The Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe

Chapter 7

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 7.00
Trinary Batteries

How we store Energy says a lot about our Technology, and our Technology says a lot about the Society that created this Technology, in any Society that allows the use of Money, must also deal with the Crime that Money causes, since it is the Root of all Evil because People Love Money, or they would not use it, so the Technology for Storing Energy comes down to Money, so whatever is more Profitable will always win, so Technology is only what yew pay for, so Advances in storing energy has a cost, it takes resources, and if those resources are Energy, then you need a way to store it for use, but that all comes down to Money, so Money must be taken out of the Equation, because Energy must be safe to use, and if Money is involved Crimes will be allowed to be committed in the name of God, because in the United States they print In God we Trust, then allow the Blood of the Planet and Atomic Energy to be used, both are the Light of God, so they are Selling God and using God as a Slave, since this is not Free Energy, and only Dead Societies allow crimes like this to take place, both of these forms of Energy are Deadly to anyone that comes in contact with it, but Profit is all that matters to yew, so Crime is made Legal, so Storing Energy is a waist of time, because in this Future all I see is Death, and Dead People do not need to Store Energy for a Future that will not exist if they keep using the type of Energy they are today, in fact I can calculate that by 2060 this Society will be dead, and there is no Profit in that type of a Society, so let us instead talk about Free Technology, no so much Open Hardware because that always has a License, and I do not want any Licenses, so its Free of License, Free of Trademarks, Free of Patents, Free of any Laws, Rules and Regulations, but at the same time, it must be Safe and pass any inspection, in fact it should surpass the quality and set its own Safety requirements, so let us talk about Trinary Batteries.

Chapter 7.01
Philosophers Stone

My Cousin Isaac Newton said that the Light of God is Life because its in everything in the Universe, at the Subatomic level this Light is every Atom in the Universe, so Sir Isaac Newtons work on the Philosophers Stone taught him one lesson, Chemical Reactions can cause Energy to be Stored and Released, so this device can transform one type of energy into another, and it has been known that a Prism can divide Light into a Rainbow of Colors, so this is proof of this Transformation, we can transform this Light into Electricity and then transform that Electricity back into Light, Newton said that the Pyramids could transform Water into Fire and Fire into Pure Water, and that is how he said he could make Pure Water to prove this concept, but he needed to know the frequency, so technology was not advanced enough for him to prove this during his time, but that is not true in mind.

The Light and Dark energy in Sun Light has all the Energy this world would ever require, its just knowing how to Store in and then efficiently utilize that energy, and Nikola Tesla was the first to discover how to tap into the Energy of Lightning, he said its just a matter of finding a way to store its Energy, and that lead him to experiment with Ball Lightning, but it took me in another direction, I wanted to learn how to harness the Light, and only use Light as Logic to run all my devices, only converting to Electrons when needed to interface with the outer world I live in, so these Light Computers all run from a source of White Light, and the Philosophers Stone was what made me think about this concept, it is the very heart of the Technology since it will be the foundation for how the Light collecting lens will work.

When I was a Child I read the notes of Sir Isaac Newton and wondered what he meant by what he was looking for Alchemy was not there, most people believe the Philosophers Stone is about changing one type of Metal into another, but Newton did not know was that every Atom is made of Neutrinos of a Specific type of Element on the Periodical Table of Elements, so the concept that a Chemical could change that is not possible, and Newton found that out the hard way, then answer was not in Alchemy, it is in Electronics, but even there we can not change the Neutrinos of a Atom.

Chapter 7.02
The basic concept of a Trinary Battery

The basic concept of a Trinary Battery is taking a thermos that has a mirror sphere shaped container to hold Sun Light, so the material must not absorb any of the Light, so there can be no impurities in the glass or reflective surfaces, and it must have a 3 position rotary switch, one position will have a lens that uses prisms to allow Light in, but will not allow it to exit, like a one way mirror, you can not see the Light stored inside this container, because its storing it inside, and to do that it can not let any of it out, and must retain all of it, so the Light enters the lens and bounces off the insides of the battery's deflecting mirrors, so you will need to have thermal control so the vessel does not over heat, so encase it in a permanent magnetic field, such that the field keeps the Light from hitting the mirrors, thus providing thermal isolation. Now the second position is off, after you charge it all day, you store the Light on the inside, so the third switch position will have a connector that can be attached to a fiber-optic cable, which can then be used to connect to a Light Bulb to illuminate a room with Sun Light via a direct connection to the Trinary Battery via a Light cable, so you can now invent Light based devices like Computers, Monitors, replacing all Electronics, and even as a Light Engine for use in Transportation machines like Cars, Trucks, Airplanes and Helicopters, who knows, maybe we can even build a Space ship to get to the Moon some day.

