
That is an Average Speed by the way, and the Sun is traveling between 333 and 666 Thousand Miles an Hour around the Galaxy, and the Galaxy is traveling around other Galaxies in a Cluster, and all of these Clusters are moving Relative to other objects in their Gravity Well, but at the foundation of the Laws of Physics for Space Travel, where Space is defined as being between that area around an Atom that cannot come into contact with another Atom, that Space is called Null Space, and between the next Atom it could come into contact with, but never will; for example: you can press a key on a keyboard, but the Atoms in your body do not actually make contact with the Atoms in the Keyboard, even if you press it so hard the plastic splinters and sticks into your skin causing it to bleed, so get this concept clear in your mind: if your Atoms can hit the keys so fast that they do contact the Atoms in the Key, it will cause an Atomic Explosion! And you would Die! So do not try that at home kids... My point is that Planets orbit around the Sun differently then the Sun does around the Galaxy, Kepler's and Newton's Math only Explains the Planets movements, Trinary Math describes how the Sun orbits the Galaxy, and when and how Atoms move through Space, they are not actually coming into contact with other Atoms unless they are going Atomic, and that means that the Atoms are traveling as close to the Speed of Light that they can go without Turning into Light, so its Energy is equal to the Frequency and Wavelength of that Atom, at that point before it turns to Light, also know as Fire, because Fire is just Electricity at a known Frequency and Wavelength, as proof, you can start many things on Fire with Electricity, it simply transfers that Electricity to the object you are trying to ignite, so this Resonant Fire Frequency and Wavelength that determine how fast an Atom can travel in Space, which means without going Atomic, and I must admit I do not know those speeds, but if I had an Atomic Accelerator, I would have documented them all by now, but that is rambling on...

Energy and Mass have no Relationship, but Speed or Acceleration are related to the Wavelength, and the Wavelength is related to the Frequency, as such: Energy is computed as E = F - (F - x), such that the Frequency minus the Frequency minus X, where X is the rate that its currently at, as such, the closer to 0 you get, the less Energy it puts out, it makes more sense if you think of it in terms of a percent, if this value of F when it catches Fire is 100%, then when X=0 its 100% - [ 100% - 0 ], 100% - 0 = 100%, so its 100% - 100% = 0, and that is exactly how much energy you would prove it is at, and the same can be said when X = 100%, because then its 100% of its energy, so the Math is proven and is correct for all situations:
you can see in at work here in this Energy Calculator.
Note that this is Newton's math for Force, based on Mass times Acceleration, or F = MA, but by using the offset of its Frequency and Wavelength which determine its Energy output, we have what Energy equals in terms of its Force times its Acceleration: in terms of its Frequency and Wavelength; so in a Special case where the Atom goes Atomic, it depends on this offset to yelled you the Energy, whereas E = MC2 will give you a result that can not happen in Reality, for every state an Atom can be in at that time, its called a Paradox, because there are no Atoms that can travel at the Speed of Light, common sense tells you that its Light at that point, because it is, why define that Speed as Light if it is not, so we know what Frequencies and Wavelengths these are, its called Science of Electronics. So Einstein was wrong on so many levels that it makes me laugh, you would have to be insane to thing his formula was right when common sense tells you its fundamentally wrong, it does not account for what type of Atom it is, nor what type of Neutrino its made from, or what states the Atoms are in when they Collide, because they can not collide in the 0 Dimension, because they can not move, yet it is the only time they actually do move, but it is actually the Neutrinos moving through the Universe, and the Light inside them does not move, it washes through them like Water, so at age 9, I proved that Einstein was wrong, not surprising when you figure that by the 3rd Grade I had an IQ over 180, and Einstein as an Adult never exceeded 160. If what I tell you about my IQ sounds childish, arrogant or egotistical, it is because most of these thoughts I write about are from when I was a child, and being arrogant or egotistical is not an Aspie trait, but honesty is, so I just tell the truth, just the facts, because at a young age I understood Newton's Math, I also knew what it meant to be a Wizard, you write things using Witchcraft, especially your Math: witch is describing a Pattern that describes one Model of Math for the Planets and Moons, that is based on its Mass and Acceleration in terms of its Frequency and Wavelength, and the time and shape it maps out on its journey, and another Math for Suns and Galaxies: shows a Helix that has the same behavior as an Atom, so Energy is at the heart of the matter, because it is alive and Intelligent, so the Math of Kepler and Newton is based on the Light of God, the same God Galileo Galilei almost got Burned at the Stake as a Wizard for defending the God of All Light without Darkness, that Johannes Kepler was trying to Prove was this Harmony model of the Universe, using Primitive shapes, but it was not Primitive shapes at all, it was complex Electromagnetic Wave-forms, so it took Technology to be invented to figure this out. So as Einstein pointed out, God based Math will not work in the Godless Dynamic Universe: proving it is not Real, the fact that it has been a Theory since the day it was written should prove it will never be proven, so it will never be a fact, just a theory that can not be proven... So Einstein was Intelligent Enough to Prove that Newton was Right, and that accounts for all those that believe in the Dynamic Universe: they are the ones I call Sheeple.

Actually that Paragraph was getting too long, and explaining this only makes a short story longer, but the bottom line makes it read like it is a though I did not Ramble into, and I am a Wizard that loves to Ramble, especially about my IQ, I only do it for Entertainment because as a child people always told me I was not smarter than Albert Einstein, which ironically their own test proved I was, and when I was only 6 years old, so that is funny. My point is that: based on how fast an Atom can Travel, it has a maximum safe speed it can travel at, and since we are traveling at the Speed of Light, meaning that the Universe is Static, meaning at the Subatomic level: the Universe has a 0 Dimension where all Energy flows from, so the Energy can not move since it has no dimensions to move in. No Theories here, just the Facts, if an Atom moves into the 0 Dimension, or Ground, and it disappears, so where does it go?

Explaining Magic is what Wizards do. Albert Einstein was very intelligent, he proved that Newton was right, but left a legacy of Stupidity in his Wake, I say Wake because People went to Sleep, and stopped thinking, I call them Sheeple, a mixture of Sheep and People, my Cousin Isaac Newton coined the term from the Bible Phrase the Lord is our Shepard, witch makes them a Sheep, so how can the Universe be Dynamic unless I can go back in time, and Kill myself before I wrote that Stupid Theory: is what Albert wants to know, because if he could turn back time he never would have: that is what he told Tesla.

Dimensions in Space are easy to understand, you have: Width, Height and Depth, that is all the Dimension in 3 Dimensional Space, and you have the 0 Dimension, this has no dimensions, I know this Void or Null Space exist, it is around every Atom, and if you break it, all its Energy will flow through from that Dimension. If we look at how an Atom moves in Space, note this can be any type of Atom: Proton, Neutron or Electron, we still see Trinary Math at work, note that this formula is so old no one knows who came up with this idea, but it is in the Bible, Newton called it a Primer, its pronounced Prim`er, its (+1) + (-1) = 0, in Witchcraft its 1 - 1 = 0, in the Bible its just a metaphor for all things being Equal, since this is the Math that proves that.

In the Graph below, all Energy flows from the 0 dimension, which is Ground, to a more Positive Potential, be it Positive or Negative Polarity, so do not confuse Potential and Polarity, Potential mean builds up to a Limit, so the waveform varies on a curve, as opposed to a Digital Signal that switches from one Polarity to another, this wave form is like the Oceans Waves, because they are driven by the same Math, in terms of Frequency and Wavelength, so if we graph this on paper in 2D, we have an x-axis labeled 0, and colored Green for Ground, and Positive 1 above the x-axis: is Blue for Heaven, and Negative 1 below it: is Yellow for the Fires in Hell, so Heaven and Hell or Father and Son, Earth is Ground and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature Grounds you, so take a look at Illustration 1: Alternating Current Waveform 2D .

