The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 3

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -3: Crime
    1. Chapter 3.00: Purpose of Banishment, Execution or Forgiveness to deter Crime
    2. Chapter 3.01: How do you know what is a Crime in Sanctuary

Chapter -3

Crime is a way of Life that should not be permitted in any Society, but Laws make things Crimes and Trinary Sanctuary has no Laws of its own because no one will ever agree on what Laws should be Laws and what Crimes should be considered a Crime, so having no Laws does not mean we have no Crime, so the Laws of the World may still apply, but if they are, they are not handled the same way in a Lawless Society, the Lack of Laws does not make this form of Government an Anarchy, even though it has no Laws to uphold, Sanctuary must go beyond Laws, and that starts by having no Laws of its own and not worrying about the Laws of others, a Society that does nothing but create new Laws, will not last very long, because for every Law it passes, people become more distant from that Government, because no two people can agree on what Laws should be, and they ignore the Laws they do not agree with, so enforcing these Laws becomes a full time Job, and Sanctuary has enough to do without having to enforce Laws, but that will not stop Crimes from being committed, and everyone knows what a Crime is, it is when someone does something that is unforgivable, and Crimes defined like that can mean anything, so we must be real clear about what a Crime is, and since Sanctuary has no Prisons, or any form of Punishment other than Banishment and Execution, so dealing with any Crimes becomes a Situation that everyone has to deal with, and not just the person who committed the Crime, because Crimes effect everyone differently, what one person would consider a Crimes another would consider a Hobby.

Crimes are broken down into 3 types of Crimes, the first is Crimes against Trinary Sanctuary, these crimes are when an Individual or group of Individuals commits some Crime that effects everyone in Sanctuary, these types of Crimes have 3 punishment: Execution, Banishment or Forgiveness, where Banishment may mean Execution, because the Governments may not want this person because of the Crime they committed, or they will imprison them for that Crime, but the Crime itself will not go unpunished, but Forgiveness means its Forgiven, no Punishment will be given, we can not treat People like Children, we have to treat them as Adults, they must be accountable for all their Actions. The 2nd type of Crime is against another Life Form, it can be some kind of Abuse, Stealing, or some other Crime that is defined by the Governments of the World today, this type of Crime only effects the Victim, but in Sanctuary, this effects us all, because we are all in this together. The 3rd type of Crime is against the Planet itself, it includes using Oil or the Blood of the Planet as Fuel, Atomic Energy of any type, and other Crimes like Pollution.

Crime goes both ways in Sanctuary, the person who Commits the Crime is never the only person who is effected by the Crime, and some Crimes in Sanctuary are not Crimes outside of Sanctuary, for example: Alcohol is legal in some Countries while in others you can be executed for possession of just one drop of alcohol, and since Sanctuary must try to abide by the Laws of all Governments, and not just the Government hosting them, Alcohol becomes a Crime, and it should be, Alcohol is Poison and if you drink enough of it, it will kill you, so it is your Duty as a Member of Sanctuary to ensure that no one abuses Alcohol, this means that Alcoholism is a Crime, meaning Banishment, Execution, or BE, so to BE or not to BE, takes on a whole new meaning, and do not forget that Forgiveness is always an Option. Sanctuary has a requirement to ensure the safety of all its Members, and most Crimes take place when people are Drinking or on some type of Drug, so Alcohol and Drugs fall under a requirement to ensure the safety of all its Members, and not just those that think it is their Right to use Drugs and Alcohol, so this is where the Easy decisions are made, Sanctuary takes a Zero Tolerance for any Substance abuse, and that includes any Substance that can alter a persons mental clarity, so Sugar can be abused just as easy as alcohol, so we must define what Substances are Crimes, and which ones fall under the Category of all things in Moderation, because its permissible for any member over the age of 21 to drink Alcohol, but in Moderation only, but no Public Use of any Drugs is permissible, Drugs which include Alcohol, which most people think of them as Separate, when in fact Alcohol is actually just Poison, and should be treated as such, so Drinking Alcohol is considered self Poisoning, so there has to be Limits to its use, every day of poisoning yourself will cause health and mental issues. If you are an Individual that can not stop at one drink and can not behave in a Civilized manner after becoming intoxicated, then you are not permitted to have even one drink, and some Drugs are not allowed in Sanctuary for any reason, drugs like Cocaine and Opiates, which has no medical purpose other than Pain, and the same goes for any drugs that do not have any medical purpose that can make a person better as opposed to worse, as a life form we only have so many heart beats, and drugs that speed up the heart is just using them up, and Poison is Poison, so you will never convince me that it is good for anyone in any quantity, pharmaceutical drugs are mostly poison, and Sanctuary will produce what ever drugs individuals actually require, opposed to what doctors prescribe to make Money, so Sanctuary has to monitor how individuals react to drugs, because Cannabis which is a drug that Sanctuary allows, meaning that it is permissible in some situations, but if the task you are working on does not allow you to be under its influence, then you can not use it or have used it in the time prescribed for its effects to wear off, so being intoxicated on a job that does not allow intoxication is a Crime, using supplies to create drugs that can produce an intoxicating effect like sniffing glue, aerosol sprays, or Crystal Methamphetamine, is a Crime that is not Tolerated and is a Crime against Sanctuary, so Crimes are something that Sanctuarians most understand and avoid.

