The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 1

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019


  1. Chapter -1: Introduction
    1. Chapter 1.00: History and His-Story
    2. Chapter 1.01: How do you become a Member of Trinary Sanctuary
    3. Chapter 1.02: What is Trinary Sanctuary
    4. Chapter 1.03: The 10 Steps of the Concept of Trinary Sanctuary
    5. Chapter 1.04: State of Mind
    6. Chapter 1.05: Sanctuary is an Island
    7. Chapter 1.06: The Big Picture

Chapter -1

The Introduction assumes you have read the Principles of the Trinary Universe, it is the Foundation for all the Science of Trinary Sanctuary, and the Abstract and Acknowledgments in this document, it has an order to it, it should flow from one concept to the next and should be understandable for people regardless of their: Sex, Age, Color of Skin, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Education Level, IQ or other factors, nor should it matter if you have an Autistic or Neurotypical Brain, but I have an Autistic Brain, so Neurotypicals will have to get over my style of writing and thinking, I do not Ramble, I only speak in a way that I think most primitive minds can comprehend, I use the Word or Spell of Primitive to denote individuals with a poor education, because that has nothing to do with how they were raised, public Education of today is a Joke (today always refers to the time I wrote this, and not the day you read it), most of it is based on lies, so people who believe what they were taught in school about Science, have a Primitive Mind, I say Mind instead of Brain: because there are 3 types of Brains, the Neurotypical, Allistic, and Autistic Brain, these styles of Brains are very important to an Advanced Society, but Primitive Minds have nothing to do with Brain Type, because they just assumed that what they were taught was the Truth, when in fact its so far away from being the Truth it can only be called a Lie, and if that Individual had any understanding about the Universe, they would be Self Educated like myself, learning the Truth on your own is a Sign of an Advance Mind, and this type of thinking is what Sanctuary is based on, do not assume the Trinary Universe is the Truth, Prove it to yourself, just because I did does not make it your Truth, it only makes it My Truth, and although its teaching should be mandatory, its Members are not required to believe it is the Truth, Truth is knowing something is Real based on Facts or Empirical Evidence, and you have to prove that for yourself and do not allow others to dictate what is the Truth, only what they Know, so I will make my best effort to make this concept as clear as I can. This message is intended for all the people of this Planet, and it is not intended to start a Revolution or Civil War, Trinary Sanctuary, which can be shortened to just Sanctuary, since it is the only one I will ever talk about, is a place where all the People of the Planet can work and live together in one place regardless of where it is on the planet, it is a refuge, but only allows Members into its borders, and to become a Member, you must first be trained, and the only training that will be required is what I wrote about in: the Principles of the Trinary Universe and this Document, which is all based on Real Facts or Empirical Evidence and not Theories, so it is as Simple as I can make it, but the concepts will be difficult for everyone to understand, because everyone envisions how to make a prefect Government, but that is not what Sanctuary is all about, it is about how everyone on this Planet can Live and Work together in Harmony, which means that everyone must be Equals, there is no hierarchy to the Government, the Rank you are given only applies to the job you are doing at the time, so it is based on time on that job and proficiency at doing that job, and everyone has training records and can be trained to do any job required in Sanctuary, so this type of a lifestyle is very strict, but its self paced, you have no boss jumping down your throat, but at the same time that job must be done on time, so if you cannot finish a job on time, its your job to get more help if you need it, so you have to follow a schedule to get anything done, and everyone must also follow theirs for you to be able to do yours, so the whole system must be run as a Militia, so our family is always on the same schedule, they are on the same shift, so families are spending more time together. Sanctuary is always vigilant, and at first most people may be thinking that if this is how I start it off, it is all down hill from there, and that is because they do not understand how simple this makes their life, and simple is what makes the world a lot better place to Live in, but it also means that you will have to learn to do every job that was actually required in a normal Government, like Police and Military to defend all the People, but you realize that no Laws means no Banks, no Politicians and no Lawyers, so the world is already a better place, because those people are needed for other more productive jobs, but for the most part it is all going to be run by Robots, so the whole process is automated and on autopilot, so life gets easier, but this is a new mind set, a new Lifestyle, and it is a huge change for everyone that has to make the change, but after just one generation things will get normal, so those born into Trinary Sanctuary should live a life without Money, Laws, Religion or other controls that the Generation before them were born with, so in just 3 Generations those times will be forgotten, and Trinary Sanctuary will be a new way of Life for those that want it, and their Governments will allow them, but not everyone will be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, it only has room for so many at one time, so it must grow in order to allow more people in, and that takes a long time, so Trinary Sanctuary must depend on the Governments to Survive, so around its Borders it must build Permanent Housing, at first this will only be used by Trinary Sanctuary, as a buffer waiting for room, but when the Pyramid is finished, as those rooms are vacated, they will be given back to the Bank, and they will then manage it, this will ensure distribution lines, and there is nothing restricting the Banks from building their own Cities around Trinary Sanctuary, because these two types of Governments must exist for this happen, one can not live without the other, this world is owned by the Banks, so any deal that is to be made, must go through the Banks, so Trinary Sanctuary makes no deals with the Banks other than what is stated, we give them our Excess, and they credit an account that pays off all that debt, but everyone in Trinary Sanctuary works for Free, and Lives in total Freedom, and that means that a Family Unit is how this form of Government works, you have the Mother and Father, this does not imply Gender by the way, the Father is on top of the Grid looking at this from an Energy viewpoint, and the Son below that, no mention of the Spirit of Mother, who is actually the Ground.

Reality is a word that describes the Universe we Live in, after you read the Principles of the Trinary Universe, that Reality will be altered, so without knowing what this altered state means to you, you can not say your Reality is the same as the Reality in the Trinary Universe, because that Reality is what drives us to want to be better, not just better as we define it, and not how my communications skills define it, in fact I try to keep my own Opinions out of it, all I do is state the Facts and let Reason and Logic prevail, I did not say Hope, because for Ewe there is no Hope yew will ever understand what I have to say, nor will people who have not read the Principles of the Trinary Universe, at lease 3 times, and that is why I said it that way, to prove a Point that when you enter into a Contract, you must fully understand what you are agreeing to, so what the Terms of this Contact are must state that as an Individual, you must take Responsibility for your Actions from now on, and not those that came before this contract was entered, this way we are not dragging in old problems, any past debt gets reported to the Banks, and they deal with it, so everyone that enters into Trinary Sanctuary, are Free, and their Debt becomes the Debt that Trinary Sanctuary must pay, before paying off the National Debt, so Reality becomes what we make it, we can Live in Freedom, but our Freedom comes at a Cost, a cost that all of Trinary Sanctuary must pay for.

There can be no Law in Trinary Sanctuary, because Law is only used to Punish people, and those in the United States that allowed the Banks to Print their Money, are Guilty of Treason to their own Constitution, so other Countries are also in Debt to the Banks, so the Banks also Print their Money, so the Treason runs very Deep, and very far back in History, all the way back to Moses in fact, so if Trinary Sanctuary had Laws, it would have to Execute everyone for Treason that used Money, and then there would be very few if any People to build Trinary Sanctuary.

The World is in sad shape because of Money, it allowed People to Drill for Oil I call the Blood of the Planet, now its Killing the Planet, it is causing Global Warming and its melting the Ice Caps, the lack of Oil/Blood is also causing the Planet to wobble on its axis, and if Sir Isaac Newtons Calculation was correct about when the Bible said, that Earths Magnetic Poles would Reverse, this was also called The End of Civilization, and this will happen soon according to Mainstream, but Newton calculated it to be in the year 2060, the exact year does not matter, since the change takes a long time to start and finish, but its clear that if this happens, the Magnetosphere can collapse as it reverses direction, note that the Planet does not reverse direction, that would be called a Nova, and it would be The End of the World, but its clear that the Atmosphere can be vented into Space when this happens, and it can also lead us open to being hit by Micrometeorites and Meteorites, so this could be why they called it The End of Civilization, because if people do not build the Pyramids, then it will be, because the Trinary Pyramids are designed to survive an Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Lightning, Hail, and even Pole Reversals and Nova, and there is not enough Money in the World to build one, let alone 42, so Money will not Save the World, and its why Money is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary.

The only way to survive this, is if Trinary Sanctuary is allowed to exist, this will require the Banks and Governments approval, and they will have to Free everyone of their Citizens they allow in Trinary Sanctuary, so Trinary Sanctuary must pay off all Bank Loans before paying off the National Debt, so Trinary Sanctuary must pay for the Freedom of each Member and their Debt, some people may not understand that Lincoln used its Citizens as Collateral for the Loan, this was Treason, and Lincoln was legally executed for Treason, but it was too late, the Country was taken over once the Constitution was abolished, because you can not Amend the Word Spelled Only, as in Only Congress can Print the Money, thus owning the Country, that was over 150 years ago, so there is no way to Justify trying to take back a Country that made that Treason, the day they Abolished the Constitution, so this is all Legal once you own the Courts and everyone that works for Money, that is how Evil works, now you all work making a National Debt, but you cannot use the Money the Banks Print to pay off the Loan, Taxation only pays down the Interest on the Loan, and can never pay if off, since you can never pay down the loan with that Money, but the National Debt is so high its impossible to pay it off, so what is the point in having this conversation, as if I had a Solution to it, when the Only Solution is to just not Allow Money, and that means anything that Looks, Feels, Sounds, Tastes, Smells, or works like it, which is a Control, we do not Pay people to work at Trinary Sanctuary, because they are Free, they do not work for Money, nor are they allowed to use it, it is not what Motivates them to work and be good Members, it is the way of Life that does that, they have a type of Freedom that Money cannot Buy you, Unlimited Freedom, if I go to the Bank and say hey we need enough Money to build a Pyramid, we would never be able to pay them back, for the same reason you can not pay down the National Debt, so the Banks would just own it, and you would be Prisoners or have would have to pay to live there, and what do you do when you are old or disabled and can not work, hope your Family will take care of you, or do you expect Welfare, Social Security, Retirement, or some other Bank Account, or Government Program, that will pay to keep you alive after the Banks declare Bankruptcy again, that is about to happen, they are stressed to their Limits, and cannot afford any of these Programs any longer, so as it turns out, the Banks will not Survive without Trinary Sanctuary, so this is a Joint Partnership between the Banks and Governments of the World, all where Trinary Sanctuary is allowed to build, they can cut those programs and make them obsolete, by allowing people to choice to Live in Freedom, or work for the Banks for Money, the truth is that Few understand what Trinary Life Style is all about, it is about the Family Unit that lives in adjoining space in Trinary Sanctuary, this space is Physical inside the Pyramid, and those that are your Neighbors that physically live close to your unit, are not more related to it than others living on the other side of the Pyramid, since all Travel between any Single Unit, which is established at build time or after a Modification, is considered one Unit, so a Family Unit can be spread out across Physical Locations within the Pyramid, so it is more like living in a giant apartment building, where you have to take elevators to go anywhere, the Pyramid is Solid, except for the areas that are built into it, so there are no windows, no open fields, no sky to look at, its like living in a Submarine, it is designed to be Air and Water tight, so air, water or even insects, cannot get into the Pyramids, each unit has 3 ways in and out, and have 3 redundant power, communications, water, air, transportation, and other access points, so safety is number one, you can build a Pyramid to hold over a billion people, but that caps the human population to 42 Billion people, and keep in mind not all Pyramids will be the same size, you can only build massive ones on the equator, the farther north you go, the smaller they have to be, no reason you can not build them in the Ocean, these Pyramids are Solid all the way to the Top, they are Pressurized and Depressurized, the Exhaust is what pulls in fresh Air, and it uses natural vacuum from the stacks that run up the center of the Pyramids, so you never have to worry about the vacuum giving out, even if that happens, for example: the Earth reverses its Poles, this can happen because the Reversal means that Trinary Engine, has changed from its Matter State of being a Positive Polarity, will now change to an Antimatter State of being a Negative Polarity, so it is path will continue on its same course, only it will now start to drive down, imagine on a Graph with the x-axis being labeled 0, so this is Ground, also known as the Mother Earth, so currently Earths Core or Trinary Engine, has a Positive State, so it is above the Ground of Mother Earth, so we have a Right-Hand Rule for the way Current Travels, with the Right hands thumbs up, current will flow in the direction that your fingers curl in, so it is in the counter-clockwise direction, so all our current technology is based on this fact, so what happens when that is reversed? This means that the core or trinary engine, has changed States, and its now Antimatter or Negative Polarity, so it is now the Left-Hand rule, so how will our Technology work now? That is how it works after a reversal, and that is what is unknown, my best guest is that if a generator does not work like it should, reverse the negative and positive leads designation for polarity, and rewire it accordingly, if that does not work, reverse the direction it spins, and that is not even a worse cause scenario, which would be the Earth goes Nova, because that can happen because we do not have enough Oil/Blood, to make the Pole Reversal, think about it, the Core or Trinary Engine floats in a pool of hot Oil/Blood, it is what separates the core from the crust, if the two should come into contact with each other, the friction would cause the Oil/Blood to boil, meaning all the Water will vaporize in a Flash, and under that much heat, I do not have to explain what will happen, besides the Hydrogen and Oxygen separating, all it takes is a spark or enough heat, which it has at that depth, so it explodes, and the Planet goes Nova, but keep in mind that the Whole Planet may not fly off into outer space, in fact, my guess is that most of it will stay intact, and maybe some life could survive it, but the landscape would change, the Pyramids would have to have a way to level out all its rooms, so they must all be built in spheres, in cages, and have vibration insulation from the Pyramid, and dampeners to smooth out the shocks, so the people do not feel them as much, but this can allow the spheres which hold the rooms, to float freely using stable platform technology to keep the floors level at all times, but during Earthquakes, this can be life or death for all that live there, walk ways around the sphere must expand and contract without breaking, and stay air and water tight, but the sphere can only correct up to 90 degrees, before having to level out in the opposite direction, as such if the Earth flipped the Pyramid over, the floors would first try to pitch up to stay level, then have to drive back down to try to level out on another axis, so think about this Technology before building new cities, because any house that you cannot level out is of no use to anyone, we take land being level for granted, but after a Pole Reversal, so cannot assume that the Land will be level, this is a major change, we have no way of knowing how the Oil/Blood will react to the State Change, energy will flow backwards as to what it did before, so how does our technology work then? We have to build our Technology to work after a pole reversal, it should have a switch, with a warning, This will Fry the unit: are you sure you want to do this? This Reality is Real, even if Newton is wrong about the date, how much wrong do you think he can be? If we do not plan for this, we will fail as a Society, think about it, that is how Pyramids survive, how do you think a House or building nowadays will survive, we are talking an Earthquake of around a 10, that last as long as it needs to find its new balance, and it will have to re-balance to do that, I had a dream that I did that in a past life, I remember feeling Gravity in my Dreams, I could feel the Ocean moving across the Land, the Poles moving around 32 degrees, like a top that was just started up spinning, and is trying to find that sweet spot where it is in balance, so how do we survive this without Trinary Sanctuary? We do not, proving the Bible was Right.

