The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 5

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -5: Lifestyle
    1. Chapter 5.00: Sexual Lifestyle
    2. Chapter 5.01: The Trinary Militia Lifestyle
    3. Chapter 5.02: The Lifestyle Money can buy
    4. Chapter 5.03: The Sanctuarian Lifestyle
    5. Chapter 5.04: The Sanctuarian Language

Chapter -5

The Lifestyle of Sanctuary is what everyone makes it, I have no idea what that will be, nor does anyone alive at this time, because Lifestyles do not work that way, styles may come and go, but Lifestyles are something that have to be lived in order for them to change, and Sanctuary will always be changing to fit those needs, so Lifestyle changes is something that Sanctuary must plan for, and must not adopt from Members, or allow its members to force on Sanctuary, because values and honor are all Sanctuary cares about, without these Lifestyles will become what people make of them, and that may be good or bad, Live or Evil is not just terms that describe a Lifestyle, Live means Life, Evil means death, and the people in Sanctuary will do both, so when something Evil happens, it is not going to be about Demons but Death, so Evil ways are those that will kill you, and not scare you to death, but Lifestyles are how we live our lives, and in Sanctuary that should always be in the Light of God.

Trinary Sanctuary does not enforce a Lifestyle, its Members will actually create it, but to adopt a Lifestyle, all its members must agree that this Lifestyle is something they want. For example: all People nowadays have a Lifestyle, most are based on Religion and Money, that type of Lifestyle is never going to convert to a Lifestyle in Sanctuary, instead, its Member will have to find a New Lifestyle just for Sanctuary, so we do not have Members that want to Keep their Old Ways, we do not allow Parents to raise their Children the same way they were Raised, this is very Important, because Sanctuary is never going to Survive that, People will create Groups and Classes and life will end up like it is now, people will not get along together, because their Lifestyles are incompatible, and that is why Trinary Sanctuary must make it a Requirement to ensure a proper Lifestyle is encouraged, but not enforced.

Chapter 5.00
Sexual Lifestyle

Sexual Lifestyles are for each individual in Sanctuary to learn in private, it is not something you need to learn from your friends when you are growing up, or learn in school, nor is it something that is hidden from Society and never talked about, instead it will be private and stay private and this can never change, because once you make Sexual Lifestyles Public, they will change, and not for the Good, in this day and age there are a lot of sick perverted people in this World that would have sex with children and animals, and unfortunately these people will become members of Sanctuary, that sounds like Judgment, because it is, because I know all about these people and there ways, not first hand, because I never allowed myself to indulge in the Darksides Sexual Lifestyle, and I do not care what your Belief System or BS is, having sex with Children or Animals is a sickness, it is not healthy for the Children or the Animals, nor should it ever be allowed to be view any other way in Sanctuary, there are some taboos that need to stay that way, these sick people will try to teach others there ways by calling it Alternative Sexual Lifestyles, Same Gender Sex partners is a good example of this, the Human body has no Gene's that make humans want to mate with same Gender partners, but it happens, mostly because of Hormones that are out of balance, and those can be corrected, but do they need to be is a question the individual must answer, and not Society, or as a society do we allow these people that clearly have Hormone issues to push their Sexual Lifestyle onto people who have a balanced Hormones? The answer is no, it was rhetorical in nature, and just to be clear, Trinary Sanctuary does not care about Same Sex Sex Partners, we do not need to label it as Homosexual or Alternative Sexual Lifestyles, Sex is Sex, who you have it with is Private, but Registered because it is a Requirement, and its for the safety of all that Live in Trinary Sanctuary, it is mandatory because Rape and Molestation has a 0 Tolerance policy that can get people Executed.

