The Trinary Universe Explained

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019

If you want to understand the Universe, you must first define it in a way that is understandable, and that definition starts with the word spelled Trinary, which means 3 State Logic, so the Trinary Universe is Logical.

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If you want to understand the Universe, you must first define it in a way that is understandable, and that definition starts with the word spelled Trinary, which means 3 State Logic, and is defined as: +1, -1 and 0, and all Atoms have 3 State Changes, and Atoms include: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, and Electrons are what make Photonic Light, and in the beginning there was the Light, so this is how the Universe began, so you will start to understand why I call it the Trinary Universe, and why Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla said that the Light is Everything, Newton knew that the Bible stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so if God is Light, and God created Everything, then Everything is Light, so Newton based all his Math on the Light of God being the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and why Johannes Kepler's and Sir Isaac Newton's Math can not be used in the Godless Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, even though Einstein wrote the Theory of General Relativity to Prove that the Universe cannot exist without God, unless there were Paradox's in it, and Einstein said that Paradox's cannot exist in Reality, proving his Theory is wrong, and why Einstein is on record stating he only believes in the Newtonian Universe, and this paper will try to explain why.



Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged that he stood on the Shoulder of Giants so he could see further, to his best friend Edmond Halley, so we Stood on the Shoulders of Tycho Brahe who believed God made the Planets move, Johannes Kepler who believed in the Harmony of the Worlds, Galileo Galilei who helped us see the Heavens more clearly, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci who saw the World of Imagery, Nikola Tesla who said we are Light Beings, Isaac Asimov who wrote Science Fiction based on Albert Einstein who proved the Universe can not exist without God unless it has Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin for fighting for Freedom and Abraham Lincoln for taking it away without anyone missing it, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) for learning how to write in a way others could relate, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Richard Strauss for helping the World to Listen. I also must Acknowledge that all of these Men had Autism and like myself, its in the Autistic Spectrum called High Functioning, also known as Aspies to acknowledge Doctor Hans Asperger who also had it and for which Asperger's Syndrome was named after, I was born with it, I inherited it from my Family line which can be traced back Hundreds of years to my 5th Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher, and he was also an Ashkenazi who are known to be the most Intelligent race on the Planet. Autism allows the Brain to work in a very Different way then those called Neurotypicals, those like myself who have been tested with High IQ's, might think in terms of Images instead of Words, so it is hard for some of us to convert Images into Words, and I know that I write run on sentences, its because I can not think any other way, so I cannot write any other way and be able to understand it, one thought leads to another, seemingly unrelated thoughts become mixed together, so you must Acknowledge that before grading me on English or Concepts, because words are Spells, sometimes I use the wrong word by mistake, others on purpose, but so did all these men, and where would the World be without them today is something everyone must Acknowledge. The Bible said God is all Light and Aspies have a Tendency to take things literally, so the word God and Light mean the same thing to me, in fact that is what I set out to prove, but without Religion, only Science, because none of these men believed in a Deity, these were all men of Science.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Real Science should be based on Facts and not Theory, where Real refers to Evidence, Theory refers to concepts that have not been proven to be a Fact, and Theoretical Science is clearly a different type of Science that is not based on Evidence or Facts, until its proven, then it becomes a fact: thus becoming Real Science, and Sir Isaac Newton demanded that only Facts be allowed into what we now call Science, because he would have called it Alchemy, witch was outlawed in his time, but after his Notes started to become public knowledge around 1866, when people started looking at Newtons Notes, they found that he wrote more about the Bible, then he did about Science or Math, so do not confuse the Bible with Religion, Religion is the belief in Deities and Spirits that do not Physically exist in the Universe, whereas the Bible is just: History, Science and stories about people that sinned, and the Definition for God is based on Science, since Light without Darkness is what Newton proved was God, since the White Light of the Sun has Darkness in it, and he proved that to be all the Rainbow of Colors we see, so God is Light found in a Spectra of Light that is invisible to most Lifeforms, which is why the Bible stated that you must have Faith that God exist, but Faith is not Science, in Science we can Measure God with Scientific Instruments using the Technology of the day, and people like: Benjamin Franklin, who discovered that Light was Electricity, and Nikola Tesla, who discovered that Energy is Light so the Light is Everything and we are Light Beings, and Johannes Kepler, who proved that God is the Harmony in the Universe, and Galileo Galilei, who like Kepler and Newton, would have been Burned at the Stake for Heresy against the Church, for reading the Bible Literally like most Aspies do, and being an Aspie in a World that is Normally Neurotypicals, and its normal for them to have Low IQ's, so it is hard for some people on the Spectrum of Autism to write in a way that most Normal People can understand, and growing up knowing that Newton was right, made me: Jeffrey Scott Flesher, one of the hardest people on the Planet to understand, since my Science is totally different then the Dynamic Universe based on General Relativity, which ironically: Albert Einstein wrote to prove that Newton was right, so it seems Neurotypicals do not understand Aspies very well, few understood Newton during his time, and fewer could even talk to him, because he was only interested in facts and not theories, so I will do my best to be clear about everything, but to explain the Trinary Universe, I must explain where this knowledge came from, and this is a very complex story, so I will briefly explain the history of the Universe that I named the Trinary Universe.

When I turned 9 years old, my Grandmother Eula gave me a box with a lot of Books, Papers and photographs in it, the ones I like the best were written by my First Great Cousins Five times removed: Isaac Newton Flesher and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who were Ashkenazi who came to America from Germany on board a Ship called the Phoenix in 1752, so most of what I talk about was written by them, so do not get confused between my Cousins and the Men they were named after, I will try to clearly if it makes a difference, but for the most part, they only decoded what Sir Isaac Newton wrote about, which was about the Light of God, so from a very young age, I fully understood the Universe, but no one would believe me, since Einsteins Theories somehow because Science, instead of Theoretical Science, so 46 years later I am still trying to teach people how the Universe actually works, and not how it works in Theory, because a Theory means its never been proven, so it is not a Fact, so how do I change the World back to a Science that is Real, is a question only you can answer.

I can not assume you understand Physics or Science in General, and so it is best just to assume you do not know anything about it, and its best if you do not try to mix what you think you know with what I am going to tale you, because the Concept of Trinary Logic States is not part of the Dynamic Universe, because Trinary is just the Logic behind Trinity, because Trinary Science is based on the Newtonian Universe, and they have not taught that in schools since 1933, and that was long before I was born, so very few people know anything about it, so I will explain the Trinary Universe in terms of Trinary Space and Trinary Dimensions, which have 3 Dimensions: Width, Height, and Depth, and a 0 Dimension, this is called Normal Space, its Normal because most Lifeforms can only see in 3 Dimensions, in other words: we can not see one dimension without seeing the others, because if you removed them, they would become invisible, for example: look at a cube, it has 3 dimensions, so look at the Width, and then imagine you could remove its Height and Depth, if it was a piece of paper, we can draw a square to represent the width, but it too has height, and the paper's thickness is its depth, so we can not even draw a 1 dimensional object on paper, so it is an abstract concept, so if we remove all the Dimensions, we have 0 dimensions, but 0 is just an Abstract Concept, so I can not show you 0 Dimensions, so like the Light of God: you must have Faith it exists, but as I said, Faith is not Science, in Science we just know for a Fact that if you remove all the Dimensions, you have 0 Dimensions, therefore it Exists as a Concept of Space without Dimensions, and that is the Foundation of the Trinary Science in the Trinary Universe.

I preface some concepts with Trinary because it changes the concept behind it, for example: Science is such a general term that it has very little meaning, since there are many types of Science, so to be clear I must use the term Trinary to distinguish between other types of Science, like the Universe: its it the Newtonian or Dynamic Universe, so Trinary clears it up, it means this is different than what you normally know about this subject, so Trinary Atoms take on a new meaning, as does Trinary Energy.

To summarize what I have taught you so far, the Trinary Universe is based on 3 Dimensions, which I assume you agree that the 3 Dimensions do exist: plus the 0 Dimension: so I must prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the 0 Dimension exist, and is therefore a fact with Evidence to support it, so we must use the most powerful Microscope that exist today, so if that is an Electron Microscope, we can search the Internet for facts about Atoms seen under such magnification, and we will find that Atoms have 3 State changes as seen in Table 1.01: State changes of an Atom

  1. Solid
  2. Semi-Solid
  3. Invisible
Table 1.01: State changes of an Atom

Atoms are made of Neutrinos, I realize this is not Mainstreams view of Science, so I will call Atoms: Trinary Atoms, and there is a Neutrino Particle for every Element in the Periodic Table, and one side of the Neutrino is Matter, the other side of the Neutrino is Antimatter, so it is like the flip side of a coin, the Light binds the Particles together around the 0 Dimension, this is done using Intelligence, because these Neutrinos only have Light inside of them: so Trinary Atoms are made of Neutrinos and Light, the same Light that Newton called God, so these are Trinary Atoms. There are 3 Types of Atoms: Proton, Neutron and Electron, and for the most part they all behave the same way for that type of Atom, so I will only differentiate when I need to. When the Atoms State is Solid: it is in the Matter State: so all the Matter side of the Neutrino Partial is on the Outside of the Atom, so I will assign this State a value of +1, this is what Newton said Trinity referred to as the Father, and is shown on a 2D Graph above the x-axis labeled Ground, and refers to Heaven above. When the Atoms State is Semi-Solid: it is in the Antimatter State: so I will assign this State a value of -1, this is what Newton said Trinity referred to as the Son, and is drawn on a 2D graph below the x-axis labeled Ground, so it refers to Hell below. When the Atoms State is Invisible: it is in the 0 Dimension, and all the Space that has Dimensions in it are removed, so the Space Collapses down to Neutrino Particles, and it is in the Antimatter State: so I will assign this State a value of 0: this is what Cousin Isaac Newton said Trinity referred to as the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit of Mother Nature: Holy meaning a Hole, which I describe as 0, it is a Space with no Space inside of it, so it is Null or Empty Space, so this is the Fundamental Trinary Science of Trinary Atoms, and it explains why there is always equal amounts of Matter and Antimatter in the Trinary Universe, and I just proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt without any Theories, and I did not read into the Bible, I just read it as if it was Science, because this is the Trinary Science about Trinary God, as such: God is always Trinary, and I do not always remember to prefix it, so assume I am talking about Trinary unless I state otherwise.

Atoms include: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons, and Electrons orbit around Protons and Neutrons, and we can graph them in 2 Dimensions, and explain why they move from Negative to Positive, we will note that Electricity will naturally flow as Alternating Current, for example: in Lightning most Electricity is in the form of Alternating Current, but the energy can get so intense it causes Plasma which creates Direct Current, which is just a Polarity Filtered energy, DC is Positive or Negative, whereas AC alternates from Positive to Negative, and that can be viewed as a Sine Wave: so we must look at all Trinary Atoms as Energy, so I will define it as: Trinary Energy.

In the Graph below, all Energy flows from the 0 dimension, which is Ground, to a more Positive Potential: be it Positive or Negative in Polarity, so do not confuse Potential and Polarity, Potential means builds up to a Limit, so the waveform varies on a curve: as opposed to a Digital Signal that switches from one Polarity to another; this waveform is like the Oceans Waves: because they are driven by the same Math: in terms of Frequency and Wavelength; so if we graph this on paper in 2D: we have an x-axis labeled 0, and colored Green for Ground, and Positive 1 above the x-axis: is Blue for Heaven, and Negative 1 below it: is Yellow for the Fires in Hell, so Heaven and Hell or Father and Son, are terms that people used to describe these State changes in Light, so Earth is Ground and the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit of Mother Nature Grounds you, so take a look at Illustration 1.01: Alternating Current Waveform 2D .

Alternating Current Waveform 2D
Illustration 1.01: Alternating Current Waveform 2D Full Size

This is a normal Sine wave for Alternating Current, its well-known and documented, and even though the math behind this waveform is known, what causes this waveform is less known, but it will become apparent when I show you the next illustration in 3D, so note how the Trinary Math Constant: (+1) + (-1) = 0, starts to explain the reason why these states change, because when viewed as a function of X: we note how the levels change from +1 to -1 as it passes through 0.

Now let us look at it from a 3 Dimensional perspective: once we understand the 2D graph, a 3D graph will be more understandable, so look at Illustration 1.02: Alternating Current Waveform 3D

Alternating Current Waveform 3D
Illustration 1.02: Alternating Current Waveform 3D Full Size

The Center axis is the x-axis: labeled 0, and is Green for Ground, and the Left side is +1: in Blue for Heaven above, and the Right side is -1: in Yellow for the Fires in Hell. Note that this splits the view in half, and turns it sideways from the 2D View, this may look confusing at first, but after I point it out and explain it, you will understand. We normally look at Energy using a 2D Oscilloscope, which is Electronic Equipment used to analyze Electricity; the Potential is always at the Top and Bottom in terms of extremes in polarity changes, with a slop, and this slop is what we need to look at, but in a Different direction then the Heaven above and Hell below viewpoint, because we want to show how at Ground Level, which is the plane of view shown, where +1, Ground and -1: are all on the same level, where the minimum potential is measured, and where Positive Polarity is on the Left, and Negative Polarity is on the Right. Electricity always flows from Ground, so it starts out on the 0 Axis in Green, its invisible in this state, because all its Dimensions in Space have been removed, but the Neutrinos are still there; just no space to see them, so this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 0 Dimension exist, by the fact that the Atom has to go through all 3 State changes, and Trinary Physics explains it, so you must understand this illustration and what it means, so let me try to explain it better, so you fully understand what I just said.

