The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 2

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -2: Irrevocable Contract
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Chapter -2
Irrevocable Contract

A Contract is an agreement which two parties make to each other and it is what every Government in the World will want to read, the Governments of the World that allow the existence of Trinary Sanctuary on their Land: can make a formal Legally binding agreement between all the Members of Trinary Sanctuary, and once made the Government can not revoke this Contract, it is an Irrevocable Contract, based on a simple Doctrine that will define all the Services that Trinary Sanctuary will provide to that Government, and this Contract most be the same for all Governments, no special request for additional Services can be made, and if that Government gets taken over Legally by a new Government, the gaining Government inherits this Contract and does not have the option to alter it in any way, Sanctuary will not interfere in the affairs of any Legal Government in the World, and will support whatever Legal Government is in power at that time, and that Word or Spelling of Legal is a key point to make, the illegal take over of a Government is an issue that must be addressed outside of Sanctuary, because Sanctuary can never take sides to determine what is Legal or not, this is to ensure good standing with all the Governments and the World Court, so Sanctuary acknowledges the World Court as a resource for settling all disputes between Nations, and will utilize them to settle all disputes between Sanctuary and other Nations, even though these Nations can not impose their Laws, Rules or Regulations on Sanctuary, Sanctuary still has No Rights, so Sanctuary most not do things that effect the people of other Governments, Sanctuary must be a Role Model for all Governments, and Sanctuary must do what is best for the Planet and all Life on the Planet at all times.

Trinary Sanctuary is defined as such: the word Trinary refers to a 3 State change that is visible in Atoms at the subatomic level: Solid, Semi-Solid and Invisible, its also visible in White Noise which is referred to as Trinary Energy, and is defined in the PhD The Principles of the Trinary Universe, which is the Science that Trinary Sanctuary is based on, and the word Sanctuary means a Safe Place for all Life to Live, and the word Live means to do things that ensure Life, and to do the opposite means Evil, which is Live Spelled backwards, so how this translates into other languages remains to be seen, but Sanctuary will only use one Language, and that Language will not be any currently in use, it would not be fair to make Sanctuarians speak the most Popular Language, so this new Language is called Basic, and to know the Basic Language will be a requirement for all Members of Trinary Sanctuary. Note this was originally written in English, and not Basic, this Language has not yet been Written for Trinary Sanctuary.

Trinary Freedom or Free Domain is defined as: Free of all Laws, Rules and Regulations, Free of Money or any form of Barter, Taxation, or any other Legal form of controlling humans or life of any kind, such as: Religion, Licenses, Patents, Copyrights or other property or intellectual Rights to any life form, technology or any other issue regarding its use in Sanctuary. The word Free means Free of all Monetary value, taxation or demands for services and goods, schedules must be maintained to ensure that no such demands are required, thus Sanctuary is Free of the Governments that host them.

Trinary Sanctuary or the short term of Sanctuary, is a place where humans that want to live in Trinary Freedom can join together and form a Militia to protect the borders that the Government agrees to permanently give them, this Land must be Free and stay Free for the remainder of the human race.

Sanctuary request enough Land to build the largest Pyramid possible for the Locations that Government is willing to give them, in return, Sanctuary will provide a list of services that it will provide, these service include all excess Power, Food, Water, and Supplies, these services will have a Monetary Value assigned them, but all Services will be Free to that Government, meaning that the Government is not paying Money for the Services, but they are liable for all License, Patents and Copyrights that apply to them, none of which are ever owned by Sanctuary, the Government will accept these services as payment for all debts owned to the Banks that own the Land that the entire Country resides, so it is National debt is paid down by services rendered by Sanctuary, until such time that the National debt is paid off, at that point a deal must be made to ensure that all leans against its Citizens is removed, this will require Sanctuary to buy back all property that the Banks own and ownership goes back to the Legal Government, the people who owned it is allowed to live there, and pass down that Right to their heirs, the idea is that the Government is ran by the People and not owned by the Banks, and ownership of property has always been with the Government and not the People, they only live there and pay any taxes that the Government imposes on them.