When I, Jeffrey Scott Flesher [2] , first started to dream about Trinary Sanctuary, I was just a child, and trying to make Adults understand never worked very well, they can never get over No Money, No Law, and No Religion, so I figured that would never Change, so this World is Doomed, all because of these Control Mechanisms, proving that Adults have been Brainwashed, and most of them go alone with the Herd and only believe what they Heard.

Trinary Sanctuary is a different type of life, its based on building a Paradise, that is the cost of Freedom, if you are going to build it, build it right the first time, but keep in mind its purpose, and that is to create more Water, Food, and Energy then you need, and also means you need to manufacture all your own needs, and plus a surplus of it as excess, and you have no idea how many more people that can be that need to be feed, so you will have to build Smaller Pyramids that only produce food, this will help with supply lines and distribution, so build triple redundant underground access ways to all 42 Pyramids, and then you can branch off of any of them to build cities, so these access tubes will have to be repaired after an Earthquake, so the people what work here will have to be that repair team, it has to maintain supplies around the World, and after a major Earthquake it needs at least 3 ways in and out, so at least one survives a major Earthquake, so life will be hard in Trinary Sanctuary at times, imagine how long it will take to complete it, the time is measured in Generations, so this is what Trinary Sanctuary is all about, people that want this type of Adventure in their Life, and do not want to worry about Money, they just want to worry about Living, and not how they are going to make a Living, because eventually we all grow old or get disabled, it all comes down to how we live our life, and if we live it thinking that nothing will ever change, and think an Ice Age can never happen in our Lifetime, then you need to look around at think about Mother Nature, current Society would die the first year of an Ice Age, so there would be no way you can start to build a Pyramid after it starts, that is the End of Civilization for a reason.

To Survive an Ice Age, you have to have Shelter, not only for People, but Plants, Animals, insects, and other lifeforms, if some of these die, we all die. Outside will not be livable for years, no one can calculate how long an Ice Age will last, history teaches us it is never the same, so there is no way to predict it, so if you are going to build Pyramids, you better start today, tomorrow may be to late, so first build the base, from there, you make if fully robotic, so humans never have to go out in the cold to work on it, unless a Robot breaks down and they have to fix it, so these types of Shelters are very technical to build, the concept is that the robots can be automated or control by humans remotely, for security it can use hard lines, with internal IP addresses that cannot be spoofed, there will be IP equipment like this everywhere, Video Cameras, Computer Terminals, Transports, and the list goes on, this place has to be hacker proof, so our Internal Network is never attacked to the Internet, that is a totally separate network, to the Internet we look like a TOR Network, so we, meaning Trinary Sanctuary, have a way to communicate with the outside, and they have a way to communicate with us, but if we are to survive, we must build Shelters that we can survive in.

The Concept is simple, once we have the base in place, we can build Robots that build the Pyramid, the shape is the only configuration you can use to build to maximum capacity, so you build scaffolding, it becomes part of the structure, so you use robots to build the scaffolding, and then robots that use the scaffolding to put parts into place, parts like access tubes, or spheres for Units, then robots that fill in all the space with some type of concrete, that does not break during earthquakes, its more like silicon gel, it also absorbs shock waves, and acts like ballistic gel, I dreamed up the formula, it has to have a lifetime measured in billions of years, so you want to use molecules that do not break down over time, and build a network of fibers, interlocking different types of materials, that will not mix over time, so when the molecules start to break down, a larger structure of interwoven network of material will be created naturally to take its place, so you engineer the material to last for today, and deteriorates into something stronger, so these Robots are nothing more than 3D printers that use Molecules to print with, so by interweaving these Molecules, we can build a material to last millions if not billions of years, you can build robots to do all the work required, this minimizes the risk of people getting hurt, when machines break down, safe guards can prevent injury to workers in that area, by shutting down any operations that could be harmful to them, so people need to be trained, once the Ice Age Starts, no one will be able to work out side any longer then it takes to change out a robot, so you will want to build a Robot to that also.

There will always be People in this World that think they are more Intelligent then IAM, not Possible, get over it, IAM God and God is all knowing, I base all my thoughts on who IAM and not who I am, as a Human I know that I am just like normal Humans, I have all the Flaws they have, all the Limitations they have, and in Short, I am pretty much the same as other people, what sets me apart from them, is that I got past that, I do not put any Limitations on whom I am and what I can become, I do not claim to be God, only made of the Atoms that contain God, which is the Light without Darkness, everyone can claim this also, so what makes me different then those that do not understand this, is that I can think outside the Box, I can analyze situations and determine the root cause of the problems, and the Main problem is Science, it is all based on Main Streams version of Insanity, the Big Bang Theory is the Stupidest Concept that any Brain Dead Ignorant Asshole could come up with, and that is just a Fact, the Person who came up with this idea is Insane, totally, no more Intelligence than an Insect, why put them down, because they need it a dose of Reality, they put Science back thousands of years into the Dark ages, they destroyed thousands of years of Progress just to put out Garbage that is too Stupid to repeat, I will not tolerate assholes like this in History, People like this that are not Intelligent enough to understand Sir Isaac Newton's work, yet they Steal his Math and use it in a Theory that is totally Incompatible, this Asshole knew that Albert Einstein stated his Theory about General Relativity is not Possible, so they are a Liar and I have no tolerance for Liars, Einstein Wrote the Theory for Money, proving its Evil, people that believe it is called Sheeple, and we do not need that type of Person in Trinary Sanctuary, we need people that have Intelligence, not an endless supply of BS, and not people who deny who IAM.

For 6 thousand years of recorded History before Moses destroyed the Great Pyramids, just to make Money out of its Gold and create Laws to make the Worse Human Control System ever, created endless Wars and suffering for all on this Planet, he is the single person in History that caused the most Damage to this World, and that is why Religion is not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, we do not need people who think the Big Bang explains anything but Insanity, and we do not need people who think Moses was a Savor, read the Bible, he Raped, Pillaged and Plundered, how can that make him a Good person? History proves that Men like these are more Corrosive to a Society than people like Hitler, who actually Won the War and People lie about what he did, because Israel is not Real, its Hitlers Making, so build another Wall around yourself, maybe Trinary Sanctuary should build a Wall around it to keep out Assholes like these, any Race that thinks they are more Important than the Others has no Value to Anyone, they should be Feared and not Trusted, because they only care about their Own Race, which by the way is not a Pure Race, its just part of a Mix Race known as the Ashkenazi, they broke away from the Original Race and formed the Nazi, because they can Not Z or See I, the Ash are White and do not exist on this Planet at this time, they have been Bread out by the Nazi years about, the first Race to go was the Ke, this was the Gray Race, whereas the Nazi are Mixed: they can be Black or White, but they are always fixated on their own Race and will wipe out all the Others, and such they can never be Trusted, History has Proven that, they Claim to Hate Hitler but still do his Bidding, I call them Liars, because that is all they are, no Honor, just Lies, and they are too Stupid to survive, because all they want is War and Genocide of all the other Races, Zion is about one Race, the Nazi, and being an Ashkenazi, I can tell you that I have 0 Tolerance for the Nazi, all Races are allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, this Includes the Nazi, but not their Ways, Stupid can be trained out of anyone, and not all Nazi are Stupid, and not all of them are Insane, in fact the Majority of them are Good People, Hitler and his Kind are not welcome anywhere on this Planet for long, and are not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, all Races are equal in the eyes of God, and we do believe in God, not the Deity God, not this God or that God, but the Truth Trinary God known as the Light without Darkness, or Energy known as Electricity and Atoms.

O Tolerance is Trinary Sanctuary's Policy, Stupid People will be called Sheeple, and they are not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary. Stupid People have no place in Life, Stupid means Education can change this Condition, so even the Stupid person who came up with the Stupid Idea for the Big Bang Theory, can be Cured with a little Education in Reality. I have no Tolerance for Stupid People and will always put them in their Place, you do not have any Right to think insane ideas and pass those Ideas off on other Stupid People who will believe them, this is Insane, and Insanity is not something anyone should encourage, no need to Sugar Coat it, Stupid is Stupid and is not Tolerated.

There will always be People who think they can come up with a Better form of Government, they had they chance, so now they can go away, we do not need to hear from Assholes like this, Trinary Sanctuary is not about forming a Better Government, in fact: it is not about Government at all, it is about Freedom, and that means Free of Government, and Free of Assholes that want to Push more Control on its People.

Trinary Sanctuary is about a simple form of Government, it has no leaders, I might have written this Document, but I am not its Leader, IAM, and that means everyone that understands what IAM. As an Individual you have no Rights in Trinary Sanctuary, no one has, you have only Responsibilities to it, you do not Own it, it Owns you, it does not work for you, you work for it, you are as important as everyone in it, including myself, you have the Responsibility to make this Document more Understandable and Clear, making it better while not changing its intent, which is to now end up having the Banks that we fought our Independence from, printing our Money, so it is Citizens will have to Lie and become Cowards that act like Babies, worthless as they are Stupid, we do not tolerate there Kind, and will put them in their Place every chance we get. Trinary Sanctuary is about Trinary Sanctuary Militia, which means its Members are not Civilians nor does it allow any within its Domain, Civilians are worthless to any Society, they have no Place in Trinary Sanctuary and will never be allowed in, because they will Destroy it, because they believe they have that Right, and its why no one has Rights in Trinary Sanctuary, it is not about being Right, it is about being Left.

