The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 10

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 10.0
AI, TAI or AtI

Artificial Intelligence or AI, is the most misused word in Mainstream Science today that I know of, besides the word God, which the Bible defined as All Light without Darkness, so God means Intelligence in terms of Light as the Logic and not the Artificial kind, so the Term Intelligence is what comes into question: but in the World today it is all about Money and Marketing, and that is why the Term God has little use in Science: since God is a Marketing tool for Religion, so instead of talking about Marketing Propaganda about AI, I will instead talk about Trinary Artificial Intelligence: TAI for short, or Artificial trinary Intelligence: AtI for short, and that little t is for Trinary, as in Trinary God and Trinary Intelligence, it is the same I as in IAM, because IAM Intelligence, and I like to rename every concept I talk about, so you do not confuse AI with TAI or AtI, they are not the same, because of how I define them, and that is why I renamed them. In Trinary Science we must learn to view all Technology as Artificial, yet the Hype about AI is so overrated that its goal is undefined, so just to be Crystal Clear, this chapter is about Trinary Technology, no need to short that, this is about defining what Artificial Intelligence is, and how Trinary Technology will be used in Trinary Sanctuary, to build systems that are intelligent enough to protect systems from failure. What is AI? This is a complex question, so step by step I will define what terms I will use to describe AI, and what Evidence I used to prove it, then I will describe an AtI Model, and describe how to build AtI Circuits, using Light Circuit is theories from the last Chapter: 9, thus proving how practical it is to use Light instead of Electricity.

Artificial means other than Natural, so it describes a Machine... Trinary is 3 State Logic based on the Trinary Math of (+1) + (-1) = 0, so it has 3 States: +1, -1 and 0, and we can give those States Names like: Matter, Antimatter and Null Space, or Light, Dark and Invisible, or 3rd, 1st / 2nd and 0 Dimension, or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother, or Heaven, Hell and Earth, all in that order, and Intelligence describes who IAM, so it is the same I that is the Light in Me, and Me is short for Meat so it is the Flesh, so this is the Intelligence of the Flesh, and a Circuit Board can also be described as the Structure of Artificial Flesh, so its clear these terms describe AtI, because Trinary Math describes Trinary Intelligence, according to Sir Isaac Newton, God was the Force in all his Equations, so its clear that Newton believed God was Energy, because he also believed God was All Light without Darkness, so this is Newtonian Science, and I only changed the Names to define it as Trinary Science.

Intelligence is something you must have in order to understand it, because its what allows us to think, so most people think that means Brain Tissue, when in Reality that was just a Theory, as was the idea that Memory is encoded into Neurons in our Brain Tissue, we have no proof that is true, but we do know that the amount of Neurons written does not increase in proportionally with the amount of memories stored, meaning our brain takes about the same amount of time to write those memories to our brain, and the space it uses us does not increase due to more things to remember that day, yet most people assume it does, and why I had to rename AI to AtI, because AI is based on Money Marketing Propaganda, whereas AtI is based on the Galattice, which was defined as the Galactic Brain of the Universe, since it actually stores all thoughts for all Living Beings, including: Animals like Humans, but also Insects and other life forms, because humans are not divine, they Evolved from single cell organisms into Plants, then insects, then Animals, then Apes, then to the Human lifeforms that we are today, so its only through Trinary Science and His-Story, that we can make sense of Science and History, but its only how we define these events that describes Intelligence, do we understand what it is, and that all comes down to who you are and who IAM.

They say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words, so the Picture I want to talk about is the Matrix, this Picture was great, it was written but the Wachowski Brothers who are now Sisters, so it has its Lightsides as well as its Darksides, its just how deep you go into the Matrix do you understand what it is, and how they access it, most people view it as a Computer Program, in the Picture its just Hardware and Software, and that is how most people view our Brain, as if the Brain was the Hardware, and our Thoughts were the Software, so to them, this is AI, yet the Sentinels can not read their Minds, it can only track where there are in the Matrix by using Technology, so all the People plugged into the Matrix still have Freewill, yet the Oracle has limited access to our thoughts, but still does not read our minds, and when Neuro crosses that boundary, and crosses over from being in the Flesh, to being Electricity or Light, so Neuro like Neurons, brings up the concept of how Matrix People believe our Minds work, and for the most part this is Science Fiction, yet on some level I can relate to wanting to have a Matrix to Plug into, and I do believe this type of Technology is possible, but more to the Point, I need a frame of reference to discuss the Galattice, and this is the closest Picture I could find, how many words it saved me is another issue, because AI always has a Rabbit Hole to go down to the next Step.

