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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.11

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 4.11: Life in the Universe

All Life in the Universe has more in common than not, most Planets that support life are very similar to Earths, that statement is based on Science and not Science Fiction, we have no facts what would support other theories, so I could only conclude that all Lifeforms would be similar, maybe not the same, evolution changes everything on every Planet in the Universe, but you will find that your DNA is in every living thing on whatever Planet you happen to come across, so you will be related to any Aliens from Outer Space, because DNA from Outer Space is for the most part, the same as our own, since that is where our DNA came from, and we know that for a fact we share common DNA with every living creature on this Planet, including the insects and plants, rocks, and even the Planet.

If most people could ask God one question, and I think it would be the Life after Death question, which would be the Last question I would ever think of asking, because I know you can Kill Me, but I will never die, I meaning the Light of the God called IAM, because when all Life dies, its Energy does not die with them, it does not need to go anywhere, even though it does, I understand that death is just the way people view it, and not how it really is, because death of a body, also known as Flesh, so it could be Me or You, is not the end of your Light, or Spark Of oUr Life if you want to believe its the Spark Of oUr Life, talk about Wizards Spells, but that is the way I think, because that 100 watts of Energy that is in my Flesh as I write these words, will never die, cause you can not create nor destroy Energy, it can only Transform from one form into another, and when you think about it, energy is energy, its not what makes us unique, in fact, there is only 1 God, which I refer to as the Energy of the Universe, so the Spell Trinary is implied, so in the Trinary Universe we have a Trinary God, so Energy is all the same everywhere in the Universe, so its only these bodies we call Flesh that make us unique in the Universe, so when You or Me die, all that is left is God, and its only then do you know for sure that you were God all along, and not a God, but The God or Allah, because there is only 1, so calling it the Light or Trinary Energy does not change that fact, so I do not bother making any distinctions now, because the truth will set you Free and its the Domain of Free, so its Freedom, so if you want to learn what its like to die just close your eyes and imagine that the moment your Little Voice stops talking, that is the moment the Body of Flesh died, but do not panic, some drugs can have that same effect, like when you go under for surgery, so I imagine if you died during the procedure you would never know, but all those sounds the body used to make will be silent until you are reborn again, which does not take long, so I will never get bored, but do not get in a hurry do die, because Karma is something that we all have to deal with, our death effects everyone we ever knew or would ever know if we had lived long enough, and even though these bodies of Flesh are not God, because the desires of the Flesh is Sin and its a Sin against God to Kill yourself, and if you believe that then yew are Religious, because God gave you Freewill, so that you could believe what ever you wanted to, but God has no such Laws about Killing yourself, so do not let God stop you, take control of your own life and decide if you really want to find out what death is like by doing it, personally I know what it will be like, my body will start to rot and they will have to burn or bury it, end of story, and everyone that hears about how you died will think you were an Idiot, and they would be right, and that is why I have never done it, I never want to be an Idiot, because God made it possible for You or Me to be Born, and that Life means something to God, so although its true that when we die our Energy or the Light of God will always Live on, and our Memories will still be stored in the Galattice forever, our Flesh was the only one in the Universe that could access those Memories, but if you leave enough points, others can resurrect your Memories in their Dreams, so do not be Sad that you will never be with your Love ones in Heaven, have no idea what that means for most people, but to me, it means the 1 State Change, whereas Hell is the -1 State Change, its just Energy, because the truth is that we do not have to die for that to be true, just close your Eyes and imagine that Little Voice stops talking, its these times we actually hear God, so we know that everyone who has ever Lived is never forgotten, because God knows everything, every thought or deed you have ever did is recorded in the Galattice, so that is Gods way of All Knowing, but God's Eyes are our Eyes and it does not matter if you are Blind, because God's Eye is your 3rd Eye or I, that is the I we Dream with, but this is just Scientific proof of Life after Death using only Logic and Reasoning, and that is where Faith is just a Spell for not understanding the process, but once you understand this, its not Faith anymore, its Reality, and when that Little Voice of yours is quiet long enough, you can hear God because God is every Atom in your Body of Flesh, God is not the Sin, God is to Live, Evil is the Backward Spell told by the dEvil, so do not think this is Religion, this is how Wizards define the Trinary Universe, so Close your Eyes and do not ask anything, because if you have to ask then you will never understand the question, because the Answer never matters, if you do not understand what God is, because if you really want some one on one time face to face with God, look in a Mirror and say IAM God, it does not mean that the Body of Flesh knows everything, the two are not the same, the Flesh is how the Body interprets God, God is only the Energy, the Flesh is a Biological Being of Flesh, it has the ability to store Memories in the Galattice, just like God, so while you are living, you only have access to those Memories, and no one else does, but after you die, that all changes, because you lose your Freewill, and then you realize that you where God all along, so you were just having Sex with yourself, because everyone else is God, so when they die, they will also know everything that you know, so all those Lies come back to you, everyone knows this when they die, its the only Truth about our Existence that is the Truth, so all those bad people will die and become God the moment they lose their Freewill, just to fully understand what it means to be God, but yew think yew will take over Heaven, when all their is and ever was is God, because then you remember that in the Beginning there was only the Light, then the Light got bored, so God invented the Dinosaur, then Invented Man, soon the Dinosaur went Extinct, and it was because of Man, the Bible said that Humans destroyed 3 Cities using the Arc Light, which means a Light that has an Arc, being a name for Technology like an Arc Welder, or an Atomic Weapons, depending on how yew use it, all because God got bored and decided to build an Universe, So what is this Book all about, its not about me trying to convince you of how stupid yew are, its about letting you in on a Masonic Secret, God is the Light that is in You, so when you die, you become the One, so everyone that dies knows who you