Current Society is spends way to much time dealing with Crime, and the Death Sentence does not deter Crime at all, the United States of America made it Treason for anyone but Congress to Print Money, yet the People allowed it making them guilty of Treason, then they allowed counterfeit Money to be used instead of the Gold Standard, another Crime punishable by Death, proving that Money will always be more important than Life, which is why Money is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, because it is the Root of All this Evil, it is the Cause for most of the Crimes committed in any Society.

Crimes like Rape and Molestation will never go away, but the People that Commit these Crimes, because of Sanctuaries 0 Tolerance of these types of Crime, so Sanctuary makes it very clear to anyone that may think about doing such a Crime, but BEF or Banishment, Execution or Forgiveness, which are the only types of Punishment allowed in Sanctuary, does not really deter Crime of any kind, some People just want to do things that Excite them, so Crime will always happen and there is no way to deal with it except to teach people not to do it, and have help and support for those that have these urges.

Chapter 3.00
Purpose of Banishment, Execution or Forgiveness to deter Crime

The Purpose of Banishment, Execution or Forgiveness to deter Crime is simple, Sanctuary can not have Members that commit Crimes, no Society can, and just because a Crime can result in Banishment or Execution does not mean it will, it just means that it is the only form of Punishment that is authorized for Crimes, because Sanctuary is not about Punishing people for their Mistakes, Trinary Sanctuary is not an Eye for an Eye Justice Revenge System, if the Crime was a Mistake, then it is up to the Sanctuarians to forgive them of this Mistake, because Forgiveness is always an Option, and it has to be for many Reasons, but we are our own Judge and Jury and must forgive ourselves first, and it also means we must stop making the same mistake over and over, because forgiveness only goes so far, and repeat offenders makes it obvious that they will continue to behave this way, so all Crimes that are forgiven most have some consequence, so it is documented and special training is required, this training must educate the person as to why this action is a Crime, and never assume that person knows it is a Crime, some people do not really know the difference between Right or Wrong, so the idea of it being a Crime may be something they do not understand, and its also possible that this type of person will continue to do what others may think is Criminal behavior, is actually a concept that this person is incapable of understanding, its clear that the Crimes they commit should determine what actions are required, for example: everyone is trained not to Rape, Molest or Abuse another individual, but someone that can not determine Right from Wrong can not use their condition as an excuse to commit such a Crime against someone, because this was something that was Required never to do regardless of if they can understand the reason behind it or not. Training is the key to preventing Crimes, so we do not use Training as Punishment, because it is not, and people who have bad tempers or meltdowns should not be in situations that can trigger such attacks, and all that come into contact with people like this should be aware of it, and this may mean that some people need to be tagged in some way to alert people that this person can have uncontrollable reactions to certain types of problems they encounter, and I am one of those people, I have PTSD, Aspie Meltdowns, and a bad Temper, so I say that this Training is mandatory for all Members, because there are many people like me, it is actually more common than most think, as such: the wear of identification tags that also have visual indicators as to certain types of issues, like: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autistic Meltdowns, Diabetes, Epilepsy or other illnesses that required special treatment, because these types of people may not be accountable for attacks, but it does not make it right to put them into situations that can trigger it, so Training is very important for everyone to do their duty, which is to ensure the safety of all its Members, and in these situations Forgiveness is the only Option, if we Banish or Execute People for Medical Conditions, we commit a Crime against Trinary Sanctuary. Sanctuary does not have Disabled Members, everyone has a Job, which means that everyone needs to find a Job they can do well giving their Limitations, because we all have our Limitations when it comes to working, and Sanctuary will have so many jobs that there will never be a person that is out of work, or is doing work that they can not handle, Sanctuary is not a Work Camp, every member is given the same time off, and working hours are scheduled so that even in times of Emergency, Sanctuary can survive what every happens, and to do that we need People, so the Eye for and Eye Revenge system of Government will not work here, we need to forgive and move on, learn from our mistake and do not make the same ones over, so Forgiveness always needs to be option number one.