The Government will also create and manage a fund for Sanctuary to allow its Members to Live outside of Sanctuary, the need can be for many reasons, and will be required for the length of the Contract, funds for this account can come from donations, and the sell of Entertainment in the form of Video's, Audio, and other mediums, but excludes services provided by Sanctuary, those services are never for sale, they are given Freely to the Governments that host them, so Sanctuary must find other ways to make Money for this Fund. This Fund will be known as the Trinary Sanctuary Fund, and must never be allowed to exist just to make Money, the Money it makes must be put to good use helping the Members and their families survive outside of Sanctuary.

At first Sanctuary will be re-purposed Land, it will take years for Sanctuary to build up enough infrastructure to produce and excess of Power or Supplies, and Food and Water, and other supplies, till such time it can produce its own Food and Water, and build its own housing.

This List is not in any way complete, this is just a Draft of what it might look like, but in General Terms, there is no Production scheduled at this time, not Software to Manage this Project, nor People to do the work at this time, as such Trinary Sanctuary is just a concept, and this Document is just a Concept, it is up to the People and Governments to make this Concept a Reality.

Chapter 2.00
Phase 00

I write this Document and try to get people to take it seriously, which is not easy for a Wizard to do, no one takes any of them Seriously until they fully understand them, so these Documents I write, can be written or rewritten, but the basic concepts can not be changed, if you change anyone of them, then it is not the same concept, and people will try to change things, they will think that change is required, so this task is far harder than it should be, I tried hard to write it in a way that is clear, I use terms like Wizards to point out people who are experts in their field of study, and terms like Sheeple to denote people who believe in a totally different way of life, which is based on Main Stream beliefs in Money, and Religion, Science and other concepts that go against the concepts of Trinary Sanctuary, which is to create a Society based on Requirements and not Laws, Rules and Regulations that no one will ever agree on.

This phase is totally conceptual, it is nothing that is set in Stone, and only time and effort was put into it. For this phase to move to the next phase, people must take an Interest, and if they wait 10 Years, it will be too late to do anything, in fact, this document has been written for more than 10 years right now, all I do is keep adding to it, at first it was just one Page, I figured if I write any more than that, no one would read it, as it turns out, no one reads it because everyone is a Sheep, and me calling the Stupid does not help matters, but I do not want to lie or sugar coat the truth, so I stick to my script and call yew stupid, and that is Phase 0.

Chapter 2.01
Phase 01

A Government will receive a request for Trinary Sanctuary, at which time that Government can inspect the Contract and accept of deny it, and I do not think any Government will deny it, for one thing that Government has nothing to lose, the Money, and Land that Sanctuary requires to get started is a drop in the bucket that it would have spent on these same people anyway, and that Government is in full Control of what Members it can have, and they can appoint their own dual Citizen Members, meaning that Government agents can and will be assigned to work and live in Sanctuary, and they report directly to that Government, but they are Member of Sanctuary and follow all its Technical Orders and Data the same as everyone else, so they will write reports to their Governments, which will be written specifically to make this position more efficient, it allows the Governments to have full access to what is really going on in Sanctuary, and to ensure that all Schedules for production of Energy and Supplies is meet, so in short, the Government is saving money by not paying salaries, instead all they have to pay for is housing, food, water, and energy and other supplies, that are required to ensure the success of Sanctuary, so in Phase 1 the Government has the option to allow its Citizens Membership into Sanctuary once a formal request is made, this information will be passed on to Sanctuary, which means that the First person to sign up, will be responsible for Sanctuary until they get another person to help out.

Phase 1 is the Starting point, its where someone actually decides to ask the Government, and the Government actually has to look into this Document and see if its real, which in this case, I can assure you it is, and all the words I wrote can be verified to ensure they were the Truth, and IAM not worried, because I always write about what I can prove.

Phase 1 is about doing something, as opposed to doing nothing and hoping someone else will solve the Worlds Problems. In this Phase many people will need to get involved, you can not allow the Governments to blow you off, they have the Legal Obligation to provide Sanctuary, if they can not provide Trinary Sanctuary, they are Liars, because they can, anyone can, anyone with the Land to Provide can, so do not allow them to do nothing, the fate of the Human Race is at stake here, so if this Phase Fails, the Project Fails, and in 2060 the Human Race will Fail, and Money is just not worth the Human Race, nor is Religion.

