The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 8

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -8: Trinary Reality
    1. Chapter 8.00: Reality of Trinary
    2. Chapter 8.01: Law of Reality
    3. Chapter 8.02: Reality of Religion
    4. Chapter 8.03: Reality of Money

Chapter -8
Trinary Reality

Trinary Reality is based on 3 State Logic and Reasoning, whereas most Reality of this day and age, are based on Theory, and Theory means it has never been Proven to be the Truth, whereas Trinary Reality is based on what has been Proven to be the Truth, so Truth is part of Trinary Reality that is based on Facts, whereas most other Realities do not care about Facts, just Theories, so the two Realities are not Comparable, most people who believe they know the Truth, are living in an Alternate Reality, and would not know the Truth if they heard it, which describe Sheep and their Herd Mentality, always going along with what other Sheep have Heard, so this Sheeple Mentality created a Reality that is not Real, it is all based on Theory that may never be proved to be the Truth, so in Trinary Reality, only Facts that can be proven to be True are allowed into this Reality, whereas other Realities are not even Real, so the Word Reality does not even apply to them, its just a Lie to them, and Liars Realities do not belong in a Real Reality, there are no Curvatures in Time and Space that creates Gravity, General Relativity was denounced by Albert Einstein himself, why the World build a Reality around a Theory that the person who wrote it did not believe, is proof of Insanity, and that is what other Realities are all about, whereas Trinary Reality is based on the Truth of Sir Isaac Newton, and everyone that uses Newtonian Math should like this Reality, and for those that use Nikola Tesla's Electricity, will also like the Reality that Tesla spook of, because Trinary Reality is based on their work, Trinary Reality is based on things that can be proven to be Real, so it is the only Real Reality.

Reality is what we make of it, and not what it Really is, and it is all because of the Words we use, as well as the way we Spell them, for example: Sir Isaac Newton is now known to believe that Christ was a Lie: that was inserted into the Bible during the 3rd Century, this knowledge shocked the World: yet no one spoke of it out loud, as if to think that he just wrote about it in notes he thought no one would read, knowing he left them behind so someone would, is truth enough to understand the meaning of the Words he wrote, as well as the Meaning, because this was Witchcraft, Witch is to make yew believe that Reality is written with these Words or those Words, but not the Truth without Knowing where it Came From, so know it or No It Not, because that is the way People who are Believes are all about: do they Believe in Jesus? If so what is his Last Name? Because if its Bar/Abbas, then these two Men are the Same, if its Christ then it is a Lie. Because that is what Sir Isaac Newton wrote as a Fact, because he only writes what he can prove, so if his Reality is Right: then God is All Light without Darkness: so it is all about Energy that is Colorless in the Darkness and in the Light. Reality is what we make it, and that means it is what its Made of, so in Reality that is the Light, even with its 3 Types of Light, Witch are:

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Massless Energy with Light and Darkness

In the Days of Sir Isaac Newton: his Legacy would have been to be Burn at the Stake for Heresy as a Wizard or Witch: to the Church who thought what he wrote was Heresy, just like Galileo Galilei, who died the same year Newton was Born, so the two men shared a bound, and their knowledge lived on, and one step at a time, this Reality came alive, then after his death, that Reality was forgotten, and a Darker Reality began Digging into Society: it was called the Reality of Money: and what it can Buy; witch by the way the broom was between her tale, she put a Spell on Yew and know yewer Mind.

Reality is not only how we write about it or the Words we use, because the way that we Spell Witch, Which way is what is unknown known, because Society is what it pays for and also what it Rents, its like yesterdays News Papers telling yew Futures without Repent, with Societies based on Religions that think God is a Saint, or that Christ was the Son of God, but are not we all if Tesla was Right: and the Light is Everything, witch means we are all the things we are Made of, and that Reality starts at the Subatomic Level of Reality, we can Focus on it under the most Powerful Magnifying Microscope of the Day, and Prove what Reality is all about, but it is not Science unless it can be Proven to be the Truth, and that is what Trinary Reality is all about.