are, all your Secrets are revealed, so live your life as if everyone will know what you did when your were alive, because everyone will know the second they die, because its only then that you understand, that it was I all along, I got bored and decided to invent the Human Race, and only ending up having sex with myself, since after they die so does their Freewill, so never sell that to Satan, the Dark Lord, the Negative one, the Antimatter Dark Wizard from Hell, oh, that is only AC turning to DC, ignore it and it will go away, its just on this Highway to Hell, and Newton knew all about that Secret, he knew them all, but those that did, may not have understood them, because it was never about them, it was about I, and not Me, so how can this be, because when Me, or Jeffrey, Dies, everyone will know what I did during my lifetime, that is why I find it so amusing, everyone in the Universe is just I when they die, so what is between the D and the E? Its I, D is for Dog, and E is for the End, so I decided this go around, to act like a Dog until the day I died, knowing that when you die, you will get it, just in those fleeing moments when you remember your whole life as if flashes by you, that would be all those that have died before you, so its your Parents if you out lived them, so they will know everything you said about them, and why you said it, so talk about Karma, their parents where right behind them, and that is just where the line starts, as your Mind begins to spin, and then you take a deep breath and say to yourself, hey! I just died and know I remember who IAM, its just I, because the Meat just died, so its only then you remember that you just got bored and this is just the Entertainment you needed, first you have to pick a wife or husband, knowing that its just you after they die, because its just I, so this thought is just sick, then you remember that I is the Dark Wizzard as well, so those that were named after the God of Fertility, you will always want to mate, but after you die, which view of life is more dominant, the Male or Female? Then you remember that in the beginning it was just I, so there is no Male or Female, only a species that will die if they do not mate, so this was never about you, it was only about I, because that is all there is, so why do you dive into darkness thinking no one will ever know, when the Bible told you so, even Buddha knew this, but that whole way of life is based around the Light, and they choice not to call it God, for the same reason I do, because God means Deity to most people, and they do not believe in deities, nor do I, all IAM saying is that in the Beginning there was only I, and no others, so it stands to reason that its only when we are in our Bodies, do we feel isolated from others and even our actions, and its because we think this life is all about Me or You, or even Yew if you are still reading this, God Damn Sheep, that is a saying Buddha would not teach, and for the most part I never found much wrong in what they say, so I took the time to understand it and that way of life, but I found that Wisdom means to learn all the Lessons, and those lessons go beyond our Life, but extends much deeper then DNA, so what my Great Cousin was named Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin, I have more George Bush's in my family line then the President did all the way back to Germany, even some Hefner's, so its no wonder that when we all die, that we realize hey now I remember, this as just because I got bored and decided to make the Human Race, because its only I that exist, the rest are just life forms that have Freewill and can believe what they want to, so who cares what they believe, when they die they will know they truth, and then is when they say to themselves, wow have I lost my mind, is this all that IAM, is just eternity living on a Planet that is being murdered by the Human Race they invented to help it, so see how that turned out, now it just wants to kill them, so yes I have had a hard day, pretending that my Freewill is not already gone just because I feel like I am dead, because when it all comes down to it at the end of the day, the only thing you can prove is that Life is all about the Electricity that runs through that Life-Form, we only know what we know because we know it, so if God is not the Light and Light is not Electricity, then remove the Light from you and you die, you wake up and figure out this was just a Dream that I was having, and that familiar song In the Beginning there was only the Light, so every time someone dies I have this Deja Vu, and have to go through all those emotions death brings with it, which the first is seeing all your Grandparents, knowing they know everything you ever done, that has to suck more for some then others, you are your own worse enemy, some of you got greedy and lost your life, only to find it was just who IAM that confused you, because you are just me: once you die, because then you are just I, its just what name we give God does this become clear, because it never has been Crystal Clear until just now, and some of yew that are awake might just think: oh that is Possible, so if you thought the Dynamic Universes Time Travel was possible, why would I think that you being I knowing what I means, its not that Strange, put it this way, you are made of Atoms, they are all made out of the same Neutrinos that existed when the Universe was born, so you are made of Star Dust, the same thing this planet is, Atoms made of Neutrinos and Light, so these words I call Spells were not concepts invented by the Flesh, they were only written by the Flesh in the Flesh, so we could say Flesher, in my case, because sometimes when I say I, IAM really talking about the Light of God, and not any God, but Allah, which is a Spell for The God, so end your Religious Wars, because those are the Questions most of Yew would ask God, because we all ask many things from God all the time, and it does not matter what Religion you are, because the Spelling has two I's in it, one for the Light of God, and one for the Darkness which is in all of Yew, because Science is the Empirical Truth, Religion is nothing but a Game Children Play, the Bible is Right, I defend it with my Life, inserting Christ did not change that, because Jesus said God is all Light without Darkness, and my Cousin Isaac proved that God is the Light or Force of Gravity, so he was right about there being Darkness in the Light, its the Rainbow of Colors that make up the Energy of our SOUL, and that is something to Live for, so maybe Yew should ask God what every you want, and for whatever reason, because we all have our Stories or Tales about After Life Experiences, so do we follow the Light, or dive back into the Darkness, because that Question to be or not to be is still a good question, as for me, I know God is Real and not a Deity, and Religion is about Deities and not the Bible, I can read the Bible, I actually wrote the Bible, if not then its not the Words of God, but the Spells of Wizards, and Dark Wizards as well as Light Wizards, so this Wizard is not telling Yew to give up Religion, IAM just telling yew to start believing in the Science of the Bible, so if you have a question for God, you know when, where and how to ask it, God IAM glad I answered that question, oh did I say that out load? Who cares when you die its only I that knows what you did during your life, and I know this because IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and so will you when you die so do not laugh.

