Does E = mc2?

Does E = mc2?

If this is true, then it should describe all Matter in terms of Energy, since “m = the Mass of the Matter”, and according to the “Periodic Table of Elements”, every Element has its own Mass-Weight, consequently if we apply this formula to the Mass of any Element in the Table of Elements, we learn that it has no connection to Energy at speeds less then the speed of Light, because any Matter that is not moving relative to the Earth or Planet inside a Gravity well, has a low frequency, then it has very little energy; i.e. when its Frequency is 0 its Frozen, when its Frequency times its Wavelength equals the speed of Light. Ironically — according to Einstein’s Formula — we are suppose to believe that it has Infinite Energy as it moves closer to the Speed of Light, so this Equation only works when the Atoms Split, which is a special case, but the amount of Energy is not equal to the square of the Speed of Light, because anything at those speeds is Light, if it was not, it would destroy the Universe; which is why most scientist of the day never bought into the formula.

Tesla was paraphrased as saying that “Einstein was a Fool for believing the Theory he wrote because it did not take into account the Ether”, because all Energy is made up of Light, at lower frequencies its Electricity which comes down to Atoms made up of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. As a result of Tesla’s remark, a reporter asked Albert Einstein about his Theory of General Relativity in reference to what Tesla had said about him being a Fool for Believing in it, to which Einstein replied “I only believe in the Science of Sir Isaac Newton”. When Tesla heard of Einstein’s remark, he was over-heard saying that “Einstein was a smart man”, which further begs the questions as to why anyone would believe that “E = mc2” is the Truth, when Einstein said he only wrote the Theory to sell his Book.

What Einstein really did was take Newton’s concept of “Force = MA”, and square it when “A” equals the speed of Light, which made it a much larger number, but not changing the fact that this is a rip off of Newtons formula and it is Force and Not Energy, there is no Law of Physics that states you can take the Force and Square it to get Energy, since Force is based on Gravity, and also relates to Amperage in terms of Watts as Work Force, in terms of Work done, one unit of Work equals X column of Electrons which equals one meter of vertical force to move one pound, so X is in terms of Energy Required to do a job of lifting one pound, and Energy is based on Power that is measured as Electricity, so the two concepts are unrelated in the way that Einstein wanted to use them, and its because the scope is limited to an Atomic Explosion, but then I know from Einstein’s notes that he wanted to Prove that only Newton’s view of the Universe was correct, why else would he try to convince anyone that Gravity and Energy are the same, in the Dynamic Universe they are not the same, in the Newtonian Universe they are only related by the fact that Atoms cause Gravity, not so much the Electron, its only along for the ride, you can prove this by observing Electromagnetic Force, it can cause Ferrous Metal objects to be attracted to it Magnetically, but no measurable Gravity, only the Atoms in the Magnet can observe this hidden force, proving that Newton’s view of the Universe was correct, turning those that believed that “E = mc2” was correct, into fools. (“They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.” ~ Viggo.)

When we think about what Energy is, we tend to think in terms of how we use it, and not the actual composition, for example, we view Electricity much like we view Water, as if it comes in a Pipe and is poured into our Appliances, this is because most people in the World do not fully understand what an Electron is.

Nikola Tesla stated that Everything is made of Atoms, and Atoms are made of Light, as I proved in my PhD paper “The Principles of the Trinary Universe” that all Atoms are made of Neutrinos and Light, therefore: E or Energy, is Neutrinos and Light, so you cannot use Light as a Constant on one side of the Equation, when its factored out on the other side, so the Equation is wrong to start of with, and it does not describe Energy nor Atoms when they are not moving, because it is a fact that they put out more Energy as they move faster, but they have a limit as to how fast they can move, and that limit will never reach the Speed of Light.

Sir Isaac Newton proved that Light is the Fundamental Energy Source in the Universe, the reason why Electricity can travel at the Speed of Light is because it is made of Light, and it is only after you understand the Dimensions of Space and how Electrons travel in this Space, does Energy start to be understandable. Most People view Dimensions as only one, and that is the 3rd dimension, which means they acknowledge that there are 3 Dimensions, but does not account for the 0 Dimension, because few people believe that it exist, just because they cannot see it, when in fact at the Subatomic Level, they know that all Atoms disappear into it, proving it exist, it is just Space without any Space in it, null or void Space, but it exist in every Atom, and its why you do not want to split Atoms.