An Advanced Society must rely on Science and not Emotions, as a human race we can not allow abnormal to become normal, as a person who is Autistic I can tell you that I do not need to be cured, Autism is not a disease, those that think it is are, and for the most part, nor is same sex gender sexual orientation. I have a very high sex drive, and balanced hormones, because I have no sexual feeling towards others of my sexual gender, this makes me normal, as if there is such a thing when it comes to sex, so does the fact that I have Autism, its normal for me and people like me, but if Normal means that this is the way I am normally, then people who have hormones that are out of balance have two options, for one thing, Science proves to us that we can balance our hormones, so unlike Autism that can not be corrected, hormones can, so the two are not the same thing at all, people with unbalance hormones are not normal, and will never think normally, but for them, that is normal, and it is a disease that causes this unbalance, or its nature, and nature will do this on its own, so it is up to the individual to decide if they want to treat the unbalanced hormones or live with what nature gave them, and it is not something that Society should force on them, nor should it ignore the fact that it is not normal, and at the same time it should not label them as abnormal just because there hormones are not the same as normal people, so it is really not clear how to deal with, so there is only way to deal with it, training, people need to study this, and determine the best way to deal with it on an individual basis, instead of grouping all Same Gender Sexual Partners together, and the Spell of Homosexual or Gay is not a Spell Sanctuary would want to use, Homosexual is not a normal Condition as I pointed out, it is a hormone imbalance, or its just a personal preference, some people do not care who they have sex with, as long as they have it when ever they want, and it is a fact that men have more of a sex drive then most woman, and the word Most is the key, since I am not saying all, it all comes down to what we call Normal, and when it comes to people on the spectrum of Autism, that word means a whole lot more, since its normal for them to go one way or the other, its normal to be extreme in the Autistic realm of Sexual Lifestyle, it normal to either want a Sex life or to Not want any Sex Life, and the choice of Sexual Partners may come down to Love of a Person and not their Genitals, just because I am not sexually attracted to the same sex, does not mean that is normal for all people, regardless of if they are Autistic or not, so some people are actually hormone challenged, and this Lifestyle may not ever go away and ignoring it is ignorant, but to make it normal is wrong on so many levels that an Advanced Society can never permit it, so like I said, there is only one way to deal with it, and the Individual will do that, not Society, as a Society our Sexuality needs to stay Private, and it does not matter what type of Sexual situations we are talking about, there should never be a Miss or Mister Sanctuary, Advanced Societies do not have Beauty contest, nor should we have the Smartest person alive contest, instead we deal with Life the way it is.

A Lifestyle is define by the way a Society Lives, and that Lifestyle must be the same for everyone or conflicts will always exist and will eventually be the end of any Society, although there are personal factors like Sexual Orientation that do not apply to the term Lifestyle, but the term Sexual Orientation, because Sanctuary does not dictated Sexual Orientation, nor does it allow its Members to influence such personal decisions, so a Homosexual relationship is not Sanctioned by Sanctuarians since Sanctuary has no Laws Governing it, nor will it produce any Technical Orders or Data regarding Sexual Activity, having Sex is not a Duty and will never become one, instead it will only create Educational Data that describes how to safely have sex and make it pleasurable, but it must be sexual orientation neutral, the data will always assumed that the partners are of the opposite sex, and at the same time assume they might be of same sex, and within 6 years of age of each of other, and at the same time assume they are of any age, but it demands they are Registered as Dating, Engaged or Married, this is called the Normal Status for all Relations, the Relationship is Monogamist, in the fact that it is only with those that you are registered with, any relationship that allows same sex partners or multiple partners, will not be labeled as Abnormal, but acknowledged that this is abnormal, and never make it Normal, or else Normal has no meaning, if everyone is Stupid you fix it, you do not allow it, this label is limited to same sex or multiple partners only and not the acts of sexual activity, but Labels are not a good thing, so beware of using Labels to identify people. All such Sexual Contact between individuals most be keep in Private and Registered so there are never any conflicts, so these labels are Private only, its so that Normal Sexual Activity is the only sanctioned activity and Abnormal behavior is never encouraged nor is it condemned, Freedom includes Sexual Freedom, and everyone must except this, and they must except that Abnormal behavior will never be Sanctioned or viewed as Normal, this means that Normal is Normal and Abnormal is Abnormal, just Labels that actually have little meaning to anyone, and there is no real reason to make more categories to describe Sexual Behavior because its always Private, this means that everyone has the Requirement to keep it Private, this means that every Individual can have their Personal ID state what every information that they want to be public, and if that means printing Sexual Orientation, or list Sexual Partners that they are Dating, Engaged or Marries to, then that is still listed under Private Information, so no Public Displays of Affection is permissible regardless of Status, which is Private information anyway, this does not include holding Hands, but Kissing and other forms of Sexual Contact in public should be keep at a minimum, there are always exceptions like Greetings, and those are Personal, and none of this is enforce, there are no Laws or Requirements other than those that are set out in writing, the concept is not to encourage Abnormal Behavior, nor govern it in any way, other than by Requirements that mandate Registration.