I designed this Trinary Battery when I was a child in the 3rd grade, after drinking out of a Thermos I found a scientific instrument that can be used to collect Light, but I needed a valve that only allowed Light to enter and not leave, over the years I realized that this Light valve is possible to make with the technology of these days, so the design has not changed since then, and despite adults at the time thinking this is the stupidest idea they have ever heard, and they told me that when I grow up I will understand this, so I grew up to find that these Adults were just Stupid because they do not understand Light, because its possible to collect photons until the empty space in the container reaches its limit, and that is a lot of Photons that can be transformed into Electrons, making Electron Batteries obsolete, and these Trinary Batteries are actually lighter for the same storage density of Electrons, since no medium is required to store the Electrons, so this was my first invention at age 8 in 1969, but no one would believe me, and nothing has changed since then.

The design is actually not that hard to build, the shape can be a sphere or any shape that does not have 90 degree corners, I did experiment with Microwave tubes, and it does not work well in the spectrum of Light, so mirrors are required, also the Magnetic field is very important, so we can make flat flask shaped batteries for Laptops, we can make an EM shield and collect all energy to store in a normal rechargeable battery, so we can use these Trinary Batteries to produce Electricity, since we can store mass quantities of Photons which can be transformed into Electrons, its clear that Electron Batteries are not as efficient at storing Energy, because you can store more Photons in the same space then you can Electrons, so using normal rechargeable batteries is inefficient, since the Photons can be converted into Electrons, well you do the math, all the space can be full of Photons since it requires no medium that normal batteries require, it makes this type of Light Battery a better source of Energy then current Technology of this day and age, since you can mount these types of Batteries to existing buildings, and power everything in a modern industrial park, if you put two ports so you can charge and discharge at the same time, you can use if for an Electricity Generator, so these devices are handy, in fact you can go off grid, so the Power companies will not like this Technology at all, but that's what makes it exciting, do you think they will kill me before I tale anyone this Story?

No, they can just as easily use this technology to provide Cities with power, and do so at a much better profit ratio, so I would think the Power Companies will like this Technology, and so will the Banks, because that means more Profit, and no pollution and it is a renewable energy, and as long as no one gets Greedy, there can still be Free Energy for anyone that wants to build or buy their own equipment, so the concept is to go fully Electric with this new technology, so we can limit the use of the Blood of the Planet by only using it to make new plastic, and recycle 100% of all plastic products, and to eliminate the need for Atomic Energy.

Chapter 7.03
The Reality of Trinary Batteries

The Reality of Trinary Batteries is that no one has built one since the days of the Pyramids, but it does not mean we can not do that now, in fact I can show you how to build Pyramids, but I will save that for my Doctrine on The Principles of a Trinary Sanctuary, it too will be a tower of Solar Collectors, and it will use these Trinary Batteries to power the World, but first someone has to build one, so that was the only catch, and those are famous last words, so it must be true, but the Logic is sound, and it is simple, too simple in fact, most people are still waiting for me to explain how to build them, when I already told you, but it was too Simple to understand, so you want Blue Prints and Simulators, and now this becomes a Project, and that is because you are going to build this Technology, all IAM going to do is explain how, Step by Step, so in this Step we talked about the Reality of it, we know that it should work just based on the simple logic of how we can trap or collect Sun Light in a contained space, but the only magic is the one way mirror, and the mirror surface inside the container, next to that finding the right kind of lightweight ceramic magnets is just a matter of trial and error, with a lot of design work that leads to a more efficient design.

Money will drive the market to build better devices, and some of that technology will be proprietary, but the designs from Trinary Sanctuary will not have a License, or maybe a Free License which means Free of License, so Companies are Free to use it, and Free not to share their hard work, so that others can use it for Free and even make Money from selling it, so it is a Free Market, but should not get in the way of Sanctuary providing the best solution to the Worlds Market, thus it will keep down research and development cost while allowing royalties to be paid to patent holders, such that it is not competing in an open market by having the Country where Sanctuary is located will get technology or products given Freely to that Country and it is that Country's responsibility to ensure that any proprietary technology cost get reimbursed and companies can make money just designing such technology regardless of who makes it, that way quality and price can run the market, and small companies can make a living just building products for sale based on designs that are Free, this is the only way it is a win situation for everyone in the World.