We know for a Fact with Evidence that there are 3 Dimensions, and the 0 Dimension... And we know that all Energy flows from Ground: the above AC Waveform illustrates how it moves from the 0 dimension, into the 1st and 2nd dimensions as it move from Negative to Positive, its this Antimatter State where the Polarity is Negative, this state is Semi-Solid, because it is not in 3D yet... When it changes polarity from Negative to Positive: it moves through the 0 Dimension, and returns in the 3rd Dimension, so Negative is North, and Positive is South, and Negative is attracted by the Positive end of a Magnet, because Electricity flows from Negative to Positive, so as the Neutrino in the Electron passes through the 0 Dimension, it can turn inside out, such that the Matter/Antimatter change places, so it is the Matter that is attracted Antimatter: so this behavior explains why and how an Electron orbits a Proton/Neutron, and it also explains how an Electron can turn to Light if its Frequency is high enough, because you are seeing the Light inside the Electron, when its in the 0 Dimension, proving it is the Light that binds the Neutrinos to the Light, and that it shifts dimensions as it moves through space, so those Atoms can move through the Universe without burning up due to friction, and this point takes more knowledge of space to understand it, so think of Space as the Fabric of the Universes, it has 3 Dimensions, and the 0 Dimension, all Energy flows from the 0 Dimension, and it has no Dimensions to move in, so the Universe is Static in this Dimension, which means it can not move, as opposed to Dynamic, where all Atoms would have to have Physical means to move, meaning that a Flashlight would have to have a Rail Gun to shot out the Electron at the Speed of Light, whereas in a Static Universe the Energy does not Move: only the Neutrinos do; such that when you turn on a Flashlight: you are seeing the Light only in the 0 Dimension, thus proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that its not moving; proving that Light can only be Static: so as the Neutrinos move through the Universe at the Speed of Light, regardless of the actual Relative speed of objects made of Atoms, that are moving through Space, they only move using inertia, so they are only relative to other objects moving in space, which is based on movement between two or more objects in space, for example: we see other Suns, Solar Systems or Stars in our Galaxy, and we know that they move between 333,333 and 666,666 miles an hour, relative to our, and we view other Galaxies as being part of a Trinary Cluster, so all speeds are Relative to other objects in space. We know we orbit around the Sun at 66,666 miles an hour, so yes this number 666 is not made up, its the exact measurement that is recorded on record, and you can calculate it yourself: Calculate Celestial Body Rotational and Orbital Speeds.
So we know there is a reason that is based on its Frequency and Wavelength of its Atoms, because we know that the Speed of Light is related to the Formula for: Gravity, Electromagnetic Energy and Electricity, as such Frequency and Wavelength can be used to measure relative speeds, and this explains how Light moves from 0 to the Speed of Light instantaneously: without the need of a Rail Gun, which would have a small recoil, since Electrons have a small mass, proving that Light is Static and not Dynamic. If you have a hard time imagining this: picture a Flashlight: as you turn it on, the Electron's Frequency is raised till it turns to Light, this happens when that Neutrino type reaches a Resonant Frequency so high, at which point it drops into the 0 Dimension, where the Electron becomes invisible, and the Light inside it becomes visible, because it is switching states so fast that you can see the Light inside of the Electron, and like a Fishing line that has hooked the fabric of Space in the 0 Dimension, it is dragged through space as we move through space at the Speed of Light, regardless of how fast we appear to be moving Relative to other objects, that is only inertia, and those speeds can never get close to the speed of Light, meaning even if we could travel at the Speed of Light, and we turned on a Flashlight, the Light would still be traveling at the Speed of Light, so as we move, the Light appears to me moving, when in fact its just us that is moving through the Universe; this means that all Atoms travel relative to other Atoms in terms of Speed, but all Atoms have limits to how fast they can oscillate before turning to Light, which would burn up any bonds that all the Atoms have to an object, proving its not possible to travel at the Speed of Light, and its not possible for anything to travel faster than it, with the exception of Neutrinos that can get pushed by Light, so appear to be traveling faster than Light, but this is a special case caused by a Super Nova, and it is a fact that all Elements will turn to Light at different Frequencies, so you will find some spectra of Light that Travel faster than others, this is the concept of a Rainbow.

When I was 9 years old I knew that Einstein was wrong about E = MC2: for one thing: I know that Force is F = MA, where A is Acceleration, and C is a Constant for the Speed, which according to Einstein, the only reason he squared it, is because without doing so it is number was too low for what they thought, but the fact is that nothing can travel at the speed of Light except for Light, and to argue that point with me is pointless, because the Speed of Light is a Constant, any Atoms that raise in Frequency to the point it is at the Speed of Light or Higher, will be Light, end of story, the Laws of Physics are absolute, like Newton, I do not like to talk about Theories. How does Force and Energy compare is a good question to ask, Force is the amount of Energy measured in terms of Electrons in terms over time, or simply how many Electrons travel from point A to point B in a given time, so it is a change in rate measurement, or a derivative, whereas Energy is the Collection of all those Atoms after that time, such that Force is measuring the movement of Atoms through a Circuit, Energy is measured as capacity, or how much or how many Electrons does it take or have, so it is a Static measurement, and Force is a Dynamic measurement, but they must be Equal: for example: if I take a dead battery and charge it with a given amount of Energy, I can fast charge or slow charge and the Force will change, but the Energy will be the same in the end, grant you some are lost in heat and dissipates, so my point is that Energy describes a static quantity of Electrons, so when a Battery is full of Energy, it means it cannot take any more Electrons, as such: Force is measured in terms of what Frequency in terms of Acceleration, because we are talking about Electrons moving from point A to point B, and Frequency is what makes Electrons move around Atoms in a material, the higher the frequency the faster the atoms move. As Atomic or Nuclear Energy relates to Splitting an Atom, and is based on accelerating an Atom mechanically, normally by using an explosive: this will also change the frequency of the Atom that is accelerating, but it will hit an atom that is at rest, and if you have enough Acceleration: cause that Atom to Split its bonds, by enough I mean you need to accelerate the Atoms as fast as possible, knowing its not going to be even close to the Speed of Light, and every Particle in the Period Table has a different Frequency that it catches fire, and burns up at a given Speed, which its speed is measured in terms of Frequency and Wavelength, and also applies to Atoms that are Accelerated mechanically, which gives it Force, which gives it Speed or Acceleration, and you cannot Accelerate any Atom without changing its Frequency as proof, this is why material heats up and cools down as its accelerated. I though about how to calculate Energy for years, and I know that the Energy stored in a Battery is the same energy that is in a Atomic or Nuclear explosion, only without the harmful radiation as a result of creating unstable molecules, but if you had enough batteries and could hook them up so they would all burn up at the same time, you could generate the same levels of Energy, its just a matter of creating that much null space at the same instance in time, but I will admit that it would take a lot of Electrons to generate that much null space, so this experiment would be hard to do, but can be done. I came up with an idea to use its Frequency to measure its energy, but was told by many Scientific types of Adults, that an object does not have a Frequency, Electrons have a Frequency, but not the Atoms, they just sit there and the Atoms orbit around them, and I asked every teacher I knew about this growing up and they all agreed: only Electricity has a Frequency, so I put that thought out of my mind for years, and I worked on it with many people over the years, but nothing: till one day I was working on another problem, and I did not know if I did not have enough Energy to make it work, or not enough Force, in other words, I had enough voltage, but did I have enough Amperage, and out of the blue I calculated it without any thought about the formula, which was E = F - ( F - X ), keep in mind that Acceleration and Frequency Change are related, because the Wavelength is equal to Speed or Acceleration, as such the two are interchangeable, such that F = ma, where it is Energy is equal to its total Force, because its Energy is a quantity, and Force is work, so Energy is a known quantity when Force equals 0, and in flux when Force is not 0, as simple as a Battery and a Light bulb, the Energy in a Battery can not be tested without draining some of it to test its capacity, this is done using Force, also known as Amperage, so all its Energy can be accounted for, and the same is as true for an Atom that is Accelerated in an Atomic Accelerator, as its Speed increases, its Frequency increases at the same rate, so the two are related, so you have Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy, so if you know the mass of the Atom, and how many Atoms you have, you can calculate its Energy by knowing the Atoms Frequency or Speed, proving that at age 9 I knew it was due to an Atoms Frequency, by understanding that an Atoms Speed and Frequency are related, and all objects are made of Atoms, and I knew it was not E = MC2, that does not work for anything, in fact I have no idea what information it computes, since Energy and Mass has no Relationship, and as proof, use it instead and you will understand. so it is like Newton said: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. well I can
Calculate the Madness of People

Energy is computed as E = F - ( F - X ), as such: the mass of the Atom times the offset of its Frequency: such that the Fire Frequency minus the Fire Frequency minus X, which X is the rate of Acceleration or its Frequency that its currently at, as such: the closer to 0 you get, the less Energy it puts out, as proof: when X = 0%: its 100 - [ 100 - 0 ] = 0, and that is exactly how much energy you would have if it is at 0, meaning its Acceleration or Frequency is near 0, so it is Frozen; so it makes more sense if you think of it in terms of a percent: so when it is the value of F when it catches Fire is 100%, this means that if I accelerate this Element or Molecule as fast as I can, in an Atomic Accelerator or an explosion, it will do one of two things: it will Burn up, or turn to Light, so I call this its Resonant Fire Frequency, as proof: when X = 100%: its 100 - [ 100 - 100 ] = 100, so it is on Fire or Light, because then its 100% of its energy, so you can Light my Fire: because this Math is proven and is correct for all situations:
you can see in at work here in this Energy Calculator.
Note that this is Newtons math for Force, based on Mass times Acceleration, or F = MA, but by using the offset of its Frequency and Wavelength which determine its Energy output, we have what Energy equals in terms of its Force: in terms of its Frequency, Wavelength or Acceleration; so in a Special case where the Atom goes Atomic or Nuclear, meaning it splits the Atom: it depends on this offset to yelled you the Energy, based on the type of Elements used, and its Acceleration; whereas E = MC2 will give you a result that can not happen in Reality, that is called a Paradox, because there are no Atoms that can travel at the Speed of Light, common sense tells you that its Light at that point, because it is, why define the Speed of Light as a constant if its not, so we know what Frequencies and Wavelengths these are, its called the Science of Electronics. So Einstein was wrong on so many levels that it makes me laugh, you would have to be insane to think his formula was right when common sense tells you it is fundamentally wrong, it does not account for what type of Atom it is, meaning what type of Neutrino its Element is made from, or what states the Atoms are in when they Collide, because they can not collide in the 0 Dimension, because they can not move, yet it is the only time they actually do move, but its actually the Neutrinos moving through the Universe, and the Light inside them does not move, it washes through them like Water, so at age 9, I proved that Einstein was wrong, not surprising when you figure that by the 3rd Grade I had an IQ over 180, and Einstein as an Adult never exceeded 160, which is just another reason why most people never believe my story, when it is actually Isaac Newtons Story, and even Jesus's, so it is His-Story, but that is what makes it Entertaining, because sometimes the Truth is Stranger then Fiction.

Once you wrap your mind around that concept, you will start to understand the Trinary Universe, its based on Facts and not Theories that can not or have not been proven to be a fact, the truth is that the Dynamic Universe would have to defy all the Laws of Physics, proving it is not the Truth, if it was, Gravity would be caused by Centrifugal Force, and according to Sir Isaac Newton its caused by Light, and his math proves it, and since Light is in every Atom in the Universe, and Everything is made of Atoms, its clear that Everything is Light, so Gravity is caused by the Attraction of Atoms to 0 Dimension, where Ground is, and the Earth has a lot of Mass, which is to say that its made of Atoms that add up to Mass, because inside of every Atom is the 0 Dimension, and as I proved: the Atom is attracted to the 0 Dimension, it can shift Polarity every time it goes through it, not saying it has to, but it can, and in Alternating Current it does, so this is an Electronic Attraction and not Centrifugal Force, if the Universe was governed by Centrifugal Force, then the Sun would orbit around the Galaxy based on its Mass and not how it does now, which is that it moves at the same Rate, such that the inner Solar Systems orbit at the same rate as the outer ones, much like a record player, as such Kepler's model does not apply to the Sun and its Solar System; proving the Universe is not Dynamic. The argument that the Planets's Gravity is caused by Centrifugal Force is based on ignorance, and not science, all experiments with Centrifugal Force proves it would throw us off the Planet, and not keep us on it, just a fact that can be proved in any Play Ground, so all Children know this, do Centrifugal Force experiments in space and you will prove it: spinning does not cause Gravity, it does not cause Gravity on Earth, nor does flying faster and banking hard, it only increases your inertia force, so Science that has Centrifugal Force as Gravity, is just some theory that has not been proven, and normally its by people who believed in Einsteins theory: knowing he did not, and stated it does not work without Paradox's, and only insane people believe in those, as such: the Trinary Science is the only Real Science, and its why: Newton, Franklin and Tesla are what I called: Real Science.

To take the Trinary Science beyond the Newtonian Universe, I must define a few more terms: the first is the Trinary Engine: it is the Core of every: Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in the Universe: not sure if Comets or Asteroids have them, but I would imagine they do not, unless God wanted them to have one, and keep in mind God is not a Deity or Spirit, but Light, and that Light has Intelligence, just search for all the Research on White Noise, I call this Trinary Energy, its basically Light without Neutrinos; or unbound Light, meaning the same Light that Atoms are made of, but without the Neutrinos; such that Trinary Atoms are Neutrino bound Light, so they have Neutrinos, and are the Smallest unit of measurement they come in, whereas Trinary Engines are the Largest size Neutrino bound Light come in, so they are just very large Atoms, and follow all the same Laws of Physics: as such the Sun is Electric in Nature: and not Atomic or Gas Burning, those are Theories that will never be proven, because there is no evidence and never will be, in fact that theory defies the Laws of Physics, and just one look at the Sun up close, and its proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that its Electric: those huge Electromagnetic Fields of Flux is proof. Our Sun is just a Star to another Solar System, so looking at Stars we can see ourselves in them; because I imagine that they are all more alike than not.

To summarize what we know as scientific facts so far: Trinary is 3 State Logic, Trinary Atoms have 3 State changes, and if we view them under an Electron Microscope, we see that the White Noise or Trinary Energy, is actually controlling the Atoms State Changes, and that same Energy is everywhere in the Universe, so it is Controlling the Universe at the Subatomic Level of Science; as such: every Atom is made of Neutrinos and Light, and the Alternating Current waveform of Electricity, has a Math Constant that describes its movement, I call it Trinary Math, its written in many ways but: (+1) + (-1) = 0, is the standard Constant formula, my Cousin Isaac Newton called it a Primer; which is pronounced Prim`er, and wrote it as a Function: +1-1 f (x) = 0; such that x is the value of the Atoms Frequency, Wavelength and Amplitude: for example: let's say we have a 1 volt at 60 Hz, I have a chart that I need to look up the Frequency to get its value, for example: if I know that an Electron turns to Light at a specified frequency, so I can determine what energy level an Electron is at, at any given Frequency, so for this example, we will just give it a 1 for simplicity, and we always start out at State 0 in the 0 Dimension, and cross through 0 every time we change states; which is why the = 0 is in the Constant, such that: substituting 1 for X we have: 1 x -1 = -1, so the Polarity is Negative, and next time it shifts to Positive: 1 x +1 = +1, so the Math describes the behavior of Electricity, and alternating current, and this also applies to Trinary Engines, so how does this effect them is our next subject.

