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The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.14

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 2 May 2018


Chapter 4.14: Conclusion

My Conclusion about the Universe is that very few people in history have ever understood it, those like Sir Isaac Newton who understood the nature of God and Science way beyond his years, was just a side note in History, because his Universe was forgotten by people who believed that everything is possible when Einstein did not even believe that, cause that thought would lead yew to believed in things that did not physically exist, so I figure I might as well teach this to my Sheep named Yew, because no one else will ever read it and those that do may not understand it, but Sheep never change their Minds once they are set, and for some Sheep that means by Age 6, because most people do not care about the Universe after that age, only about how to make Money with God Engraven in the Blood of the Planet and Jesus's Death staining it, but few have the attention span to read this many words about a subject that they do not care about, its like the Constitution of the United States of American, most citizens believe it exist when in fact it does not, because you cannot Amend the Word Spelled Only, so they lie about, ignorance is bliss in the home of the Cowards and Stupid Wee the Sheeple, as do those that believe in Deities and Spirits, they will fight with you to the death if you dare say anything about their Religion, the endless Wars throughout History is proof of that, the Fact that they make Bombs made of God and call them Nuclear or Atomic Energy, all more Lies from Liars and Thieves who Stole this Planet and Plundered it for its Blood as they Killed it, making the Human Race the Stupidest Race of all time, there is no Signs of Intelligence in this Race, most that know how to tie their Shoes, have no idea how they are Made, because the concept of believing in things that do not Physically exist does not register as insane to them, but facts are facts, and these facts are hard to ignore, once you understand what the Light is capable of, Science will start to be important to you, but not until the people of this World wake up to the damage they are causing this Planet by Drilling for Oil and doing underground Nuclear Bomb testing, that is what most of yew are total retards, and yew stop reading this book when I rip into yew, because yew are just a Stupid Tree called TaxUS, and yew think I made this stuff up, wake up, Newton wrote that, not me, I just made it funny, he was serious, because these people are so Stupid that the word Reality and Science means nothing to them, all they want is more Money, Drugs, and Power, and that is all that matters to most people in this World, but look around, the Ice Age is beginning, it starts with the Ice Caps melting, so Global Warming is your Sign for this to happen, and its already too late to stop that, proving yew are Retards for not stopping the Oil Drilling, and there is no stopping it now, this is set on autopilot and all the Green Changes will not make any difference at this point, unless you stop using Oil, and Stop drilling for Oil, and plug up all the open wells, and seal up all the leaking ones, this Planet is doomed, Newton calculated that date to be in the year 2060, when the Poles Reverse, I will be 100 years old, which is too old to care, so I write this Book to prove it to Yew, because no one else cares, even Yew do not care what happens to this Planet as long as you can get Gas, and Nuclear power is great till the Nuclear Power Plant melts down, and a few of them have, and all of them will, so you created toxic waist you can not just bury in a hole and hope no one notices, this stuff will be toxic for millions of years from now and you are not even worrying about where to store it, or how to store it, and that proves yew are out of control and insane.

Humans have a need to be important, it feeds their Ego, personally I have no need for an Ego, it slows me down, but its why there are so many Stupid Theories about how the Universe works and none of them are even close, and why all the Schools of this time only teach pure BS that is based on Theory, which is never been proven to be the truth and only Stupid people would argue that point, I have to wonder if Humans are really that Stupid as to believe in Einsteins over Newton, less then 1% of the population understood how the Universe really worked before I started writing my story, by the time most people who read this get this far, they understand this is how it works, I know I may have explained some of the concepts more then one way, and they seem to contradict each other, and its because if you follow the Logic, its because no two people think the same, so I have to use double negatives to see the truth, like the North Pole on a Map is Not the North Pole, its the Magnetic North Pole, its actually the South Pole, so why write North when you mean South, because yew are too stupid to understand the Difference, so one looks right and the other looks wrong, but if you ask enough people which one is right, you will never get the answer, because its how we understand things that make any answer or question, right or wrong, its a value system, its not like I was right or wrong about anything, all I did was explain reality using concepts about the Light that others wrote a long time ago, so it was wisdom beyond their time, endless logic that will always be true, but Humans have to get past their own Ego, as for me, I am not Arrogant, I actually do know it all, and there is a huge difference, its not Ego driven knowledge, I did not learn it to impress anyone, in fact, my quest for the truth cost me many things in my lifetime, my Step-Mother taught me well, it never mattered how much proof I had, 99% of the people have proved how stupid the majority of people are, look around at what a Hell they created: Pollution, Crime and War, and for what? Money, and that is what it always comes down to, because Money is a Drug, it makes people insane, some people will do anything for Money, and most people have a Price Tag, and if some one will pay, they will do just about anything, because Money makes people feel Important, and that Feeds their Ego, and its why I do not like Money, its not even worth working for, it has no value, its just a bad habit, all Drugs are, that is what my Cousin Isaac Newton said, and its as true nowadays as it was them, Money is the Root of All Evil, and its why 99% of the World currently has no clue as to how the Universe actually works.

