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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1.15

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018



Chapter 1.15: Belief System (BS)

Everyone has a Belief System, also known as BS for short, and regardless of the other acronyms for BS, its meaning does not change, and it governs the way everyone thinks, and it will stop most people from making it beyond this point in this Document, because some people do not believe that God is Real, which is because of the belief in a Deity or other beliefs to numerous to mention, and this is something I have never understood, when I ask people why, they start talking to me irrationally, bringing up Religion as if the Bible has anything to do with Religion, the Bible is just a book with Words written in its Pages, and those words are very clear if you just read them and not read into them, even in the Bible Jesus spook against the Church and the use of Money, and was Murdered for that very belief, and he only spoke about God being Light, yet this seems to be as far as most people will make it when it comes to believing that Trinary Energy is real, even though it is a Scientific Principle that is fully excepted into the Scientific Community, just call it God's Particle and everyone is fine with the idea, but change the name and it has no meaning to them anymore, call it White Noise and people think you are Crazy, and call it God and most people think you are Insane, and its all due to peoples Belief System or their BS .

Those that understand this will just have to get passed my little speech about getting over the fact that God in the Bible is Real, and they are talking about Light or Electricity, because Electricity is just Light at a different Frequency, and Lightning contains both Light and Electricity, so why disagree over the words I use, and that is why I renamed it in the First place, because people can not get over it, their Belief System is more important than the Truth, and those that believe in Einstein are no different, because this concept goes against everything that Einstein said, even though he himself believed in Sir Isaac Newtons teachings, it makes you wonder why he wrote the books at all, and it was for Money, and Nikola Tesla told you that he has no need for Money, nor do I, but that is just our Belief System, because we believe in God and not Money, we Trust in God and not in Money, and believe it does not matter how you explain it or what words you used to explain it, it must reflect reality, and Trinary Energy explains this Reality, because it is what is happening no matter how you try to explain it, or what you call it, words are just Spells to a Wizard, spelling to everyone else, so its BS .

Religion separates people more than it unites them, mob mentality is the number one motivator in a crowd of angry people, and those that believe in Religion are the first to Fight for their BS, those that believe in Christ stopped believing in Sir Isaac Newton, yet they still use his math, so they do not live in Reality, instead they create a Reality that supports their community of other like minds, so when the Christians found out that Newton discovered that the Bible was altered in the 3rd century by inserting Christ, well that went against their BS, so they found a new Science Messiah to follow, and that was Albert Einstein, so the Christians were fast to adopt this new Godless Science of Einsteins because the Science of Newton was based on Jesus not being Christ, so there was only one Jesus in the Bible instead of two, so Religion was the reason why the Dynamic Universe took over Science, so that Science could be based on a Godless Universe instead of a Universe without a Deity or Money, because the belief in Christ was more important than God as was Money, so when it comes to Science, only BS matters, so believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe if want, do not let it get in the way of the Truth or Reality, or put your BS aside and try to understand the Trinary Universe, also known as Trinity or the Newtonian Universe.

An Introduction must introduce you to the Concept that you want to put forth as an Original Idea, and so far, Trinary Energy is not an Original Idea, in fact it comes straight out of the Bible, and was taught by many over the years, so all I am doing is defining what it is, so you will understand how it fits into the Trinary Universe, because overall my original idea is the Trinary Engine that powers the Universe, and I am the only one to this date and time that has come up with such a concept as this, but you must first understand how Energy actually works, and main stream's version of Electronics is not fully correct without the underlying concept of Trinary Energy, because nowhere in that documentation will you find that God is Light and Light is Electricity at a different Frequency, not even close, in fact, the concept that God is controlling all the Energy in the Universe, would seem like an Insane thought, but at the Cellular Level it can be proven that this Energy is in fact controlling all the Atoms in the Universe, and it would be insane to deny this fact, so the Concept of Trinary Energy takes on a whole new meaning then just the Word God or Allah, because that word means many things to many people, and no one will ever agree on what they actually means, so call this Energy whatever you want to call it, and I will call it Trinary Energy so we can get on with this Introduction.

After the Introduction I will break each aspect of the Trinary Universe into separate Chapters, so I can make sure that you fully understand all the ramifications of the Trinary Universe, so now I will tell you what I am going to tale you so you can see the big picture, before I break it down into finer details to fully explain this concept.


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