Bestiality is another Issue that Sanctuary must not deal with, it is a given that the Animal can never give consensual permission to enter into Registration, so it is always considered Rape or Molestation, this Status is labeled Bestiality, how Sanctuary deals with them is called Training, but it is never condoned because it denies the Animals their Rights to the same fair treatment that all Life should be afforded, this is not just about Humans but all Life on this Planet, its everyone's responsibility to try to act like Humans and not Animals, even though Humans are Animals does not mean they need to behave like them, Sanctuarians must Live like an Advanced Society, and to do that it must Hide its Animalistic behavior, if you want to act like Animals do it in Private, and this goes for all forms of Animalistic behavior such as Fighting, Bullying, which is not Tolerated, and behavior that is not how Intelligent people should engage each other in public, so in short, the Lifestyle Sanctuarians will enjoy are based on Public and Private behavior, in Public we behave like an Advanced Society, we communicate like Intelligent People, and do not scream like Animals to make our point, nor do we allow our Emotions to run our life, a Lifestyle must be based on Logic, and not some Animalistic Emotion, so it is only how we define the word Lifestyle does anything change, because not all Lifestyles are the same, so to be clear, Bestiality is something that no Society wants to deal with, and Trinary Sanctuary is no different, so as long as it does not become Public, it is not an issue, that is who we deal with it, if it becomes Public, then we have to deal with it, and how we deal with it is not set in stone, there are no laws against it, but yet its Rape or Molestation of a none Registered Partner, and that is the only way to deal with it, if we do not enforce the requirements, then why have them, and our Requirement for all Life, not just Humans, applies to all Animals, so unless that person can prove they have the Animals consent to Register, then they should not make this Public, to do so is a Crime and will be dealt like one.

Lifestyles are not something that any two people will ever agree on, so the Lifestyle that Sanctuary must require, must be based on Logic and not Emotions, Emotions belong in Private and not in Public, you do not have a Right to Live whatever Lifestyle you want in Public, but as long as what is Private stays Private, and does not conflict with any Requirement, which means that the people it effects are fine with it, Sanctuary does not care about what Lifestyle you want to Live in Private, but in Public: no one will ever agree on any Lifestyle, so what is the point in believing that you can push your ideas about what makes the Best Lifestyle, in Private you can Live what every Lifestyle you want as long as it does not interfere with the Freedom of others, so you can not expect to push your idea about the Lifestyle you want onto those you Live with, because then it is not the Lifestyle they might want, but the one that is force on them, so in Private things get real ugly if someone in your Private space does not want to live the same Lifestyle, and People may not have any Rights, but they do Require Privacy, but in order for them to live the Lifestyle they want, that privacy only extends to themselves, so everyone becomes an Island in order to Live the Lifestyle they want, because in Public that Lifestyle is one of Freedom, and it is not Freedom if someone dictates what that Lifestyle is, so I will not write about what this Lifestyle is, just what it is not.