The Concept of Trinary Sanctuary as a Government is Simple: Everyone is a Trinary Sanctuary Militia Member, they Train for Every Job Required of them, they follow all Technical Data and Orders, improving on them when needed, the Trinary Sanctuary Project Manager is Software that controls every aspect of Trinary Sanctuary, this Program is written by its Members, its goal is to automate all task, ensure all Jobs are being completed on time and quality, this requires that everyone has access to an Trinary Sanctuary Operator, and that is a Person that has access to the Technical Data and Orders that you as an individual require to do your job, this means that they are the ones you call when you need to do a job, they are a Member of your Team, and one Operator can give the Team the required information they need to complete a task, so Trinary Sanctuary is Task oriented, it does not need a bunch of Supervisors, or hierarchy to control its work force, instead the Individuals are trained to be autonomous, they are Trinary Sanctuary Militia, they are trained to be the best they can be, they do not work for Money, and are not allowed to take Money or any Bribes, Crime and Corruption is not Tolerated in Trinary Sanctuary, this is what it means to be in Trinary Sanctuary, as an individual you represent Trinary Sanctuary Militia, you have Responsibility to all its Trinary Sanctuary Militia Members, in short, we are one big family, we learn to get along with everyone.

Trinary Sanctuary means Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty, Honor is earned by being a Member of the Trinary Sanctuary Militia, Integrity is earned by proving you can do the Job required of you, Loyalty is earned by valuing the Trinary Sanctuary requirements, it is all very defined and easy to follow, there are no Laws because Trinary Sanctuary is not about Punishing people for making mistakes, we have no Prisons or Prisoners, we are an Advanced Society that does not believe in an Eye for an Eye Justice, that is called Revenge and it is not tolerated here, we learn to correct mistakes and try not to make the same ones twice, we have to learn to be forgiving and learn its easier to teach the Right way then to admonish doing something wrong, that is why we have Technical Data and Orders, they should always be Right, and there should always be Technical Data and Orders for everything you will ever have to do, if there is not, then it is your responsibility to make sure there is by writing them, this is what Honor, Integrity and Loyalty is all about, it is the Trinary Sanctuary way.

Chapter 1.00
History and His-Story

History was written by the people who Conquered, so that is the only viewpoint that this type of History will ever tale, so to talk about what Sanctuary was from the Beginning of time would make very little sense, because this Document is about what it can be and not what it was, but in short, I would be lying if I left out the History of Sanctuary, but I will tell it to you from the viewpoint of a Wizard, so first we must talk about Wizards, but because it is in the Bible and has nothing to do with Religion but more to do with His-Story, so it does not matter which Religion we are talking about, if the story of Adam and Eve, Thor, Moses, Noah and Jesus is in it, this is the Story IAM talking about, so I will tell you the short story, without the Religion of it, just the history and the facts.

Our Sun orbits around the Galaxy, as it pass through the Galactic Plane, Earth will freeze, this is known as the Ice Age, the last time we passed though the Galactic Plane was over 66 million years ago, and we have less than 33 million years till we pass through it again, and it was around that time frame, the last time we went through it that humanity came together to form an Advanced Society and built the Great Pyramids along with other Ancient structures around the World, and even on the Planet Mars. A man named Carl Munck wrote about the coordinates for all these structures in a video series called The Code, where he reveals the Sacred Geometry built into the structures, and proves that the Ancient Society that built them knew how to survive the Ice Age by Building the Great Pyramid, which is actually a Power plant, it harnessed Lightning and could split Water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, which when burned together produces pure water from salt water. The Bible starts off at the time after we passed through the Galactic Plane, the first person it talks about is named Adam who was a man from the White race known as Ash, and had three wives, one was named Eve from the Nazi Race, and had a Son named Cain, who killed his half brother Able from Adam's first wife Mary who was from the Grey Race know as Ke, and Cain was expelled from Paradise, which is the same word as Sanctuary after you remover the Spell of Sin, Paradise was located around the Pyramids, it was where people lived underground, its how they survived the Ice Age, and Cain's descendants vowed revenge for being Banished, which is always a risk you take Banishing anyone for a Crime, so Execution must always be an Option to prevent this from happening again, but Banishment and Life is always your first Option, and the Bible goes on to talk about Wizards who had Staffs of Power, like the Lightning Wizard Thor who could control Lightning and Thunder, and then came the Dark Wizard Moses who was a descendant of Cain and took his revenge and destroyed Paradise, then goes on to talk about another Light Wizard named Jesus who wanted to rebuild Paradise, but the People sold him out for Money which he said was Root of All Evil, Jesus Bar Abbas was in charge of the Militia that fought against the Roman Empire, for their use of Money that has not changed to this Date, those that Deny Jesus's Name 3 Times are called Sinners, the Bible talks about these Sinners, and is actually just a book about Sinners, those that model their Life after the People in it is also known as Sinners, so there it is, thousands of years of History condensed down into minutes of His-Story.

There are many who would not believe His-Story and it does not matter what you believe, many Wars were waged for the right to tale His-Story, and everyone told it different, so there are many different versions of it, but I only tale His-Story to set the record right, because I did a lot of research into His-Story, and decided that the version Sir Isaac Newton told was the most truthful, and that during the 3rd Century when the Church inserted Christ and changed Live into Love, History was Changed to make Moses look like the Good Guy, and make Money look like a Good thing, then Religion and Money took over the World as the Dark Ages took over, Isaac said the Bible was not written by the Church or for the Church, and it was not about Religion, it was about History, but instead it was used to gain Power, Money, and Influence, so His-Story has not Changed, only who told History has changed.

What are Wizards? Wizards are People who study Alchemy and Magic, the Word Alchemy was renamed to Chemistry, but Chemist of these days are not Alchemist, they have not concept of what they are talking about so I refer to them as Stupid Assholes, and refer the term Alchemist which means Trinary Scientist, the word Magic referred to the Unknown, so Lightning was Magic till it was demystified, and Wizards had to hide their notes to each other during Newtons time, because Alchemy was illegal and you could be Burned at the Stake should you get caught, so they devised a Language called Witchcraft, so a Witch is a Person that can write using Witchcraft, so that Newton and other Alchemist could write to each other, and no one would understand it, its called Cryptography nowadays, so Wizards are People who study Alchemy and other studies, which is now called Science, over the ages this Science had many names, for example, BBC made a Documentary about Sir Isaac Newton 3 called The Last Magician, the word Magician translates to Wizard, because people like Newton were also known as Wizards because they studied Alchemy, other Wizards like Nikola Tesla who was also known as the Last Wizard, because he studied Electricity which came from Lighting, like Thor who was actually from the Bible, could control Lightning or Thunder, and the Bible is full of Dark Wizards like Moses with his Staff of Power that he used to part the Red Sea, only real Wizards would tell you that it was not the Red Sea he Parted, but the Sea of Reeds, because the word Read has a past tense of Red, it was easy to change the translation of the word and few would notice, but the truth is that the Sea of Reeds parts itself, you only need to know when to cross it before it crosses you, but most people do not view Moses as a Dark Wizard, because they think all his Dark deeds like murdering his adopted family is not a Crime because he did it to Free Slaves, which is stupid considering no one worked for Money prior to this Time, so everyone worked for Free, so not getting paid was normal, so these people were not slaves just because they were not getting paid, so this warped sense of reality cause some people to view the Rape, Pillage and Plunder of Egypt as not a Crime, because they thought it was justified as payment for years of everyone working for Free, but the truth is that no one got paid to build Paradise, which includes the Pyramids, the Gold was used as a Medium for their Technology that was used to control Lightning and produce Energy for Free: to all, but the Dark Wizards of the descendant's of Cain, had other ideas, they wanted everyone to work for them and bow down like they were Gods, and they used Gods Power to destroy Cities like Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, by making you believe that they were doing bad things there, when in fact it is because they refused to use Money, and accept the Bible they were pushing, that had Christ Inserted into it, so they were destroyed, not by God but Technology they used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, we call it a Nuclear or Atomic Bomb, when in fact the Technology is based on Destroying God, whereas the Arc Light used the Power of God to Light it, and these were said to be stored in the Convent of the Arc, so facts are stranger than fiction, and Light Wizards are far and few between.

In the Bible the Last Light Wizard was Jesus, he got 12 people who said they believe him about the Light of God, they are known as his disciples, and followed him on his quest to rebuild the Pyramids and restore its Power for Free, so the World could live in Freedom once more, but the disciples sold him out for Money, and their followers denied they knew his name 3 times, they denied they knew anyone with the 3 names Jesus Bar Abbas, because Sir Isaac Newton proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, remove it and you only have one Jesus in the Bible, unless you believe there are two Gods as well, so this information is proven to be the truth for over 3 centuries now, and no one will ever change that fact, not the Liars called Religious, that is just another name for Stupid Asshole, we have 0 Tolerance and will call them the most Accurate name we can find to describe them.

Jesus's use of Magic is Legendary, as was his use of the Staff of Power, and his teaching about the God or the Light of God, this Light was also known as Allah, the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, Trinity, and the list of names goes on, but remove Religion from it, and you have His-Story, how the Bible was turned to Evil and made into a Religion, knowing that only Jews Love Money, so the Christians removed the word Judeo so they could deny it was a Jewish Bible, as did the Prophet Muhammad who just stool the book and added Slavery to to it, so Woman could be bought and sold like Sheep, which was normally a Sex Slave Trade for Jews and Muslims, so these Religions are all Evil by any Standard, they allow Slavery and human and animal suffering, and its why Isaac Newton was so upset about Religion in General, and why he was so vocal about the teaching of Trinity, because God was not a Deity, God is Real Light, and Religion is all about Deities and sanctions the Bank which is Slavery, its why Trinary Sanctuary has 0 Tolerance for these Kinds of Sheeple.

Sanctuary is not about the Bible, even though its History is buried in it, its just proof that it did exist in one point in History, and the reason was to survive the coming Ice Age, and that is what Sanctuary is all about, it is not about Religion, Money, Power, Greed, Lust, or any Human Emotion, so Love has nothing to do with it, Live does, so Evil is the backward Spell that causes things that Live to die, and nothing does that better then Money, and Religion. Sanctuary is about how all Life can Live together, not just Humans, it is about removing all Controls like: Law, Money, and Religion, so that innovation can be the driving force, its where Nerds are Cool, and being Strong can be put to good use, so everyone can work together on things that they are good at doing, and not what is forced on them, everyone can have the chance to train to be what ever they want to be, so people with Knowledge learn to get along with others, and the goal of Paradise becomes Reality, because the only thing that Wizards ever teach anyone is that the Mind is the door way to the Universe, everything is made of Light, all Energy is Light, and IAM the Light, which means IAM the Darkness also, so in the shades of Grey we must learn our own truths, but to Deny the Light is the Truth is just Insane.

Most People tell me that we are not heading into an Ice Age because they believe we are heading in the opposite direction, and that Global Warming is what is going on, which is true, because before every recorded Ice Age in History there was Global Warming, so what do you think is coming as a result of Global Warming? An Ice Age, and we are over due for one, so how can we survive such a disaster?

Modern Cities could not survive an Ice Age, and with the Global Warming going on now, an Ice Age will follow, it always does, and no reason to doubt it, because the Salinity of the Oceans will change as more freshwater is diluting it, and my field of study is not Paleosalinity, but their data points to the fact that Global Warming causes more freshwater to melt into the Ocean, which causes more Carbon-dioxide to build up which in turn feeds back into the Global Warming process: thus melting more glacier ice which add more freshwater into the Ocean, Humans use of Oil or the Planets Blood, has caused Co2 to raise faster than Nature intended, so there is no stopping this process, and Chem-trials will only increase this effect because it increases the Carbon-dioxide in the Air, so everyone should agree we are going into Global Warming and can not stop it, so how do we prepare for Global Warming, when we know for a fact that an Ice Age will follow, so that the Oceans can get back in balance, because the Salt keeps the Oceans Water from forming ice, because all Ice is Freshwater, and once the Ocean does not have enough Salt to prevent the Oceans from freezing, it will freeze pole to pole, and you might think this is a good thing, until you figure out that it is not going to stop till the salt level rises enough in the Ocean to stop it, so round and round we go, Global Warming causes Ice Ages, and thinking the human race survived it before and can do it again is just stupid, because we all know the Pyramids were destroyed as far as there Power Plant functionality is concerned, so the Human race does not have a Plan that will work, current underground facilities will become tombs if they can not find solutions to long term survivability, and by long I mean maybe in the thousands of years, because that is how long some recorded ice ages last.