If we view the above AC Waveform in 3D, we can imagine that the Dot(s) is a Trinary Engine in a: Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon, and our Earths Frequency is very low, and can only be measured in thousands or millions of years, so it takes a long time for them to shift Poles, the Sun takes over a Decade, and NASA calculated the Earth takes about 780,000 years, not saying its right or wrong, but rather looking at a more Scientific way to Calculate it, and Newton used the Mayan Calendar of 2012 years, which is a cycle that repeats itself in History, the concept is that Energy has Polarity; if we view the Galaxy as Negative and Positive, or North and South, and we are in the Negative or North side of the Galactic Disc, and we are about a third of the way to the disc, which calculations vary from 33 to over 66 Million years or more, for one complete cycle, so it is best to view it as Phases, where one Phase is 2012 years, doing the math: we have 2012 years in a cycle, and if its 780,000 years, that would be about 388 cycles; but Newton knew that the Mayans knew about the other Planets and Moons in our Solar System, so he concluded that each has a part in the Phases, so depending on how many Planets and Moons you count, which comes down to how many Trinary Engines you count in our Solar System, would depend on how many Phases there are in it, so 9 Planets, and let's say 181 Moons: for a total of 190, or 382,280 years, which is half of what Mainstream calculated, but there are a lot of Trinary Engines in the Asteroid field, so Newton had to have a number that had evidence to support it, but he did not have any evidence that the Earth shifts its Pole, so he used numbers that had meaning: he figured that numbers always have a reason, and there must be enough objects, for a lack of a better Term, since Newton did not call them Trinary Engines, he did understand that something is controlling the movement of the Planets and Moons, and this was Gravity, and he did not know at his time that we had 9 Planets and 181 Moons, all he knew what that there is a fix number of objects that controls all the Planets and Moons, in the Solar System, so based on logic he set that number at 333, such that: 333 x 2012 = 669,996, and it was this number that Newton used, this number is a measurement based on yearly cycles for the Earth, Newton used this to determine the Earths Frequency, so every 669,996 years the Earth will change Polarity, so all Newton needed was a starting point, and Newton said that the Bible gave him a clue, it was based on how long into the future this event would take place, this was called a Prophecy, and Newton did not like using it at first, because it was like Magic, but then he realized that if the Bible was correct about God being All Light without Darkness, then they must already know when this happened last, so Newton was satisfied that this date was the Truth, so he calculated that the Bible predicted this would happen in the year 2060.

The Mayans looked at the Calendar in Cycles: so you do the Math, but Sir Isaac Newton found this prediction in the Bible, and calculated it would happen in the year 2060, so in the year 2012, the Sun shifted its Poles, and as Newton predicted, Newtons Comet, which was renamed ISON, would have an Orbit of 333 years, he calculated we would pass through the Tail on Christmas day on 25 December 2012, in the Julian calendar or 14 January 2013 under the Gregorian Calendar now in use, only the Military uses the Julian Calendar nowadays, and I am Retired Military, and my Birthday is on 14 January, under the Gregorian Calendar, so I know that Newtons Birthday was 25 December 1642 under the Julian Calendar, and 4 January 1643 under the Gregorian Calendar, then they removed 10 days, so you have to add them back for the Math to work, so it seems to me that people are trying to hide this fact, because Newton predicted it Hits Earth every other time, looking back in history every 333 years proves this, and the past can predict the future, so in 2346 the Earth will be hit by Newtons Comet again. This Calculation he made was based on all the facts, so every 999 years Earth gets hit by Newtons Comet, and every 333 years we have proof that it does come around, and Meteors do hit earth more during those times, so all the signs and Math say that the Earth is in its last Phase, and will shift Poles in 2060, which is over 42 years away, and I would be celebrating my 100th Birthday the day that it happens, that is because of this Star Date: so lucky me, because my Cousin Isaac Newton said that Jesus was the last person to have told this Story, and that was about 1 Phase ago, and his Prophecy is what Newton Calculated: which is the End of Civilization as we know it, so do not take my word for this: research it yourself, and when you do, you will also find that Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh at the End of Time, which is this Time that Newton Calculated, so you might think its just a coincidence that my name is Flesh, but that would mean this is a Conspiracy that goes back thousands of years, and its why no one every believes my Story about the Trinary Universe, but I am an Aspie and can only tale you the facts, you will have to decide what to make of them; because just like Newton: I have Jesus Syndrome, and this is just another Stranger then Fiction Fact I added for Entertainment, because Newton was also trying to warn people about this event, so they could come up with a plan to save humanity.

The reason why Sir Isaac Newtons Science is no longer being taught in school, is because Newton wrote that Christ was inserted into the Bible, to make God a Deity or Spirit that does not physically exist in the Universe, which by the way: there is a word in the Dictionary that describes the believe in things that do not physically exist: and that word is insane, so the Christians ushered in Albert Einsteins Theory of General Relativity, just to get rid of the Newtonian Universe, and proving that they do not actually believe that God Physically Exist in the Universe, and that is sad, but knowing that they have started every War ever fought on this Planet since that time, is proof they are insane, and why when Einstein stated that he did not believe in his Own Theory, and instead only in Newtons, and the Mainstream News Papers reported that Einstein found Religion: when they are referring to Newton, and he did not believe in a Deity or Christ, and that is why no one is taught the truth about Science, and why I am not Religious, because I believe that God is the Light without Darkness, so the Light of God is just Science to me.

There is more to the Trinary Universe: this is just a short explanation: The Principals of the Trinary Universe will take it to the next level and talk about the Galattice, which is how the Trinary Universe stores and retrieves Memories, and how to make Trinary Engines from Ball Lightning and not to be confused with Matter Lightning; and I will also talk about what Trinary Engines are made of, which is Tritanium, and I will also talk more about more Math like Trinary Math and Vertice Matrix, and will even talk about Pareidolia Syndrome, because I like to look at the Sun like People like to look at Clouds, and make up stories from what Patterns I see in them, and this way you can become a Trinarian, which is a person who knows and believes in the Trinary Universe, and that will take Trinary Time, so I be patient, and try to understand what the Trinary Universe is all about.

I wrote this book so you could read it faster, its short and to the point, but harder to understand, but in The Principals of Trinary Universe, I wrote it for a different reason: it was supposed to be the His-Story of the Trinary Universe, and that is a much broader look at why this is not being taught as the Real Science of this Planet, and it is a sad fact that Religion is why Science is Theoretical, and why its Godless, witch is ironic, because the Mainstream Media has called Newton and Tesla Wizards, and the Church would have burned both of them at the Stack for Witchcraft; so life is Stranger then Fiction for me, I spent a lifetime trying to get people to understand the Trinary Universe, but found talking about Science, Politics or Religion only starts fights, and in truth: no one I talked to really cared about Real Science, most people only know Theories, and they change every day, whereas the Truth never changes. I also wrote it without mentioning Wizards, Witches and Witchcraft, too much, I can not tale the story without mentioning them, because history records them as being Wizards, and using Witchcraft, so to not mention it would be a lie, but this is about the Truth and about the Truth about Real Science, and not the Fairy Tales that Mainstream tells about Men like: Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, Einstein, and myself for defending God and the Science of God, because to this day, you and everyone else on this planet, still use Newtons Math, and its based on the Light of God, and does not work in the Godless Dynamic Universe, so they need to acknowledge this. I am a Disabled Gulf War Veteran, who knows what Freedom really means, but most people can not handle that Reality, so it is in another book about Trinary Sanctuary, so for now all I can say is:
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

You can prove that this Trinary Science is real just by doing Internet searches for what information I have presented, so you can prove that White Noise or Trinary Energy is Real, and has Intelligence, and you can prove that the 0 Dimension exist, because you have to explain how Atoms disappear without Magic, and the Dynamic Universe does not explain anything but creates Paradox after Paradox, so you know it is not Reality, because a Paradox can not exist in Reality, and Trinary Science is all about what is happening in Reality, in fact, it is the only explain that does explain the Universe, and its not just my work, but that of Giants that I stood on the Shoulders of.

You will notice that I used a CopyLeft, instead of a CopyRight, this is because this is not a Legally Binding Contract, its just information that I have written and to the best of my knowledge is the whole truth about the Trinary Universe, so do with it what you want, but to ignore it is stupid on way to many levels; but I do not care what yew believe, know it or no it not, all I can do is teach the Science about the Light of God.

List of Illustrations

  1. Illustration 1.01: Alternating Current Waveform 2D
  2. Illustration 1.02: Alternating Current Waveform 3D

Table of Contents


List of Tables

  1. Table 1.01: State changes of an Atom

Table of Contents


Table of Terms

  1. Atom
  2. Ball Lightning
  3. CopyLeft
  4. CopyRight
  5. Dimensions
  6. Energy
  7. Galattice
  8. Matter Lightning
  9. Pareidolia Syndrome
  10. Stars
  11. Star Date
  12. Trinary
  13. Trinary Cluster
  14. Trinary Energy
  15. Trinary Engine
  16. Trinary Universe
  17. Trinary Space
  18. Trinary Science
  19. Trinary Time
  20. Trinarian
  21. Tritanium
  22. Vertice Matrix

Table of Contents



An Atom is what Sir Isaac Newton called Atomos based on what the Greek philosopher Democritus wrote about back around 466 BC: stating that Atomos was a piece of matter that could be divided and continue to be divided till eventually you could not divide it anymore.
Atoms have 3 State Change: Solid, Semi-Solid, and Invisible, so just like Atomos, this division has 3 States that define this Division: Solid is the Matter before you divide it, Semi-Solid is the Matter as you are Dividing it, and Invisible is Matter when it can no longer be Divided, this is what Sir Isaac Newton called Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother.
The Atom is created by the only 3 things that exist in the Universe: Light, Darkness, and Neutrinos. Sir Isaac Newton believed Atomos was what God was made of.
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Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning is a very rare natural phenomenon cause by Lightning, it is also one of the least known because of how rare it is, but its documented, and I do not need to change the Definition, but only to point out that this is not Matter Lightning. The shortest explanation is that Lightning can become so intense that the bands of Light separate by frequency, which is modulated by the Trinary Energy, this forces the Darkness to the outside, which would give it the appearance to have a Dark glow to it, but it is a very intense Ball of Light, and is not connected to Lightning directly, nor has it ever according to Nikola Tesla who said he had seen one in Colorado while doing experiments with Lightning, and many more reports, say that the Ball of Light had a Dark Glow, and a very intense densely packed core, which seems to float down from the Sky, then travel erratically till it would hit something that would ground it out, causing houses to burn down, trees to catch fire and so on, its size can vary from the size of a marble to the size of a large beach ball. I do believe that it can be created artificially with Lightning, but that would require a lot of advanced technology. In Trinary Science there is a Theory that Trinary Engines are born from Ball Lightning.
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Copyright is part of the Darkside Laws of Moses, it is used to Legally take what does not belong to you, which is words and spells that make up Concepts and Ideas, and all comes down to Money.
A Lawyer would never sell you words that he could not steal back, making all Legal Transactions are up to the next highest bidder, by defining words in ways that makes people liable for using them in a way that is a crime, is what all Laws where created to take away from People, and that is their Freedom to do anything, Laws do not give you Rights by making those that do not agree not Left, so it is better to be Left then it is to be Right, so never use CopyRight when you can use CopyLeft, CopyRight is Evil, but you can live with a CopyLeft by.
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CopyLeft is part of the Light, it means that this information is Free, which means Free of Money and all Laws.
Freedom is Free of Dumb that CopyRight creates just for Money, so CopyLeft means you can use it without the Need of Money, just give Credit for who Left the Copy, you should always share in the Wealth of this Planet and never Profit from it, so any Money that is created by using such a Free and Open Source of Content, can not ask for Money, instead they ask for Credit.
CopyLeft does not mean you have any Rights to Print it for Money, or put it on sites that use Advertisement to generate Money, whoever uses the Seal has implied Revenue of what is considered a Fair Share, this is no Contract for what is considered Fair, since there is no Contract, so be Fair and everyone will call it Fair.
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Dimensions are described in terms of Physical size, with words like: Width, Height and Depth, but when we remove 1 of these dimensions, and we have 2 dimensions, in normal space this can be viewed as width or height, or any combination of width, height and depth, but in reality those labels have no meaning in dimensions less then 3, because if we have 2 dimensions, and we remove 1 more dimension, then we can only view it as having only 1 dimension, so labels like width, height or depth have no meaning, so if we remove 3 dimension we have 0 dimensions, and space can not exist without dimensions, and now its clear that width, height and depth had no meaning.
A Dimension always starts at the center of mass of every Atom in the Universe, then descends from that point, so the 2nd dimension is inside the atom, and the 1st dimension is inside the 2nd dimension, and the 0 dimension is inside the 1st dimension.
Only Trinary Energy can exist in the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, and each dimension has a specific type of Energy, the 0 Dimension is a Floating Ground, and all Energy Flows from it, the 1st dimension control signals that are sent to the 2nd dimension, where all changes are made in the 0 Dimension, the 3rd dimension contains these other dimensions, but they are only inside of Atom, which is confusing, but we are inside of an Atom we call the Universe, and the Earths core is actually an Atom, as well as the Sun and Galaxy, so Atoms contain other Atoms of various sizes, but to understand how we can be inside of an Atom, would require a point of view of God looking at us under a microscope, because its all a point of view in dimensions above 3.
Space is defined as having 3 Dimensions, each are Single Dimensions, numbered 1, 2 and 3, the 3rd dimension is considered normal Space, it consists of 0, 1, 2 and 3 dimensions, the 0 Dimension has no Space.
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Energy is defined as physical matter: that can be used to fuel or energize something in a way that it can be transformed from one form into another, like water can be transformed into Oxygen and Hydrogen, and when you burn them, it transforms back into water, so Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed so Energy is Eternal, it can only be transformed from one form into another, and there are all kinds of Energy, for example: Energy is Atoms, these Atoms have a Frequency and a wavelength, so they form Light, Electricity and Radiation, and there are many types of Energy: Chemical reactions, Kinetic, Potential, Radiant, Elastic, Thermal and the list goes on, but all Energy is based on Atoms, with the exception of Trinary Energy that Atoms are made of, so Atoms could not exist without this type of Energy called Trinary Energy, so it is considered the same, since you can not have one without the other, but everything in the Universe is made of Atoms, and they are made of Neutrinos and Trinary Energy.
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The Galattice is where the Trinary Universe stores its Memories, in humans its considered the Brain, but in Trinary Science the Brain only Accesses the Galattice, which is just Energy that is located in the 2nd Dimension, and is stored in the Galaxies Energy Disk, the nature of this arrangement is that the Universe works similar to Brains in all Life forms, there are 3 sets of Brain Functions, the first is where Logic is Stored, the second is where Reasoning is Stored, and the third part is where Memory is stored.
The Word or Spell Galattice has Greek origins from the word Galaxy, combined with the German word Lattice, meaning the Structure with an upper and lower band, in this case Light and Dark, or 1 and -1, the 0 State is unseen, and sometimes dropped, because its function is to allow Energy to flow.
Our Mind is actually located in the Galattice, our Brain only stores pointers to Memory in the Galattice.
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Matter Lightning