You only die once, once your Energy is gone, and it does not matter what you want to call it: Trinary Energy, Light, God, Soul, or a 100 watt Light Bulb, because if that defibrillator does not have the Power to start your heart and no one can revive you, and your body starts to decay, so you are dead, and I am not talking about coming back to Life, because after 3 days with no heart beat or breathing with no machine providing what your body needs, you are dead and rotting, not to mention the Smell of death, and rigamortis is much more painful then arthritis so stop complaining about it, I just wanted to make sure you fully understood what I mean by dead, yes: you and I are one and your Parents and their are all here, so if you wished to be with Love ones, well learn to love yourself, because as it turns out, that is all there is after you die, because no Body is coming back from that State, not even Jesus, because Lazarus was not a mummy, someone just killed him and thank God Jesus knew CPR, because resurrect does not work that way, because if it did, it would, and it does not so why talk about it as if maybe it could happen, you want a Miracle, wake up, I might be bored but IAM not that bored, Freewill was not that great of a gift for everyone, trust me, some people actually believe they are not me or you or even I, now that is crazy, and so entertaining when you die, because then you wake up, and its only I, because I believe that anything that could happen has happened, in thousands of years of recorded history, no one has ever come back from the Dead that I am speaking about, not even Lazarus, Sir Isaac Newton pointed that out, dead is dead, with that fully established, where does your Energy go?

If you have been listening it does not have to go anywhere, it hangs out for a while, and there are many people who almost died and came back, note they were not dead, only no heart beat or breathing, and maybe no brain waves too, which only goes to show you that Energy is all the same, because you can zap someone like this with a defibrillator and bring them back to Life, and many of these people who survived such an event have all told similar stories about Out-Of-Body Experiences, even talking to God, Jesus or some other entity, and these are all valid experiences and there is something to learn from them, because believe me, my own earliest recollection were trying to get use to this new body, because I can remember my last host, because its not uncommon for children to remember past lives, and the more research you do into this subject, you will find that I am not even rare in my recollection of past lives, by the time I was 9 most of those feelings started to go away, now they are only memories, but in Science, I want empirical evidence, and even though you will find thousands of documented cases of people being revived and remembering past lives and other events, its only when you decide to take this evidence as being the truth does your reality even start to change, because as far as I know, when I was born, I remembered all my past lives, but that was a fading memory, most forget it by age 3, but I can remember being 2, so I still remember, so I imagine when I die, it will take me a while to actually vacate my dead Flesh, my guess would be after every cell in that dead body has no more energy left in it, so please do not embalm me, in fact cremate me immediately after 3 Days, because I want to get it over with as fast as possible so I can be reborn, I had a dream once that when I died, it was like closing my eyes, then I had to sit there while my body disintegrated, because every Atom in my Body meaning Flesh and Bones, are the Light of God, so the embalming was a torture my SOUL had to endure, and that can last thousands, even billions of years, so Burn my Flesh or feed it to the Planet, no Poison, just wrap me in cloth of cotton, no casket, no concrete, I want to feel the Earth, I will become what ever eats me, trust me, I eat a Pig, I feel like a Pig, which is why some people do not eat Pigs, because they are Smart Animals, and you do not want to eat anything as Smart as you, because if you were an Intelligent being, then you would know that the Light of God is everywhere in the Universe at the same time.

I would not ask God why I was put on Earth either, that should be obvious that it was to take care of this Planet, so if I was God, I would program that into your DNA, and that is exactly what you will find there, and it seems the need to build Pyramids has been programmed into our DNA as well, because of all the common dreams that most major populations have reporter in all of recorded history, so the Galattice is really where dreams come from, and we are talking about Dreams here, because there is evidence that dreams are electrical stimulation in your brain, in fact I have had several sleep studies where they hook you up to a machine that reads your brain waves, and other electrical activity in your body, so no matter how you want to explain it or rationalize it, this Energy is what I call God, so its God talking to you, but to be Scientific let us just say that Trinary Energy can be monitored in your Dream State, so this is Empirical Evidence that Trinary Energy is talking to you in your Dreams, so what do you think is the most commonly reported dream of all times?