Most people assume that the Government knows this and is doing something about it, so you do not have to worry about it, because if there was something to be alarmed about, you figure the Government would let you know, when many people are telling you what a problem it is going to be, and no one is paying any attention to them, because Governments are only concerned with Money, and you can not buy your way out of this Problem, and most of them think they can dig bunkers, which during an Ice Age those will become tombs, what fuel do you think you can use underground... Oil?

Oil is what allows the Earth to smoothly rotate around its Core, you use all that up and this Planet will rip itself apart in an event known as Nova, and that is just for starts, because all life will be over way before that happens, and many Scientists know this, but are bought out by the Oil Cartel, Money has allowed Oil Companies to Frack this Planet just for profit knowing how much damage its doing to the Planet, because all they care about is Money, and to top it off, they have drilled many underwater drill holes that are now bleeding Oil into the Ocean and Land which is killing off all the Life forms in the Ocean and on Land that it comes into contact with, and because of Liars known as Money Junkies, who only care about Money.

Without the Sun all Life will die, you can not Live without it for long, the only people who do not understand this concept, have never lived without the Sun for long periods of time, so think about it another way, during an Ice Age, Ice sheets will cover most if not all the Planet, and long term, most Life forms need Food, and without the Sun, you would have to grow your food with Artificial Light, and that requires Electricity, which requires some form of Energy, and right now, Oil is the only source anyone has without the Sun, sure you have Nuclear Power, and if you think it is any safer than making the Planet go Nova by using Oil, then you have no idea about Science, so to some it up, there are no plans in place that would ensure the survival of the Human Race in the event of an Ice Age, and it is a fact that one is coming.

Sanctuary is broken down into Parts, like all Machines, each part must work with the other parts, and the way Sanctuary works is really up to the People who are running it, all I can do is tale you how I think it should work, not based on my preferences, but Science, so the First part of Sanctuary is Science, so let's start here.

Science is based on Empirical Evidence, which means that it is based on facts that are observable and experiments that are verifiable and repeatable, and reality must be based on the Laws of Physics and not Theories that can not be proven, and no Paradox's can exist in this Reality, so that rules out current Main Stream Science that believes in the Big Bang, or the Godless Dynamic Universe and General Relativity that not even Albert Einstein believed in, because both of those defy the Laws of Physics and is based on one Paradox after another, so a New Science will be required for Trinary Sanctuary, and its called Trinary Science.

Sanctuary must be free for all that are members of its Society, because it is not a Company nor does it have a Government controlling it, nor is it a Government, it is a Society based on Militia that only defends its Foundation to be Free, so we do not refer to the People who live here as Citizens, because that sounds like Rome, and Sanctuary should never be allowed to become dependent on Money in any way, it can not use it, or allow its use within its Domain, otherwise it will not be Free, and Freedom is the core of Sanctuary, so no Money or Barter of any kind is ever allowed in Sanctuary, and many people will argue this point to the point of it being pointless, because you can never be Free or have Freedom if you use or depend on Money, because it is a form of Slavery, and only Slaves would defend it, in fact they are addicted to Money, its Candy that rots Governments away, and Free means Free, not Freewill, that is Free Dumb.

Sanctuary is built in Steps, Education is the First Step, it needs to teach a Science that is based on Empirical Evidence and not Theories that change all the time, so Trinary Sanctuary will have its own University and you guested it, its called Trinary University, and the its established to build Sanctuary from the Foundation up, and that Foundation is the University, because it will be a totally Free University, no funds or hidden fees, you do not require its members to purchase books or other supplies, its completely electronic and ran from a computer program over the Internet, so all it needs are Free Servers at major Internet Hubs with Free Internet Connection, that can not be turned off or hacked into, and access is Free to all, not just Members, it is not Open Source or Hardware, it goes beyond that, its Free, but not all Software is Free to the Public, Trinary Sanctuary also will current Software from a Private Company, and make it Trinary Sanctuary Secure, so the only ones outside of Trinary Sanctuary that can access it, is governed by that Private Company, this allows the Private Sector and Trinary Sanctuary to work together for a Common Goal, they can sell this Software on the Open Market, Trinary Sanctuary works on the Software for Free and gets no Money in return, we just get the Source Code to maintain and improve for our needs and those of the Open Market.

At the time I was writing this document, every Government in the world is owned by the Banks, and no one wants to believe that is true, but if your Country uses any form of Money, it is true, and if you live in a Country that it is Government allows the Banks to Print the Money, then the whole Government is owned by the Banks, and it does not matter if you believe its true, it does not change this fact.

Trinary Sanctuary or Sanctuary for Short, is a place that is safe to live, and to be safe, it can not use Money, because there are people in the World that would rob and murder people for Money, besides there is no Money to pay people to build Sanctuary, there is not enough Money in the World to build it for one thing, nor can you have Religion, because there are people who will murder you if you do not believe in their Religion, in fact that is the whole premise of all Religions, and that is a fact, History proves it, nor can you have Laws, because to be safe you will have no Prisons, this is an Advanced Society, and it will not require Money, Laws or Religion to Control people and how they think. Laws are used to control how people behave, Money, and Religion do not solve problems, they creates them, they divide people, create classes, labels and general distrust, for example: growing up in the United States of American, my family has been here way before 1776, so technically I am a Native American as far as the Corporation that now owns it when the Banks bought it from Lincoln back in 1863, so I know for a fact the Constitution was suspended, meaning Abolished, till the Loan was paid back, but people Lie to each other, saying things like Lawyers made it Legal by Amending it, knowing that the Banks owned the Courts and the Judges, and paid for the Military and Police that only protect the Banks interest, so every War the Banks fund both sides so they will never lose, so Money has allowed People who believe they are Intelligent enough to Vote, knowing they only Vote other Peoples Rights away, so they were not Intelligent enough to understand that Money is how they got this way to begin with, they Lie because the truth is that they are guilty of Treason, and now that defending the Constitution is Treason, there is no reason to pretend it exist, and if Money is allowed in Sanctuary the same thing will happen, it will destroy it with Lies to cover up the Greed and Lust that lead us to this sad day in history when the United States Government admits that the Constitution was suspended till the loan is paid off, till then they are Liars, with no Honor or Integrity, and no Loyalty to the Constitution what so ever, Politics is an illusion that was created by Dark Wizards.

The concept of Sanctuary is that the Governments of a Country who allow Sanctuary on their Land, designate Land for its use and permanently give it to Sanctuary free of Taxation, or any demands for payment, the contract it enters into is clearly stated how Sanctuary will benefit that Government, and the People who Join it, because Members who run Sanctuary like the Advanced Society it will become if they do so, so Sanctuary is in charge of all its Members, its Property and its Resources, the Laws of the Government of Country where Sanctuary exist do not apply to Sanctuary, not because Sanctuary is above their Law, but it goes beyond all written Laws and has a higher standard, its borders are Closed for the Security of its Members, its completely self sufficient, not only does it have to provide for its own needs, it has to give all its excess Power and other Products, Food and Water to the Governments of the World, making sure that all Life on the Planet is allowed to live in harmony.

His-Story is not like History, whereas History is written by Liars that Conquered Land by War and the Use of Money, and Religion, which is why History Proves that Money, and Religion are Evil, so there is no Reason for anyone to debate this Concept, History is proof of it, and His-Story is just unfolding, but it will always be the Truth, and will always tell the Truth, even if that means called Sheeple Stupid, its both Entertaining and the Truth.

Most of what I have learned from His-Story and History, was from my 1st Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher [1], and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, who wrote in a log that I inherited from my Grandfather. Most of what I know about Sir Isaac Newton came from this Log, so I give credit to them for this knowledge. My Grandfather also left me the work of: Nikola Tesla [1] , who I had to decode myself, whereas my Cousins decoded the work of Sir Isaac Newton, because both of these works were written using Witchcraft, a type of writing Words and Spells or how you Spell them, in a way that most people would not understand them, it was used in Alchemy, and is well known nowadays.

Chapter 1.01
How do you become a Member of Trinary Sanctuary

Becoming a Member of Sanctuary is like joining a Militia, so the first thing you need to do as answer some very basic questions, so Sanctuary must have an Administrations process, which currently we will assume it does not have anything, because at the time I was writing this it did not, so we will build up to the process of actually applying for Membership. The first thing we need to do is create the Entity we call Trinary Sanctuary, and we must agree that it has to be Free, so we do not go out and hire a Lawyer to make this a Legal Entity, for one thing this is Global, so no one jurisdiction will apply to it, so the first step is for all its future members to apply to the Government where they reside and offer both the Principles of the Trinary Universe and the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary as a basis for this Membership, if the Government agrees to the Terms of the Contract, which are very short and to the point, no legal ease, everything written in absolutes, so here is the Contract the Government must agree with: As a Citizen of this Country I formerly request Sanctuary at Trinary Sanctuary., now that is the whole contract in one sentence, so how does this work, well its simple, all Countries in the World today, are required to answer the Question if they will allow you Sanctuary, Trinary Sanctuary is another question, and its that question that is called the Hook, once they have asked that question, they are required to answer the whole question, so do not let them dismiss you, demand your Rights to Sanctuary, and it sounds to easy to be true, but admission is not guaranteed, the Government is the First authority that you are required to obtain permission in order to become a Member, you are not asking for Citizenship into Sanctuary, it only has Militia Members, and you are not giving up your Citizenship to be in Sanctuary, unless you are incarcerated, or are required by that Country to denounce your Citizenship in order to become a member of Trinary Sanctuary, so then it is a choice, but not one required by Sanctuary, it does not care about your Citizenship, in fact, its built on the concept of Neutrality, but the first time the Government hears about Trinary Sanctuary, they are going to ask what that is and you have to have a good answer, so now the question is what is Trinary Sanctuary, and why would any Government want to allow it, I will cover that in Chapter 1.02: What is Trinary Sanctuary.

Becoming a Member of Trinary Militia is a question about what is it, its simple: it is all the Members of a Trinary Sanctuary, the Word Militia means: all able-bodied civilians eligible by Law for Military service.

The Difference between the Militia and Military is very Clear, the Militia do not get Paid Money, but a lot of the Structure and Lessons learned are from the Military, as a Member of the United States of America Air Force, I take Pride in being a Member, I have no delusion about the Constitution or Defending it, I am doing that right now, but I do not and will not make a Constitution for Trinary Sanctuary, because the Citizens of the United States are Treasonous Traders, and its Military works for Banks, but its concepts about Duty and Technical Data and Orders, well that is Magic, and it is the Magic that Trinary Militia will embrace, but to be clear, Trinary Militia is not a Military, they can only Defend Trinary Sanctuary on its Own Soil, sounds Familiar to the Constitution that used to put that Limit on it, but it no longer exist, and it is because its Citizens are Liars and Cowards, and its why we can not have them or a Constitution they will surrender for Money.

As a Member of the Trinary Militia, you are required to know how to use the Trinary Sanctuary Project Manager Program, it will allow you to have preferences for type of work, it will allow you to view all open positions, as well as those that are currently being filled, the idea is that you know all the Job Opportunities and can train for any of them, defending Trinary Sanctuary is one of them that everyone must Learn, so of the Core Jobs are ones that everyone needs to know, so for every Job there is Technical Data and Orders to go with it, Technical Data is just all the information that you need to know in order to do the Job, Orders are how you do the Job, for example: to screw in a Light Bulb would required Technical Data and Orders, the Data tells you about all the different types of Light Bulbs, the energy requirements for each type of Light, the reason for each type of Light, and everything you need to know about Light Bulbs, now the Orders are Simple:

  1. Determine the Correct type of Light Bulb Replacement.
  2. Make sure Power is turned off.
  3. Make sure Light Bulb is cool enough to remove.
  4. Ensure that all Safety equipment is worn and in place.
  5. Unscrew Light bulb depending on Type.
  6. Place used Light Bulb in approved container.
  7. Screw in Light bulb depending on Type.
  8. Turn on power and test Light output with Light Meter.