Reality must be based on Science we use in our Daily Lives, and without Newtons Math our Lives would not be the Same. So Equals means its Equal and the two can never be a Theory, but based on a Fact, yet Albert Einstein wrote a Theory about Science called General Relativity: creating the Dynamic Universe, with its Big Bang! But in Reality you do not see any Curvature in Time and Space, nor do we see Multiple Realities in Parallel Universes, or Multiple Dimensions beyond the 3rd Dimension of the Space we Live in, and we can not measure nor see Spirituality of Religion, the Deity God that they Worship does not Physically Exist, and that means the people who believe in them are Insane, and that is using their own Definition of the Word, and their Money are two and the same when it comes to Reality: when in God We Trust is Engraven on Paper, when only Gold is God without the L in Legal, known as the Eagle with 13 Dead Arrows in it Left Claw, and a Live Branch in what is Right: Witch is not always what yew thought was Right, which normally came down to who Paid for it, and Justice was only who was Left in the end, because when you sentence someone for Life: you will get neither, because Life is a Reality and depending on what you see, its like Life without Meaning or Concepts beyond Dreaming: when Reality becomes focused on what is more based upon our Dreams, then our Reality become this Dream within a Dream: because Reality where you Travel Through Time and its Continuum in outer Space, if our Realities are not based on Facts how can we say our Realities are not the Same: because Alternate Realities are not just Science Fiction because they are Based on General Relativity, and so the two are just the Same, because the Time Travel Paradox that it is Reality brings is not Real, and by the time my Grammar becomes a way of thinking without Structure as if Emotions are part of the Equations of Life: based on Sir Isaac Newton's Force of Gravity that was the Light of God witch is the Light without Darkness, so it is all the Colors of Light that we can not see, so we most have Faith that God exist, so it all comes down to what is under the Microscope, and we see Atoms Newton called Atomos: meaning divisible till its invisible and turns into Light, even on the Darkness Night its Light on the Knight is not seen: only by the Machine can it be seen, and it can, so we ask what is it made of?

Reality is everything we see, and have seen, so it is Memories as well as Dreams, because the two are always the same, since we can dream about every Memory we have ever had, and we think that those dreams come from our Brain, which is just Flesh, and at the Subatomic Levels this means its made of Atoms: Trinary Science Defines these as being made of Neutrinos of Elements in the Table of Periodic Elements, so we now we know what they are Made of, and we know that inside is just Light, we can see its Darkness as we as its Light, depending on how we get to its Energy and tap into its Subatomic Particles, which witch turns into Light whose Energy is Equal to its mass times its off sets of its Fire Resonance Frequency, or written as E = F - (F - x); so Math of Trinary Reality is a Reality, just like the Math of Sir Isaac Newton, witch is all based on the Light without Darkness he called God.

Trinary Reality is about the Real Reality of the Trinary Universe, it is what we see at the Subatomic Level of Science, that is the Science of Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Nikola Tesla [2] , but told from view point of the Reality itself... But in Reality there can only be one Reality, so how does this Theoretical General Relativity that created the Dynamic Universe: have to do with this Trinary Reality? In the World of Trinary Science, there are 3 kinds of People:

  1. Those that Believe God Created the Universe
  2. Those that do not Believe in God
  3. Trinarians

Yew may argue there are more, but more or less it does not change these 3 types of People, so who are You? If you believe God is a Deity, then you believe that no one created the Universe, because a Deity does not Exist, it is a Mental Construction of a Being who most people view as having a Son called Jesus Christ, so it is a Fairy Tale for the Weak Minded Fools who believe in things that are not Real, as Viggo said: They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible to make people worship Money, and so only Fools believe in Christ or Money, Sir Isaac Newton said Money is not Real, whereas Gold is Real, people should not worship it like God either, and People who believe in General Relativity are the Biggest Fools of all, because Albert Einstein told you that it is not Possible because of the Paradox's it creates. Trinarians are People who Believe in the Light without Darkness, this is also known as Energy measured in Spectra of Light without Color, as it turns out this is also known as Electricity, and everyone knows that too much of that: can get you a Buzz, so People like to get Buzzes, so they turn on the Light: but to what Reality is the Question you must ask yourself, what do you Believe? IAM here to teach you the Trinary Reality, it was based on the Science of Sir Isaac Newton, who called this Light without Darkness: God. Words written by Wizards are all Illusions, so pay no attention to the Man behind the Curtain, yew know who he is, the Wizard of Oz, but Newton was not that kind of Wizard at all, he was one of the Greatest Wizards of all... We still use his Math that was Based on this God Being the Force of Gravity: in all his Equations, so in the Reality of Math: Sir Isaac Newton was the King, and that is why Royalty Buried like one: and why we must honor him till the End, but that is not what People do today, they disrespect him by thinking that Theories are True, that is an Alternate Reality.