Alternating Current Waveform 2D
Illustration 1: Alternating Current Waveform 2D Full Size

Everyone should agree that this is Real Science, most people with any concept of Electronics or Electricity: should know that this is just a simple wave form, yet if follows the Trinary Math Constant 1 + (-1) = 0, as a function it looks more like +1-1 f (x), such that when the Atom is Solid it is in the 1 State, and shown on the top blue line at a Positive 1, this means Energy has flowed from the 0 Dimension to the 3rd Dimension, where it is at its highest positive potential and polarity, so when the Atom is invisible: is when its Energy is flowing from Ground, so its clear that the Atoms Potential starts off at the 0 axis, or Ground also known as the Spirit of Mother Nature and travels up to Heaven above, then it descends back to Earth or Ground, where its Energy Flows once again, but now in a Positive Potential but a Negative Polarity, so it is the Son, who always does the opposite of what the Father did, like Matter and Antimatter, but to get to Heaven you must go through the Father, and ignore the Hell the Son had to go through to get there, but Mother Nature always sets them on their path, so its easy to see how Metaphors turn into Real Science, and this is all how Newton described God using Witchcraft, but as Franklin proved, God is also Electricity.

Now let us look at it from a 3 Dimensional perspective, once we understand the 2D graph, a 3D graph will be more understandable, so look at Illustration 2: Alternating Current Waveform 3D

Alternating Current Waveform 3D
Illustration 2: Alternating Current Waveform 3D Full Size

The Center axis is the x-axis, and is Green for Ground, on the Right side is -1 in Yellow for the Fires in Hell, and +1 in Blue for Heaven above, note that this splits the view in half, and turns it sideways, this may look confusing at first, but after I point it out and explain it, you will understand, we are used to looking at Energy in 2D, the Potential is always at the Top and Bottom in terms of extremes, with a slop, and this slop is what we need to look at, but in a Different direction, we want to show how at Ground Level, which is the plane of view shown above, where the Extremes of Potential are measured, and where Positive Polarity is on the Left, and Negative Polarity is on the Right, this is known as the Right-Hand Rule, and this is the only way you will see this Relationship, so imagine that your Right-Hand Thumb is pointing in the direction of the Green 0, x-axis, as the pad of your pinkie touches the pad of your palm as you make a fist, is pointing at the Yellow Negative 1 Dot, so when you extend your finger, the positive end is the Blue Positive 1 Dot, so in between the tips of those two Dots, is Ground, and it is in your Palm, so this is the direction that an Atom Flows in, as it corkscrews around a Helix, so the four Atoms are round, in the 0 Dimension it sits in the center, its invisible so you can not see it, that is God: the Light without Darkness, the Light we can not see, so is God a Male or a Female?

God is the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, so God is both Male and Female, because God is Neutral: the Holy Ghost is Male, and is Positive, and when God is Female, she has a Baby so the Father has a Son, such that: God is 0, meaning Neutral, either male or female in Metaphor only, in science, God must change the Polarity of the Atom, and keep in mind that God is only Light without Darkness, so its this Light that changes the States of Atoms, and as I explained that is White Noise I call Trinary Energy, so its how we relate Witchcraft to Reality, that we can understand what the Bible was saying was the Truth about God, so say this is all a coincidence would be a lie, a Deity or Spirit does not Physically Exist, but Atoms do, and all that is inside of them is Light, so its God. The first time we see the Atom it is in the 1 or -1 State, this graph starts out on the right in Negative 1, its Solid Yellow, note that its Blue/Yellow on Top: imagine a line that connects it back to the solid yellow dot below it to the Right, instead of it moving on down the Helix Path, this forms one Cycle. Mother Nature is at work here, negative energy is used to pull out excess Energy, it pulls it back, so Mother Nature is the one that starts this Cycle off, and limits how much Energy can flow in the Negative Polarity to its Potential, so Mother Nature Limits the amount of Energy that Flows in the Negative Direction, its Crystal Clear by the time the Atom makes one full cycle, so as this starts off, its on the x-axis in the 2D graph above, so it is in the 0 Dimension, and this is where all Energy flows from, as it moves down to where the Yellow/Blue dot, if we follow its flow and it changes in the x-axis, these changes are invisible, thus not included in the graph, so you have to use your Imagination to imagine the Empty Dot in the middle, its Neutrinos are actually still there, but without Space, which means Dimensions, you cannot see them, because you can only see 3 Dimensional Space, so when it comes out of this 0 State, it is the Holy Ghost that is in charge now, and the Positive limits are set by this God, as climbs to Heaven, we can see it will hit the Blue/Yellow dot, at the top, and complete one full cycle, so the reason I draw this sideways, is to show you the Polarity vs Potential, the Potential is horizontal, and the Polarity is Vertical, with Positive on the Left, and Negative on the Right-Hand Rule, so does that make two Gods?

Before answering that: Note that the 2D looks at it from the viewpoint that its Potential is high and low, and its Polarity is Up and Down, but that does not help to explain the Right-Hand Rule of how Electricity Flows, so in 3D we must change the way we view the Flow, to be Right and Left-Handed, because that is the Key to understanding a Polarity Reversal, and then we can relate this to how we have a Left and Right Brain, and that has nothing to do with us being Left or Right-Handed, I was Born Left-Handed, but Forced to Write Right-Handed, because I was raised by Wizards and Witches, but that makes no difference to if I am Right-Handed, because that only refers to the State that is Normal for Most People, as is the Current Polarity of Earth is Positive, so it relates in terms of what will happen when the Poles Reverse, and Only God knows that.

The Negative and Positive State Changes that God makes, is only one God, just different Polarities, like a coin with two sides, the names are Changed to for the Metaphors to work, this is Witchcraft, so there are always two paths you can go by, so this is Trinary Logic, so as the Positive 1 reaches its Limits, the Negative 1 pulls it back. Note that the number 1 is a constant that you can multiply by a variable for x in the function: f +1 -1 (x), where x is the limit set in the 0 Dimension, so its proof that the math is correct, but as far as the Witchcraft or Metaphors, that is just His-Story that is History, and its mostly proof that those that wrote the Bible knew about Electricity, and since its clear the Pyramids were Power Plants, its clear this is the truth, so God has always been the Higher Power, meaning Electricity or Lightning.

The Concept that God is Everything is credited to a Wizard named Nikola Tesla, when he first made the statement. It was longer, but people only remember what was printed last, like Light is Everything; explained as such: The Bible states God is All Light without Darkness, Newton Proved that the Darkness was what normal People call Light, because he proved that all the Darkness in the White Light of the Sun, is all the Colors that we can see with our naked eye, meaning without Technology, so Atoms are made of Neutrinos that account for all the Elements in the Periodic Table, and inside every Atom is Light, and that is all that is in there, but that will not stop people from trying to prove that there are other things inside Atoms, no Theories, just the facts, as proof: if you split an Atom you will see the Light, and its why Newton was called the Enlightened one, who brought the World Enlightenment, but according to Newton Stupid People redefined God as a Deity or Spirit, later stating that they believed that they were Sheep because the Lord is their Shepard, so the term Sheeple applies, and Tesla knew this, as did Einstein, in fact he told you what you would find when you did split an Atom, and its why most of you do not believe in the Newtonian Universe, otherwise you would have to admit you did not make Atomic or Nuclear Bombs, you made God Bombs, and that is why the Powers that Be had to remove God from Science, and why only Sheeple would allow it, because you would have to be insane to believe in things that are not Real, even though he only had a clue as to how to compute it, because the concept of Frequency and Wavelength were not popular concepts back then, that is a joke if you missed it, since Tesla knew all about Electricity, but Einstein could not connect the Dots, and that is what I did in the illustration above, the concept that every Atom is driven in a Helix Waveform, so there is a Pattern to Intelligence, and its why DNA is a Double Helix, and when it moves forward in only limits set by the 0 Dimension, this ensures that the Atom does not burn up in the Atmosphere, and it is also how information is encoded into our DNA, with State Changes that form complex wave-forms, so this limitation regulates all the Atoms in the Universe, until it gets closer to the Speed of Light, otherwise we would all burn up, it also explains why: when we turn on a flashlight, the Light that we know can not move in the Universe, because it has no dimensions to move in, accelerates to the Speed of Light, without an Atomic Accelerator, meaning that if the Universe was Dynamic, you would need an Atomic Accelerator for a Flashlight to work, and that is a Fact, that is what makes it Dynamic and not Static, which is the total opposite, so you fully understand the conception of a Godless Universe, and it would have a very small but measurable recoil like any Atomic Accelerator would have, Electricity is not Magic, it has to have Scientific Principles that its based on, and Physics must be one of them, so Tesla was saying that since this Light, which is Electricity at a different Frequency and Wavelength, and it does not have a Recoil, so the Universe is not Dynamic, the Light is Static, and that is what Newton called God, because Light is Everything, means God is Everything, because everything is made of Atoms, and Atoms are made of Light, and God is All Light without Darkness, so an Atomic Bomb is a God Bomb, and why the Powers that Be, switched to the Godless Science of Theories, so did I make that Point Crystal Clear, because this all because the Banker J.P. Morgan: wanted to sell you God by the Kilowatt and use God to power your Atomic Power Planets, and you can make Atomic Bombs out of God, all so you could kill in the name of God, and make Jesus Bar Abbas the Bad Man: who fought against the Romans for their use of Money and Taxation, knowing that God is Everything, all so the Church could Sell you on Money that the Banks insisted they use, so the Churches would not exist if not for Money, but Jesus told you he could destroy them and you would rebuild them in 3 days, because all they have to do is say No it Not, to all my Science, and all the Sheeple would believe them, so if you want to make God out to be some Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, and you think you have the Right to do so, let me remind you that this is how Insanity is defined in the Dictionaries around the World, it is a Global consensus that people that believe in things that do not exist are insane, is Universal, even ET would know you are insane for believing in things that do not exit or are a paradox.