Matter Lightning
Matter Lightning is a very well documented phenomena caused when Lightning or equivalent Lightning Generated Electricity Arc, hits a substance that it can ignite, and it will burn and appear to float in space, but will normally dissipate when the substance burns up. This substance is normally silica based, so power lines or the ground are good sources of material.
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Pareidolia Syndrome

Pareidolia Syndrome
Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus from an image or a sound which is perceived as significant, this type of Pattern Recognition is broken down into 2 main parts, the Pattern itself, and the Significance. Pareidolia Syndrome is when a Person with this condition tends to view the world this way to begin with, they perceive objects as patterns in their brain without even thinking about it, because its the normal way for them to think, because they think in terms of Images and not words, so they assign meanings to each object like human, dog, or any other object they encounter during the day, and assign different meaning to each object even though some of them are in the same category like dogs, I have 2 of them, and they are very different, and just like that they tend to assign meaning to every pattern they see, so things like Lightning patterns, Sun Spots, or Clouds, take on names and shapes and have a history as old as the Universe, as if they are telling you a story.
I know about this condition firsthand, since I was born thinking like this, and although its rare, its more common with Autistic people, whereas Neurotypicals seem to actually have a hard time seeing patterns the Pareidolias see, even after we play connect the dots, but then to go along with the story that comes from attachments to the objects, the imagination takes over, and I can sit watching empty space for hours without even blinking, which is why this behavior is more noted in people like me who have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. Other traits are Photographic Memories, but now that I have other health issues, this issues has become a problem, as it does with most that suffer from it, because it starts to run their life, its not like hearing voices telling you to do things, it is more of a ritual, because they can not stop doing it, so people that have Pareidolia Syndrome, can not stop seeing patterns in things.
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There are 3 types of Stars:
Light Star: Light without Darkness
Dark Star: Darkness without Light
Guiding-Light Star: has both Light and Darkness

The Light Star is a Trinary Engine used in Planets and Moons, it is created with Light Energy.

The Dark Star is a Trinary Engine used by the Galaxy to move Planets and Moons around its System, it is created with only the Dark Energy, although this energy is in the Visible Spectra of Light, it is not easy to see or detect, because it has no Electromagnet signature outside its orbit, this is because the Light Energy is what propagates the Electromagnetic Energy, this type of Trinary Engine receives Energy from the Guiding-Light Star, which controls its movement, it acts like an invisible Gravity well, and can pull planets like a tugboat pulls a ship on the ocean, our Sun obits a Dark Star, and its Companions orbit our Sun from outside the system of planets in its orbit.

The Guiding-Light Star is a Trinary Engine used as Galaxies and Suns, it has both Light and Dark Energy. The Light energy is in the invisible spectra of Light, and the Dark Energy is in the visible spectra of Light, and its all we can see with our naked eye, this is the Rainbow of Colors in the White Light of the Sun.

If you understand these concepts then you are not a Sheeple, but if you pay or eat TaxUS, then you are still a Yew.

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Star Date

Star Date
A Star Date refers to the alignment of a Stars position, the Great Pyramids have built in features that aid in the detection of the alignment of a Star called Sirius, which has been known to always follow our own Suns Orbit around the Galaxy, as if the two stars where somehow connected, this alignment normally took place on 25 December, but the Gregorian Calendar changed that date on the Calendar to 14 January, so they could align Easter with the spring equinox.
Sir Isaac Newton said that a Comet would come out of the region of the Star of Bethlehem, which has a 333-year cycle, and we last cross the path with this comet on 14 January 2014, the same Star Date that Sirius aligned with the Great Pyramid.
Sir Isaac Newton was born on 25 December 1642, this event is a Star Date, but during his lifetime the world was converting from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, and his birthday was changed to 4 January 1643, and then they removed 10 days from the calendar making the Star Date on 14 January 1643, after you add those days back to the Calendar, this logic may sound odd, but according to Newton, if you take into account all the Changes in Time, that the Gregorian Calendar will bring, it is hard to compare the Julian Dates to the Gregorian, due to changes that take place each year in each of the Calendars, so Sir Isaac Newton recalculated the date according to a Comet that we would pass through its Tail, just missing being hit by this Comet, but next time it comes around, it will hit the Planet, so to prove that Newton was right about that Star Date, Comet Ison, or Son of I, confirmed it, but others will argue this, using online Julian Calendars that do not take real lifetime changes to the Calendar, according to it, 25 December would soon be in Summer, note that in 2017, its on the 7 January, and in 2917 it will be on the 14 January, in real life this would not happen, you would have to use a Star like Serious to Calculate it, and that is how Newton calculated the date, he did not use the Calendars to do so, also note that by Adding 10 Days to 4 January, proves its on 14 January all the time, even when Newton was alive, so this did not sit well with him, which is why he went to such effort to prove it, such that 25 December 2014 on the Julian Calendar is the same as 14 January 2014 on the Gregorian Calendar. Note that Newton said this was to change the date that Jesus was born, because it did change its date, but not its Star Date, instead of being on his birthday, it now falls on mine.
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Consisting of three parts, or proceeding by three; ternary. The term dates back to the 1400's. The use is the same concept of Binary, only with 3 State changes in the Logic: +1, -1 and 0. Math base 3 is called Ternary, whereas the system of math for Trinary is based on a Logical Constant representation of (+1) + (-1) = 0, which is a mathematical constant, but is graphically drawn on a grid with 0 being the x-axis, with 1 above it and -1 below it, so it represents Trinity: the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother Nature, and describes the relationship to: Father in Heaven, Mother Nature on Earth and the Hell our Sons put us through, and more accurately describes the State changes of Atoms and White Noise, so the State changes are Logic Levels.
Trinary is used as a Prefix to a word or Spell, it adds the concept of 3 State changes to the word, thous altering the word, so it is a Spell, a concept that Wizards use when they read or write Spells, so Trinary Energy is Energy with this Trinary concept added to it, and the Spell also implies Intelligence, so the Light of God is controlling the Trinary State changes.
The Trinary Spell came to me in a Dream around 1966, it was a recurring Dream that became longer and in more detail as I grew older, but I never paid much attention to the way people Spell words, they are just images to me, so when I started writing for what would become the Light Wizzard in the Flesh back around 1999, I Spelled the word Trinary without thinking about it, back then the word was rarely used, besides my cousin Isaac Newton who I did not read his work till 1969, so I thought it odd that I dreamed of a words spelling, and then I find it in his writing as well, researching the word I have found very little use of it, but I did think it was odd that I would dream about the way a Word was Spelled, then when I started writing this Document I decided to look it up, come to find out it was a real word, and the meaning was even close enough to use, but the word itself was not used much at all still, but its usage in the context to my definition will not suffice, since the underlying meaning is not the same, and this is just a Spell, so it only changes the word in the way I define, so current main stream definitions of the word should not change my definition, in fact I change their definition by completing the science behind the word, so Trinary Science defines the Trinary Spell.
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Trinary Cluster

Trinary Cluster
A Trinary Cluster has one Trinary Engine that uses the Light without Darkness, it has a Electromagnetic Force-Field that extends 32 to 42 trillion Light years, all Light within this region of Space: will have its Light bound by this region of space that is defined as an imaginary Light Boundary, the concept is that Light follows an Elliptical orbit around a Trinary Cluster which is a special type of Trinary Engine, it acts like the center of Light for the boundary it encompasses, which each Galaxy in the Cluster has an Elliptical orbit between 13.32 to 16 billion Light years, making the center of it 6.66 to 8 billion Light years, then this Light is bound, so we can not see it at all from outside the Cluster, so it is Energy is being seen like a Movie, the Light without Darkness is what we refer to as background Radiation, when it hits the Force-Field of the Trinary Cluster, it Lights up like a Video Monitor, same principle in fact, it is just an Electromagnetic Marker that is painted by the Universes Electromagnetic Force Field.
Hubble's observations of distant Galaxies and Redshift, has made it possible for me to see the pattern, there are multiple Galaxies that form Clusters that all have one thing in common from long distances, which can be trillions of trillions of Light years away, and that is that all these Clusters appear to be connected by the boundaries of their Light, as if that is what is binding them together, so this explains why the Universe appears to be expanding, because the Clusters that are farther away seem to be moving faster away from us, and after half a century later I can only conclude that: if they were moving faster than the speed of Light they would be gone by now, even at the speed of Light they would be gone, but they are not, we can still see them, so they are not expanding, and that is based on Evidence, its just the way Trinary Clusters look like at far enough distances, because we are not seeing the direct Light from the Galaxies in that Cluster, we are only seeing the Light from the Trinary Cluster itself, because the Light inside of it, only travels in Ellipses, so it can never leave that space, yet we can still perceive its Light, when in Reality those systems may not even exist anymore, they could have gone Supernova a long time ago, while others are new born systems, much younger than our own, so their Light has not even made it here yet, so the Trinary Cluster is just a concept of a Light Sphere, this allows Light to appear to exist outside its Clusters boundaries, its like a projector screen, because it is a Force-Field that acts like an Electronic Lens.
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Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy
Trinary Energy is physically viewed as White Noise, as a Joke its been described as God's Particle, and although I must admit its not possible to prove Dimensions exist, I can prove that the 3 States of Trinary Energy can clearly be seen in, can be viewed as a Light, Dark and Empty State, where Light is the Brightest state, when it changes to Dark, it becomes less bright and moves to one side or the other, then when its Invisible or Empty or Null, it has to go somewhere, and the only explanation is another Dimension, so Light is given a Description of Matter, because we normally view it as matter, because we can interact with it, and if we graph it on paper, we would put it just above the x-axis and give it a value of 1, and Dark would be described as Antimatter, because it will always do the opposite of what the Light State is doing, and we can not interact with it, so we graph it under the x-axis and give it a value of -1, and when it is Invisible we can describe this as Empty or Null space, and can graph it on the x-axis and give it a value of 0.
Trinary Energy is a Massless White Noise, that bounds with Neutrinos to form Atoms.
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Trinary Engine

Trinary Engine
Trinary is defined as 3 State Logic, 1, -1 and 0, and an Engine is defined as the driving force of an object, in this case its the core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in the Universe. The Trinary Engine is created by Trinary Energy, its based on Trinary Science, its created by Lightning, but is not Lightning, its just the Light without Darkness the Bible said was God, so it is Light Energy from the Lightning, and its State changes are only 1 or -1 inside of an Atom created by a Neutrino type material called Tritanium, which is the stuff Supernova's and split atoms are made of, and that very large Atom surrounds the Null Space around the State changes, so the Null Space is a Trinary Force Field, not to be confused with the Magnetosphere that it creates around the Earth since its the Core of the Earth.
The Trinary Engine concept came from my Dreams, I give credit to no one but God, but the Definition comes from the Bible, Jesus said that God was all Light without Darkness, so that meant that its not Full Spectrum Light, and Light is not a Metaphor for a Deity or Spirit, Sir Isaac Newton proved that, so how is it that the Sun puts out Light with Darkness in it, yet God does not have any Darkness, and a Light went off in my Mind one Day as I was thinking about my Dreams, at the time I was 13, so it was around 1974, me and my little sister were almost hit by Lightning, which hit a power line Transformer instead, thinking back on that event, I took all the facts I knew about God and wrote them as a problem to solve, so it went like this: 1 + (-1) = 0 is the State Changes of the Light, so if God is all Light, then God must be the State Changes in the Light, and not the Light as we define White Light, or Full-Spectrum, meaning Light with Darkness, which is the Rainbow of colors in the White Light, but its more than just the White Noise, this is Pure Energy, so it is Lightning, it has Electricity and Light in it, and this Lightning has more Mass, Nikola Tesla proved that Real Lightning has more Mass then Electric Generated Lightning, so if Lightning could be Magnetically contained in a Sphere by the Electromagnet Pulse or EMP, that Lightning has been known to generate, it could open enough Ground Mass to terminate the Lightning without going to Earths Ground, thus the Lightning with the most Mass would gravitate to the center of the mass of this event, and cause a Ball Lightning, and if that can be held in place long enough for it to be coated with Tritanium, then it will be encased like an Atom, and behave like one also, in fact it would become an Atom, that is how they are Created.
When I was in the Air Force, my main focus of study was in Electronics, Math and Science, but on the side, my only problem was figuring out how to build a Trinary Engine, although I never did, but I did figure out that it can be done, in fact I figured out how to make Atoms, then it occurred to me that if I did so on this Planet, that would not be a good thing, if an Atom did not fully form, it would explode like an Atomic Bomb, and even if I succeeded it could very easily destroy the Planet, not an Atomic size Atom, so that would be cool technology for a 3D printer, besides the fact that if the printer head jammed you blow up much more than just the printer, but one the size of a golf ball could punch a hole in our Trinary Engine, so I gave up on my research, it became more of I should not do this on a Planet I live on Experiment, then it came to me in 2013 that I could create Ball Lightning and create a magnetic field to hold it in place, and I could produce Artificial Gravity with it, but that is a very dangerous device also, but its not a Trinary Engine in the true sense of the Spell, because it does not have an Atomic Shell, or Neutrino material called Tritanium, but you would have to periodically collapse the field to prevent the Tritanium from forming an Atom, so not only do I know how atoms work, I know how to make them, but still not on Earth, this needs to be done outside of the Earths Gravity.
My definition of a Trinary Engine is the same as my definition of an Atom, inside every Atom is this same energy I described above, its just the size that has changed, so if I ever use the Spell Trinary Atom, you know its just an Atomic size Trinary Engine, so everything I say about a Trinary Engine is true for an Atom, or Trinary Atoms, since they mean the same time in Trinary Science, so they will orbit each other in the same manner, the Moon will orbit the Earth like an Electron orbits an Atom, the Earth will orbit the Sun like an Electron that has an Electron orbiting it, and the Sun orbits around a Dark Star, the same way, only there are more Electrons orbiting other Electrons, you see the pattern, so the Dark Star obits around the Galaxy, and this is how atoms in space behave, one will orbit around the other, so the laws of physics does not change, everything we know about Atoms is true for the Trinary Engines, regardless of if the use is in a Moon, Planet, Sun or Galaxy, it is all about size, so size does matter, an Atom is a Trinary Atom, but a Trinary Engine is much larger.
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Trinary Universe

