The Principles of the Trinary Universe

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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A Dissertation Presented to the Department of Physics
Trinary University
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

The Trinary Universe is based mostly on the work of: the Bible, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, unfortunately these works were misunderstood by most Neurotypicals, or Normal People, because they were written by Autistic People, and they were anything but Normal, and it takes one to know one, so as one, I understood at a young age what they wrote about, I understand the Math and Science behind it, and I would try to explain it to Adults, and they would tell me about Albert Einstein, not understanding that he was also Autistic, and he actually Denounced his Theory of General Relativity before 1942, yet Stupid Adults would use his Theories to debunk what I had to say about: the Bible, Kepler, Newton and Tesla, because Einstein only believed in them as well as Facts and not Theories, and they would tell me I would understand it when I grew up, well I did, and over half a Century later, my Science has not changed only the Names for it did, so I changed Trinity to Trinary, changing Religion into Science, so I have no reason to write it for Adults, since they proved how stupid they can be, and after they threaten to take me to Court, Sue or Kill me, for Proving beyond a Shadow of a Doubt what I write about is the Truth, and I swear that on a Bible using it as a Reference to what God is, causing Adults to become irrational about that statement, so to stay out of Court and Fights, I decided that this Document was to be written Souly for a Female Sheep I Named Yew, so Yew is a Ewe, so never get confused about what Spell I use; because this Name is way too Entertaining to pass up, especially when you read this book out Load, and although I am serious about the subject of Science, I have a hard time taking Stupid Sheep Serious, and the Bible was written for Sheep, and since I am using it as a Reference, I must also write it for Sheep in my Flock, so for those that Follow this Shepard and the Sheep Dog, this book was written just for yew. The reason why I wrote these Books is Simple: I realized that one day I would die, and I could not look after the Animals in my Flock, and could not trust others to do so for me, because they were too Stupid to Survive themselves, and I wanted yew to have better Science, because Mainstream Science that is based on Albert Einsteins Theories, that he Denounced on Nikola Tesla's Birthday, because like Tesla: Einstein only believed in the Newtonian Universe, and said that without Newton's Force of Gravity also known as God, the Universe would have Paradoxes that can not exist in Reality, thus only Stupid Sheep would allow Paradoxes in their Science, and I did not want Yew to be Stupid, and wanted yew to Survive the End of Civilization: in the year 2060, as the Bible Predicted and Newton Calculated, and I recalculated it and showed my work, so you can calculate when the Magnetic Polarity will reverse, causing Earthquakes, and our Atmosphere to vent into Space... So I wrote this Science for Yew, and if People or Humans want to read it, they will have to understand why I wrote it for my Sheep named Yew, and it is because: I do not care what Yew Believe, Know it or No it Not, because its much simpler to change the Mind of a Sheep, then it is to change the Mind of a Human, especially an Adult Human, and only a Fool would take me to Court or Kill me for what I tale my Sheep, from the viewpoint of the Sheep Dog, by the time the Judge figures out this is just a Legal Loop Hole, he would not allow any of it into Court, and I am dying of Cancer so its Killing me slowly anyway, and I am too Old and in too much Pain to care if yew Kill me, because I know I will never Die, because I is the Light of God that is in me, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and IAM just a Light Being who will always be reborn into the Flesh, and IAM nothing more than the Messenger throughout History, because I am a descendant of Isaac Newton.

Since this Science is based on: the Bible, Kepler, Newton and Tesla, I had to use the Bible, and the Bible was written for Sheep that followed this Shepard known as Christ the Lord, and Logic dictates that Only Sheep follow a Shepard or belong to a Flock, so now you understand why I call yew Sheep: the Bible did, and Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, to make Money less Evil, by making only the Love of Money Evil, so I had to call my Sheeple something so why not Yew, so yew are the only Sheep in my Flock, and IAM the Dog standing next to the Light Wizzard, and Newton and Tesla were the Last Wizards, and Dog is the backward Spell for God, and I was born in Corona, and grew up to become a Medically Retired Gulf War Vet, and this is His-Story and History about the Trinary Universe, so yew must understand what God is, as if All Light without Darkness was not enough... Newton said he was a descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, who according to the Bible, was the Leader of the Militia that defeated the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, and Yew is a type of Tree called Taxus, so it was fitting to name my Sheep after Taxus, but since its known as Yew, I will talk to Yew about Science, because sometimes talking to Ewe is like talking to a tree, because Newton said he could Calculate the Motion of Heavenly Bodies, but not the Madness of Humans, and he also calculated the End of Civilization in the year 2060, and Mainstream knows this will happen, and predicts over 90% of all lifeforms on the Planet will not survive it, this is also known as a Magnetic Pole Reversal and the Pole Shift has already begun, and I can prove that is going to happen on schedule, using Mainstream's Science's Data, and all the Trinary Science behind it, so this Science is right out of the Bible, but it is not Religion, because Newton was against the teaching of Christ or a Deity, because Newton knew God was All Light without Darkness, and that Physically exist unlike Christ or a Deity... This is about the Real Science of: the Bible, Kepler, Newton and Tesla, and I just renamed Trinity too Trinary to make it Science instead of Religion, and I am Military and took an Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution, and that is what I will do till the day I die, so this Book is what a Military Vet with the 3 highest Achievement Awards, or Medals Authorized by Congress, writes about: The Real Science explaining the Trinary Universe, so like Newton, I only Write about what I can Prove is the Truth or a Fact, and will use No Theories, nor accept any Theories as a fact, so do not debate me with Theories, because that is Insane, so just the Facts, and do not get offended if I call Yew Stupid, if yew do not know the difference between a Fact and a Theory, because you can always believe in the Truth or you can be a Fool, so make no mistake about what Universe yew are in, the Newtonian or Trinary Universe are the same, I changed the Name to add the Trinary Engine to it, but the Godless Dynamic Universe is 180 degrees off, based on Theories that after a Century are still just that: unproven Theories, so let us stop talking about things yew can not prove, and start talking about what I can prove to yew beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, so this Trinary Universe Adventure is written just for yew, and will take yew for a ride on a Spacecraft called Earth, and explain the Universe according to: the Bible, Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and I, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and this is His-Story about: The Principles of the Trinary Universe.


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