The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.00
Trinary Logic and Reasoning

Trinary Logic and Reasoning is based on Trinary Science, and once we define all the Logic and Reasoning we need to define Trinary Science, we can start to think like Wizards.

Wizards only use Logic that is based on Empirical facts, so when a Wizard tales you that Light has 3 State changes, you should be able to research the natural occurrence of Atomic Structures having 3 State changes, and you will find over 50 years of data on this subject, all after Einstein died, because after the first discover of these 3 State changes, it proved that Newton was correct after all, because he said that Trinity was the reason why energy moves the way it does, but I being a Wizard proved that we move and not the Light, so Logic is just facts that are explained by Empirical Evidence, and Reasoning is based on Logic and not Emotions, it does not matter if I want God to be a Deity or Spirit, when Logic proves that God exist as Empirical Evidence, it does not matter what I want, it is the way it is because it was proven to be that way, not because I want it to be that way, and that is how God words at the Deity or Spirit level, those that are Religious may have no idea that this means that God does not exist, and to get into a discussion about it is pointless because that is what its defined in the Dictionary, and Bible states God is all Light, and that is a fact, so all authorities on the meaning of what God is defined it in the same way, the belief in a Deity or Spirit is the belief that God does not exist in physical form, so this can not be the Light of God that the Bible speaks, and that is using Empirical Evidence to state that as a fact using Trinary Logic and Reasoning.

Wizard use Logic and Reason in a way that describes Reality, and things that sound like Magic, like the 0 Dimension, are explained in ways that remove the Magic from them, and makes the concepts Science.

Wizards do not fit explanations to fit the facts, they have to find mathematical formula's like the ones Sir Isaac Newton wrote that fully explains them, and then try to use that math to explain it without the formula, since we all know what the Math Formulas are, and that only explains the math, and we know it works, so it is not the math that needs to be explained, it the stuff Newton did not want to Publish because he could not figure out how to explain it, and to tale the truth, I will never be happy with my explanation, because it takes me far too many words to even try to explain it, because once you start following my logic, one Step will lead to the next, and one will lead into thoughts so deep most people will lose track of where they are in Reality, because of the way a Wizards Brain is wired, and I would not like to put restrictions on what type of a Brain a Wizard has, the only ones I have talked about are Ashkenazi Aspies with high IQ's, but that is not always the case, even Neurotypicals can be Wizards, it is all in the Logic and Reasoning, that is the wiring in our Brains, not saying that Neurodivergent Brains are not wired differently, IAM only saying that it is the way we connect to the Light, that changes the way we think about the Light, and one you start thinking about the Light the way a Wizard does, then your Brain will be rewired, and that is the way a Wizard explains things, in terms of how we connect to the Light.

Once we as a Society can agree that the Light of God is Trinary Energy that is Science, then Sheeple will start Hearing this Logic and Reasoning and that will change the Hearts of the Animals I call Sheep, because the Trinary Energy is Real, so the Light of God is Real, and it makes Reality Real, so that Reality becomes Real, and Sheeple start to wake up, as Sheeple start to understand that without Money they would not have Money Problems, and if they do not have to work for Money they can work for the things they really want and need the most, and Society can start using Technology that is healthy for the Planet and all Life on it, they will stop using the Blood of the Planet and the Light of God as Fuel and as Weapons of Mass destruction.

Once People understand that Trinary Wizards are teaching real Science, and you can prove this Science to yourself, even if you can not fully visualize how Light Travels in the Universe, the Logic and Reasoning behind it are sound and based on Empirical Evidence, so the Explanation does not change the way Reality works, you will not see any Curvatures in the Space Time Continuum so you can not go back in time and kill your parents so you not be born, because the Trinary Universe is base on things that are happening and not things the could happen based on a Theory, so people need to understand that Trinary Wizards are not teaching Theories, and do not even want to talk about them as if they were real science, so who is living in a fantasy world, it is not the Trinary Wizards, we just take the Magic out of the technology, but our use of words, are just Spells, our Logic is a Potion that can create, maintain and not to destroy Life, but is used only for the good of the Planet and all Life on that Planet.

Reasoning is only used to explain Logic, Logic is only used to calculate empirical evidence, it is the Mathematical formula's, it is the programming in computer physics particle simulators, all its concepts can be tested in a Laboratory, its test results are repeatable, such that any real scientist can verify that the Light really does have 3 State changes, and Trinity really does describe those state changes, and we can verify that Light changes its 0 State when it hits a mirror, so we can prove that Trinary Energy is controlling those state changes, so its Atomic State changes that explain the way the Universe works, and we did not need Quantum Physics to explain it, but we can use it to verify it, so the Quantum Physics should love this new Universe if they are coming from the Godless Dynamic Universe and most of them gave up and Einstein's math long ago and only use Newtons Math, so it is not that big of a change for them, it is not a Leap in Logic or Reasoning for them either, since most of them do not believe in Deities or Spirits, although some of them will back away when I say the Light of God, but then we I call it Trinary Energy, they should be really happy, but Trinary Logic and Reasoning is not about making people happy, it is about telling them the truth about Science and there and only be one truth, the one that won, and if it is not God, then it is not the Truth according to a Wizard.

Wizards never worry about death, not theirs or anyone else's, because Wizards know that the Trinary Energy last for as long as the Universe does, so you can kill me, but I will never die, because IAM the Light of God, and I do not worry about using the term God, as long as you know its Trinary Energy, because that is the only God that exist in Science period, if you believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe and General Relativity, then you do not believe in God of any kind, be it the Real Trinary Energy, which everyone on this Planet has to admit is Real, its Empirical Evidence, and we know we will die without this Energy, so this is a no Brain-er, if you believe in the Trinary Universe, your Soul is eternal and is the Light of God, if you believe in a Deity or Spirit, your Soul does not physically exist, and if you believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, you have no soul, so the Light of God should not be in you, so you should take it out, but get a Doctor to remove the Light of God from you, because I will not be responsible for anyone trying to do so themselves because that is Suicide, and we all know what happens when we die, out-of-body experience prove that our energy starts to drift away from our Bodies, and following the Light is just a Joke if you do not believe in the Trinary Universe, because even Einstein only believed in Newton, because when he died, he really did believe in the Light of God, his Theories proved that it is not possible to have a Universe that does not have the Light of God in it, with Paradox's, because those can not exist in any Reality, yet Sheeple believe this is Reality, and they refuse to get me a Doctors note, so the Religious will send their Souls to a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, it is not the God of Light that Sir Isaac Newton spook of, because he said that is not a Deity or Spirit, so the Souls of a Deity or Spirit go where and how is what no one knows or can explain, but they want to say that you must have faith that God exist, when they do not believe that God is all Light, so it means you must have faith that the Light of God exist, because when I die, I know nothing will change, I will have to look for a new life form to host my Energy, so I can be Resurrected, so it is the same Light that was in Jesus or my Cousin Isaac Newton, and it is the same Light that is in you, is also in Sheep, it is all in all the Animals, Insects, and even the Tress, anything that is has Atoms and those Atoms are made of the Light, and that Logic is the Reason why Wizards are not afraid to die, that is just me, because to me, that death is forever, my body shall never rise from the Dead after my Flesh is burned off my Bones, so do not bury me, that is insane, I never leaves that body until the Last Atom has turned Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust.

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