The Bankers and Religious People will oppose this Concept is what I hear from people the most, and it is not True, for one thing, Bankers are not Stupid, nor are Religious People, I call them Stupid and other names because its Entertaining, that is the only Reason I do so, it is never because I actually believe that, that would not be funny, but what is Human Nature, I call them Stupid, they react to it, and that is funny, I do not care who you are, if I offended you then good, it proves you can be offended, but should you be offended by being called Stupid? Oh course not, it means you are ignorant, which comes down to being told about a Subject, but once you have been Educated about that subject, you are not longer Ignorant to it, so Stupid does not apply to you. Bankers know how Evil Money is, they understand it more than most, so they have no problems with it, they understand that what this Concept does is allow the Bankers to reorganize, they can cut programs like Welfare, and that will save them from going bankrupt, so they will be the First ones to get onboard, the Bankers will want to work with Trinary Sanctuary, not just to take advantage of Free Stuff, but because of the over all Concept, which is to build the most Expensive Project in human History. Religious People will very quickly understand that Newton did not like them, all I did was make that point clear, and add the point that I totally agree with him, but that said, Religion is about a Deity, all they have to do is change that Deity to the Real Light, and they are done, no more Stupid Jokes about them, they will stop worshiping a Deity, and know that God really does exist, and Religious People will come around as fast as the Bankers, it is all a matter of them understanding why I call yew Stupid.

In Phase 1, we call all those that oppose us Stupid, and it is because no one like to be Stupid, so they will not oppose us, that is the Theory anyway, but you know what I think about Theory.

Phase 1 is about getting everyone on the Planet on the same Page, notice I did not write about how people should behave or act or be to one another, I never say you have to Love anyone to get along, I only tell you the truth about Emotions, this coming from a Aspie whose Emotions are all over the place, is saying a lot, but I tried to stay neutral, I made many Sheeple Jokes, and it was all for Entertainment Value, anyone that has any Intelligence knows that once you learn something, you are not Stupid about it any longer, and that is my point and why I did it, the fact it was true is just funny, but my goal was to Unite People so that they can all work on one Project.

How will life on this Planet Change in Phase 1? That is hard to predict, my guess is that once everyone gets over the fact they are Stupid, and that includes me, then we can admit that we have a Starting point, out of Ignorance comes Intelligence, and that is the Goal of Phase 1, to allow the People to understand that what is about to Happen to this Planet, can not be changed, its too late for that, now we need to learn to ride the Wave, and that means we need to start to build Cities that can not only House the Worlds Population, but we must do it now and not Later, there is no later once the Ice Age starts, and this is not a Fear based plea to get people to build this, its based on facts that can be proven. The Darkside and the Lightside are just two ways of looking at the Same Problem, take Moses, was he Good or Bad, he is the Dark Wizard, no doubt about it: Rape, Pillage and Plunder is Darkness, and Jesus Bar Abbas was the same man as Jesus Christ, that was proven by Sir Isaac Newton, and he never writes about anything he cannot Prove, so get over it, Jesus Bar Abbas was the Light Wizard, he did not agree with Money, he believed in Freedom and was willing to die for it, so the Bible was written by Witches using Witchcraft, if you did not know this, you are Stupid, but now that you do, you are not, its that easy, the Truth will always set you Free, but the Powers that Be know all this, in fact, they have always known, they just put their Stock in Money, because that is what Makes the World go Around for them.

Phase 1 is about People, it is about People that want to make a better Place for their Grand Children's Grand Children, and they do not care about Money since they know its just a Control Game, as is Religion, the Bible was right about God being the Light without Darkness, things are normally much simpler then they seem, and people that use Money, and are Guilty of Treason, for those living in the United States, well get over it, the Banks won the War, get over that too, we are Owned by them and have been for Centuries, nothing new here, this is old news, and nothing you can do about it, there is no Constitution, you have no Right, and yes, you were Stupid for believing in things that do not Exist, so get over it, and let us join together in Phase 1.