Chapter 5.01
The Trinary Militia Lifestyle

The Trinary Militia Lifestyle means that every Member of Trinary Sanctuary is a Member of the Trinary Militia Lifestyle, this is the only Lifestyle that any Sanctuarian can promote in Public, instead of being based on a list of things you can and cannot do, its based on Technical Data that lays out what an Ideal Lifestyle is all about, the concept is vague, its just a General Concept of how an Advanced Society should behave, a Militia is not a Military, but its based on some of the same Principles that the Military has been honoring for thousands of years, and this concept must be defined so that only the most honored traditions become part of our Lifestyle, as a member of the Militia or Military we are all accountable for all our Actions and can be Banished, Executed or forgiven if found guilty of Crimes against the Trinary Militia, I call it Militia because we will never get Paid, whereas all Military members get paid by those that employ them, whereas Trinary Militia are Members of Trinary Sanctuary and their duty is to its Requirements and Duty, so never allow any Requirements to be written that go against any of the Principles of Freedom, and never allow anyone to redefine what Freedom means, Freedom is a limited set of actions that do not impose on a persons personal Freedom, which is limited to actions such as Freedom of Money, Religion, and other Controls that are used to Control how people think and behave, Freedom does not give anyone Rights, it does not allow another to own Property, Sanctuary is not owned by its Members, its Free of all Ownership, its only built and maintained by those that are members and obey all Requirements and do their Duty, and those are few and very well-defined, so everyone knows the rules and no confusion is ever created, its best to keep it simple and never make things complex, a Lifestyle is a way of Living together regardless of where each individual came from and how they were raised, because this Lifestyle will not be like that most people were raised in, so this Lifestyle will be new to most people, but after 3 generations, this Lifestyle will be what we as a Society make it to be.

Trinary always means 3 State Logic, so the Militia must be Logical, its based on Technical Orders and Data and not Emotions, it does not have Leaders, only Members, and they do not use Rank to get things done, Rank is only to show expertise, making it something that everyone has to work for, it is a badge of honor, and is something that all Members should work for, but not for recognition, but accomplishment, but it will not be easy, there are many duties in Sanctuary and each level of expertise goes across the board with all the duties, so someone with 1 strip knows the basics of every duty or job that exist in Sanctuary at the time, and since new duties are always required as Sanctuary grows, so does the task of becoming proficient at all of them, and at the same time it ensures that people will want to do all the duties in order to get training on them, so they can gain Rank, so Trinary means Logic and Rank is based on knowing this Logic, so Knowledge drives Sanctuary forward as Knowledge and not Money become the reason to Live and Work, and since no one can take your Knowledge away from you, you do not have to worry about people trying to steal it, you earn your Rank, so it is Honor and Sanctuary is all about Honor, its only Logical.

Sanctuary will normally only use non-lethal weapons to defend itself, but the need for defense is dictated by the environment and does not ever drive the need for, so use the minimum force required to protect Sanctuary, the concept is that the Gaining Governments will work directly with Sanctuary to provide Security for both Entities, remember that Sanctuary is not a Government, it is a Militia, and that will never change, its Militia work for Sanctuary and not the Government, the concept is simple, never make enemies, never give anyone a reason to attack you, Sanctuary is not everyone Friend, it is a Militia that is trained to get the Job done, and that Job is our Duty, and we must Protect and Defend Sanctuary and all its Members first, and that does not mean that we become the worlds Military, Sanctuary never fights in Wars, nor do they support the War Effort, no matter who the Good guys are, Sanctuary always has to stay neutral of the Governments, this does not mean that Sanctuary will not pull security details to Governments, in fact, this would be a good idea, and I will explain somewhere in this document why, because if Sanctuary was the border guard, they could make sure that people could get where they are going safely, and they can do it in a way that currently can not be done due to politics, by making the Governments country a safer place to live will go a long way to making the World a better place to live, so start by using non-lethal weapons that you do not even plan to use, friendship goes a long way, to Sanctuary its just a Duty, and it is a Requirement to protect all Life, and at the same time we can not allow Crime.