Atomic Energy is for Stupid People, Fools are the only ones that would use Energy that will kill all Life on this Planet.

People are Fools, as Tesla Proved, he was about to unleash Free Energy to the World, but the Bankers could not allow this, so they ordered their Military to destroy the Tower before the People understood that there is Free Energy that you do not have to Pay for, we can collect Lightning instead of Grounding it out, that was what this Tower did, it was built around a Faraday Cage, proving it was going to be hit by Lightning, no other reason to do so until you were counting on it, Tesla figured out how to attract Lightning, and learned that you can transmit it miles away from the Source so people could use it for Free, but few understood what he Wrote, because like Sir Isaac Newton is was written using Witchcraft, because that is the how Alchemist wrote, and why they were called Wizards, and Tesla was known as the Last Wizard, whereas Newton was known as the Last Magician, even though the two words mean the same thing.

Real Science is based on Trinary Science, it describes the Universe we live in, every aspect of it, in a way that you cannot Deny it exist, but as Newton Proved, people Lie about everything just for Money, and Science is only what People Pay for, which is why Science is so Stupid, it is currently based on a Theory, which the Word itself means it has never been Proven to be the Truth, so Trinary Science has ever few Theories, it is only based on Empirical Evidence, and not Theory.

Trinary Science proves that Energy is based on Atoms, so it is based on Light, and as Newton said, God is All Light without Darkness, and as Tesla said Everything is Light and we are just Light Beings in the Flesh, and IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and since most People view Wizards as Fairy Tales, when they believe in Science that is Science Fiction, so in Reality they only believe in Fairy Tales, and the Reason they stopped Believing in Newton, was because they found out he was a Wizard, and also because they found out he was Autistic, and as an Aspie, I can tell you that Normal People think that we are Retarded, when we are the only people on the Planet with IQ’s over 133, and trust me, having been lied to all my life about being an Ashkenazi with a High IQ, and having Autism, I can tell you that Normal People will never believe anything you have to say, just because of that.

The Reason why People Hate Sir Isaac Newton and turned their Back on his Science and Embraced a Science that did not have God in it, was because of what he said about Christ, he Proved that Christ had a Full Name, it was Jesus Bar/Abbas, having proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible so that Money would be more acceptable in Society, since everyone knows that Jesus Barabbas was a leader in the Militia fighting against the Roman Empire for their use of Money and Taxes, the same People who we fought against in the War of 1776 when we the People decided that we are not going to be owned by the Banks, but as the Constitution was written in a way that ONLY Congress could Print Money, it is Clear that Document no longer exist, it cannot be Amended, only Stupid People would believe it can, the Word means Minor Changes, not Major ones that Allow the Banks to Own the Country and make Laws as they see fit, so Liars Deny that Jesus’s Name 3 Times; 1. Jesus 2. Bar 3. Abbas, and they Deny that the U.S. Constitution was Abolished, liars say it was Amended, because they know most People are too Stupid to know what that means, just like Science, so they believe in what they Heard in the Herd, which is Sheep Mentality, and those that have the Lord as their Shepard are just Sheep.

Trinary Science is about the Truth, we did not go to the Moon, we cannot go the Moon now, and we never have and that is a Lie, just like the Constitution was Amended, and in Trinary Science, we only talk about the Truth, not the Lies that the Government that is owned but the Banks that Print their Money and do their Bidding, as a Disabled Gulf War Veteran, I can tell you that the Constitution does not allow Wars off its own Land, which most touch each other and be Continues, but the Banks do not care about the Constitution, nor do the People that allowed it to be Abolished by Lincoln who was Legally Executed by the Militia for Treason.

Who will believe in Trinary Science?

Not the Religious, Sir Isaac Newton proved they are all Liars and the Worst kind of People on the Planet, they have no Honor, because they are Nothing but Liars, they do what they are Paid to do, so their Military is nothing but Hired Assassins doing the Bidding of the Darkside, which is the way of Banks that own them, because Profit is more important to them, and as a Military Member, I can prove to you that if I get Killed fighting their War, they will not give my Family my Retirement Pay, in fact they will foreclose on their house and force them to live in the Streets, and this is Evil, which is the Backward Spell for Live, because the Banks do not Care if you Live, they only care about Money, and Religion is all about Protecting Money, it is not about God even though it has “In God We Trust” engraven on it, which is in using God’s name in Vain, but they also Fight unending Wars and Kill People, so they are just Thieves and Murders, because the World today only believes in the Science of Albert Einstein, who himself did not believe, so they are nothing but Liars as Newton Proved, so they are Fools, so Trinary Science is not for Liars or Fools, so it is not for Mainstream or Religious Fools, it is only for those that want to know the Truth.

