The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 4

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -4: Pyramid
    1. Chapter 4.00: Chambers
    2. Chapter 4.01: Recycling
    3. Chapter 4.02: Air
    4. Chapter 4.03: Water
    5. Chapter 4.04: Dirt
    6. Chapter 4.05: Industry
    7. Chapter 4.06: Food

Chapter -4

The Pyramid is a building that goes back in human History farther then anyone knows the time frame, its clear that DNA memories remain from the Great Pyramids: that were build so long ago that it is not even possible to calculate the time period they was built, but in Trinary Sanctuary we date it before the Last Ice Age before the Earth went through the Galactic Plane, so about 66 Million years ago, and this is the only structure that was encoded into the DNA of the Human Race, and accounts for the why all these Pyramids were built.

The Great Pyramid is a Power Plant, it was built to produce Electricity, Hydrogen and Oxygen, this was the only Fuel or Power they required, as it will be for Trinary Sanctuary, when Hydrogen and Oxygen burn it produces a clean flame that transforms into pure Water, no matter what type of Water it was produced from, because its just a matter of separating the Hydrogen from the Oxygen Atoms in the Water, and that is what the Great Pyramid did, it turned the Oceans Salt Water into pure drinking water, and they had all the power they needed.

Trinary Pyramids are nothing like the original pyramids, we will take them to the next Step in the Evolution of Pyramids, from the Ground up they will be built on top of Pillars of Steel and Concrete that extend all the way into the Rock below them, so it is not sitting on the Dirt or Earth directly, instead its foundation is made of Steel reinforced Glass, this will Electrically insulate the Pyramid from the Ground, so Lightning will not be attracted to it its Structure, only in the center will there be a Lightning Rod massive enough to withstand billions of years of Lightning strikes, these Lightning Rod will then flow through parallel banks of batteries that will hold their charge till needed, it will also have Air ducts that will extend from the top to the bottom of the Pyramid and will form pressurized intake and exhaust ducts for breathable air in all the chambers and access tubes inside of the Pyramid.

The Trinary Pyramid Chambers are built like a Submarine, my Grandfather Walter Flesher taught me this, you have to build it assuming that one day it will be underwater and eventually will be in the vacuum of space when completed, so all Doors will be Round, and Water and Air tight, all intakes and exhaust ducts will be pressurized, and all storage units will have an equalization exchange built into it, for multiple points of failure built into the flow of Air throughout the Pyramid, each storage compartment will have a 3 stage backup system for Air, Water and Energy, and access tubes that are also pressurized, and are powered by the triple redundant power grid, and each section will have its own bilge pumps, and be able to act as an Emergency center if a Major incident should occur.

The overall concept of a Trinary Pyramid is its foundation of glass to prevent its structure from being used as a ground, this is because all Energy from the Structure is collected and stored in batteries for normal use in the power grid, making all devices battery powered, instead of having an active generator to produce energy: Lightning, Solar, Thermal, Air and other sources of Energy all charge the massive batteries, so all Power Grids must not use the structure as a Ground, all Electrical conduits are not grounded, they are insulated, this concept goes against main streams idea of power distribution but it is a key feature of these Pyramids, its power system is based on smart power on demand, which means it uses a computer protocol to talk to what every device is hooked up to it, so the device has to register with the system and the system must grant it access to get power, just because you plug something in does not mean it will get Powered up, it must be recognized as a device that it can power up, then it only gives it the correct energy to meet its requirements, so it is a smart power server, built to be safe and energy efficient, and you do not have power going anywhere that is not being used for a reason, all power is constantly being monitored and recorded, so you can track where all power is going at all times, so that hacking into the system to steal power is not possible, either is using unauthorized equipment, Sanctuary provides Free Energy to all Governments of the World, regardless of if they house a Sanctuary, there are only 42 of them, so not all Governments will get a Pyramid, but all require Energy, Food and Water and other supplies, people matter, not Governments, we do everything for the People of this World, and Sanctuary is there to make sure they get it, so these Massive Batteries must power the World.

The size of each of the 42 Trinary Pyramids will vary, the largest might be as tall as 66.6 Miles, which is a lot taller then 66,666 feet that I think we can build, its 351,648 feet, and extends into Space itself, its base would cover the line of sight in all directions, these would have to be built over the Equator or over the Poles, and would have to bring balance to the Earths rotation since they will effect its rotation, but reality teaches me that 66,666 feet is the tallest that I can calculate I can build it safely, and taking all things into consideration, this goal is going to push humankind to a new level of building Pyramids, it will require exacting specs and quality, the Chambers and Access tubes create the stability of the Pyramid as a whole, and the concrete structure is one piece, its built to retain its original shape instead of being flexible, the reason becomes clear when you think about the Chambers, which are where living, agricultural and industrial areas are housed, and they are connected by Access tubes, these are designed for Electric Trains, some as small as for use by one person, to moving trash, and large quantities of supplies, and other requirements, and each tube has 3 ways to travel at all times, so it becomes a maze of tubes, and stability is a key factor, so this unit must be very strong, so it is built completely solid out of Concrete, Steel, and other material like Glass, Cables, and other devices that all help to keep this rigid structure, if this structure survives the Earth going Nova, it will be floating in Space until it can safely land on another Planet, or it will have to be become a New Planet, so Size really does matter when it comes to Pyramids, so build them as big as possible, but build them to last forever.