Chapter 7.04
How Light Travels

Light travels like any other Electromagnetic Field, in loops that return back to its source where it terminates, but this is science that I have not proven with Experiments, its just Logic, and that is where experiments need to be conducted prior to building one of these Trinary Batteries, we need to know how long a single photon of Light can bounce around inside of this container, my guess is about 16 Billion years, so this might be the longest experiment ever suggested in history, but that said, I calculated this on observations made by Edwin Hubble, who died before I was born, he called it the Red Shift, which is actually just Light on its return journey, since the Universe is not expanding, because if it was it would already be gone at the rate Hubble suggested, which is twice the speed of Light.

I also based this concept on Light only changing States once, so I have no idea how long it would travel knowing it will change States every time it bounces off a mirror, or encounters a Magnetic field, but I do know from LASER beam experiments, that it is a long time, longer then any test studies I have read, and as far as I know, no one has done a test to determine how long a White Light beam can travel, but its obvious that it will determine how long a Trinary Battery can hold a charge, so if you do the test make sure its in a vacuum and the mirrors are flawless, and there are other details I still need to talk about.

When we talk about Full Spectrum White Light from the Sun, we are also going to encounter Radiation from the Universe, so we need to figure out what Spectra of Light we need to collect, because we might find that its optimal to store just the White Light, and not the Radiation, so we will have to filter out the Radiation, we can also filter out Spectra that we do not want, because it may affect how long Light Travels, and the Container needs to be in a Vacuum and have a clean space free of any contamination, because just one drop of oil can absorb all the Light in the Container, just one microscopic surface that dose not reflect a photon will absorb all the Light in the Chamber eventually, so we need 100% reflectability inside the chamber at the subatomic level, so this is the precision level of the manufacturing, so how Light travels is very important to understand.

Chapter 7.05
Ball Lightning

In Nature Ball Lightning is proof that Trinary Batteries are possible, because of the physics of Ball Lightning itself, which is a magnetically sealed container of Light, so if you can produce Ball Lighting, you can use it as a Battery, so its Natures Trinary Battery.

Tesla said he could not figure out how to reproduce Ball Lightning, he spent all of his life in that one pursuit knowing how important it is as a power reserve, he thought that it could be stored in a containment vessel similar to the Trinary Battery charger that we have not talked about yet, but it will have a one way photon collector and an electrode for inducing an Electrically Generated Lightning or Natural Lightning, into the battery container to produce the Ball Lightning, this will provide the Electromagnetic Force Field (EFF) around the Light, and as long as you keep feeding it Light, and do not allow the EFF to become unstable by depleting the Light to a level that causes the EFF to collapse, you should be able to use this battery for long periods of time, at least 16 Billion years if Hubble was right, because the Light inside Ball Lightning only switches to the 0 State once, that is what Tesla said, but he could never prove it, but its easy to test, this is not a Sine-wave output, its more like Direct Current (DC), it will have a Positive and a Negative wave that varies in potential, but never crosses or enters the 0 State.