The Concept is Simple, you have a job to do and the Data teaches you that job, and the Orders tell you how to do that job, you will have an Operator who will ensure that each step in the process has been completed, so every job requires two people minimum. The Operator can be anywhere in the World, all they need is access to the Trinary Sanctuary Project Manager and know how to use it, Operators are the Back Bone of Trinary Sanctuary, these can be anyone that is qualified to do a Task, this person can be Disabled and unable to perform the Task, but are still required to know how so that they can assist others, in fact most of the Operators will be Disabled for some reason or another, the concept is that everyone in Trinary Sanctuary must Work, people become disabled for many Reasons, some are Temporary, other are Permanent, but these People are just as Important as any other, there are no room for Lazy People, but there is a Job for them, and it is not to say that an Operator is Lazy, they have a very important Job, but it does not require them to do Manual Labor, only to know how to explain how to someone in Training, anyone given a Task should be able to complete it, even if they do not know how to do that task, they get assigned an Operator that does, so even if you know how to change a Light Bulb, Sanctuary will have Lights that are very different then normal Lights, and there might be unseen hazards, so this process is very important.

As a Member of the Militia, Security is your Job, but at the Same time we are not at War, and never want to be, Trinary Sanctuary will have to interact with the Public at times, as such they must deal with them in a way that is called the Trinary Way, this means with Respect, that does not mean you can not call them Stupid, it just means you have to do so with Respect, teaching them the Truth is far easier then going along with their Madness. The thought that you might have to Kill someone in the line of Duty is always a Reality, there will always be People that want to Steal or worse, and we must always defend against such attacks, and this means at all ages, not that we will be giving Children Guns, in fact we will only have Guards that have Guns, anyone can be a Guard, but there is Age Restrictions of 16 years old for in training, and 18 years old ready for Duty. Security is just one aspect of being in the Militia, if you do not like that Job, you can enter it in your list of jobs you do not want to do, and the System will try to put you in another job.

Members of the Militia are like Military or Police, people that have been in either will know what to expect, others will just have to learn, this Job is not about Killing, it is about Saving Lives, so training is job number one, we train to save lives and not take them, so are trained to help People and gain there Trust by Example, they have to learn to Trust us, and that is why we must always Earn their Trust, remember that we work for the People of this Planet and not their Leaders, we work within the Confines of a Government, and that Government may not be our own depending on where Trinary Sanctuary is located, but we must Learn to get along with every Government on this Planet, and will have to learn to be part of their Systems of Security, as well as the Civilians that live in under that Government, which means that in Times of Emergency you may have to work directly with these outsiders, they might be Emergency Response teams, or Military or Police, as well as regular Civilians, we work with the World and for the World.

Crime in Trinary Sanctuary should become a thing that is far and few between, but like all things, this will take time and training, and the Rules for offenders must be fair to all, it is not about Revenge, and never allow it to be, some crimes will be very bad, and how we as a Society react to that Crime says a lot about us as a Society, so we must first take this Person who has committed the Crime into Custody, we must have a place where this is normal, like a Security Center, it can be a Jail, but it has limits on how much time a Person can stay there, this is not a Prison, nor are they a Prisoner, they are simply going to be dealt with, not Punished, we do not spank people, even Children, we first make them understand the Crime they committed, with No Laws this Crimes is very undefined to begin with, but Right or Wrong is still a concept, and if Technical Data or Orders apply, the Crime is Simple, you did not follow the requirements, in crimes such as Stealing, the Crime is against all of Trinary Sanctuary, as is crimes of Passion, and crimes of Hate, Rape, Molestation and Murder for what ever reason, these are all things Crimes that may or may not be Forgiven, it all comes down to if you or Society believes this Person desires a Second chance, or a Third or more, how many times must a person be forgiven for the same Crime has no answer, because Life is always worth a second chance, but not at the Cost of another, so know that if your Crime is against Trinary Sanctuary, your Options are Limited, if a Government does not want you because of your Crime, the only Option is to Execute you, so you can be Executed for Crimes against Trinary Sanctuary, some crimes you can be Executed on the Spot, and there are no exceptions, but to be fair, you must decide what types of Crimes will have no Forgiveness, and Crimes like Child Molestation or Rape is one of them, 0 Tolerance, and no Forgiveness, there is no way around this, anyone that commits a Crime against any Member of Trinary Sanctuary, will not be given Forgiveness unless the Victim ask for it, if they are dead, so are the chances for Forgiveness, Crime effects everyone, but it can not be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, and the way we deal with it, says a lot about who we are, but if we can not live by Example, we die by it.

Chapter 1.02
What is Trinary Sanctuary

Trinary Sanctuary is a concept that is based on very simple absolute requirements that are numbered 0 to 9, so there are 10 in total, but counted on two hands you have one finger left, but it is not the left finger, that is used to Point fingers at others, so do not get confused, it is the middle finger, because that is what you give someone who tries to amend our original concept, so our first concept is numbered from 0, since this is Trinary Math, its based on numbers being in balance at 0, so it is this balance that defines the concept numbered 0, and I use the Term Sanctuary to save space since the word Trinary is implied.

Modern Cities will not survive an Ice Age, this is the Foundation for building Trinary Sanctuary, its built to last Millions if not Billions of years, that is not an exaggeration as much as it is a goal, what we build today must last for future generations, we are not building a future for us, we are building it for our Grand Children Grand Children.

Trinary Sanctuary is about an Advanced Society of People who live without Sin, no Money, no Religion, no Laws, and no Regrets, we live to build a better way of Life for everyone, and that means the Animals other than Humans also, all Life, not just that of Humans, this requires a different type of Government, one that has never existed on this Planet in a long time, maybe millions of years, so do not assume you know what type of Government this is, it is not Communism, but that is as close as you get, but it has nothing in common with Trinary Sanctuary.

Trinary Sanctuary is not about trying to make a living or surviving the Ice Age, it is about a Long term Goal for a better Future, the People that are part of this must agree with why Trinary Sanctuary exist, it does not exist for them, it exist for the Future of all Humans and Life on this Planet, as such its unique, it is not about Money, Laws or Religion, and does not allow these to exist in its Domain, these are the things that Destroyed Civilization, endless Wars and never ending Suffering, Trinary Sanctuary is to ensure this never happens again in History.

Trinary Sanctuary is not about my needs or yours, it is not about People, it is about this Planet, it must have someone to Protect it, and this World is Insane because its ran by Insane People, People that are so Stupid they would invent Atomic Bombs and then use Atomic Energy, these People need to be executed for their Crimes against this Planet, their kind can not be allowed to Live on this Planet, Trinary Sanctuary is to ensure this Crime is dealt with, and that all Atomic Energy is banded from Use, and all Atomic or Nuclear Weapons are destroyed, and making it a Crime to even plan on building one, and the same goes for using the Blood of this Planet, not only is it destroying this Planet, it is what is making the Ice Age coming sooner rather than later, and it is because ignorant Stupid People are in Charge of the World today, and Money is allowed to be Worshiped like it was God.

Religion is a Disease, and those that believe in it is Sick, and there is no reason to go easy on Stupid people who allowed the Bankers to Destroy this Planet, there is no reason to go easy on the Bankers also known as Stupid Assholes, no reason to go easy on Money Junkies, or even people like myself that have no choice but to use Money, because its against the Law to do otherwise, proving this World is Insane and Evil, and its why Religion is a Disease, those that have this Disease think everyone else is the Problem, they believe that they believe in God, yet their Science proves they do not, so they are Liars, Liars that say Christ is the Son of God, and People who say that Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas are two different people are Liars, the worst kind of Liar at that, and its why they are a Disease, they bring nothing but unending War and suffering to all, History Proves one thing, and that Religion is the worst things since Money, but are destructive to the Planet as well as to Others.

Trinary Sanctuary is about doing the Right things so that Trinary Sanctuary is Left, so we have to ensure that those insane stupid assholes out there do not destroy it, and that might mean unending War, because that is what they want, it is what all Disease wants, it wants to spreed like a disease, and Trinary Sanctuary is not going there, it will not get involved in their Wars, it can not and will not have anything to do with the Wars outside its own borders, but at the same time must ensure those Wars do not come anywhere near those borders, anyone that Targets Trinary Sanctuary must be dealt with immediately, and if that means going outside its borders to defend them, then it must make this very clear before doing so, so let it be known now, so there is no reason to do so later, Trinary Sanctuary will defend itself from all that try to destroy it, although it must try to never allow this to come to be, the Darkside will never change until it is all gone, and they will destroy themselves, so just give them that chance and stand back and watch them destroy each other, till the last of them are gone, and then never allow them to exist ever again at all cost, Trinary Sanctuary is the Solution, the Darkside is the Disease, so cure it, but do so without killing anyone, the most Religious person on this Planet is still Intelligent enough to understand the Truth, and that Truth is always about the Light without Darkness, so when I say to destroy the Darkside, I mean to educate them to death.

Trinary Sanctuary is what the People that work there make it out to be, if they follow these simple instructions they will survive and if they make it more complicated they will not, so it is up to them, but do not every give into the Darkside to try to make this work, Trinary Sanctuary is about Principles, and this is the document about those Principles of Trinary Sanctuary.