I proved how simple God is, God is All Light without Darkness: but the Majority want to make it more complex, thinking God is a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically exist is overly complex, there is no difference between believing in a God that does not Physically exist and believing that God does not exist, because they believe God is just a Miracle so its just Magic, and that is a fact, so God is a Magician or Wizard to them, no matter what they believe a Wizard is, it does not change this fact, because that is what a Magician is, and its why some actually believe that Moses was with God, instead of Being God, so God was a Burning Bush to them, when in fact the Bible stated only Satan Burns in Hell, the Bible was very clear about that, so this was a clue as to who Moses was consorting with... The Darkside, the Backward Spell for Live is Evil, the Darkness with no Light, could this be Satan... It could be Santa, he deals with Money also, but that is how Money and Law got started, so the Money Junkies bow down to the Dark Wizard or God of Moses, the God that is all Darkness with no Light, the Wizards Spell it Gold, just take the L out and make the Spell Law, now you have God's Law, and that explains why they Worship Lincoln who sold U.S. back to the Banks we fought our Independence from, because to the Bankers he is just as important as Moses, so the Majority of people like the Dark Wizards in History, those that use Money are doing the bidding of the Dark Lord himself, and that is right out of the Bible, because the Bible did not say Moses was a Good man, in fact, they proved he was a Bad man: Rape, Pillage and Plunder is bad, you would have to be real Evil to even like people as disgusting as that, but that is what Religion is all about, Worshiping the Darkside, and Killing everyone who tales the Truth about it, and its why I will call those kind Sheep, as proof the Dark Lord is their Shepard if they follow Moses or Use Money, as for Me, I have no choice, my Wife can not Live without Money, so I support her... That is what I tell myself so I can sleep or count Sheep at night, but I told you I work for the Bank, so I do the bidding of my Master, and I can not serve two Masters, so I because the Staff Sergeant, for the Black Knights, so the Military is the War Dogs that the Bank holds on a Leash (or is that Spell: Lease), but it did not help, Money makes my skin crawl, and my SOUL belongs to God, and IAM only doing the Bidding of the Light of God, because I see all the Evil that Money is doing, and buying food to feed children, is just sick, because Money is Evil, and its why they grow up thinking they can not live without it, when they are dying from the Cancer it brings, Evil is Evil: the lessor of the two is still Evil, and its because their Satanic parents force feed them Evil all their Life, as did theirs before them, so people say Satanic is too strong of a Word, so I will use the Spell the Darkside, or Dark Lord, also known as Land Lords, the Greediest Creatures to ever infect this Planet, that is why the befriended the Lawyers, those who made Treason Legal, what do I call people who worship a man that started a Riot that ended in: Rape, Pillage and Plunder? The Bible called them Satanic, and Jesus said those that use Money are Evil, and the 12 Traders who sold him out for Money and Denied they knew all 3 of his names are proof that the Power of Money is more powerful then the word of God, because those that use it are insane, they are Evil and allow the Evil to continue, they are too Stupid to understand the Bible, because they are Cowards, because they will continue to Sell Jesus out for Money and deny that God is just Light that is in all Life, Sir Isaac Newton proved that all Money is a scam and most of it is counterfeit, my Cousin Benjamin Franklin said that he hated (Darkside Emotion) the majority of people in the World because they were Evil because they allowed Money to destroy their way of Life and the Constitution his forefathers fought for: ironic that my Cousin with the same last name as me, was named after the man who helped write the Constitution, would live to see it abolished for Money, he said that Lincoln was just like Moses, the Dark Wizard that deceives people, Money is the Magic, its the Drug he got people hooked on to feed their Ego, he said that when Lincoln was Legally executed for Treason, the News Papers said nothing about, they called it Murder or an Assignation in fact, and they deleted every mention of the Legal Execution from History, and outlawed the Militia and made them Guilty of Treason, which was easy to do since they owned everything and everybody, so this was not a Conspiracy, it was just business as usual, because people only believe what the Banks allow to be Printed, that is why they believe in Money, and I know that the Internet did not change a thing, because the reason I wrote this Book was to prove everything I said about this Universe is the Truth, because these are the End of Times, Judgment day is coming, and 2060 is not very far from now, so the countdown begins, till the Planet Reverses its Poles, what does it take to get the World to understand all the Evil that is going on? Nothing I say seems to get the Message through...