No one will ever agree on what type of Punishment is required when any Crime is Committed, so some types of Crimes like Rape or Molestation which is a Crime against Sanctuary, has a Zero Tolerance and must be obeyed, and the Punishment must be within 3 days, house arrest can not exceed this time frame so that house arrest does not become a Prison, and there is always reasons why people may Rape or Molest, and that is called Confusion, and everyone gets Confused at some point in their Life, but is it a mistake they should be Banished or Executed for is a debate with no point, because training can only go so far, so the requirements for Sexual behavior must be clear, a private Registry is required for two people to have any Sexual Contact, and this is a Requirement and not an Option, to do otherwise is a Crime against Sanctuary, this Registry should be Electronic and requires a time Limit of 24 hours as the Minimum, so there is no Confusing, no one is allowed to have Sex of any kind, with anyone without being Registered, this prevents two people from having Sex on the spur or Passion of the moment or any other reason, it prevents acts like Rape or Molestation from ever happening because once it happened the consequence of any Crime against Sanctuary are Absolute and Finial, and if Banished to a Gaining Government that will take them, will also require them to imprison that person for the full duration for that Crime, and no Appeals or Trail is possible, these are requirements and can not be changed for anyone for any reason, otherwise Crimes mean nothing to anyone, and Anarchy will Rule, and that can never be the case or Sanctuary is over, its primary Duty is Requirements and Not Laws, and the two are never the Same, a Requirement ensures that every Member of Trinary Sanctuary all have the same Requirements to follow; so there is never any Confusion over what people can do and what they can not do, if they are not Registered in the System that was provided, and that System knows how old a person is, and anyone under the age of 18 will have restrictions to be Registered with anyone. Sanctuary must ensure Crimes of Passion do not happen because it has a Zero Tolerance of that Crime.