The Lifestyle of Sanctuary is based on a Family unit, a family is defined by people that live together and not by Blood relations, space will always be the biggest issue in Sanctuary, needless to say it will be temporary housing for many years, and housing will fill up faster than it can be built in the Pyramids, so this is a long term goal, and not an answer to housing people, the people who live there work there, and will be the ones that survive the Ice Age, and it will come one day and Sanctuary must be finished by that time, so never forget what Sanctuary is all about, it is about Saving all Life on this Planet, but Humans only care about themselves and in the end those non-members of Sanctuary that you have been Protecting will try to force there way into Sanctuary to survive, and the truth is that there might not be enough room for all the Sanctuary Members to live inside the Pyramids, so Permanent living quarters will have to built first for the people that will have to live there in the end, so build them, so they will survive, but in the end, its how many people we can save, and how many will turn on us and start a War, and that day might come, and it is what this Lifestyle is all about, preparing for that day, and that means our Family will be other Members, and if we have room for Non-members, then we must give them the chance to become members, if we have room and resources to feed them, and that means how much food Sanctuary can grow inside the Pyramid, and we do not want to go to War with the Non-members, nor can we ever allow them into our Land, not even to visit, they can become members with dual citizenship and do not have to be active duty members, this is normal in fact, it would be better if everyone in the word was dual citizen, and we all got along, and worked together to solve this problem, and promote a better world to live in, but by becoming a dual member, they are bound by the Laws of their Government, as well as the Requirements of Sanctuary, the only thing that really changes is their Duty roster, while in Sanctuary they will have normal duties, when outside of Sanctuary they can work for anyone they want, and if they do work for Sanctuary, then accounts will be established to pay for all expenses to allow them to live without having to work for a living to pay the bills, but at the same time, they have to be doing work that will benefit the World, this is not a free Ticket to do what you want for free, it is a means to do what its required.

The Lifestyle of Sanctuary is really what the People make of it, this book is just a Concept, I do not make anything a rule besides the Requirements and those are very limited, and you have to define those from the beginning, and no two people will ever agree on any of them, and people like me can never make a decision, so I never make any decisions, I just listed all the Requirements that Sanctuary must honor in order for it to survive, so the Lifestyle I outline is just that, it is not my Opinion even, I leave those out of it, unless I tell you its just my Opinion, its just the way it must be for everyone to get along, because I have lived with many different cultures: Americans, Arabians, Asians, Europeans, in general, I have lived with all of them on this same Planet for so long that I know how they all are, so I know that none of them will ever agree on anything, so I will not try, I will just tell you how to do it, just write Technical Orders and Data for every task that is required, document training records for every task, base Rank of task efficiency for all task that you are capable of becoming efficient at, while at the same time making Rank mean something that everyone will agree on, we are not working for Money, and this will not work unless everyone works, so you must look at who everyone is, and come up with a Lifestyle that everyone wants to Live, we will not Live just to make Rank, this is just to prove to ourselves that we have the ambition to excel in what ever we do, its Satisfaction that you make a difference in the World, and it does not matter where you came from, how intelligent you are, if you are Lazy or Energetic, it is all about if you can get the Job done, and if the Technical Data and Orders are good, you just need to do what they tell you to do, and anyone can learn to do that, well maybe not everyone, and that is why not everyone will be cut out to be in the Militia and why Sanctuary only allows Militia inside its borders, because the Militia have a Duty, non-members do not, and this is just the Concept, its how we deal with people from different nations, because in Sanctuary we are all from the same Place from now on, that means Earth, and it does not matter which Sanctuary you are Stationed at, you can move around between them if you like to travel, or need a change of scenery, so this Lifestyle is what you make of it, no set rules, only thing is you have to learn to be like a Sanctuarian and not some Government born dictator who wants things to stay the same as the place they were born or raised, because Sanctuary is not going to be like any of those places, its an Advanced Society of People who believe in the Truth and do not want to be owned and operated by the Banks, they just want their Freedom, so these people will have to learn to create this Lifestyle, all I can do is write about how I see it working the most efficiently, and that means that everyone has to change to fit the Lifestyle of Sanctuary.

