The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019

Version: Alpha 1.3

The Principles of Trinary Sanctuary is about the Salvation of all Life on the Planet Earth, including the Planet itself. Sanctuary means a lot of things to many People, Trinary Sanctuary is about People who believe in Trinary Science, and want a better way of Life, one without the Crime and Corruption of Money, one with No Laws to Punish People for making mistakes, and No Religion to Brainwash them with. The Principles of the Trinary Sanctuary teaches People to live without Controls of Money, Religion and Law, it is a Life Style for the Trinary Militia, this is about Life on the Planet Earth, that is about to go into an Ice Age, but this is the Dark ages, because the People of the World only knows the Lies that Money created, and there is not enough Money in the World to build Pyramids, so Trinary Sanctuary is a Volunteer Militia, that is required to defend and protect Trinary Sanctuary, so that they can do their job to produce excess Power, Food, Water and other Resources, to the Governments of the World as Payment for the National Debt to the Banks, in exchange for being able to Live in Freedom, so Trinary Sanctuary can eliminate the need to pump and use Oil, and build an Advanced Society, that can survive the coming Ice Age.

This Document is Free to use without permission, if any Money is made from this work a fair share of it should (Optional) go to the Trinary Sanctuary Project, this Project is not about Money, it is about building a safe place to live before the Magnetic Pole Reversal, that the Bible called the End of Civilization, and Sir Isaac Newton Calculated to happen in 2060, so all Money goes to paying off the National Debt of the Country you are in.