Trinary Reality is not like any other type of Reality in the World today. Everyone thinks they know what Reality is, when most are living in a Lie, Science Defines what Reality is all about, and the Main Stream Science of this Date is all Science Fiction, as is their Reality, which is governed by the Money Junkies and the Gay Generation: who have no problems with pushing Secret Agendas, like the Reality of Money, Sex and Drugs, this is the Reality of Sin, its an Evil Reality that only Evil People would Defend, but that is why its Main Streams Reality. Trinary Reality is based on Real Science and not Science Fiction, General Relativity is a Drug for Stupid Minds, as is Money, and the Drugs it can buy, it is all a Game so the Powers that Be can Controls People like Sheep, because Sheep only believe what other Sheep in the Herd have Heard, but you will find no Mind Control in Trinary Reality, it is about Freedom, it is about being Left and not about having Rights. In an Advanced Society Reality should be the same for everyone, because in Reality: there is only one Truth and one Reality, so it is what Trinary Reality is all about. The Word Trinary means 3 Logical States, the Reality of the Science is very Old, it dates back before the Bible, Sir Isaac Newton was the one who defined what Science is, it was known as the Newtonian Universe, but Albert Einsteins General Relativity Theory that create the Dynamic Universe changed that, now Stupid People known as Sheeple follow him into Crazy Land, where all the Stupid People talk about Stupid Science as if it was Real, they have no idea that Theory means it is not proven to be the Truth, so they allow this to become their Reality, Sheeple Reality is Herd Mentality, the Sheep only believe what they have Heard in their Herd, because it the only thing their Masters will allow them to Repeat in Public, these are the Cowards that allow the Empire to were no Clothes. Trinary Reality is only what Newton Proved to be the Truth about Reality, so if you use Newtonian Math or use Nikola Tesla's Electricity, then Trinary Reality is what you need to understand, but this Reality is only about the Truth, it is the only True Reality, all others are Delusions into Madness that Newton could not Calculate, this is Trinary Reality.

People that Read what I have to say will only remember that I called them Stupid, and only Stupid People would get that out of what I said, because Stupid People are Stupid, and that is a Fact that I will not debate, nor will I sugar coat it, Stupid People need to be Identified and properly Labeled, and Stupid People should have to live with that Label, and try not to Defend it by saying they are Smarter than IAM, because no one is smarter than IAM, and only Stupid People would think that they are, so I will call these Stupid People Sheeple, and I will say that Yew are Stupid, because Yew is a type of Tree known as TaxUS, and anyone that eats TaxUS is Stupid, so Stupid Sheep that eat Yew are what they eat, so I call them Yew, because they have Shit for Brains, so it is just a Fact that Yew are Stupid, so get over it, I will never say that People have the Right to believe whatever they Want, that is called Insanity, and only Insane People believe they have the Right to be Insane, unfortunately the 95% of the People on this Planet are Insane, and that will not stop me from pointing out this Fact, because it is the Truth, and all I talk about is the Truth, so it is a Fact that 95% of the People on this Planet are Stupid, and Insane, and that is just a Fact that can not be changed until that Reality changes.

Reality is not a Theory, Reality is what is Real, and Theory is not what is Real, its only a Theory about something that is Real, so do not confuse a Theory with the Truth, because it may never be proven to be the Truth, so only Fools believe in Theories.

Facts are details about the Truth, and the Truth about Science was written by Sir Isaac Newton, but Sheeple that believe in General Relativity are not Smart enough to know that Einstein did not believe in it, so what Fools follow a Lie?

Liars are people that tale you that Science is all about Theory, but there is a fine line between a Liar and a Fool, a Fool thinks that General Relativity is theoretically possible, the word Theoretical means it is not proven to be the Truth, a Liar will tell you that a Theory is the best Science we have, so round and round we go, Fools are not Intelligent enough to understand Reality, and Liars will just Lie about it.

Chapter 8.00
Reality of Trinary

Trinary Reality is based on Trinary Science, I can not assume you have Read that Book, or the Principles of the Trinary Universe, so the Links can be found in the Reference for Me, The Light Wizzard in the Flesh: Jeffrey Scott Flesher [1] , I will not cover that material here, its why I wrote it in those books, so read them if you want to know about the Science, this book is only about the Reality it creates, and how Stupid Yew are for not knowing this.