Lifestyles also include Recreation, having fun, and that is what Sanctuary will have to make a priority, and the Militia is no different, Rest and Relation is very important to any Lifestyle, so from the first grade for children, School will teach them how to build and maintain Sanctuary, they will learn how to read, write and think, what they learn will be tailored for that individuals needs from birth, everyone is important in Sanctuary, our Children's children will be our future, so teach the children this Lifestyle, so they can teach their children the right way to live life, and it is not all centered around working, but playing, even as Adults, so Sanctuary has to teach this from a young age, and we will have our own sports, and not the ones that other Governments play, we do not ever want to compete with them in Sports, but the Olympics is another story, my point is that Sanctuary must develop its own Sports, Games, as well as subjects to learn in School, because History of the World is about to Change, and to become Advanced we have to teach Advanced Subjects, and building and Maintaining Sanctuary is High Tech, every living space must have all the space and equipment necessary for each individual, so every individual must have their own space, so we build Sanctuary to accommodate the needs of Individuals from birth, and teach the individual everything they need to know to excel in Life, and then make sure they have the resources to do their duty, so they can work hard and play hard, and grow old and wise, without War, Crimes or poverty, without being Slaves to Money, all these things are possible, but it all starts with some R & R.

Chapter 5.02
The Lifestyle Money can buy

A Lifestyle is something that evolves into a way of Living a certain way, and that takes time, do not think that just because a Society has no Laws, Rules or Regulations that it is something that everyone can agree on, because Slaves still want those Controls, they are so use to having to work for Money that they convinced themselves that Money does not make them Slaves, which is Stupid, meaning that it is lacking Intelligence or any Logic, because the only one who prospers from Money is the Bank that prints it, everyone that uses it works for the Banks, and you can not serve two Masters, you can not pay taxes and live in Freedom at the same time, Freedom is not Free if it cost Money, so it is all how we define words, and that means how we Spell them, so Free is a word that normally means it does not cost Money, but people who use Money will defend it to their death, because they believe they need that Money to survive, so the Lifestyle of a Slave is much different from the Lifestyle of someone who actually Lives in a Place that does not allow Money or Barter, in fact, this Lifestyle confuses most Slaves, which is a word that these people who work for Money or Use Money do not like, so maybe I should pick another word that better describes the mentality of a Slave that works for the Bank that prints their Money, so Slave People can be shortened to Sheeple, because Sheep are Animals that do not understand Reality the same way that Intelligent Beings do, and let us face it, these Money Loving Slaves will not like any name I call them, and the Spell Sheeple will only start Fights and that is all these People live for, they want to Sue someone and get Rich, they would Kill someone if they thought they could get away with it, so there is nothing that most people would not do if they were paid to do it, so the Lifestyle that Money can afford anyone: is one that should be considered Evil, because Evil is just the Backwards Spell for Live, and since Money can get people Killed: its Evil, the Blood of Jesus stained Money forever, and it cannot be washed off, so no good can ever come form Money, and only an Ignorant Slave would argue that point, and as I have said over and over, only people who use Money defend it, because they have no Honor, because Honor has a lot of words that describe what it is, but if telling the Truth is one of them, then people who say that Money is not Evil are Liars, so they have no Honor, unless they believe that they must Defend Money to Honor Money itself, because its states In God we Trust, so they Worship it, which only proves how Evil Money is, if I can pay someone to Kill you for Money, then that is the Opposite of Live, if you buy Food or Toys for Children with the same Money that Jesus was Murdered with then no Good came of it, that Child may not know the Difference, but they might grow up to understand it, and then understand what it is you paid for and what it cost Jesus, which was his Life at 32, so that food has Blood on it, as does the toys, so Money is Evil, and only a Slave will argue that point, so I will call them Sheeple, because Name Calling is a Lifestyle I must like, because I have names and labels for everything, without those names I could not write nor talk, and without Money in today's World, I can not Live, so this Lifestyle that Money can Buy, is nothing but Evil.