Chapter 7.06
Ball Lightning Theory

Ball Lightning creates its own Gravity and it will be drawn to the largest mass in its path, but Ball Lightning is rare, and no one knows where it comes from, and most of what I can tell you about it, is just theories, but unlike Newton, I have no problem writing about things I can not Prove as long as I tell you it is a Theory, so this is Ball Lightning Theory: Electricity needs a Ground for Electricity to flow, this is nothing more than Material that can channel power through the 0 Dimension, and since all Atoms have 3 States, its just a matter of finding out which Material provides the best Ground, as far as I know its Silver, Gold and Copper, but I have not done the test myself, but from Newtons work on the Philosophers Stone, I would say the answer is within the Stone itself, Crystal is found in space debris, it floats to Earth every second of the day, we call it Silica, or Sand, and it does not conduct electricity very well at low levels, but Lightning hitting it can cause it to burst into flames and causes Matter Lightning, this has been documented, and Tesla could confirme this, but it is not Ball Lighting, but the effect looks similar to the untrained eye, but looking closer we find Lightning always originates from Ground, and extends into the Van Allen Belt, but its effects are hard to see without any Atmosphere, but this is where Ball Lightning is produced in Nature, the Concept is that the Crystal concentrates large enough mass to channel Lightning causing the Matter Lightning, this produces a chemical reaction in the Atomic Structure of the Crystals which cause it to bind with other elements like Silver, Gold or other natural elements that are in the same space at the time, this provides a Conduit for the Electrons to flow through, so then all the Positive potential of energy is force to flow to ground, this is like opening a water valve in outer space, the energy will flow in a straight line till it hits another concentration of elements that are falling to Earth, this is what causes the Zigzag pattern of Lightning, the energy hits an element and changes states to 0, then it changes direction as its force to change between 1 and -1 after each State change, so in a fraction of a second when Lightning Strikes the ground, this potential from ground and the Van Allen Belt, forms a connection, and Radiation is allowed to travel down this connection to Earth, clearing the Radiation from the Van Allen Radiation Belt, and as this Radiation flows through this Matter Lighting, Ball Lightning is produced when the Radiation causes the frequencies in the Spectra of Light, which in outer space is from the White Light of the Sun regardless of if it is Night or Day on the Planet, and the frequency change causes the Light to separate from the Electrons, leaving the Electrons on the outside and Light on the inside, and that is how Nature makes Ball Lightning, but it will hang out in space before descending to Earth, so it appears not to be related to Lightning, but as Tesla pointed out, it is not Connected to it, meaning it is not attached to the Lightning, someone pointed out that not connected means it is not Related, but that is not the Truth at all, its reading into things instead of reading them, Tesla knew they were related, he just could not prove how, nor did he have this Theory, but his work lead me to this conclusion, he had all the pieces to this puzzle, I just put them together and came up with a Theory, but its somewhere to start if you want to prove it in a Laboratory.

From there the Lighting Strikes the ground while the Ball Lightning does whatever it wants, because by all accounts it will either float to Earth or out into outer space, these Balls of Light have been seen all over the world for centuries, people have even recorded them using video recorders, so the evidence is clear about the unpredictability of Ball Lightning, but its clear that it will eventually gravitate to ground if it enters Earths Atmosphere, and those that got close enough to it, like myself and my family, know it has its own Gravity, and know it is a very bright Light like a small Sun, and the surface looks like its glowing, and when it hits a steel screen door it will go right through it if it is not Grounded enough, just to find a better path to ground, and when it does watch out, it can burn your house down, and it makes a super sonic pop when it hits ground.

This theory is where I would start to experiment with making Ball Lighting, only I would do it in a Laboratory, where it can be preformed over and over, so it is a starting point, but frequencies and spectra of all types of energy will be required at very high voltages, so if we can create an Atmosphere of Crystals, Silver and Gold, and have a Lightning Generator pass a current through a Trinary Battery at the point where the Ball Lightning is created, then we can trap it inside the container, sounds easy enough to do, and for those that understand the Magic of Electricity like Tesla did, would be right at home with this type of Technology, because once you start a Trinary Battery, it should hold a charge for Billions of years, but if you break it, you need to have a safety device to ground it, and also this device has its own gravity, so how we used it to navigate with, is another part of the technology I will need to discuss, but for now this is just a Theory and not Reality, but if you want to work with the power of a Sun, you will have to prove this Theory first, but its clear that this will be the most powerful Battery ever created.

Chapter 7.07
Ball Lightning vs Light

Ball Lightning vs Light for the Trinary Battery gives you two options, the Ball Lightning is very dangerous, but very powerful, it has its own Gravity so for outer space travel its required, you cannot leave the Planet without it, because Life requires Gravity, and it requires the Light, and Gravity pulls the Light to it, Gravity is actually just Ground, the Light is pulled towards it, so the effect of these produces the Gravity, but Ball Lightning is very powerful and with Power comes danger, so Light storage is much safer, so the usage will very depending on what your requirements are, for example: you would have to be insane to use a Ball Lighting Trinary Battery in a Laptop Computer, but a Light Trinary Battery is safer than Electron Batteries, so usage is the determining factor, for Transportation a Ball Lighting Trinary Battery is a better option, if you crash it will be grounded, and you are inside a Faraday Cage, so its safer than engines that use fuel, but it has limits to how much energy it can sustain over time, but as long as you are charging it at the same time, which can be done by various technologies, like Solar, Satellite, direct line of sight beam transmissions, which is just a dish tracking an object, and that object being the receiver that feeds the Light back into the Trinary Battery, so this can be Light or any spectrum of energy that can be transformed into Light, so this technology will work for both types of Trinary Batteries, on ground this is easy, during the day you have Solar, and roads can have energy grids built in, in the Air Satellites or Beam Transmissions are an easy solution, in Space the Sun is the only source that will work, so as long as you stay within its range it will work good, but it has its limits as you move away from it.