In order to for the Pyramid to have level floors in all its chambers, it will have to devise a method of leveling them, I would suggest building all Chambers in a Sphere so you can level them on all 3 axis, the Access Tubes should be level with the Base regardless of if its level due to it shifting, over long periods of time it can shift back and forth, the Pyramid is just along for the ride, but its design must be long term, and answer all what if's, so the first one is what if it goes underwater, then the second question is what if it is in a vacuum, because at 66,666 feet it will be, so answer the real world questions first, build for the Future, and build it to last Billions of years, so do not use material that will rust away in millions of years, I would use a variety of materials you believe will last the longest, so it is very important to remember this when Leveling the chambers, you do not want them to Rust together, this is a Machine, its housing the Human Race and most provide shelter for all Life that lives there.

Chapter 4.00

The Chambers are spheres that can be leveled on 3 axis, they provide Shock, Sound and Thermal isolation from the Pyramid, each has 3 access tubes connecting it, this provides 3 redundant Air, Water and Energy sources, as well as redundant access ports.

The Chambers are Water and Air tight, this is a submarine or spacecraft that is encased in steel and concrete, all precautions that must be taken in a submarine or spacecraft apply to these Chambers, so SCUBA gear or Space Suit will be available in all chambers for maximum capacity, maybe space suits would be a better name then SCUBA, but the structure could Flood, and since the vacuum of space is another reality that is just as likely at higher altitudes, and you will want these Pyramids to be at least 66 thousand feet tall, this literally gives you a stairway to heaven, it will be used for flights made between the other 42 Pyramids, it could also be used for space travel, no so much human space travel, but probes, satellites and even human flights that go around the World inside the Van Allen belt.

Each chamber will be built for a specific purpose, and those purposes will define all the roles that Sanctuary must provide, and that includes all living quarters for all the Life forms that will be living in Sanctuary, which should be every type of life form on the Planet, that in itself is a big job, but you need to have food, water and other supplies, so you need to plan out everything you will need in the future, as well as the needs of the present.

Chapter 4.01

Recycling 100% of all waist is necessary in a closed environment, think of this as a space ship, if you dump all you waist into space, it will not be long before you have no resources to recycle, so 100% recycling is not a goal, but a requirement, all Trash and Sewage must be broken down into atoms and separated into categories of elements that can be used as building blocks for 3D printers that can build things using Atoms, so recycling is going to be built in.

Chapter 4.02

Air is something that most people take for granted, but in Space you do not have that luxury, you can not open a window to get fresh air, and these Pyramids will be the same as if you were in a Space ship, so Air Recycling is a must, but Air needs to be healthy, the levels of Elements must be maintained to provide all life with healthy clean air, so Air is the most important of all subjects that needs to be planned out, because we have to build this like a Submarine or Space Ship, the Pyramids become a Ark, so we need to store all the things that future generations will require, and that means Air, and plenty of it.

Chapter 4.03

Water and Air have one thing in common, Oxygen, but humans do not live on Oxygen alone, but without Water all life will die, as long as we have Water we can make Oxygen, so Water is very important, and storing it takes a lot of space, and we can not depend on the Earth as a source of Water, because one day that may not be true.

Chapter 4.04

Dirt or Earth, is another thing we can not take for granted, we can learn to grow food without dirt, animals do not really need it, so do we really need Dirt, and that is a question you will have to answer, because like all things we need and must store, dirt takes a lot of space, and its dirty, but is it required is a question that must be asked, do we grow all our food in hydroponics?

Chapter 4.05

Industry is required to make supplies, the supplies that Sanctuary requires are not going to be the same as modern day supplies we find at our local stores, for one thing, Sanctuary is a closed Society, the Pyramids create this closed space, you have to view it separate from the World where it exist, you must plan for the future and not the present, do not think of all the things you have now, think about all the things you will need to survive in the future, and the list of things that need to be made become much more defined, instead of making toys, we need to make 3D printing machine that can make toys, so instead of focusing on the toys, we focus on the things that make them and the supplies needed to make them, so we do not care what types of toys we make, only that we need material to make them, so we focus on materials and machines that can build all the parts we need, so we do not focus on making Cars, since Sanctuary will only use Trains for its access tubes, but we will still want to fly, so we need to take flying to the next step of flying machines, because these must run off of Electricity like the rest of our machines, so we start by planing, what types of machines will we want in the future, and the answer is clear, we want machines that can build what ever we will need in the future.

The easiest way to get Industrial Machines is from the World, we make deals with Governments and Companies that have the Machines we need, the Concept is Simple, for example, if we need to build Computers, we can put out a request to all the Governments to ask companies to donate Machines to Trinary Sanctuary, they can give them incentives like Tax Breaks, and Money, but in Really Sanctuary also needs to give them Credit by documenting what machines produces Products, and those Machines will tie back to the donor, who then should get a percentage of the Profit, so the Company that donates Machines get all kinds of compensation for them which make it more feasible, to build new Machines just to donate to Trinary Sanctuary, same goes for any supplies and other things that can be donated.

Chapter 4.06

Food is required for all life, and the type of food varies for the type of Life, but Sanctuary must provide for all Life, so Sanctuary becomes a Zoo, if we want animals to survive the Ice Age, we must make room for them in Sanctuary and ensure they survive, this is just like Noah's Ark, so our Food supply must take them into account, and not to mention the fact that some people will still want to eat meat of some of these animals, and some of these animals will eat the meat of other animals, so food becomes something that needs to be managed, and Rendering the dead will become your only option at some point in time.

Humans in the future will eat much different then they do now, the reason for this is because of the Society that will grow up in Sanctuary, the life in a Pyramids will be much different then life on Earth, after its completed, most people will not see the surface of the Earth, during an Ice Age this will be true, but even on a normal day most of the time will be spent inside the Pyramids, so our culture will change, our habits will change, our form of entertainment will change, and we need to look at those changes now so we can plan for them, and it all starts with food, not the stuff we eat now, but the stuff we will eat thousands of years from now, because if we do not plan for that day now, it will be very hard to correct it than, so plan for the future, and not the Present.

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