Trinary Universe
The Concept of the Trinary Universe is simple, Trinary is 3 State Logic change, the Universe is everything that exist, and in terms of Energy it is simply known as White Noise, in the Bible it is referred to as Light, and God is described as All Light without Darkness, and there can be No Light without the Darkness, and in the Bible White Noise is described as the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, and Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, so Trinary Energy is the Light, so it is God, so the Bible is Science and Not Religion, so Trinary Science is based on all these Facts, and the Trinary Universe is how the Universe works in terms of Trinary Science, this Universe is based on the Newtonian Universe and is completely opposite of the Theories about the Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, but because of my idea about the Trinary Engine, I had to add the Spell of Trinary to describe this fully realized all-inclusive Concept of the Universe.
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Trinary Space

Trinary Space
Trinary Space refers to the Physical Layers of Space as a whole, this space is made up of 3 Dimensions: 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, sometimes I will say 4 Dimensions, that is because sometimes I count the 0 Dimension, but its not a Dimension, it is Dimensionless, not to be confused with Dimensional Analysis. All of these Dimension exist at the same time, this means that the 0 Dimension is always there, its all how Atoms travel through the Dimensions does this proves it exists, when you see an Atom in Trinary Space: for example under an Electron Microscope, you will see all 3 State changes: 1) Solid, -1) Semi-Solid and 0) Invisible, it will shift from one of these Dimensions to the other, because you can not see the 0 Dimension, it has no Space, but the Neutrinos are still there, you do not loss its Mass, even though the mass of an Electron is very low, as it is very small in size, its why its the smallest thing and Electron Microscope can see clearly, you only see it when its shifting from one dimension into another, as such the 1 State and -1 State Change exist at the same time as the O Dimension, so it is not the Dimensions of space changing, its just the Neutrino Reversing its Polarity, just like the Sun or Earth, it too must Reverse Poles, so it is in these Dimensions of Trinary Space: meaning 3 Dimensions, Plus the 0 Dimension, this Real verses Not Real Number, when you add the 0 Dimension to 3 Dimensions, it equals 3, which is why you can see that Atom move and then disappear, but Atoms are only in the 3rd Dimension when they are not Shifting, which is 1/3 of the time, so when it appears to be Solid, that is only in State 1, in the 1st or 2nd Dimension, this is because when it changes from 0 to 1 Dimension, it is Negative viewed on a Graph of a Sin Wave, this is below the x-axis, viewed as a Helix, this is driving the Atom down to -1, when it start to rise, it shifts to the 2nd Dimension, so it stays longer in the 3rd Dimension, which is why Atoms appear to be Solid, they pass through the 0 Dimension when changing from negative to positive, note that if they follow the pattern: 1 + (-1) = 0, this Trinary Math constant function will only toggle from one state into the next, once positive, next negative, back to positive, it is a loop, so no changes to Direction were made, its just following a path that if unchanged it will repeat this pattern till the end of time, so when it does make a change, this is called Intelligence, and that is how we can move our Fingers, walk, talk, and do anything, so every Atom in our Body has to follow these Rules. Trinary Space has 3 State changes, these changes take place in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions, which make up the 3 Dimensional Space (0 + 3 = 3), and it should be noted that the 4th Dimension is only a reference to the 3rd Dimension, and dimensions beyond the 4th are only view-ports of that same space, which are not very helpful unless you want to see what you saw, so you can see what you seen, but maybe if you find yourself in a Room you can not get out of, just Look into a Mirror in your Mind, and see what you Saw, now take that Saw and Cut something in Half, but the Halves together to make it Whole, now use that Hole to get out of the Room, now that is how Wizards explain what happens to the Atom when it is invisible, it seen what is saw and said I am out of here, so all joking aside about how other Sciences view Space, Trinary Space is not the same Space Einstein wrote about, but Sir Isaac Newton wrote the Math that explains how Trinary Space works.
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Trinary Science

Trinary Science
Trinary Science is based on Trinary Energy, so it is based on the concept that Trinary Logic builds on Trinary Intelligence, and has its own set of rules that govern the Trinary Universe, the foundation for this Science has been handed down for thousands of years and was written in the Bible, which refers to the source of all Bibles for all Religions, but does not reference the Bible as Religion, but as Science, as such, this Science was defined by many Scientist throughout History, so I refer to these Scientist as Wizards, since Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, and Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, and for the same reason I appended the Word or Spell Trinary before many Terms like: Space, Time, Energy, and the Universe itself, and that is because Trinary is the foundation of this Science, and the Term Trinary refers to the 3 State Logic, which was known as Trinity in the Bible, or the Father, Son and Holly Ghost Spirit of Mother, Heaven, Mother Earth and Hell, so we define God: All Light without Darkness, also there can be no Light without the Darkness, so we have: Darkness without Light, and God Controlling all 3 types of Light, so I had to rename things by adding the prefix to distinguish between Religion, Science Fiction and Mainstream Science, because as of the original writing date of this document, which started in 1969, the concept of Main Stream Science was based on the Dynamic Universe, based on Albert Einsteins Theory he did not believe, since he would have believed in the Newtonian Universe that this Science is based on, so Religion and all other Sciences are totally incompatible with the Science of Trinary.
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Trinary Time

Trinary Time
Trinary Time is a measurement system that is based on the Speed of Light, it describes how much time it takes for Light to travel the distance of a billionth of a hydrogen Atom, currently an attosecond is one Quintillionth (10-18) of a second and 1 attosecond is the time it takes for Light to travel the distance of 3 hydrogen Atoms. The closer order of time in the scale might be Tredecillion (10-42) or larger.
Trinary Time is divided into 3 categories depending on the resolution required, such that a low resolution time is a Decillion (10-33), a medium resolution is Tredecillion (10-42), and a high resolution time is short scale Unvigintillion (10-66), although lower and higher numbers are possible, limits help to keep the units of measurement at a minimum of 3 standards.
Note: the use of a negative exponent is because time is normally measured in seconds, so a microsecond is 10-6,
meaning a Millionth of a second,
written 0.000001, or
1/1,000,000 seconds,
whereas 10-66 is:
so you can see its much more accurate than Mainstream Science, now wait an attosecond... yes that was a Joke, so even my Terms are more Entertaining then Mainstreams.
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Trinarian is a Wizards Spell, so it is a Trinitarian Spell, which means: belief in the doctrine of the Trinary, it is a word I made up to describe people who believe in the Trinary Universe.
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Tritanium is a name I came up with as a child back in 1965 only to find out that others already had this idea, I combined the words Titanium with Trinary and got Tritanium, but the first time I heard anyone else talk about it was when Star Trek came out, back in 1966, so it appears that other people have thought about this as well, but its not the same thing exactly, Star Trek described it as being the rarest and strongest element known, well not defined the same way, but close enough, and true enough, so this Term comes from Science Fiction and goes to Trinary Science.
Tritanium is a material that is subatomic dust, it has been detected in Neutrino Detectors, so it is just another type of Neutrino, but all that is known about it is that its known to be found after a Sun goes Supernova, or an Atomic or Nuclear bomb is exploded, so we know it is what the Sun and Atoms are made of, and it has no electrons, protons or neutrons, its just subatomic Particles, so it carries no charge and its so microscopic that we have nothing we can catch it in, so it just flows through the subatomic empty space in all known elements, due to its inert structure it can not be bound to any known elements, because it has no electrons, protons or neutrons it can not be glued or welded, making it the worse material to use for a normal spacecraft, in this Form, but it makes it ideal for a Trinary Engine or an Atom, because this is the stuff that Atoms are made of, and because it can not flow through the Null state of the Ball Lightning, it sticks to it like paper covering a vacuum tube, and it will continue to do so building up many layers, thus becoming very massive, and dense, so Tritanium is the Material that Trinary Atoms and Trinary Engines are made of, Neutrinos and Light.
At the subatomic level, nothing can flow through Tritanium, because it is the smallest of all subatomic particles, it has no empty space, it can flow through diamonds like they were made of water, because at the subatomic level the empty space in diamonds is about 99.999%, so Tritanium is the densest material in the universe, but its not a solid material, its just layers of it being held in place by a Trinary force field, around a Trinary Atom or a Trinary Engine, and its why if you split it, it puts out a lot of Energy, it breaks the bounds with the Light holding the doorway to the 0 Dimension open, and when it does, it compresses the space around it, which is why it expands, and why in nature nothing flows through a Trinary Atom or a Trinary Engine.
The name Tritanium is not in the standard dictionary, but no science fiction dictionary would be complete without it, but this material is real in science and has been proven to exist, and is a Neutrino, and many of these are documented in the Periodic Table of Elements, and Neutrinos are said to not carry a charge, which is true for Tritanium, and I just named it, so I can talk about it with no confusion about what it is, and its not a reference to Star Trek, but I could point out that it's Atoms and the spaceships are made out of them, so that is a fact.
Tritanium is not in the Periodic Table of Elements, but if you are going to add Theoretical Elements to the Chart, please add this one also.
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Vertice Matrix

Vertice Matrix
Trinary Energy is defined as being the State of Flux or Aura that surrounds every Atom in the Universe, so the Light is defined in paths that it takes from that Atom outward in 360 degrees, so it is the Vertex of the Light of the Atom, and since all Atoms move in the Universe, the Matrix is all possible paths the Light can take at the Subatomic level. The Vertice Matrix describes patterns of AC wave forms, just build a table and prove it for yourself, you can plot out the course of an Electron around an Atom using Trinary Math.
State Visibility Graph
+1 Solid * * *
0 Invisible * * * * * * *
-1 Semi-Solid * * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC wave form
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Table of Appendixes

  1. Appendix A
  2. Appendix B

Table of Contents


Appendix A: Video Script

This Video Script is for a Video I am working on, its included with this book as a simple run down on what real Science is all about.

The Trinary Universe Explained: Light
Scene 1 Full Size

The Trinary Universe Explained is a short story about the Universe, as well as about why Mainstream Science went from the Newtonian Universe: where Science defined Gravity as the Force of the Light of God, and proved that the Light of God created the Universe; to the Godless Dynamic Universe that defines Gravity as Centrifugal Force, proving Chaos created the Godless Dynamic Universe that is full of Paradox's, considering that the Dynamic Universe is the Current Mainstream Science of this Day and Age, so talk about the Dark Ages: because Albert Einstein who wrote the Theory of General Relativity: only believed Sir Isaac Newton: who brought the Age of the Light of God to Science; but Mainstream Media dismissed Einstein's denouncing his own Theory as finding Religion: knowing that Newton was not Religious, because Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible to make God a Deity, and Newton said that was Mad, which is why Mainstream shifted Sciences, because they wanted a Deity that did not Physically Exist, and not a God that Exist as Light that you cannot see, because then the Holy Ghost would mean its Science and not Religion, and mostly because Normal People do not understand the Difference between a Deity and the Light without Darkness, despite what Mainstream claims: Newton only wrote about the Bible and not much about the Madness of People and their Religion, because the Bible defined God as All Light without Darkness, and that is not how Religion defines a Deity, they describe it as Light being Good, and the Darkness as being Bad, so most of their beliefs are based on superstitions, so it is Clear they do not believe that God exist as Light, or we as Light Beings as: Newton, Franklin and Tesla did, so Religion is about Emotions instead of Electrons, ironically those Emotions are made by Electrons, because Electricity is what makes Brainwaves, but Stupid or Ignorant People do not view the Universe this way, whereas the Trinary Universe is about what can be proven to exist in Reality, most people do not care about Science enough to want to know the truth, because Theories are never the Truth, because the definition of a Theory is that it has not been Proven to be the Truth, so you would have to be insane to believe in Theories, since the word insane means to believe in things that are not real, and a Deity is defined as Not Real, and the Godless Dynamic Universe has never been proven to be Real, but the Light of God is the Force of Gravity in Newtons Math, and that is Real, and it Really Works.

Newton proved the Darkness was the Rainbow of Colors we see: so Newton saw the Universe working by the Static Force of the Light of God, whereas General Relativity saw it working by Dynamic Centrifugal Force, based on invisible rings of this force that make up a Black-Hole, which is smaller than the head of a pin, and the whole Universe popped out of it, so it is all based on Magic, which common sense proves Centrifugal Force would throw you off the Planet, and we all know that a spacecraft can not spin to create Centrifugal Force in space, and everyone knows there are no Centrifugal Force Rings, called the Fabric of the Space Time Continuum, and if there were ever Black-Holes, we would not exist, so it is all based on Insanity and not real Science, since it defies all Laws of Physics, where time and distance equals speed that is relative to other objects, so you have no frame of reference that you know how fast its moving, so it is all based on Theories that change all the time, whereas in the Trinary Universe all measurements are relative to the 0 Dimension, where Normal Space has 3 Dimensions where the Neutrinos that create Atoms, can unfold into: Width, Height and Depth, but all Energy flows from Ground, and the Dimensions of Trinary Space form conduits in space, like an Electronic Grid, energy flows through the Dimensions of Space like water in a river, it finds its path, because Energy flows from the 0 Dimension, into the 1st Dimension, then into the 2nd Dimension, where it is a Negative Polarity, and finally into the 3rd Dimension, where it is a Positive Polarity, and its Static because the 0 Dimension has no dimensions to move in, so in Newtons Universe Light was proven not to move, and in the Dynamic Universe Light does move, but it requires the use of Magic because the Theory does not explain how the Light Moves, but states that people can move faster than the Speed of Light, without turning into Light, witch is where the Magic comes in, thus being able to go backward or forward in time, and people that travel at different speeds age differently, and not just because they can travel back in time to when they were a child, so these two Universe are opposites, and their Science could not be more different: yet few people in the World understand the difference, because few people actually care about Science, and Religion only believes in God as a Deity that does not Physically Exist, which ironically is the same belief as those that do not believe that God Exist; and the Dictionary defines that as Insane, which is why Newton said they were Mad, and why those same people do not believe in Newtons Science, yet they still use Newton's Light of God Math in their Dark Godless Universe, proving how Ignorant they are, because a Theory means it has never been proven, whereas the Newtonian Universe is a fact; because if it was not then his Math would not work, but his Math will not work in the Godless Dynamic Universe, even Einstein stated that, but keep in mind that for the Record: Einstein never believed in any Theory, like Newton: he only believed what could be proven to be a fact.