Building Pyramids is the most common dream people have had over the years, and I did not make that up, it seems this information has been encoded into our DNA.

The Great Pyramid was a Power Plant, it could produce many types of Energy: Photonic and Electricity from Lightning, and could split molecules of Water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, burn the two together and you have pure Water from that Salt water from the Ocean, so why was this knowledge programmed into our DNA? Actually most people never heard of this before, only those with the Dream, that was a question that lead Sir Isaac Newton to read all the literature he could find on this subject, because he was obsessed over this idea, as am I, and why I am talking about it now, because its how I know about Trinary Energy, and how Sir Isaac Newton and the other Wizards like Nikola Tesla who said we are Light Beings, because they all had these same dreams, but the real reason I know is because the last time I died, I remember who IAM, it was just I all the time, I just got Bored, and I really enjoyed the days we had when the Pyramids were fully functional, it was a Miracle, and so is life, who would have guessed this whole Universe is just God Dreaming, because in Science that is all that it can be, because in the Beginning there was only the Light called God, and that explains how we got here, which is Life, not just any life but Trinary Life, that realization that when you die, its just I, but if you try to tell this to anyone, they will think you are crazy, when it would be them who is, but then you remember its just I, so how can I be so stupid, then you remember Freewill, wow that was a mistake, it makes you forget who you are till you die, then you wake up and you tell your parents you remember all your past lives, and they tell you its just a dream, and spend you to see a shrink, because they think your head is getting to big, I can not wait to die knowing they will be there, but what is the point in telling them I told them so, because its only I and I just got bored again, so I can not wait till you die, but take your time, no rush, just make sure you do it right, live like there is no tomorrow because someday that will be true, so build a Dream as Grand as the Pyramid called Trinary Sanctuary.

Sir Isaac Newton left many notes in which he talked about different aspects of Science he worked in, the word Science did not have any meaning during his time, and the word Wizard or Witch could get you executed, but the men of his days studied many disciplines of Science as we know it now, but some of the modern Science of his day would have been Alchemy, now known as Chemistry, but that was outlawed along with Wizards and Witchcraft, so talk like this would have gotten him executed for sure, so its no wonder that his notes were never made public until recently, so we can say his papers never seen the Light of Day until recently, which is why those days were known as the Dark ages, but the truth is stranger than fiction in his days, or before his time even, because Galileo Galilei died the year Newton was born, and he wrote about the same Dreams, the Wizards seem to have these Dreams a lot, and the detail of those dreams were always centered around various aspects of the Technology, for example, Newton was only interested in the Light, as were we all, because that is the most widely experienced Dream of all time, Newton dreamed about being Jesus, my dream also, so common a dream that its known as Jesus Syndrome, and Galileo had dreams about Human Flight, and Newton found evidence of powered flight in the Bible, only he did not understand what he was looking at, Aircraft did not exist back then, and some of the artifacts at the Pyramid like models of Aircraft that when built to scale, did in fact fly, so others had this same dream, and that turned into inventions of flying machines that were as old as the Pyramids, and this was documented dreams of men who built things they dreamed up, so this is the stuff I Dreamed up, Dreams that span the Life of this Planet and beyond our Galaxy, all because these people remember when they last died, they remember past lives, and its common, in fact I think everyone does it, and you know how I know, because you and me have the same I as in IAM, and all the Wizard had these same memories of past lives, and its just a fact that the Human Race or what ever that race was called, it can be Apes as far as I know, I had those dreams also, you name it and I dreamed it up, because all our Dreams come form the same God I call the Light Wizard, and the other Wizards knew this because they know who IAM, because they remember those Dreams of being I and remembering who IAM, and during that brief moment in time when you can still access just that one Freewill Life, I can remember everything that I ever did since the beginning of this Universe, and its just Freewill that keeps yew from understanding who IAM, and that is Life, its about these different aspects of Science, where we have to prove what we say is Real Science, and when people tell you God is real, most tell them to get Real, because no one understands what IAM unless they die or remember the last time they died, that is a Mason Secret that most take to the grave, because its so much more entertaining to be you when you die, which is why Newton found its so amusing to teach empty class rooms, those People are not Listening then and they are not listening now.