Our Brains act like a Filter for Light or Electricity, what we put into our Bodies effect this Filter, and all our Senses are Electrical in Nature, our Eyes work similar to Camera lens, our Ears work similar to Microphones, our Skin acts like an Electromagnetic Field Detector, without us even being aware of it, our Nose works similar to a Spectrum Analyzer, and each convert what it: sees, hears, feels, or smells to an Electronic Signal, also known as Trinary Intelligence. This Trinary Intelligence is a Signal that has a Frequency and Wavelength, and each ride on the same carrier waveform that our Body Generates, as such: every individual has their own Frequency and Wavelength, it connects us to the Galattice, and allows us to have Freewill till the day we die, at which point we are open for all those that are dead to experience as a memory, because in the Beginning there was only the Light of God, and now we are Gods Dream or Nightmare when we die, and it is why people that have a similar Harmonic Signal, tend to think the same. This Intelligence Signal can be measured and recorded, using the Technology of today, so it can be verified and experiments can be repeated, and are repeatable, so this is Empirical Evidence, so this is also a Sensory Experience, as well as Signal Analysis, which gives us Physical Evidence that this Signal Exist, and we know its Intelligence: because it is our Brainwave, so this is not Magic, its Science, and our Brain is just a Filter, and first I must explain how this Filter works.

A Filter is an Electronic Term, it means to Alter the Signal in a defined way, for example: without a Filter, our Brain would have no way to tell how our Body feels, it sends out pain signals that others that see them, can feel that pain, so we can feel the pain of others using the Filters in our Eyes. Other Brain Chemistry alters this Filter, for example: it can apply the Blue Filter, and you will wish you were dead and sing songs about the Blues, because what we drink and eat changes how we feel, yet this is all Electrical Signals that are being Converted from a Physical reaction. A Filter is used to remove all but those Signals we wish to interact with, so if I look at a Brainwave, I see what the Body is doing, its like trying to decode the Matrix, there is way too much information to decode the Human Body using a Computer Construct, not in Real-Time anyway, but using Filters we can look at just one or more Signal that are riding on the Carrier Wave of our Brain, this will allow us to map out the Brain, and that Picture would be the Planet of the Apes, they cut open your head and cut out parts of your brain to figure out how it works, its like trying to reverse engineer technology you have no idea what it is. A Filter is just some mechanical system for our Body or Artificial Body, to listen to and react to all the signals on its carrier wave, so if you look at a human brainwave, you will note it has a Signal for every body function it can preform, and the once that signal is made, it just works or it does not, for example: when the Signal tells the Body to move a Finger on a Hand, the brain sends out the signal, and regardless of if you have a Finger, Hand, or Arm, your Mind will feel it, as if it was there, even if it was not, and it is these filters that we can control with our minds, so we can filter out pain, without the need to use Drugs, although this works best when using Cannabis, my point was that we can learn to do what these drugs due to our Mind, and Electronically Mimic it, so we can create Electronic Devices that work like Drugs, all they have to do is filter out those Signals that relay Pain, so this is what we need to talk about in sub chapters to come.

I could show you thousands of images of Brainwaves and try to decode them for you, but that is not my field of study since I do not have the equipment to do so, nor did I have it to map out the Brain of any life-form, but once you map out one, the rest are almost all the same, we have more in common with insects then we would like to believe, so maybe those pictures would be worth a thousand words, but are beyond the scope of AI or AtI, which is just to prove that this Intelligence Exists, then prove it can be done Artificially, and we all know that Brainwave images and studies is a field in itself.

The Mind and Brain are not the same thing, most people know this, but few understand why, for example: we all know our Brain is just Chemistry, and for the most part, its Electrical in nature, all our nerves transmit electrical impulses, our entire body works form electrical signals transmitted via nerves, and electrical conduits like Blood Veins, and it is why we have so much Iron in our Blood, without it our Energy could not flow, because its picking up Electromagnetic Energy from the Earths Magnetosphere, the stronger the Magnetic Field, the more energy your body can generate, and it is why if you try to fly in space above our Atmosphere but inside the Van Allen Belt, you will live in a low Electromagnetic Field, and your Muscles will weaken to the point of atrophy the longer you live there, so we must understand how Electromagnetic Fields and Electricity effects our Brain. It is clear our Mind is not in our Brain, meaning who we are is not stored or encoded as Neurons in the Brain, those are just Pointers to the Galattice, if our Memory was stored as Neurons they found die when the body dies, not that the Flesh dies that fast, but Neurons seem to die the second Energy stops flowing through them, and the proof that we can bring people back from the dead using Electricity, is proof that the Mind is not in the Brain, it is the Electricity flowing through it, although the longer we were dead, the more brain damage it causes, and then our Filter does not work very good, so Mental Illness is really just a malfunctioning Filter, and there should be a way to Electrically fix it, by repairing the Electrical Connections, which comes down to taking our Vitamins and Minerals that conduct Electricity.