Chapter 2.02
Phase 02

The request has been made and confirmed, and Sanctuary will accept its first Member, and that Member can accept another Member from the List of applications, but Sanctuary always has the requirement to only allow Membership to those it can provide for, so this requires a lot of coordination with the Governments, and would not be a bad idea if the first Member was a Government Agent, keep in mind they will never behave like a Government agent once they agree to be a Member, they are responsible for living a Dual role: one as a Government Agent, the other as a Sanctuarian, once a Member they are Duty bond to uphold all the Requirements of Trinary Sanctuary, and they must also report to the Government. The Duty of Sanctuary is to always have this Relationship with the Government of the World, Sanctuary will be Autonomous and at the same time it will work closely with the Governments, to ensure harmony, meaning that everything is working good, Sanctuary will help the Governments once it gets its feet on the ground and build up its infrastructure, but in the beginning it will require a lot of work and devotion, and living like a Sanctuarian is something that no one has ever done, so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds, so it is in Phase 2 the Membership request flow from the Government to Sanctuary, and then Sanctuary must accept or deny the request.

Phase 2 means this Project is a Go, and Go is the Key word, we need to get Going. People will soon find out that this is much easier to do if we take what we know and improve it, Military Training is close to what we need, but without the need to teach to invade, just defend, and remember who you are defending against, those People that have not joined yet, meaning those that still require money to make a living, so we are defending ourselves from thieves. Keep in mind that in the End, everyone will become Members when the Time is Right, those that do not want to, will be allowed to live what ever life they want, but will not be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary unless they become a Member, there are no exceptions, but this does not mean we abandon them, it only means that we need to ensure that Supply lines can be maintained during the Ice Age, keep in mind what an Ice Age is, I am talking about the Ocean being Frozen over, Ice being the main Surface of the Planet, so it will reflex most Energy back into Space, so it is going to be frozen for a long time, and everyone outside of Trinary Sanctuary, will be living in a Frozen environment, so they need to have a City build around Trinary Sanctuary, this will have underground passages that link the two, so supplies can be transported to them, Trinary Sanctuary has the duty to provide for this people who do not want to become Members, or those that it banished, so no one gets left out in the Cold to die, everyone has the Right to Live, and in Phase 2, we remind them of this, we are not doing this just for us, but for everyone.

Chapter 2.03
Phase 03

The build up of infrastructure starts here, temporary housing must be setup, water wells, agriculture, land surveys for building Pyramids, and this is where the Planning phase starts, we need a lot of Engineers to work out all the details for building a Pyramid, after the ground has been analyzed, it needs to be determined how much weight the ground can handle, this will determine how tall we can build the Pyramid, so most of the work that gets done in this phase is setting up to build, the crops need to be a priority, so we can build up an excess of food in the first year, and plans to build the tallest structure ever build by humans must be completed in one year, not that they will be finished, but ready enough to break ground, so it will take many types of technology to accomplish this task, so the second priority is a computer network, this needs to be at a major network hub, and is capable of the highest speeds for uploads and downloads, because Sanctuary will generate a lot of data, so storage is needed by the yottabyte, so building its own network would be in the planning during this phase.

Phase 3 is going to set up a lot of temporary solutions to long term problems, you can not build a Pyramid overnight, it will take a century to finish, and decades just to get the foundation built, this is a long term Project, and it will take a lot of work and resources.

Energy will be a major Requirement, Lightning Collectors most be our first Priority, we should have at least enough Towers built in the first year to do away with the need for Oil, and Atomic Energy, so those two sources of Destruction can be eliminated.

Chapter 2.04
Phase 04

After the plans have been approved by everyone on this Planet that needs to approve them, building will start, in this phase the groundwork will start, the general design of a building this tall starts in the basement, the Foundation is the most important part of the Structure, the base is square, it will have deadman or support columns that are drilled down into the Rock below the structure, this will ensure a solid foundation into the rock, as to minimize the soil from compacting from the weight of the Pyramid when completed, plus all the weight that will be added, which includes the people, animals, water, food, equipment and everything else that is required to be in Sanctuary, plus people add the things that should not, so the foundation has to hold the weight of this Structure, so it will take a while to build the foundation, and how tall it could reach could be greater than 66,666 feet, which is another point, no metric measurements, there is a good reason for this, the same reason we do not talk different languages, we all use the same measurement system, and when it comes to building a Pyramid, Sacred Geometry is always in ratios. In this phase we start generating our own power, this is done using by using the latest technologies: Solar, Wind, and Thermal dynamics, more Lightning collection stations need to be built, this will be used to collect Lightning that will be converted into Electricity, within a year we need to be producing excess power, this is our priority at this point is to produce as much energy as the Government needs to replace the use of Petroleum and Atomic power as Energy.