Wow! I was Rambling again, but that is just one thought, it is not a bunch of random thoughts that were printed, this is real history and can be proven by just Reading the Bible and not Reading into it, read what Newton, Franklin, Tesla and Einstein when he was trying to back pedal after selling his Theory to the Public hook line and sinker, just so the Powers that Be could hide what they were doing in the name of God, or why they made Jesus: Christ, all so the Churches could continue to use Money and Taxation to control people, and why Jesus said he would Destroy the Church, but the Banks would just Rebuild it in 3 Days, so if the Truth could set your Free, you would have to do it without Money.

Sir Isaac Newton was put in charge of the Treasury, his first report was that most the Coins in circulation were Gold Plated, and the weight was off on all of them that were not, due to coin clipping, even after they fixed this and made it a crime to deface coins, witch by the way does not apply to Paper Money, witch is Treason according to the Gold Standard, but everyone that uses Money is already Guilty of Treason to begin with, even in Newton's time, because Jesus Bar Abbas fought against Money and Taxation, so do not forget this, Newton did not believe in Christ, Newton then reported that Money and Taxation was a Scam, sighting Jesus Bar Abbas as Evidence, and after a long talk with Newton from the Powers that Be, they knew that Newton would never tell anyone about these Reports or Evidence, so they were hidden for centuries, and Newton never did write about them, the only reason I know they exist, is because the Powers that Be lost track of those documents during the Nazi invasion, Nazi just being ⅓ Ashkenazi, one of the 3 Human Races that Human kind evolved from, according to an Aspie named Charles Darwin: Ash, Ke, and Nazi were Races of Apes, so this was once a Planet of Apes, and now its dominated by their Descendance, and the reason we still have Apes that are not Evolved, is because we did not mate with them, and I am sure they are the ones that insisted on that, so Darwin wrote about it in his notes that were not allowed to be published during his lifetime, but were sold at auctions like Newton's notes years later, just so some Royalty could make a quick buck, so as Newton predicted, the Powers that Be could rule the World with Money and Taxation, so his Predictions have been amazing, and so was his Calculations.

A part of history that few talk about, is Isaac Newton and Edward Halley, they met one day when Halley needed Newton's math to figure out a problem he was having: with the Orbit of Planets around the Sun, at the time Newton told him that he could find it for him, because he already made those Calculations, so if he stopped by latter he would find it for him, so Halley shows up early, eager to talk to Newton, and he brought some Cannabis with him, and this Weed was used since before the Pyramids were built, since they found some inside, and even George Washington and all the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution, used Cannabis or one of its many species, such as Hemp, so Newton took it and wrapped it in Hemp cloth, and let it soak in hot Ail with Alcohol to dilute it, then wrenched it out, poured it in a cold cup of Ail and the two drank it quickly, and two hours later Newton could not find his notes, but promised Halley he would write them down, it was an Ellipse, Newton said: the math for an Ellipse, and Halley, being very high from the Cannabis and Ail, was so amazed: not that he knew the math for an Ellipse, but that he knew the shape of it after getting so high, as if it opened his mind to new ideas, so from that day forward, Edward wrote more about Cannabis then he did about Comets, but the Sheeple outlawed Cannabis, because they preferred Alcohol, witch is actually Poison, so these Stories about Newton and Halley doing Drugs that some might think are illegal, have to remember that Hemp is a Huge Trade, and few know the difference between it and Cannabis, so most people grew both, and that is why its so popular.

On another occasion Halley showed up at Newton's door step, this time Newton had a surprise, it was the fungus from Ergot Rye that was called for in this ancient recipe that was used to open the mind to new Ideas, they eat some: so a few hours later Newton tells Halley about the End of Civilization according to the Bible, and showed him the Math he used to calculate it, he said that in recorded history, every 333 years, a Comet is seen in the Sky, every other time it Hits the Planet, then the next cycle it will turn into an Asteroid as it orbits around the Sun, and it is coming due soon, and Newton predicted when, and Halley was so amazed that he could not wait for this event, so he spread the news far and wide, and the next time him and Newton talked, Newton was upset that he spread the word, because now its known as Halley's Comet, when it was Newton who predicted it when the two of them where stoned on LSD, which by the way is the same formula that another Aspie, who was also an Ashkenazi with a high IQ: named Timothy Leary, used back in the 1960's, and made it popular once more, so he knew about this story as well, witch is why they named some LSD like: Newton, Halley's Comet, or Purple Haze, witch was the name of the Formula Newton used, it was also called the Purple Dragon, the Green Dragon was a mixture of Copper in Acid, and is the fundamental chemistry used in Electronics, so the Colors of the Dragon are Mind Altering Facts about Science, and Newton, like Leary, knew about the Science of Dragons, so they were Wizards. This story was told by many people over the years, and some people know about some version of it, but its why 3 Way LSD was very popular in its time, it combined all three of them, but my point is not to endorse such drugs, personally I only use Cannabis, and do not like to drink Alcohol much, but I do like LSD and Magic Mushrooms, so really kids, do not try this stuff at Home... So it all comes down to how we were raised, and my Parents were hard core Drug Addicts: my Fathers idea of having Fun was getting me High, but as an Adult I did not do any Drugs that the Military did not give me, nor did I for years after I retired, I only started after my cancer got out of control, and then I only did it legally with a License, and they do not give those out for LSD or Magic Mushrooms, or any other illegal drug, but Cannabis has not been illegal since I started to use it, again I should add, but I had Autism and my Step Mother gave it to me daily, so I would not have as many Meltdowns, which I know for a fact Newton had them also, and doing Drugs has nothing to do with it, if fact: I just seem to have them more often when I am not using Cannabis, then I do when I am, which is a moot point, because the pain in my hands from Advanced Deteriorating Joint Disease, another word for an auto-immune disorder, related to CFS, where your body attacks its own tissue, because it has some foreign material that has leached into from the skin, stuff like Depleted Uranium, and other commercial grade chemicals as well as Chemical Warfare Agents, that I encountered during my tour in Kuwait from 1995 to 1996, during the largest ground forces invasion since the beginning of the Gulf War in 1990, so my reason for using Cannabis now, has changed, it still helps with the Meltdowns, and helps with the PTSD, and treats the Cancer, and I told you how that got started with my Step Mother, so round and round I go, rambling on about Newton and Halley's use of Drugs, when my own use is no better, but more people do drugs then do not, so Drugs are a fact of life as well as a way of life, but everyone has to ask what Drugs have you been taking... I see no reason to lie about it, because if you find out that I do use them, and I did not tell you, then you would accuse me of being on Drugs, but if I can prove to you that not only did Newton and Halley do drugs, but so did the Funding Fathers of the Constitution, and that was written on Hemp, but people that grew both Cannabis and Hemp, so personally I do not have a problem with it, but I do have problems without it, it is not a Cure but a Treatment for my many diseases, CFS being the one that is most debilitating, so using Oxygen and Cannabis is almost a given for Treatment.