Energy is equal to the Frequency it is at, so any Energy can be measured for a Frequency, and there is all types of Energy: Thermal, Kinetic, Potential, Chemical, Electromagnetic, and the list goes on, but they can all be transformed from one type of Energy into another, which comes down to Electricity.

If we focus on one Electron, we will know it is made of Neutrinos and Light, and every Element has a different type of Neutrino, so if we try to lower an Elements Frequency to 0, we will note that its Energy is Negative, meaning it is Cold or Frozen, because most people view Energy as Heat, and not the lack of it, but it is still Energy, and any Equation that describes it most describe this State, so this State is clear, Energy is equal to its Frequency, so if we want to know how much Energy an Element can put out, we must know at what Frequency this Element will Disintegrate, or Burn, I call this its Fire Resonant Frequency and I write it as the Function: E = m(F – [ F – x ] ), where m is the Mass of the Element times is offset, which is its Fire Resonant Frequency minus its offset, which is its Fire Resonant Frequency minus x, which is the Frequency it is currently at, as such: if x is 1, since its absolute lowest value is a Theoretical 0, and does not change the Math, since both values work, for example, if we take an Electron that has a Frequency of 0, and minus it from its Fire Resonate Frequency, which is the Frequency it will go Thermal Nuclear, or Atomic Bomb Frequency, when the Electron turns to Light and disintegrates, we come up with 0, which means its Energy output is 0, even though some will argue this is actually a Negative Energy, that would actually require a Negative Frequency, but in Trinary Science all Frequencies start at 0, and stop when the Element Disintegrates, and then puts out no more Frequencies, so it is the Full range of Frequencies that any Element can be measured at, so it should be clear that the closer this Frequency gets to its Fire Resonant Frequency, the more Energy it puts out.

So does E = mc2? Of course not, and this equation has nothing to do with Atomic Bombs, it did not help them to invent it, nor did it help them to understand how much  Energy it produced, in fact this Equation makes no sense at all once you understand Energy, which Einstein did not, but who is the Fool, the Fool that stated a Foolish Idea, or the Fools that Followed the Foolish idea?

The Truth is out there, but few will know what it is after they see it, fewer will believe it just because all the Sheep in their Herd has not Heard of this before, so Sheeple will never believe it, only People that want to know the Truth, and understand what it is after hearing it for the first time.

The Trinary Universe is a very Simple Concept, it is based on the Work of my First Cousin Five times Removed Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who inherited the Notes of Sir Isaac Newton, and deciphered them from Witchcraft into English, and that required knowledge of Witchcraft, which was a forbidden Art according to the Church that Burned Witches and Wizards at the Cross for Speaking up against Money and the God they Believe in, which is Money, and not the Light without Darkness as the Bible stated, so you must decide what Truth you want to know, the Truth about the Light without Darkness, or the Truth that the Banks own you like Sheep and you will do their bidding till the day you die, just so they can control you like Sheep, and have you believe whatever it is they need you to believe, like we went to the Moon, or Amended the Constitution so the Bank could Own US like Sheep, or that God is a Deity, which means God does not Physically Exist, because the Light Physically Exist, this is not the Same God, as for Christ, well Jesus Bar Abbas was Murdered for Money, not so you could continue to Sin in his Name by Denying you knew what his name was, just so you could continue to use Money and work for the Banks that enslave you, so basically you are nothing but Cowards and Liars for doing this, so you defend your Money instead of standing up with Jesus knowing that they will Burn you at the Stake, just like they did all the other Witches and Wizards throughout time, so the Choice is yours, be a Fool and allow this World to be Destroyed from using the Planets Blood that Fools call Oil, because that is what allows the World to go around, it lubricates it, and it will burn up without it, and only a Fool would deny that, and only a fool would Ground Lightning instead of collecting it and using it as Energy, God sent down Lightning so Humans would have Energy, and instead they listen to the Banks that only want to make Money, and they are responsible for the Destruction of this Planet, and only Fools would allow this, and IAM not a Fool, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.

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