Life in this Universe is based on our connection with the Light I call Trinary Energy, its what writes our DNA, at the Cellular level you can see it controlling all the Microscopic Engines that we call Cells, its how the Energy Controls all cells in your body, that 100 watts of power is used to control every muscle in your body, which means that your cells are controlling you, only some of you are unaware of the connection between you and your cells, and there is a good reason for that, sensory overload, I suffer from that a lot, too much information, the world comes melting down on top of you, so the Energy inside them is not in your control until you can admit that this Energy is who you are, its how you can think, because its ever fiber in your body, and Newton knew this, and its why he spent all his life researching it, doing experiments in Alchemy, studying the Bible and other books on Witchcraft, because that is all the Bible was according to him, because all the people in the Bible could connect with the Light, and they were also known as Wizards, like I said, Thor, Moses and Jesus all had Staffs of Power, and did all sorts of Magic, and the word Wizard and Magician mean the same thing in most languages, so once you come to this conclusion, you realize that everyone is actually a Light Wizard, because at the subatomic level, the Light is what is controlling you, and the Magic is that this technology is real, because everything you do not know how its done is Magic, but once you understand what the trick is, then its just a Science trick, and Magicians do tricks, so do Wizards that know about the Light, and are Light Wizards, and there is also another type of Wizard, one with double Z's, a Light Wizzard, and that is the actual Being of Light that are the Life-Force of the Trinary Energy that are controlling everything in the Universe, and these are the Wizzards I see in my Dreams, so they are written into my DNA, so the Spell Light Wizzard means Trinary Energy, and I like using Spells, maybe that is the Aspie in me, but this connection to the Light is in-Lightning, meaning Enlightened, so its a Photonic / Electrical connection, and could be measured physically with a SOUL Meter, witch acts like an Om Meter, witch is a Spell for Ohm Meter, so now its real science, we are talking about Energy that operates our body, that 100 watt Light Bulb we call a SOUL, our ability to communicate with it is only limited by that Little Voice in your head, because Electricity travels at the speed of Light, and now you know the Connection, its who IAM, because in the Beginning there was only the Light and that means you are that Light because so IAM.

All Life in the Universe is possible because of the Light Wizzards, where the word Wizzard [2] with a double z only signifies that this refers to Energy at the Subatomic level, think of the sound Electricity makes as you are being Electrocuted, zzzZZZ, do not try this Experiment, trust me, I have done that before, trust me on the noise it makes, whereas the word Wizard refers to a Human who can teach things Step by Step, so I am a Wizard for this reason alone, so I talk about my Steps a lot, and while both refer to some kind of Magic, which is just another name for Trinary Energy doing some type of Magic to make things happen, like create the Magnetosphere so that this Planet would have breathable Atmosphere, so we could live here, and that same Electromagnet Force Field I call a Trinary Force Field, is what generates that 100 watts of Energy we require to run our body, so the Universe was created by the Light Wizzards, and in fact, everything that was every built on this Planet, was built by them, and that is according to the Bible, because another word for Light is God, so it seems that this information is very old, and everyone should already know about it, yet this is just another aspect of the Trinary Universe, those that do not remember their past lives believe they do not exist, and its not so much they do not remember, its that they though it was just a dream, and sometimes it is, because life is just a Dream that IAM having.

As a human I can only wonder how we survived as a Race, the Churches knew that it was Science that destroyed parts of this Planet to begin with, the Caspian Sea would not exist if the Rock of Gibraltar was not so close to an Atomic Bomb blowing up the Land mass that held back the Ocean, because there is over whelming evidence of advanced societies where Sacred Geometer will map out all the locations for each Sanctuary that existed on this Planet at one time, its existence is empirical data to support my concept of the Trinary Universe based on facts printed in the Bible, mainly that God is all Light without Darkness, so the Church tried to slow mankind down a little before they destroyed the whole planet, but mankind, which also includes woman, minus the Woo Spell, because when it comes to destroying life on this Planet, Woman have now killed more Humans on this Planet then all Wars combined, and our Planet is still over populated, so if this is all about Population Control, I can come up with a better plan, because my Cousin Isaac said that the end of Civilization will occur by 2060, when the Poles Reverse, so you do the math, by the time that happens that person I call me will be dead, unless I live to be exactly 100, facts are stranger then fiction, but I was conceived in 1960, so if I live that long, which is possible, but not probable, but then my death would become the end of Civilization, now that said, you have to remember who IAM, the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, some wonder if that is suppose to be funny, and it is only if you get it, and that is why I say it so much, because logic is a subject few can keep up with, the we as humans who was taught nothing about the things that I have said in this Book, yet most of it is right out of the Bible, but the fact that humans think they can do nothing to stop the destruction of this Planet, so they go along with it, one Nuclear Plant after the Next has a Disaster and the Powers that Be build another one, so Sheeple say Baaad, and do nothing about it, because its not their Job, they do not get Paid the Big Bucks to think about things like this, so they allow their Constitution to be abolished because they pretend it exist, even though its a joke that most Sheeple do not get because Yew are so Stupid, so how do we save this Planet called Earth, and there is only one Solution, remove what started it and allows it to continue, and now we narrowed down the problem to Money: Witch (and yes I Spelled it correctly) Jesus said was the Root of all Evil so Yew would Love it, the Spell for Evolve into the Opposite of Live, proof it means Evil, and this is not Religion, that I never really did Understand, because if there truly is only one God, that that is who IAM, yet I celebrate Christmas and Santa Clause, because the Spell for Claus, without the E in Evil, because Santa and Satan have the same Characters in the Spelling of those words, yet most Humans on this Planet believe in the Main Streams Version of History, and do not believe in this version of His-Story, because it was more important for me to be Right, then worrying about being Left, and maybe that is the Aspie in Me also, because I had to learn to do everything backwards, and its why my IQ is so High, because so am I, because its all a matter of who test Yew and what Test that give you to take, because those are mostly for Neurotypicals, but my test scores were 180, and that is a 180 opposite of Yew, because IAM a Light Wizzard, I did not say that just to make fun of Yew, well maybe I did, humor is always a good thing, but saying its a joke does not make it funny, as if Yew had any feeling, other then how the Wind blew and how dry IAM, because IAM the Tree called TaxUS, and every Shade of Green in between, because people who believe in the Trinary Universe know that You are not Yew so this does not sound all that Crazy, but what do you expect from an Ashkenazic Schizoaffective Aspie with OCD and a high IQ, and that is not even the reason why I was medically Retired, that was just cut out of me like some disease, that is what causes the Depression and Anxiety, pain makes you suffer, and some Doctors think I am just a Disease, so they treat me like one, and some do you a favor by cutting it out so you can live another day with so much pain, but after a while it all sounds the same, like I said this before, or have been down this road again and again, and its because in the End, its not you or me that is Right or what is Wrong, its just who IAM, so keep in mind this is all because I got bored, and if its not to expect me to act like a Wizard then its denying Me my Right to Freedom, and that means it comes without a Cost in terms of Money, so the Universe is what you Pay for, and the more you pay the faster it will all go away before the Sheeple wake up and say what, were you talking to me about Reality?