The best keep secret about what Halley and Newton talked about, was another Comet that was named for Newton, but when it returned in 2013, to the very minute that Newton Calculated that we would pass through its tail on 14 January 2014, and it was a Comet that turned into an Asteroid, so this was Newton's Comet and not ISON, or Son of I, so why did they hide or lie about this fact?

Newton calculated that in 666 years this Comet or Asteroid will hit Earth, that is only 333 years from the time we passed through the tail to the day, so this is a Life Ending Prediction, and no one knows about it, because no one cares about Newton's Universe, and time flies, seems like only yesterday when Newton was alive, if only I could turn back time, and this was all because of Albert Einstein's Theory, which can never be Proven, so it is a Lie, and Einstein told the Reporters that, but they decided he found Religion, and Tesla said they found Insanity, because to hide this fact is insane.

Newton calculated the End of Civilization based on what I have explained so far, looking back at the last illustration of the Alternating Current Waveform in 3D, its clear that we have a Helix Pattern that fully explains Atomic State changes, witch no other Theory does by the way, and this is not even a Theory, it is a fact based on what we know is the truth about Electricity, so to understand or to explain what and how Newton Calculated this Event, we must expand our mind and how we think about the Universe, and keep in mind I am only talking about the Trinary, or outlawed Newtonian Universe, so this mind-blowing experience that came from years of research and data collection, and took me most of my life, which I was conceived in 1960 so you do the math, but I had his dream when I was 6, so I knew this all my life, which is why I spent so much time trying to find proof of it, which is like finding that Pot of Gold at the end of a Rainbow, its just a Metaphor, the Rainbow is the Darkness we call Light, and that Pot of Gold, well Pot is just a Drug called Cannabis, always has been, always will be, and Gold is Money, and only Fools find Gold under a Rainbow, but at the End of Civilization are people going to remember the Metaphor or the Science?

Imagine that the Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Moon are all Atoms, it is not hard to do, because they follow the same Laws of Physics, so nothing changes, they are only much bigger, so how can this be, is this a Metaphor?

A Trinary Engine is what I call a Mega-Atom or a Macro-Atom, Spells: for a Wizard IAM not very good at them... Atomic means Small, Marco means bigger, and Mega means really Big, but the concept is simple: just apply everything you know about Electricity to the Trinary Engine, and we are done, so we know how it moves through Space, in a Helix Pattern, we know how and why, so this is just a fact, and not some Metaphor to fit a fact, the Bible stated that what was done in Heaven is done on Earth, not Ground, mind you, but Earth, meaning that this Planet is just a very large Atom, and constructed the same way, so its made of Neutrinos and Light, and that is the foundation for Trinary Science: the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon: is a Trinary Engine, to prove from the Subatomic level how the Universe works, in simple terms anyone can understand. So how dose this Save the World or Civilization?

The Fat Lady has not sang yet, so imagine for a moment how an Electromagnetic Field works, as we saw in the 3D Graph, it is a Helix pattern that also forms an Ellipse, so as the Fat Lady warms up her Vocal Cords to belt out a Note, a Generator will turn in a very predictable way, its called the Right-Hand Rule, look at your Right-Hand with your Thumb up, fingers curled, and that is the Direction that the Current is flowing, now imagine what will happen when the Earth reaches that point in the illustration above, where its State must change so its direction can be pulled back in, so right now, we are Positive, this means that the Magnetic North Pole, which all Maps refer to as the North Pole, witch is actually the South Pole: a mistake, just like someone thought that Electricity flowed from Positive to Negative, when it actually flows from Ground... So it is that life altering moments in history when someone realizes a huge mistake someone else made, one that changes the very way you think about life... So now that we know for a fact that the Poles are Reversed on the Map, if we Reverse Poles, the Map will be Right for once, and so will that old idea about which direction Electricity will flow in, actually it still flows from Ground, so some ideas are just wrong, because now it will be the Left-Hand Rule, so you think, no problem, it fixes the Map, and we know how it will work, so if you do not see a problem: that is what a Fool believes, and Viggo the Dragon Slayer said that They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. , and that is what most people do, because I think about all the ramifications for what I just said and flags go off in my head, whereas most people say who cares, if it happens there is nothing anyone can do about it, if it is my time to die then its my time to die, which is fine for self centered egotistical fools that only care about themselves, but that is not what Newton thought, nor do I, and it is why I am telling this Story as a Wizard, I was 9 Years old at the time, and I am just telling you what I thought about back then, so when the Fat Lady started to Sing like a Bird, the Magnetic Field got all distorted and the Birds could not Fly, and the Fat Lady could not take a breath, because the Atmosphere all vented into Outer Space, so the Birds and the Fat Lady: could not Sing about the Earths Pole Reversal, and as a result, few will survive it, and that is Evilution.

The concept of a Generator is a well known fact, and easy to learn, the basic concept is that if I want to reverse poles on a Generator, I can do one of two things: as seen in Table 1.01: Reverse poles on a Generator

  1. Reverse the cables that connect to the Generator
  2. Reverse the Direction the Generator is spinning
Table 1.01: Reverse poles on a Generator

So we should hope the Earth does not change the Direction its spinning, because that would mean a Nova, and that is a Life Ending Event, so the Bible does not say that will happen, so relax, just a little, you still have to build the Pyramids, that is what they said. The Earth does not have Cables so how Pole Reversal works is simple Electronics: the answer is that the outside shell of Neutrino that is now Positive, will reverse, and then it will be Negative, just like Electricity, and as I explained: Matter and Antimatter... So as you can imagine: the field will collapse, and the Atmosphere will be vented into Outer Space, and all our technology that we have floating around in Space, will come down, note sure about all of it, but enough, so the Sky is Falling is what everyone will be yelling that day, and it is because Gravity is not caused by Centrifugal Force, its based on Light or Electromagnetic Force, so this Collapse is not like a switch, that is: not that I think this will be completed in one day, but I know what it feels like to get hit in the Head by a Micrometeorite, in the Head, because on 31 May in 2013, the Police that took that report though I was high, but I was not, so I can imagine what it will feel like to be outside the day that happens, as if this will happen in a day, not really sure, the Bible does not say, but Logic tales the Story: without air you might survive for a while, depends on how long you can hold your breath, my guess is most people will look like a fish out of water, you will flop around trying to breath, but how long will the Field be collapsed is a question I cannot answer, my best guess is longer then I want, but even if is only a few seconds, or even instantaneous, which would have to defy the Laws of Physics by the way, so if you want a guess: 3 to 6 seconds would be great timing, but still: that is a long time to go without a Magnetosphere, it can pull Space debris crashing down on Earth, not to mention all the Micrometeorites. What impact will this have on your life is yet to be seen, when it happens is also an Event that is hard to predict, but to Calculate it, that takes Balls, and Newton had the Brass, but would not Print anything he could not Prove, and that meant Predictions. What day will it happen is easy to answer: on his Birthday in 2060.

Newton's birth day was on 25 December 1642 under the Julian Calendar, Newton said it would happen on 25 December 2060, at 6:32 PM, Newton also said that the Julian Calendar he was born under, will change to the Gregorian Calendar and make this Birthday day on 4 January 1643, then they removed 10 days making it 14 January, and as it turns out, I was born at 6:32 on that day in 1961, but I was conceived in 1960, so either way: its exactly 100 Years or a Century from the day I was born to the date he predicted, since it was in the Julian Calendar, it actually makes it 14 January 2061 at 6:32 PM in the Gregorian Calendar, and that is the Calendar we are using now, and I did not make that up, so this is a strange fact that most people cannot get over, I will celebrate my 100 Birthday at the exact same time as the End of Civilization, now that is something worth Living for: even if it is just to Die for.

There is an Answer to this: its called Trinary Sanctuary, but that is a long Story, so if you like reading long Stories: you can read The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, but I did not want you to think this is the End of all Life on the Planet, about 10% of all Life on this Planet could survive, but it will be an instant Ice Age, and I do mean the whole world at that instant, some People and Animals will Freeze to death frozen Solid in a mater of one day, it has happened before and it will happen again, Newton knows the Math, the Mayans knew that in in 2012 when the Sun Reversed its Poles, that his day would come, so the Calendar roles back to the beginning, when the last Pole Reversal took place, and an Ice Age followed, and just about every Scientist on the Planet knows this is a fact.

