The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 2.00
Trinary Science

Trinary Science is based on Trinary Energy, Trinary Engines, and the Trinary Universe, but in Terms that Wizards can relate to, so I can talk about what Science should be, and not about what it is at the time I wrote this, because I like Science Fiction, but not in my Science, so from this point on, when I say Science, I am only referring to Trinary Science, and I will not talk about Science Fiction, or Sheeple, since I assume we are all Wizards or People, and not Stupid Sheeple.

Chapter 2.1: Trinary Dimensions

Once we define what Dimensions of Space are Real we can forgo any concepts that deal with unreal dimensions, the 0 Dimension is called Null Space, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd single dimensions do not have any concept of width, height or depth, but all 3 dimensions make up the 3rd dimension, the Math is 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, the single dimensions add up to make 3 dimensions, and it is why its called the 3rd dimension, in reality it takes all 3 dimensions to see width, height or depth, so the 0 Dimension is defined as Null Space, but we never know the difference between Empty Space and Null Space, since Empty Space is Empty of a reason, so unless something can physically occupy that Space, which would mean it was just Space that had nothing in it, compared to Null Space which can never have anything occupy it, and this space exist between an Electron and an Atom, you can not physically force another object in between them, and looking at any object, its only the width and height that we can actually see, the depth is actually a 3 dimensional concept, and so we always have a standard way of writing all Dimensions, so it is always Width, Height, and Depth, or Width and Height if it is a 2D measurement as if depth did not matter, any other combinations will not make much sense once we go down this road, but because I never defined them as being in this order in the last document, mostly because Sheeple would never agree on the Order, so it only applies to this document, that is the next Step, to define everything in terms of Absolutes, so now we start off by defining Trinary Dimensions.

Trinary Dimensions are just defining the Space that any Physical Object can occupy, so if we put in a Grid we see the use of an x, y and z, but normally these do not actually correlate to width, height or depth in the Cartesian Coordinate System, but it makes life simpler if we define it this way, so its clear that Null Space cannot be plotted on a Grid unless you assign it to the x-axis, and again, this is just to standardize notation, meaning that if you have a good reason to define it on the y or even z-axis, then do so, but label it since it is not the standard way of notation, like wise, it is a given that this is the Standard way on writing it, and labeling is optional.

If we want to graph out the Vertice Matrix of a State Changes for an AC Sine waveform, we need to label it correctly, so we label the Dimension 0 on the x-axis, we know that everything in this dimension is invisible, so we can not see it, but we know its real, because we can graph it, so 0 is a real number since it refers to a real state, even if it is invisible to the human eye, it actually still exist, and our ability to interact with it has nothing to do with that, because we can see the -1 State, but we can not interact with the Electron in that State, so we must define the State change of 1 to be in the 3rd Dimension, this is the Dimensions that are a collection of all 4 Single Dimensions, so it contains the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd single dimensions which looks confusing on this chart, and why I did not define it this way in the Principles, because those principles where just the beginning of knowledge and not the last word on it, nor is this document the last, nor was my first the first ever, since the Bible, Newton, Franklin, and Tesla all wrote about it, these are just Steps into a larger picture of how the Universe works, so now see that we can plot entire dimensions on a single x-axis, and even plot non-existent points like that in State 0, so we can show when the Electron is invisible, and then we can plot two dimensions in State -1, such that the 1st and 2nd dimensions can not be separated, because we can not actually see either dimension as single dimensions, instead we see both at the same time, which is why it appears to be Dark and looks like a Ghost, but this is not the Holly Ghost, that is in the 0 Dimension and I will not make that mistake again, we visualize a Ghost or Spirit as being see through, so it is all how we label things and this label always drives me crazy, and Sir Isaac Newton never did explain this concept in any detail, as if he did not know how to explain it, or maybe it was because he went off the deep end and started Ranting about how Sheeple would describe Trinity, Newton said the Father is Light, and we Live in the Light, the Son is Evil or in the Dark, and the Holly Ghost or Spirit is invisible, so the Father was the 1, that much is clear, because it has a positive sign, and all most go through the Father to get to the Holly Ghost of Spirit, which Newton said the Father is Real, you can see the Father, so it must be Solid as seen in time frame 1 in: 2.1: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC Sine or Triangle waveform, so to get to the Holly Ghost or Spirit, in time frame 1, we move from the Father into the 0 Dimension where we disappear, and return as the Son, which is Evil or in the Dark, shown in time frame 3, so we see the Son as a Semi-Solid existence that fades into invisible in time frame 4.