Sexual contact in Sanctuary is not like it is anywhere on this Planet, because Animalistic behavior is not tolerated in Sanctuary, it is not a Crime, but it is not tolerated, Trinary Sanctuary is about an Advanced Society, and having Sex with Animals is not a Human Quality, its abnormal Behavior that will never be Tolerated, it is considered Rape, since there is no way you can convince anyone that the Animal consents to having Sex. People need to learn that Sex is just an Emotion, and most crimes are caused by Emotions, so a requirement for any Sexual Contact with anyone is required, and to not do so is a Crime Against Trinary Sanctuary and because it has this Requirement because its Punishment can result in the persons Execution, and that is Evil, because it is the opposite of Live, so the backwards Spell applies here and its why Trinary Sanctuary must take every precaution not to allow anything that is Evil to take place in Sanctuary, so there are two types of controls put on Sexual Contact, and the first is called Dating, Engagement and Marriage, where Dating has a minimum age requirement of 13 years old with Guardian's approval and Sanctuary is not a Guardian, but they can assign them in the absents of suitable Parents by assigning them a Guardian, where an unsuitable parent are people who would register with their own Children or allow others in the family to register with them, incest is an Animalistic Behavior that is a Crime against Sanctuary, or allowing them to Date with Adults, the intent of allowing people under the age of 16 to Date, is because for the most part, they will do it any way, and then it will become a Crime, and we must try to prevent Crimes, so the behavior allowed during Dating must also be observed, because kissing is the only activity allowed, Oral and Petting types of Sexual Contact is not allowed during Dating, no intercourse of any kind including anal and that applies to males or females, whereas Marriage allows intercourse, and requires a minimum age of 16 with a Guardian's permission, and the duration of this Marriage or Engagement is limited to Registration, once an individual is unregistered, no more Sexual Contact is allowed, so when a person is approved for either Dating, Engagement or Marriage, a Witness must also approve the Registration, so it is not final until after a Witness approves it, which means that they have witness the acknowledgment of all parties involved, so there can never be an argument that someone was not notified about the unregistration, so not even in the heat of the moment, you must take the time to get a Witness to approve the finial process, because if someone has a heart attacks and dies, Rape would be the first thing that is investigated. Dating, Engagement or Marriage do not have any Gender assigned to it, homosexuality is a personal preference that could be decided by hormones because the person has no control over their natural sexual selection, Dating, Engagement and Marriage in Sanctuary is defined as the Sexual Relationship of two or more people, so there is no limit on how many people are Dating, Engaged or Married, as long as everyone in that registration approves of it, it is not Sanctuaries Duty to dictate who its Members have Sex with, but it is their Duty to ensure that those people are registered, because Rape or Molestation can not occur in a Registered Relationship that says within its Limits, whereas intercourse in a Date or Engagement is considered Rape, but Molestation is not as long as it does not go beyond the Limits for that type of Sex, so to avoid any confusion, this Registration process is Mandatory, and it is a Crime against Sanctuary to do otherwise, so this point is real clear, People do not have the Right to have Sex with who ever they want when ever they want, they most first be Registered, and this is Mandatory, it is a Requirement, so Rape or Molestation can never happen on an Accident or in the heat or Passion of any moment, if it does happen, Banishment, Execution or Forgiveness is the only option, so I would take this Registration very serious, because some People are not Forgiving.

Crimes like Stealing should not be an issue, but they might still happen, so Registration of all Person items is required and a positive Identification system must be in place, the whole idea behind Trinary Sanctuary is to make all Crimes impractical, if someone has something you want, you can simply put that item on your wish list, and hopefully someone will provide you with what you want, or maybe Sanctuary can if its on everyone's wish list, so just like Sexual Registration, Property Registration is part of the same Computer System that runs Sanctuary, so it can not be Hacked or tampered with, because that Crime is always Execution, there is no Banishment or Forgiveness for hacking Sanctuary Computers, and this applies to anyone in the World, you get Caught, you get Executed, because to even try to do so will result in your Execution regardless of if your a Member or Not, Sanctuary Members are Authorized to Execute any convicted Hacker anywhere in the World under the direct authorization of the World Court, to ensure the Execution is Legal in all Governments effected by the Execution, and the same goes with Stealing, anyone caught within Sanctuaries borders do not require the consent of the World Court or any Government and the Statue of Limitations after a Crime takes place does not exist in Sanctuary, so everyone needs to know about this requirement, because Sanctuary can wait till the day that person sets foot on their Land to execute this order, if they think that the Courts or Government's will not allow it and this is a Statement that is not a Threat, but a Fact, if anyone commits a Crime against Trinary Sanctuary there is no place safe on this Planet for them to hide, its just a matter of time before they are caught, and its why Crimes against Sanctuary are so important not to commit, and why Trinary Sanctuary should always make sure they make all Crimes against it obsolete, and it should try to choose Live instead of being Evil, and never take revenge against anyone for any reason, if we really believe that an Eye for an Eye is fair, then we would all be Blind, and that is why Justice is Blind, and why this type of Justice is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary.