Ball Lightning can be used for Gravity, in any Transportation device this ability can be put to good use, not sure we could build a Trinary Engine using this Technology, but that is where this is going, the only difference is the Shell, if a Ball Lightning Trinary Battery forms a Neutrino shell, then it will become a Trinary Engine, at which point, Navigation will become a real problem, for a space ship this would be required, but for a Car this is a problem, we do not want a Trinary Engine, in fact, Gravity that Ball Lightning produces is not enough to move the transportation device would be my guess, it has Gravity but it would be based on its total mass, so it would be a fraction of the Planets Gravity, otherwise Ball Lightning that enters a Planets orbit would be able to escape the Planets Gravity, and all evidence proves that the Planet has more Gravity, since it has more Mass, I say Planet, because this would be true of all Planets regardless of if it had an Atmosphere, so it would be just as true on Mars, as it would the Moon or the Sun for that matter, but it would not take a very large Trinary Engine to be able to move away from any object that has a Trinary Engine in it, so the Galaxy might be pushing it, meaning you might not be able to use one to escape the Galaxy, even the Sun of that matter, because of its Mass, but a Planet or Moon is doable, I would say a Trinary Engine the size of a basketball would be enough to take a Spacecraft to the Moon or even Mars, but a Ball Lighting Trinary Battery could provide the Gravity all Life would require if it wants to live in outer Space, so this is what NASA needs to make its trip to Mars, creating a Trinary Engine in outer space is doable like I said, but not on Earth, the list of things that can go wrong and destroy this Planet should be considered when trying to make these Engines, it is not a matter of if can we, its should we, because knowing what it can cost us is not something to gamble with, it is not our Planet to destroy, and these Engines are not toys, the Batteries are actually much safer than any engine in use at this time, but the modulation caused by the Electrons around the Ball Lighting, make it impossible for Neutrinos to collect, because the Electrons around Ball Lighting do not cross nor enter the 0 Dimension, it does not even change States to 0 unless it needs to change direction, so do not allow it to do that, you need the Permanent Magnetic Force Field to keep the Electrons from hitting the glass, if it does contact it, it will cause it to change States, but only at the point one Electron comes close to contacting the glass, at the subatomic level that meaning of close means they do not actually come into contact with the glass, but it can not flow through the glass, not enough power to ignite it, and it is non-conductive, making this the perfect engine, but it is not a Trinary Engine, its just a Trinary Battery.

Chapter 7.08
Dreams vs Dream

Most of the things I talk about came from Dreams, and in my Dreams, things seem real, so real that when I wake up, I would wonder if it was a Dream, other times I confuse what was a Dream to what is real, so I must admit that all the Technology I talk about dealing with Trinary Batteries is just a Dream, but Dreams can become a Dream, and the two are not the same thing at all, Dreams happen when we are asleep, it is our subconscious mind at work, but when those Dreams become a Dream, we mean it becomes our Goal in Life, so it becomes our Reality, and when Dreams become Reality, then you know you are Schizoaffective, but still, it does not mean it is not Real, so Logic proves that what my Dreams were telling me was Reasonable, but it is not Real till you make it work, so Trinary Batteries are not Real, they are just a Dream, but to ask others to have the same Dream is a very strange request to make, but to tell people this is just Technology that was lost over the years sounds crazy, but Newton said that the Pyramids had advanced technology, and that they had Lights, during his time they only had candles or fire, so Technology was lost, the ability to fly to Mars to built Pyramids is proof of this lost Technology, and the Pyramids could not have been built without the technology to fly, since all the Stones came from hundreds of miles away, and another Wizard by the name of Edward Leedskalnin who built the Coral Castle in Florida around 1923, used similar means of lifting and cutting stone using machines known as Host and chain saws, technology we can buy in a hardware store nowadays, but still, Edward had Dreams and he made those Dreams his Dream and built it to prove he was right, but few got it, but he made a living giving tours of his Dream he called his Sweet Sixteen, so Dreams can become a Dream and can become Reality.