From what Newton said and the Mayan Calendar accounts for, leads me to believe that every x amount of Mayan Calendar recycles or start overs: which are 2013 years each, 0 to 2012, the Earth will go through a Pole Reversal, but you have to look for the Signs that I talked about: and Newton's Comet explains part of that, because every 333 years gives me an Equation of 2013 / 333 = 6, so each iteration gives us 6, so 3 iterations gives us 666, and that is the Sign Newton said predicted when the Comet or Asteroid would cause the End of Life Event, and in the Bible they talked about two events hundreds of years apart, so first it was the End of Civilization then the End of Life, and all from Math that he Calculate this predictable event from, but in Science, this is a Waveform and it has Frequency and Wavelength, and that is what he Calculated, when this Waveform will change Polarity, because when it does, it is the End of Civilization as we know it, because few will survive it, unless something is built to prevent it, otherwise we will start an Ice Age off with No Technology, or Technology that has to be reversed in order to work, and that means it will take time, and things will have to be re-manufactured or altered to work in a Reverse Polarity.

My Solution was for Trinary Sanctuary to build 42 Pyramids around the World, the concept is that its Members are all in the Trinary Militia, not a Military, because they work for Free, but ran like the most efficient Military in the World. This Militia is required to keep Trinary Sanctuary Free, so No Money, No Bartering, No Traders, No Religion, No Laws, No Anarchy, only Requirements of the Militia, so that the People that work there can live in complete Freedom, because if Money is allowed, Freedom is over, and with Laws you are building a Prison, so no Controls, this needs to be a Sanctuary, and Freedom starts with the word Free, witch is the Opposite of Money, and Civilians only understand Money and Consumerism, so they are outlawed in Trinary Sanctuary, Civilians are why the United States lost its Freedom, its Police and Military have always worked for the Banks, so it is not Treason for them to Conquer a Country, its just a Job, and now you are Conquered and have no Rights other than what they allow you to believe you have.

The Pyramids will house Billions of people when completed, but it will take a long time to complete, but I know the Secret to building Pyramids, but there is no way I can write a book on this subject, its too vast and there are way too many questions, it needs to have a model so you can simulate the building, and define all its aspects, its built like a Spacecraft or Submarine, and its huge, up to 166 miles square in base, and can rise into outer space, and there is not enough Money in the World to build them, so you have to build them for Free, while at the same time Paying off the National Debt to the Banks that own you, because they took over the World over a Century ago, so if they Print the Money you use, you are a Slave to the Banks, and Trinary Sanctuary must Pay the Banks for your Freedom, and pay off all the Loans that everyone has against the Banks, then pay down its National Debt, and by the Banks own Rules you can not use the Money they Print to pay them off, so how did that Treasonous Trader Lincoln think we the People would pay it down, let alone off, so we can not have Civilizations, since we do not have Jobs for them to do, and we do not Pay anyone to Work, so we are not Slaves to Money or Taxation.

I can only explain to you how to build Pyramids in General Terms, specific enough to build it, but if you have any questions ask them now, because it will take a team of People to make this a reality, and they must know all the Answers, but the concept is simple: there is no way that everyone in the world will ever agree what Language to speak, so Trinary Sanctuary will have its Own Language, and in only 3 Generations the entire Trinary Sanctuary or maybe even the World can be speaking the same Language. No two people can agree what Religion to believe, so Sanctuary does not allow Deity or Spirit Worshiping, because of its history for Violence: every War ever waged on this Planet was because of Religion or Money, and all done in the Name of God, or Jesus, and not Bar/Abbas by the way, so it is nothing but Lies, so the Powers that Be can control you like Sheep, so you have a choice, but if you get Paid to build the Pyramids, then you are building Prisons and you are Prisoners, so that is not Freedom, but Slavery, building something you will never own, like a House that has a Mortgage or Taxes to pay on it, so you must be Free to build these Pyramids, and no one has the right to take this Freedom away from you, but it will take a Militia to fight for this Freedom, so this is the Militia that Jesus Bar Abbas started.

The Pyramids will provide Shielding from Heaven above in when the Sky Falls, witch by the way is every day, what do you think Shooting Stars are? And do not forget you need Air to breath during the Pole Reversal, its built like a Submarine or Spacecraft, that is the best anyone can do, and it will protect you during the Long Ice Age that will follow. It will be fully self-contained, so all its food is grown inside, and all its people and animals will also live inside also. The Banks will have cities that Surround Sanctuary, its like a Wall built around it, so this place will also be like Zion: so be mindful not to let Religion take over: remember that the Bible is the Truth, Religion is Mind Control.

My Goal is to continue to write books and make videos until the day I die, which who knows when that will be, but it will take a miracle to make to my 100th birthday, just so I can Die when this Pole Reversal happens: so my goal is to document how to build Pyramids. I have many books and videos on the Internet, and they are all Free to down load, distribute and use the Information in them, the goal of Trinary Sanctuary is that Everyone is in Charge, but there is no one Leader and no Leaders, everyone is truly equal regardless of who they are, and who they know, it is about individuals taking responsibility for their own life, and it is about Family: the Family unit works and lives together, you can pick who you work with and who you do not, so everyone can get along, but most of all, it is because this Trinary Sanctuary Systems, is based on the Best the Military has to offer as a Stable Lifestyle, so its more of a Style for the Police or Military, but that is not the Truth at all, in fact, I can prove to anyone that this lifestyle is better, but first you have to get past the War aspect of the Military way of Life, the Police are only at War with Criminals, and Criminals have no Place in Sanctuary, so the Militia is the Only way of Life that can guarantee it, so do not have any preconceived ideas about what Trinary Militia is all about, for one thing, Jesus started it, and he did Preach None Violence, it was the Church that caused the Civil War, because they would not give up their Money, and that is why Christians Hate Jews, because they killed Jesus, of course it was the Christians that Lied about who Jesus Bar Abbas was, because they were the ones that wanted to make Money a good thing, and not the Root of Evil, so they made that Love, so my goal is to Education of the Trinary Ways.

No Money means no Crimes due to Money, in a perfect Society that would be true, but not in Reality, Money will still be an issue for years to come, 3 Generations at least, but that can be dealt with, and those Crimes will disappear in time, as will the need for Money in Trinary Sanctuary, so never use Money or Sanctuary is over.

No Religion does not mean no Bibles: you can bring all the Bibles you want, just Read them and do not Read into them, they are books about people that Sinned, so do not model your life around Sin, model your life as Jesus Bar Abbas would and fight for Freedom, against Money and Taxation, so never build a Church or Sanctuary is over in 3 Days; and remember, everyone in Trinary Sanctuary believes that God is All Light without Darkness, so everyone believes in God so get over it, it is all based on Science, so its only about what we can prove is Real.

No Laws means no Prisons and no Prisoners, Sanctuary is not about Punishing people for Laws, it is about Working in a Safe environment, so its Militia must keep it safe, so if there are no Laws there are no Laws to break, if you do what your Technical Data and Order require, you should never get into any trouble, at least you do not have to worry about breaking any Laws, but this does not allow Anarchy, this is a Militia, and we always try to keep our behavior above all Laws written by Humans, we are accountable for our Actions, we are required to tell the truth and do the right thing: without the Limitations of those that would do wrong.

It should be clear that everyone has to be a Member of Trinary Militia, because Civilizations are the ones that Destroyed Paradise, that allowed the United Stated Constitution to be Abolished, and they would Destroy Trinary Sanctuary if you allow them to exist, they are nothing but worthless Consumers, and are a Virus to any Society. Trinary Militia are only allowed to Protect and Defend Trinary Sanctuary, they are not allowed to Fight in Wars that are not on their Land, nor are they allowed to be at War on their Land, it is a Sanctuary not a Battle Field, it is a Militia to make sure they Defend and Protect Freedom.