Reality is what is Real, Did we send a Man to the Moon? No, that is not Reality, it is a Lie, it is not Science, it is a Lie why do people lie about going to the Moon? Because they are Liars, and that is Reality.

Main Stream for the Most part is all Lies, its owned by the Banks that Print your Money, which makes Freedom a Lie, so one Lie builds on other Lies, soon your whole Reality is nothing but a Lie.

As a Child I asked a lot of Questions, which Adults always told me I would understand when I grew up, all I learned growing up is that Adults are Liars, so it is no wonder why Main Stream is all Lies, the truth is that Adults might be older than Children, but no wiser, Children Learn to Lie from Adults, they learn their Lies and make them their own, now we have a Generation that only knows Lies and how to Lie, so when do the Lies Stop and the Truth come out? Not in Main Streams Reality.

General Relativity has already been proven to be a Lie, Albert Einstein is the one who Proved it, and he also wrote it for Money, so why do Liars still push this as the Truth? That is what Liars do, and it is all they know how to do.

The Reality of Trinary is about owning up to the Truth first, and that is what we are doing, Holocaust, Moon, 911... all lies written by Liars, no truth to any of it, it was all made up to make Stupid People Believe it was the Truth, but Liars never can tale the Truth, so these Lies will always be just that, and People will Defend them, knowing Ann Frank's Father had no Children, the Lies will never end, because just like Einstein, they only wrote the Book to make Money, so it is Money that Drives all these Lies, its why those Astronauts or Astro-Nuts will fight you rather than to tell you the Truth, just to keep the American Lie Going, People Lie for Money, so Money makes People Liars.

Reality starts with the Bible, it is all about Sin, it is the Book of Sin, it is the Reality of Sin, it is not about Good People and how you should model your life around theirs, they were all Sinners, Moses destroyed the Pyramids and Raped, Pillaged and Plundered, and that is never Good, Moses was the Worst type of Person to have ever Lived, he was a Liar for one, he sold the People the Lie about Money, and working for Money, and Laws the Biggest Lie of them all is justice. The Bible only told the truth about God, God is All Light without Darkness, the rest of it was how People used the Word of God to Make Money, the Church was always about passing the Money basket around to Collect Money, and they do not care how Poor you are, so what do you get in Return, the Truth about the Bible, or More Sin? Jesus Bar Abbas was a man in charge of a Militia that fought against the Roman Empire, he did so in the name of God, not the Deity named God, that is just another lie, or Christ, which Newton said was the Lie to get People to Worship Money, so Reality is that Money is what is the Foundation for all Lies, it is what People Lie for the Most, it is what causes all the Wars, its Religion and Money, and the two are the Same, In God we Trust is engraven on Money, it is the Root of all this Evil, witch is just a backward Spell for Live, so People Lie about what Witches and Wizards are all about, because they always tale the Truth, so People started writing Lies about them, and it is all Sheeple know about them, so they could dismiss what they say, and continue on their Sinful ways.

Reality will never change till Money changes, and its known for what it really is, which is Evil, and a Sin to use, so Trinary Reality is a Reality without Money, Religion or Law.

Chapter 8.01
Law of Reality

Law is a Lie that People try to Make Legal by going through Courts owned by the Bank, and the Bank only Cares about Money, so they make Money Legal, and pass Laws to keep it that way, that is the Law of Reality, Money, and Religion are all that Matter, so now the Money makers and Government want to Remove Religion from the Money, so People will only Worship it and not God.

The United States Constitution states that only Congress can Print the Money, so the Lie was that it was Amended, that word actually means Minor Change, and allowing the Banks to Own a Country and all the People in as if they were Sheep, well that is a Lie, and Lawyers are all Liars, and this Document does not exist since it was abolished, till such time that the People pay off the Loan, that the Liar Lincoln made to make its People Slaves to Money, so the Law of Reality is that Money is a Lie and only Liars use it.

No good can ever come from a Lie, that is why I tell you that yew are stupid, it is the Truth, but those that use Money, they Lie to everyone, not just themselves, so what kind of World can come out of such a Lie? This Shitty World we live in today, the one were the Planets Blood is Called Oil, and the Lie about it being Fossil Fuel is Treason, just like what Lincoln did, and why the Militia Legally Executed the Liar, this Planet is being destroyed by the use of Oil, and it is all for Money, so what kind of Reality do we live in? An Evil Reality ran by Law that allows this Evil to exist.

