The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 6

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -6: Technology
    1. Chapter 6.00: Open Source
    2. Chapter 6.01: Trinary Technology

Chapter -6

Technology must change in order for this Planet to Survive Human Ignorance of it, people who believe that Oil or the Blood of this Planet is theirs to do with what they want, are not allowed in Sanctuary, that type of Ignorance has no place on this Planet, and to allow anyone to commit Treason against this Planet is just wrong on too many levels, those that have Plundered this Planet for Profit need to change their ways, or they will Destroy the future of all Life on this Planet, so the Drilling for Oil as a Fuel must Stop, as well as its use of Atomic Power, and that means a new Technology must replace it, and be given to the Governments for Free, along with all its Technology, because Technology must be Free, and I am not talking about Open Source for all the World to plunder for Profit, its only internally Open Source, it can never become Open Source in Governments that enforce: Laws, Rules, Regulations, License, Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and the list of terms never ends, Sanctuary does not care about any of these Controls that are put on Technology, therefore its Technology would be considered Proprietary in most Governments, since Open Source is not allowed to have ideas that are Patented, or requires License to use it, it can never be Open Hardware to the World.

Chapter 6.00
Open Source

Trinary Sanctuary is Open Source internally only, it is not Public Domain, nor is it Mainstream Open Source, because Sanctuary will make no effort whatsoever to comply with any Patent, License or any other type of Monetary Restriction where it must pay someone to user this Technology, nor does it create this technology to make others rich by applying their: Patents, License, Copyrights and Trademarks to it, and the Governments will be the ones to make the conversion from our idea of Open Source to theirs, so our Open Source is not what must Government would call Open Source, it would be called Patent Infringements, and Open for class action Lawsuit's, so steps must be taken to prevent this, while at the same time protecting the Monetary value of this Technology to those that have a Legal Right to collect Money for this Technology, so Sanctuary must try to identify all Patents, and list them in the Credits for any Open Source Project it is working on, but while its being used in Sanctuary the fees for use of such Technology do not apply, nor can Sanctuary be Sued for Patent infringement, so to compensate these Entities that own such Patents, any product that Sanctuary gives a Government, must pay the any Royalties directly to the parties credited in the documentation for the Project, and if that technology was invented by Sanctuary, then this payment should go to an account that each Government that host Trinary Sanctuary manages.

Chapter 6.01
Trinary Technology

Trinary Technology is based on Trinary Science, some of it will be based on Electricity, while others will be based on Light.

Lightning as an Energy Source is a Trinary Science Concept, the person I give credit for discovery is Benjamin Franklin .

Trinary Technology will replace the Gas Engine with an Electric Engine, it will replace all current Power Plants with Lightning Collector Towers.

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