The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 6.00
Trinary Sanctuary

I wrote a separate document called the Principles of the Trinary Sanctuary, but it was geared more to bridging the Gap between the Wizards, and the People and Sheeple that read it, so now I will define it in terms that Wizards can better relate to.

Once Wizards have their own Country which I call Trinary Sanctuary that is not limited by the use of: Money, Laws, Rules and Regulations to control People, then Wizards can Live in Freedom, and be Free to pursue real Science, and then Science can grow without the limited Resources that this form of Government for those Countries provides, but Country is not a very good Term to use, because Sanctuary is not a Country, it is a way of Life, but it must exist in an Atmosphere free of those Controls and People who believe in those Controls, and you can not mix Sheeple with Wizards, Sheeple are Dangerous and should be locked in padded rooms, so they do not injure themselves or others, and should never be allowed to interact with Wizards, they should never exist in the same Country, so I clarify the need for separation between people that are clearly insane with those that are not.

Once Money is abolished, all Crimes involving Money will slowing fade away, once Free People learn to live without Controls like: Laws, Rules and Regulations, and instead learn how to live with consequences, the word Freedom will take on a whole new meaning, but like all Constitutions that Humans have written only to be abolished without them even understanding how or when they became abolished, Sanctuary is just a Concept that People will never live up to, because People that are Stupid might turn into Sheeple, and then Paradise is lost once again, so Wizards never believe that they can Live with Sheeple and not Step in Sheeple Shit, because as long a Wizards allow Sheeple into their Domain, the Sheeple will take over, and Sheeple Shit will be the Foundation that Wizards must tread upon, so never allow People to think that thinking like Sheeple is tolerable, Wizards know that the Lightside and Darkside must find a way to live together in the World, but not the Same Country or under their Laws, Rules and Regulations, using the Money that is the Root of all Evil.

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