The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 7

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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  1. Chapter 7: History or His-Story
    1. Chapter 7.00: History vs His-Story
    2. Chapter 7.01: The First Sanctuary

Chapter -7
History or His-Story

The History of Sanctuary is really just His-Story about History, because History was written by those who Conquered and is never the truth about what really happened, because those who Won will always make themselves look like the Good guys, when in fact that is not the Truth at all, Winning a War does not make you Right, in fact it only ensures you are Left, so there are never any Winners, just ask me: Jeffrey Scott Flesher [3] , who wrote this book after understanding that this will never change, until someone does something to change it, and after he read the notes of his Great Cousin: Isaac Newton Flesher [2], he knew how to, so I organized my books, and made web sites to try to get the word out there.

His-Story defines how History should go and not how it did go, we can create a better History and at the same time a better Future, but we never lie about things, for example: I was born in the United States, where its Citizens lie about its own Constitution existing, when its own History proves that the Banks print the Money, and Sanctuary is not allowed to create such a History that is based on Lies, because Lairs have no Honor, and should never be allowed to believe they are Honorable, they must own up to their Lies and write a better version of History, and the Governments must not allow its Citizens to Lie to them, nor should they Lie to its Citizens, but Sanctuary does not make up ideals like Honor, so they can pass judgment on any Government or its Citizens, it may seem as though I just did that, but all I did was tale the facts, but once I become a Member of Sanctuary, telling these same facts is not Sanctuarian, so I use this example to explain how I feel about my own Government, and how I will feel about them once I become a Sanctuarian, because right now I am not a Sanctuarian, and it is very likely that I will not live long enough to become one even if the Governments of this World eventually do allow Sanctuary, so His-Story defines how I feel now, and how I should try to feel once I become a Member, because I cannot have any ill will against the Government that allowed me to live in Freedom, and I must do everything I can possible do to ensure that Sanctuary becomes the model Society, so I must never talk ill of any Government, and must do the best I can do make Sanctuary the best place on the Earth to live, and this is how History should be written.

Chapter 7.00
History vs His-Story

History is always some story that someone wrote or told, that became the Official Story, whereas His-Story is just that, His Story, until the day it becomes the official version of History.

People do not like it when people tale them a Different version of History, but the fact is that the Official version is just His-Story to begin with, and you can take any event in History and prove if is true, so how to we tale the Truth from all the Lies?

Alright... That was a rhetorical question for which I have no answer, because the Truth is only a point of view, and everyone has their own point of view, so History should be taken with a Grain of Sand, the concept being that each Grain of Sand is just an Event in History, it could be the truth, or it could be a lie, but is it a good Story?

When we focus on what is a good Story, the need to ask yourself if its true does not matter, that is how I read the Bible, instead of arguing over if its true or not, I most decide if it is a good Story, does it have meaning, do I learn a Lesson from it, if I do, then maybe it does not matter if its True or not, in fact, that is what Sanctuary is based on, not so much what is the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, because that only matter if the person telling it has any Honor, and if they did, they would focus more on the Story and the way it should have happened, instead of all the Mistakes, but they can not lie about Mistakes happening, or we will never learn from those Mistakes, so a Good Story needs Mistakes to learn from, so the Truth must be supportive of those facts, but some truth hurts, like the Constitution being abolished, because then it makes all the Citizens Treasonous traders to their own Constitution that they swore to defend and protect, and I have never felt good about lying about that, so I never have, I just decided not to talk about it anymore, or any Less, because I still took an Oat to defend and protect it, so I will to the very end, I do that every day, so it may not seem like I am not talking about it anymore, even though I am not talking about it any less, but I can not allow Sanctuary to make this same Mistake, so how we write His-Story is very Important.

Chapter 7.01
The First Sanctuary

The First Sanctuary was the Pyramids, and it was build Millions of years ago, the Pyramids themselves where just power plants, the housing was all underground, now buried by time, but it should never be forgotten, so I must tale the Story about the First Sanctuary, to ensure this is the Last Sanctuary.

The Pyramids were created by 3 races of Humans, the Ash, which were named not because of their Skin Color, which was White and not Grey, but because they only burned their dead, whereas the Ke, which is pronounced Key or Ka, was a word that has no meaning today, but meant the Grey Race, and their skin was darker than the Ash, yet not as Dark as the Nazi, which meant Dark, even to this day the word is used to denote the Darkside, and these three races were not allowed to mate, but like all taboos, someone did it just for something to do, so the three races eventually bread, and in History the Bible tells us that Adam was from the Ash Race, and had a wife from the Ke race and another from the Nazi race that went by the name Eve, which translates to word Evening, meaning the Darkness is coming, so this race became know as the Ashkenazi, so this is His-Story, and it starts with the birth of Cain, who was jealous of his half brother Able, and is why interracial breading was forbidden, because Jealousy is a Crime against Sanctuary.

Cain was banished from Sanctuary, which is also known as Paradise, and he vowed to take revenge, so he kidnapped his Sisters and Half Sisters and raised an Army that was bread to destroy Sanctuary, so they were taught nothing but Lies, so they would hate all those that lived in Paradise.

Over time this Army has taken on many names, in the Bible one of Cains descendants was named Moses, who by all accounts in the Bible, was a Terrorist bent on Destruction, he used his Evil ways to brainwash people into thinking that they should be paid for the work they did, because at that time, Sanctuary did not allow any type of Money or Barter to exist, so Slavery of any form was not allowed, and if it was, then those people would be Slaves to those that Printed the Money, and nothing has changed in History since that time, because during that time, everyone worked for Free, so it is no wonder that the Descendants of Cain remember History much different, because the words are the same in the Bible, it is all how we interpret them that changes History at all, but I do not care who you think was Good or Bad, Moses was as Bad as you can get and even worse, Rape, Pillage and Plunder never make you Good.

Moses was a Dark Wizard, he had a Staff of Power, and preformed all types of Magic also known as Miracles, but in Reality, he used Technology of that time, which was far more advanced than the Technology of this day and age, because they had Flying machines that could fly to any Planet in our System, so they had Trinary Technology, they could build Trinary Engines, and they could also build Pyramids out of cut stone, with such precision that it is far more advanced than things we could make with Medal today, so this Technology was lost over time, because Moses only knew how to use this Technology to Destroy, and he destroyed many Cities in the Bible with this Technology: Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by an Atomic Bomb, Jericho was destroyed with the Ark of the Covenant, which used a Light Arc to destroy the City, so the Bible wrote of Technology of Flying Machines and other Magic or Miracles, so it is clear that Moses was just a Dark Wizard, but few people would say that History wrote him that way, and it is because those in the Darkness won the War, and now everyone is living under the Control of the Darkside, and Evil is what Evil does, and Lies are part of being Evil, but Moses was known for Destroying the Pyramids, and making people Slaves to Money ever since that time, so it is no wonder that History was written the way it was, the Darkside was writing History.

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