The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 1

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 1.00

My name is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, I wrote The Principles of the Trinary Universe, and setup a website to help explain concepts that you must understand before reading this document since I will not repeat concepts, I will only expand on them, but my main problem with teaching concepts is that: there are people in the World that will never believe what I have to say because it goes against everything they have ever been taught about the Universe, but the reason they will not believe it, is because of their Herd Mentally, because they only believe what the Majority of the Herd has Heard, so the people who wrote the Bible, which is the source of all my Knowledge that I write about, already knew this was the case when they wrote the Bible, so they used that to their advantage to separate the Shepard's from the Sheep, because the Shepard's would tale stories that sound like Magic to their Sheep, and I say sound like, instead just saying it is Magic, because once you understand the Magic then its Science, and the word Science had no meaning in those days, but the word Magic did, and the Bible spook of Magic and Magicians, which that term Magicians translates to the word Wizard, and even thought the Bible does not use that word, I used it for a good reason, the word Magician implies Magic, whereas the word Wizard implies teaching Science, so we do not have Magic, which Magic is just technology that we do not understand, so anything we do not understand is Magic, so the Bible only talked about those that used Magic, and those that thought God was their Shepard, because that made them Sheep, and those type of people would never understand the Magic, so I call them Sheeple.

I define the word God as meaning the Guiding-Light Of Destiny, I did not make this term up, its been in use in many Masonic Secret text dating back to the time of the Bible, Sir Isaac Newton 1 said that the Light is Guiding our Destiny, and that God is a physical entity that is controlling the Light, that is controlling our Destiny, so the concept of God is all encompassing, whereas Trinary Energy is defined as the Light of God, and at the same time, God is all Light, so God is nothing more than Light, so we can not make God into anything but Light, but I like words that can not be misinterpreted, because my belief in God is not the same thing as a Deity or Spirit, in fact you would have to be insane to believe in either one of those non-existing Entities, as if they are two separate entities when either term is even defined as being anything except for the fact they do not Physically Exist, and the belief in things that do not physically exist is defined as insanity, so I do not change the meaning in any way, Religion is proof that people that believe in it are Insane, and the Bible was written that way, it has nothing to do with how I interpreted it, so I used the Term Sheeple to describe People who have insane beliefs, I just Read it instead of Reading in to it, so if you do not believe that, then you are wasting your time reading this, because you will never change the fact that the Bible was written to separate the Shepard's from the Sheeple, and this document is only for the Shepard's and not the Sheeple, because they are too Stupid to understand what God is, so I renamed God to be called Trinary Energy, or Wizzards, which includes the Light, Dark and Shades of Grey of those Wizzards, so what I call God does not change what God is, nor does it change what the Bible said about God, because God is defined as all Light with no Darkness, and this is all about Energy and not about Religion.

Paraphrasing His-Story: Nikola Tesla said that Albert Einstein was insane for his belief in General Relativity and the Godless Dynamic Universe, Einstein replied to that remark by stating that he only believes in the Newtonian Universe, and Tesla replied to that by saying Einstein was a wise man, because Einstein was saying that he did not believe in Theories, even Theories he wrote, so I will not talk much about Einstein unless it actually relates to Reality, but talking about any Theory as Reality is insane, Wizards only believe in what is Real.

Wizards are Scientist who believe in Science based on Empirical Evidence and not Theories or things that do not physically exist, so the way we view Math defines that concept, and some people define Numbers like 0 as Not Real, because for the most part, in the 3rd Dimension, they are not Real, but in 3 Dimensional Math they are Real, so the number 0 is only real in 3D Mathematics, since numbers are defined to describe physical quantities, we can see 1 object, but we can not see 0 objects, but at the subatomic level we know that Atoms will disappear in the 0 State, because we know there must be a 0 Dimension, and we know in the 3rd dimension we can not see it, but we know its Real because these dimensions are real, and we can prove it, not only that, but we can not debate its existence, because without defining dimensions we will never understand Reality, and Sheeple will deny the 0 dimension exist, and they will try to define dimension greater than 3, which is just Stupid, so Wizards do not think like Sheeple, there are only 3 Dimensions, and they have Width, Depth and Height, and the numbering starts at 0, so these 3 Dimensions make up the 3 dimensions, but we number them starting at 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions, so we have 4 dimensions, but not the 4th Dimension, and the order does not mean anything, but it helps when we write 1 x 2 x 3, so we know that its 1 unit wide, 2 units in height, and 3 units deep, but any dimensions beyond 3 do not exist in Reality and only Sheeple will talk about them as if they are real, and Wizards never think like Sheeple, and to cut down on my aggravation about having to define the Universe in terms that Stupid Sheeple can understand, I will limit my discussion of Sheeple and only talk in terms of Wizards and People who do not think like Sheeple.