The World I grow up in is much different then Normal People: who have no idea how the Newtonian or Trinary Universe works, but IAM Intelligent enough to know how to Save the World or Civilization, and that is all I said I was going to do, now the rest is up to you, you can ignore this as a dream, and go back to your Reality, but Time will catch up to you, and 2060 is not as far away as you think, so if IAM right and this all comes to past, which by the way, most if not all your Scientist will agree with this fact, so you think that I am Crazy for using the Word or Spell of IAM, when IAM is All Light without Darkness, and that is all I said I was, because:
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between...
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh...

So Remember:
I do not Care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not.



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Sheeple is a term that is used to describe People who believe in things that are not Real, or that do not Physically Exit in the Universe, or in Theories, because by definition, those have not been Proven to be the Truth, if it were it would be known as a Fact, but a Sheeple is not a Human, it is a Sheep with a Monkey head and that is all it is, they are not real People, not even Real Sheep for that matter, and it is because I was about 6 years old the first time I thought about it, my Father said People are like Sheep, they only know that they Heard in the Herd, and my Cousin Isaac Newton was the first person I know that actually coined the Word, and it was in Reference to if People had the Lord as their Shepard, because that implies they are Sheep, so the Term Sheeple was something that was handed down from generations, Masonic Sheep Jokes about Darwin's Evolution, but as I grew Older this meaning took on a Darker Side.
The Word Real means it physically Exists in Reality, this term will lead to many arguments, because the 0 Dimension dose not Physically Exist as Space, its void or null space, nor does the number 0 in the Math 1 + (-1) = 0, but we know from Empirical Evidence that every Atom in the Universe goes through 3 State Changes, and in one of those States it disappears, so a third of the time the Atom does not exist in space, yet its Empirical Evidence that proves it still Exists, just not visually, because we can only see 3 Dimensional Space, so some will argue that is how God works, and I agree, but a third of the time Atoms do exist to some degree, only State 1 is physical, so God must also physically exist, because that is the way God must work, the Light without Darkness and the Darkness without Light bound together, and also known as Matter and Antimatter, so Sheeple do not believe this.
The difference between Sheeple and Wizards, is that Sheeple believe that God never physically existed, so God does not explain Atoms, whereas Wizards believe that God exist, so God explains Atoms, and Sheeple believe that they can see the Light, when Empirical Evidence proves that humans can only see the Darkness, which is the Rainbow of Colors in the White Light of the Sun, whereas God is all Light without Darkness, so there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, and Darkness without Light, and the Light that controls them, it is a massless Light, also known as White Noise or Trinary Energy, but the logic of Light without Light confuses Sheeple, so they call the Darkness the Light and believe that is what they see, so Sheeple define words and how to spell them to mean things they can understand, so they read into words instead of just reading them. We can use infrared cameras to film in total Darkness, so does Darkness mean that there is no Light in it? That is a question only a Wizard could answer, because its only in this Darkness can we see that the Light still exist, even though we cannot visually see it, so this is the Light of God, Wizards know that the Light has many Frequencies and Wavelengths in the full Spectrum of Light, and humans can only see a limited range of spectra of Light, but that will not stop the Sheeple from arguing about what the Light of God is, because they will never admit that God is Electricity, because Light is Electricity at a different Frequency, because Sheeple only use Emotions and Theories to explain Reality, and Wizards only use Empirical Evidence.
It should be clear that Sheeple do not believe in Reality, so they are insane by definition, they do not believe in the Light of God Newton described, as the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and they will never admit to the Truth of Science because they will never see the Light of God, but to be Clear, once they do, they are no longer Sheeple, they are People who understand what the Light of God is, but Wizards take it to a whole new level.
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Table of Appendixes

  1. Appendix A
  2. Appendix B
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Appendix A

When a Wizard tales a Story they must adhere to the Wizards Code of Conduct, the function of the code is to tale the truth, but tale it in a way that is Educational and Entertaining, so I use Wizard Humor, witch means to go overboard on the IQ, so Wizards are always the people who have the highest IQ's, and as for the Ashkenazi, it is almost impossible for anyone not to have it in their Blood line if they are from Germany for a long time, as for Autism, that can be tested, as for Relationships to I claim to have with Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, keep in mind that if you add the name Flesh to the end of them, then this can be proven by both Birth Certificates and DNA, if we are talking about the People they were Named after, that can only be done with DNA test.

When a Wizard states the IAM the most Intelligent Being in the Universe, the Wizard is always referring to I, meaning the Light, IAM is an Acronym for I And Me, where I is the Light, And Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, where a Wizzard with two Z's, is God, meaning God is All Light without Darkness, so the Concept is not that Me, or in this cause the Flesh, because that is my name, but that is not the Entity with the High IQ, it is always the Light, and that means God, so IAM is a Story about how the most Intelligent being in the Universe, is in Me, meaning God is in the Flesh, and its God with the High IQ, and Not me, that is Witchcraft by the way. But if you doubt My IQ, just ask the Air Force, I never joke about that, my IQ can not be determined from Testing at this point in my Life.

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Appendix B

The Collective work I had on from my Cousins Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, and all the Wizards I talk about, was all thrown in the Trash by my Step Mother Aloha, that is what she said anyways, but luckily most of it is now Public Domain.

Most of what I say or write can be found online, I try not to make researching what I say, hard to find out if it is the truth, because that is a waste of both our times, if I think it is hard to find any information, I would include it in this document, so I know all these references are online as I write this.

People argue the United States Constitution exist and was only Amended and Ratified, if they believe that, it is because they have no clue as to what those two words even mean, for example: Amend means Minor Change, so to Amend the word Only, means that first you have to change the definition of the Word Amend, because you Only means a Major Change, and that is Called Treason, and you can be Executed for that, just like Lincoln was, so whoever prints the Money owns you and the Country you are in. I took an Oat to Protect, and Defend a Document that only exist as a reminder of what happens when people fail to do their Duty, but that does not mean I can stop Defending it. Sheeple are defined as Stupid People, or Sheep People, just Stupid Animals that Eat Taxus, where Taxus is a Tree that Ewe Stupid People Eat, so I blame Yew for Taxus, because yew are too Stupid to understand that you cannot pay off the National Debt with Money the Banks Print, so how do yew plan to pay done the Loan to get the Constitution back? That is where Trinary Sanctuary comes in, it uses excess: Power, Food, Water and other Resources as Payment to the Banks that own the World, the concept is to replace their need for more than Trinary Sanctuary can provide, so that it proves for everyone's needs, and at the same time makes the World a better place to Live, because Trinary Sanctuary is not allowed to Fight in Wars, we can only protect and defend Trinary Sanctuary and its Members, this is to separate it from the Governments, so neither over step their Authority, Trinary Sanctuary does not work for the Bank, nor are they Owned or Owe anything to the Banks, the only deal they are making is to give them all they can, for the right to live in Freedom, and as payment for that Freedom, so they can insure Freedom.

Trinary Sanctuary is a self-contained Government with no Officials, no leaders, and the reason is clear, Power corrupts, instead Technical Data and Orders are the Driving force. Technical Date includes everything you need to know to do anything, if that data does not exist, it is the Job of who ever needs it to create it, and get it approved, before they attempt to do it, that is a Requirement of the Trinary Militia, as such, everything a Member of the Trinary Militia does, has Technical Data to go with that Job, and it has been approved, and you always have two people working all task that are Critical, one can be an Operator, which is a Job title for someone that is trained in that task, that can run a check list and do inspections via a camera, so that we can ensure quality control and task completeness.

A brief explanation about what it would be like to work in Trinary Sanctuary: You are trained to use a Computer device, it is like a Smart Phone, it has your schedule in it, this schedule is programmed for you specifically, it is managed by you, so you always know what is on your Schedule. After you are trained on a task, you are allowed to do that Task, you are still required to use an Operator while in training, or when doing Critical Task, but for the most part, you are trained and feel confident to do the task at hand, and if you are not, you can have a trainer work with you on task, until you are, in some jobs like Surgery, this is a requirement. Everyone is required to check in, this is done electronically, safely is always job number 1. Most if not all Task that can be Automated, will be, so most hard or Manual Labor jobs, especially Agricultural, will be fully Robotic, so most jobs will be repairing Robots, so it will be Technical.