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
+1 Father All 3 Solid *       *       *       *
0 Ghost 0 Invisible   *   *   *   *   *   *  
-1 Son 1 -> 3 Semi-Solid     *       *       *    
  Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Table 2.1: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC Sine or Triangle waveform

As you can see, Labels do not help us define what something is as much as it is a way to identify it, and using Trinity gets me confused, because it was written as a Potion using Witchcraft in Alchemy to create the Philosophers Stone, and Newton never did get that potion to work, but he knew that this is how Energy transformed from one State into another, and it is only how we label it can we begin to understand it, the base material or Atom is Solid so it is the Father, kind of like the Chicken before the Egg type of analogy, because the State changes of Atoms can happen in any order, whereas Electricity and Light has a very predictable pattern, as seen above in: 2.1: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC Sine or Triangle waveform, then the State Changes are defined by the pattern they make, and complex shapes can be produced by changing various properties of the AC Electricity signal, although it is the Light that causes the State Changes, its Electronic circuits we used to produce these patterns that cause the State Changes for our use, but some of these patterns happen in Nature, like Static Electricity which forms the pattern of White Noise, because it has a full spectrum of frequencies, and in Lightning, so all patterns of Atomic State changes can be plotted in a Vertice Matrix.

By plotting out the Vertice Matrix for every frequency and wave-length we can label each type of Energy and its waveform, and we can predict what Dimension the Energy is in at any given time, and it is clear to see that when it passes through the 0 Dimension, we have no sense of that time, its like the waveform just toggled between positive and negative with no time in between, but in reality, it is because in the 0 dimension time does not exist, so our perception of it does not exist, because in reality the timing is all the same, as seen by the graph, proving Einstein's theory about time travel was wrong about, but he never believed that anyway, he only believed Newton, so Einstein was not wrong, just his Theory, because it is not possible to travel through the 0 dimension, because it does not move and time does not exist, the reason is due to how we view ourselves moving through these Dimensions, does this concept change the way we view our Reality.

Chapter 2.2: Redimensioning

Redimensioning is the concept that when an Atom, Electron or Photon switch from the 0 dimension into either the 1 or -1 State change, the Dimensions of Space are Redimensioned in the direction of the State change, for example, if we are following an AC Sine waveform, the Electron will disappear as it passes through the 0 Dimension, to view this in 3D, we must imagine that a conductor is just a material that is make up of Atoms, these Atoms are arranged in a pattern we can see under a powerful electron microscope, but we see them as flat 2D objects, and really can not see the Electrons orbiting the Atoms, but we know that they exist from endless experiments, so this is Empirical Evidence, but the path Electrons take can not be seen, so we must imagine what path they will take, and from the Vertice Matrix we can predict that path, we know two things about that path, it will always follow a predicable pattern giving the properties of Electricity to create known patterns, for example, if I take a standard electrical outlet for a house in America, it would have 110 Volts at 60 Hertz, so its Sine Wave with a known shape, we can look at it using an Oscilloscope, but that view is also 2D, the actual waveform is in 3D, so its forming a Helix, this is much easier to explain it from that Macro level where we can actually see this take place, because at the subatomic level it is difficult to make out, but we know that the Electron has to travel around the Atom, so it is not traveling in just a Sine Wave, as seen in: Illustration 2.1: Sun Path makes Sine Wave.

Sun Path makes Sine Wave
Illustration 2.1: Sun Path makes Sine Wave Full Size

The Electron has to travel around the Atom in a Helix, because at the subatomic level we see this same pattern, and the Bible said what happens in Heaven happens here on Earth, and I have no other idea what that statement means except for this, because we see the same pattern the Sun is forming as it orbit is the Galaxy, it is a Sine wave, just like Electricity, as if it has an Atom that it must go around, and if we view it in 3D as seen in: Illustration 2.2: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix,

Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix
Illustration 2.2: Sun Path makes Sine Wave and Helix Full Size

We will note that it appears to be traveling around an imaginary object, in this case it is a Dark Star, in the Atomic structure of a conduit, it is the null space around each Atom, they serve the same purpose, and the more we look at these patterns, the more will understand that this is the way Nature works, its how the Universe works.

So Redimensioning occurs when the Atom, Electron, or Photon passes through the 0 Dimension, it must switch polarity and orientation, at the Atomic level this transformation can be viewed by this: see Illustration 2.3: Dimensional Atom.

Dimensional Atom
Illustration 2.3: Dimensional Atom Full Size

If we view the 3D Atom as if it was a torrid shape, or hole in the center, which causes the Atom to have a polarity of positive and negative, we can see what the Atom might look like at the subatomic level, as it shifts into the 2nd Dimension to become a 2D object, its force-field will stay unchanged, but the Neutrino material it is made of will collapse, leaving the illusion that it has turned Dark since its Mass has decreased, but its force-field has not, so when it shifts into the 1st Dimension, it collapses even further and will start to Redimensioning, by twisting into the direction of orientation or polarity, so it might twist to the right if positive and to the left if negative, once it is in the middle of this twist, it will pass through the 0 dimension and will turn invisible as it turns inside out, it the Neutrino stays intact, and I do state that it stays intact, because it could loss containment and never reappear, so Redemption is not guaranteed, but part of Resurrection, which is the Transform of Energy, or the Philosophers Stone as Newton put it, so imagine the Sun going through this Redimensioning every 10 years, it will cause the Engine to reverse direction, it will take the Sun 10 years to even start to slow down the rotation of its outer crust enough to even be noticeable, but if it did not change polarity, the Suns Rotational speed would keep increasing, but the Planets inside the Suns Systems, only have to change polarity at key points in the Sine Wave, normally only when it travels through the Galactic Plane, but it could shift poles when it is a ¼ of the way to entering into it, so that it will slow down before hitting the Galactic Plane, because its like a Grinding wheel, our planet will be bombarded by all the debris in the Plane, and Ice Age that last for thousands of years will always happen as we pass through this layer of Ice, this is where the 0 Dimension for our Galaxy exist, our Planet has that same Plane, known as a Solar Plane, and we travel in this same pattern around the Sun.