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The Word Sanctuary has many meanings to many people, so to avoid confusion I call it Trinary Sanctuary: Trinary means it uses a 3 State Logic: 1 + (-1) = 0, where 1 is the Light, -1 is the Darkness, and 0 is Empty or Null Space, this is the Principles of the Trinary Universe, and Trinary Science. Sanctuary means a place of refuge or safety, but when combined with Trinary, the meaning takes on a whole new meaning of Government, its based on a form of Government before the time of Moses, which means it has total jurisdiction over its domain and is not based on: Money, Laws, Rules or Regulation, so no Prisons or Prisoners, someone does something unforgivable and that person is Banished or Executed, if Banished: the existing Governments of the World have an option for allowing them into their Country, if no Government will take them, then they are executed immediately, decisions can not wait longer than 3 days, so Banishment can mean Execution, and its why all its Members are required to be in the Militia, so they do not get into Trouble, just because there are No Laws does not mean you have the Right to do anything, in fact you have no Rights, no Voting, no Money or Bartering in any form, No Religion: so the Holy War stops here, the Bibles are Welcome, their Interpretations are not. All Science is based on the Principles of the Trinary Universe and Trinary Science, so God is All Light without Darkness. The System is based on computer software called the Trinary Project Management System, or System for short, and ran as a Trinary Militia, all duties are in the form of Technical Orders and Data, managed by System. All its members and their family are part of this Trinary Militia, so they are the Trinary Police, Trinary Military, and Trinary Government, even the children, there are no Civilians, in a closed Society that does not use Money or Religion to control People, there is no place for Consumers: its members have to do every job required in an Advanced Society. Trinary Sanctuary is a Place that has to house a lot of people from everywhere on this Planet, and Land is at a premium so we have to utilize all the space we are given, so we build as tall of Pyramids as we can, and they produce all the Power, Food, Water and Supplies, and the Trinary Sanctuary gives all excess to the existing Governments of the World as payment for the National Debt, so we take no Money in exchange for: Power, Food, Water and Supplies and Pay no Taxes, so we are Free, but that requires that Trinary Sanctuary has to pay off all Loans to the Bank, and that means it has to pay for the Freedom of all its Members, because the Banks own the People as Collateral for the National Debt, and Trinary Sanctuary needs Power, Food, Water, Land, Equipment, Resources, and other supplies in order to build an Advanced Society, and it must first pay back that Loan to the Banks, before paying off the National Debt, so the Governments support Sanctuary for this very reason, they have too much Unemployment and Welfare to survive, let alone build new Cities, and Trinary Sanctuary needs 42 of them around the World, so it can create an Distribution Network: to provide Power in the form of Electricity and Lightning, as well as Food, Water and other supplies and resources. Freedom starts when everything is Free, and everyone gets there fair share, so no need for Crime, we have no Money, and give our excess: Products, Food, Water and other Supplies away, so that Sanctuary can be Free and Safe for all that Live there, no reason anyone could have to try to Steal from it, but Money is Evil, and its why no one is allowed to use it in Trinary Sanctuary, and why those that use it is not allowed, because even though Trinary Sanctuary will give it away for Free, there are always those that think they deserve more than their fair share. Existing Governments are about to go Broke if they are not already, this is due to the Nature of Money, there are two Possibilities, People will be Fine with Bankruptcy, or they will Start a Civil War, knowing People think they will Die without Money, the Civil War will come first, so Trinary Sanctuary is a way to advert War, it will allow the Governments of the World to reorganize, and with the Creation of Trinary Sanctuary, the People of this World that want to Live Free, will have a Home, and they will provide for the World, and the Governments of this World will embrace this Concept, it is a Win Win scenario: the Banks can reorganize to work with Trinary Sanctuary, they can manage its Free excess assets, which will make Life for everyone on this Planet a much better place to Live, after Oil is outlawed and Electricity takes its place, and People everywhere will get Free Electricity, they will have to pay for Power Distribution from the Power Companies, which are actually owned by the Banks that own the Government, who will be in charge of Power Distribution from the Trinary Sanctuary Networks, they can charge Civilians a monthly bill for Line Maintenance, but are not allowed to kill power because of no payment, because they have the Right to Free Energy from Trinary Sanctuary, and also the Banks will determine how much Energy you get for Free, and that is based on normal needs, and they can charge for Commercial Power, and what deal the Banks and Governments makes is their own deal, Trinary Sanctuary has nothing to do with Politics, it determines what is Excess, and gives it to the Banks or Government agency that is in charge of Distribution, they are in charge of recording the Transaction, and assigning value to it, this way there is never any disagreements, there can be no Harmony unless we can all agree on what is fair, and no two people will ever agree on what is fair, so it can not be left to votes or popular opinions, Trinary Sanctuary does not care about the Money, and will not argue about it, an Advance Society starts when the People that are in it, are all part of Running it, no one is in Charge because Everyone is in charge, everyone gets the same chances to do all the Jobs in Trinary Sanctuary, so they will never get bored. Its based on the Single Family Unit, as a Unit they are the common denominator, it is their Job to ensure the Survival of their Family, and to do that, they need to ensure the Survival of all the Family Units, so taking care of the Family Unit is the Requirement of the Trinary Militia, and there are only 10 Requirements to remember, so it is not a Complex Society, it has Technical Orders and Data for every job required, so everyone will know exactly how to do their Job, they scheduled their time to take care of those jobs, so this Lifestyle is well Structured, and its everyone that has to take responsibility for that job, it they can not do that job, they must fine someone else to do that job, so this is how the system works. It plans on every event that can and does take place, and it makes the system stronger, since Money is never a Limiting factor, there are never any reason not to work, you get sick you are not allowed to work, and a lot of jobs can be done from a Computer Terminal, so not all jobs require you to leave the house, so someone needs to stay home and raise the children, so they can grow up and teach their children how to do what they did, only make it better for everyone, no one gets left behind and everyone always has the Requirement to make their best effort, so lazy people exist and will exist in the Trinary Militia, so it is up to them to find ways to utilize their effort to their fullest Potential, this means find what you like to do and do it, and always encourage Lazy People to do better, but never put People down for being Lazy, Sheeple that is fine, you get Frustrated and you can take it out on Sheeple, those are Female Sheep known as Ewe: that live by Law, so Sheep with an L at the end is a Spell, so in Trinary Sanctuary we teach our Children to Spell Words, so everyone on this Planet knows what they Mean, they grow up in a World without Drugs and Alcohol, maybe not the first Generation: because Trinary Sanctuary is your Mother, and Mother will tell you not to do Drugs and Alcohol in Public, but Mother does not tell you want to do in Private, but make no Mistake: You are the Mother and Father, so it is up to everyone of You to be the best, so Trinary Sanctuary will only allow those that are willing to be the best, regardless of their Past, everyone alive deserves a last chance, and that is what Trinary Sanctuary is all about, it is not about giving you a Second change, that always leads to a Third, so it is all about Last Chances, so just do your Job and never take Chances, but do not live in fear, its easier to forgive then to punish, and Trinary Sanctuary will become a Paradise for Everyone, you make Mistakes, learn from them and move on, we have no Laws to Punish anyone, they do that for themselves, we are our own worse Enemy, so we try to rid ourselves of those things that cause Fights, and Money, Religion, Laws, Rights, Honor, Integrity, those are all worth Dying for? Trinary Sanctuary is about Harmony, it is not about Ego or Arrogance, it is about Teaching people how to Live in Harmony, and you must be Free of these things that causes Fights. This is a Living Document about the Principles of Trinary Sanctuary, its based on 42 Pyramids being built around the World, only Trinary Militia Members are allowed inside its borders, these Members have 10 Requirements they most uphold at all times, inside of Trinary Sanctuary they are not bound by any Laws, outside of it they must uphold all the Laws of the Government plus the Requirements of Trinary Sanctuary, and they are always stricter then those of any Government, because these are Codes of Conduct we demand as Members, so we have our own Language, so we can move around to any Trinary Sanctuary that will take us, so Trinary Militia must be known for being Trustworthy, Loyal, and Honourable, so only people that handle this way of Life need apply for Trinary Sanctuary, and the Government must allow you, no one can apply directly to Trinary Sanctuary, there are no Recruitment facilities, this normally starts off as a Dual Citizenship, the Government takes over your Bank Account when you are in Trinary Sanctuary, all Bills must be Automated, you must check with the Bank during specific times and days, but if you have property that needs Security, arrangements will need to be made through the Banks, they are in charge of all Money dealings and that will never change, not for anyone in Trinary Sanctuary, because no one is allowed to use Money, and to use any Money that does not go through the Banks is not allowed, this is known as Treason, and it keeps people Trustworthy, and Trinary Militia must Protect and Defend Trinary Sanctuary, and also the Property of the Banks, because it is paying off the loan on the Property, so it is a Requirement to protect it, so this is how the Governments of this World allow Trinary Sanctuary within their Borders, we draw lines that neither of us crosses, we have to Trust in each other for either of us to Survive, because Trinary Sanctuary can not Exist without the Banks support, nor can the Banks Survive without Trinary Sanctuary's support, so this is a join partnership from the start, and this can only happen when People are willing to Live in Freedom, and at the same time take responsibility for the National Debt, of the the Government that is allowing their Freedom, and never forget it was them that allowed this Freedom, so build a World that is worthy of such an accomplishment. Trinary Sanctuary will be in charge of ensuring that every living thing on this Planet survives the ages of time, this means that Money cannot be a limiting factor, nor can Religion, Trinary Science is based on the God of All Light without Darkness, it does not change the Bible, so instead of believing in Religion, just believe in the Bible, that is all Trinary Science requires, but it does not require you to read the Bible, it just explains the Science of God, Trinary Sanctuary is about Living that Life, we do not Worship with Warships, we create 42 Trinary Sanctuary's around the World then we all start to Live.


