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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.06

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 2.06: Energy Transformation

Energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only Transformed from one type of Energy into another, so when an LED Flashlight is energized, the Electron is transformed into a higher frequency of energy we call a Photon, and that Photon can be transformed back into an Electron, just like the Atoms of Water can be split into Oxygen and Hydrogen and when you burn them, they transform back into Water. That Atoms will always follow the Trinary Energy State changes.

This is another Sub Chapter that can be a Book in itself, there is so much to talk about and so much to explain, that I do not know where to begin, so I tend to use this as a place holder for some future version of me, meaning that when I die, one day someone will resurrect me, which really just means someone else that wants to finish it, resurrection just means to be born with a Memory of being someone else in a prior life, to be reborn from the same Light, as such they can access the same Memories as that person when they were alive, so you can see why this is another Book and not really much of a place holder for it.

When we look at all the Elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, we know how each bind to the other, this is not Magic, Alchemy also known as Chemistry, this is Electronics at best, different types of Neutrinos bind differently with other types, so every combination of all Elements is encoded in the DNA of all objects, and not just Life Forms, sure you know that all Life has pretty much the same DNA that we have, but did you know this Earth has DNA, and its Blood is Oil, just as ours is Iron, and these two elements are known conductors of Electricity, so the Earth and all Life are run by Electricity, which is just Neutrinos and Light.

We say that Energy cannot be Created nor Destroyed, so we are only talking about Trinary Energy, because Atom can be Created and Destroyed, but the Atom is just Neutrinos and Light, and the Neutrino can not be Destroyed, it can only lose its bond, thus returning to the unbound Free Neutrino Particle from which it came, no more weathered then the first day it bounded with the Light, so Atoms are not really destroyed either, they are just Transformed, so Destroy only means to Transform.

The Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, and there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness is called God, the Darkness without Light is called Rainbow of Colors, and then the Light that Controls them all, some believe this is God, and its why I call it the Guiding-Light Of Destiny, just so you are not confused by this, the Light without Darkness and the Darkness without Light, are in the White Light and seen using a Prism, this is Physical Energy that is bound in Neutrinos, so its Atoms and Photons, but the Guiding-Light of Destiny is unbound Energy, it can flow through the Gaps in the Neutrinos, because it is the Glue that Binds them, so the Bible was talking about Energy, so they believe that God is not only the Bound Energy, but God is also the Unbound Energy, because the Bible stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so God is not the Darkness in the Light, that is just the Rainbow of Colors that all Life can See to some degree, so you must have Faith that God exist, because just because not all Life forms can see all Spectra of Light, Technology has proven it exist, but Humans only know what they can prove to themselves, so its how they See or View God does this matter to Science, because all Life can see the Light: maybe not with its Eyes, but with its I, and its why IAM God.

God Create all Life and everything in the Universe, because God is the Light, and The Light is Everything: Tesla, so God Created the Universe by Transforming it.

The Transformation of Energy takes place at the Subatomic Level, meaning smaller then an Atom, anything smaller then an Atom is only made of Neutrinos of some type, so Transformation of Energy means it has Neutrinos of some type, so when God creates an Atom, God must Transform the Neutrino into an Atom, then it must Transform all the Atoms it needs to make something in the Universe, so God needed a Plan, and that is written in DNA, its a blue print to create everything in the Universe, so its the Foundation of Trinary Science, that which binds us together is what Creates us, not our Parents, they only provide the Raw Material that is required to reproduce us, and not to Create us, only God can Create us, and its only through Transformation of Energy that this is done at the Subatomic Level.

Trinary Science is the Teaching and Understanding of the Elements in the Trinary Universe, it starts with the Knowledge that was passed down for Centuries in the Bible, long before the Bankers realized they could use it to Create Money so Religion was born out of Greed, and one Lie after another took place to keep that Delusion alive, so the Darkside of Trinary Science exist, and you cannot learn about Trinary Science, without knowing about all this Darkness, its all based on Emotions, and not all Life forms deal with Emotions the same way, I try my best to not deal with them at all, I would rather rid myself of them and be done with them, but that part of my Brain still exist, so God must have wanted me to have Emotions, but at the same time God gave me the Intelligence to know a Scam when I see one, and Money is the biggest Scam of all next to Religion, the two go Hand in Hand, Bar/Abbas was made to be two Men just so People could Lie about what the Darkness is, and that Transformation of Energy took Society into the Dark Ages, where Magic was forbidden, and Wizards and Witches were actually burned to death for talking about God like this, because once you understand the Lightside, you will be Slaves to Money and Religion no longer, because the Truth will always set you Free, this is Transformation of Energy to the Lightside, its what Trinary Science is all about.

In a Society that is Ran by Money and Power, Evil will always Exist, when the Money you earned can get you Killed it is Evil, then backward Spell for Money, and if you believe you will die without Money, you are a Fool and too Stupid to understand the Lightside at all, its not about Communism that has existed in the last 1,000 years, its about what Society was like before Money existed, and I do not mean Barter, its just another Name for Money, and only Slaves work for such controls on their Life, ones that can get them killed or imprisoned, this is not Freedom, it is just Free Dumb, but its Transformation of Energy in a negative way, by making that which can kill you the object of your desire, and those that think Money is a Tool is just a Fool and a Liar, no good can ever come from Money that has the Blood stains of Jesus on it, but that is the Society of Sinners or Mainstream Money Junkies, so not all Transformation of Energy are good, some are Evil, others are only to Live, so Transformation of Energy means there are Shades of Grey that everyone Lives in, and no one knows how to fix, and that is because they are all Slaves in a System they were born into, and its been all based on Lies, so why do I mix Science with History? Its because the reason you do not know this Science, its because of this History.

To Know the Truth about Transformation of Energy we must know all the truths that hide this Science from the Public, and that Starts with the Masons, and this is not a Conspiracy, its just a Fact, they started by keeping Secrets, so well that few if any know the Truth anymore, all they know is the Lies that they were force feed in School, so they Grew up knowing only Lies, like the U.S. Constitution was Amended, for those old enough to remember when Congress made using Gold Treason, just so they could commit Treason by their own Laws, now that is priceless, the level of Human Intelligence must be so Low that IQ scores have to be lowered every year, just so Children can pass School, which all they were taught were Lies, so they learned nothing but Lies, Transformation of Energy effects Intelligence, and those that are Stupid are too Stupid to admit this, they would rather defend a Lie then to admit they were Part of it, no one wants to admit they are Guilty of Treason for using Money, but the Fact is that there own Laws make using Paper Money Treason, and changing it to Gold will not change the fact its all Slavery, since the Banks are the only ones that Profit from the Printing of Money or Coin, so the Truth is Transformation of Energy and the Truth can be Paid for, the Courts are owned by the Banks and everyone that uses Money works for them, and are in fact owned by them like Sheep, so Facts suck when it comes down to the Transformation of that Energy.

Transformation of Energy is a vast subject that will never end, but this Sub Chapter needs to so I can get on with the Subjects at hand.


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