Cellular decay always happens during Redimensioning, the act of returning is called Redemption, but not all cells get Redemption, so they do not come back, if this happens to a Sun, it is said to go Supernova, which sets off a chain of events, first the Neutrino's will be blasted out of the force-field before the force-field collapses, this can be measured since these neutrinos will always arrive before the blast wave, and what can be observed is that the crust around the Sun will come to a stop, causing all its energy, meaning its Gravitational, Thermal, Kinetic, Potential, Static, Generated Electromagnetic, all its Light comes to a stop all at the same time, because the when the force-field collapses, all that material implodes to the point where its Gravity that is not longer held in place by the Trinary Engine that has been pulling it through the Galaxy, since its Trinary Energy does not move in the Universe, its like getting off a train that is traveling at the speed of Light, its entire mass is ripped apart from the center of where its mass was, the 0 Dimension Null Space force-field around the Trinary Engine was all that held the Light and Dark Energy of the Trinary Engine contained, and now this void will bring the Matter and Antimatter of these two Energies together causing an Atomic explosion and following blast wave, that can never catch up to the Neutrinos that were ejected before the explosion, because now the blast will be pushing those particles in front of its wake, if Resurrection, which means the Trinary Energy starts back up after stopping, the Sun will still go Nova, but will only blow off all its surface crust, which it will very quickly start to pull some of it back with its Gravitational pull, and in time, it will be reborn.

Redimensioning happens to all Atoms, Electrons, Photons and Trinary Engines, and it is a very well documented occurrence, and easy to prove that this is why its happening the way it does, it proves that the Universe behaves at the Subatomic level, the same way it does at the Marco level, and that Trinary Engines are just another name for Atoms that are really huge, but follow the same laws of physics, because they are made of the same stuff, even Lightning Balls are failed Trinary Engines that did not obtain a force-field to keep it going, so its what a Trinary Engine looks like without its Neutrino shell and force-field.

Chapter 2.3: The Lifespan of Matter and Antimatter

The Life span of Atoms, Electrons, Photons and Trinary Engines are limited by the Lifespan of Matter and Antimatter containment, the force-field is not impenetrable, in fact an Atomic Bomb can collapse our Earths Trinary Engine, and why I call people who would allow the use of Atomic, let alone Nuclear Energy: Sheeple, because they have to have Shit for Brains to allow the use of Atomic Energy, because of the reason it exists, when you split an atom, you penetrate the Neutrino, a Neutrino detector can prove that, and as I described in Redimensioning what happens when a Sun goes Supernova, it is the ability of the bond in the Matter and Antimatter, or Light, and Dark Energy know at Trinary Energy, only the 0 State change does not take place, instead it is the force-field around the Atom, Electron, Photon or Trinary Engine, and if I have to write that again just so I do not have to repeat it, these are all the same as far as the laws of physics go, its just the size that varies, and trust me, Trinary Engines come in all sizes, and there is a reason we only see these specific sizes in our Solar System, because they are too far away to see in other systems, but we know they can be much larger and much smaller, even Comets and Asteroids can have Trinary Engines, in fact it would make more since if the larger ones did, but the truth is that I can not prove that, and truthfully they to not act like they do, they are more geared towards a body in motion says in motion type of force guiding their path, so Gravity pulls them around the system, and since I do not theories, I will stick to what is observable, because this is what Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and others have said for years, but every once in a while a large object will pass by our system, an without a Trinary Engine, they could never explain such a path that this large object made, even to this day, deep space objects seem to defy the laws of physics, and it is because the containment field for these Trinary Engines have their limits, and being hit by other Planets is one of them, the Moon has taken a beaten, yet it is still in our orbit, and without a Trinary Engine, this could not be explained, and in all this time these men have been searching the Stars looking for these Limits, they never thought for one minute that Humans would be so stupid as to use Atomic or Nuclear Bombs that could easily destroy this Earth.

Human Stupidity is going to destroy all Life on this Planet, Newtons calculated that to be in the year 2060, that is how long the Bible said it would take Humans to learn how to create a Bomb using the Light of God, this weapon was called the Arc Light in the Bible, it was stored in the Ark of the Covenant, which was the reason why the Governments had to change Science into a Godless Universe, so they could lie about this Weapon of Mass Destruction being the Arc Light, or Ark Light, but now this sounds like a conspiracy, because maybe those people who changed the Science from the Newtonian Universe were the Light of God was the force of Gravity to a Godless Dynamic Universe may just as well be Sheeple.

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