Chapter 5.03
The Sanctuarian Lifestyle

The Sanctuarian Lifestyle starts with each of its Members, and it evolves over many Generations, and the Lifestyle that the First Generation Sanctuarians will live, will be much different from those that it is 6th Generation will Live, so Lifestyles change over Lifetimes, but it all starts with an Attitude, and if that is Positive at all times, then Negative Language can be eliminated, and then Language will create the Lifestyle that everyone wants to live, so how we communicate is very important to our Lifestyle, in fact it is the most important feature of Lifestyles, it is not just how we live, its how we communicate that concept, and words play a role in how we live our life.

Chapter 5.04
The Sanctuarian Language

The First Generation of Sanctuarians will be the hardest, how do they get over being Slaves and become Free People, and that is a question that has a different answer for every Class of Citizen who uses Money, because the Rich do not see a problem with their Lifestyle, they have what ever their Money will buy them, but for the Middle Class who are actually the people working so the Rich and Poor People can Spend their Money, are nothing but Slaves to the Rich and Poor Class, and the Rich Class treats them like Slaves, and the Poor Class threat them like they are the Enemy, making them say Please and Thank you, before and after everything they say, so Slave Mentality Stops with these very Words, but Sheeple think that is impolite, and I must remind them that I am Free, and that means I do not have to ask you to please do your Job while I do mine, because the word Please does not always make people happy to do anything for you, did they sound happy when they demanded payment by saying only if you say Please first? No, because Thank You takes on a very sarcastic tone when a Tip is not given, because these two words are all about payment, and Free people have no use for terms that makes them Slaves or subservient, all custom's in Sanctuary are unique to Sanctuary, and the use of subservient terms like Please and Thank you are not part of the vocabulary. Sanctuary needs its own Language, because its Society is going to be more evolved, and if everyone votes on what Language we speak, it will be Chinese, which is a better choice then English, because English has two or more meanings for every word, and do not get me started about how to Spell them, Wizards are not Witches, and only Witches use Spells, so this New Language will not have these words or concepts for these words in it, because Advanced societies do not need to be Polite nor Rude, instead of these terms and usage, a neutral way of giving a gift and receiving a gift will be like this: I made this for you (give it to them), you honor me would be their reply, now if someone offers you something like: do you want a Drink? Yes would be the Rely, or No if they did not, adding you honor me to the end of every offer will get boring after a while, so why go there, questions should be answered and not analyzed, keep the language exact and do not come up with slang to add to it, future generations will think you are retarded, because that is what slang proves, it started out as making fun of Retarded people, now everyone uses it because they have no idea how to talk any other way, because they were taught to talk like this from birth, but that needs to change in Sanctuary, do not allow subservient concepts to infiltrate Sanctuary's Language.

Greetings are another Slave ritual, do I say Hello or Hi, if I say Hi, they might thing I am High, so I will say Hello, I don't know why you say Goodbye when I say Hello, Aloha, and so the list goes on, so the first change in any Society is how we talk, and Language is the biggest obstacle in any conversation, so when you create a Basic Language, you need to leave out Slave Mentality words, then the atmosphere of having grown up as a slave will start to fade away, the idea that you need to say Hello or Goodbye, or Shake Hands or Salute is all based on Knights of Old, the Salute was when they were wearing Armor, and the Hood would tilt back, and the arm would show you are unarmed or you come in friendship, same thing with a Shake, its more like a Shake down to see if the person is armed with a weapon, any person that is intelligent can comprehend when someone enters a room or leaves, the need to track that movement is personal, as is the use of greetings, so in public greetings are not required, it is a Sanctuary thing, so be proud not to greet people, but do not be rude about it, if you ask someone to come over, always say you honor me by coming, and if you are happy to see someone then it is personal and you can greet them any way you both feel comfortable, its just with people we are not personal with do we need to restrain from greetings, but at the same time we do not want to build up to that point were its expected, greetings should be personal and mostly not used so they are special and never lose that meaning by becoming the normal way of behaving, if you see a person all the time, greetings are not required, after a year they might be special, just make sure they are special when you use them.