Your Social life is what you make of it, but it is a requirement that all Sexual encounters require Permission before engaging in that Activity, we are not Animals, and its consider Rape if you are not Married and have intercourse, or you Kiss and you are do not have Permission to Kiss, this avoids any doubt of what activities are allowed Sexually between People, since the only Punishment is between Death or Banishment, because if that person has not where to go if Banished, that is a Death Sentence, and this makes it very clear that everyone has boundaries when it comes to contact with anyone.

I wrote a book about the Principals of Trinary Sanctuary, I will not try to duplicate it here.

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Table of References

  1. Reference Links for Trinary Sanctuary in 2060
  2. Galileo Galilei
  3. Johannes Kepler
  4. Sir Isaac Newton
  5. Edmond Halley
  6. Benjamin Franklin
  7. Isaac Newton Flesher
  8. Benjamin Franklin Flesher
  9. Nikola Tesla
  10. Albert Einstein
  11. Hans Asperger
  12. Jeffrey Scott Flesher
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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Full Size

Born: 15 February 1564, Pisa, Italy
Died: 8 January 1642, Arcetri, Italy

Was known as: Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, Philosopher, and Mathematician. His discoveries with the telescope revolutionized astronomy and paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system, but his advocacy of that system eventually resulted in an Inquisition process against him.

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler Full Size

Born: 27 December 1571, Weil der Stadt, Germany
Died: 15 November 1630, Regensburg

Known for his laws of planetary motion.

Kepler's three laws of planetary motion can be stated as follows:
  1. All planets move about the Sun in elliptical orbits, having the Sun as one of the foci.
  2. A radius vector joining any planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal lengths of time.
  3. The squares of the sidereal periods of the planets are directly proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the Sun.
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Reference: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton Full Size

Born: 25 December 1642 Julian Calendar
Born: 4 January 1643 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom
Died: 31 March 1727 (Gregorian Calendar), Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1666-1669 Julian Calendar) (1667–1668 Gregorian Calendar)

Sir Isaac Newton was known for proving that God was All Light without Darkness, but his quest took him into Witchcraft and Alchemy, and in his quest to find out how the people who wrote the Bible knew that God was All Light without Darkness, he discovered that Christ was inserted into the Bible to hide the fact that Jesus Bar/Abbas defeated the Roman Empire, his notes on this subject became public domain back in the late 1800's, and he was soon branded as the Antichrist by Christians, who would rather go along with the Lie about there being two Jesus's in the Bible, just so they could continue to use Money and Murder people in the Name of Christ, as a result the Christians pushed for Albert Einstein's Theory, that Proved that God did not Exist, making Christians Anti God believers, and proving why Santa and Satan have the same Characters in it, and why Christians are all Liars and Satanic, because only Satan Lies about God and Science, and for thousands of years Christians have murdered in the name of Christ, making them the most insane people on the planet, who build weapons of Mass Destruction using God as Fuel for their Weapons, because only Evil People make Weapons to Kill, and Christians are the most Evil people on the Planet, they allow the Blood of the Planet to be used as Oil and Fuel, which is killing the Planet and all Life on it, all so they can use Money and Lie about God, stating that God does not Physically Exist in the Universe, because Christians do not believe in God, they Worship Money, and Engrave In God we Trust on it, when their Science based on Theories that are never Proven to be a Fact, states that God did not Create the Universe, Chaos did, so my Cousin Newton called them Sheeple, because if the Lord is their Shepard, that makes them Sheep, and Newton would have no problem putting the Sheep in their Place, because they denounced his Science, and those Liars that follow the Godless Dynamic Universe, still use his Math that is based on the Light of God being the Force of Gravity, so Newton proved that all Religious people are Mad, and men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin all warned you about them, and now that the United States has been Conquered by Religious Satanic Liars, its Constitution was Abolished til its Debt is paid off, which was Ironic that they put Newton in charge of the Mint knowing how Evil Money is, and how much Newton hated the use of Money and Taxation just like Jesus Bar Abbas, so as it turns out, the Teaching of Jesus was about Money and Taxation, and nothing to do with Religion, Bar/Abbas was a Warrior who fought for Freedom, and the Christians Banished Newton's Science because they are all Cowards and Liars, and as the Author of this book, the views of Sir Isaac Newton do reflex as the views of the Author, I like Newton before me, only write about the Truth and Facts we can Prove.

  1. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
  2. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton
    1. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
  3. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
  4. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)

BBC Special The Last Magician
Last aired Saturday 27 July 2013
BBC Special The Last Magician recorded from TV broadcast in July 2013 and shown here under the Fair Act.
BBC: The Last Magician

Watch BBC Special The Last Magician
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Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley
Edmond Halley Full Size

Born: 8 November 1656 Gregorian Calendar
Died: 14 January 1742 Gregorian Calendar
Born: 29 October 1656 Julian Calendar
Died: 25 December 1741 Julian Calendar
Born in: Haggerston, London, United Kingdom
Died in: Greenwich, United Kingdom
‎Education: St Paul's School, London, The Queen's College, Oxford, University of Oxford.

Known for a Comet that his best Friend Sir Isaac Newton calculated for him one day when they were smoking Cannabis, which Halley wrote more about then the Comet he is known for.


Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Full Size

Born: 6 January 1706 Julian Calendar
Born: 17 January 1706 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Boston, Massachusetts, North America
Died: 17 April 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
‎Education: Boston Latin School.

He was known for Flying a Kite in a Lightning Storm to Prove Sir Isaac Newton was Right about God being Lightning.

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Isaac Newton Flesher

Isaac Newton Flesher
Isaac Newton Flesher Full Size

Birth: 22 November 1796 in Weston Lewis, West Virginia, USA (Note: City named after Grandfather Weston Flesher)
Death: 29 June 1841 ‎(Age 44) in Goose Island, Mason, West Virginia, USA (Note: Family was given Bounty)
In 1859 Isaac Newton's widowed wife Elizabeth: who was allowed bounty land on Goose Island in satisfaction for the services rendered by: Isaac Newton Flesher in the War of 1812.
Isaac Newton Flesher is the first cousin five times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

Like most Ashkenazic Jews, Isaac Newton was named after dead relatives, which is why he named one of his sons Benjamin Franklin. Isaac was the first person to decode Sir Isaac Newton's notes to my knowledge, I inherited papers he wrote about Science and the World, topics that covered Masonic Legends, the Bible and work of other Wizards.

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Benjamin Franklin Flesher

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Flesher Full Size

Birth: 1 August 1835 in Meigs, Ohio, USA
Death: 13 May 1905 ‎(Age 69) in Sullivan, Indiana, USA
Named after Benjamin Franklin, because Ashkenazi only named their children after dead relatives.
Benjamin Franklin Flesher is the second cousin four times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Full Size

Born: 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia
Died: 7 January 1943 at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, New York City, New York
‎Education: Graz University of Technology and Gymnasium Karlovac

Known for making Electric Generators, and for being a Crazy Old Wizard, because he believed we are all Light Beings.

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Full Size

Born: 14 March 1879, Ulm, Germany
Died: 18 April 1955, Princeton, NJ

An Ashkenazi known for writing the Theory of General Relativity, few know that he publicly denounce it, stating he only believed in the Newtonian Universe, most critics dismiss it as Albert finding Religion, but Newton was not Religious.

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Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger
Johann Hans Friedrich Karl Asperger Full Size

Born 18 February 1906 in Hausbrunn, Austria-Hungary
Died 21 October 1980 in Vienna, Austria
Education: University of Vienna
Due to his earlier work on Autism Spectrum disorders, Asperger Syndrome (AS), was named after him.

Born in Vienna, Asperger published the first definition of Asperger's Syndrome in 1944. In four boys, he identified a pattern of behavior and abilities that he called autistic psychopathy, meaning autism (self) and psychopathy (personality). The pattern included: a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversation, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements. Asperger called children with AS little professors, because of their ability to talk about their favourite subject in great detail.