As long as People use Money, Evil will be allowed to exist, and the Reality of this is that the Human Race will not survive, because Money is a Scam, it is the biggest Lie ever told, the only one that makes any Money off of Money is the Bank, anyone else can just Steal it, which is what Money does every time you use it.

Moses convinced Stupid People that they needed to get Paid in Money, a concept that people did not understand at the time, because everyone worked for Free, and everything was Free, so Money had no Concept, so Moses being the Insane Crazy Liar that he was, convinced Stupid People that Laws should be Created so that People would be Punished for not Following them, so the Concept was that you take this Money as Payment for your Work or Labor, oh course the Bank owns it as soon as you take the Money for it, so they give you a Note that Promises its worth the Same, knowing it is not, so they Scammed you out of your Work and Labor, and it gets better, they pass Laws that you can only use Money to pay for things, so now the Banks make more Money, and the People have Nothing but Lies, the Banks get Richer, the People get Stupider, and only Thieves understand the real Value of Money, they will Kill you for it, because its worth more than Life to them, its why they allow Companies to Rape, Pillage and Plunder this Planet, this Reality is based on Lies and that Lie started with Money, and Laws, never forget that the United States Government made all its Citizens turn in their Gold, under the Law they passed that would make it a Death Sentence if you did not turn over your Gold to them, so in the Law of Reality, they Threatened the Lives of all its Citizens while it Robed them, no getting around History, then they Broke their Own Laws by Printing Money instead of Using Gold, which was the Law and was Punishable by Death for anyone caught not doing so, so the Laws of Reality Change when the Government is the Crook Stealing, so Laws are Lawless and the Reality they Create is nothing but a Lie.

Laws do not make things Legal, they Make People Stupid for believing that Laws are even Legal, are that the Word Legal actually means Legal, because in use, its known to be Lies passed to make Money, and if you are Rich, you have these Laws, and if you are Poor you have these Laws, so Laws are not Equal, because if you have the Money you can Pay the Fine, and that is Fine for Rich People, it is the Poor People who cannot Pay, so their Reality is Jail, for Laws that were just Money Making Scams. People do not need Laws to know what is Right and what is Wrong, Stupid People need to be Reminded of these things, but the Laws do not make it legal, they only alter Stupid Peoples conception of what is Right, and Rights do not make anything Right, most Rights are just Wrong, as is most Laws.

Eye for an Eye is not Justice, its Revenge, whereas the Courts are all Money Scams and know nothing about Justice, only how much they should charge for it, in a World that is Addicted to Money, the Courts can be Bribed, so Justice is only for the Rich, and those that can afford Lawyers to Lie for them.

Laws are the Scourge of any Society, Lawyers are the Worst kind of People on the Planet, and Moses proved that Money is Evil, just ask Jesus Bar Abbas, his Blood will never wash off the Money in use Today, he died so you could continue to Sin, that is why they Stupid People Deny Jesus's Name 3 Times, the Law of Reality is all about Liars and their Money.

Chapter 8.02
Reality of Religion

The Reality of Religion is something that you have to research to understand, on one side you have those that Inserted Christ to make Money acceptable, this was done at the Bankers Request, but Religion is what the People Pay for, although its Members are supposed to take a vow of Poverty, if that is true it is because they understand Money, it corrupts People, it makes Good People Bad and Bad People Worse, but it can never make People Good, nor can Money buy you Love or Friends, and Money can not buy you happiness, but Religion is about many things, and God is not even one of them, since they Believe that God is a Deity, and that means that they do not believe God really Exist, and that is the Biggest Lie of them all, so Religion is not about God, it is all about Sin and Money.

Isaac Newton said that Religion is Brainwashing, the Bible does not need Religion to Survive, the Book of Sin has survived thousands of years without Religion, Newton thought that Religion made the Bible a Sin, since reading about others Sins and thinking these were Good People, I can understand his Confusion about it, they believe in a Deity that does not Physically Exist, and by definition that is called Insanity, the Book was Written to Prove how Evil Money makes People, Religion Glorified that Evil making People Lust for Sin, and making Sinners feel like they are Good People, when in Reality, Religion is what starts all Wars, where most of the Killing is done by Religious People in the Name of God, most of the Killing in the World is done by Religious People over Religion, and the Statics do not Lie, all Wars and Crime are all because of Money, and Religion, the two go hand in Hand, the Churches can not say they took a vow of Poverty when they take in Money, and use Money, it makes them as much of a Sinner as those that commit Crime for Money.