Chapter 1.03
The 10 Steps of the Concept of Trinary Sanctuary

10 Requirements: Table 1.1: The 10 Step Concept of Trinary Sanctuary

  1. 0.
    Complete Freedom, where the word Complete means everything, and Freedom means Free Domain, it can never be Owned by anyone ever again till the end of time and long after the Sun goes Super Nova, its whole Domain is Free, it is not even owned by its Members, they only build and maintain it, it can not be bought or sold, taxed or in any way obligated to preform any duty, so to avoid any misunderstandings Trinary Sanctuary will provide all excess power and supplies to the Governments of the World, Trinary Sanctuary determines what is excess and what Government in the World get them, since where they are located does not matter to any specific Government, it is the responsibility of that Government to pay any Royalties or Licenses that apply to any Products, because Sanctuary does not care about Patents or Licenses, or any Liability or Warrant, you can not sue Sanctuary, but Sanctuary can except repair jobs, and will fix any product designs to make them better then the standards they might require, with the soul intent at providing for that Government, all the excess power and supplies it can produce, regardless of Political or War Status, as long as they are not at War with Trinary Sanctuary, that is not tolerated and any Government most be forewarned about this, it is a given. The word obligated to preform can be used to force production needs as a way to break Sanctuary by over working it, Sanctuary can not intentionally hold back excess supplies while at the same time: the Government can not demand more to keep its end of this Contract, we have no quotas to meet, Sanctuary can only give its excess and it can not perform miracles, it has to work hard to create overages, while at the same time they will be building, and it will not be in full production until its completed, so this concept is very important, the Government must support Sanctuary and Sanctuary must support the Government regardless of any philosophical differences, Sanctuary must remain Neutral, and on friendly terms with all Governments at all times, we do not do the bidding of any Government, we do not work for them, we are Free, and Free Domain means that as individuals we are Free from Abuse, we have to live in an atmosphere Free of as many distractions as possible, so Freedom means that as individuals, we do not have Rights, so people can not get in your face and yell at you that they have that Right, we have Requirements, we as humans have our basic Requirements: safety, food, water and shelter, these are not Rights, these are things they require to Live, and Sanctuary is about Living, it is not about Rights, so Sanctuary must fill all the Requirements for every individual in Sanctuary, so it is Logic, and does not allow Emotions to drive Sanctuary, things that make us individuals and not slaves, we work because we are all part of a System that depends on us, that does not give us any Rights, we can not be forced to Live without Laws, Rules and Regulations thinking that means Anarchy, Requirements are set out in Technical Orders and Data, and that information needs to cover ever aspect of our Life, it is the Heart and Soul of Sanctuary and its written by the People and Approved by the People, these Technical Orders, or Instructions, they Order things, bring Order to things, and does not Imply you are Ordered to do these things, but the Order in which you do them, the Data is the information you need to fill the Order, so be ca_reful what Orders and Data you write and approve, but this information can never put anyone in danger unless it is suppose to, for example and execution order would kill someone, but most orders would not allow executions or any harm to come to anyone, Trinary Sanctuary is never about Punishment and no matter what the Crime is, forgiveness is always an Option, so these orders are Special orders, so never harm anyone unless it is a Special order that you are absolutely sure of, but as an individual Sanctuary will never require anyone to every execute someone, if one person does not want to do it, but another one will, then the execution will take place, but if no one wants to execute them, then Sanctuary is Free of the requirement of Executing anyone, because our main concern is with a Safe place to Live, and if someone does something that can get them Executed, they know for a fact it does not mean they will be, Sanctuary is always in favor of Life, and no one will ever be allowed to make any Execution mandatory, if it was required someone would just do it, otherwise let it go and move on, Life is too short, and this is to ensure that everyone follows the Technical Orders and Data instead of making up their own Laws, Rules and Regulations, because true Freedom is knowing how to do every task you need to do in life, and Freedom has to be Free, the needs of everyone is the needs of Trinary Sanctuary.
  2. 1.
    Free of all forms of Money, Barter, Gambling, and any other form of Control that would only make a Community less efficient. Sanctuary is about Living the best Life in total Freedom, no more worrying about Money, because no matter how much Money you have it is never enough, and there is not enough Money in the World to build Trinary Sanctuary, and borrowing Money will make you a Slave, getting people to work is not an easy task, most people are Lazy, I am too, and I am disabled, but I know the work must get done, so things that would be used as Tools to motivate people to do their job is not required in Sanctuary, it is a Militia and doing your Duty is a Requirement and dereliction of Duty is punishable by death, just like in the Military, dereliction of Duty is a Serious Crime, and some jobs are so important that lives are at stake, so it is very important that Duty is taken very seriously, if its members do not do their Duty, they can be Banished from Sanctuary or Executed. Requirements for Duty as a Member is to uphold Freedom, and Free means no Money, Bartering, or Gambling to get out of work, everyone has a Duty to preform, and Money is not involved in it at all, but there are exceptions to this rule, and that is Dual Citizenship where the Sanctuary Member is not living in Sanctuary, which will be the case for everyone till Sanctuary is Built, so this allows Members to work Authorized Jobs outside of Sanctuary for Money, as long as no conflicts arise, and there can be a Legal Tax Free account in the name of Sanctuary, setup Legally under the Government, and maintained by the Government, so the Government can manage this account for the Members of Sanctuary, and Members are allowed to raise Money for this Account, this opens up a flood gate here, but we have to face reality, people can not live under any Government in the World today without Money, so the way to make Money is simple: Entertainment, Science / Technology and Special Projects, but you can not Sell any Power or Supplies from Sanctuary to make Money, this is an Absolute, all the excess goes to the Government for Free in payment of the National Debt, and that is the Deal, Money corrupts, its Evil and that is a fact that can not be Changed, the Money that Jesus was Murdered for will always have his Blood on it, and only Slaves deal in Money, real Freedom is Free.
  3. 2.
    Free of all Laws, Rules, and Regulations: only Technical Order and Data are allowed, to Live Free in a Society to build a better place to live, you can not be held back by constraints of Laws that are voted on, Rules that are passed, and Regulations that get out dated and only slow down production, you need Technical Orders and Data that are updated in real-time and you are Free to write all the documentation, and others are Free to test out and evaluate the Orders or Data, so this is a Process that everyone in Sanctuary is responsible for, it is a Requirement under the title Duty, and it is their part in living Free of these Burdens imposed by Laws, Rules and Regulations, so do not make your Orders into Laws, and your Data into Rules and Regulations, so do not vote on Orders or Data, use Empirical Evidence and Facts based on Requirements. Orders simply explain how to do a job or task, from a complex order to repair an electronic circuit or repair the heart valve in human, the order makes the task very easy to preform, the data is all the information you need in order to complete the task, and breaking a Law means going to jail, and Sanctuary is not about Punishing people for making mistakes, its job is to provide a place and environment where people from all over the world can work together to achieve the same goal, so it does this by eliminating the most common types of Crime, the other type is normally a Crime of Passion that deals with Emotions, or abuse of some type towards another person, and Sanctuary has no tolerance for any abuse, so Crimes like abuse are crimes against Sanctuary and the very foundation it is based on, Freedom of Abuse, but Reality is that no Laws does not mean we can do what ever we want and get away with it, it means that things that are normally against the Law in the Country you are located in, are still ideals that you should hold up to in Sanctuary, in fact, we go beyond all Laws, Rules and Regulations, because our Standards are higher, so our Technical Orders and Data must set a higher standard, so laws like Child Abuse or Sexual Abuse can get you jail time in most Governments, but it can get you ordered to be Banished or Executed in Sanctuary, so if someone kills someone for a Crime against Sanctuary, that person is not held for Murder, but awarded for doing their Duty, because everyone is responsible for the Security of Sanctuary and all its Members, Justice is not Just US, we do not have the Right to revenge someone, and Eye for an Eye is Blind Justice, or take revenge against someone for something they have done, but we do have the Duty to prevent or stop any Abuse or Crime, this does not mean you have the Duty to break up a Fight between two consenting adults, but you do have the Duty to make sure they do not maim each other, Sanctuary is structured to proved the best place to Live for all that Live there, and Children are the Focal Point of that Freedom, because they will be the Next Generation to run it, so School will be a much better experience for them, because its your Duty as well as theirs, because we are all in the Trinary Militia and subject to its Code of Ethics. Trinary Sanctuary empowers its Members to be in charge of their Lives and take Responsibility for their actions, its based on the concept that make our own Future what we want it to be, so if we want Paradise, we build paradise and no Laws will prevent Crime, so why have them.
  4. 3.
    Free of any type of Religion because the belief in Deities is an issue that always starts Fights that turn into Wars, Sanctuary believes that the Bible is a History book, and knows that God is the Light without Darkness we call Trinary Energy, so it is real Science, so God really Exist in Sanctuary, and we can openly talk about God or Allah, or what ever you want to call the Light without Darkness, but Sanctuary does not teach Religion nor does it make its Science into Religion, your personal beliefs do not matter to Sanctuary, you can believe in what ever Religion you want, just keep it to yourself where it should be, talking about it in the open with members you do not know very well, will only lead to arguments and Advanced Societies can not survive if they are always arguing, so do not teach it to your Children, let them learn the Trinary Sanctuary way, they have the responsibility for their own Education and do not need to be brainwashed by their parents, so cut down on the things to argue about, we do not pray for miracles, but that does not mean you can not Pray to God, I do so all the time, only my God is the Energy inside of me, so I pray to it and not some Deity that exist outside of Me, or is undefined, God is very Defined in Trinary Sanctuary. We learn to use Technology and our use of resources wisely, we take responsibility for everything we do, we know that God only helps those that help themselves and that is what Sanctuary is about, Living the Life that God wants us to Live, so we have to Create it, and we do not need Religion to do so, we need Trinary Science that actually describes the Universe we live in. No Circumcisions: the Practice started when Religious Leaders decided that People should not have Sexual Pleasure, the act is very violent and will scare the person for life, they will never have a normal sex life because of this Evil act of disfigurement, if done to a child this was done without their Permission, and therefore this is a human rights issue: in Trinary Sanctuary this is not allowed, and the person performing it will be executed, anyone allowing this will be banished with the death of that person on them.
  5. 4.
    Free of Voting: Stupid people Vote others Rights away, I did a pole one time and allowed everyone to answer a set of questions, one of them was 1 + 1 = x, a lot of people wrote 0 or 3, but 2 was the majority, so it makes me wonder if the ones that got it wrong did it on purpose, and that is why there is no voting, because people will always vote for the Lessor of two Evils, and that is still Evil. Trinary Sanctuary is based on Facts not popular opinions.
  6. 5.
    Free of Rights. Rights are for Slaves, only Slaves would demand Rights, Free People do not require them, they know that the only Rights they have are their Duties, if it is not a Duty it is not a Right, because God only gave us the Right to Live, its humans that made up all the Rights they think they deserve, so replacing the word Right with Duty makes your whole outlook on life change, if you do not have a Job that requires you to do something, then it is not your Right to do it, if you do it for fun, then it is not a Right, its just your way of having fun, but if you do it with someone that does not think it was fun, then you know it was not Right, so do not confuse what you call a Right with something that is not your Duty, because its still your Duty to have Fun, and Sanctuary is all about having Fun, but Safety comes first, we do not want anyone getting hurt or killed while having fun. Rights are replaced with Requirements and there are some Requirements that are not listed here, like Privacy, but they fall under the Rights that people think they have, because when in Public you do not have Privacy, so to list all the Rights people think they have, would fill this document with needless words, because the basic Needs of Individuals is part of Sanctuary, so they do not need to be listed, requirements are things that are required, so most of these requirements will not come up till the need for it, and not all people will have the same requirements, so no one has any Rights.
  7. 6.
    Free of Ownership: Personal Belongings is based on a Registry, so all your Personal Belongings are Positively Identified (PID) as belonging to you, not ownership, ownership implies it is yours to do with what you want, so do not break it, Sanctuary does not dispute matters of ownership, it only documents possession and transfer of all personal belongings as well as every asset of Sanctuaries, so all items have PID's, so stealing becomes a crime that you can never get away with in Sanctuary, making crimes of stealing impractical: no Money, and possessions you can steal means no crime or less chance of it, and you can have transfer orders attached to all items after your death, so you can pass on items to who ever we want on our death, because we can not take it with us, these orders are sealed, and only you have access to change them, and only authorized personnel can view these files only to establish possession. Children are not Owned by their Parents, if their Parents abuse or molest their Children, the Children can be taken away from them, Children are the Future of Sanctuary and their requirements come first. Children come first, Children are the most important resource in Sanctuary, and Children depend on Sanctuary to take care of them, so Sanctuary is geared to provide a safe and structured life, they are not Sheep and will not be treated like they are just property that the Parents can do with as they fill fit, most parents are not fit to have children, and it is the Duty of all Sanctuarians to provide the best Environment for the children as possible, Parents do not have the Right to teach their Children their old ways, they can tale them stories about their Life, but Education is Sanctuaries duty, and the same goes for all the Animals and other life forms, Sanctuary must mean Life and Freedom for all, and Ownership is just a Game people play, people need belongings, and Trinary Sanctuary will make sure they keep them, and Trinary Sanctuary will always take the side of its Members in a dispute, if two members are at a draw, Trinary Sanctuary will have to decide who gets what, so document everything.
  8. 7.
    No Freewill. Freewill is overrated, rely on Technical Orders and Data, if you do not trust the instructions and feel they are unsafe or could result in damage, then stop and find out if the instructions are right, do not use your Freewill and decide to do things your way, its by the book, so we do not need anyone telling us how to interpret what is said in books, they must be very clear about what they say and how they say it. Freewill is an Individuals thoughts that lead them to a belief about the way things should be, only Technical Order and Data should do that. Freewill allows people to have insane thoughts, and Trinary Sanctuary does not allow insanity.
  9. 8.
    Free of Patents, License, and other forms of Copyright or Trademarks. Sanctuary only cares about Technology, it gives Credit to every idea, so document all your Ideas and always give credit, do not say oh I though of that first, write it down and make it Public Knowledge, that is how Credit is awarded, not to those that make Money off of Patents, the small minds of people like Robert Hook teaches that ideas should be documented, and Trinary Sanctuary Project Manager makes it easy. Laws are written for the Rich, so they can legally Steal from anyone, things like: License or Copyrights, do not protect those that came up with the idea, because there are People who will steal those ideas to make their Money, in fact, this is just another Scam to make Money, so Sanctuary can have nothing to do with it, if Sanctuary makes a product that is given to any Government, then all the Credit for ideas must be tied to any of these products, so they can be sold by that Government and those who have the Rights to these ideas, can be compensated for them, so Sanctuary has free use of all such restraints, but the Governments selling the Products do not, they must enforce their own Laws and those of other nations that are involved in that product, and its why Sanctuary can not have any such constrains to block progress, but its Members can be compensated, but those accounts must remain outside of Sanctuary, and any Member that abuses this privileged can be banished, this privilege is only to allow Dual Membership, and not as way to make Money, so it should not be viewed as income, because its Members are not allowed to Sell Products to the Governments or anyone else, nor is Sanctuary building them, so you can make Profit, so this Compensation must go into a General Account that all of Sanctuary can pull from in time of need, and not so much for Shopping and Entertainment, but out of Necessity, so it is not permissible to sell or give your Ideas to someone who can prosper, that is selfish, and Sanctuary is not about Selfish, it is about the Good of all its Members and not just a few who think they deserve more than the other Members, because Membership is like a big family, we are all working for the same goals, we all want a better way of Life, and that starts by taking Responsibility, and this is one step of that Process, so document your Ideas so everyone in Sanctuary benefits, and that is what these instruments make impossible, because these instruments are about the Rights of a few individuals, over the needs of the rest of the World, and Sanctuary can never be about the needs of individuals when it has the Duty to provide for all its Members, and the World in General.
  10. 9.
    Duty is a Requirement that will span most of this document, your Duty is what is required to make Trinary Sanctuary Free, and that is everyone's duty, we do not allow anyone to change our Doctrine, Concepts and Foundation Principles, and it is all based on 9 Requirements so it is very easy to defend, and understand, because Requirements only cover things that Trinary Sanctuary Requires in order for it to exist for Millions of Years, and that means No One can Own it, Rule it or Destroy it, keep it simple, the good of all the World matters more than what the Majority of the people believe, so never allow anyone's beliefs to become Law, not even an unwritten Law, that is why we have no Laws, because no matter how good you think that Law is, its still about Punishment. Do not allow Technical Orders or Data to become an instrument to enslave the People, so do not apply Rules and Regulations into them, they are not the same thing, Duty is the Job of every Member, and its to Protect all its Members, and that means that you work for everyone, but you answer to yourself, because as Individuals you are in charge of your own Life, but you must follow Technical Orders and Data to do your Duty, so you do not have any Right, you only have your Duty and those are clearly written in the form of Technical Order that fully explain the Task that you must accomplish, and the Technical Data will provide you with all the Information about that task that is required for you to do that Duty, so your Duty is very clear, it does not matter if you think this job is not required or you can do it better your way, you can improve Technical Orders and Data, but you have no Right to ignore or disobey it, but you do have the Duty to question it, so do not follow Orders or Data blindly, do not allow interpretation of it to change the way it was intended to be done, so knowing your Duty takes a lot of Training, and that means Training Records, Logs, and a lot of Paperwork. Sexual contact is another issue that Sanctuary must make a Requirement, so it is the Duty of every Member to register any Sexual contact into 3 categories: Physical Contact limited to holding hands and kissing, this is called Dating, the former plus the limited contact with Genitalia, limited to Oral and petting only, this is called Engagement, and the last type includes the former plus all types of sexual contact including intercourse, this is called Marriage, this registration has other limits like Age, which is 16 years old for dating and Engagement, but requires a guardian's approval for Marriage until 18 years of age. Registered Sex Partners has no restrictions on gender or number of people who can be registered in a multiple partner relationship, the concept of Sexual Registration is to make Rape and Molestation a Crime that can not accidentally happen, if they are not Registered and get caught in the act, they are guilty of a crime against Sanctuary, its very clear about this duty, anything that an individual can do that will get them banished or executed should require Registration or special training to prevent this crime.
Table 1.1: The 10 Step Concept of Trinary Sanctuary