Crime effects everyone, and although no matter how much anyone can try to eliminate Crime, there will always be those that will commit Crimes just for something to do, so there is no eliminating Crimes, and people who commit crimes are twice as likely to commit a crime again, because Crime excites them, and that is why they do it to begin with, and Sanctuary has no need for people like that, so giving people a Second is normal but a Third chance is something that Sanctuary does not have the Tolerance for, so 3 strikes and you are out of here, Mistakes are one thing, repeating them is another, and thinking you deserve more chances is the limit most people will go to, so Sanctuary must deal with these kinds of People, so when people want to be a Member, their past Crimes must remain in the past, it is not an Automatic Strike against that person, forgiveness of all Crimes is a Given in Sanctuary, we can not judge people who have committed Crimes in a Society that rewards people for those Crimes, because Life in Prison is a Reward, not a Punishment, so Sanctuary can have no Prisons and keeps no Prisoners, so the way Sanctuary deals with Crimes is not to reward anyone for their Crime, no Crimes go unnoticed, but those that are forgiven must not be reminded of it, that is torture, nor should they forget it, there is a fine line when it comes to people, if you treat them with respect they are more likely to act respectful, and that is the atmosphere Sanctuary must provide to everyone, but that all comes down to individuals, and some can not let go of Crimes regardless of if they were a Victim, and you can not allow the Victim to choose a Punishment, nor do you Vote on Punishments, so the Punishment for all unforgivable Crimes must be strong enough to send a message to anyone who might think about committing them, while at the same time you are not punishing people for making mistakes, because those really do happen, but if they happen multiple time to the same person, then how we deal with people like this sends a message to everyone, and at the same time everyone must also feel secure, and that is hard to do if you have to think that if you commit a Crime that you can be Banished or Executed, so threatening people is not a good idea, it goes against the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, we do not use Banishment or Execute as a way to control people or control crime, control is not Freedom, so never use it to deprive people of their Freedom, Crimes can only become a thing of the past if no one commits them in the future, and when they do, punishment must be swift, and there is no such concept of Justice, there are no Laws, Rules or Regulations to break, so there are no Judges, and never will be, Crimes must be proven, but if you have 13 people in a building and one of them commits a Crime and Murders one of them, and you can not prove which one of them did it, and no one will confess, then the punishment applies to all 12 of them, because in Sanctuary it is Just Us, and not Justice, and no Crime goes unpunished, so it only takes one Criminal to destroy the whole system if you let them, so it is your Duty not to.

With no Judges or Jury, Sanctuary must appoint 3 members to act as an arbitrator, it will be their Duty to ensure that the Crime is handled in a Civilized manner, all parties that have any knowledge of the Crime must be present and have their say in the matter, it is the job of the Arbiters to determine what type of Crime has been committed, they are not Judges or the Jury, the facts do that, and it is never an easy decision to make, so Double Jeopardy never applies to Sanctuary, and sometimes innocent people will be Banished or Executed, this is not a perfect system, when it comes to Crime there is no such thing, because those that want to commit crimes will learn to get around the system, this is the job of a Lawyer, and in Sanctuary there are no Lawyers, it is the Arbitrator's Duty to act in the Capacity of what is good for the Victims and Sanctuary while at the same time on behalf of the accused even if they know for a fact they are guilty, never threaten them with Banishment or Execution even if you are going to do it, there is no reason to take revenge, the Crime was bad enough, Sanctuary must never make it worse, losing one Member is bad enough, losing two is not going to make things better.

There are certain types of Crimes that will have a special Punishment after Execution, this is called Rendering, the Person is put to sleep, and their Organs that can be transplanted are removed, the rest of the body is then used as Food for Meat eating Animals. This may sound in humane, but the Animals must eat meat, and to waist a supply for that Meat is a waist.

The other way people can be Rendered is if they put that as a preference on there Profile, being Buried is never going to be an Option, the practice is barbaric for one thing, the only options are Cremation, Rendering or dumped into the Ocean, I am fine with either of them and would make all of them a choice.