My Dream is also to build Pyramids, but not like any that exist today, these stand 66,666 feet in height, which is the limit of my technology, and can generate enough power to run an entire Country, these are power plants, and Trinary Batteries are at the heart of them, so its Technology that needs to work, and not just because I would look like a fool if they did not, because let's face it, no one has ever built a Trinary Battery, and just because I say its simple and the instructions sound simple enough, even the way they operate makes sense, so there must be something wrong here as my High School teacher told me, because if it was that simple someone would have built it already, and that is why my Dream is just Dreams, because this can not be anyone's Dream until it becomes everyone's Dream, and for that to happen a major paradigm shift must take place in Society, and those things we were taught in school were just things that they taught us to crush our Dreams, because General Relativity and the Godless Dynamic Universe is Science Fiction, it does not work, so it is a future of failure, and People who say IAM just Dreaming sarcastically, have no such Dreams as grand as this, so they have no problem destroying the Dreams of others.

I put my honor on the line with this concept that I have never been able to verify because of the lack of resources to do so, but I am so sure its possible, that in my mind it is the only thing that is possible, so Einstein's Theories are not Real, Einstein did not believe in them so why should I, in fact he believed in Newton, and I believe in Tesla, Franklin and Newton, so if they were right then so am I, and that is where this Dream becomes my Reality, because the way this World is going, World War will soon break out, if it has not already, but the answer is so clear, build it and everything will just work out, and that is a field of Dreams, so it must be the truth, everything happens for a reason, and every reason has Logic, and if that Logic is so undeniable as His-Story is, then this logic and reasoning must distinguish between Dreams and Reality, Tesla's work was thrown off course by endless streams of disinformation, Tesla knew Electricity was the Light of God, he knew just like Franklin that the Light of God was in Lightning, and Newton knew that the Light of God was the Force in Gravity, and all of these men proved it, but still people doubt me, they say I am a long haired Autistic Schizoaffective pot head, as if that was a bad thing, because at least I know what the Light of God is, because God is the Light, and the Bible tales me that is so, so my honor is on the line if I cannot build this Trinary Battery, but this is the rub, what if I can, then how will this World change?

There is not enough Money in the World to build Trinary Sanctuary, so that Dream is just a Dream if Money is involved, but take Money out of the equation and but God into it, and then that Dream has a chance to become everyone's Dream, and what a Dream it is, imagine a life where no Petroleum is used as a fuel, and Energy is Free, meaning it does not cost Money, you live in a World where there is no War, because all Wars are always about Religion, Money and Power, so this is a place with no Religion or Money and the Power is Free for everyone, you might live in a Pyramid or a City outside of Sanctuary, but as long as you are a Sanctuarian you are a Member of a Militia that maintains Sanctuary, and non-military or anti-military people think that a Militia is a bad thing, but in Reality its just People who join together to defend a way of Life, and that way is not governed by Laws, Rules and Regulations because it is not about Punishing people who break those Laws, because we do not judge in Sanctuary because we have no Laws, just a code of ethics and technical orders and data that explain step by step how to do everything that is required to maintain Sanctuary, so it to is a very simple Society that is based on following technical orders instead of orders handed down by people who only care about Money, instead these orders are written by the people for the people, and Money is never allowed in any form, so corruption is not possible you must use a computer system that is public and private, but does not hide or keep secrets about what is going on in Sanctuary, because it is not everyone for themselves, its everyone working for the same goal which is to live Free, meaning without Laws, Rules or Regulations, without voting all your Grandchildren's Rights away, without classes, races or hatred, which means no Religion because that is a Hate Crime against Free people, its Slavery, and only Slaves get paid Money, Free people have no need for Money, and there is not enough of it to build Sanctuary, so there is no reason for these two Societies to co-exist in one place, but it is possible, but both societies would have to agree to disagree about everything, so the Land Sanctuary is build is only for Sanctuary, but its excesses energy must be Free to all, so it is the job of Sanctuary to provide the World Free Energy.

Chapter 7.09
How much will it cost
to build a Trinary Battery

I would not try to get anyone to agree on anything, it is a waste of time, the World is going to fall apart for many reasons, global warming is melting the Ice caps which will cause the Oceans to Freeze over, causing an Ice Age, so anything else is just a distraction, but the Reality is that no one has the Money to invest into Trinary Batteries unless they can make a Profit because it is all about Money, so why would I want to waist my time so others can get Rich?