Chapter 1.04
State of Mind

Sanctuary is not a State but a State of Mind, the World you live in at the time I wrote this, is not called Reality, because its based on Money, and that is a Concept that has nothing to do with Reality, its just a Scam, and only Slaves would use it and defend its use, and only truly Evil Sheeple would argue the point, and like all Scams, one day it will come to an end, and in this case, that means the end of Civilization as yew know it, because the Banks only live for Money, and they would rather Kill yew then give up Control, so it is all that is important and why they send their Sheeple out to die in their Wars to defend their Money, and since those fighting for this way of Living or those that are Living in a World ran by Money are just Slaves, well these Sheeple will never admit that this is a Reality they allowed the Banks to brainwash them into thinking that this is Reality, so they would make it their Reality, so it is only when you decide to define what Reality really is does this start to make sense, but Sheeple only believe in what they were Raised to believe, and that is Money, talk about Living in Freedom without Money, and Sheeple will tale me that is Communism, when there has not been a Communist country in over 3,000 years, so do not confuse a Dictatorship with Communism, so I do not call Sanctuary a Communist Community, in fact it is not a Community at all, because Communities always die with the attention span of those that lose interest in it, so it is why Sanctuary can not allow itself to become Communist, the Sanctuarians are a well-trained Militia and will fight to keep it that way, because it is the only way it can be, it has been proven throughout time that one War will have a Winner and Loser, so it is best never to fight a War, because even the Winners become Losers, so this Militia is designed to do just that, avoid War at all Cost, in fact, we never go to War, we only Defend Trinary Sanctuary, and the only way to do that is to ensure that Corruption is not possible, so that means no one person has any Power, Sanctuary is not about Me as an Individual, and as the Author of this Idea, I can tale you that it is not about me, or living some lifestyle that I think will work, its based on Principles that were handed down throughout time, it is all based on Logic and proven Systems that can last till the end of our Existence, it is about all the People who are Members, and Membership is not an Option, you join or you leave, this is not that kind of Sanctuary where everyone is welcome in, in fact, no one is allowed in unless they are Members, so all the Members know that only other Members are allowed at anytime, and we make no exception, the Governments can appoint any inspectors they want, but they must become Members in order to enter Sanctuary, they will be given Dual Membership, as opposed to Citizens, because Sanctuary has no Citizens, only Members, and guest are not allowed in, because if the Darkside, which is what I call anyone who uses Money, will always behave the way they think is appropriate, whereas Sanctuarians will always behave the way they are Trained because it is their Duty, and if everyone allowed just 1 Guest to visit, Sanctuary would be taken over, so never allow anyone from the Darkside to enter into Sanctuary, because then it is not Trinary Sanctuary, its just another failed form of Government that no one ever cared about, just like the Constitution for the United States of America, it is a Document that was sold to the Banks to turn its Citizens into Slaves, when nothing is Free, everything is Slavery, so this is not a Government or a State, it is a Militia with the Duty to fulfill their Requirements.

Requirements include all the details that are involved in building and maintaining an Environment that can be fully protected from the outside world, so if this World was hit by a Meteor and an Ice Age was triggered overnight, this Environment would protect all those Living in this Environment, and a Pyramid fits this building style, you can build basements under it, and build as tall as physics will allow you, so Land Density is maximized, this will allow for the most people to live in the least amount of Land Space, while at the same time allowing all the People of the Planet to Live in the same Environment, and that will never happen in Harmony as long as Money, Barter, Law or Religion are allowed, because no one will ever agree on what should be Laws and what should not, and Voting will never ensure the correct choice was made and there will always be those that do not like following the Laws anyway, so why have them, whereas Technical Orders and Data are all you need to know in order for this Advanced Society to exist, so Requirements define every detail that is required to achieve this.

Sanctuary is a Concept that defines all the details required to build and maintain a complex system designed to allow all Life on this Planet to exist in the same Environment, and all Free, well animals will not be free-range, but they will have their own range to live in, and the needs of this Sanctuary must be good for the Planet, because that is what Sanctuary is Protecting, it will not allow the Blood of the Planet or Oil to be used so someone can become Rich while killing the Planet we all have to live on, so Sanctuary must replace the need for Oil and other harmful energy sources like Atomic power, with another form of Energy, and do so for Free, so these Rich people will have no reason to drill for Oil and destroy this Planet. The Members of Sanctuary must care about this Planet more than Money, so Religion can not be allowed to run their Life, because Religion allowed Money to destroy this Planet, and that is a Fact that can not be argued, the things the Darkside believe in are Insane, they are all things that make yew slaves, and destroys the Planet at the same time, and no one will ever agree on any issues dealing with interpreting the Bible and it was never written to become a Religion, nor was it written by the Church or for the Church, and Sanctuary can never become the Church or the Bank, because both have allowed Money to exist, and Money is allowed to destroy this Planet, and its why Sanctuary is not allowed to have anything Evil in it, and Money, and Religion is Evil, because it is the Opposite of Live, the Concept that to Live you must be Free, and anyone that thinks they can be Free and have Money, and Religion too, are Liars, because the logic of the word Free means just that: Free as in not costing Money, and Free to believe what they want to believe, and that is not what Religion is.

The State of Mind of Trinary Sanctuary as a whole, is that as an Individual, I make a difference to Trinary Sanctuary, this is not a Club, it is not a Government, it is not a State, it is a State of Mind, Trinary Sanctuary knows not bounds, it is not so much a Place as it is this Planet we live on, so it is members must have the Mind Set that they make a difference.

In a Society that only honors its Rich, and really do not care about its Poor, this concept of Trinary Sanctuary is totally different way of Life, people are recognized for their Role in Trinary Sanctuary, and all are given the same resources to excel at doing their Duty, so ordinary people can become super Stars in Trinary Sanctuary, everyone has an Equal Chance at being recognized as being Special, and not just the Rich and Famous.

Those that have Handy caps or are Disabled like myself, can still be part of Trinary Sanctuary, besides writing all this documentation for starting Trinary Sanctuary, one it gets going I can be an Operator, or a Technical Data and Orders maintainer, there are many jobs that people with disabilities can do, so they are first class Members. Operators are the backbone of Trinary Sanctuary, without them this will not work, they are the Eyes behind all the Video Cameras, they are the ears for when people need help, they are there to work with everyone to get a Task completed, so to the Disabled, Trinary Sanctuary is more than just a State of Mind, its Peace of Mind, because it is a Place where even Lazy people can make a difference, in fact, once this gets going, there will be no Lazy People, because everyone will find something they enjoy doing.

A State of Mind is just that, it is the State our Mind is in, and at Trinary Sanctuary, that State is Science, we are building Technology, we are building a new way of Life and Living, and we have People from every walk of Life joining us, we will have convicted felons working with us, we hope our State of Mind will become theirs, but if we treat them like convicted Felons that will never happen, so we treat everyone like Members, we treat everyone with Respect, except the Darkside, it is fine to call them Stupid, it is what we do in Trinary Sanctuary, we call all Sheep Stupid, but once a Sheep starts to think for themselves, we can not call them Sheeple anymore, once the Religious start to believe that God is All Light without Darkness, they become People, and will be treated with Respect, because you do not want to Treat Disrespectful People like your Enemy, because they will become your Enemy, its best just to treat everyone with Respect, even the Sheeple and Religious type, they may one day see the Light, it is not our place to make them feel bad about themselves, its our Duty to try to Live in Harmony with others, and its this State of Mind that separates us from them, they are not our Enemy, they are just ignorant to our Ways, and we must Earn their Respect as we must project our Images as being from an Advanced Society, and that means that we must be Patent, and caring, and that means we must Help everyone that needs it, and that is not always those that deserve it, but we must treat all People like they will one day be Members, because they might, so we always want to show our best side, the Lightside, and that is not easy.

Everyone thinks they understand Trinary Sanctuary, and most do, its Simple, no hidden agenda, and that is the way it should be, just a State of Mind that all Life on this Planet is important, even People who have committed Crimes, even Child Molesters, and believe me, I would rather shoot them in the Head and be done with them, I have 0 tolerance for this type of People, yet I know its just a Sickness in their Mind, where self gratification is more important than peoples feelings, these are selfish people who only care about themselves and not others, if they can be of any good use to any Society is really up to how that Society wants to deal with them, I say part them out and do not allow them to think they will be forgiven, because if they think that you are soft, they will tale you a Fairy tale about how they can change, but the fact is that they will never change, and threat of Death means nothing to them, the Thrill of the Moment is all they care about, that is why People do Drugs, and that is no Tolerated in Trinary Sanctuary, Alcohol is not allowed, nor are most if not all Street Drugs, in fact Cannabis is the only Drug that is allowed, other Drugs may be prescribed by Trinary Sanctuary Doctors, but that is about it, Trinary Sanctuary is not about Getting High, you get caught doing Meth or other Street Drugs, and you get Banished, we do not tolerate Child Molesters or Drug Abusers, there is not Place for them in any Society, but there are ways for dealing with States of Minds like these, and if People need help they should get it, but do so before the act and not after it.