In the Newtonian Universe God Physically Exist as Light, whereas the Dynamic Universe does not believe God Exist, so as it turns out the Dynamic Universe and Religion both believe that God does not Physically Exist, which explains why most Religious People and People that do not believe in God: believe in the Dynamic Universe: which boost it has 99.9% of the People in the World believing in it today, which is why its Mainstream Science, and why the Dynamic Universe where: Religion or the Belief that God does not Exist: Physical or otherwise: are totally different Sciences then the Newtonian Universe, so to fully understand Newtonian Science, I must define it in a way that is Understandable, so the term Trinary applies to all its Concepts, and once you see it in work, you will understand why.

To understand the Newtonian Universe, you must understand how Jesus, Newton and the Bible defined God, so you must understand Science at the Subatomic level, and that understanding starts with Trinary 3 Stated Logic: which proves there are 3 Physical State changes in Atoms:

The Trinary Universe Explained Solid Trinary Atom
Scene 2 Full Size


The Trinary Universe Explained Semi-Solid Trinary Atom
Scene 3 Full Size


The Trinary Universe Explained Invisible Trinary Atom
Scene 4 Full Size

and Invisible:
which I depicted in this illustration as an Atom: which include the: Proton, Neutron and Electron, so you can see it in all 3 States.

The Trinary Universe Explained Invisible Trinary Atom Light
Scene 5 Full Size

Note that if the Frequency is high enough, you can see the Light inside an Electron.
In this illustration

Solid Trinary Atom
Scene 6 Full Size

I show the Atom changing States from a Solid State: which I assign a value of +1, and call it: Matter, the Father, or Heaven above: because all these words describe it so well...

Solid Trinary Atom
Scene 7 Full Size

Then it changes States to a Darker Semi-Solid: which I give a value of -1, and call it: Antimatter, the Son, or Hell below, because his-story goes:
All Matter must go through the Father to get to Heaven, and through the Mother the Son will descend into Hell, then return from the Mother as the Father.
Not really a quote: but a paraphrase of what my Great Cousin Isaac Newton wrote, because he saw all Life as Light Beings, our Body is made of Atoms that are made of Light, so the Phases of Electricity: are the same as those of Humans in Life: Life is Light and therefore Electricity.

Semi-Solid Trinary Atom
Scene 8 Full Size

Then to an Invisible State:

Invisible Trinary Atom
Scene 9 Full Size

keeping in mind that if the Frequency is high enough to turn to Light, you will see the Light inside of the Atom; which the Dynamic and Newtonian Universe had no Explanation for these phenomena, so I had to rename the Newtonian Universe to the Trinary Universe, so that I can fully explain the Trinary Universe: such that: if a Trinary Atoms Frequency is high enough when a Trinary Atoms State shifts to Invisible: you can see the Light inside the Atom, I call this a Trinary Photon, otherwise the change is too fast to see it.

How we view Light as moving determines the way we understand the Universe, or it defines our Reality, as such: if Light moves then its Dynamic, if Light does not move then its Static, thus the terms Dynamic or Static Universe apply. To understand this: if we view the Universe as Dynamic, then when I turn on a Flashlight, the Electron or Photon of Light is shot out of the Flashlight, and without an Atomic Accelerator,

Scene 10 Full Size
Scene 11 Full Size

and even an Atomic Accelerator has Acceleration, but you cannot measure the Acceleration of the Light leaving the Flashlight, because it does not increase on a curve, instead it changes from 0 to the Speed of Light with no Acceleration, only Velocity, which is its Speed plus its direction, whereas Acceleration is the rate of change in the Velocity, but it is a constant, so this is one of many paradox's in the Science of General Relativity: Light cannot be Dynamic if it does not Accelerate, since Dynamic is characterized by constant change, and Light is a Constant that never changes, so even the very definition of it proves that this Science was never Real.

To add to the Paradox's in General Relativity: there is also no recoil in the Flashlight to account for the small mass of the Electron, because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and although there is very little mass in an Electron, the fact that there is no recoil in a flashlight: or enough to account for any mass that can be measured using the most sensitive scientific equipment of our time, although you may be able to measure the Gravity in the Light, you cannot measure any recoil as a result of the Electron Accelerating, because its not, its rate of speed is a constant, and Accelerating implies its rate of Velocity is changing, and that is a fact: so this is called Magic: because the Laws of Physics demands evidence that the Light is being Accelerated, and if its dynamic it must have Acceleration, otherwise it is a different type of Force then Electronic Ballistic Projectiles, or Electrons that are being Accelerated by a Mechanical means: be it: Gravity, Centrifugal Force, an Explosion, or an Atomic Accelerator, also known as a Particle Accelerator or a Particle-Beam Weapon. If you have enough Electrons and if you lower the Frequency such that its below the threshold of turning to Light, which is also know as RADIO waves, and they occur naturally as Electromagnetic Energy, meaning they do not require an explanation because the force is explained in the Science, but the case of the Dynamic Universe its not, and since Mother Nature has no such Technology built into it, proving both these theories defies the Laws of Physics, and proof that the Universe is not Dynamic, and it is a good thing its not, otherwise we would all be ripped to shreds by the Universe itself, and a Flashlight turned on would become a Rocket Engine in Space, so Astronauts could not use a Flashlight in space that used a Dynamic Light Source, since the Flashlight is Static and the Light is Dynamic, and that is a fact that is easy to prove, since I just did that, thus proving that the Dynamic Universe is a Dangerous place to live, and has no practical Theoretical use: other than Science Fiction... So now let us look at how Static Light flows.

Scene 12 Full Size
Scene 13 Full Size

In the Trinary Universe, I explain how Light moves in terms of how Electrons move in Electricity, when the Flashlight is turned on, the Electrons accelerated to a frequency in the Spectra of Light, where it enters the 0 Dimension, and since there are No Dimensions to move in, the Light is Static, and at this point it is Invisible, that is: its Shell of Neutrinos are invisible, since all Atoms are made of Neutrinos bound to Light, and since there is no dimensions in the space around them, so you can see the Light that inside the Electron, as long as its Frequency is in the Spectra of Light, and the Light will follow the same rules as Electricity, shifting from Negative to Positive as it passes through the 0 Dimension, and the Neutrinos in the Electron will only move when its in the 0 Dimension, otherwise it would burn up due to friction as it moves through an Atmosphere, Glass, or other material that Light can flow through, instead those objects only generate heat as the Light passes through them, causing its Frequency to be absorbed into the Material, thus increasing its Frequency, proving that the Flashlight is Dynamic, and the Light is Static. This is a very simple process, and easy for anyone to fully understand, if Light is Static, then its easy to explain how Light moves, otherwise, you have to explain all the Magic, and I do not like Magic in my Science, it needs to be fully explained, as I just did, only using Evidence that proves Facts, without any Theories that can not be Proven as a Fact.

The Laws of Inertia for Trinary Atoms or Trinary Engines: which is a massive sized Atom, that serves as the Core for every: Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon in the Universe; and it is based on the Light of God as the Force of Gravity, and Light is Electricity at a higher Frequency, so it is based on Electricity and not some Mechanical means of movement: like Centrifugal Force, which is caused by Electrical Movement, and not the other way around, because this is not the Dynamic Universe, the Light is Static, because it only exists in the 0 Dimension and therefore cannot move, so Newton's math does not work in the Dynamic Universe for this very reason, and Newton's Math of F = ma describes this Force that drives Inertia: where m equals the mass in terms of Neutrinos that make up the Periodic Table of Elements, and a equals acceleration in terms of rate changes in velocity measured in meters/second2, keep in mind that the Acceleration is measured in terms of Frequency, and equates to Velocity in terms of Speed, which is Velocity without direction. Electricity has a very large Spectra, if we look at Atoms, we can say that when an Atoms Frequency is near 0, its Frozen, and as it increases in Frequency, the Speed at which the Atom travels increases, up to the point that it turns to Light, after that its Velocity is a Constant called the Speed of Light, where only the Atoms Frequency and Wavelength vary in Rate changes, so Light does not Accelerate because it is Static in the 0 Dimension. When we talk about Light, we are talking about only a Spectrum or Spectra of it: for example a Rainbow: all Light has Color, Temperature and other characteristics, which all come down to Frequency and Wavelength of a specific volume, intensity, or other Photonic quantity of Light, so the Term Light is very Generic in terms of what it is, for Example: God is all Light without Darkness, so God is in the Spectra of Light humans can not see, since we can only see the Light, but Jesus and Newton also said that there can be No Light without the Darkness, and this explains White Light, and the Speed of Light is based on White Light only, all other Light travels with the White Light, just like the Rainbow, which explains why Light has different Colors, once it's Acceleration turns an Electron into Light, meaning that Light has different Spectra, and that in terms of Speed: the full Light Spectra is contained within the White Light, and its why its Speed is a Constant for the Speed of Light, as such the Rainbow of colors are separated in bands, so some are faster than others, but it is also a Fact that All Light travels together as a whole, meaning that the Darkness only Travels with the Light, and its Speed is a Constant, so to measure the Speed of Light in different Spectra, we must understand that all the Colors in the Rainbow, move at the same speed as White Light.

All the Colors in the Rainbow move at the same speed as White Light, but they travel in bands depending on their Frequency and Wavelength, to check for what Light Source arrived First, meaning that its like a Rainbow, and its bands run in parallel sideways, the Blue Light travels slower than the Red, and its why the Sky is Blue, its due to the Diameter of the Earth, and its reflected Atmosphere, the Earth is large enough that the Blue Light will be seen first, but all planets are different, on a smaller planet like the Moon, where it has little to no atmosphere, so it has no Light to reflex in its atmosphere, so it is Sky will look invisible, like the Night Sky on Earth, you have no Light to defuse through the atmosphere and illuminate the gas Molecules. On Mars you have a very red dusty atmosphere caused by its powdery red surface, and high winds, and it will reflex what is in its Atmosphere, so it has a reddish Sky; so I would expect that if Mars was larger, its sky would be a lower spectra of Light; so the Sky's Color is based on the Diameter of the Planet, because that determines its resonant frequency that its Atmosphere, will be illuminated at, such that if it is a Gas, it will be based on the Frequency its Rotational Speed will Electromagnetically generate, so Oxygen/Hydrogen atmospheres might be blue like Earth, as these gases get excited by the Light as if filters through it, but as the Earth Grows its Sky Color will Change, because its Resonant Frequency will change, and its Growing at about one half inch a year, but it would take millions of years to change the color just a hue, and the Earth is changing to a higher Frequency, so it is heading into the Violet color range; so similar sized planets with the same atmosphere should look the same, and larger ones will be a deeper shade of Purple, and that is why Suns or Stars have different Colors based on their Size, and our Suns Sky is White, yet it contains all the Colors in the Rainbow, and if the Planet has a lot of Particles from its Surface embedded in it, then that will affect the Sky's color, so it is just a ratio of Frequency of Light verses its Atmosphere, so it is Inertia has a lot to do with it, which is why Electromagnetic Energy can change the color of the Sky, as the Frequencies change, so does the Inertia of the Atmosphere, causing lower and higher order colors to appear in the Sky: which explains Aurora Borealis. So how does this Math work is the question I will now answer.

Inertia describes an object's movement, and explains why an object has a tenancy to not move unless acted upon, and when moving will continue to move, a simple experiment using a glass marble will reveal that placing it on a flat level surface, the marble will roll around to find a place where it will rest, and it will stay at rest until some force causes it to move, so if I incline this surface, the force required for it to move is provided, and if that inclined surface meets with a level surface, the marble will roll until friction slows it down enough to rest again, and if we put another inclined surface facing the opposite direction, such that the marble will roll down one incline, then up the other, the marble will always find a place where it stops, then turns around and goes back in the opposite direction, this describes the Conservation of Energy, and it can be calculated, so the Laws of Conservation of Energy also apply to Trinary Atoms or Engines, so now we need to look at how to calculate it.

When we calculate the Speed of a Trinary Atom or Engine, we must have a reference to measure it against something that is relative to it, for example: we measure the speed of a car using the Earth as a relative object, so the cars speed is only relative to the Earths, but yet it does not calculate for the Earths Rotation, which is about 1,040.379 mile per hour, using the Earths Diameter * PI / Sidereal Period * 24, we get that speed, but those measurements are always changing, so there are not constant, because the Earth grows by about a half inch a year, its about 7926.2109 miles in diameter now, and to make matter worse 24 hours or one rotation, is not very accurate, and is also not a Content, because a Sidereal Period is based on an average time it takes for an object to make one rotation in 24 hours, so for Earth that is about 0.99726968 of a day based on 24 hours, so all these measurements is an average at that point in time. The Earth Rotates at a Rate that can be calculated, the most accurate would be to use a ground based LASER to bounce off a reflector on the Moon, that can be used to accurately determine the distance between the two objects, then you can use the Laws of Gravity to determine the Mass of both Objects, since they are always that distance based on their Mass. To calculate the Inertia a Trinary Atom or Engine, we must measure the distance it travels on an x-axis, this axis can be a straight line, or a circle, ellipse or other line segment, where a rate of change in the distance it travels in time has a difference greater than 0, because if that difference equals 0 then its rate of change is 0, so it is at rest, and that would mean its Frozen, so in terms of its Electrical Frequency and Wavelength, we can calculate how much Energy a Trinary Atom or Engine has at any given moment in time, so if we view this as distance divided by time, we have: velocity = |dx| / dt, where |dx| is the absolute distance of x traveled divided by dt which is the distance in time, if you use the value of x as it changes from negative to positive, you negate any acceleration since you travel in two directions, but only move forward in one, since we are moving in a Helix pattern, so the math is easy to understand: if x = 1,000 meters and t = 1 second, then velocity equals = 1,000 meters a second, so acceleration is the rate of change in velocity over time in terms of meters/second2, such that as its frequency increases over time, its acceleration will increase, but if its frequency remains constant, its acceleration will equal 0, so x can also be expressed in terms of its Frequency and Wavelength, so you would have to create a table and use an Atomic Accelerator to document these velocities, since they are determined by the type of Element the Neutrinos are made of, and can also be expressed in terms of a percentage of output, where 0 is frozen, and 100 is when it turns to Light, this will give you the velocity in a quantity of miles in terms of time, so now we must view this relationship in terms of Inertia, when Acceleration equals 0, then Conservation of Energy Laws kick in, and a body in motion will tend to stay in motion, so unless something causes the Frequency or Wavelength to change, that body will stay in motion, and now we need a Relative Reference point in space, and we can not use the Earth or any other object in space, because they are always moving, so the x-axis describes a point in space in the 0 Dimension, where normal space is made up of 3 Dimensions: Width, Height, and Depth, such that the 0 Dimension has no dimensions, so it is Null or Empty space, meaning we do not see anything in the space, even with the use of an Electron Microscope, we still can not see things smaller then an Electron, and Neutrinos are much smaller, so we can not see them without space, and the 0 Dimension has no Space, so looking at the illustration below, we will continue this example.