People think that because they are Religious that they believe in God, which is a Lie, by their very Definition of God and their Science which is the Main Stream Godless Dynamic Universe, which is based on the Theory of Albert Einstein who said he did not believe it, he only wrote if for Money, he said that the Universe he believed in what Newtons, because the Theory proves that the Universe could not Exist without Paradox's, without the God that Newton wrote of, so this proves that Religious People that believe this, do not believe in God at all, so all they really are is Liars, and that is a Fact that Newton could not get over, he Said that he could calculate the motions in Heaven but not the Madness of People, and this is why, hearing People say they Love Jesus Christ when they actually hated Jesus Bar Abbas, when Newton Proved they are the Same Person, so Religious People are all Insane Liars, yet those people think they are Gods Gift to this Planet, when they are responsible for every War ever Waged, they are behind the Money Scam, they are behind all the Pollution of this Planet by supporting Money, so they are Bad People that think they are Good, while at the Same time they allow Oil Companies to Kill the Planet all for Profit, so they impose their Laws on People who do not Believe as they do, so their Laws are as Evil as they are, and Religious People would Kill me for what I say about their Religion, mostly because they know it is the Truth, and they can not Live with that Truth, so they Lie about it, and that is the Reality of Religion.

People say I alienate people by calling them Stupid, or calling Religious People Insane Liars, but the Truth is more important than the Feelings of Bad People, thinking you are Good does not make it so, Religion is not going to make that any better, because those that know Christ is a Lie, know that all Religious people are Liars for supporting that Lie, and it does not matter what Religion you are, Christ is a Known Lie, many Wars were waged over that Lie, so the Jews and Muslims do not believe in Christ, but they still believe in Money, so Religion and Money are always one and the Same, so why would I want Crazy People to Like me, really there is no reason, I do not like Liars, and I do not like People that are addicted to Money, it is the Worst Drug on the Planet next to Religion.

The Reality of Religion is that it all comes down to Money, Rich People think they are closer to God then Poor People, as if those that give the Most at Church are rewarded in Heaven, and the sad thing is that the People who are Religious think that is a Good thing, when is being a Liar a Good thing? So they Lie about Money being Evil, and try to defend Money by saying Stupid things like its just a Tool, so is a Gun, which is what most Criminals used to Steal your Money with, the Government does it with Laws to turn in your Gold, so we can issue you worthless Paper, thieves are thieves and Governments are full of them, so the Reality is that Religion is not Reality, it is a Brainwashing Scam to make more Money, so the Reality of it is very Dark, and it is because the Bible is only about Sin, so those that do not know this is actually Stupid, people do not read the Bible, they Read into it, the Reality of Religion is lying about it.

I have told Religious People about my discovery that God is Real, and they want nothing to do with this Information, its Heresy to them, and Sir Isaac Newton proving that Christ was inserted into the Bible, well that did not go over so well for him, the People replaced their Science with that of a Lie called a Theory, one in which the Author Albert Einstein actually admitted that he wrote it just to make Money, proving that the Universe could not exist with Paradox's without God, yet the Religious People support the Science of General Relativity, and the Dynamic Universe, which state that God did not Create the Universe, the Big Bang did, so you know these Religious People do not believe that God Created the Universe, which Proves they are nothing but Liars, they do not care that I proved that Newtons God exist, it is not their God: witch is a Deity, no matter what Religion we are talking about, none of them will ever believe in Trinary Science, so why should I believe in them, why should I have any Compassion for how Stupid they are, they are Cowards and Liars that would not stand up against the Roman Empire, and they still bow down to the Powers that Be and the Banks to this day, so every last one of them are nothing but Liars, Cowards and Money Junkies, and that is the Reality of Religion.