Stupid questions should go unanswered, but I do not give Stupid Answers, so the truth is that Sanctuary is about Free Energy, so for a Company to invest Money to sell the Products that I just gave all the details how to build them, would be a waist of Money if Sanctuary was allowed to be a Dream and that Dream became a Reality, so these Companies will destroy my Dreams just to make a Profit, and to make the Slaves pay to use the Light of God, and that is just wrong on way too many levels, in fact that is just Evil, and proves it is the Root of all Problems, no Money not as much Crime, so Money is the Darkside, so I ask Companies to invest in Sanctuary instead, do the research and development in the name of Sanctuary, and when Sanctuary becomes a Reality, Society will change, the Darkside and the Lightside will learn to work together to save the Planet, or at least save the Life on the Planet during the Ice Age that I can guarantee you will come some day, so for now I say let these companies make their profit, this technology is Free, that means its Free for any Company to build and Sell, and they are Free to not share their plans with us, this is not Open Source, it has no License, its Free, so they do not have to give us any profit, and that is how Free works, I ask for no Money, in fact that is all want is a Society that uses no Money, Sanctuary does not want your Money, in fact we can not accept it, instead, we will build Trinary Batteries and provide the Entire World with Free Energy and everything goes through the Governments of the Countries housing Sanctuary, and it will provide the Country with all its excess Power and Resources that they will deduct the cost from the National Debt, which they themselves will assign the worth of those resources, so there are no conflicts or need to negotiate a price, the concept is simple, the people who join Sanctuary will work in a Militia that will protect Sanctuary from people who would steel from it to sell for Money, so they are the workers and protectors, so there is no need for Police of Military, the People are in charge of everything, and they build Sanctuary for their Children, and those Children are born into the Militia we have no Civilians, this is not a country club, it is a way of life, it is not the Military, we do not fight Wars nor do we participate in them, Sanctuary is about living a safe life where Freedom allows inventions that we give the world for Free, we live a life of Luxury instead of one of Slavery to the Banks that own us, we take care of each other, one Language, one belief, which is very simple, we believe in the Light of God called Trinary Energy, our Science is our way of Life, so its Trinary Science, no Laws does not mean Chaos, it means we go above all Laws, Rules and Regulations, we set our standards so high that only the Light of God can do better than us, we design and build high tech devices, the world can build and sell them if they want, we do not compete with them, we just make sure they get Free Energy and in exchange we get our Freedom, keep it Simple.

My Logic is solid, the concepts are easy to understand, the technology is in our grasp, but it all comes down to who builds it, if Sanctuary builds it, all the Power is Free, not the power lines bring it to your homes, the power companies still own those, and the banks still own your land and you, so Reality kicks in, this will never change for those living outside Sanctuary, but if Sanctuary is not allowed to exist, then this will be true for everyone, and everyone must admit they this is a Slave Planet, and in 2060 this Planet is void of all Life, so I will be dead by then, so what do I have to gain by anyone of what I have said?

Freedom is not just a Dream, it was once a Reality in the United States after 1776 when the British Bankers owned it and before 1863 when they took it back, so why build Trinary Batteries if it will cost a lot of Money, when you can just allow Sanctuary to exist and get all the Energy for Free?

A Dream is just a Dream until it becomes your Dream, and that was the Dream in the United States, but Sheeple are funny creatures, and those Dreams did not mean as much as the Promise Money came with, but I would rather put my Trust in the Light of God then Money, so how much will it cost to build a Trinary Battery is up to you, personally I would opt to build it for Free.

Chapter 7.10

Construction of the Trinary Battery is based on Dreams, but these Dreams are also based on Trinary Science, so let us talk about how my Reality fits into my first design which I did at age 8, by the time Fiber-optic of Optical-Fiber cables came out, most of its uses were in toys, so this design will have a glass sphere with a one way mirror I will call the Philosophers Stone, which will only allow Light into the Sphere, and the Mirrors will cause the Light to bounce around for a long time until they are allowed to exit into the connector that goes to a Optical-Fiber cable, note that Fiber-optic cables are used for data transmissions, whereas Optical-Fiber cables are used to transfer Light, so this cable will form a Flashlight wand attached to the sphere.

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