Alternating Current Waveform 2D
Scene 14 Full Size

In 2 Dimensional graphs of an Alternating Current Waveform, we can see a Pattern called a Sine Wave, and we know the Math behind it:
y(t) = A sin (2 PI ft + p) = A sin (wt + p)
where A is the Amplitude, f is the frequency, w is the angular frequency, and p is the Phase specified in radians,

Alternating Current Waveform 3D
Scene 15 Full Size

such that:
z = x + iy = r (cos p + sin p)
where x = r cos p, y = r sin p, p = wt, so this pattern of a Sine wave, is also a Helix.



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Appendix B: The Rant

Most people I have talked to over the years about Science, only believe what is being taught in school, and Newton is not, some of his stuff is, but not the stuff I talk about, mostly because Newton wrote all his notes using Witchcraft, knowing it was outlawed, because Newton felt safe that only Wizards or Witches would understand that, and most of them worked for the Church, and the Church loved Newton, because Newton proved that God exists, and Einstein's theory of General Relativity proved God did not exist, but Einstein only believed in Newtons God of All Light without Darkness, but still most people do not believe in Wizards or Witches, yet history proves that they were hunted down and burned to death throughout the Centuries, so it is a fact they existed, and people felt very threatened by them, and it is a fact that both Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla were considered Wizards.

A Wizard is a person who is top of their Field, but Hollywood has made Wizards and Witches out to be a Joke in History, to such a degree that people think you are joking when you talk about them seriously, knowing that both Newton and Tesla are Wizards, well maybe most people do not know that, but they know about the Wizard of Oz, yet most people in the World today think there are two Jesus's in the Bible, when Sir Isaac Newton proved there was only one; and this is why Wizards and Witches were hunted down and murdered over the Centuries, because they tell the truth about the Bankers and their use of Money and Taxation.

Most people do not believe in God, mostly because God has no meaning to anyone, most only know about the Deity and not the God of Light, 300 years ago this was not as true, back then most people believe that God was All Light without Darkness, and most believed in the Light of God Newton wrote about, and just about everyone believes in his Math that is based on the Light of God, yet most believe in Mainstreams version of Science, and the Godless Dynamic Universe, ironically most Religious people believe in Einsteins General Relativity Theory, as if its Real Science, because they do not understand the concept of Theoretical Science, its not Real, its just a Theory, if it was Real it would be a fact and not a theory, and a Deity does not Physically Exist, but the Light does, so they are not the same, and Newton proved that Jesus Bar Abbas fought for Freedom, against the Roman Empire, and he was in charge of the Mint, so Newton wrote about some heavy subjects that could have gotten him burned at the stake, yet most people do not believe in Newtons God, not on record anyway, except for Albert Einstein, he is on record stating that he only believes in Newtons God and Universe, and stated that his Theory proves that, yet most people still believe Einstein just found Religion, and still believe in his Theory knowing he does not, and that is insane, as is not believing the Light Exist, which is what you are saying if you do not believe in the Light of God that Newton wrote of, so most people are insane, and Newton said that in his famous quote: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

Wizards are people that study Alchemy, and they write all there findings using a Witchcraft, it was because it was outlawed to use Alchemy, and Witchcraft is just encoding a message in plain sight, using words and phrases that only Witches would know where Witches are people that know how to read and write Witchcraft, which was also outlawed once the church found out about it, and why they hunted down and killed all of them they find.

Newton said that he used Alchemy to find the Philosophers Stone, after Mercury Poisoning he gave up on using Alchemy, and thought that the answer was in the Light, which nowadays we call Alchemy: Chemistry, and Light: Electronics, which made him a Light Wizard.

I believe that the Banks funded all the bad press and beliefs about Wizards and Witches, all to keep the Money Game alive, and Newton knew it was all a scam, yet the Banks loved him, and so did the Church, and once they find out about me, well they will really Love Me... That is an Aspie Joke... All Tesla wanted to do was give the World Free Energy, Free as in no Cost, because he knew that the Electricity was God, and did not want to sell God for Money, and that is just one of the Reasons why they called Tesla a Crazy old Wizard, the other is because like Newton, he was also an Aspie like myself, and most Normal people think people with Autism are strange, and they treat them like they are retarded, I know this for a fact, having not known I had it till 2000, I did not have to grow up with that label, but looking back I know why my family hide it from me, they knew how cruel people are to Autistic people, and you have no idea what people called me when I told them that God was All Light without Darkness, they told me that was Blasphemy, so I found out the hard way that most people only think that God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, so Religion has made a Joke out of God, and Christians will Deny Jesus has 3 Names 3 Times, and so they Deny the Newtonian Universe, and instead believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, proving they do not believe God Exists, and call people like me crazy for telling people that Atomic or Nuclear Bombs use God as Fuel, so only Satan would sell you God by the Kilowatt and use God Bombs to kill people, so I figure that is why they do not like Wizards or Witches, and why they outlawed Witchcraft, and why people call me crazy for defending the Constitution of the United States of America, knowing it was abolished in 1863, because most People are too Stupid to understand Legal Terms, like the word Amend: which means Minor Change, whereas the word Only is a Major change, and when it States: Only Congress can Print Money, and instead a Private Bank does, and you pay that Bank Taxes, and Fight Wars out of the Country for that Bank, then it means it was Abolished because it was, and will be till the loan Lincoln took out to make US slaves to the Bank is paid off, and if you do not believe me: just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are Printed on Money, because you can not pay off the Loan with Money they Print, so you can not ever pay it off, so I wrote a book called The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, which shows you one way to pay off the Banks, which is why the Banks will Love Me, I understand how the Universe works, so I understand how the World can work.

I have a very high IQ and tend to just Read things instead of Read into them, so I wonder if this is because I have such a high IQ, or if its because its normal for everyone else to have such a low IQ, or if there is another reason for this mass insanity, so I wonder if this is a Wizard or Witch thing, but I do not find many of them around nowadays, at least not in the Caliber as Newton and Tesla, so I wonder if this is an Autistic thing, since its Normal to be a Neurotypical, and it is also normal to have a low IQ, so who is retarded, that joke never gets old, Aspie humor is great: I can call Normal People Stupid and get away with it because I have a higher IQ... I came to the conclusion that there is only a few people born into this world, every now and then, that truly understand the Universe, and normal people will have to get over how we talk to them, because to those people that believe in things that do not Physically exist are insane, and people that believe that Theories are facts are insane, and people that do not believe in the Light of God are really insane, so what else can I tell you about the Trinary Universe, well it was written by the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and this is what I know as the Truth, and I have proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Wizards, Witches and Witchcraft is not what most people think, but its clear that in the Bible that Moses and Jesus were both Wizards, both had a Staff of Power that they did Magic with, and Magician translates to Wizard, so Newton wrote a lot about Wizards, and wondered how they knew that God was All Light without Darkness, all I did was prove it.

Hidden Agendas are Cancer in a book of Science, so I try not to have any, everything I have said about Sir Isaac Newton, and others, can be proven to be the truth, since what I said about them is very popular, so most people know it is the truth, but most of his notes are now public domain, so you can read them online for free, as well as his books, yet I know more about these men then most people, but still, I try to keep it real: Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin really are my Great Cousins: no reason to lie about stuff that anyone can verify, so please read the References, they really did name the City Weston West Virginia after my Great Grandfather, and my IQ is public record, my DNA is on file, and who in the right mind would lie about stuff that people can research, so why people doubt me is just proof about the times we live in, wherever few people tale the truth, and its mostly, so they can sell books, but I give this one away for free, and would only Publish it for Money for my wife, so when I die, she will have an income to survive, but books that Lie and have Hidden Agendas get found out, but this book is different, people react to the truth very strangely, mostly because they have never heard it before, and if you are religious and believe in Jesus Christ, then they will not like the Truth about Christ being inserted into the Bible, to make God a Deity, just so the Church could continue to use Money and the People could live in Sin, and that is why Newtons notes were hidden for Centuries, if news got out that there is actually only one Jesus in the Bible, they would figure out its Jesus Bar Abbas, and then would know that he fought in a Militia against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxation, so there are plenty of Hidden Agendas in the World today, and the biggest one I know about is his-story I am telling you, believe me: Mainstream does not talk about it at all, BBC came out with a Special called The Last Magician, but still most people can not connect the Dots, the Banks do not want anyone to know about His-Story.

I use Humor to try to deal with deep emotions, so I joke about things, but for the most part I am a very serious person, I see what is going on in the world and I know of a better way to live, but the Banks do not give anyone a chance to live in Freedom, so they define words like Freedom to mean Pay taxes and you stay out of Jail, knowing that when most solders die in the line of duty for a War for the Banks that own them, I know their family will lose everything, do I have to Joke about it, or I will go insane; I look around and all I see are Liars, and its everyone, not just a few, no one on this Planet is talking about this Science, or these problems or issues, so they are all Liars, and that is not an Aspie thing, its an honest thing; the banks own everything and everyone, and everyone is afraid of the Government, and no one really knows the truth about everything, for example: I am only 99.999% sure we did not go to the Moon, and that is enough doubt that I do not mention it much, I just prove it scientifically, and let every decide what is the truth, but the fact that we cannot go to the Moon nowadays, should be proof that we did not go then, but most people are insane, there is no other way to justify that thought, and why its not sane to allow others to think insane, by thinking that its everyone Right to believe what they want to, because if that thought is insane, which I have proven they are, then what you did was allow the insane people to be in charge, and now you are all prisoners of War to the Banks that own you, and you are so insane you think you are Free, so what are you Free to do? Are you Free to pay your Taxes, or are you Free to Pay for everything or Die, no, you have no Freedom, only Free Dumb, because saying you have Freedom to Pay your Taxes is just Stupid, because you can not pay down the interest with Taxes, and you can not pay off the loan with Money you borrow from the Bank.

I may have gone the whole book without mentioning this stuff in the Appendix, but I can not write a book without telling the truth about everything.


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Table of References

  1. Galileo Galilei
  2. Johannes Kepler
  3. Sir Isaac Newton
  4. Edmond Halley
  5. Benjamin Franklin
  6. Isaac Newton Flesher
  7. Benjamin Franklin Flesher
  8. Nikola Tesla
  9. Albert Einstein
  10. Hans Asperger
  11. Jeffrey Scott Flesher

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Full Size

Born: 15 February 1564, Pisa, Italy
Died: 8 January 1642, Arcetri, Italy

Was known as: Astronomer, Physicist, Engineer, Philosopher, and Mathematician. His discoveries with the telescope revolutionized astronomy and paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system, but his advocacy of that system eventually resulted in an Inquisition process against him.

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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler Full Size

Born: 27 December 1571, Weil der Stadt, Germany
Died: 15 November 1630, Regensburg

Known for his laws of planetary motion.

Kepler's three laws of planetary motion can be stated as follows:
  1. All planets move about the Sun in elliptical orbits, having the Sun as one of the foci.
  2. A radius vector joining any planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal lengths of time.
  3. The squares of the sidereal periods of the planets are directly proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the Sun.
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Reference: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton Full Size

Born: 25 December 1642 Julian Calendar
Born: 4 January 1643 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom
Died: 31 March 1727 (Gregorian Calendar), Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Education: Trinity College, Cambridge (1666-1669 Julian Calendar) (1667–1668 Gregorian Calendar)

Sir Isaac Newton was known for proving that God was All Light without Darkness, but his quest took him into Witchcraft and Alchemy, and in his quest to find out how the people who wrote the Bible knew that God was All Light without Darkness, he discovered that Christ was inserted into the Bible to hide the fact that Jesus Bar/Abbas defeated the Roman Empire, his notes on this subject became public domain back in the late 1800's, and he was soon branded as the Antichrist by Christians, who would rather go along with the Lie about there being two Jesus's in the Bible, just so they could continue to use Money and Murder people in the Name of Christ, as a result the Christians pushed for Albert Einstein's Theory, that Proved that God did not Exist, making Christians Anti God believers, and proving why Santa and Satan have the same Characters in it, and why Christians are all Liars and Satanic, because only Satan Lies about God and Science, and for thousands of years Christians have murdered in the name of Christ, making them the most insane people on the planet, who build weapons of Mass Destruction using God as Fuel for their Weapons, because only Evil People make Weapons to Kill, and Christians are the most Evil people on the Planet, they allow the Blood of the Planet to be used as Oil and Fuel, which is killing the Planet and all Life on it, all so they can use Money and Lie about God, stating that God does not Physically Exist in the Universe, because Christians do not believe in God, they Worship Money, and Engrave In God we Trust on it, when their Science based on Theories that are never Proven to be a Fact, states that God did not Create the Universe, Chaos did, so my Cousin Newton called them Sheeple, because if the Lord is their Shepard, that makes them Sheep, and Newton would have no problem putting the Sheep in their Place, because they denounced his Science, and those Liars that follow the Godless Dynamic Universe, still use his Math that is based on the Light of God being the Force of Gravity, so Newton proved that all Religious people are Mad, and men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin all warned you about them, and now that the United States has been Conquered by Religious Satanic Liars, its Constitution was Abolished til its Debt is paid off, which was Ironic that they put Newton in charge of the Mint knowing how Evil Money is, and how much Newton hated the use of Money and Taxation just like Jesus Bar Abbas, so as it turns out, the Teaching of Jesus was about Money and Taxation, and nothing to do with Religion, Bar/Abbas was a Warrior who fought for Freedom, and the Christians Banished Newton's Science because they are all Cowards and Liars, and as the Author of this book, the views of Sir Isaac Newton do reflex as the views of the Author, I like Newton before me, only write about the Truth and Facts we can Prove.