Conclusion after Conclusion, nothing will change until everyone changes, and that is asking too much, because that would mean they would have to read this, or someone would have to read this to them, and then they would have to understand it, and most people only understand Money, and that is sad, its why this Planet is in a Sad Shape, all Melting, because it does not have enough Oil to run all its Machines, and the count down is started so the People can decide on what to do, and most will do nothing, because its not their job and no one will pay them to do it, and its because Stupid is Stupid, the Lack of Knowledge is what makes Stupid, I do not care if Stupid People do not understand what I say, this book was not written for them to Understand, nor was the Bible, it was the Book about Sin, so only Sinners live that life, so its not that IAM ever wrong about anything, because IAM God, not Me, that is just the Flesh, and I have to convince him everyday that he is not the Flesh, he is just the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and he only knows who IAM because he choice to Remember his Dreams, and everything else he has seen in his life.

Sir Isaac Newton Calculated that the Earth will Reverse its Poles in 2060, based on what the Bible said, and the Mayan Calendar said the same thing, and proved it, the Earth works in Iterations, each are only 2012 year long, each cycle an object or Trinary Engine in the Solar System, will reverse its Polarity, so Newton calculated it would take 333 Objects or Trinary Engines to control all the Objects, which include: Planets, Moons, Comets, Asteroids and other Debris, so its easy to calculate how long every objects Frequency is, its 333 (Trinary Engines) x 2012 (years) = 669,996, although Newton understood that a year was different on each Object, so he was only calculating the Earths Frequency, he calculated that the Ration of 333 cycles per Sun cycle, which is measured from the time the Sun passes through the Galactic Plane, allows each object to change polarity 4 times between half cycles, meaning the time it changes polarity, such that every object in the Solar System will change Polarity on its own schedule, using this Ration, the Universe on the other hand, has a much longer Iteration, like I said before, they can be Billions of years long, maybe between 13 to 16 Billion years, so its a Conclusion that one day this Earth will Reverse its Poles, and that time is nearing, the change started in 2012 and I documented this in another project I call The Sun, its a YouTube Video Series, so you can watch it unfold, and so I conclude that one day the Sky will Fall, the Atmosphere will vent into space, and the Earth will quake, and that is why you will wish we had more Oil to cushion this Earthquake, but we do not, so I can only conclude that with the current structure of all Cities in the World, that less then 10% of all Life on this Planet will survive such an Event, and this is not the Fear Factor, but the Truth, and that was all the Bible was about, it documented how Evil People are, and stated the Facts about Science, God is All Light without Darkness.

I conclude that the Powers that Be knew this, and have been preparing for it, but they are fools for building only underground, and the structures they built can not withstand the Earthquake that is coming, so they will be the first to die, which is ironic, they did nothing to save others, only thinking about a few to save, and they killed them first, leaving the people they deem not worth saving, to rule the World, and those people were not intelligent enough to save themselves, and after this event there technology may not work, unless it has a switch to change the Polarity it works on, so this is worse then Y2K, so why is it IAM the only one talking about this problem, and I conclude its because all of yew are stupid, because you allowed your Tax Money to Kill those that could have save you, and you allowed that Tax Money to allow Theories to become Science, instead of Theoretical Science also known as Science Fiction, so actually I can only Conclude that most people are Stupid, because its normal to be Stupid, but IAM not Normal, and this book is not about Stupid Science, its about Stupid People who believe in Theories instead of Facts, and people who do not know the difference are Schizophrenic.

When I wrote this book, I knew no one would read it, and its not because of the way I wrote it, that only annoyed Stupid People, Intelligent people can read anything, it does not matter to them if its is not spelled right, or the right word in that context, they do not care about Run on Sentence, they only care about the Logic and Reason, and it must have Empirical Evidence, and I did just that, I proved it all with Empirical Evidence, using Logic and Reasoning, and I did so without Changing the Bible, or the Work of other Wizards throughout History, the funny thing is that Einstein would have been my biggest supports for this Book, and I believe Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and the Other Wizards, would also support it, I know this for a fact, because I use most of their Words to write it, my only original concepts where renaming it all to Trinary, and finishing all the work they stated, which was to figure out how it all works, and no one is more amazed about reading this book then me, because I only wrote for me and a Sheep I call Yew, and that is my Conclusion.


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