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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.08

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 2.08: Light in Real Space

As the Flashlight moves in Real Space, the path of the Light will continue in a straight arc line until it interacts with an obstacle, see Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves, at which point Trinary Energy will change states to make the appropriate change automatically, meaning that the Obstacle does not make the change to the Photon, it makes the change in Trinary Energy, or more likely, Trinary Energy uses Intelligence to figure out what change is required, ether way the change always follows the Laws of Physics, so what causes the change is just speculation, but you can Record the change in the Vertice Matrix Grid, so it is clear that it is following all the changes. When the Photon is created, the Null Space of the O State change of Trinary Energy: will hold it static in the Universe in the same state it is in until it interacts with an obstacle, so as the flashlight moves away from it, it will appear to the person holding the flashlight, that the light is being pushed away, but in reality it is not moving, it is like if you were in the back of a boat looking at the current flowing away from you, and you throw in something that floated, it would appear to move away from you, but in reality it is the boat that is moving, whatever you throw in is not moving, it is just floating in the current of the water, and it is moving, and it is moving that object you threw in, its just how its moving that seems like Magic.

Trinary Energy is Static
Illustration 2.10: Trinary Energy is Static, only the source moves Full Size

If a Mirror is encountered, the Trinary Energy will switch states to a 0 State, and will then change state to either a 1 or -1 to correct the polarity, thus making it a Mirror Image, you can actually see the Trinary Energy making the change in Rotational Direction, and let us be very clear about that point, because when I refer to the Direction of Energy, I might be referring to its Rotational Direction and not its physical movement in direction, unfortunately I do not have access to a LASER that can fire a signal Photon, or an Electron Microscope, so I have no way to take pictures of this phenomenon, but it can be observed with the Naked eye, so this proof should be enough to fulfill the requirements for verifiable observations, see Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change.

Trinary Energy State 0 direction change
Illustration 2.11: Trinary Energy State 0 direction change Full Size

If the Light is the ball, then at the point it first transforms from an Electron into a Photon, it will toggle to 0 and lost all its Dimensions in Space, then it only toggles between 1 to -1 in the 1st and 2nd dimensions only, so it will never be in the 3rd dimension, its in a single dimension, so the Electron that transformed into a Photon, has a material called Neutrino its encased in, and why you can not see the Light inside it till you split it, and this Electron does not disappear ever, its just Invisible to the technology viewing it, which will not always be the case, one day someone will invent a microscope powerful enough to see into a single dimension, but for now its invisible to the Technology of our Time, as it was to Newton in his time, so the Electron has mass and its still in the Photon, its just the space that is normally inside the Electron in the 3rd dimension, does not exist in just 1 single dimension, so we do not see the space, but Neutrinos have all 3 dimensions (0,1 & 2), because they physically exist, so the electron's material is flat and has only one dimension to see at a time, opposed to it being seen in the 3rd dimension, and until we have Technology that can see a single dimension, this will be known as Magic, so we only see what was is inside the Electron, which is the Light and Dark Trinary Energy, and as proof of this, we can see the Light, and its the only way to explain why that is, and its because that is what we are, its the Energy of our SOUL.

Once we view Light and Atoms as being the same only in different States, then its clear that when the Atom disappears, its still there, and in fact, if we had a Microscope that was powerful enough to see an Electron with great clarity and detail, then we might notice that when an Atom disappears, its actually just redimensioning and its being folded into Subdimensions, this also causes it to be in the same spectrum as Electromagnetic Energy, so we do not see the Dark Light, but the Light of God, which is invisible to humans limited Spectrum of Light, and the material the Atoms are made of, or Neutrinos, are actually so small because the space inside the Atom has collapsed because Empty space does not exist in any dimension less then the 3rd dimension, so keep this in mind, because it means that Photons are actually Electrons that exist only in the dimensions less then the 3rd dimension, so they only exist in single dimensions until they hit a mirror or something that deflects them, then they switch to 0 dimension.

Light in Real Space is about how we perceive it, not so much how it really is, because its how our Brains interpret it, since our Eyes are not that much different then Cameras when it comes down to it, they both use Electricity to interpret the image Light makes.

Light in Unreal Space is another question, what is Unreal Space, well it is Space that has Signal Dimension, and this is the space that makes up all Space, so it exist, but its Unreal, because we can not interact with it, and that is because we only react to Real Space, when things Really Exist in all 3 Dimensions.

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  1. Illustration 2.10: Energy is Static
  2. Illustration 2.11: State 0 change



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