Its also import to point out that no matter how big you build a Pyramid, it will never be large enough to house the entire population of the World, because that is always growing, and the Pyramid will take years to complete, so Permanent housing must be built, these are built in this phase, and they most have access to the Pyramids via underground access tunnels, test tunnels can exist outside of Sanctuary, the concept is that when a real event happens, such as an Ice Age, these people in the Permanent housing can survive along with Sanctuary, and housing outside of Sanctuary is occupied by dual members only, because they have to defend these tunnels, Sanctuary's goal is to ensure the survival of all Life, and not to save the Darkside from extension, nor is it allowed to destroy the Darkside, so these tunnels are built to ensure their survival on our terms, so that in the end they do not go to War with Sanctuary to try to take it for themselves, because that is how the Darkside thinks, they only care about their needs, and Money, and Money can drive people to do insane things, like go to War with those that are keeping them alive, so outside of the Permanent housing, is housing for Civilians and other none Sanctuary People, like those that were Banished.

Chapter 2.05
Phase 05

Once the foundation is in place in Phase 4, the first level of the Pyramid is made of Glass, this will ensure a very dense structure, the glass is very thick, maybe thicker than 100-feet, and every floor must have high glass content in all its exterior levels which I call Steps, so the first step is Glass, and every Step after that has Glass exterior blocks, these can be poured in place, and there will be many shafts going through the glass at key points in the structure to give access to the basement, these shafts must also be insulated, this is to prevent electricity from flowing through the Pyramid, the structure can not be grounded, when complete it will collect all the Lightning striking it, so it can not be grounded, this is very important to test this in all phases of construction, this will also prevent electrolysis, because the Pyramid will be built of many different types of material, and each Step most be air and water tight, so the whole Step is poured as one solid Step with air and water tight expansion to reduce cracking. The construction will include massive steel beams, and steel cables, these must hold the structure together to prevent it from expanding, contracting and changing shape, so these will run the entire length of the structure, when complete it will have two purposes, the first to hold this structure together even if the Earth goes Nova and this Pyramid ends up floating in outer space, the people inside would still like to survive this event, the other is to ensure it can withstand major earthquakes, its built like a Submarine and a Spaceship, with access tubes that form Air Locks.

The main structure is made out of Spheres made of rust resistant metal like Stainless Steal, inside the Spheres is another Sphere that can be used to Level the floor on 3 axis points, this is in case the Earth shifts and the Pyramid is moved out of Level. The Access tubes are also made out of rust resistant metal, it is very important that Rust not be allowed to destroy any part of the Structure. All Water and Power are separate access tubes, this will prevent the water from shorting out the Electrical should a water main break, and Air should also have its own access tubes.

Chapter 2.06
Phase 06

After the first 3 Steps, people can start moving into the Basement, the idea is to tunnel under the structure and make it solid all the way to the rock that sits below all the dirt above it, so the least amount of dirt, the smaller the basement is required, the problem is the dirt can erode from under it and that would cause the project to fail, so the key design feature would be to ensure that the foundation is solid all the way to the rock so it is as solid as possible, this will be the size of a mountain when its complete, and the basement needs to be finished before the 4th Step is started.

In Phase 6 the Foundation is made completely solid, and now we start to build up, the main push will be the center, it will have a very large tube that will be used to create a Vacuum chamber, this will be used to move Air throughout the Pyramid, the concept is simple, we do not want to rely on motors and fans to move Air throughout the Pyramid, we want a system that will do the work for free, yet we want to have a secondary system that will move the Air, because there may some a time when you have to Seal off the Tube due to the Atmosphere on Earth, and if the Earth goes Nova and this Pyramid finds itself floating in Space, it will need to recycle all its Air, so this is built in from the beginning, in fact it is designed so that if Air gets cut off, that all the People can survive on Recycled Air.