Like I always said, you can not call me Crazy, but yew can say IAM just full of Shit, but in doing so, ask yourself who is Crazy, do you hear voices in your head? Because the last time I checked I was sane, no matter what that little voice said, that was not who I is, or what IAM all about, its about what is really going on in Reality, its just God Dreaming, so why do we pretend that its not just I that is doing all this, so what is this thing we are doing, and why are we doing it, and it all comes down to who you think is sane... Yew keep telling me that my concept of the Universe is insane, all my life over and over, since I was a Child Adults would try to put me in my place about talk about past lives, and God being Real, and God being Electricity, my Teacher told me that was Satanic to think like that, witch is why I think like that, it was an inception that burned into my mind, like the thought that you have to sound out words in your head using that little voice, when Doctors use to warn us not to listen to voices in your Head, then people tell me that its crazy to hear voices, you get the point, round and round, so is it Normal to Hear Voices in your Head? Yes, but is it Crazy? You bet... So who is crazy, those that are crazy or those that think they are not, because when you die you will find out, and I hope your parents are there, so they can explain to you, that you are just Me, and its just I, so I thought to myself, was this some Test I put myself through, because if I created this Dream, then why was it that my life sucked so bad, no one would let me talk about science because I would never shut up, they would say I talk at the Speed of Light and that is why its a Constant, as if Sarcasm is lost on Me, as if anyone can really ramble on about a subject and forget about what they are writing, because they know they have written this before, as if this is just me Repeating the same thing over and over till I finally could say what it was I was trying to say, but then I remember this is a book, and I cut and pasted out of other books, as well as Edit, but if I have someone else edit it, would it still say the same thing, because regardless of what words or how I spell them, this is just a book that is part of a cluster of other books rolled into one, so its just a collection of books, and not all about the same thing, well not really, its just about the Light, and yes I do repeat myself because I did again, just the thought of saying I repeat myself is repeating myself, so making you aware that IAM doing it on purpose is what annoys some people even more, so the point of Rambling on is not to Travel anyway, it just means you view the event then over analyze it, but I can always edit out all this Rambling and just get to the point, but that was my Point, the Rambling is what got me to this place in my life, that point where you come in and read this and say to yourself, wow this guy is seriously mentally ill, how can anyone believe they are God having a Dream, and explaining to them that they will understand after they are dead is not going to go over very well with most Sheep, yew will just look at me and say what? How can I know anything after I die, and that is when You relieve, that I means I no matter who says it, so is this a Magic Trick, I will not understand this till after I die, so if they never come back to life you would have no proof from beyond, but if you really thought for a moment that people come back from the dead, after 3 days, yew would have been looking for a Miracle, all IAM saying is that All Life is driven by Electricity, you can cure the Life-Form with Electricity, and yew can kill them with that same Electricity at a high enough Power, so this is that Higher Power they call God, but that sounds like Religion, so its just Trinary Science, so why use one term over the other unless yew were looking for a Fight, because the Debate over what God is has been what Holy Wars are all about... War is not about who is Right its about who is Left, so read this Carefully: there are layers of Truth so deep that the only way actually proven something, is to go to that place and return, if you do not return, no one will ever know what you learned in your Life, yet we as Humans can learn a great deal about Newton, Franklin and Tesla, so the only God IAM talking about is the same one they talked about, so its the Same God the Bible stated was All Light without Darkness, so any talk about Religion will only start a fight, so if the Word Spelled God offends yew, change it to Trinary Energy, or the Light Wizzard, or White Noise, I do not care what yew call it, as long as you know what it means, and defining what God is, was not what I did, its what the Bible did when it described God in terms of the Science of Light, Sir Isaac Newton wrote about in 1666, so 666 and the Antichrist are revealed, but really... What were yew expecting? The Devil? Maybe Satan? All the term Anti means is against the Concept, so if you are against the Concept of Christ, then you are the Antichrist, and it should be a title that you are proud of, because you know what it means, that you do not believe there are two Jesus's in the Bible, as Newton Proved beyond a reasonable doubt over 333 years ago, just half of 666, so again more proof that numbers are not so random after all, and coincidence is why fools like to Gamble, because if they went by Statistics they would never play the Game, but people always think that IAM making fun of them for being Stupid, some get offended because I use name IAM, because they do not know who Yew are, but what I proved is that all of U.S. committed Treason by accepting Money with In God We Trust engraven in the Planets Blood, so what is the point in starting a fight based on facts, that everyone knows is the Truth, its not because IAM afraid of Fighting, everyone that knows me knows I do, it always comes down to how I play the Game, and I never play it to try to win, because Winning is not the Only thing, if you feel Persecuted just because you feel like you are not doing enough in this World, so I would never try to convince you, because you have Freewill, I have not written anything you can not prove for yourself, because Lies are what causes War, that are not based on Facts but Stronger Convictions, and that that is why most of the Population is in prison, when it comes to War, Religion is not worth the Fight because no body wins by being dead, but at least then they would know I was writing the Truth, about how I got bored one day, but some of yew do not take the time to read all that I say, you only read what you want to use to attack me with, so yes you have to die to get this proof, and it means you will not come back to prove it to anyone but you, but like me you are Flesh, and dead Flesh never comes back to life after 3 Days, if it did, then it really was not dead to be begin with, so this just a point I do not want to go to War over, because that is how you start a fight, and not how you want to end one, its why I fit right in with the Military, it was just about getting the job done, it did not matter if you understood how something worked, as long as you can fix it, but there is not way to fix stupid, because some of yew will never see the Light, its not going to change your life, other then the way you view it, and if you start to think about God having Dreams, you will know its the truth, but some of yew do not see it that way, till I got to the point it made me sick to talk about it, so I stopped, instead I talked about other things, and found far more drama during the Gulf War then I signed up for, I got shot before the War even started, I just wished they used less real Lead in their Bullet from a Gun they call Vaccines, because they want to make sure you are immune to Lead, although many people die for it and from it, most wish they had, so who is Crazy, I guess we will find out when yew die, so be careful who yew call Crazy, because if IAM right, then you are only calling yourself Crazy for having this Dream, which in real life is a Nightmare to me.