Once a new Language is created and everyone has become proficient at speaking it, Lifestyles will start to change, when words like Fuck you will translate to do you want to have Sex with me, which is what it actually does mean, so why people use it as a derogatory term only means that stupid people use it, but being a Stupid person, I use it so I can talk to other Stupid people, and its why Lifestyle changes are made by not having derogatory terms, because then you will have to tell people that you are not feeling well instead of telling them to Fuck Off, because that term would mean you do not want to have Sex with them, and maybe that is what it means anyway, why else would you tell them that unless you did not want to have Sex with them, Language can get very confusing when using Slang or derogatory terms, so to change your Lifestyle, you must change your Language and define words better, and chose what Spells you use, so that you do not offend others by your reactions, because most people only want to get along with others, and that means you need to talk better, and with all the current languages of this day, it is not possible, because not everyone even speaks the same language, or languages, and most languages have more than one meaning for words, and even different ways to spell the same word, so a new language needs to be free of slang and derogatory words, they never server a point other than that you are disrespectful for using them.

The Sanctuarian Lifestyle is one based on Logic and a Language that everyone can speak, it is designed to only allow one meaning for each word, so I will not devote a Chapter to talking about Languages, because I am not a Linguist, the People will never agree on what Language to speak, so Sanctuary must invent an New Language or use one that already exist and modify to fit their needs, which is to write and speak more clearly, so words do not have meany meanings or the tone you say it in does not change the meaning of the word, and Slang is never allowed under any circumstances, because then people will be telling you to FUCK OFF, so the Lifestyle of Sanctuarians is to create a better Language to communicate with, and that means everyone in the World must speak the same language, so if I say 他妈的关闭 (Tā mā de guānbì), most of you will say what does that mean, even the Chinese will wonder what this Internet Translation means, because the way they insult each other is much different, but in Sanctuary, we must stop insulting each other, and start respecting others the way we want to be respected, and we will all be talking the same language, so we will not think that others are retarded for Living like that, because that is why we feel this way now, it is because we are different, and those difference divide us, and to live in Harmony we can not be divided.

The Basic Language should be a New Language, do not use an existing language or just use a mixture of others unless you use a Matrix to build some type of Order to it, for example: Table 5.1: Language Matrix

Basic Wizard Trinary Sanctuary
English Wizard NONE Sanctuary
Chinese 巫师 NONE 避难所
German Zauberer NONE Heiligtum
French Sorcier NONE Sanctuaire
Russian волшебник NONE святилище
Table 5.1: Language Matrix

Now it should be clear just from this over simplified Language Matrix, that words in Basic have the same meaning in English, because that is the Language I wrote them in, but Basic is not going to be English, so these words will have to change, but what will they say is something that people in Sanctuary will have to work out, I am not a Linguist, but I can tell you that you will find no common ground to write the words that will be needed to communication, so why try, just make up a new language and base it on Logic and not Emotions.

You should start by defining the ASCII language so you can use it in the computer that you will use to write the language itself, there is no reason to use an existing ASCII chart, so start with the Alphabet, and I would not recommend more than 21 characters, English has way too many, but Numbers are easy, so lets start there: Illustration 5.1: Basic Numbers

Basic Numbers
Illustration 5.1: Basic Numbers Full Size

Basic Numbers should all have Logic built into them, if we count the Angles that are created by the lines in the Numbers, they should add up to the number, so 0 has no angles, 1 has 1, and so on, too bad Letters were not this easy, but at least you do not have to come up with numbers, those I will do for you, numbers I understand, Letters are a different part of the Mind, so there is no reason to come up with Numbers, just a new Font to display them, so we can keep it simple and not change what does not need to be changed, these numbers have not changed in thousands of years, but Language has, and not for the Best.

Using a Symbol for every word would be insane, as would making letters that have to be sounded out phonetically, those making every letter a symbol that has to be sounded out first, this makes reading way to slow, but logic is another issue, it would be great if we could create a language that was based off of objects, so the first letter has no angles, so it is the letter O, not 0, and it does not mean Oh, it means Life, or Living, so all living things could start off with the letter O, just an idea, like I said I am not a linguist, I just know that every word should have only 1 meaning, and that can never change.

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