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Trinary University is not like normal Universities, its based on learning about Real Science and not the Science Fiction of Albert Einstein who never believed his own Theory and stated he only wrote it to make Money and to prove that the Universe could not exist without Paradox’s without Sir Isaac Newtons God, which was All Light without Darkness, and Benjamin Franklin said that God is the Light in Lightning and then proved that Electricity is also in Lightning, so as Nikola Tesla said, the Light is Everything and we are all Light Beings in a Body of Flesh, and as the Flesh, I can tell you that all these Men were Wizards, and I do mean Real ones in History, because BBC did a special on Sir Isaac Newton in 2013, it was title “The Last Magician”, which the word Magician translates to Wizard, because they could not call him “The Last Wizard”, because that title already belonged to Nikola Tesla, who like Franklin and Einstein only believed in Newton, as such this University only teaches the Foundation for the Newtonian Universe, which was renamed to the Trinary Universe to complete the work that that Newton, Franklin and Tesla began. Trinary Science can not be based on Theory, that is work that should be labeled Science Fiction, like the Theory of General Relativity that was written to prove that Paradox’s can not exist in Reality, and since they do not, the Dynamic Universe is a Big Bang when it comes to Science Fiction, but its not Real Science, its just Theoretical, and that means Science Fiction at Best, its never been Proven to be True, that is why they call it a Theory and not a Fact, whereas Newtons work stood up to over 333 years with proof that is still excepted as a fact to this date, so that is Real Science, but you can not get a Real Degree from a Real University in where in the World except for here, all others are all based on Science Fiction based on a Theory the Author denounce as not Possible, and stated he only believed in the Newtonian Universe, as most still use Sir Isaac Newtons Math, which is based on the Light of God as being the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, so this Math will not work under the Theory of General Relativity, yet Main Stream Science only use his Math knowing this, because Einstein said the same thing, his Gravity is based on Curvatures in Time and Space, which has never been proven to exist, and never will because it does not exist and can not exist, if it did, we would be inside a Black Hole, in some Parallel Universe  in a Multiverse of extra Dimensional Space where the 10th Dimension is where Reality is,  and where one Paradox after the next slowly starts to sound like Science Fiction, because it is, so we will not accept any papers on Science Fiction at this University, only Papers about the Newtonian or Trinary Universe, the only difference in the two, is that in the Trinary Universe you have Trinary Engines, a concept that Newton never wrote about, because he never thought about it, his Microscope was not powerful enough to understand Atoms as the subatomic level, but in modern times, this technology is well known, so Doctor Jeffrey Scott Flesher finished the work that his first Cousin 5 times removed: Isaac Newton and his son Benjamin Franklin Flesher translated Centuries ago, his work was the first to receive a degree at this University and can be found under Papers.

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