Chapter 1.05
Sanctuary is an Island

Sanctuary is an Island, everything outside of Sanctuary is not allowed inside unless Sanctuary let's it in, because its just like Water, a little of it is required but too much can drown you, so never open up the Flood gates, its best to build a wall around you like the Great Wall of China, or like the Nazi's did in Germany did after World War II, and those that started that War after it was over, so the Wall in Israel served the same purpose, to control its Slaves, so these Walls were built to keep those out that did not belong there, but this Wall we build around Sanctuary is to keep out the Darkside, which I refer to as the Dark Water, and this analogy goes much deeper than that, because if Sanctuary becomes the Reality that I write about in this Document, then the World will Change, and not always for the Good, but the Darkside is a double edge sword, deep down inside those Sheeple that Live in the Darkside, which is everyone at this Point in time, only care about themselves, and that is why the Darkside is allowed to exist, but once you change that type of Environment to one where everyone has to care about everyone else, then it becomes the Lightside, in between is just Shades of Grey which is where you want to be most of the time, aware of the Darkside so you can live in the Lightside, so the Darkside believes in Money, Barter and Gambling and has Laws, Rules, Regulations and Religion to control its People, so they are what I call Sheeple, because they are owned like Sheep, only Slaves would say they are Free when they have to pay Taxes, so Ewe eat TaxUS, so Yew are what yew eat, so Yew is made of the TaxUS that come out of Ewe's, so Yew have Shit for Brains, and that is what the Darkside is all about, they believe in Science Fiction and not Science, and Sanctuary can not exist like this, one Money Scam after the Next, everyone out for themselves not caring about anyone else, so this sets Sanctuary apart form the rest of the World, so mark my Words, and pay attention to my Spells, or how I spell Words, because Yew is a TaxUS Tree that becomes Sheep Shit, and that is what a Society that allows this behavior will become, and there is no justifying this behavior, nor is there any condoning it, Sanctuary must become the Island if it is to survive.

The Darkside will allow Trinary Sanctuary to exist for one reason, they can not afford not to, they have to much unemployment and have become a welfare state, and can not afford to keep paying people to consume everything for free that the working class worked hard at creating, and they are smart enough to know that one day a Flood or Ice Age will come again, and the Cities of today will not allow people to survive such an Event, so eventually they will Storm the Gates of Sanctuary and will Kill everyone in it to claim it for themselves, so they can continue to destroy the Planet with their Evil ways, again Evil is just a backward Spell for Live, because Money allows Companies to build Nuclear Power Plants that can Kill all Life on this Planet, and it allows Oil which is the Blood of this Planet to be sold for Profit knowing its destroying the Planet, so there is no hope for this Planet if the Darkside is allowed to continue its Evil way, so in Sanctuary we defend our Land, we never allow anyone that is not a Member to enter Trinary Sanctuary, and when the first Life Threatening event happens, and that includes War, Natural and Human made Disasters, these Sheeple will do anything to get inside, and Sanctuary must do everything to keep them out, so it has to become an Island, and defend there Land and way of Life.

The Darkside is about People that have no clue as to what is Real, those that Worship a Deity have no concept of how insane that is, but they believe they have that Right, they believe that Freewill is something that they should be allowed to use no matter how insane their thoughts are, and that can not happen in the Lightside, its Logic is beyond Reason, its based on Facts and Not Theory, the Darkside things that Theory is the Truth, what Fools the Darkside is, and it is all because they are Ignorant, they were Raised like Sheep and think like Sheep, they know no better, they are just Stupid Children who never learned to think for themselves, and may never learn unless they want to. To an island the Water Surrounds you, just like the Darkness of People on this Planet at this Time, they offend me to no end with their Sinful ways, but as an island all I can do is be an island, I can make sure the Darkness never gets to shore, but there will always be those with some Darkness left in them, so no one is an Island, not even Trinary Sanctuary, but it must try and never give up hope, that some day the Darkness will go away, and the Lightside will be Normal.

The people of Trinary Sanctuary must be the Island, they know the Darkness is all around it, but they are on the island and see only the Lightside of things, so they can do their Duty without the Threat that the Darkside always brings with it, they always want to take what is yours to make Money, they want you to believe their Religion, and they will Kill you if you do not, they will Kill you for your Money or Possessions, the Darkside is never to be trusted, it is the Dark Water around the Island, those that go there might drown in it.

Chapter 1.06
The Big Picture

The Big Picture is always what people that do not understand a concept want to know, its one word that describes the whole thing in one word, so that word is Sanctuary, only its Members only, and to become a Member, you must apply, and right now there is no one to apply to, so Sanctuary starts with someone taking the initiative to become the First Member, and trust me, I am not the First Member, nor should I be called the Founding Father, I am just an Architect and only one of many to come, my role is important but it is not that important, its just a start of a Concept, and how important are Concepts unless they become fully realized, and that is what the Founding Fathers will do, they will build Trinary Sanctuary, and I am not just talking about People, because everyone in Sanctuary are Equals, and that includes myself, or any of the Founding Members, but its also important to recognize these people, and everyone that ever becomes a Member, everyone is important, and no one is a Slave to its System, so this means that everyone as an Individual has to document everything they do in their lifetime: so they can be remembered for their Contribution, be it a Video Log, or just Journals they write in, the Big Picture is that Trinary Sanctuary is a System that is built and maintained by individuals, for individuals just like them, and that means that their Concept about Life is the Same, so I will try to keep my Beliefs, Emotions and Morality out of this Document, this is not about how people should think and act, it is about how people can Live in Harmony with the Planet.

The Concept is Simple, the people who agree that the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary define a Lifestyle that they want to become a Member of, this does not mean that they want to come here and change it to a Money making Machine or push their Religion, it means they understand the Concepts as set out in this Document and agree with them, because if you do not agree with them, then do not apply, if you do then apply, its that simple, if you agree, then they apply for membership with the Government you Live in. At first this Government may not know about Trinary Sanctuary and will only have these documents to get information about it, and that means these document must reflect a deal that they will agree to, because it means they have to give up the Land required to build Sanctuary on, and that depends on how tall the Pyramid can be built and the amount of Land that is required for resource to provide for all of it, and that means Farm Land, Mines for Minerals and Material to build with, and Wood is not going to be needed as much, everything is made of Steel and Concrete, and this Land needs to be securable, meaning you can secure the perimeter with the understanding that only Sanctuary Members can enter that perimeter and all others can be executed, because Trinary Sanctuary can never allow any none Members access for any reason, so when it comes to us and them, we have no issues, most Governments have borders and Laws that Govern those Borders, and that includes executing people who illegally cross their borders, and Sanctuary is no different, only it has to be stricter with its Borders, because the Darkside will always try to Steal from Sanctuary even though the Government they live it gets everything from them for Free, the Citizens may not and may still require Money to survive, and Money will drive people to Kill for it, Money makes People unstable, it makes them Dangerous, it is because they are actually insane for using Money, and that is why it is not allowed in Sanctuary and why we treat those that use Money like they are Evil, because they are, and that is just a Fact that no one can argue, if anyone has ever been Killed for Money, then it is Evil, and Sanctuarians think in terms of Absolutes, facts are facts, and we only deal with the facts, and to deal with a Subject as vast as Trinary Sanctuary, I must spell out all the words and define them in a way that everyone can understand, so it means I must ramble on endlessly till everyone that reads it can understand it, but it also means I must get to the point and state only facts and not some ideal way of thinking, because no one will ever agree on how Sanctuary should be defined, and if you vote on it, it will turn into the form of Government you have currently, because that is how it came to be the way it was, and now its out of control and the only way anyone that wants to Live Free, can turn to, and not all of them will agree with everything I have to say, but they must agree on the Logic behind it, so when I say the Big Picture is about the People who make Sanctuary a Reality, is an Understatement, the people will be in charge of an Area of Land that the Government gives them knowing what they plan on doing with it, so there must be something in it for them, and that is the Big Picture, what is in it for them, and for you as a perspective Member, because this Document is written for the Members as well as the Governments that would grant you Sanctuary, or anyone else who may have an interest in it.

People are Individuals, no two are alike or like each other, in fact, most people do not like other people, they do not like anything that is not like them, so they will only like to read things that they like, and trust me, I am not here to write things you want to hear, in fact I will only tale you things you need to hear if the Human Race is to survive the coming disasters, so this is not written to make you want to join, I could care less if you join, this is not about you, nor is it about me, I have no ego to feed if you join Trinary Sanctuary, it is not about you or me, it is about the Future of all Life on this Planet and the Planet itself, and to make that happen, we must rid ourselves of all things that will prevent this from happening, and that is Money, Barter, Gambling, Laws, Rules, Regulations, License, Patents, Copyrights, Religion or any other form of Control, and the only way to do this is to form a Militia that will enforce this way of Life, because it will require this to become a way of Life, and you can not do that with all these things that prevent that from happening, those that think the Government they Live under is the Best they can do, have very low standards of Living, those that believe Money is the only real Motivator, does not understand Slavery, nor do those that Claim to be Free in a World that only accepts Money, those that say they have Freedom do not even understand that nothing is Free in this World today, everything has its cost, it all comes down to what we are willing to give up to be Free, that we start Living Free, and as Individuals we must give up all our Rights, because we never had them to begin with, and Rights are not worth dying for, if you are not Left, what difference did it make if you were Right, and that is not a Play on Words or more Wizard Spells, its just a Fact of Life, as an Individual in Sanctuary, you are the System, so if you become Corrupt, so does that System, so remove anything that can Corrupt you and you will begin to understand why you need to be in the Militia to Fight for this cause, because if you lose, the Darkside will dominate this World forever, and that is not a long time, Sir Isaac Newton calculated that to be in the year 2060, and I would have to live to be 100 to see that day, so this is not for me, but for all of those that will live to see the end of Civilization or the Human Race.

The Big Picture is People, there are way to many of them in the World today, and that number is growing exponentially, and War is the only way to cut down on those Numbers according to the Darkside, because Death is all they deal in, destruction is what they get paid to do, so they are the War machine, and unless you want to be a Statistic in this War, you have a few choices to make, one is to decide if Trinary Sanctuary is the answer for the World, and not just you, the other is dig a hole and hope you can ride out the War that is coming.

This World is out of Control, those in charge have been lying for so long they do not know the Truth, most people do not know what Trinary Science is, once they understand it they wonder why it was such a Secret, when in fact it is never been a Secret, its just not what Main Stream Teaches, which is all Lies to Control People like Sheeple, the Big Picture is that all Governments Lie just to Make Money, they Lie to themselves as well as others, the truth is that Normal People are actually Retarded, that is sad but True, the normal IQ is 70, 69 is Retarded, so what is the Truth, most people inflate their IQ so they do not think they are Retarded, Schools are constantly lowering the Score required to pass, and the Stuff they teach is all Lies based on Theories that have never been proven to be the truth, so they teach only Lies and in fact Liars, and that is another sad fact of Life.

The Governments are nothing but a Welfare State, and they can not afford it any longer, the bubble they created with Money is about to Pop, the strain on Nature is at a breaking point, global warming will melt the Ice caps in 1 decade, that means by the year 2030, the Ice caps should be melted or on their way to being melted, they are melting as I write, and show no signs of Stopping, so the Big Picture is Water World.

Fools are hard to Fool, they will read this and try to debunk it, proving they are Fools, but that is the Big Picture, the Religious will try to Justify their Belief in Christ, they will debunk Sir Isaac Newton yet still use his Math, so they are Hypocrites and Liars, and those that Believe in Einstein, what Fools they are, Einstein only believed in Newton, so the Big Picture just got Bigger, people are Fools.

The Big Picture is that Everyone can Change if they want to, regardless of if you believe anything I have said, you know the Money System we have now is a Scam, and when it finally Crashes, Civil War will break out, and this is how to avoid it, but that would mean that People need to read this and tell others to read it as well.

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