Books written by Sir Isaac Newton.

  1. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
    3. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Sir Isaac Newton (Mobi)
  2. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton
    1. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
    3. Opticks by Sir Isaac Newton (Mobi)
  3. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
    3. The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended by Sir Isaac Newton (Mobi)
  4. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (HTML)
    1. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (PDF)
    2. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (ePub)
    3. Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John by Sir Isaac Newton (Mobi)

BBC Special The Last Magician
Last aired Saturday 27 July 2013
BBC Special The Last Magician recorded from TV broadcast in July 2013 and shown here under the Fair Act.
BBC: The Last Magician

Watch BBC Special The Last Magician
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Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley
Edmond Halley Full Size

Born: 8 November 1656 Gregorian Calendar
Died: 14 January 1742 Gregorian Calendar
Born: 29 October 1656 Julian Calendar
Died: 25 December 1741 Julian Calendar
Born in: Haggerston, London, United Kingdom
Died in: Greenwich, United Kingdom
‎Education: St Paul's School, London, The Queen's College, Oxford, University of Oxford.

Known for a Comet that his best Friend Sir Isaac Newton calculated for him one day when they were smoking Cannabis, which Halley wrote more about then the Comet he is known for.

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Full Size

Born: 6 January 1706 Julian Calendar
Born: 17 January 1706 Gregorian Calendar
Born in: Boston, Massachusetts, North America
Died: 17 April 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
‎Education: Boston Latin School.

He was known for Flying a Kite in a Lightning Storm to Prove Sir Isaac Newton was Right about God being Lightning.

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Isaac Newton Flesher

Isaac Newton Flesher
Isaac Newton Flesher Full Size

Birth: 22 November 1796 in Weston Lewis, West Virginia, USA (Note: City named after Grandfather Weston Flesher)
Death: 29 June 1841 ‎(Age 44) in Goose Island, Mason, West Virginia, USA (Note: Family was given Bounty)
In 1859 Isaac Newtons widowed wife Elizabeth: who was allowed bounty land on Goose Island in satisfaction for the services rendered by: Isaac Newton Flesher in the War of 1812.
Isaac Newton Flesher is the first cousin five times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

Like most Ashkenazic Jews, Isaac Newton was named after dead relatives, which is why he named one of his sons Benjamin Franklin. Isaac was the first person to decode Sir Isaac Newtons notes to my knowledge, I inherited papers he wrote about Science and the World, topics that covered Masonic Legends, the Bible and work of other Wizards.

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Benjamin Franklin Flesher

Benjamin Franklin Flesher
Benjamin Franklin Flesher Full Size

Birth: 1 August 1835 in Meigs, Ohio, USA
Death: 13 May 1905 ‎(Age 69) in Sullivan, Indiana, USA
Named after Benjamin Franklin, because Ashkenazi only named their children after dead relatives.
Benjamin Franklin Flesher is the second cousin four times removed ascending of Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Full Size

Born: 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia
Died: 7 January 1943 at Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, New York City, New York
‎Education: Graz University of Technology and Gymnasium Karlovac

Known for making Electric Generators, and for being a Crazy Old Wizard, because he believed we are all Light Beings.

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Full Size

Born: 14 March 1879, Ulm, Germany
Died: 18 April 1955, Princeton, NJ

An Ashkenazi known for writing the Theory of General Relativity, few know that he publicly denounce it, stating he only believed in the Newtonian Universe, most critics dismiss it as Albert finding Religion, but Newton was not Religious.

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Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger
Johann Hans Friedrich Karl Asperger Full Size

Born 18 February 1906 in Hausbrunn, Austria-Hungary
Died 21 October 1980 in Vienna, Austria
Education: University of Vienna
Due to his earlier work on Autism Spectrum disorders, Asperger Syndrome (AS), was named after him.

Born in Vienna, Asperger published the first definition of Asperger's Syndrome in 1944. In four boys, he identified a pattern of behavior and abilities that he called autistic psychopathy, meaning autism (self) and psychopathy (personality). The pattern included: a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversation, intense absorption in a special interest, and clumsy movements. Asperger called children with AS little professors, because of their ability to talk about their favourite subject in great detail.

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Jeffrey Scott Flesher
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Full Size

Born on Saturday the 14 January 1961 at 6:32 PM under the Gregorian Calendar and 25 December 1960 under the Julian Calendar: in Corona California, USA
Education: Trinary University
Status: Medically Retired United States Air Force Disabled Gulf War Veteran

Military: Degrees, Awards and Medals

Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF
Medically Retired Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Scott Flesher USAF Full Size

Military Duty

From 85-93 worked as an Electronic Engineer and Computer programmer on the (E)F-111 on the avionics package, including the Attack RADAR system, Terrain Following Computer and HQ4 Radios. A member of the Air Force Honor Guard, CPR instructors instructor, and Self-Aid and Buddy Care Instructor (Combat Emergency Medical Technician [EMT]). During the Gulf War the (E)F-111 flew over 96% of all sorties flown during the War making it the most important Aircraft. From 93 to 97 served as a Helicopter Crew Chief on the MH-60 in the 66 RQS Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, and in Kuwait during Desert Storm, including Operation Southern Watch and Operation Vigilant Warrior, and on the MH-53 in the 31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron: (read Black Ops, Special Knights crosswise, remember that Black Ops does not exist) at Oson Korea (because Special Ops is not allowed in the United States).

31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron
31st Special Operations Black Knights Squadron Full Size

Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Principles of the Trinary Universe
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Principles of the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Trinary Universe Explained
The Trinary Universe Explained - HTML
The Trinary Universe Explained - PDF
The Trinary Universe Explained - ePub
The Trinary Universe Explained - Mobi

The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - HTML
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - PDF
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - ePub
The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe - Mobi

The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - HTML
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - PDF
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - ePub
The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary - Mobi

Trinary Sanctuary in 2060
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - HTML
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - PDF
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - ePub
Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 - Mobi

Trinary Science
Trinary Science - HTML
Trinary Science - PDF
Trinary Science - ePub
Trinary Science - Mobi

Books hosted on

  1. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (HTML)
    1. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (PDF)
    2. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (ePub)
    3. The Principles of the Trinary Universe (Mobi)
  2. The Trinary Universe Explained (HTML)
    1. The Trinary Universe Explained (PDF)
    2. The Trinary Universe Explained (ePub)
    3. The Trinary Universe Explained (Mobi)
  3. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (HTML)
    1. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (PDF)
    2. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (ePub)
    3. The Wizards Guide to the Trinary Universe (Mobi)
  4. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (HTML)
    1. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (PDF)
    2. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (ePub)
    3. The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary (Mobi)
  5. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (HTML)
    1. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (PDF)
    2. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (ePub)
    3. Trinary Sanctuary in 2060 (Mobi)
  6. Trinary Science
    1. Trinary Science (PDF)
    2. Trinary Science (ePub)
    3. Trinary Science (Mobi)

Websites by Jeffrey Scott Flesher

The Light Wizzard

Trinary University

Trinary Science

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Grey Wizzard
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IMDb The Principles of the Trinary Universe

IMDb The Light Wizzard in the Flesh



About Me: also known as the Flesh: I originally started to write a book and make videos for Humans, but Humans threatened to sue me, take me to court, and to kill me, and this got old real fast, so now I have no interest in writing books or making videos for Humans, because there are none that are smart enough to debunk what I have to say using Facts, they say they are facts, but they are Theories, stupid ones at that, because Normal Neurotypicals are retarded when it comes to Physics and Math, sorry if I offend yew, but if you believed in Mainstream Science of the Dynamic Universe, yew proved yew were retarded, and yew are also so arrogant and ego driven, that yew can not admit how stupid yew are, and what is so funny is that it really does not make any difference how high my IQ score is, or if I am even Autistic, I only bring this up because it is the truth, and this truth is funny so its Entertaining, and when you call People Stupid they get all Defensive, till they understand I only call Yew Stupid most of the time, and since most of what I had to say was what both my Cousins Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin Flesher, or the men they were named after, and Nikola Tesla, and even Albert Einstein who Denounced All these Theories on Tesla's Birthday, and said he only believed in Newton, so everyone that was Intelligent said the same thing: Christ was inserted into the Bible, so get over it, it is a Fact and has been for thousands of years, just like the Constitution was Suspended in 1863, see the U.S. CODE of FEDERAL LAW TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, under the Enumeration of the Powers Act, its clear that the Federal Reserve does more than just Print the Money instead of Congress, which by itself is clearly Treason under the Constitution, since its clear that the Federal Reserve has its own President, and the United States Government falls under their control, so everyone that works for Money works for the Bank, including all the Courts, and this is Treason under the Constitution, and why President Lincoln was executed by the Militia, that fought for the War of Independence, just to be defeated during the Civil War no matter what side won, because Lincoln took out a loan using the Country as Collateral, and why the Militia are now outlaws in their own Country, and it is Treason to try to take it back, and that was Treason under the Constitution; proving it does not exist, so nothing I said actually requires a high IQ or an Autistic Mind, it just requires someone to understand it, and that is all I claimed to do; and you can check my Military Records, do a Freedom of Information Act Release also known as a FOIA, and you will find that I have 3 of the highest Achievement Awards given out by the Military, two of them are from the Air Force, this does not prove anything other than the fact I understood how to get those Awards, and that is an Achievement, but understanding that my Country is owned by Treasonous Criminals, and we are doing their Bidding, just like Jesus Bar Abbas did, and why Sir Isaac Newton wrote so much about it, because that does not sit well with him or me, we think that the Truth should actually be the Truth; so stop lying about what and who God is, since I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is All Light without Darkness, and I swear to this on the Bible using the Bible as a Reference, and what Newton called God as my Witness: Newton's Math does not work unless it works the way I described in this Book, that is not Ego Driven, nor is it Arrogance, it is a fact, and the reason I know this is a fact: because in thousands of years this Science has not changed, its always been described the same way, in this case Trinity witch I renamed to Trinary, so if you still want to sue me for writing this Book to a Sheep named Yew, do not expect me to show up, because I do not care, because yew have no Rights under the Constitution, but I am Retired Military and I do have Rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), so I made sure I did nothing to break any of those Laws, sure I got into a lot of trouble during my lifetime, but I was never charged with any crimes as an Adult, been in jail, just never charged with anything, because PTSD is still not a crime, not yet anyways; and the Military Diagnosed me with OCD in the Autistic Spectrum 6 years before I was Medically Retired, for Major Depression, Anxiety with PTSD, and a back that got broken twice and is now Arthritic: which was the official reason I was Medically Retired, because Gulf War Syndrome was being denied back then, I did not even know I had it until I was diagnosed by the VA, and found out that a Batch or Lot of Anthrax Live Protein Experiment Vaccine was given to me, as part of a Control Group in an Experiment where over 290,000 Military members got some form of the Anthrax Vaccine, or a placebo, if you look at those people: 270,000 committed suicide, and none of them were given a Placebo, these facts come from the VA, and was published in their Periodical, so my Documentation and references are easy enough to find, but I did not include a lot of them, because I only included ones that might apply to what I have to say, and Newton's and Tesla's work does apply in whole, even their Failures, because I know I have made more than a few Logical Errors in this book, I will say not when I meant it at the time, then I change my sentence structure to word it grammatically less confusing, but forgot to take out the not, because I write like Yoda at time, and fixing those errors is hard for me, I am Dyslexic on the Autistic Spectrum, this means I do not see my errors, a spell checker can fix words but not numbers, and not concepts or logic errors, plus I have OCD, so I repeat myself, and write or talk a lot, and knowing my audience is a Stupid Sheep named Yew, I have to talk as if yew are Stupid, but I always have something Interesting to say, at least Interesting to me, but yew are normally interested in other things. My Military IQ scores can be obtained via a FOIA release, I would have to be insane to make up an IQ score as crazy as over 180, if I could not prove it, but in truth, you would have to create new test to measure my IQ, not that I think my Intelligence is that much more superior, but I am intelligent enough to understand that your Mainstream Science, that is based on Theories, specifically those written and denounced by Albert Einstein, proving that if your Science is so Stupid, so are all your Test. In fact that makes everyone that believed in Mainstream Science Stupid, but what did you expect, both of my Grandparents were Engineers with high IQ's, both high ranking Masons, and both in the Military, my Grandmother was assigned to the Pentagon as an Engineer, that is how they met, so I have a Story to tale, and for the most part, it is all Documented via Public Domain and using the FOIA. If you want to know who owns this Country, do a FOIA and ask who prints the Money, if its Not Congress, then it is not We the People, its We the Sheeple, and if those Sheeple think they can take this Country back from the Banks, keep in mind that the Police and Military have always worked for the Banks, and it is Treason to take this Country back, I am not about Taking the Constitution back, you can Smoke if for all I care, if it was not worth Fighting for back in 1863 then it is not worth Dying for now, and I work for the Military, and take orders from only them, well my Wife first oh course, I am not insane, but she is Military also, so I repeat myself so you will get the message, and if you do not believe me, then read all about Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, and keep in mind that History would have forgotten their Science, if it was not for me fighting for Real Science based on Facts and not Theory, and it is why I fight only for Trinary Sanctuary, and it is run by the Militia just like Jesus Bar Abbas would have run it, according to the Bible, but not as a Religion, but as an Advanced Society that only believe in the Truth and not Secrets.

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1 Document to Rule them All 3

1 Document to Rule them All 3
Author: Jeffrey Scott Flesher

CSS Framework Blitz

CSS Framework Blitz
Author: Jiminy Panoz


GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code and distribute your changes.

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done.
You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.


Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.
It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.


Beautiful math in all browsers
A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.
No more setup for readers. It just works.
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Books written      
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