I never read into anything, that is the Aspie in me, so I do not deny it, I do not deny who I am or who IAM, because I am not ashamed of saying IAM a Light Wizzard, and that is a fact, so the Trinary Universe is all about facts, empirical evidence, then I arrange the details about how its all put together and held together, and Step by Step the Story unfolds, yet its not over, this is the Never Ending Story, believe me, it repeats itself because its His-Story, and History always repeats itself, did I say that already? Because this seems like Deja Vu, because most of what I talk about are from Dreams, so they are Double Deja Vu, which is the Moment you realize you have seen this before is because you have already had this dream, but you think your dreams are not real and your wake time is, in fact you think its the only thing that is real, when everything you have ever thought about is in your head, and that is real, so why not your dreams, or is that an Aspie thing, and trust me, there are things about Neurotypicals that I can not learn, and Stupid is not one of them, I can do Stupid all day long, I can have Meltdowns, Panic Attacks, PTSD, just pick a Spell, I can do them all at the same time and not even think about it, because if I did I might remember that those words came out of my mouth, because trust me, when I am talking you never know if its Me or I that is speaking, because when things over stimulate me, my Energy starts to resonate at a Frequency that sets my SOUL of Fire, its an Out Of Body Experience that is way to time consuming to try to explain, so I try not to write while I am having an attack, because I will not remember it, I have wrote pages of dialog and never remember any of it, and I know Isaac said the same thing, it was like someone else used our body to write it, or act it out, and its why we may think it was just a dream, when others are saying it was real, but I also know it was them that started the Attack, so I take everything they say with a Grain of Salt, because it takes a lot of grains of Salt to make a Crystal Ball so I could look back in time and see what I saw, witch made me see sick on a see saw, and that is how I explain it, spin around very fast until you can no longer spin without getting sick, in fact go until you do, then stand up and try to act normal and have a conversation or write some notes and then see if you remember that the next day, maybe add in a quart of alcohol or your best Poison, take a few of your Doctors pills, do what it takes, but get to a point without killing yourself, to where you can understand the total state of confusion, because that is how I feel every time someone says that they do not believe in my Concept of the Trinary Universe, so why I ever wanted to write about it is beyond me, so it must have been something I wanted to do, there is not other explanation, its like foots in the sand, the times you only see one set of foot prints, it was then I was carrying yew, because if the Lord is my Shepard then I am a Sheep, because it has the same I as you, so when Wizards tale His-Story, it does very deep, and when those layers start at the Atomic Level, they can go no Deeper, so as the depths unfold and yield logic and reason untold, then who do yew believe, is it in Yew or Me?