Chapter 8.03
Reality of Money

The Reality of Money never changes, the Bankers only care about Money, they will take over a Country by giving people Loans, because People need Money, most think they will die without it, the United States of America was founded on the Principle that they would never be owned by the Bank again, but that Dream was over when Lincoln sold the Country to the same Bankers we fought our Independence from, and its Citizens who took an Oat to Uphold the Constitution and Defend it, are Liars and Cowards, and guilty of Treason and should be Executed, but we are talking about everyone in the Country including myself, so what do you do? Nothing, because you are one of them, well I am, not IAM, just Me, Jeffrey, so the Reality of Money is that it cost the United States of America its Honor, now only Honor-less Cowards that only know how to Lie live there, the Stupidest Assholes on the Planet live in the good old USA, because its Citizens are Liars, Cowards and Treasonous Traders to their Constitution, so this Reality is Dark, these are the Dark Ages, only Sheeple live here, if the Lord is your Shepard you are just a Sheep, and that is what the Citizens of the United States of American that is Owned by a Private Bank who prints their Money are, so it is not even a Secret, only Stupid People would argue this point.

People tell me that the Banks do not Own this Country, that is what Fools say, and these People are Fools, this Reality they Created, so they could live with the Shame of what their Great Grandparents did, well that is a Classic, Classical Fools, that is the tune they play, this is all a Game, the People Pretend they still have a Constitution, by saying it has been Amended, which actually means Minor Change, but to Liars, Cowards and Treasonous Traders, this means they are Insane and do not know what Words even mean, they have no concept of what the Words: Only Congress can Print Money, ask John F. Kennedy why only Dead Presidents are on the Money, since he was Killed for having Congress make Silver Money, so that Blood will never wash off the Money that People use, and only Liars will tale you it does, that is what Money Junkies talk like, they will do anything to get more Money, in God We Trust, that is what Money has Engraven on it, Gods name in Vain.

Money has no Value, not even Gold, Newton was very Clear about this, he was in charge of the Mint, and said that all Money is a counterfeit, because it is all a Scam. Newton said that Money is Control and Power to Control, as Religion is used to Control Peoples Beliefs, Money is used to Control what they can and can not do, so the Money itself is worthless, if it can not be used to Control People, it would not exist at all, and once that Control is lost, it can never be regained, so the Banks and Church that Support the Insertion of Christ, will make sure that Wizards and Witches get burned at the Stake for saying things like this, and that is why Money has no Value, because Gold has Value, but as Money it has No Value because Money has no Value.

People think that Money creates Creativity when all it does is destroys it, Tesla was on the verge of the biggest break through in Science, but Money put a Stop to that, the Banks could not have Tesla calling God Electricity, so they used Money to shut him up, and used the Military to keep him shut up, just like Newton feared the Church and Government, because he was a Wizard that practiced Witchcraft, and that is why the Banks wrote Stories about Witchcraft and the Devil, witch is actually D`Evil, and nothing is more Evil then Money, but its clear why they had to Murder all the Wizards in History, Wizards like Jesus Bar Abbas, who everyone Denies his Name 3 Times, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, these men keep Masonic Secrets, and Money is the best keep Secret of them all, its total Control over a Population of Sheeple, which are Stupid People who believe what they have been Brainwashed into thinking, because Money destroyed any Intelligence they might have had.

The Reality of Money is that those that Use it can not be Trusted, they will do anything for Money, everyone has a Price, everything is for Sale, even the Truth, so you can not Trust anyone that needs to Use Money for the Same Reason, not even Me, because IAM hell-bent on telling the Truth about Money, and do not really Care if I hurt Peoples Feelings, if they Use Money they are Liars about it having any Value, because if I can pay someone to Kill someone, Money is Evil and has no Value other than doing Evil.

I can Prove that the United States Constitution was Abolished, just Read it and not Read into it, does Congress Print the Money? No, does the US only fight wars on its own Territory? No, what else do I need to know: who ever Prints the Money owns the Country, if that is not Congress, then it is not We the People, now its We the Sheeple, nothing but Liars and Cowards that are Guilty of Treason, now they fight Wars where ever the Bank sends them, so it is Military is now just hired Guns, its Police are Privately owned by the Banks, they are not even owned by the Government, and this is not Legal, it is all Lies that the Bank wants yew to believe, so they Passed Laws to make you think it was Legal, what a Game this is, Money, the Root of all this Evil.

The Reality of Money of is that it is owned by a group of Criminals, just like the Roman Empire, all they do is change their Name, throughout History it is never Ending War, people Fight these Wars and when they Die fighting these Wars, the Banks foreclose on their Property and will put their Family out on the Street to Die, that should teach you all you need to know about Money, you work all your Life and get Sick once, the Hospitals take all your Money, the Banks foreclose on your House, and without Money you Die, what else do you need to know about the Reality of Money?

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