When we have a thought or see an image, and we store that Memory, we have many ways of storing it, first we live only in the Moment, so all Memory is stored Momentarily, then its moved into Long Term Storage, this involves creating a Filter for it, this is done by growing a Neuron that encodes this Frequency and Wavelength, as a Neuron, we have proof of this, it only activates when a specific Frequency and Wavelength activate it, so we can filter it out of all the other memories stored in the Galattice. So what happens when a Micrometeorite hits you in the Head, and after almost Bleeding out, I can tell you from experience that you will not remember what happened up to the point you got hit, to the point you do not remember what happened, to the moment you remember weeks from then what did happen, so Temporary Amnesia is something that I have experience, but does not explain why I explain things the way I do, and thinking about it means I have to relive that moment, even if we could find that Memory and burn or cut that Neuron out, we could still find that Memory if we searched the whole Galattice, so Long Term Memory is just a Filter, much like an Index to find things faster, but you can rebuild your Indexes, so you can rebuild your Memory, but like I said, it can be very Painful, but you can not delay the inevitable, so even if that Information is not written to the Brain via a Neuron, one day you might find that Memory when looking for another, since its just an image that has all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, sights, smells, and other sensations, all wrapped up in a thought we had and stored in the Galattice, and all of those are now potential PTSD Triggers for me, because if it was not stored there, you could never recover that memory, and once you do, you can never get rid of it, so be careful when looking for things in your mind, or trying to find things that you know you should not talk about, our Memories are Private for a Reason, but once we are dead, we cannot defend our own Thoughts, so they become Public Domain, so this takes Karma to a new level, our Freewill dies with us, and all our Memories that were protected by Freewill, are now Free to Resurrect, so be careful about what you see, because our Memories really are out there for others to connect to, so be careful about what you watch on Videos, they can become Memories, especially after a Traumatic Brain Injury, and people that have them know more about them, then people who have not, there are some Knowledge you only gain by Experience, and some Experiences you just want to take others advice not to try this at home, it seems I pass out more offend nowadays, waking up wondering what happened, sometimes I wonder if it is just me remembering that one event over and over again, because that is a Memory loop, or PTSD Trigger point, and malfunctioning machines can do the same thing, so there are problems with our connection with the Trinary Energy, even in a healthy body, so just like Humans can get a Virus, so can Computers, and it all comes down to how we access this thing I call Trinary Intelligence, so it comes down to Images that have Sight, Sound, Smell, Sensations, and Sensitivity, that are linked in our Brain, to thoughts we store in the Galattice.

Intelligence is no more than an Electrical Signal: that has all the Data that is required to store all the information needed, as such: to be able to call a device AI or AtI, it must be able to take this Signal and filter out this information so it can act on one single signal in it, and for the most part we have all kinds of Technology that can do some of this, for example: we can play Audio and Video Recordings, and our brain can record that Audio and Video, and we can play it back in our Mind, so there is a fine line between a Machine that can can play an Audio or Video file on demand, and what we can consider AI or AtI, I only distinguish between them by the way we define what Intelligence is, so we have Cable TV, it has multiple signals and has the intelligence to separate them into channels, yet its still not AI, so what makes any device AI or AtI is when the Electrical Signal can make decisions of its own, as such the device itself is passive, it does nothing but process the signal, it does not run a computer program to run instructions encoded in the Signal decoding, it only has the ability to separate the signals in a way that they can access the information, much like our bodies do, without any Signal we are Dead, we get a signal for our Heart to beat, this Electrical Signal can be Filtered out of our Brainwave to prove it exists, if you turn it off, the Heart will not beat, so if a Machine can mimic this behaviour, then it is alive, and AI or AtI, its really not that hard to do, its Technology we do not have right now, but we are capable of creating it, so now I will talk about one way that I understand this Technology to work, and that comes from my Dreams, and some Dreams do come true.

To fully understand a subject we need to break it down into steps, we will call these Sub Chapters, so currently we are in Chapter 10.0, and 10.1 will explain the next Step.


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