I have to acknowledge all the people who have influenced my idea about what a good Government was based on, and I learned from the Greatest Wizards in time, who all believed that God was All Light without Darkness... People like: Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Hans Asperger, and others: that no one can ever agree on anything, because only the Wizards believed that Light was Energy like Electricity or Lightning, so how can History get past problems like that, so Logic must take over and dictate what is Right and what is Wrong, and not Emotions or Reasoning based on Monetary Value, because my Cousin Isaac Newton said that Emotions can overcome Reasoning so both are worthless when it comes to making a decision, so Laws that are based on either are equally as worthless, so the idea of having a Government that is not based on: Laws, Rule or Regulations is not normal thinking, even the Military is based on that, but not the Militia, it had to be based on Logic, Rules or Regulations, its members do not always remember all the Laws, as more and more Laws are created it becomes impossible to remember them all, so all Laws become equally as worthless for this very reason, Laws change all the time, all they needed was a little book that told them how to do their job, where to do, and when to do it, and schedule it in a way that you could accomplish your mission, which meant that they had to schedule for all the supplies and equipment needed for that job, so this was a working machine, a system that is based on the way to run a more efficient and content work force, and as my Cousin Benjamin Franklin could tell you, if you put it to a Vote, the majority will vote for Candy and the Government will be what is rotting away, but allow the Banks to print your Money, and you will become Slaves to them, so only allow Congress to print the Money, so this Candy we call Money, can normally be traced to a Crime, and that is not efficient nor contenting, so all these Wizards throughout time have been saying that to be Free, you must Live Free, and Money is the opposite of Free, and to do the opposite of Live is Evil, so my Logic is all based on proven concepts, so nothing is set or written in Stone, so to say, as an Aspie I tend take things Literately and want all my Words defined, so I know how to Spell them, this was the way Witches wrote for thousands of Years, so I acknowledge all the people who have influenced my life, I must acknowledge the Bible, and not Religion, the Bible was based on Facts, Religion was based on an Interpretation of those facts, and no one needs anyone's interpretation, they need to know the facts, and as Nikola Tesla said that we are Light Beings, and Sir Isaac Newton call the Force in all his equations God, and Jesus Bar Abbas said God is All Light with no Darkness, and he fought against the Romans use of Money, and Taxation, and I will come back in the Flesh, and the Trinary Universe proved it, so Trinary Sanctuary is how to Live in the Light and acknowledge it.


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