This document assumes that I have a note from your Doctor stating that if you remove the Light of God from you, that you would die, because you can not live without the Light of God, which is just Electricity at a higher Frequency and Power, so Wizards and People can all agree on what is Reality, and I do not have to talk to yew, which is just referring to people who have Shit for Brains, because they would argue with me that this Energy is not the Light of God, and they will argue that it is not the Force of Gravity in Newtons Equations, and that is just Stupid, and I do not want to talk about being Stupid or talk about Sheep, so I assume IAM talking to people who understand how Wizards talk about Sheep, but in truth, it is annoying, but in the first document I had no choice, because it was defining the Universe in terms that Stupid People called Sheeple could understand, knowing that they will never admit to it, until all the Sheeple in their Herd say that they believe in the Light of God that I call Trinary Energy, just so I could be clear about what type of Energy IAM talking about, so IAM, or I am are both the same word in this document, and I only use IAM to signify that I am saying that this is what God said, meaning that it is not what me said, because sometimes when I say I am, I am talking about me, so it can get confusing, and I do not like confusion, I like order and symmetry and not Chaos.

Chapter 1.01
Wizards Honor Code

Wizards have an Honor Code, this system of Honor is what differentiates People from Sheeple, because Sheeple are defined as believing in things that are not real, so their reality does not really exist, so what is their reality is not my reality, nor is it anyone that does not believe it, because it is a make believe reality, and if we all want to make up the rules for how our Universe works and then pretend that its real, because the word Theory does not mean its Real, in fact it means it is not proven to be real, so we must agree that yew are living in a fantasy world, and that means that some degree of Schizophrenia is taking place, because these people are insane and that will always offend a Wizard, but most people will say that they have a right to believe what ever they want, Freewill and all, and that may sound fine, but when it endangers those that understand how the Universe actually works, then we are talking about a Crime against all of humanity, and that is what is taking place every day, the Blood of the Planet was renamed to Oil so people can get Rich, and greed allows them to stay in business, knowing that one day they will use so much of it that the Land we are Standing on will sink into the ground into a sinkhole, and that is happening around the world, and will one day cause or rotation to slow down to a grinding halt then speed up as it grabs a hold of the Core of the Planet, which is the Trinary Engine, and using the Arc Light which is stored in the Ark of the Covenant, is a weapon made out of the Light of God, so it is a Sin to use it against the Planet, since it can destroy the Planet, but Sheeple have Shit for Brains, and they will never admit it, because they are Insane and you already knew that, so a Wizard will always defend this Planet, and tale Sheeple they have Shit for Brains, this is mandatory, and Wizards have to really rub it in, and there is no forgiveness, do you think Jesus would have said its fine with him if you use the Light of God as a Bomb... Because if you do, then you are a Sheeple and should not even be reading this Document, its only for Wizards and People who are not Stupid, and it is part of the Wizards Code of Honor, to call all yew Sheeple Stupid.

But that is enough talk about Sheeple, that is not what this Document is about, it is about Wizards and People, where People are not Wizards, but they are not Sheeple either, so they are somewhere in between, not too insane to realize that the definition of being insane is believing in things that are not real, so Deities and Spirits are on the top of that list, as is the Godless Dynamic Universe, and Flat Earth is not a Universe, its more like a worm farm, but Wizards do not like to talk to Sheeple or Goats and Wizards never talk to Trolls.

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