The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.00
Trinary Reality

Trinary Reality is based on Trinary Science, it is the way Wizards need to think about Reality in order to create a better Reality based on Trinary Science.

Reality is what is real, not what we imagine in real, so our explanation must agree with what we see and not with what we imagine, and it can never be based on a Theory, that is the Road to insanity, anyone that tales you otherwise is insane, so do not allow anyone to alter your Reality, prove everything I have said up to this point to yourself, do not go along with the Herd and what they Heard, you do not need your peers to decide your Reality, but I can assure you that Reality really is the same for everyone regardless of if they are aware of it or not, and how we view ourselves moving through the Universe is the basis for our Reality, in fact, its what defines our Reality.

If we view this Planet as moving through space, we need to define the space its moving through, so we call this the Universe, now if the Universe is defined as not moving in the dimensions less then 3, and we define our baseline of how fast our planet is moving through space, with a local Relative speed that we can at least measure as a baseline, then our reality can start building up an understanding that we are moving through the Universe at the Speed of Light, as I proved in my last Document, but now its time for the next Step, which is to define our Reality of it in such a way that we can all agree this is Reality.

Using my current situation as an example, I am sitting in front of my computer writing a document about the Trinary Universe, while at the same time at the subatomic level Trinary Energy is controlling every Fiber of my being, I know that the energy inside each Atom is Static in the Universe, so it is not moving, its me how is moving through the Universe, and it is not moving in any one direction, so I can not map the coordinates from Sub-Dimensional Space into 3rd Dimensional Space, because each Dimension is a standalone dimension, they add up to the 3rd dimension, but at the same time, every Atom in my body is toggling between these 3 States, and they toggle between 1 to -1 so that I can move my fingers, because if they did not my fingers could not move, because every Atom in that finger must move at the same time, and that may sound strange until you realize that at the Subatomic level, our Atoms do not come into contact with each other, so there is no glue that holds us together at the subatomic level, its just how atoms have receptors that allow electrical bonds to be made to a configuration of Protons and Neutrons around an Atom, and then the Electrons will have a conduit to flow around, which creates this magnetic bond, so that all my Atoms stay together, then we think about how they are in the Flesh of our body and how it heals itself, which takes intelligence, so it is the Trinary Energy that is repairing my body, all so I can type this explanation about how this is even possible, but I know that Trinary Energy controls all the Light in the Universe, so all Life works basically the same, insects do not need to breath through lungs, so they can live in the water or on land, but they still have the same Atomic structure as humans, and have almost 90% of the same DNA, and these bugs just flew in from outer space, so all Life in the Universe most be the same, so I understand that the center of the Universe is always in the center of every Atom in the Universe, then it all becomes very clear to me, in the 0 dimension its Null Space, there are no dimensions so there is no physical matter or antimatter in this space, its empty, yea an energy signature still exist proving its Null, you seen Empirical Evidence of this in the: 2.1: Vertice Matrix of State Changes for AC Sine or Triangle waveform, the 0 dimension is one point in space, so inside every Trinary Atom is Null Space, so depending on how you want to wrap your mind around the concept that a single point in space has no dimension, it means that it is the same point of space everywhere in the Universe at the same time, all energy flows form this single point in space and it is so small we can not even see it, yet the Sun's Trinary Engine is completely covered in it as is this Planet, yet we can not see it because of the crust, and it is how it can pull in so much Gravity, the 0 Dimension is where Gravity comes from, its pulling use throw space using this 0 Dimension, but its like a hole in the fabric in space, and you can hook it with Trinary Light, when it toggles to the 0 dimension, it pulls like a zipper through space, and the direction is always in the direction in which the Atom is supposed to move according to physics particle simulators, so the math is very well-known as are the algorithms, so I do not need to teach you that part of the Reality, but the same principle applies to both, its only how we define it, just add the State change to the simulators and you can use it to watch how Atoms move through the Universe, if the Light does not move, it means that the sub-dimensional space moves very strange from a 3 dimensional view as I have said before, but everything is moving in relation to everything else that moves in our environment, and that extends as far as we can see, so to use, it looks like the Light is not even moving, we can not see Light move, and we can not sense if the Light is being Pulled away or is being Pushed away, but if it is being Pushed away we need to explain how that is possible, because Einsteins Dynamics Universe did not explain that, so we know its being Pulled away, it is the only thing that makes sense, and I proved it, because if Light can not move, its us that is moving through the Universe, and we know that is the Truth, so Logic and Reasoning must kick in and explain how it is, I can explain how the Universe works by apply the same laws of physics as Atoms, proving that our Bodies are powered by the same Trinary Energy, and for me to try to explain how this is all possible in one sentence is never going to work, but its how my Reality works.

Chapter 3.01
Light Travel

Light Travel is the the easiest thing to see and the hardest thing to describe, it is the Mystery of the Universe, the Light, and all Energy is not moving in any sub-dimension, so when we turn a flashlight on, if we imagined that each photon was coming out one at a time, and we could video tape it at high speed, we would see that the first photon is not moving, it is actually just the flashlight that is moving in the opposite direction as the Light, because at the center of each of those photons is the 0 dimension, but Light starts off in the 0 dimension when its transformed from Electricity into Light, and it will not change back into the 0 Dimension again till it has to change directions or it completes a cycle, since it is actually traveling in an ellipse, which is a 16 billion year arc, but its energy will dissipate at a known rate, so you can determine how far a Light will travel given the amount of Energy it has, so the science is very well documented, yet this concept of Light Travel is not, in fact, I have never read or heard anything about it in my life, it was not until my Cousin Isaac Newton wrote about Sir Isaac Newtons work, that I realized what they left out of their explanation, and it was how Light, and all Energy can be Static in the Universe, it was why many people did not believe in this concept when he first published his paper on the Light, because most people had no idea what he said, they can read it over and over again not understand what my Cousin said about it, and what I concluded was Sir Isaac Newton never publishes anything that he can not prove, so he did not publish is explanation how Light can travel the way it does, we can move in one direction and point the flashlight in another direction, and the Universe always moves in the right direction for the Light to travel in, that counter-intuitive, but it is also a Reality, the Light never changes direction unless something causes it to change direction, because that is the only time it changes to the 0 State, and since the 0, 1st and 2nd dimension have no concept of width, height or depth, or any Cartesian coordinate such as x, y or z, yet the 3 dimensional physical Light state of 1 can be traced that way, its only in normal 3 dimensional space a 3rd of the time when shifting between all 3 states, and half the time when Light is not changing direction, so now this space took on some dimensional perspective, because its clear that half the time Light Photons are toggling between 1 and -1, where 1 is 3D space, and -1 is 1st and 2nd dimensional space, and it is in the -1 state that we see the Darkside of Light, this Light can be full spectrum, or single spectrum Light, its just the amount of Spectra in the Light that give it its quality, each has its range and limits, but they all follow the same rules, it is all a matter of how I describe what it is everyone see if they have eyes that can focus on the Light, all the Light knows is which way its headed, because its math is very simple, it is an ellipse, like all Electromagnetic Energy, its just how we fit this concept into our Reality.

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