Chapter 3.01
How do you know what is a Crime in Sanctuary

This is a good question, just because it is a Crime anywhere on the Planet does not make it a Crime in Sanctuary, nor does Sanctuary list all its Crimes, nor do past Crimes means it will be a Crime in the Future, Crimes must be based as if this is the first time it has happened, do not use past Crimes to dish out punishment, nothing is set in stone, all decisions must be based on Logic and not Emotions, all Sanctuary can do is structure itself to prevent Crimes from happening, and the ones that it tries the hardest to prevent are the ones we hope will never occur, but this is not a perfect solution, when dealing with Crime there are no perfect solutions, so if an innocent person gets Banished or Execute for Crimes they did not know were even Crimes, it is not the fault of that Person, but the whole System, so we must learn from our Mistakes, so the only question an Arbitrator should ask is can this Crime be forgiven, because there are will be Murders for Crimes of Passion, and even though Sexual Contact Registration is Required to prevent these kinds of Crimes, there will always be those people who do not care about this Requirement, and those people must be Banished or Executed, because these types of people are Poison to any Society, and its why Animalistic behavior is not tolerated, its why the use of Alcohol or Drugs that have a negative effect on some individuals is not tolerated, we must give Arbiter's tools to deal with these kinds of Crimes without having to Banish or Execute anyone, Training must always be the first tool that is used to repair the damage of any Crime, even Murder, this is not an Eye for an Eye type of Society, we do not want to be blinded by Revenge, so Revenge is never allowed no matter how bad the Crime was, and should be based on if the risk for that person committing the same Crime twice is likely, because if it is, then Banishment or Execution is the only option, if this is the third strike there is no decision to be made, its automatic at that point, if they will more than likely never commit that Crime again, then forgiveness is the Arbitrator's best option, so Right or Wrong, the decision of the Arbiters must be based on Logic and not the Mob or Herd Mentality that is based on Emotions, so it must be determined if the Crime is forgivable, and based on if the Person knew it was a Crime, because no one knows that, so listing all the Crimes possible is a waist of time, and results in a worthless list of Crimes that someone will use as a To-Do list, so there is no way of knowing what a Crime is in Sanctuary until someone commits that Crime, because all Crimes are against someone, Stealing, Mental or Physical Abuse, Rape, Molestation, Slavery, and the list goes on, these are all Crimes against Sanctuary, because Sanctuary is a Safe Place to Live, and anyone that makes it not a Safe place on purpose has committed a Crime, but if that unsafe act is from the lack of Training, then the Crime is not the Fault of the individual, so Training must always be the first line of defense against any Crime that can be committed.

Crime is something that Trinary Sanctuary does not want to spend a lot of time Dealing with, it is a waist of time and that is a crime in itself, as a Society is up to every Individual to learn Right from Wrong, if you know that doing something is going to cause problems, then you have ask yourself why would you do it, for example, if there is an Off Switch for Power and you decide to turn on or off Power, and someone gets injured or killed, it is a Crime, and it may not be an Intentional crime, but a Crime none the Less, this is why we have Technical Orders regarding turning on and off Power, to prevent Crimes like this from happening. We can not view all Crimes in Black and White or Lightside and Darkside, life is not that way, crimes take on my possibilities and none of them can be Prevented, Crime is something everyone has to get use to, and Forgiveness is the Best tool to deal with it, and Remember this, if a Person knows they will be Banished or Executed for committing a Crime, they might decide to go out in Style, this is why Forgiveness must always be the First Option, and not the Last, we never want to put anyone in a Situation that they think they will be Banished or Executed for that Crime, its why we never base any Crime on other Crimes like it, we always want to give the person committing the Crime the benefit of the doubt that they will never do that again, so Crime in Trinary Sanctuary is mostly forgiven, but that does not mean it should not be taken Lightly, some people do not Forgive, and the chance of Banishment or Execution depends on how everyone is feeling that day, the punishment for Crime will never be equal, it is not suppose to be, just because one person commits the Crime and gets Forgiven for it, does not mean the next person will, in fact, its Forgiveness is never a Given, its only an Option.

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