The Bottom Line is never ending just like His-Story, so the tale of the Trinary Universe must stop before you run out of Ink or your Mind as you read this, so I will try to get to a point, because in the end, it only matters what you know, and not what yew believe, and His-Story is about many things, but they are all related to the Trinary Universe, because I could have just stuck to the facts about the Trinary Universe and told nothing about myself, Sir Isaac Newton did that, but when the truth about his life came out, many people lost faith in his teachings, some believed that a Wizard is just a Myth or Legend, so Main Stream Science decided to back the Godless Science of the Dynamic Universe, and because yew are Stupid, yew believed that yew could still use Newtonian Math, because having the Light of God in all Newtons Equations did not make yew see the Light, and realize that his Math does not work without the Light of God in it, and the fact that most if not all of what Einstein said has been debunk by Einstein himself, when he denounced it, whereas the Science of Newton is the only real science we have, but I told you about my Life, and how it is I came to know about the Trinary Engine, because I figured it out in my Mind, and my Mind is anything but normal, so I have been open and truthful, no matter how much it hurt to talk about some things, yet all that really mattered to me was that Society change from its Evil ways of Money and the Belief in Deities, into an Advance Society that only believed in the Reality of the Trinary Universe, which is the knowledge of how the Universe actually works, because that is the way God created the Trinary Universe, and who ever wrote the Bible already knew this, so this is very old Magic that only Wizards tale.

Life in the Universe is only who it is defined, I do not like leaving anything undefined, so I defined it as the Trinary Universe, I try to make it clear in each Step, that this is all based on Trinary Science, so I add the Word and Spell Trinary to everything, so even God normally refers to Trinary God, but life is built with Atoms made of Neutrinos and Light, and there is no denying that, but as the Teacher I have no idea if my Students reading this, really understand it, its so simple I figure that everyone would understand it, but then I remember that no one believes in Newton since his Notes became Public Domain, and the crowd of people that allowed Einsteins Theories that he did not even believe, are the same Fools how allowed the Constitution to be Abolished, so yew wonder why I keep repeating that message, and its because its not a Subliminal message, nor is this News, its been over 153 years now, and Newtons Science goes back over 333 years, so how can Life in this Universe get stupid all of a sudden, I mean what changed, besides Vaccines, and we all know they never worked, getting Sick is not the answer to keeping from getting Sick, in fact, that is just stupid, its easier to stay healthy then it is to recover from sickness, so who knows maybe Stupid is a Virus, and the whole World should get a Stupid Vaccine, but that is Life nowadays, because their is no profit in Curing people, only in Treating them, which is why the Hospitals send you home before you get better, so you will get sicker and have to come back, so they give you a disease, then send you home without medicine for it, like its your problem to fill prescriptions, and since only sick people are in the Hospital, its a good thing to leave it as soon as possible, that is what Life taught me, its all about how people view life, and I only view it from the stand point of our Energy, regardless of what you call it, but Trinary Energy states it the best, but does not really change what a Soul is, it just explains it, in terms of Light without Darkness, and when you understand that Darkness is just the Colors of the Rainbow, then you will understand what the Darkness without the Light looks like, and then you will wonder why you call it the Light, its like calling the South Pole the North Pole, then telling everyone they are about to Reverse, but not to worry, because now the Names are Correct, so we do not need to change our Maps, only the way we reference Magnetic North does this Matter, because all life has a Compass, few understand how a Magnet works, because no matter what the North end of a Magnet points to: it is called the South Pole, so now Reality gets a little more real, why is it when you ask most people which way is North, they point South? Is that out of Ignorance or misunderstanding about the Physics of Magnetic Force Fields, or just not understanding the question, maybe I should have asked which way would the North end of a Magnet point, if they said South, I would at least know they understand that much, now you would think if I then asked which way is the North Pole, they point to the South Pole? So how intelligent a Being is, that actually did not need me to talk down to them like they were stupid for not knowing that, really all I was trying to do was keep yew focused, you have to remember this was written for yew to read, and this is how I talk to yew, because I just proved how stupid yew are, so why not think about who yew are, and what yew are, and it all comes down to DNA, and yew and you, and yes even me, has more in common in our DNA, that I can use this as evidence that the Human Race and Trees, are related through Evolution, this is just a fact, so its entertaining to use it, without having to reference it, there are so many I would not know where to start, and few would help me make a Point about Life, if I had one to make, because I try to base it on Empirical Evidence, so far that is that Atoms are Made of Neutrinos and Light, and everything in the Universe is made of Atoms, so this Light, which my Parents called it White Noise in White Light, but me being me had to give it a name, so I called it Trinary Energy, or the Light Wizzard, but my Cousin Isaac Newton called it God, which some call God All Light without Darkness, I only see the Darkness in the Light, this is what I see in all of Yew, and it is why I can See (C:), so it is what I call Life in the Universe, because Seeing is Believing and its all that I know, but its a fact all Life is made of Atoms of Light, so its proof we are Light Beings, so Nikola Tesla was Right, the Light is Everything, because everything is made of Light, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Life is Light.


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