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Jeffrey Scott Flesher
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Full Size

Born on Saturday the 14 January 1961 at 6:32 PM under the Gregorian Calendar and 25 December 1960 under the Julian Calendar: in Corona California, USA
Education: Trinary University
Status: Medically Retired United States Air Force Disabled Gulf War Veteran

Military: Degrees, Awards and Medals

Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF
Medically Retired Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF Full Size

Military Duty

From 85-93 worked as an Electronic Engineer and Computer programmer on the (E)F-111 on the avionics package, including the Attack RADAR system, Terrain Following Computer and HQ4 Radios. A member of the Air Force Honor Guard, CPR instructors instructor, and Self-Aid and Buddy Care Instructor (Combat Emergency Medical Technician [EMT]). During the Gulf War the (E)F-111 flew over 96% of all sorties flown during the War making it the most important Aircraft. From 93 to 97 served as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the MH-60 in the 66 RQS Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, and in Kuwait during Desert Storm, including Operation Southern Watch and Operation Vigilant Warrior, and on the MH-53 in the 31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron: (read Black Ops, Special Knights crosswise, remember that Black Ops does not exist) at Oson Korea (because Special Ops is not allowed in the United States).

31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron
31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron Full Size

Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Principles of the Trinary Universe
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Trinary Universe Explained
The Trinary Universe Explained - HTML
The Trinary Universe Explained - PDF
The Trinary Universe Explained - ePub
The Trinary Universe Explained - Mobi

The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - HTML
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - PDF
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - ePub
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - Mobi

Trinary Sanctuary in 2060
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - HTML
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - PDF
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - ePub
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - Mobi

Trinary Science
Trinary Science - HTML
Trinary Science - PDF
Trinary Science - ePub
Trinary Science - Mobi

Books hosted on

  1. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (HTML)
    1. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (PDF)
    2. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (ePub)
  2. The Trinary Universe Explained (HTML)
    1. The Trinary Universe Explained (PDF)
    2. The Trinary Universe Explained (ePub)
  3. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (HTML)
    1. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (PDF)
    2. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (ePub)
  4. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (HTML)
    1. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (PDF)
    2. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (ePub)
  5. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (HTML)
    1. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (PDF)
    2. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (ePub)
  6. Trinary Science
    1. Trinary Science (PDF)
    2. Trinary Science (ePub)

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About Me: also known as the Flesh: I originally started to write a book and make videos for Humans, but Humans threatened to sue me, take me to court, and to kill me, and this got old real fast, so now I have no interest in writing books or making videos for Humans, because there are none that are smart enough to debunk what I have to say using Facts, they say they are facts, but they are Theories, stupid ones at that, because Normal Neurotypicals are retarded when it comes to Physics and Math, sorry if I offend yew, but if you believed in Mainstream Science of the Dynamic Universe, yew proved yew were retarded, and yew are also so arrogant and ego driven, that yew can not admit how stupid yew are, and what is so funny is that it really does not make any difference how high my IQ score is, or if I am even Autistic, I only bring this up because it is the truth, and this truth is funny so its Entertaining, and when you call People Stupid they get all Defensive, till they understand I only call Yew Stupid most of the time, and since most of what I had to say was what both my Cousins Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin Flesher, or the men they were named after, and Nikola Tesla, and even Albert Einstein who Denounced All these Theories on Tesla's Birthday, and said he only believed in Newton, so everyone that was Intelligent said the same thing: Christ was inserted into the Bible, so get over it, it is a Fact and has been for thousands of years, just like the Constitution was Suspended in 1863, see the U.S. CODE of FEDERAL LAW TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, under the Enumeration of the Powers Act, its clear that the Federal Reserve does more than just Print the Money instead of Congress, which by itself is clearly Treason under the Constitution, since its clear that the Federal Reserve has its own President, and the United States Government falls under their control, so everyone that works for Money works for the Bank, including all the Courts, and this is Treason under the Constitution, and why President Lincoln was executed by the Militia, that fought for the War of Independence, just to be defeated during the Civil War no matter what side won, because Lincoln took out a loan using the Country as Collateral, and why the Militia are now outlaws in their own Country, and it is Treason to try to take it back, and that was Treason under the Constitution; proving it does not exist, so nothing I said actually requires a high IQ or an Autistic Mind, it just requires someone to understand it, and that is all I claimed to do; and you can check my Military Records, do a Freedom of Information Act Release also known as a FOIA, and you will find that I have 3 of the highest Achievement Awards given out by the Military, two of them are from the Air Force, this does not prove anything other than the fact I understood how to get those Awards, and that is an Achievement, but understanding that my Country is owned by Treasonous Criminals, and we are doing their Bidding, just like Jesus Bar Abbas did, and why Sir Isaac Newton wrote so much about it, because that does not sit well with him or me, we think that the Truth should actually be the Truth; so stop lying about what and who God is, since I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is All Light without Darkness, and I swear to this on the Bible using the Bible as a Reference, and what Newton called God as my Witness: Newton's Math does not work unless it works the way I described in this Book, that is not Ego Driven, nor is it Arrogance, it is a fact, and the reason I know this is a fact: because in thousands of years this Science has not changed, its always been described the same way, in this case Trinity witch I renamed to Trinary, so if you still want to sue me for writing this Book to a Sheep named Yew, do not expect me to show up, because I do not care, because yew have no Rights under the Constitution, but I am Retired Military and I do have Rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), so I made sure I did nothing to break any of those Laws, sure I got into a lot of trouble during my lifetime, but I was never charged with any crimes as an Adult, been in jail, just never charged with anything, because PTSD is still not a crime, not yet anyways; and the Military Diagnosed me with OCD in the Autistic Spectrum 6 years before I was Medically Retired, for Major Depression, Anxiety with PTSD, and a back that got broken twice and is now Arthritic: which was the official reason I was Medically Retired, because Gulf War Syndrome was being denied back then, I did not even know I had it until I was diagnosed by the VA, and found out that a Batch or Lot of Anthrax Live Protein Experiment Vaccine was given to me, as part of a Control Group in an Experiment where over 290,000 Military members got some form of the Anthrax Vaccine, or a placebo, if you look at those people: 270,000 committed suicide, and none of them were given a Placebo, these facts come from the VA, and was published in their Periodical, so my Documentation and references are easy enough to find, but I did not include a lot of them, because I only included ones that might apply to what I have to say, and Newton's and Tesla's work does apply in whole, even their Failures, because I know I have made more than a few Logical Errors in this book, I will say not when I meant it at the time, then I change my sentence structure to word it grammatically less confusing, but forgot to take out the not, because I write like Yoda at time, and fixing those errors is hard for me, I am Dyslexic on the Autistic Spectrum, this means I do not see my errors, a spell checker can fix words but not numbers, and not concepts or logic errors, plus I have OCD, so I repeat myself, and write or talk a lot, and knowing my audience is a Stupid Sheep named Yew, I have to talk as if yew are Stupid, but I always have something Interesting to say, at least Interesting to me, but yew are normally interested in other things. My Military IQ scores can be obtained via a FOIA release, I would have to be insane to make up an IQ score as crazy as over 180, if I could not prove it, but in truth, you would have to create new test to measure my IQ, not that I think my Intelligence is that much more superior, but I am intelligent enough to understand that your Mainstream Science, that is based on Theories, specifically those written and denounced by Albert Einstein, proving that if your Science is so Stupid, so are all your Test. In fact that makes everyone that believed in Mainstream Science Stupid, but what did you expect, both of my Grandparents were Engineers with high IQ's, both high ranking Masons, and both in the Military, my Grandmother was assigned to the Pentagon as an Engineer, that is how they met, so I have a Story to tale, and for the most part, it is all Documented via Public Domain and using the FOIA. If you want to know who owns this Country, do a FOIA and ask who prints the Money, if its Not Congress, then it is not We the People, its We the Sheeple, and if those Sheeple think they can take this Country back from the Banks, keep in mind that the Police and Military have always worked for the Banks, and it is Treason to take this Country back, I am not about Taking the Constitution back, you can Smoke if for all I care, if it was not worth Fighting for back in 1863 then it is not worth Dying for now, and I work for the Military, and take orders from only them, well my Wife first oh course, I am not insane, but she is Military also, so I repeat myself so you will get the message, and if you do not believe me, then read all about Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, and keep in mind that History would have forgotten their Science, if it was not for me fighting for Real Science based on Facts and not Theory, and it is why I fight only for Trinary Sanctuary, and it is run by the Militia just like Jesus Bar Abbas would have run it, according to the Bible, but not as a Religion, but as an Advanced Society that only believe in the Truth and not Secrets.

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1 Document to Rule them All 3

1 Document to Rule them All 3
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