Chapter 2.07
Phase 07

This is when the 4th Step is started, this step will house most of the major manufacturing facilities, keep in mind that each step will get smaller as we build up to the maximum height, and it will not have a tip, but a platform from which it can be used as a lunch pad into space, as well as other uses, but at this altitude you will not be using it to play football, not even sure if you can breathe at that altitude, so depending on the angle will determine how large the base is, and will mostly be solid glass based concrete and steel, this is not built like a high rise building, its made of solid concrete with a steel tube framework that will create corridors leading to solid stainless steel spheres that will create the space required, the idea behind using round shapes is to maximum the strength of the structure by using its internal structure as a framework, thus allowing us to build such a tall structure, and level it out should its level change during an Earthquake or construction, but I do not know the limits to how tall we can build, that will take many engineers to figure out, my guess is 66,666 Feet, this is an actually calculation that Newton did, research lead me to believe that a Mountain can only be about 50,000 feet before it can grow no more, but is said that within a year it will be about 45,000 feet in height, but a solid built Mountain that does not all the Earth to slide down due to erosion, can be built much taller. All I know is that we will want to build it as tall as we can, so in Phase 1 we need to figure this all out, because by the time we get to this phase, our base is set in stone, we can stop building taller if we are forced to due to building at such high altitudes or load limitations, but the base can handle it if we decide to build all the way, so keep this in mind when designing it, we want the largest base possible, even if we can not achieve the height of it, but the taller we build it, the more useful it will be for outer space access, and the Governments would be able to use this access to launch approved craft, but nothing that contains weapons will be approved, Sanctuary can never be used in any capacity to aid in War, so all launches must be approved by the World Courts to avoid any conflicts that might arise.

Phase 7 is about taking the Pyramid to the Next level, each phase gets us closer to completion, each phase has its own problems and solutions, so Step by Step we build this Pyramid.

Chapter 2.08
Phase 08

This is when the last Step is complete, now the outside of the Pyramid should be completely covered with solar cells and heaters to prevent the outside of the structure from freezing, you do not want ice avalanches, you will have mirrors reflecting surface Sun Light back at the Structure to help in defrosting and boost the output of the Solar panels, while internally you have a shaft that lead all the way to the top, they have chambers that can be opened or closed allowing some of the shafts to be used as elevators, and one main shaft will supply all the vacuum required by Sanctuary, on all 4 sides there will be an outside elevator that goes all the way to the top, it can hold the massive weight of a space craft, at this point Sanctuary should be at 90% of its capacity to produce Power, Food, Water and other supplies, its manufacturing capabilities is state of the art and second to none, we will provide for all the worlds needs at this point, and it did not cost any Money other than help required to get it started during the first two phases of construction, after that it was producing its fair share of the workload and now houses the largest amount of people in one place on the planet, yet everyone has their own space, they do not feel crowded, they have clean air, food and water and all the luxuries they can think up.

Chapter 2.09
Phase 09

Sanctuary is now fully operational, there are 42 of these pyramids built around the World with the cooperation of every Government on the Planet.

Chapter 2.10
Phase 10

Sanctuary is now ready for the Ice Age, and not a moment to soon, the tunnels linking all the Sanctuaries has just been completed, and all Cities on the Planet have been evacuated, those not leaving will not survive the first winter, but the Permanent housing will house all those not welcome in Sanctuary, these are the People that were Banished, but not left to die, since Sanctuary is for all life to live, no one will be left out in the Cold, this includes all the animals we can save.

Chapter 2.11
Phase 11

The Ice Age is over, construction of new facilities can continue, new tunnels that will connect with all the parts of the world will be built, and massive underground facilities.

Chapter 2.12
Phase 12

New Cites are built around the underground facilities, and for the fist time since the end of the Ice Age, life can once again return to the surface of the Planet.

Chapter 2.13
Phase 13

This is where all roads end, and the Planet goes Nova, and we find out if all these structures will stay intact, which is why its best to build this Pyramid as if it were a Spacecraft, because on day it could be.

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